Saturday, March 30, 2019

now you think you’re anonymous, a masked face without a name

Of all the things...this came through a shopping group:
[21:20] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: I really need 100L for a new dildo, can anyone help please!?
You're not serious.
[21:20] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OMG rolmao
[21:20] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ohhh I love humiliation play
[21:21] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: hahaha come on I need some help!
That's too close kin to begging.
[21:21] Emilly Orr: 1. No. 2. What are you willing to do for that L$100?
[21:21] Vxxxxxxx Rxxxx: laughs
[21:21] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Shake my ass?
[21:22] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: I look pretty damn hot right now
What Mm. P sent, I can't link, because it featured their actual name. Do know it involved a rainbow hat, white suspenders, pink boxer shorts with tiny white hearts on them, and...a muchness of hip-shaking.

I can't link that, but I can link this:

[21:22] Dxxx Pxxxxxx: Please do not use group to ask for money
[21:22] Emilly Orr: Also that.
[21:23] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: feels a firey bannnn comming on
[21:23] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: screamsss in laughter
[21:24] mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Did you wear out the old one?
[21:24] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Yes damn thing exploded
*raises an eyebrow* Really?
[21:24] Emilly Orr: In the case of what [Pxxxx] linked, [Axxxxxx], I don't think humiliation will phase him.
[21:25] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Not much phases me
That, I can believe.
[21:26] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx): Sorry guys, I'm playing truth and dare lol. This was my dare
Then you're an idiot.
[21:27] Dxxx Pxxxxxx: That's not a very good dare considering it could get you kicked out of a group
[21:27] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Yeah I don't mind lol
[21:27] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 5
[21:27] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 4
[21:27] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 3
We need a countdown now? Seriously?
[21:27] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Pxxxx]
[21:27] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smh
[21:27] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[21:27] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: oh no!
[21:27] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: excuse my daughter
Your what?
[21:27] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx:
[21:27] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just logged in and saw this
[21:27] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[21:27] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Welp lol
[21:28] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: It's not my fault
It's totally your fault. Own your actions.
[21:28] axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I see what goes on while I'm not here
[21:29] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: You aren't shocked
[21:29] Hxxxxx Mxxxx: not at all
[21:36] Emilly Orr: Daughter?
[21:36] Emilly Orr checks the Gyazo again. Then pulls the profile.
Which featured an urbane, bearded man on both SL bio pic, and RL bio pic. So...what?
[21:36] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Yes I'm really a girl
[21:36] Bxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: she really is
[21:36] Emilly Orr: Um....apologies, then? But it does look like you're awfully non-female.
[21:37] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Girl with a beard
[21:37] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: lol
[21:37] Mxxx Rxxxxxx: Lmaaaaooo
[21:37] Emilly Orr: Hey, girls can have beards, I've met some.
[21:37] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Jenna Marbles!!
I was more thinking of Annalisa Hackleman, Harnaam Kaur, blessedbaubles on Instagram, fuzzslxt, also on Instagram, or, you know, any of the historic ones.
[21:39] Pxxxx Oxxxxxxx: Thought maybe my man boobs might throw some of you off
No, the fact that "she" had NO boobs, dressed entirely as a modern-era male, plus the gif that featured a bare male chest and a visible bulge under the boxers...I'm not happy with gender-shaming, per se, gods, make some effort! You're in a virtual world, sure, you can completely cross genders, but if you're playing one sex, don't announce that you aren't any sort of that sex! It's confusing even to those of us who try never to assume gender with the androgynous or the gender-fluid, because you are not fluid. You seem very firmly set on "Typical Male". I just don't get it.

