Monday, September 30, 2019

I've got these excuses, they're tired and they're lame

This one's long.
[12:16] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : and you can kiss my blogger [a**]!! my [v*gina] is so [f**king] pink you down syndrome retard. I HATE MEN AND MY [F**KING] KIDS!!! little bastards stress me OUT!! Ahoooah how about a cruise ladies? im a libertarian MY HUSBAND IS A [B*STARD C*NT] get the wine!!
I had just logged in after an RL morning out. Name left deliberately intact, so you can feel free to block as well. The only editing I did was to asterisk some of the curse words.
[12:16] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just block it
[12:16] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: someone feed the troll plz? Its being annoying lol
It's worse than that. Pull Ellen's profile. She's apparently an Apple Fall group moderator, and a blogger manager (whatever that is) for 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

So that seems like an honest, upstanding avatar, but if you look--and I almost missed this myself--it's not Ellen sending this. It's this 'Q' person. Who is a bit over one year on the grid, and other than sounding like she has an attitude, has nothing that indicates there's no cheese left on her cracker.

So...why target Ellen? Was Qui'ona hacked? Was it side effects of new medication? Did Qui just wake up this morning and decide by lunch, she was going to go completely mental?
[12:16] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: closes group chat
Not the worst response.
[12:16] bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sad
And then she sent it again.
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
She sent it ten more times--in a row--past these six sends.
[12:17] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: is [Nxxxxx] on?
No sooner had that been sent, than Qui set in again.
[12:17] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
Which was followed by nine more sends of the same exact message.
[12:18] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: report her
I did.
[12:18] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:18] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:18] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:18] Xxxxx Nxxxxx: #blocked
[12:19] Txxxxxx Cxxxx: uhm. ellen get hacked?
See, that's what I thought too! But no, Qui's just using her name. It's very fool-the-eye--or at least, fool-the-perception--and scary, to boot.
[12:19] Wxxxxxxxxx Bxx: ????
[12:19] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mental health check?
If she hasn't had one, Qui needs one.
[12:19] Mxxxx Cxxxxxxx: id say took me a while to blooc but finally got the right one
[12:19] Txxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: That wasn't from Ellen, just referred to her.
I admit, I was embarrassingly slow on the uptake to figure that out at first.
[12:19] Mxxxx Cxxxxxxx: ikr
[12:19] uxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: O.o wtf is that spam
It qualifies.
[12:19] Txxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: You want to block .::Qui'ona::. (espixa)
[12:20] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: noo she is repeating what Ellen said to her
[12:20] Mxxxx Cxxxxxxx: thats the one i blocked
She's not, though. It looks like she is, but if you really look at the formatting, all she's done is pull in Ellen's name--somehow--but there's no time stamp. And Ellen's name would not be clickable if all she was doing was quoting things said to her. No, this is all from Qui's toxic little brain.
[12:20] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: we need a Mod to ban her from the group
[12:20] Ellen (ladyellent): she is most certainly not repeating anything I said to her
Lady Ellen's name left intact, as well, because she's fake-quoted in the strings of Qui messages.
[12:20] Txxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: What she *claims* Ellen said. Or what whoever faked her account claims Ellen said
[12:20] Ellen (ladyellent): This is what I said to her

[12:20] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: ohhhh wow Ellen, than I apologize
[12:20] Ellen (ladyellent): its okay
[12:21] Ellen (ladyellent): at least you didnt message me to eff off like a bunch of people from other groups have now doe
I feel personally culpable for this, as well--I didn't message her, thank all the gods, but I originally pulled this entry together with every intent of putting her on blast. She is not the responsible party here, but because of the trickery used in Qui's posts, she looks like the one responsible, and that is very, very wrong.
[12:21] Txxxxxx Cxxxx: poor ellen *hugs her*
[12:21] pxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oo different ell my apologies
No, that's the point, it was never Ellen, at all.

And then Qui surfaced again.
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:21] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: group hugss Ellen
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:21] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
She continued spamming that same line TWENTY-ONE more times.
[12:22] Txxxxxx Cxxxx: theyre still doing it.
They were. And here we go again:
[12:22] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]

Followed by SIX MORE lines of the same.
[12:24] Txxxxxx Cxxxx: i just reported them
Which is good, I did the same, but...
[12:24] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
[12:27] sxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow spam much
Apparently. All over the place. Qui really has a vendetta against Ellen for some unknown reason. And, speaking of Qui...
[12:27] Brianna Marie (themanyfacedgod): I think someone hacked her
No one hacked Ellen. It's all Qui. I don't know how she did it, I'd love if someone could explain the mechanics of how to make both the avatar's name, and another avatar's name beyond it, individually clickable.
[12:28] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
FIFTY-THREE more lines of spam later:
[12:28] txxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: orr not. never mind - she's copying someone else. wow. issues much - blocked
[12:28] Axxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: nah, it's just espixa. she's been attention trolling all day.
[12:29] Ellen (ladyellent): i did not say those things
[12:29] Ellen (ladyellent): i said this
[12:29] txxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I know you wouldn't Ellen
[12:29] txxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You're a sweetheart
But such considerations do not matter when there's a crazed spammer on your tail.
[12:29] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]

