Wednesday, April 23, 2014

and I'm thrown in the gunfire of empty bullets

Today, the topic is Valindra! (Yes, more Neverwinter Zone chat.)

[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: ... Has anyone ever wondered if we are actually the hero or the bad guy... I mean why did Valindra attack? She's got to have a reason right?
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: well, valindra is an undead sorceress, so it's pretty cut and dried

So this is who they're talking about; she's the main villain of Neverwinter.

[Zone] Quiver@mvffin1: I think she just hooked up with!, and he never called her back
[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: Not unless they were betrayed or something.
[Zone] Fighter of Carabosse@andaron2: Audrea Lore, Valindra has killed many people (according to the civilians in the Dread Ring) and she had no plans to stop.
[Zone] One-eyed Jack@jimbrov: but what if they want to do good for much longer?

So...becoming a lich for good and decent reasons? I don't think that happens.

[Zone] Praxus@Perilaxe: valindra is mad because she has to pay the employer portion of obamacare
[Zone] Fighter of Carabosse@andaron2: WOW PRAXUS
[Zone] Faldorn@r1ot123: I could see that

...And then politics come into it...I'm no longer even surprised.

[Zone] One-eyed Jack@jimbrov: nobody is mad about that Praxus...she'll just raise prices
[Zone] Rysto@risto0: Salvatore wrote some books that give the back story to this game

That would be R.A. Salvatore, and yes, many of his books deal with the overarching stories behind Neverwinter as a city, and Faerun as a continent.

If you like hack-n-slash, sword-and-sorcery style fantasy, then he's one of the big voices in the field.

[Zone] Chance@starscale53: lol
[Zone] Lilith Basshead@ganjahero91: nerd alert


Seriously, people. We're a bunch of gamers playing orcs, elves, dwarves, humans and halflings who play uber-strong fighters, mystical archers, elemental wizards, sneaky rogues and healing clerics in a pseudo-medieval world where giant spiders and zombies are the norm, and you're bitching about the nerd factor of people who read?!? Have you gone stark raving?

[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: See? lol I'm not too crazy. I just am playing throgh each toon and some of the quests make me wonder.

Nnnnngh. You had me until the hated 'T' word. You are not a toon, you are not playing a toon in Neverwinter, you are not playing a toon in any game you play. I have lost all respect for you, Audrea.

[Zone] Praxus@Perilaxe: valindra doesnt want to pay 18 cents more for a big johns pizza so she is rage quitting life and delaring war on all
[Zone] Lina the Nuker@fridaynitehooker: what the
[Zone] Audrea Lore@jojokaiya: I think she was queen or something and has come back to defend her death. lol
[Zone] Ashindra@Battlechimp3025: In general, good guys don't turn themselves into Liches :)

In general, no. They don't. So end of debate, we move on.

In the meantime, have some photos of Shaolin monks in training. That page doesn't attribute the photographer, but I believe it's Tomasz Gudzowaty.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

somebody's knocking, it's the devil at my door

[Zone] Niko Stalkingwolf@niko9er: i hate you again

Here we go again...

[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: not evolved
[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: designed
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: *sigh*

Oh, so that's what we're talking about.

[Zone] Lilyth Snow@death69inc: ...... designed by?
[Zone] Remington@darkballad: They also can't find an airplane that crashed in SE Asia

Someone might have tracked that one down, actually.

[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: #nevergofullretard Urkan
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: %!@) me you are stupid
[Zone] Madness@mentaldepth6: aliens

...aliens? ALIENS??? Seriously?? Uh...

[Zone] Yagi@kkotikk: yeah they need satellites to read their newspapers cos they are so bloody illiterate just look at the pics
[Zone] KnightRivas@Riivasz: ANYONE FOR PK?
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: the universe makes a LOT more sense when you get rid of the idea that there are gods/demons

Actually, it makes about as much sense as anything else. With or without gods, demons, and spirits, it's still a pretty screwed-up reality we live in.

[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: the same way the australian indigenous peoples are designed to be able to go a long way on a little water

*sighs* Urkan, Aborigines are not camels. Grow the hell up.

[Zone] NUALA@zephyrpillar1: we also live in a time where we know more about space than the oceans at our back door

True. And we're losing vast reaches of the ocean's ecology due to various factors. We should really get on that while we still can.

[Zone] Niko Stalkingwolf@niko9er: who says there is not a secret lair in Oprah's *%$% that all fantasy creatures are hiding out in

Um...any rational person??

[Zone] Naya Ilivarra@lillibp: omg Juggernaught, stop trying, you cant get through to him ( Urkan Skullbreaker)
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: lol Urkan you are so full of !%*^
[Zone] BitterBlur@bitterblur: anything is possible anywhere always.
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: That's not even the same thing

It's really not, but hey, attention spans, fruit flies, I've said it before...

[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: evolution relys on the theory that one birth in 500 or so will be diverse
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: you ^*#(^^# *^(^(!
[Zone] Justice@stellarstrider: Except it be just the way we were seeded to begin with. Being this one interation #10219201 of simulation #42..

I do not understand the point you're trying to make here, Justice.

[Zone] Lilyth Snow@death69inc: DD !
[Zone] Bomb Rush@indigophrophetz: some simple consider gods and demons to be a label to define an entity within a structure
[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: and that some of the faults will be beneficial
[Zone] Juggernaught@pantheist84: There is a difference between having an ability based on will and being BORN with different genetics.
[Zone] Urkan Skullbreaker@d7forever: and its frankly daft

Why daft? It happens all the time.

[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: I for one welcome our new robot overlords

Where did robots come into this?

[Zone] NUALA@zephyrpillar1: you should go on a ketamine trip, that !*^! will open your eyes

Where did drugs come into this?

[Zone] Yagi@kkotikk: No. Anything is possible in some places. Something is possible in all places. But nothing is possible in all places

If you say so.

Later that same day...


You can't be serious.

[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: No u didn't.
[Zone] Dirg Shadowblade@smackadoom: lol cause thats what usually kills them right ?:D
[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: Only pros can write pro tips.
[Zone] Rhyewulff@northernlights31: Pro Tip # 731 Swatting mosquito that lands on ^)(@#$)$ = epic fail

There's definitely epic fail, here.

[Zone] Luthien@arc-en-gel: CWs and DCs can make shift just before landing, preventing all dmg as well


I doubt.

[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: .... Why would there be a misquito on your ^)(@#$)$?
[Zone] Magic Man@BadName20357: Are you a man in the eye of Odin? VALHALLA is recruiting!!! We're an active guild with mature members(18+), Recruiting LvL +45 for PvE/PvP + End-Game Content. We use Teamspeak3. PM for info/invite.

So, no girls then?

[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: That sounds like some kinky @$&%.
[Zone] Dirg Shadowblade@smackadoom: where are you falling from that you have to worry about the damage?