In the meantime, from another chat:
[21:27] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Random question: Does anyone here know a cool urban Asian sim that would be suitable for photography?
[21:27] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: perhaps kowloon?
[21:27] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: kowloon (146,11,24)
[21:28] Axxxxxx Dxxxxx: Village of Ahiru maybe?
[21:28] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: SSOC (179,61,23)
[21:28] mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's a good one [Nxxxx]
[21:28] Emilly Orr: Kowloon, just FYI, is amazingly cool, especially if you wander off the main strip? It is Chinese, I believe, not Japanese. But it's so well done. And the several-story round building after you come in is still ten Lindens.
I'm surprised it's still up, but it's still amazingly detailed, a rich and changing experience every time I go.
[21:29] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank you so much for all the suggestions, guys. I will try to hit as many as possible.
[21:29] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: there's another i went to recently trying to see if i can remember the name
[21:29] Emilly Orr: I still want one of those cats with the ever-turning heads. They're all over Kowloon.
[21:29] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have an all-black ensemble that has some Asian streetwear influence so I'm trying to find a sim to match that
[21:33] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: Morning Crescent Moon (73,223,23) here it is! this is a good one too
[21:33] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxx: [Vxxx]. Try R2 Fashion (77,134,1103) - it has just the aesthetic
[21:35] Fxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: what about harajuku event (which has a lot of street area around it, also)?
All good answers. Let's hope Ms. V finds somewhere that works.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

through the airwaves--people never read the airwaves

From the Rewind event, which this time out is themed for 90's hip-hop.

In the meantime, this is one of my favorite retro dresses. I have worn it a great deal. I've never actually sat down in it, though.

Until now.

Now, that may sound strange, but when I go to work, a lot of the time I do end up standing, talking to people, dancing with people, general greeting in the sky club or in the mansion at ground level. None of this requires sitting down.

I tried all the positions on the side chairs, frowned, and moved to the sofa, and tried all of their poses. Nothing worked, nothing at all worked.

And finally, I figured, okay, let's at least try the lays. There are two. Both failed.

The inescapable truth is, I can't sit in this dress. Now I'm thinking I need to go through my entire inventory (a terrifying proposition) and test everything in a chair. Or even more specifically, the chair and sofa set at work. Because I do own mesh dresses that work when sitting.

So much extra work. This never happened with flexi.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

the hidden blade when you pretend that you don't even know my name, well played

Some days, you get all kinds. And some nights, I get really confused and irritated.
[22:39] Nxxxx Nxxxx: hi
[22:39] Emilly Orr: Hello there!
Random hi's from strangers bug me. State yer case or on yer bike. But I try to be pleasant and at least hear why they're reaching out.

Also, I have no idea who she is.
[22:39] Nxxxx Nxxxx: wondrng do we l know each other
It's "wondering". And "do we 1 know" is really bad sentence construction.
[22:40] Emilly Orr: Not as far as I know
[22:40] Nxxxx Nxxxx: ok hmmm are you into stockings
I pulled her profile at this point. Ton of wrestling and nylons groups, including one that started with "Bully [B*tches]". I'm willing to indulge in foot worship sessions if a client requests it, but outside of a visit to a random footplay sim to see if I could figure out the draw, it's never been an interest.
[22:40] Emilly Orr: I like wearing them.
[22:41] Nxxxx Nxxxx: in sl
[22:41] Emilly Orr: I like wearing them? They're not a fetish point for me.
How was that not an answer the first time?
[22:42] Nxxxx Nxxxx: oh ok do you have he older ones
She means "the", I'm pretty sure.
[22:42] Emilly Orr: What older ones?
That is vague as hell.
[22:42] Nxxxx Nxxxx: vintage th full fashioned ones
[22:43] Nxxxx Nxxxx: do you cat fight
[22:44] Emilly Orr: 1. Sometimes, if I can find a good seamed pair.
[22:44] Emilly Orr: 2. Hell no.
Thought that would also be a simple answer, but...And even though I kind of knew it was coming, it did make my lip curl a bit. What, her joy is reaching out to random strangers to pant over her love of nylons and hurting girls? Is this fun for her?
[22:45] Nxxxx Nxxxx: got them so do i do you have any now
Who was she asking, me or her? Because the "do i do you" is beyond confusing.
[22:46] Emilly Orr: I think a few? Mostly in black. Couple pairs in other colors.
I was not about to go count, I seriously didn't care enough.
[22:46] Emilly Orr: Why?
[22:47] Nxxxx Nxxxx: full fashiond ones
[22:47] Emilly Orr: Full or old fashioned, do you mean?
[22:47] Nxxxx Nxxxx: both no 9 axiennes
[22:48] Emilly Orr: I didn't get that. Axiennes?
[22:48] Nxxxx Nxxxx: yes
That's not an answer.
[22:48] Emilly Orr: Okay, let me restate. What are 9 Axiennes?
[22:49] Nxxxx Nxxxx: thee stockings
Pretty sure it's "the" again.
[22:49] Emilly Orr: Brand doesn't sound familiar.
[22:50] Nxxxx Nxxxx: hmm what about no 9
[22:50] Emilly Orr: Oh, those were two brands?
[22:50] Emilly Orr: Don't recognize either.
So, I went looking, and this is No 9, and I failed completely on finding Axiennes on Marketplace, so if I care enough, I'll see if I can find Axiennes in world tomorrow. Probably won't bother.