FIFTY-SIX more lines of spam.
[12:30] ixxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: We get it.
Apparently not, because Qui felt she still had to reinforce the point:
[12:30] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
And six more times after that.
[12:30] Lxxx Zxxxxxx: wth
So said we all.
[12:30] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
The above was followed by twenty-six more of the exact same spammed line.
[12:31] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: I have contacted LL about her
A lot of us did, but Qui was still prattling on.
[12:31] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
That, plus eighteen more lines exactly the same.
[12:31] Ellen (ladyellent): Thank you
[12:31] Ellen (ladyellent): I sent a report for harassment
Good. This is definitely targeted harassment.
[12:31] Axxxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: i've got the chat logs from this morning that probably set all this off if y'all need them
That might help. I hope he sent them to the Lindens.
After eight lines of spam, Ellen--the real Ellen--spoke again.
[12:31] Ellen (ladyellent): this is what set it off, I said nothing in group
[12:31] Ellen (ladyellent): sorry for posting that again
In this instance, likely completely forgiven.

Thereupon followed a blissful two entire minutes of chatter about actual group-related content--sales on cute clothing, stores that had gifts for the group, that kind of thing. Peaceful. And then:
[12:32] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
Only four more lines of spam at that point, and then more actual conversation broke out until another minute--a literal, 60-second minute--had passed.
[12:33] espixa Resident: underneath your [p*nis] tip smells like [p*ss] de la cheese. don't talk to my coffee until my coffee had its coffee ugh mondays its funny cause men are stupid. dont talk to me. dont talk to my coffee. tell the kids i said hello x
I'm seriously thinking Qui has had a complete mental break with reality, and in all seriousness, needs to be hospitalized. But at least it was not the same offensive line?
[12:34] Sxxxx Kxxxxx: tmi
[12:34] txxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: orr not. never mind - she's copying someone else. wow. issues much - blocked
And then Qui moved back to the EXACT SAME LINE OF ABUSE:
[12:34] .::Qui'ona::. (espixa): Ellen (ladyellent) : [[actual message omitted because it's exactly the same]]
Ten lines that time.
[12:34] Txxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Oh lordy
[12:34] Jxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx:
[12:34] ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well thanks for the spam
[12:34] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: she has been reported in live chat and filed an RA on her
[12:34] bxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ngl this is ruining my day. I have a headache now.
I'm sure most of us did at this point.
[12:34] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: no kidding
[12:35] ixxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well, that was certainly entertaining for 10 seconds.
[12:35] sxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it was a hacked account? or a bored "kid" ?
Not hacked, so...
[12:35] Axxxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: Bored kid.
[12:35] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: she has been doing it for the last hour and half
And, based on later conversation, she was doing it with the same faking of Ellen's avatar name and the same--or similar--offensive messages this morning, as well.
[12:36] ixxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'd verge on the latter
[12:36] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: closing chat going back to my photoshoot
[12:40] Axxxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: i'm going to go get some tea and take a nap, because little miss d*ck cheese has also given me a headache.
[12:40] Ellen (ladyellent): I'm sorry guys. I feel like this is partly my fault
Why? For asking that someone who was sending out vile streams of abuse stop? That is totally not your fault. Qui's insanity, Qui's issues, totally Qui's problem.
[12:42] Vxxxxx Mxxxxx: you are not responsible for this behavior. don't apologize for this.
[12:43] Rxxxx Mxxxxx: Ellen you arent and I told that in the RA
After I figured out the issue, I did too. It was a big of a struggle to get the account name to link in the abuse report--apparently sometime between spamming and reporting, she changed her display name, and that apparently threw off the finder field? Weirdness.

But she has been reported, by a great many of us, and she was also banned from the group, so...I am sincerely hoping this doesn't happen again.

I'm a leavin you before it's too late

The words inscribed upon the pixel panel stated:
halloween lucky chair mesh creepy stuff Amsterdam is a Dutch Community based in the Netherlands. Holland. New Residents welcome area and help infohub.
Make friends, Dutch Sandbox Area, zandbak, halloween ghost monster dracula spookhouse biggest in sl
My goodness, I had no idea Ansterdam still existed. I spent a great amount of time there as a youngling to SL.

But now they have a haunt? Really?

On the one hand, I don't believe I've seen any Fatal Frame specific rips in world before. On the other, still a rip. Standing in a row of other rips. Argh.

There is an annoying repetitive laugh track just inside the haunt. Very irritating. But also, this is a ride? Hmm. Interesting.

More rips scattered along the tracks...

Are you kidding me? This doesn't even make sense outside of its own game universe!

And now we have the Witch.

I give up.

I mean, sure, if you like chain drives? Knock yourself out. But don't expect originality.

make no fuss over my grave, just plant something pretty and call it a day (part 3)

And from part two, we are now at the end of the trilogy.


Royal escapades in the cemetery.


More cemetery hijinks.


The ghost of the bricklayer attempting escape.


My run-in with the hitchhikers.


Leaving the Mansion to the high, fey voice of Little Leota. "Hurry back!...Hurry back!...Be sure to bring your death certificate, if you decide to join us...Make final arrangements now!...We've been have you..."


And end of the ride! Keep in mind that for this, really, for any of the Haunted Mansion tribute rides, because there are a few, set some time aside. It's meant to be a slow, spooky ride, so don't expect to rush through it in two minutes. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 29, 2019

make no fuss over my grave, just plant something pretty and call it a day (part 2)

Picking up where we left off...