Y'know, this is a good point, too. If you're anticipating taking enough fall damage to kill, then do you really need to be jumping off that cliff in the first place?

[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: ANY TAURINE HERE?
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Obould, this is not WoW.
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: THE BALL'S JUICE.
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: HUH?!
[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: Wow was the first MMO.

Oh, not that tired old chestnut again.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Agh, enough
[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Cows where the first MOO. Moo
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: MOOMOO?
[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Moo!!

Great. Now they're all farm animals.

[Zone] Treyd Lightfoot@bailey2409: EQ was played long before wow
[Zone] Eluna@eviled777: lmao
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: ANGELIC-DEMONIC.
[Zone] Rranoruh Fulldraw@floingis: What is?
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: WoW?

Who knows? Seriously, who the hell knows?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

it's very easy to be cold when there's no one in the world you want to know

And finally, we reach the last part. Keep in mind, parts one, two, three and four were all captured over the span of about two hours in-game. It's taken five entries for me to break it into indigestible chunks for rebroadcast. It was that mentally stunning.

[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: no we are not home of the slaves...actually slavery existed in Egypt and Arabia much before America even existed
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: the us is not a democracy what do they teach kids these days its a dam republic

I know this wasn't what Dufas meant, but the concept of a real "dam republic" makes my brain giggle.

[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: socialism is totalitarism by another name
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: yes it is if used for good and not for bad
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: The King, as government, rules everything.
[Zone] Haven StoneShield@darylickdreams: our only chance to beat the bully monkey systems is democracy
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: but the prob is humans

To be fair, that's not entirely inaccurate either.

[Zone] Aminaç68@launter2: there is no thing called totalitarism
to·tal·i·tar·i·an·ism noun \(ˌ)tō-ˌta-lə-ˈter-ē-ə-ˌni-zəm\


     : centralized control by an autocratic authority
     : the political concept that the citizen should be totally subject to an absolute state authority

Usage of TOTALITARIANISM in a sentence:
In times of crisis, when a nation's people are frightened, there are often calls for totalitarianism.
First known use of TOTALITARIANISM: 1926.
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i say we go back to feudalism less worries more bloodshed keep the population down and the gears of war turning
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: The King, as government, is responsible for the health and well-being of the people.
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: they r to easyly corupted
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: so if this is going to be the way of the world let just go back to a gold standered
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: The people have to work to provide the King with taxes to pay for everything the King, as government does.
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: long live the Republic
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and mid evil times

From life tips to a return to feudalism...

[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i say lets go back to tribal times
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: cave man days
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: ther was much more honor atleast and no one hid who they r
[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: yup lords and vassels just around the corner
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: With Socialism, the people have to work to provide the Government with taxes, the only difference is the people elect a Prime Minister instead of a King inheriting the throne.
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: hope so
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: man with biggest stick is ruler
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: cave man rules ftw

...and further, a return to hunter/gatherer life, where winters were hard, language was optional, and agriculture hadn't been invented yet. Seriously?

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: wher if someone had beef they didnt just talk #!(^%\$ on a game they did something about it
[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: sounds like a good idea..YOU go back to caveman days and start with throwing out your computer
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: Fine Line

No, that's actually a pretty broad line painted in bright neon.

[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i would follow a king, kings used to have balls and fight along side thier troops
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Instead of the people reporting to a ruling lord as in a monarchy, the people report to a government manager in a socialist nation.
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: oh its comming the second coming of the mid evil ages is coming

Apparently it's coming a lot...And, if you notice a distinct lack of icoco's ramblings in part V, it's because I'd given in to the impulse and muted him, along with a few other folks who got extremely objectionable.

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: by that reasoning, you could say that the only difference between a constitutional democratic republic and a monarchy is that one elects its president and the other is based on inheritance
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: just wait give it maybe 5 more years

Until feudalism?!?

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: socialism has a LOT of faults, but being a monarchy isn't one of them :D
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: this earth is going to go nuts
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: there is something special about a ruler who will put his own life at risk for his people
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: No, a Constiutional Democratic Republic starts off with everything being legal until the government makes it illegal.
[Zone] Haven StoneShield@darylickdreams: noone can wield the ring of power will consume them
[Zone] mili arcane@ralamotts: X.X

And now to fandom. These people have the attention spans of impaired fruit flies.

[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: gov will take everything, nationalize it~too big to fail
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and it woudnt just be usa prob its going to be the hole world prob
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: In a Monarchy, and socialism, the citizens have no rights until the government or King grants them that right.
[Zone] Aminaç68@launter2: polar you are incoherent
[Zone] mili arcane@ralamotts: THE PUTIN SYSTEM ROCKS

It does? Try asking Ukraine how much it rocks, at present.

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: and if you want to counter by saying 'but north korea' - north korea isn't socialist, it's despostic. i think they're calling themselves a democracy these days because they had a 'vote'
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and only the strong will survive

Well...there's a fair point here, throughout the raving, too. If there is a globally devastating event, be it war, climate shift, meteor strike, or disease, we're going to have more trouble than we know. Few of us have the life skills to return to the land, and scavenging for food and supplies only goes so far.

There's going to be a mass die-off of great, staggering amounts of the species, between general uprisings, lack of sanitation, medication running out, people eating the wrong things, and just general mishaps when no hospitals or clinics remain open.

Also, "despostic" is not a word.

[Zone] Daisey@yiax: the perfect form of governement is a absolute dictatorship under me
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Aminac, you're just closed minded.
[Zone] Thoradin Swordsteel@TheWarhawke: socialism is a economic system not a form of government
[Zone] Aminaç68@launter2: north korea is a pure feudalistic state
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: no will be it going to happen when no one exspects it
[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i think president putin is a smart leader

You're entitled to your opinion.

[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: revolution time folks
[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: north korea isn't feudal. it doesn't have a system of vassalage. it's straight up despotism.
[Zone] Haven StoneShield@darylickdreams: bs damned monkey bs ...strength in weakness progresses our race

"Strength in weakness progresses our race". That makes no sense. Unfortunately, "damned monkey bs" does, and I wish it didn't.

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: not even the sientist dont even know when

Ow, my brain.

[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Socialism is both an economic system and a form of government.
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: no i am god you all should do as i say

No. And you're really asking to be muted along with icoco, Ironfist.

[Zone] Justice@stellarstrider: You are silly for even putting weight into the labels. It's what's actually exercized that matters.
[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: despotism: there's a guy in charge. end of story.
[Zone] Daisey@yiax: give obama a break this presidency is his first real job

How do you figure? He was a lawyer before he was a teacher, he was a teacher before he was a Senator, and a Senator before he was President, so...? And that's not counting jobs he held during high school and collage.

[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Moo
[Zone] Magna Arcana@jaguarmagnus: Moo
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: now that racist

'Moo' is racist?!? To whom, cows?