Some time passed, then...
[23:01] Nxxxx Nxxxx: what you layer
[23:01] Emilly Orr: What?
Seriously, I don't know what that means.
[23:03] Nxxxx Nxxxx: do you evr layer your hose
It's "ever".
[23:05] Emilly Orr: Not since I moved to a mesh body.
And I'm not sure I ever layered stockings over other stockings when I was in a system body. I may have, once or twice, worn a tattoo layer on the legs then stockings over that, but...I'm not sure that's what she means.
[23:05] Nxxxx Nxxxx: dam hm and you cant wear your no 9 either
[23:05] Emilly Orr: I don't have no 9 anything
[23:06] Nxxxx Nxxxx: ok or axiennes
[23:06] Emilly Orr: Did I not say I don't have either? I seriously don't. Never heard of either of them.
What is her issue, here?
[23:07] Nxxxx Nxxxx: ok ok girl
[23:07] Emilly Orr: I don't understand anything about this conversation.
I really didn't.
Another long pause, then:
[23:20] Nxxxx Nxxxx: its ok hunni'
"Hunni". Sure.
[23:21] Emilly Orr: If you say so.
[23:22] Nxxxx Nxxxx: we were talking about our stockings
She was, I was just trying to figure out why.
[23:22] Emilly Orr: I know. I don't get the rest of it. Or the start of it. Have we ever talked before? Because I had no chat history.
Truth. I generally have a few lines from the last conversation, whether it's been a couple days or a couple months or a couple years. I had nothing when she IMed me.
[23:23] Nxxxx Nxxxx: no i not so sure
Did she mean "Now I'm not so sure" or "No, I'm not so sure"? Do I care enough to ask? Probably not.
[23:23] Nxxxx Nxxxx: see you beeen around
I have no idea what "beeen" means here.
[23:24] Emilly Orr: Okay.
I'm beginning to think English is not her first language.
[23:25] Nxxxx Nxxxx: might have been fun
For which one of us? Because I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be me.
[23:25] Emilly Orr: Okay.
[23:26] Nxxxx Nxxxx: in our seamed stockings
[23:26] Emilly Orr: Sure.
Lady, just take the hint and take off. Also, did she just blow by the past where I said stockings and nylons are not my fetish? And that wrestling with someone who's determined to beat me up isn't either?
[23:26] Nxxxx Nxxxx: yea got any on now
[23:26] Emilly Orr: No.
[23:27] Nxxxx Nxxxx: any at all
[23:28] Emilly Orr: I am completely and utterly naked save for my anklet, my belly chain, and my collar. Is there anything else?
[23:28] Nxxxx Nxxxx: not any more
[23:28] Emilly Orr: Then good day.
I thought that would be the end of it, I honestly did. I was *this* close to abandoning all decorum and just screaming at her, then blocking her.
[23:28] Nxxxx Nxxxx: be nice ok
[23:29] Emilly Orr: I have been trying, but I am not about to let you beat me up, I'm not interested in nylons, and I have never heard of either of the stocking brands you mention, so I'm confused on what's left to discuss.
[23:30] Nxxxx Nxxxx: wht do you mean by cheating you up
[23:30] Emilly Orr: Beating. Beating me up. I don't wrestle, and I especially don't wrestle with someone who says she won't hold back.
[23:31] Nxxxx Nxxxx: ok ok
Are we done? Jesus Christ.