I'm strapped into the Doombuggy, and off we go!


Past the Gallery there was a ramp up to the second floor, heavily draped with radiant, eldritch webs we had to travel through.


I do love this clock.


Our first glimpse of Madame Leota.


The ornate--and very haunted--feasting hall.


And the ghost bride in the attic. There's one more entry to go!

make no fuss over my grave, just plant something pretty and call it a day (part 1)

I honestly can't remember if I've been to Whymsee's before, but here's their description:
FUN tribute THE HAUNTED MANSION RIDE and WHYMSEE HAUNTED SIM date night family Thrill Ride scary haunted house carnival AMUSEMENT PARK Rides dance club horror EVIL DEAD hunt GREEDY Oculus vr halloween
All right, then.

The pumpkin dancers are all kinds of cute. But. This event has a rotating door, and I got solidly stuck both attempts to walk through, and finally had to spin my camera to the front and walk through that way. That is massively irritating.

Was this the Haunted Mansion tribute ride I caught last year? I can't tell.

That's...kind of creepy.

This fireplace. So iconic. And this is an excellent reproduction.

This room I know well, too. They seem to be running the soundtrack for the actual mansion, as well.

And I swear, this is a picture of Uncle Creepy.

More to come! (Also late note from the Editrix: Yes. Yes, I have been through here before. They've just updated with a bit of animesh beforehand.)

Saturday, September 28, 2019

when love scars and leaves you branded, walk away and don't look back

Started with a new search term this morning, "scary", and...I guess I should have known better. Fatal Reloaded was the first sim to come up, and their blurb reads:
The Legend lives...
Gallows, Hangman Game, Executions, Asphyx, Firing Range, Electric Chair, Cruxification, Beheading, Impalement, Snuff, Brothel, Prison, Russian Roulette, Dungeon in this scary place
I know this appeals to some, but as far as I'm concerned, thanks but no.

I'll keep going, but if that's the level of search that word brings up, I won't be long in this category.

Let's see, Devils Island RLV Capture and Torture Scream Park, no, Simnelia advertises interrogation equipment, including a functional "sawmill" piece with saw, so no thank you there, there's a smattering of groups for "scary lesbians" (?) and "scary ghosts" (which seemed to be someone's family name, not an actual haunt)...and then there was Darkwood Castle. And their info states:
The mighty walls swallow all screams of the tortured inmates. Outside of the castle the tall trees give an echo of the sounds of death from the human sacrifice and the clash of arms in the bloody fight arena. Nobody can escape from the abandoned village
Riiiight. I am highly dubious.

That's not something I see everyday--a tavern with cages for prisoners.

This seems to be the only actual store on the sim.

There's that, at least. Do be careful, you can click the wrong thing and get strung up.

I can't figure this out. It's not the usual, bloodspattered-asylum-walls torture sim, but it's also not the usual medieval-life-in-Gor sim either (Gor because many of the crops, the small house containing the brewery, the weaver's shop, and others, contain Gorean RP objects with Gorean names. I don't know for sure if they actually do consider themselves part of Gor). It's an odd mix. It is on Adult land, so I'm assuming some of the scattered things are set for Adult activities, but currently, it's been a quiet stroll.

Mysterious altar in the middle of a field...

I will fully grant there are some neat poses here and there for photographs.

And the only place with bloodspattered anything on the entire sim.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's not a full-on Grand Guignol experience. It's just a medieval-style sim that occasionally kills and tortures residents.

can't step off it, someone else will cop it

Okay, this one promises to be odd. The description:
MILENA DOLL CREATIONS:RLV,Traps, BDSM,OpenCollar,sex,Bukkake,Experience Key,tentacles,Alien,Dungeon,ANIMEH , Cinema,RLV.Nude beach,Dance,Club, ,Gangbang,orgy,Caves,AFK,Greedy,Haunted Mansion,
/* Sky @ 251
0m to 2560m: "[NB] P-Haze 0800"*/ RegionOverride
I'm pretty sure the "ANIMEH" mentioned was meant to be "animesh", and believe me, I'm fairly sure of that, at this point. My system can process animesh here and there, but large stands of it--Hayabusa's forests of animesh trees spring to mind--tank my graphics processing entirely.

This run did not go well, and I'll tell you why. Normally, I port to a new sim, leave the direct port-in spot, and wait. Anywhere from two to five minutes, depending on how much my computer, or the sim, is struggling, I see things rez in fully.

Not here. The reason it looks like I'm taking the shot from the side, kneeling, is because I was fighting my cam controls for every single centimeter I could get it to turn. It took ten minutes to get the cam to turn from facing front, to facing back, behind me, to snap the sign.

I finally managed to get something that was a halfway decent snap, so I left the gazebo to enter the sim proper. And left the gazebo. And left the gazebo. Snapback was intense, then I started freezing in place. It took five minutes of struggle just to get my cam to the far side of the store from the gazebo, which was...maybe...five meters away.

I turned around to get a wide shot, and waited. Two minutes. Five minutes. Ten minutes. At the twenty-minute mark I said the hell with this and snapped the shot you see, full of unrezzed grey walls and shapeless blobs. The big "ANIMESH" sign is very obvious; nothing else can really be made out, beyond "general arch" and "general wall" and suchlike.