[Zone] NeverwinterCommoner@unkle42: i would follow any legitamite ruler into battle so long as they actually were honest and trustworthy, however itas prolly easier to find a nun who like to give head than an honest ruler
[Zone] abbatoir@kikiseale: discussing politics with trolls and 14 year old potheads living in mommies basement must have some hidden payoff for you
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: it hates you
[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: communism is actually a good system - until it comes to the admistration of it

I've heard that before. My mother used to say that Communism was the perfect governmental system, but Jesus would have to run it. Which, considering the secular intent of Communism, is laughably ironic.

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: but funny and atleast he is working that other dush didnt do sh1t but start a war that he never paid for
[Zone] raptorian@olddan56: get rid of the word of law and go back to the spirit of the law...takes away loopholes

"That other dush"? Which dush would that be? For that matter, what's a dush?

The Urban Dictionary tells me it's yet another tragic misspelling, but wau, is that an insulting entry.

[Zone] Vohen@acorvinus: hold one,let me say something to the Vegans
[Zone] Vohen@acorvinus: *$(* You
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: like his daddy
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: and cliton

Ah...I'm going to assume you meant "Clinton", there. Also, what's the hate-on for vegans, suddenly?

[Zone] Mariwen Shattertusk@KidGloves: The payoff for discussing politics with trolls and 14yr olds is mainly amusement at other people's expense. which probably makes me a troll... :/
[Zone] Kira@evilscents: who a vegan lol
[Zone] abbatoir@kikiseale: lol
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: vegans are tasty
[Zone] abbatoir@kikiseale: and theres the payoff

Quite possibly.

[Zone] Kira@evilscents: well they might live longer then eat better
[Zone] Ironfist@fireandice00: vegans taste like chicken
[Zone] Mysty Ra Soulclaimer@shariedemystra: gotta love exercises in futility

Sadly, yes. And we're back to food again, so I guess, we've come full circle. ...Yay for synchronicity?

At any rate, that means we're done. So have a silky anteater to make up for it.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

far from your fools, and lock the door

[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: no one ever wins debates online. Ever

See, honestly, I could have saved five entries just quoting this. Absolute truth of the universe, right there.

Alas, I wanted to have all of this play out, because I can't even say 'oh look, stupid Americans on parade'--because Neverwinter is, like Second Life, an international game. So these are idiotic opinions from around the globe, not just local idiotic opinions. Somehow, that doesn't make it better...

[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: just coz u´r stupid to make a point ...
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: go ignore me :)
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: if NY and cali slide into the ocean we'll be all set
So California, heart of the US's film industry, and New York, heart of the US's theatre industry? Do you have no eye towards culture, Fletcher?

[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: So hey, how about that Valindra, huh? She's really doing a number on the Dread Ring [Zone] Zerekia Downfall@korolla: there will still be florida
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Dear gods, don't bring up Florida.
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: but america needs its (#@^%
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: That's what's wrong with russia

It has no Florida?

[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: A state full of grumpy old people! UGGGHHHH!
[Zone] Greype Kneehigh@gimpocalypse: Where is Florida? after Dread Ring... I don't see it on the map? Is that a Mod 3 grind thing?
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: i only say that &$@#^#}* all european country wass in back iron cortain are right be racist with all thoose $#%@(^ invadators russians
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: Yeah, you go grind your way through Florida.. =P No thanks. I'll be opting out of that one.

[Zone] Cole Smith's Son@ceta1the1hawk: sounds like a "district" rather then a state,y'know Washington, DISTRICT of Columbia . . .
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: That's some nasty sh
[Zone] Kallista@rachitt: icoco , if you must troll it does help if you can be understood
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: they are interferee with no rights in others country they are the real imperialst

No, no, Kallista said understandable, not impenetrable, try to keep up.

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: they like gipsy lol:) hit one of them ..and putin send army to invade you :)

So, by your (flawed) reasoning, Russians are gypsies; Putin will invade if any Russian is harmed by anyone else; and gypsies are heavily armed and militarized.

You're wrong on all three counts, icoco. New record.

[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: Obama sent gays to Olypmpics so Putin sent tanks to Ukraine
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: sounds fair

It does?

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: for your single neuron.,,sure sound fair
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: Obama says pull out Putin says I'm almost finished honey
[Zone] Darkwind@darkviking101: one day they will find the cure for the gay disease

....What? And how did we move from Russia annexing Crimea to AIDS?

[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: gay isn't bad, only eco *(% and Obama gay
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: stupid one..i not english reader or writer... but i can make some difference between good and bad people $#}@%

Apparently, you can't. Or if you can, you can't manage to effectively communicate what you've learned.

[Zone] Aura Winters@ensignmartin189: I don't mind gay people but I can't stand hipsters.
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: I'm fine with gays. Got some in my family. But VEGANS? Sheeeit
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: i live in small town so we don't have hipsters yay
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: but Seattle is full of them

Because there always must be someone to hate, mustn't there? If there isn't, we'll just invent a category and lump some people into it.

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: and i tell to all ...russians ,,are just bad ....bad in all sense of word
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: leaders, Icoco. Leaders. Never blame the people for what power-mad leaders do
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: read some history..are not writed be russians ofc

What. Are you. Trying. To SAY?!?

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: power mean help people ,,not subjugate ,them

No, power generally means corruption and callous behavior. An ethical code means people are likelier to be helped. Combine power and ethics and sometimes, sometimes, you get powerful people who want to help, but in general, that rarely happens.

But trust me--there's more people willing to tip, willing to donate to helpful causes, and willing to volunteer in the cheap seats than will ever be in the thrones of industry.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: racism is bad.....m'kay
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: in this case, just about every world leader out there has been corrupted by money. They use their power for evil
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: be racism with one are tormented nations ,,are not so ba d lol ..
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: Even Lord Neverwinter has his subjects slaving for AD

To be fair...But getting back to icoco, why does he hate Russians so much? Because he doesn't just seem to despise the current leadership, but everyone who's ever been born in the USSR. Why? Combined with his skewed idealism, and total lack of understanding on how politics work, it's really, really strange.

[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: This is sadly true, but on the other hand, Neverwinter's trying to rebuild an entire city. Easier to bribe adventurers most of the time.

Because seriously, what else are we going to do? We're flooding into the city from the outreaches, he has to do something with us...Might as well put us to work slaying magical beasts and risen dead, so his rank-and-file workers and tradesmen can get back to work rebuilding.

If that costs him Astrals, well, he's got them to spare. What he lacks are people that can kill things without qualms, that aren't already in the military. So it works out.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: if you feel so tormented why don't u just leave?
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: oh that's right coz you're a lazy @!) who thinks world's gonna give in to him

And now from politics to the welfare state...Do any of these people have a focused point to make?!?

[Zone] Peren Loreweaver@ceta1the1hawk: what I don't understand is a guy wanting to be a transsexual -- but who wants to be a lesbian????

Whaaaat? And now from welfare to transsexuality???