But that seemed to be the end of it; after that she stopped bugging me. Thank the gods. I logged out as soon as I could after that.

Friday, March 22, 2019

but I opened up my wound, now my force depends on you

This is amazing, and, even though many of the models are in bodysuits to imitate the paintings more perfectly, I'd say they'd still qualify as NSFW. (Some people apparently are being asked to join that site, so this site doesn't ask people to join, and also has another couple of shots of the artwork.

"If you don't heal what hurt you, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you".

I wish I could track down who said this; I found it on a random profile, and wanted to find who said it, and Google search just shrugged.

It did find me some other good quotes, though.

"The human race tends to remember the abuses to which it has been subjected rather than the endearments. What's left of kisses? Wounds, however, leave scars."
~Bertolt Brecht

"You can accept or reject the way you are treated by other people, but until you heal the wounds of your past, you will continue to bleed. You can bandage the bleeding with food, with alcohol, with drugs, with work, with cigarettes, with sex, but eventually, it will all ooze through and stain your life. You must find the strength to open the wounds, stick your hands inside, pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories, and make peace with them."
~Iyanla Vanzant, from Yesterday, I Cried

"Some memories never heal. Rather than fading with the passage of time, those memories become the only things that are left behind when all else is abraded. The world darkens, like electric bulbs going out one by one. I am aware that I am not a safe person."
~Han Kang, from Human Acts

"Hold her a little tighter, she's an introvert, she needs strength to open her wounds."
~Nitya Prakash

"We have to outgrow history. History is what keeps all the old wounds and grievances alive."
<~Marty Rubin

"She couldn't believe she had told him. Now she would forever be a broken pot in his eyes. And yet, speaking those words last night had been like digging shrapnel out of her flesh. She was sore, but the piercing weight of the deeply lodged shards was gone. The relief was indescribable."
~Sonali Dev, from A Change of Heart

"Every person is driven to self-deceive, simply to get out of the discomfort of the truth. The best relationships are with people who will not let you be blind. They reveal your hidden strengths and your concealed wounds."
~Vironika Tugaleva

"She wondered which wounds went deeper: the jagged wounds of reality, or the profound invisible bruises of the imagination?"
~Vita Sackville-West

"There's some wounds that run too deep to be seen. They're the most dangerous."
~Moira Young, from Rebel Heart

"Nothing supernatural has ever harmed me. My wounds and losses have all be at the hands of human beings..."
Dean Koontz, from Brother Odd

"If you keep picking at that scab on your heart, it won't heal."
~Antonia Perdu

"Stop holding on to the broken pieces of that mirror even after you are bleeding so badly, I agree that the reflections you had imagined or saw once before were beautiful but sometimes holding on to them with a hope will just continue to hurt you even more and it will never get any better."
~Akshay Vasu

"Art is the magical act of one bleeding heart healing another."
~Akash Mandal

~Akshay Vasu, from The Abandoned Paradise: Unraveling the beauty of untouched thoughts and dreams

"We're not getting out of this unscathed. You play with blades, somebody's gonna get cut. Sometimes, everybody bleeds."
~Bunn Cullen

"In the middle of the night, I saw chaos bleeding out of darkness and peace. Everything that was said and seen before seemed like a paradox. I saw the graves of lies breaking open and the truth crawling out silently into the cold hearts."
~Akshay Vasu

Obviously I need to track down Akshay Vasu.

"Writing has always been therapy for me. When life cuts me, I bleed on paper."
~Steve Maraboli

This has been a life motto for some time.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

must we starve on crumbs from long ago through bars these men made steel

Random profile reading brought me this:
"A diva, a goddess, an insomniac and a nymphomaniac. A lovable person and an occasional bitch. These are who I am. I will not judge you for your lifestyle choices. I respect your choices, I ask the same of you. If you can not show mutual respect and be a"
And I had to check this. I mean, first, sure, someone who describes themselves as a diva, a goddess, an insomniac and a nymphomaniac, I think it's a fairly safe bet they're an egotistical, overly-emotional drama magnet.

But it was how this cut off.

