Friday, October 11, 2019

you never felt the need to conform (part 1)

I covered this one last year, but I wanted to see if there were any changes.

Their blurb doesn't seem to have changed:
Enjoy a guided boat tour of our Halloween Haunted Catacombs, underneath the Universal Temple. Beware of ghosts and spirits of the dead that are buried here.
Okay. Let's go!

This kills the "ambiance" somewhat, but I could barely read this sign on Midnight, so it's now Sunset. Ta-da. Off we go.

Did they have cave paintings on the catacomb walls last year? I truly don't recall.

There is a bit of gore on this ride, keep that in mind.

I had forgotten about the Kraken! This is honestly one of the jump scares that still works, because it's not something you see at first, it's something you hear...and keep hearing through the next several chambers.

Excellent use of glow.

And for the arachnophobes, there is a bit of spider action.

There's more pictures taken, I think I'm going to go through them and make a separate entry, as I did with Arranmore, but as far as this entry, yes. So much yes. This is a very old-school experience, but it is the perfect recreation of a chain-driven log ride. It still works, and I try to ride it at least once a season. Do go if you have interest.

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