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: lol..i sense some frustrated pll here ?
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: I think all of us are frustrated - that's why we try to escape in this game
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: so we don't kill ppl in rl
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: It's a fair point.

Plus, your incoherency doesn't help, icoco.

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: i come ,, and i leave  when i like (@$#^ just a game here,,,,be done with tahta
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: personally i play this game coz im bored but oh well
[Zone] Woden@throsbi: i play this game cause its free and im so poor the only thing i can spend is time
[Zone] Moar Buzz@clevengerobert: if you're bored, read a book. Hate your life? Play Neverwinter.
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: where did that logic came from
[Zone] Fade@rachitt: gender indentity and sexusal preferance are two differnet things

So are "gender identity" and "sexual preference" from what you typed out.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: i read books i study i play games and i meet friends not so hard
[Zone] mariynth@petonious: I'm so broke... I can't pay attention
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: and im broke too ;p
[Zone] Edward@eddiestac: what are these friends you speak of?
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: And many of us don't hate our lives, we love the world here. Big difference.
[Zone] Aura Winters@ensignmartin189: Lol D andD nerds are some of the happiest, most fulfilled people I've ever met.

Good? Though, wait. You're playing Neverwinter, an online fantasy MMO based on the D and D campaign world, and you're calling the rest of us nerds??

[Zone] Woden@throsbi: i love life i just hate what its done to me ;)
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: you guys just need to seek ppl you feel comfortable around
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: hate your life ,,and ply newerwinter is good...maybe you can understood your problems..and make some adjustments

And now life tips from the idiot. Joy.

[Zone] Moar Buzz@clevengerobert: yeah hate is a harsh word, maybe dislike? thumbs down... better
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: if that not help..emigrate on russia :)(

Shut the hell up, icoco.

[Zone] mariynth@petonious: I bought my firs D andDS basic set back in '81 at a teen
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: you guys are too pesimistic
[Zone] Woden@throsbi: i remember the boxed sets red, blue, black hmmm forgot the other one

Yep. In 1974 there was the white box set, which was essentially just a basic printing with three little booklets with rudimentary rules. More people found out about it with the blue box, from 1977--AKA D and D 2nd version. That came with booklets, too, but 2-color printing on occasion, and clear plastic sheets with hex grid markings. The same year, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons was released, which many consider the first "official" set, because it was the first one printed as a hardbound book, instead of a portable game box.

In 1981, D and D 3rd version was released (it came in a vaguely fuchsia box), and a bit later, an "Expert" box set was released, that came in a light blue cardboard box.

In 1983, all the core rulebooks were reprinted with new cover art, and orange spines; in addition, from 1983 to 1985, five more box sets were released. The "Basic" version came in red (referred to above), followed by the "Expert" set again in blue, the "Companion" set in a teal box, the "Master" set in an all-black box, and then finally the "Immortals" set (that one came in a gold box, and it's fairly difficult to find now).

Then in 1989, AD and D 2nd Edition hit the store shelves, and that one is the one that most people remember starting out with.

[Zone] Emmeric Belasco@ironknights1964: some things you can change. Some things you can't Be happy with what you have
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: neah,,we are make some joke here,,but some are so frustrated be dialogues
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: sounds like not everyone is joking

Of course not. The problem is which ones are deadly serious and which ones don't know what they're talking about. Plus, icoco, you're still blathering incoherently.

[Zone] Emmeric Belasco@ironknights1964: personally, I think politics is all stick and carrot, specifically designed to irritate the masses
[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: but i got the "what is "friend" thing ;p
[[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: their buisness
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: optimists are easy to kill because they don't think you will
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: paranoids are tough

Generally, yes. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

[Zone] Rhadel@serafielpl: i have no respect for politicians and for judges (police is a different thing)
[Zone] Emmeric Belasco@ironknights1964: police have a tough job
[Zone] Matrumlas@matrumlus123: I play a few hours per day and I like to help others
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: yury get very owned be van damme  ($#@}# :)
[Zone] Obould@eternalsun8: -ism and -ist ... are gaz

I have no idea what anyone's saying anymore.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

you'll say you understand, but you don't understand

So, McDonald's is in hot water again, not that that's surprising--but in its way, there's an obscure, backhanded compliment in the gendered offerings for May. Namely, that whomever was responsible for the tie-ins made sure Spider-man was a part of both selections.

Still, I tend to agree with the writer--it's telling that the boys are told they can be Spider-man, because they get a mask, yet the girls are only told they can like Spider-man, because they get marketed tie-in products alone. I guess that's the difference between an active participant and a fan, but it's all still cultural patterning, isn't it?

Anyway, back to that weird political moment on Neverwinter. We start off this edition with a ridiculous amount of misplaced patriotism:

[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: 'MERICA!
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: Dont talk ^$^# bout USA :((
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: usa more least they not say are not imprerialist
[Zone] Kinheele@hellwinkle: ^!$! YA
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Please, people, we're in a fantasy realm, must we have sabre-rattling?
[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: NO country has any rigth to take back something.. if we started down that path there would be no end

Well, it wouldn't be the first time world nations have started down that path, precisely. I mean, I do get her point, but still.

[Zone] Cloudpaw@cloudpaw02: Anyone stereotypical here? XD
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA ? haha xD ... just 1 thing, look at the world, everywhere were a problem exists, u has tehir fingers in it ? ... USA =)
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: taht bi nation do lol history
[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: While I am not too happy with USA either, at least tehy do not annex any part of any other countries

Well, actually....In fact, one of the places we annexed recently became our 51st state, so...That can't honestly be said.

[Zone] Alsikh@kranietyven: who are these russian creatures? I've heard of elfs and orcs, but never any Russians... am I saying that right?

Ah, thank you, Alsikh. You tried.

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: by your logic anyone can do anything they like as long as there is someone behaving worse they can point to
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: that big nations do lol history^^

Still so tempted, especially going back through these, to plug in icoco's name to mute him.

[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: cuz russia taking back ukraine would be like lincoln and the south
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: lol really, whats gitmo then?
[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: Russia taking Ukraine would be $($*@) over again.. and look what happened with him

I don't get the Lincoln/South I missing something? I really don't understand why that's the historical leap they're trying to make.

[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: nope, but they killed a few million natives in USA... anybody pointing on USA with a finger because of that ? .. no but go to USA and ask an older nativ, they will tell u the truth....

Now, I grant you, there's a lot of pigheaded, ignorant, stick-stupid, racist US citizens, I won't lie. But trust me, more people than you think know about the genocidal actions taken against First Nation peoples; about our willing complicity with slavery; about our mistreatment thereafter of blacks, of Chinese during the railroad days, of all immigrants to this country, but especially Chinese, Jewish, and Irish people...I mean, seriously, at this point, we've done more wrong things than right things, always. Or as Christopher Titus once said: "America: give us a skin color, we'll wipe it out."