So I checked it out in my own profile. Copied what was there into a notecard, copied the text above into the box, and yeah, there's no more room for characters after those sentences. But it's kind of like Twitter--if it's too long for your FL bio, put it in your SL bio. Then revise what you've said in the FL bio.

I always thought the character count for the FL bio section was 250 characters, but the above comes out to 253, which seems odd. Why not 250 or 255? Why 253?

Anyway, I found it odd.

In other news, a couple new charities on the sidebar, both relating to the devastation of Cyclone Idai. As with all the others, give if you can, every bit will help.

Humanity and Inclusion (that's the main link, the sidebar logo is specifically for the Mozambique campaign) is a charity that largely concentrates on child education throughout Africa, but the sidebar link will tell you about their rescue efforts for victims of the cyclone. And JAM International operates throughout Africa with social, economic and educational support, but are also trying to support victims of the cyclone.

Monday, March 18, 2019

a semi on skates, baby you’re restless

I don't know how long the "St. Patrick's Town event is going to be up, but I went on the day of, and while there were some larger-size decorations I'm tempted to go back and get, pickings are kind of slim for outfits.

I did find something amusing to watch, though.

So this is what happens when a four-legged avatar uses a dance ball for two-legged avatars.

I'm also baffled by the Mardi Gras beads.

I mean, don't get me wrong, gold hooves, good Kelpie-color horse, it could fit in a pinch, kind of on the "green beer" scale of celebration, but still.

The Bootsy Collins Mardi Gras glasses threw me too.

But the dance positions were amusing.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

I still don't know what this all means to me

This is not an outfit. It's a shamrock tattoo with a tartan belt.

In the meantime, a very strange chat capture:
[21:54] Ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: danger [jxxxxxx] fake , racker is conta
"Conta" apparently means "account"?
[21:56] Sxxx Nxxxxxx: The robin flies at dawn
Yeah, because that didn't make very much sense.
[21:57] gxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): muak te amo
Which is "I love you", which makes even less sense. Then this:
[22:05] Ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to a player who hits the women in second life, his name rl and [lxxx bxxxx], city reef, federal retired, he has several bills, he takes advantage of the gambling women, after he does not have what it takes to get him some, watch out for his lindens, scripts, all he can get, some of his avatars: [mxxxxxxx], [dxxxxxxx], [qxxxxxx], [xxxx], [xxxxxxxxxxxxx], [xxxxxxxxxxx], [dxxxxxx], [dxxxxxxxxxxxx] [ixxxxx]. [ixxxxxxxx], [mxxxxxxxx] among others careful with this racker
[22:06] Emilly Orr: I guess...thank you for the warning, but....why here? Why not in some of the gambling groups?
She didn't say anything else, so I started looking up some of the names. "[jxxxxx]" is six years on the grid, no picture, no SL bio, no picks, no FL bio. What I tend to call a blank profile or alt account. There is no "[mxxxxxxx]" but there is a "[mxxxxxxxxxx]", which, again, is 3 years on the grid, no picture, no SL bio, no picks, no FL bio. No "[dxxxxxxx]" was found, so can't get any info there. There's no "[qxxxxxx]" but there is a "[qxxxxxxxx]", which again--nearly two years old, no no picture, no SL bio, no picks, no FL bio.

I am beginning to see a pattern.

Let's run down the rest. So "[xxxx]", same thing, 7 years old, no picture, no SL bio, no picks, no FL bio; "[xxxxxxxxxxxxx]" didn't exist; "[xxxxxxxxxxx]" didn't exist; "[dxxxxxx]" didn't exist; "[dxxxxxxxxxxxx]" didn't exist; "[ixxxxx]" didn't exist; "[ixxxxxxxx]" didn't exist, but "[ixxxxxxxxxxxxx]" did (9 months old, no other info), along with "[ixxxxxxxxxxx]", who's four years old and nada elsewise; and "[mxxxxxxxx]" is 2 months old and has no other info.

Okay, so buncha alts, that I get. Why do we care? The group this is being posted in is a pastoral photographic sim.
[22:17] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Ixxxxxx] can you im me a list of those names please
[22:21] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mmmm weird
[22:21] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the owner or a mod on?
[22:25] Emilly Orr: [Kxxxx], most of them don't exist, at least under search.