There's no haunt here, as far as I can tell, and I'm not going back to verify, so...I'd recommend avoiding the place entirely, but that's just me. The literal ton of animesh on the parcel guarantees that if I do return, I won't be able to move any better than I did today. It's not worth it.

Friday, September 27, 2019

copycat trying to cop my manner, copycat trying to cop my glamour

The Haunted forrest (their spelling, not mine) has a one-line blurb, which I'm editing slightly:
Come play with the coven of [B**ches]!!!!!
You can tell where.

Hi, Sara. Why are you here?

So, whatever this is, it's not the haunt.

I found a skeletal dancer in an autumn glade.

Some floating red candles.

Hello, Alice. Goddamn it. Stop with the damned game rips already!!1!

And past that, a set of pumpkins that would fit right in on Daddy's Babygirl Sugarland Hangout. Kill me now.

It's not...terrible? But the rez point is nowhere near the haunted items, and the haunted items are pretty scattered. I guess if you're willing to hike around, knock yourself out, but

I did like the hearses. And I did like the skeletal dancer. And I really like the autumn-leaf terrain texture, I want to know where the sim found that.

you're italic, I'm in bold

This might have a bit of promise. The description:
Preparing for Halloween, open Sept 6, 2019 8pm with DJ Montana! Forest, skippo, sancturary for all adults, singles, couples hangout & in September it will become a halloween haunt with games. /*sky@ 01m to 400m:"[TOR] NIGHT - Faux moon"*/
What's "skippo"? According to Google, it seems to be a Second Life card game, but...I've never heard of it before. Anyway, let's go see the haunt.

Doesn't look awful, for all that I can see two rips right from the gate (the wandering neo-Victorian model, which is either based on the Bride in Black from Insidious, or a game; I can't precisely remember which one, and to the far right, the spider, which is also ripped from a video game).

The cemetary is nicely laid out, fairly easy to navigate, which is a good thing.

A spectral hand reaches from a tombstone.

Pumpkin tree!

Wups, got too close to another reaching hand!

There is more to this haunt, but I crashed trying to move beyond the cemetary, returned and got as far as the bridge towards a little castle, and crashed again. So I gave up. I'm not blaming the sim; this entire week has been crash central. I have not had one entire day in SL where I don't crash at least twice.

It's a neatly done haunt, though. No great scares, nothing phenomenal, just a nice walk with some photo ops and places to sit. Don't go for the thrills; go to relax, is my recommendation.

while the makeup man's hands shut the eyes of the dead

There's a Diner of the Dead? Apparently so, their description kind of confirms it:
Where the dead hangout, relax, and grab a bite! Horror Undead Dark Goth Cemetary Creepy Gore Blood Diner Explore Halloween Spooky Macabre Butcher Death Haunted Bizarre Dark Haunted Nightmare
Let's stop in for a nibble.

Oh, now you tell me. This sign is on the inside of the gate.

Help you? I think it's already too late.

Handy. (I make no apologies.)

[22:17] Gutted and crucified hostess: Welcome Emilly Orr to The Diner of the Dead. Grab a bite and have a killer time!
...Wait. How can you talk with that much damage?

Calorie counts. I guess that's...good to know...

Gory? Definitely. Be sure not to slip in the pools of blood and viscera. But they had a theme, and by all the gods, they stuck to it. Neatly--if bloodily and messily--done.

they left their markings in the coconut forest and scraped on the shore

Another day, another store. (I know, I know, but seriously, I am so far beyond tapping out I'm checking random group creators' profile picks on the off-off-off-off-OFF-chance they actually still link the haunt advertised.

The description is typical for the form:
High quality Gothic Furniture and castle furniture crafted to exceptional standards Gothic fireplaces sofa armor coffin graveyard bookcase antique medieval Victorian furniture Pipe Organ Vampire furniture Halloween market decorations fog haunted mesh

And you know, if this were a real haunt, they have the atmosphere down perfectly.

One of the few old-style flexi prim ghosts that I think still works today. I think it's because of the aging and damage from the base texture; it struck me halfway between "vintage photograph" and "damaged tape recording".

There is one huge benefit to seeking Halloween ambiance in stores that make props: I know that most of the time (barring that one burned house at Raven Mist, which just may be this one I found on Marketplace), if I really like a thing, I can buy the thing.

Compact bone fire, nicely done.

A pair of coffin bookcases, very detailed. I also really like the look of these.

Skeletal archer! (Which is always amusing; I mean, yes, I know, skeletal archers show up in a lot of media, films, books, games, but my brain always seizes on the fact one needs muscle strength to pull back the bow, and...there's no muscle on a skeleton.)

Downstairs, there's a section of the more directly haunted items; a medieval-style Tesla coil, crypts, raised coffins, scarekins like this one.

It's worth a wander if you still need haunt decorations; I'm kind of kicking myself now that I'm not putting this year's haunt together. (I had an idea last year for a haunted school, and I just haven't tracked down the build I like--and frankly, I haven't had time to seriously build a school from scratch--so it's tabled for next year. Hopefully.) The prices do not in any way match Dench Designs' current sale, but for the level of craft and detail in Avro's decor and furnishings, they're well worth the prices charged.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

the sky is erupting, I must go where it's quiet

Have I been to Shadow Hills yet? Their blurb:
Where the Dead are the Living!
Swamp, Zombies, Halloween, witches, evil, Scary, Haunted, Ghost,

Doesn't look familiar. Does say Bloodlines-friendly, though, so be prepared.