[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: lincon take south to civilazed ..not like russia take ucrain only to exploit,it
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: how they took everything ... :)
[Zone] Virgil Ravenna@v01ces: no, nothing like Linkoln and the south, it would be like the US oocuping Canada

Wha?? That..does not clear things up.

[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: and u guys know, that USA is loosing few hundred thousands people every year ...
[Zone] Garret Shadowsoul@kingsgrace: And they'd all drown in maple syrup
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: or annecting texas..
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: since texas is mexican
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: Annex Texas? We already have Texas. Wait, can we give it back?

Because it would be nice if we could.

[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: What other countries have done back in history is anyways NO reason for any other country to not follow the rules for a civilized world
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: 'civilize' the south? ())
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: ys ##(*...eradicated slave...ring a bell?

Between your spelling and your extraordinarily loose grasp of history, no. No bells are being rung.

[Zone] NiteBane@thesleeper55: Guys and gals, I am a 58 year old Marine, I have lived in this c r a p you are chatting about my whole life, must we discuss it in a online fantasy game ????
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: *claps for Nitebane* My point, excellently made.
[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: And in extreme cases COULD lead to another world war with Putin as the igniting part
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: simple FACT of modern life is that ALL other countres are allowed to acquire territory - except America. That's just racist
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: obama, (&^!#*@(%$ of the democons =)

I know conservative Democrats exist, but "democons" is just a weird-sounding contraction.

[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: civil war wasn't about slaves
[Zone] Crissit@doofusn: hehe! US is the biggest expansion driven country in modern times
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: north put on a port tax and south had most of the ports
[Zone] Crissit@doofusn: Its just that they use proxies and puppet states now a days
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: btw,,,say only one nation like thoose )%!(^ russian along a history pas
[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: expansion for bankers profit - the US has not acquired any new territory
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: all hate them

Not that I'm trusting anything icoco says, but why do "all hate them"? Back that statement up with references, boyo, or retract it.

[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA dont have any history... for me a history is over 500 years... USA ?? .. maybe 200 xD ... haha so pitty

"Pitty"? Did Exces mean "petty" or "such a pity", here? Because that would alter the meaning slightly.

[Zone] NiteBane@thesleeper55: Yeah so come on people no politics nor religion on here all it does is cause hate and impolite discussion
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: slavery hasnt been abolished, they just altered it to wageslavery
[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: Russia has a huge minority complex vs. the rest of the world
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA is a mixed up country of people from all over the world
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: you dont have your own identity....
[Zone] Stump@coolcarcrash1: You f*ckers took the virgin islands from us! :(

Why is this a thing?

[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: the South had declared New orleans as a free port - would have bypassed northern tariffs
[Zone] Holy Cleavage@ocano: Stop talking politics you [f*cktards]. It's not going to change anything.
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: us attacks anyone wanting to drop worthless dollar as reserve currency
[Zone] Kallista@rachitt: Laran , why would they , that cost more money than it worth
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: so &#@!%$*_@%!&}!)~*# @!%$ of %$&}! with #@}!%$ all russian here :)

I have no idea what icoco's trying to say, at all.

[Zone] Laran Mithras@ironknights1964: free trade? Okaaaay.
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: well dollar is broke ... yuen gonna rule the world ... :) soon
[Zone] Crissit@doofusn: Okey, so against the US = russian? :P
[Zone] Crissit@doofusn: World isnt black & white
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: whole money transfer at earth 33% dollar, 75% chinese yuen ...
[Zone] Fletcher@gphxgphx: us needs to separate red and blue states

Why? More to the point, what would that accomplish?

[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: all the same
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: all the same rednecks that are $($*@) american people .. u need to get rid of them


[Zone] Holy Cleavage@ocano: new game: everyone that "debates" about (world) politics gets insta-ignore
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: so what ? xD

It's not the worst point, and it would save time. Political debate: mute. Gold spammer: mute. Tasteless comment about girls who game: mute.

Thankfully, Neverwinter doesn't have an ignore list cap...yet.

[Zone] Gacked@twysted88: slavery is bad mkay, but MAYBE every major human achievement was becauce create fromi it..

After taking the time to translate that, I'm not entirely sure I understand what Gacked means, either.

More to come. In the meantime, here's footage of a snake opening a door. You're welcome.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

we can try to laugh it off, I guess

So we start off with a question from a Russian gamer looking for other Russian gamers, which led to gross sexual references, and thence to political derangement:

[Zone] Andipal Barich@andipal: any russian guild for communiscitc crazy gamers?
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: CCCP
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: HODOR!
[Zone] End Rider@splenderfreak: :O
[Zone] berserk@pando83: who wants to szuck my hairy ballz?
[Zone] Ecko@meaty00: Me!

WHY?!? Seriously, WHYYYYY???

[Zone] Ecko@meaty00: Only if you are black though.
[Zone] berserk@pando83: but they are very hairy
[Zone] berserk@pando83: it's like sucking the fur of a huge dog
[Zone] Holly Golightly@yarknarf: drop em in the mail. ill check them out later
[Zone] Lysillia Harp@korolla: I would, but then I'd have to kick myself out :(
[Zone] Gisella Healforged@sweet5starlight: Is Zone quiet, or have I just ignored too many people? XD

Obviously I haven't ignored enough.

[Zone] D4fix@d4fix: When will they finally fix the freaking clock tower?
[Zone] Holly Golightly@yarknarf: give em a break. many little parts in CT. plus u need that tiny screwdriver

That's fair, I suppose.

There is sort of a running joke with the names: the Cloak Tower is an early-level dungeon that, while mostly functional, has some staggering bugs that have never been fixed since game launch, while the Clockwork Guild Tomb is found in the mid-level zone, Neverdeath Graveyard, is not broken, and is a freakishly brilliant bit of game design.

[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: one serous question! How you proof you age?

Not like that.

[Zone] Gisella Healforged@sweet5starlight: by the way you communicate, of course!
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: To the game, or...?
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: serious..your..


I wanted to go there; I managed to restrain myself...barely.

[Zone] Holly Golightly@yarknarf: age and proof on the side of bottle
[Zone] Gisella Healforged@sweet5starlight: good one, Holly!
[Zone] Mikal Urthsson@marinehk4861: Post a valid credit card number and security code
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Bad Mikal, no biscuit!
[Zone] Mikal Urthsson@marinehk4861: :p
[Zone] River@rachitt: indeed you forgot to ask for the passport as well
[Zone] Pam Willows@pauledwin: funny that there are so many more trolls in the evening
[Zone] SagittariuS@butimonly: one troll provoce other trolls

I think you meant "provoke", but you're likely not wrong. And then the Russia-bashing started:

[Zone] Garret Shadowsoul@kingsgrace: Go to the russian server
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: well there's really only one server, so
[Zone] Lucifer@vescera1986: Rus server sucks

So what you're after is a Russian-speaking guild. That...apparently screams at everyone all the time?