So I pulled Ms. [Ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]'s profile next. This is her SL bio:
Sou muito legal, mas não me faça sentir ameaçada ou reprimida, pressionada, viro uma fera.
Which means "I'm very cool, but do not make me feel threatened or repressed, pressed, I become a beast."

My two thoughts are: this guy and all his alts are legitimately sleazy and running a Linden scam on the impressionable, or, Ms. [Ixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] used to date this guy, or one of his alts, was spurned for some reason, and wants to tear him down. Calling someone a scammer is a pretty easy way to get people to suspect a random man.

My only question left is, what's a "racker"?

I'm not going to go through the groups all the alts are in, I really don't care that much, but seriously, if you're going to warn people about a scammer, these are the steps to go through:
  1. Report the name to the Lindens using the "Report Abuse" menu item under "Help" in most browsers. Include any relevant chat for verification.
  2. Put together a case for why you believe X is doing bad things. Present it calmly. You are trying to warn people, not cause hysteria or disbelief. Keep your complaints simple and clear.
Okay? Okay. Moving on.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

the blur and the noise of the screaming can blind and distract you

Oh, boy, here we go again.
[11:29] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: very disappointed in [name of store]. I have bought much and like th cloths ,but most recently bout many items and did not receive nor hear back. I sent post cards with items , I went to the redeliver still nothing. Unless theres a good reason it appears customer service is not the priority.
We hear this so damned often at this point, it's draining.
[11:30] Dxxx Txxxx: there is a good reason
[11:30] Exxxx Cxxxxxxxx: here we go again...she has a child...she's taking care of her child in RL.
[11:30] rxxxx Txxx: she is not in sl at the moment
[11:30] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just click the redelivery
[11:30] Dxxx Txxxx: yepp
[11:30] Exxxxxxxxxx Mxxxx: She may need to put a notice on the front of her profile.
She has. It's right there.
[11:31] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes i think she does
[11:31] Dxxx Txxxx: she has always been so kind and generous w us and ppl just dont wanna be ptient
[11:31] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had no idea
Not our problem, because someone complains about the designer being gone at least twice a week. If you don't pay attention in group chat, that's on you.
[11:31] Emilly Orr: Customer service is a priority, you just need to contact a CSR.
[11:31] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if you have your transaction info, put it in a notecard to [bxxxxxdxxxx]
[11:31] Emilly Orr: The one she lists on her profile is [Bxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxx]
[11:32] Emilly Orr:
"In case of Missing items in your inventory or failed deliveries, please do the following:
Teleport to the REDELIVERY TERMINAL at MAIN STORE and get your item delivered inmediately!
If this didn't work, please try this:
Clear cache: Edit Preferences Network Clear cache. Then Apply, ok, and restart sl."
[11:32] Emilly Orr: Also from her profile.
[11:32] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: do not clear cache!
[11:33] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: it just makes computer slower that is for corrupted inventory or textures
I'd like to see evidence of that. Every single time my inventory doesn't load, my Favorites bar disappears, I clear my caches and presto, everything comes back perfect.
[11:33] Ixxxx Bxxxxxxxx: Yes, she needs to put current info on her profile. Direct people to those who can take care of customers instead of saying to contact her when she apparently doesn't have the time. Can't always blame the customers when they are doing what they thought they needed to do.
[11:33] Emilly Orr: [Bxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxx]
[11:33] Exxxx Cxxxxxxxx: She's taking care of a child in RL
[11:34] Emilly Orr: Is the direct person.
[11:34] Exxxx Cxxxxxxxx: RL is more important
[11:34] Emilly Orr: Which is the name on her profile.
[11:34] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: She has always told ppl to contact [Bxxxxxxxxx]
[11:35] Ixxxx Bxxxxxxxx: Be clear, I wasn't the one complaining. But I am saying that it sounds like this customer did what she thought she needed to do based on what is written about these issues on [Pxxxxx]'s profile.
I don't think she did, though, as I point out below.
