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the face in the ceiling and arms too long

(Continued from part the first.)

NexusChild925 had an interesting response to Dewaiz:
+Dewaiz that may be so but it is the problem of those people. I know this sounds heartless but there is no way anyone can expect the world to adapt to them. As someone else already said triggers can be ANYTHING if he were to give a trigger warning for basically a creature resembling a human thrashing around a mannequin which doesn't even have genitalia as a "Rape Warning" then he may as well accommodate every other possible trauma while he's at it:
Warning gun shots- PTSD
Warning physical combat- Childhood abuse
Warning blood- Hemophobia
Warning Darkness- Nyctophobia
Warning Fog- Homichlophobia
Warning Loud noises- Phonophobia
Warning Bright lights and glitchy flashlight mechanics- Epilepsy
Warning scampering, quick freaky creatures- Me personally....

So do you see how absolutely stupid it would be? Mental trauma is a disorder which must be handled by the victim. Diabetics must check nutritional facts, as do people with food allergies, Epileptics must research movies before going to theaters, and paraplegics don't just move into apartments without checking to see if it has wheelchair access do they? The concept of trigger warnings is stupid and a pleasantry but absolutely NOT a required thing nor should he be punished for not giving one.
I think this is the main point of the counter-arguments, though more are put in less likeable terms overall. That point being, if Cry gives a warning for rape on this game--or, at least, general adult themes--then where does he draw the line? Because let's be honest, what bothers one of us may not bother another of us, even if they had similar traumatic experiences. Isn't it up to the individual in question to protect themselves, rather than insist the world at large puts them in a bubble so they take no responsibility?

I'm not trying to make the point that Mm. Tanaka was wrong to say it bothered them to see that scene. But as referenced later in the thread (with an insane amount of cursing, so I'm omitting the actual comment itself), Tanaka has seen the game before. In point of fact, Tanaka has played the game before. So why scream about needing a trigger warning in the first place, if you've already experienced what you want to be warned against?

From PetvetM:
i totally understand that and a warning would've been nice, like a general warning for intense scenes at the beginning of this playthrough, but you should understand that in a psychological horror game like this, there's bound to be a lot of content that a lot of people are sensitive to. just keep your eyes open for anything more like this, or try and skip through the scenes that are too hard for you.
Also true. And, I won't lie, it's hard for me to summon up much sympathy for the person who calls other people "pony f*cker" and "furfag". That's straight out of 4chan, and that loses Tanaka MAJOR points, IMO.

But was the original point valid? As I don't know how they put it to Cry in the first place, I can't say with any accurate opinion. Requesting that a warning be given--or, at least, typed in the description of the video, if nothing else--isn't wrong. But when to give a warning, that's entirely on the broadcaster, isn't it? There is this, however, which starts with Xbyte Zephyriums reply to Tanaka:
+Konata Tanaka Well... You know, Cry's human too... Of course it's his fault for not triggering... but in this kind of game, I guess it's something you should expect, don't u think? And well, regarding the other games, he may have f*cked up. But don't you think it's hard? I think he at least tries, to the point he himself have triggered some things over the past let's plays. He cannot foressee and expect what could be offensive or not for everyone, but I bet he'd trigger the f*ck out of everything if he'd known about it. And about your "he cares about suicide but doesn't care about child rape at all" probably because he can relate to, it must be hard for him to think for 2 million people that are watching him. I think you've got some kind of right to complain, as long as you do it properly. Well, good luck with a lot of people ganging up and saying mean things to you, but that's internet, stay strong I guess.
And Tanaka's reply in turn:
+Xbyte Zephyrium i know crys human thats why i warned him about this scene and asked him for a warning in the very first hour he uploaded the first episode

he NEVER tried to tag for rape
unless, and im serious, /i/ brought it up with him
literally me
always f*cking me telling this grown ass men to put rape warnings in games
forest of drizzling rain is the only one hes put a warning for.
i just dont get why he doesnt, yknow?

also sorry if i come across as rude bc of my typing! just in advance i guess i wanted to say that

thanks for the vote of confidence friend!! i really dont get why people wanna be mean :/ like it so easy to be nice just chill out listen to people and relax and bam youre happy!
everyone happy and safe!
one day man one day the world will be perfect and safe
Which is a good sentiment, but also, a puzzling one, because it tells me a) Tanaka's been watching Cry for a very long time, and b) there's still that dissonance between wanting everyone to be happy and safe, and calling fellow debaters various unfriendly epithets which are used solely to demean and hurt.