This bride's been officially waiting too long. I mean, yay that she wasn't stuffed in a chest in the attic, but still. Never make a bride wait this long.

The place I took for a haunt is pretty empty, but there's a ghost ship in the harbor.

Wandering another direction brought me to a set of dilapidated shacks and...whatever this is.

Wow. Pink flames. That poor witch.

The worship must commence.

All in all, it's not terrible. Continuation of the haunted bayou theme that seems so popular this year. Some rips, but not obtrusive. If you feel up to a wander, there are worst ways to spend your time.

blossom falls and clouds the air, powder trails the one in care

Now wait. The blurb for this sim says:
Daddy, Daddy's, Daddies, Daddys, Babygirl, Babygirl's, Baby girl, Babyboys, Femdom, Singles Boards, Singles, Dating, Home Rentals, Voice Hangout, Games, Daddy Dom, DDLG, Submissive, NO Nudity, Haunted House, Halloween,
Huh. So, I was wondering why this pastel nightmare ad was in the middle of the haunts, but I guess the last three words explain it?

I vaguely remember, like, 2016? 2017? Hitting some Daddy/babygirl land that had a haunt, but...I honestly don't remember more than that. It had a really creepy teddy bear, I think, but that's about it.

Hoo, boy. The pastel game is strong.

All right, there's a port down. Good, let's get away from the unicorn taffy madness, kthxbai. (I waited five minutes for the pumpkins to rez in on the hay bales behind the sign; I gave up and just ported down.

Cute entrance. Can't tell from the shot, but the skeleton takes off and puts back on the cowboy hat. Clever.

Here, you'll find skeletons. (And you don't normally see skeletons holding up skeleton parts that aren't theirs; I have a picture of that I can upload later, or you can just go see it in person.) You'll find at least one visible spider, warning to the arachnophobes. There's at least two Silent Hill rips (from SH4, The Room, and from P.T., if it matters). But most of the haunt is, overall, fairly clever.

I really liked the hand lights.

These skeletons fade in and out to the sole repetitive sound byte that's somewhat annoying: a thick, repeated "Boo...". Still, I do like the ghosting in and out, that's pretty neat.

Overall, I'm going to recommend this one, but keep in mind you'll have to wade through uber-kawaii pastelerie to get there, and due to the heavy scripting both upstairs on the main sim, and actually in the haunt itself, things can get pretty laggy. But all in all, I think it works pretty well.

I'm so sorry, now you know, sorry I'm the one that told you so

The blurb said:
After long war the crystal island become a dark demon one,
Explore mystery island with the Dark Castle , volcano
photographer , photo photograph
Adult , BDSM , Cave , Castle
I pulled the notecard from a book next to the rez point. The notecard said
After the promise island’s residents with their QUEEN found the magical Crystal.
The dark Demon feel the power of this.
Epic battle between the light and dark
The Demon hunt the island kill all and put the QUEEN on the SNAKE mountain
Demon put the dark magic on the lighthouse to curse the island .
Any ship will come it burn with volcano fire that controlled by the demon book
Demon put the 4 obelisks with hunted eyes on to keep the darkness on island
DEMON make the Dark Castle as his spirit protection

There is so much fire here.

Turning away from the lava plains, I found wooden bridges leading to a wet and rainy night. This fountain seemed to still be functional. not understand the bunny

Found the spiders. Okay, do not go into the cave of green light, arachnophobes. They spit bats.

What's through the gate?

Rain. Got it. Rain is through the gate. Oh, and a cemetery.

And up to a dark and brooding castle.

I'm sure there's more to see, but at that point, I was cold, wet and lagging, so I went home. It's not bad, it just doesn't seem that cohesive. Still, on another note, there's lots of places to cuddle and take photographs, so...not all bad?

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

'cause all you say are all the same things I did

(Note from the Editrix: I somehow misplaced a bit of code, somewhere, and after two hours of staring at this trying to find it, I am giving up. It will therefore look wonky. I'm publishing it anyway.)