[11:35] Ixxxx Bxxxxxxxx: [Pxxxxx] should update her profile and tell people these things are going on and what to do in the meantime.
[11:36] Emilly Orr: But it's obvious she didn't, because she tried to contact [Pxxxxx], instead of [Bxxxxxxxxx].
[11:37] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes i did i did all those things mentioned and nothing i will contact [bxxxxxxxxxx] with my not card thanks all for input
Her admission she didn't contact the manager for this store in the first place.
[11:37] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: It does say on [pxxxxx]s profile to drop her a note with her transcation info and she will try and resend [11:38] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes i sent a notecard with all tranactions
[11:38] Emilly Orr: You're welcome, [Rxxxxxx].
[11:38] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: [Rxxxxxxx] I would contact [Bxxxxxxxxx]
[11:38] Ixxxx Bxxxxxxxx: Because it doesn't say to contact [Bxxxxxxxxx]. It says "Misdeliveries: Try Redelivery Terminal at the Landing Point if it fails, drop me a note with your transaction info and I will resend asap. Check my Pick #02 for more help" and pick #2 says "In case of Missing items in your inventory or failed deliveries, please do the following:
Teleport to the REDELIVERY TERMINAL at MAIN STORE and get your item delivered inmediately!
If this didn't work, please try this:
Clear cache: Edit Preferences Network Clear cache. Then Apply, ok, and restart sl.
If your items are still missing, send me a notecard including your transaction information, name of the item and Your Name. The item will be deliver as soon as possible." which she says she did. O'm not trying to start an argument, just simply stating that her info needs updating in order to avoid this kind of problem.
I already said that earlier. And explained the issue. Which is on her profile.
[11:39] Emilly Orr: It does say to contact [Bxxxxxxxxx]. FIRST PAGE OF HER PROFILE.
[11:39] Emilly Orr: "➊ Manager and Support: [Bxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxx]"
[11:39] Emilly Orr: That's on her SL bio page.
[11:40] Emilly Orr: ABOVE the section you quoted.
Can she...not read? Is that it?
[11:40] Ixxxx Bxxxxxxxx: And I am sure if it had said to contact [Bxxxxxxxxx] for delivery issues, she would have. But instead she followed the directions and shouldn't have been bitched at for it. Pretty simple.
[11:41] Emilly Orr doesn't think she contacted [Bxxxxxxxxx] first.
[11:41] Emilly Orr: That's the only point I'm making.
[11:41] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes it does but does not say to contact this person just saying first sorry
[11:41] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: right both then tells her to drop a notecard to really what is the right answer.?
[11:41] Emilly Orr: What do you think "Manager and Support" means, [Rxxxxxxx]?
[11:42] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it does say to drop a nc to herself
[11:42] Emilly Orr: AFTER telling you who's managing things.
[11:42] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: emly kma Im only trying to get help not get bitched at ok thank you
[11:42] Emilly Orr: Fine.
And it's "Emilly".
[11:42] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can i get someone a cuppa tea ?
[11:42] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: be nice rule 1
For me, at this point? This is nice.
[11:42] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: with a cooky ?
[11:42] Ixxxx Bxxxxxxxx: bingo
[11:43] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok ty thats really nice try to get help and get this ok thaks
[11:45] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ➋ Misdeliveries: Try Redelivery Terminal at the Landing Point if it fails, drop me a note with your transaction info and I will resend asap. Check my Pick #02 for more help
[11:45] Emilly Orr: Look at the line above that.
I mean, my gods, how many times do I have to say it?
[11:45] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well no matter what, there's only two people that can help you and they aren't online - the other 20k of us can't do a thing.
Ultimately, that's what it comes down to, in the end.
[11:46] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: again emly kma bitch
It's still "Emilly", thanks.
[11:47] Emilly Orr: Still trying to make the one point.
[11:48] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nope your dust puffffffffffffffffffff
[11:48] Emilly Orr laughs. Noted.
Ultimately, I get the feeling she's still clueless. And that, no one can help with. Ignorance can be turned around, but stupidity goes straight to the bone.