There is one change from all of this, in that Cry added a new bit to the fourth playthrough video, to wit:
"This is a psychological horror warning for all things Silent Hill-related. If you are sensitive to story elements that may or may not contain situations that might involve rape, molestation, child endangerment or self-harm, you might want to stop watching now. This is the one and only warning I will give you. Make sure to look into the parental guide found on websites like IMDb next time. Let's get back into this."
So...I guess that's something?

I won't say it's something positive, because he says this in a very rushed, clipped, and undeniably irritated voice, least it's there.

is it dark already? how light is a light?

Konapun, a Japanese toy company, apparently marketed a fully functional tiny kitchen playset at one point during their reign (between 2007 and 2009, mainly). Unsure how to use it? Watch AAAJoken cook egg and sausage breakfast, or Miniature Space do a pretty passable, if miniscule, chicken curry using the set (or, at least part of the set).

The weird thing is that apparently everyone thought that this more 'American' style cookset was just another toy, until some intrepid souls on YouTube actually cooked edible food on the darned things. No idea where you'd get one now, if you wanted one; I suppose you could check the Konapun collectors' page on eBay, and see if one turns up.

In the meantime, there's been some controversy over one of the YouTube broadcasters I follow. His name's Cryaotic, and, like many YouTube gamers, he plays various games--some that he chooses, some that his fans request--interspersed with question/answer videos and announcements of live streams. In this sense, he's similar to everyone else, only with far less screaming (like some of his contemporaries). Also, he possesses two other things I tend to like: a calm, soothing voice, and a general outlook on the world that is against racism, misogyny and bigotry. This is not to say that he's completely free of any of these traits: he's a white male living in the US, and as a culture, Americans are rather steeped in all three. But he does pretty well.

He also plays horror games...and that's where the controversy comes in.

I can't find the original comment, it was deleted--either by Cry (which is his right as the channel's owner) or by YouTube itself (because on occasion, they step in and do that). But I was able to track down Mm. Tanaka's reaction:

What they're responding to--I want to say "she", but as I don't know for sure, I'm edging towards caution--is a scene in Silent Hill 2, between Pyramid Head and two of the Mannequins. There's a lot of fan theories about this particular scene, and it can be seen to have potential sexual elements, but overall, I think what Pyramid Head is trying to do to the Mannequins involves more outright murder, over rape. Granted, it's highly suggestive, and if you don't know going in that he's trying to force one of the Mannequin's limbs into the garbage disposal (for...reasons unknown), then it's easily misinterpreted.

This is (part of) the scene in question:

I'm not going to show moving footage--you can search YouTube for that, it's a fan favorite scene for many, and in fact, it did inspire the Pyramid Head "Rape Time" meme among (mostly male) fans who failed to understand the context--but I don't feel as if I'm encouraging a 'trigger warning' need on this post, either. At any rate, from that comment, whatever it was, drama spawned, in SPADES.

From Yaranaika in response:
To be perfectly honest "trigger warnings" are absolutely stupid things that should stay in tumblr and never come out.
It's embarrassing seeing someone use that term.
I don't entirely agree, but to be fair, the use of trigger warnings is rife on Tumblr, with many people demanding them for the most innocuous-sounding things.

From Larissa A to Yaranaika:
Or maybe you're just blatant ignorant and insensitive.
That's on the harsh side, but it's the mildest of the responses in kind, so I'm choosing that.

From Inoella:
The ABUSE of trigger warnings is what is embarrassing and stupid. Many people claim to need them just for the attention, however that doesn't mean that some people actually do need them. Where is your compassion? Is it so hard to sympathize with people who have had traumatic experiences and don't want to relive that? Personally I have never need a warning, and regarding the scene in this episode that so many people are talking about, I believe it's purely up to interpretation.
I'd agree. And part of what causes the horror in the Silent Hill franchise--or, at least, the first three games, if not the others--is that sense of not fully understanding what's going on. We see it; we know we see it; but we're not always sure what it is that we're seeing.

From Vladimir Bodrovski:
+Inoella I agree a hundred percent with this. Trigger warning is kind of meant for people who will ABSOLUTELY DIE from a panic attack cus of a scene. (I personally think the most important warning for watching a video is flashing lights in case of seizures) but it seems people now abuse tw for things that make them a tad uncomfortable. SO ABUSED, to the point, that it ironically is slightly oppressive.
Which may be why Cry's fans seized on this, in good and bad ways--the fact that merely requesting a trigger warning is not what happens (especially on Tumblr). Usually, it's used as a counterattack--"You've TRIGGERED me and now I'm having ABUSE FLASHBACKS and you're EVIL and you should DIE!" kinds of comments.