I logged into this, and nearly instantaneously, my brain started to hurt:
[09:53] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how is that thing called
[09:53] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: back detal
[09:53] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: details or how?
[09:53] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: What're you on about?
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i look for a back detail
For courtesy's sake, I'm anonymizing most of the participants, but since a specific avatar this designer makes is mentioned, and the designer himself shows up in chat, that part is going to be open. This is from the Fallen Gods group chat.
[09:54] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Are you... complaining about the name of an item, or...?
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: for a furry
[09:54] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Are you talking about clothes? skin?
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[09:54] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: You're not exactly clear on what you're saying, bub.
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its like an object u can wear
[09:54] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: There are tons of objects you can... wear...
[09:54] Vxxxxx Vxxxxxx: tail? for on your back?
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like what
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[09:54] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: back details
[09:55] kxxxxx Cxxxx: a tattoo?
[09:55] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: That's basically what you do with everything, you wear them.
You're not really telling us anything but what it's not, Ms. M. Be more specific.
[09:55] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something on the spine
[09:55] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that goes over the body
[09:55] Alia Baroque: back piece
[09:55] Alia Baroque: ?
[09:55] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[09:55] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Your question was all sorts of fudged up.
Really was. Really is, it hasn't become clearer.
[09:55] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: back piece
[09:56] Alia Baroque: backpiece, back piece, back-piece, try a few of those
[09:56] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[09:56] Emilly Orr: Or tentacles, if you're looking for back tentacles
[09:56] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Or pubes. For.. back pubes..., never mind, I do NOT want to know.
[09:56] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Someone's looking for a thing?
[09:56] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but not a tattoo
[09:56] Emilly Orr: We're still trying to figure out what kind of thing, I think
[09:57] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spinal bones?
[09:57] kxxxxx Cxxxx: smiles
[09:57] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: WHAT do you want, [Mxxx], specifically?
[09:57] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and hello :D
[09:57] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: alia
[09:57] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something like the time clock
[09:57] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u made
[09:57] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u know
[09:57] Emilly Orr: You want a back clock?
[09:57] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *takes out popcorn*
[09:57] Emilly Orr: A halo?
[09:57] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: I think this person's mind is gone... lolor.
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[09:58] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Wings?
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but something like that
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no not wings a backpiece
[09:58] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Spikes?
[09:58] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Bones?
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: naaa
We're narrowing in on a lot of things Ms. M-named-t in the chat doesn't want; we're still really iffy on what she does want.
[09:58] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Like a wind up key for the back?
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not bones
[09:58] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Glitter?
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ehm
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[09:58] Cxxxxxxxx Sxxxxx: GLITTER ALL THE THINGS
Do we have to?
[09:58] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Push-button that crashes people on the back?
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something special
[09:58] Sxx Hxxxxxxx: hagoromo
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its about
[09:58] Emilly Orr: So...not wings, not bones, not tattoo, not turtle shell, not spine, not tail, not key.....You're losing us again.
[09:58] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: We don't know what you want, [Mxxx].
[09:58] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like the chromo avi
[09:59] Alia Baroque: Are you looking for a piece of my outfits?
That would make everything so much easier, wouldn't it?
[09:59] Sxxxx Jxxxxxx: Sounds like it might be a steampunk attachment or something. Try the Engine event.
Engine event? I'll have to look that up.
[09:59] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: What about the avi?
[09:59] Fxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Like the halo?
[09:59] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yea an atttachment
[09:59] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: alia
[09:59] Alia Baroque: The Chronos backpiece is part of the Chronos avatar
[09:59] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: [Mxxx], can you provide an images of what you're looking for?
[09:59] Emilly Orr: Ah, so you'd have to buy the whole thing, then, [Mxxx]
[09:59] Alia Baroque: just look for it in the Chronos box or folder
[09:59] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Ooooh the clock thing
[09:59] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yea i got it
[09:59] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but i want something that way
[09:59] Alia Baroque: then it's there
[09:59] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yay!
[09:59] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Then, why'd you ask?
[09:59] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not the same
[09:59] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: uuuuuuuuuugh
[10:00] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not this one
[10:00] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a different one
[10:00] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx sighs.
[10:00] kxxxxx Cxxxx: yay team, such a great bunch of pixels here!
[10:00] Alia Baroque: ...right
[10:00] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[10:00] Emilly Orr:'re looking for that, but not that
[10:00] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something liket hat
So far we have 'like that but not that' and 'like that but similar but not'. Is it impossible for you to speak clearly, Ms. M?
[10:00] Alia Baroque: are you looking for the one I made that is similar? or just any generic backpiece that looks like that but it's not like that
[10:00] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: There's a couple other avatars with that back piece.
[10:00] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what should be different?
[10:00] Emilly Orr: Different color? Different theme?
[10:00] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes similar
[10:00] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or any other kind
[10:00] kxxxxx Cxxxx: giggles
[10:00] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Similar but different.
[10:00] Alia Baroque: just to be clear, if it's somethign I Created I can help you, otherwise not
[10:01] Alia Baroque: I made one for the special avatars at my jail and bail at Aetherea
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yea well i look for something that u can add
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on the backside
[10:01] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: I'm losing IQ points here.
[10:01] Alia Baroque: they are similar but different
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not a tattoo not a wing
[10:01] Emilly Orr: As are we all, [Mxxxxxx].
As are we all.
[10:01] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: ds;lagfikjs;fdlgk
[10:01] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol

[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [mxxxxxx]
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: shuuuuuuuuuuut it
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i talk with alia
[10:01] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Ahem.
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she knows it bbetter

Uh, she? Alia is no she. Alia is very much a he.
[10:01] kxxxxx Cxxxx: awwww
[10:01] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: much better

[10:01] Sxxxx Mxxxxxxx: I believe [Mxxx] is trying to define an umbrella search term for anything that is worn on the back, but is not a usual thing like bags or wings. If this is true, I am suggesting trying 'back piece'. But as Alia said, if it's not about something Alia made, your guess is as good as ours. I believe you're right, but that doesn't necessarily help.
[10:01] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is fun... lol
[10:01] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:02] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its like the hourglass attachment
[10:02] kxxxxx Cxxxx: greetings [Sxxxx]
[10:02] Alia Baroque: [Mxxx] if you are looking for a random generic backpiece I suggest you search marketplace, otherwsie this is all we can do to helpyou.
[10:02] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wich alia made
[10:02] Alia Baroque: ahaaa
[10:02] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something like that
[10:02] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:02] Alia Baroque: I did the clockwork backpiece for the RUst avs too
[10:02] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeaaa
[10:02] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Something like that, similar but different.
[10:02] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there we go
[10:02] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[10:02] Alia Baroque: there we go
[10:03] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i love this chat
[10:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:03] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: There we go.
[10:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: here we go again
[10:03] Alia Baroque: you can find it ... at the Prototypes area, just behind the dancing [Nxxxxx]