Monday, March 4, 2019

a hot rod decaying in the thorns and the weeds

Because sooner or later, this had to come up in a group chat, right?
[13:47] Fxxxx ღ Lxxxxxx (lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): this is a random question
I bet it is. For once, I am leaving in the random-character display names, to make this point.
[13:47] Fxxxx ღ Lxxxxxx (lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): hey all
[13:48] Fxxxx ღ Lxxxxxx (lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): what is a good site to customize your SL name ??
And here we go again. I must get in trouble over this issue at least twice a month, easily. I figure, I'm as polite as I can be when someone comes by work with an unpronounceable name. I will either apologize because I don't know how to pronounce their name, while not pronouncing their stupid name full of unpronounceable characters, or use their legacy name instead. Problem solved.
[13:48] Kxxx (kxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): there is a random name generator
[13:48] Kxxx (kxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): does fantasy names and all kinds
Yeah, that's not the kind of thing she's talking about. She's talking about "cool" generators like this one and this one. You know, the things that spit out malformed text strings to copy as your 'cool new name'. Might as well be Zalgo text for all the readability they have.
[13:48] Mxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): yeh thats whati thought
[13:49] Fxxxx ღ Lxxxxxx (lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): i have a name but i keep seeing people with hearts and starts etc
[13:49] Fxxxx ღ Lxxxxxx (lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): stars *
That's an asterisk.

(Yes, I know what she meant. Shush.)
[13:49] ᴋxxxxxxxxx (mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): You can't customize it: the name you have is usually handed down through generations that came before you
[13:49] ᴋxxxxxxxxx (mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): No but seriously anything with "cool name generator" will work i think; at least it did for me X°D
[13:49] Mxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): ahhh
[13:50] ᴋxxxxxxxxx (mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): Some specific characters aren't allowed by LL yet though
True, and the 'cool' name generators add those in, and people consistently see squares for those characters. What does a square sound like? How does one pronounce a blank square? "Hhhh"? How do you even translate that into understandable language?
[13:53] Emilly Orr: Well, if it helps you decide at all, [Fxxxx], if I cannot parse out a name in the mess of alternate characters, you get called by your legacy name if I see you in person. I refuse to apologize for that.
[13:54] ɱxxx Âxxxxx-Lxxxxxxx-Ðxx-Đxxxxx (mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): I have no regrets with my name
[13:55] Emilly Orr: Yeah, but your name can be basically understood.
[13:55] Emilly Orr: People who toss in Hebrew and Thai random characters bug the crap out of me.
This came up once, actually, in a conversation I had with friends on another chat server.
[3:31 PM] Emilly: So, fellow dropped by the club, he's been around before. I've been calling him by his legacy name because--and I've pointed this out more than once--I cannot pronounce his display name.
[3:32 PM] Emilly: It's "ςђเשคร".
[3:33 PM] Emilly: So, to me--and understand, this took a bit, because this is partially Thai, partially Hebrew, among others--I translate that as "Sah-dje-eu-shin-dh-er".

He says? "Chivas".
Or more recently:
12:14 PM] Emilly: [12:07] Second Life: Ã× Å”ÅÃŸÃŸÄ¨Ä– BŔĄVĨŤŻ ([Rxxxxx Bxxxxxx]) is now known as ĎĴ [Ŕxxxxx Bxxxxxx].
[12:14 PM] Emilly: I mean, I guess we're all glad [Rxxxxx] went for something more or less identifiable as language? But geesh.
I'm all for readable names, is my main point here.
[13:56] Yxxx Hxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx (yxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): hunny and me, we are oldie birdies... we prefer plain text names =)
[13:56] Mxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx): lol i dont care as long a si can read it
That's my point exactly. If I can't read it, I'm no longer bothering.

In other news...yes, I know it's called the Whore Couture Fair. I know it's the tackiest thing that's ever tackied, year after year. But please, for the love of all things, can you not come to the Fair covered in male ejaculate when you're going to the event to SHOP FOR THINGS?!??

Thaaaank you.

And that's not a skirt, it's a belt. And Jesus Christ, WEAR UNDERWEAR.

And your friend is pretty tacky, too. I'm actually completely happy she never wholly rezzed in, because I did not want to kill brain cells seeing what she thought was appropriate for shopping. Plus, she looks fourteen.