[Zone] Imanar Soul@avirone: nobody if you use caps liek tht
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: get back in your own hell

Oh, I don't know, Imanar, if someone accepted you into a guild "liek tht", Lucifer'll probably be fine.

But what does 'get back in your own hell' mean, exactly?

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: I doubt many are feeling friendly toward russia atm :)
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: why ?
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: I will take you, I will take you under a candlelit evening
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: because of krim ?


Crimea, you mean? Or the Ukraine in general?

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: yes because of ukraine
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: u guys have no clue about krim and u hate russia/putin because of that, u should research a bit, russian just tokk THEIR part back !!!!
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: u should learn more about then just watch news and think u can relate to do
[Zone] icoco777@icoco777: ys..becose russians are so #($%( act like germany when take [poland
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: if so , pls (##! .. u guys have no clue

I find it amusing that those four lines are so difficult for me to parse that I have to read them twice through, every time I come across this section of chat...yet "Exces" and "icoco777" are the ones telling the rest of us to pause and think and do research. When they likely can't even spell the word research the same way twice...

[Zone] Holy Cleavage@ocano: no they didn't, Exces. Get your facts straight.
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: ye seems like
[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: it's not whether crimea should be russian or not it's the way russia ia acting
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: Yeah guys, we dont like *(%$& here :( They were mean! Germany rules!!!
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA is beter ?
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: USA acting better then russia ?
[Zone] Exces@sugarblackrose: even worse !
[Zone] Garret Shadowsoul@kingsgrace: Because a country the size of Russia REALLY needs to take more land 'back'...

I'd tend to agree, but the problem is, as always, vastly more complicated than that.

[Zone] Spinal Cut@mentinmindmaker: Russia did infringe on another countrys sovereignity.. which is completely unacceptable
[Zone] Baridl@taranell: USA! USA! USA!


[Zone] Virgil Ravenna@v01ces: Yeah, right, Crimia is a much Russian as it is Turkish or Greek or Ukrainian
[Zone] Phelaia Angelbane@thegeldprince: who cares about ukraine, its the damn russian cheaters thats the problem...

What they're referring to here are the employees of Russian fly-by-night companies who skate in, invent random names, and start spamming for gold. The problem with this line of reasoning is that, overall, Russian gold spammers consist of about 2% of the spammer problem in Neverwinter (and even that, I think, is an excessively high ratio). The other 98% comes predominantly from China and North Korea, and always will.

[Zone] Järnsaxa@perfectworld475: what has usa got to do with anything?

These days, I find myself asking that question a lot.

End of part two, more when I get to it.

Monday, April 14, 2014

they hide out in places I look but can't see

This one gets odd, and it was a long enough capture that I split it into sections, so this is only part one of...I don't know, really. Until I run out of edited capture text, I suppose.

There's a lot of general political misunderstanding, but also, a lot of hate towards both Russia (and Putin) and the US (and Obama). But first, a bit on Neverwinter's soon-to-launch Module 3:

[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: Mod 3 has a new Epic Skirmish
[Zone] Zenith@stellarstrider: they are banking a lot in that world pvp or something
[Zone] FraserAllDay@knotorious18: I heard mod 3 is adding a new more open world zone yes? bosses spawn in zone?
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: Heroic Encounters spawn in the zone
[Zone] Zenith@stellarstrider: yeah, but the zone itself from what I saw was small D:
[Zone] Zenith@stellarstrider: Expected something larger
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: And packed with Lv61 stuff
[Zone] Psychosis@love2loveyoubabe: zone is the realization of how @*($*) the world is


The basic theory seems to be that with Module 3 and the entry of Icewind Dale into the game world, it will be a freeform PvP/PvE zone. There will be specific quests targeted to battling mobs in the zone, as well as specific quests targeted towards battling other players. As far as I've been able to ascertain, none of these will be mandatory, but it's worrisome nonetheless.

I don't like PvP; I will never embrace it as a solid core of my gameplay style. I'd rather fight a clearly defined other than another player, any day of the week. But, even having said that, Neverwinter does not do PvP well, so to make this advancement either means utilization of the existing, very broken system of PvP (which is essentially team-based tower capture, not individual player-vs.-player combat), or adoption of an entirely new system (which will either then roll out to the world entire, or stay stuck in Icewind Dale alone).

Neither option sounds that attractive, frankly.

[Zone] Enna Dalke@Moneydie: none of the zones in this game are all that big
[Zone] Gnarlgoloth@drewlow: there's one that's kind of big, can't remember which one it was
[Zone] FraserAllDay@knotorious18: they def shoulad wetn more open world style, thats one of the bigger flaws in my mind

That would be "definitely should have gone for a more open world style"...I'm only hoping English is not Fraser's first language.

[Zone] Gnarlgoloth@drewlow: Pirate's Skyhold is kind of big
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: Pirate's Skyhold is kind of annoyingly large

And kind of annoying in general.

[Zone] Enna Dalke@Moneydie: final zone has size but it's split into chunks
[Zone] Psychosis@love2loveyoubabe: they are suppose to have a link for more open world, suppose to be the next upgrade
[Zone] Rebekkah Davenshire@alvadimarco: You like it split into chunks, don't you Enna?

Ew? Also huh? Also ew.

The bit about the final zone being split into chunks--it's not, actually, but it is set into several sections, all accessible from the edges of the map. Only the dungeons and one specific sections are their own separate instances; everything else is interactive with the rest of the world and everything in it. But they are labeled separately (the Rib Cage, the Excavation, Underwing) so I can see where the confusion comes in.

I think splitting this off here; we'll pick up later with an innocuous question leading to much uninformed rambling on Russia.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

here we rest in peace, rubble beneath the feet

Bacon seems to come up a lot in Neverwinter's Zone chat. Not only bacon, though...

[Zone] Apy@apymhm: i dont like pork o-o
[Zone] Juicy Lucy@jasper1eye: but pork is the other white meat!
[Zone] Apy@apymhm: i actually hate bacon. lmfao
[Zone] Prolak Grey@Quetzaqoatl: baby, the other other white meat
[Zone] Apy@apymhm: mmm babies
[Zone] Aguila@rodanlewarx: baby back ribs
[Zone] Juicy Lucy@jasper1eye: what's easier to unload: a boxcar full of babies, or a boxcar full of bowling balls?
[Zone] Juicy Lucy@jasper1eye: A: Babies, cuz you can use a pitchfork.
[Zone] Aguila@rodanlewarx: kill the infidel!
[Zone] Apy@apymhm: im agnostic. and i hate bacon. i suppose im screwed then
[Zone] Aelflaed MoonWarrior@magda1ena5: bacon, beer. ... the occasional tortilla chip or chocolate. life is perfect


But of course, where would a hearty bacon discussion be without rampant misogyny? This was captured several days later:

[Zone] Siduri@yuviel: "Wise Men" a mature (18+) English speaking guild, is recruiting adventurers with GS of 12k+ for PvE and PvP content.