Good to know.
[10:03] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx chews on [Vxxxxx]

[10:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so i generaly have to look like
[10:03] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Everything you say to me, takes me one step closer to the edge...
[10:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: back piece?
[10:03] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey [exxxxxx] :D
[10:03] Alia Baroque: backpiece
[10:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[10:03] Alia Baroque: free
[10:03] Alia Baroque: still there
[10:03] Alia Baroque: click board [10:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: backpiece free?
[10:03] Alia Baroque: backpiece free
[10:03] Emilly Orr: There was something, I wore it in my Gods and Goddesses picture last year...
[10:03] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx nomnoms. Sup
[10:03] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: In the end, it doesn't even matter.
[10:04] Emilly Orr: Oh. Never mind. I have the Chronos avatar, that was the thing.
[10:04] Sxxxx Mxxxxxxx: Alia is speaking of the steampunk backpiece he made, it's a free gift in the store.
[10:04] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: loool [mxxxxxx]
[10:04] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[10:04] Alia Baroque: and now [mxxxxxx], that song is stuck in my head
[10:04] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not really
[10:04] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Welcome.
[10:04] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx sings.. "And nothing else matterrrrs."
[10:04] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u see the luna backpice
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something like that
[10:05] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Both songs were Linkin Park, FYI.
[10:05] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is not fallen?
[10:05] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:05] Emilly Orr: That is not Fallen, that's Acios.
[10:05] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but acas backpiece is very great
[10:05] Emilly Orr: Acios has a lot of things like that. Bare Rose has a few similar in various styles. (BR tends to be primmier.)
[10:05] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Does Fallen have am moon-like backpiece?
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i know
[10:05] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so [mxxx] something like this but not this?
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but the picture
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i want show is the backpiece
[10:05] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: OH, so you want something like a Rosary?
[10:05] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not the outfit
[10:05] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what should be different?
[10:06] Alia Baroque: Acios is in the Festival MArket and sells that backpiece
[10:06] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not the outfit but the backpiece
[10:06] Alia Baroque: that store has the backpiece for sale.
[10:06] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i look only for backpieces
[10:06] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Not rosary, rotary.
[10:06] Alia Baroque: yes, its' for sale, with that store you linked
[10:06] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this backpiece [mxxx] is in this outfit
[10:06] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or evern rotatable
[10:06] Alia Baroque: it was last year's MArket release as well
[10:06] Emilly Orr: Well, seems that problem is solved, then, unless you wanted that moon in a different shade, or something.
[10:06] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: naa something liket hat u know
[10:07] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes, but what should be differnt?
[10:07] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the color?
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[10:07] Emilly Orr: The shape?
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a different thing You keep saying what it's not! Say what it IS!

At this point I clicked on her name for the profile. Her FL bio seems to explain a lot:
Voice Verify
Age Verify
i am not a price to be given away to anyone who pleases for RL.!!!! Turns out she's been on the grid six years, so she's more than old enough to speak clearly.
[10:07] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:

[10:07] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: That might be a rotary, but things like that are few and in between. You'd be lucky to find something else on the Marketplace.
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like a sun
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or a moon
[10:07] Alia Baroque: I am back to work, good luck [Mxxx]
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or a clover or such
[10:07] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: My head hurts Mine does too.
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty alia
[10:07] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Later, Alia. Good luck.
[10:07] Emilly Orr: Okay. So. You want a back attachment of a completely different thing you can't describe that will hit that same position ON your back but look different.
[10:07] Emilly Orr: Great.
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[10:07] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Rotf, Emily.
[10:07] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: even emily got it
[10:08] Emilly Orr throws her hands up
[10:08] Fxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This is like pulling teeth... With sponges. It's just baffling.
[10:08] Emilly Orr: I got nuthin'.
[10:08] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry .. I'm out good luck [mxxx]
[10:08] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: exact
[10:08] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Good on the filibustering. Lol.
[10:08] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[10:08] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok [Mxxx], why can't you be specific on what you want and describe it rather than just giving random words? lol
[10:08] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no its more
[10:08] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx hands Emily some prescription strength migraine meds
[10:08] Emilly Orr grins
[10:08] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like the backpiece clock sand You mean hourglass?
[10:08] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wich alia got

[10:08] Emilly Orr: So....something that moves? Or like a clock?
[10:08] Fxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx gobbles down a couple of tablets, followed by a large rum

Rum would help. Or gin. Loooots of gin.
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes something that moves
[10:09] Emilly Orr: Because those are two different things.
[10:09] Emilly Orr: Okay.
[10:09] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[10:09] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: If it moves, it's a rotary.
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:09] Emilly Orr: Back attachment that rotates.
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well yes
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a rotary trhing
[10:09] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Then type in "rotary."
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thing sorry i cant type
[10:09] Emilly Orr: What do you want said back attachment that rotates to LOOK like?
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i got a terrible pain