Game terms: "GS" stands for "gear score"; in other words, your armor, amulets, weapons, are all rated with scores for how good they are at defending you and hurting others. This is because all the post-level 60, Epic-rated dungeons require between 10,000 and 15,000 for a gear score.

[Zone] lisa@pirate133: gs
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: gas station
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: gay $@)*

I'm going out on the proverbial limb here, and assuming he meant "sex", only because it's discussed later.

[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: gay ($^&#%@
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: turn off profanity filter silly
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Funny how he's trying to be a badass with the profanity filter still on.
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: how o.O
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: options then go to chat
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: oh it must be in settings

Yup. Though some of us leave the profanity filters on anyway, just so we don't have to deal with all the Zone chat shenanigans on a daily basis.

[Zone] lisa@pirate133: it in chat settings
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: :D ok tx
[Zone] Nastyhabits@nastyhabits: looking for idris dungeon grp [Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: You're not 18 yet, you shouldn't do that.
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: but but im 24
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: im 28
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Not you woman.
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: :\
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Was talking to the gay %@!}$*#* guy. does "Censored Name" translate to gay male?

[Zone] lisa@pirate133: im not women


[Zone] swift@warraptor1824: ????
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: i jsut dont like way male orcs look lol

Ohhhh. Okay, I fully grant, I was misled by "Lisa", too, in assuming female character. Well, he's playing a female character, yes, but I tend to assume presentation equals gender online--if you don't want to be taken for female, then don't present as one, basically.

[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: you think he is a women because he said silly right :D me too :D
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: *woman
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: No, I thought he's a woman because his character is called Lisa.
[Zone] Jujj@roccut: lol
[Zone] Jr.Fenerbahcem@layner1453:
türk varmı
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: you shut your dirty elf mouth

Actually, that's not Elvish, that's Turkish. They're basically asking if anyone else speaks Turkish at present. I'd say the answer is no based on later responses...

[Zone] Pusherman@pushermanva: BOOZE FIGHTERS are accepting prospects! Must like BOOZE and WOMEN! pls msg! 
[Zone] Jujj@roccut: censored name, go back to the clinic
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: bad news for you, %90 of female chars are actually man
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Make that 100%.

Because of course, in 2014, it's impossible to conceive of women actually being interested in playing MMOs.

[Zone] lisa@pirate133: lol
[Zone] Pusherman@pushermanva: lol
[Zone] beech@jwtrickster: 87% of statistics r made up on the spot
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: There's no such things as women in mmos. Just boys and boys pretending to be girls.
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: thats un even odd plety women playerss when it comes dnd

Wau, you're terrible at spelling. But that's also true--there are plenty of women gamers everywhere. There are women who play in Call of Duty and women who play Candy Crush; women who play casual games, war games, board games, card games...gender doesn't matter, only whether you're a gamer or not.

[Zone] Mithos Yggdrasill@titaniumtac: wait.... girls actually do play this game?
[Zone] Otto@throsbi: MMORPG %^#!~(+$#*@ Males Role Playing Girls
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: It's masturbating.
[Zone] Velius Urthadar@lysergicmikael: ....
[Zone] Otto@throsbi: just sayN
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: yes they do called nerdy girls
[Zone] Murasame Fsey@inubearyamato: i thought girls were a myth

Well, if you don't get out that much, maybe they are to you, Murasame.

[Zone] beech@jwtrickster: and yes girls play this game. real ones. without p3nises.
[Zone] Artemis@zamaje: i'm a gril


[Zone] Jujj@roccut: such an ignorant comment " girls actually do play this game" and so on
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: I'm a gril too.
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: grill?
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Yeah, grill.
[Zone] beech@jwtrickster: just one "l"
[Zone] Otto@throsbi: lol a real girl without a @@%@)........
[Zone] Thea Uthadar@EmillyOrr: True thing. Some of the female characters in this game are, shock and horror, played by actual women.
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: I ain't no bakon.
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Bacon*

And bacon enters back into the equation. No idea why, though...

[Zone] Foam The PArkourious@sailfoamsf: yeah ofc who isnt a grill
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: When is the last time you guys had *)@?
[Zone] Lillith Deathbringer@rippaht666: gotta love pork :D
[Zone] beech@jwtrickster: i would say i know 5 girls who play but i think 2 r little boys

I'm trying not to twitch at "2 r",'s proving difficult.

[Zone] lisa@pirate133: haha
[Zone] Censored Name@mayonnaisex: ok, have you ever stalk a female char in game?


[Zone] Drogas@marduk6sic6: i know some that play like girls
[Zone] Pusherman@pushermanva: BOOZE FIGHTERS are accepting prospects! Must like BOOZE and WOMEN! pls msg!
[Zone] Lillith Deathbringer@rippaht666: bacon , on stake any way possible :D
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: i like booze and women
[Zone] Roux@Hollthulhu: I'm just a lonely string of code..
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: YOU GUYS STOP TALKING ABOUT BACON DAMMIT!
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: Fatties!

So, now we have bacon, misogyny, stalking references AND fat jokes. Joy.

[Zone] Madmedic@madmedic15401: Bacon? O.o
[Zone] Otto@throsbi: im a pixelated matrix
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: deer steak warped in hog bacon coverd in cheese sauce
[Zone] BANGABLE DEAN@inyancat513: i want bacon :D
[Zone] Claidi Robenai@skinnedb4death: Geez every MMO I go to is raving about bacon xD

So it's not just Neverwinter? Is that a good thing?

[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: &@^^))!!! guys, stop talking about baron for gods sake
[Zone] Aninian@ay4nem: bacon is amazing
[Zone] Bolvar Fordragon@lcecrowncitadel: &@^^ you all, now I'm hungry.
[Zone] Vauszan Quicktemper@u2o8: bacon wrapped with bacon
[Zone] Lillith Deathbringer@rippaht666: hellz yeah
[Zone] BANGABLE DEAN@inyancat513: someone give me bacon :o
[Zone] Suvan@Sayakra: Mott's Bacon Vodka Ceaser!

...Bacon Vodka what?? That one passed me by...

[Zone] BANGABLE DEAN@inyancat513: or a bacon bowl xD
[Zone] lisa@pirate133: we;; we should had dinner hour ago
[Zone] Otto@throsbi: bacon covered (!!)@*%

I don't even want to know what that was without the profanity filter.

[Zone] Valdyre@micknight2: bacon and peanut butter
[Zone] Kylie@jasperbrady: bacon is like women. it smells good, looks good, tastes good, and kills men.

And we're done here! I think that's about enough of this blathering.

In the meantime, the Jem and the Holograms movie has been cast--I can't say I'm looking forward to the film, but the casting looks decidedly interesting, multiracial, and unique. I'm now mildly anticipating the trailer.