And it can only be cured by more cowbell. Wait, no, that's something else.
[10:09] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:10] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No matching items found.
[10:10] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx shrugs.
[10:10] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: look self
[10:10] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: ...what...
[10:10] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anything
[10:10] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: emily
[10:11] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anything what rotates on back
[10:11] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx hovers mouse over x button.
[10:11] Mxxxx Lxxxxxx: lmao
[10:11] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [mxxxxx] i give up with u
[10:11] Emilly Orr: So this is the simplest
[10:12] Emilly Orr: That's the only thing that came up, but I can try a few other search terms.
[10:12] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Here I was helping you.
[10:12] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: And you gave up on me.
[10:12] Mxxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame.
[10:12] Rxxx Dxxxxxxx: [Mxxx], TP to the FG store and I'll give you something I made - might not be what you want, but might.
[10:12] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it can be a moon or somethin else
[10:12] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or a hourglas
[10:12] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [mxxx], we all try to help you. but one thing that looks like a thing but different. and you don't know how different.... is like a needle in a haystack?
It's starting to feel that way.
[10:13] Rxxx Dxxxxxxx: This is something else. I made for my avatar.
[10:13] Exxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: Moon, hourglass, something else.... Need something specific eles we'll be here all day
[10:13] Rxxx Dxxxxxxx: We're in the store, o the big sofa
[10:14] Rxxx Dxxxxxxx: Ah ha! Give me a moment and I'll pass it over
[10:14] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yea i know
[10:16] Emilly Orr: There's also this
[10:16] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yep
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something like that
[10:17] Emilly Orr: That's what you want?
[10:17] Rxxx Dxxxxxxx: I tried, oh well, lol.
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LIKE THAT
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i saifd
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh [f*ck] up
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i cant type
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my hand hurt me
[10:17] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :(
I have no idea what she means, but all sympathy to her anyway.
[10:17] Emilly Orr: Well, what got that was searching "timepiece halo" on MP, but that's all that was similar that turned up
[10:18] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sights
[10:18] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: something else?
[10:18] Emilly Orr: Searching "halo" gets 558 pages to go through, so good luck with that.
[10:19] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why halo
[10:19] Emilly Orr: I'd still go with the Chronos, but...I would say that, because I bought it.
[10:19] Emilly Orr: Because sometimes big, non-wing back attachments are called halos. No idea why.
[10:20] nxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Chronos is always a good answer
[10:20] nxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and it looks like a clock
[10:20] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sighs
[10:20] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but not to my color
[10:20] nxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what color do you want?
[10:21] Emilly Orr: Good point. Can the Chronos attachment be tinted?
[10:21] Emilly Orr checks
[10:21] Emilly Orr: Yes.
[10:21] Emilly Orr: Both versions can be.
[10:21] Sxx Hxxxxxxx: they're called halos because hagoromo also designate a character is an angel so that's how it gets translated
[10:21] Emilly Orr: They're copy/mod/no trans
[10:22] Emilly Orr: Thank you, [Sxx]! I never knew that. Now it makes sense.
[10:22] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[10:23] Emilly Orr: You might also check Blasphemy. As I recall, they do have a kind of 'fallen angel' aesthetic on occasion.
[10:23] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ye
Unbeknownst, as I was searching and not paying attention, Ms. M wrote me:
[10:21] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:21] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: liket hat
[10:25] Emilly Orr: But not that?
Because that's been the problem all along. Her inability to describe what it is she actually wants.
[10:25] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that it coul dbe
[10:26] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but i look further
[10:26] Emilly Orr: Okay.
[10:26] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
Then someone else wrote:
[10:25] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: blasphemy is back?
[10:26] Emilly Orr: I don't know, but I caught mention on the Marketplace
[10:27] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ahh
[10:27] Emilly Orr:
[10:27] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sadly the inworld store poofed
[10:27] Emilly Orr: Darn.
[10:28] Emilly Orr: That seems to be happening a lot these days.
It really does.
[10:29] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they never had applliers
[10:29] Emilly Orr: Which doesn't matter for prim constructions, but argh.
[10:30] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah
[10:30] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but with the rise of mesh bodiies Blasphemy's star began to fade
[10:31] Emilly Orr: Yeah, lost a lot of people that way. I'm still trying to learn mesh, my business, such as it is, is now pretty much texturing pre-made templates.
We were all fairly confused at this point. But Ms. M spoke up again:
[10:28] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hmmm
[10:28] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:32] Emilly Orr: That looks like it would work.
And back to the main:
[10:34] ixxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well now im depressed :( was better when thought av was to much a risk

[10:35] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats nothing
[10:35] nxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I’m always depressed. it’s not a pleasant existence
[10:35] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am more depressed i cant type my wrist hurt me
[10:38] ixxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sigh well i off
[10:39] Emilly Orr: Well, if you still need help after your wrist heals, let us know.
[10:39] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty emily
Not sure how much help I was, but you're welcome. If anyone reading this knows more about how to search for what she wants, let me know!

A bit later, Ms. M IMed me again:
[11:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[11:03] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like that
[11:03] Emilly Orr: But you don't want it in swords, I take it.
[11:04] txxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean similar
[11:04] Emilly Orr: Right.
So if she's finding them on her own, why does she need our help? I am so confused.