And the third Hobbit film's name has been changed; it's now going to be called The Battle of Five Armies. It's descriptive enough, and since they've already gone off-book in this trilogy set, I'm not overly concerned; I'm just hoping the third film is more watchable than the second.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

our temple, your tomb


You know, saying it over and over again won't make people pay attention to you, Yannka. More than likely, it'll make most of us mute you so we don't have to see that again.

[Looking For Group] lavernica@maaaaaaaaarrr: llll 15k TR LFG MC/ VT/ SP lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Same thing with this. It's just unnecessary. It doesn't draw the eye; at this point, most of us honestly don't bother reading through it and just hit the "Ignore spam" button, which gets the account reported. Find a better way to get your point across, people.

[Zone] Sarnsidous@p1s7ol: I once met a girl from ardulo. She loved putting things in her &)^#...
[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: ignore ^

Mm-hmm. Pretty much.

[Zone] Tom Ujain@trogers2: party time woooooooooo!
[Zone] Tom Ujain@trogers2: dread king come dance with us!!!
[Zone] Little Caprice@elmoregemstone: rock is reported for spam

On the other hand, apparently I annoy less than Little Caprice. I wouldn't have reported rock, regardless of how many times he said he was a "prefect vorpal" looking for a dungeon. He's just a Timmy power-gamer wanting a high-powered run, is all.


*snerks* Of course, sarcasm abounds...

[Zone] Grace Blackrune@sockmunkey: its darwinism. I figure if they arnt smart enough to know how to use the right channel. odds are they are too dumb to group with

This, however? Also a good point. "Zone" is general in-area chatter; "Looking for Group" is for finding dungeons and fighting instances; and "Trade" is for selling keys and specialty items for in-game currency.

[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: my logic also
[Zone] Gwynneth Lifegiver@iamnotahobbit: hehe if every spammer were reported the GM's would be spammed,lol

Well, and again, I really don't think rock's copypasta-dungeon-seeking was spamming, per se. But, while I do report all the spammers I see, there are lots I miss. And not everyone reports everything they see, so she has a point.

[Zone] rock@rottw: 15k gs dungeon looking for vorpal perfect
[Zone] Tom Ujain@trogers2: YEAH painsaw show us your moves!
[Zone] Grace Blackrune@sockmunkey: hey rock, in all that spam. you still havent said what class you are. ill wager it means more then your silly gear score
[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: he doesn't know what his class is....
[Zone] rock@rottw: lol ım a GWF
[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: middle class?
[Zone] rock@rottw: yeah apopis and u still dont know who is your father

Weak insult, rock. Really weak.

[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: my father is darth vader
[Zone] rock@rottw: good for you
[Zone] Grace Blackrune@sockmunkey: would of NEVER figured rock would be the dumb barbarian type. shocker
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: I have a lot of's all low, but I've got a lot of it
[Zone] rock@rottw: yup grace.... and ı didnt know u were a $%*$)

Really, rock? Step it up, boyo, you'll never make points with cheap shots.

[Zone] Mtal Quickfingers@ben69b: no i think you meant to say your mom is darth vader

Also a cheap shot, but you know what, rock? As opposed to your grade-school chipping, that one shut down the conversation for a while. Moron.

So later, this happened...

[Zone] Evanduril@neurovirgin: hEY, could you help me please? I have one question.
[Zone] Evanduril@neurovirgin: i didnt get 1000 diamonds
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: why should you have gotten 1000 diamonds?
[Zone] Evanduril@neurovirgin: my wife did :)
[Zone] Evanduril@neurovirgin: and she was 1 level lower
[Zone] Random Chance@Random_Chance: why were you expecting to get 1000 diamonds? doing what?
[Zone] Evanduril@neurovirgin: i have no idea, why did she ?

Okay, so, brief explanation: after level 11 in Neverwinter, all characters can pray at shrines, healing campfires, or by rezzing out portable altars. This gives adventurers a boon from the gods they worship, an amount of astral diamonds (the Auction House currency), and sometimes a potion useable for protection or healing.

So if this person prayed, and didn't get their diamonds, that's kind of a big deal.

The answer, how'ver, had nothing to do with the game, and everything to do with current politics:

[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: for not real life


[Zone] Evanduril@neurovirgin: she didnt do anything special
[Zone] Mtal Quickfingers@ben69b: daily prayer maybe
[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: don't work in real life.....go to social services office....get free $ :)

That's so not how it works, Apophis. But thanks for being a loyal, no-nothing drone of Fox News. Also, you're an ass.

And, lastly...

[Zone] Unuldor@derplurker: pvp=moar money=you win
[Zone] Celeste-L'Arche Doré@divine8soul: NEVERWINTER IS NOT REAL=SCAM

What the hell does that even mean? NO MMO is real. But that doesn't automatically mean they're scams. They're an alternate form of entertainment, just like paying for movies, or subscribing to Netflix or HBO.

Honestly, I think folks in Neverwinter are losing intelligence points...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

I can't remember the last thing that you said as you were leaving

"As you no doubt have heard..." I hadn't heard. What's worse, I slept through the service due to intermittent sleep last night, so now I'm just feeling sudden loss and wondering what happened. We'd lost touch the last year or so--not because of him, but because I've pulled back to the point of almost featureless-egg status, and I'm still poking at the shell to re-emerge.

Travel sweetly, lost soul; you were a good friend and a good man. You will indeed be missed.

The rest of this entry seems rather silly in comparison, but...I don't have the heart to revise it, so I'm just going to let it stand.


I think it can be considered justified that, even several days before Aprille 1st, I sincerely and honestly thought this was a joke.

It's not. And, with seven days to go, it's cleared its original funding goal by a depressingly huge margin, and there's little sign it's going to stop.

So, what's making this so huge for deck-building gamers? Because keep in mind, this is not a new game; this is just a game company seeking funds for translation from Japanese into English, and funds for reprinting. The game already exists, and more to the point, didn't succeed as a concept even in Japan, where Nazi cosplay is mysteriously popular. I, myself, have no idea; I only know it's going to be a thing, so...yay for even less faith in our species.

In the meantime, how far would you go to reduce waste on the planet? The makers of both the Ooho and the Wikipearl are hoping pretty far. And, in the case of the Ooho, at least, currently under development, it will actually cost less to produce an Ooho container for "bottled" water products than it does to create an equivalently-sized plastic container--and in the case of the Ooho, you'll be able to eat the container afterwards, or just throw it away--where, instead of remaining for plastic's decades, it will simply biodegrade in a number of days.

So how soon until we see Ooho water on the shelves? Unknown. But in the case of the Wikipearl, expect to see them on Whole Foods markets' shelves later this month.

In toy news, this is not a thing. But it desperately needs to be a thing, and ThinkGeek has already gotten several pleading requests to have it made. With any luck, we'll see it join the rarefied ranks of the once-pranked, now-real items for sale. We can only hope.