From Flynn Pierce:
+Larissa A The problem with trigger warnings is that anything can be a trigger. A depiction of rape can be a trigger to a rape victim. A gun firing can be a trigger to a veteran suffering from PTSD. Hitting a vaguely humanoid enemy with a lump of wood can be a trigger to someone who was physically abused as a child. Drug abuse can be a trigger to someone recovering from an addiction. The list goes on.

When you go into a horror game you can generally expect a large portion of the list of triggers are going to be fulfilled in some way or another, especially a game as horrific as Silent Hill 2 that covers so many topics. It's just something that comes with the genre.

Now, if the game was a non-horror point and click or platformer that happened to reference a particular trigger? Then I could maybe see a good reason to put a warning in if the scene was particularly graphic, because it's so unexpected.
I agree, and--going back to Tumblr--I get why they're both used and abused alike. Because Tumblr is excessively visual--while in general most people choose what's on their feed, in terms of bloggers, they have no choice on what those bloggers put on their feeds. I follow general (albeit personal) guidelines whenever I post things likely to trigger those extraordinarily depressed, or those rape/abuse victims who may be following my feed. But those warnings are in the tags, not stamped across the images--one must already be employing a program like Tumblr Savior that specifically blocks words you don't want to see. (I actually use that program, only for mine, the two words are "sponsored" or "advertising".)

From PK Boal:
Right, let's just stop warning rape victims of rape scenes. Should be hilarious to watch them have panic attacks and flashbacks, right? I agree with Cry, it's a little redundant to put a trigger warning on a Silent Hill game, but they have a place and a definite purpose.

Trigger warnings are overused on Tumblr, but content warnings are everywhere- those "parental advisory" stamps on music and ratings on TV shows and movies are the first ones that come to mind.

Honestly, a warning for people who need it takes at most a couple of minutes. Speaking from experience, coming out of a panic attack takes nearly an hour of nausea, lightheadedness, and feeling like you're about to die. If you can't spare two minutes to slap a warning on something like an out-of-the-blue rape scene, you shouldn't be putting out content.
While I think PK's correct in the main, I don't agree with the specific 'everyone should do this' conclusion, and the below comment is exactly why.

From FastFlyerJr:
You make a good point but it's still unknown, even today, if it was rape.
As I said earlier, this is true. Do understand, Japan does not function on the same set of sexual "ethics"--if America's both insane draw towards sex, and aversion towards sex, can be so named--that the US does. There are numerous games that exist for the specific purpose of getting some nubile young thing's clothes off, and having sex with her. (There's at least one game that exists solely to wipe the sweat off a naked male post-shower, so it's not solely centered on male urges, either.) In fact, there's a rather infamous game called RapeLay, released in 2006, whose storyline was so offensive that it was subsequently banned from being sold in several countries.

Which brings us to the whole game rating thing. Silent Hill 2--in fact, ALL Silent Hill games, as far as I'm aware--are released with an "M" content stamp. Officially, this is what that rating equates to:

So, in Silent Hill 2: Intense violence, check. Blood and gore, check. Nudity, in a couple places, check. Mature humor: not a lot, but some. Strong language? Check. Strong sexual content: check. Use of drugs and alcohol: not so much.

But your core guidelines are there: strong sexual content. Violence. Blood, gore, nudity. What person needing to be protected from these things would see these guidelines and decide "Sure, let's boot this up!"?

From Dewaiz:
I have never seen a comment chain this unpleasant on a video of Cry. Please understand that some people have traumatic experiences which makes trigger warnings useful to them (panic attacks are not very nice, I assure you). But I also agree that you probably shouldn't be watching horror games if you need trigger warnings for this kind of stuff.
Which references my point above. It's called Silent Hill, and there have been several games, two movies, and a lot of internet commentary (including literally hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTube videos) related to it. It's a horror game, and not an obscure one. So why the controversy?

(To be continued in part two, of two.)

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we're heading for Venus and still we stand tall

Join the battle for net neutrality.

Did you know humans bioluminesce? I did not know this. But studies have shown that indeed, we do--just not brightly enough to detect with our own vision.

And what happens when you take a very high-speed camera, and a very active dancer, and tons of powder? This.

You will never be as happy as this man is with his world-record-breaking onion. Everyone needs a hobby, I guess.

By agreement, we can put things in the public domain, in perpetuity. It's the heart and core of Creative Commons licensing, after all. In actual legal practice, we can't do that. And that needs to change.

Also, the MPAA isn't about supporting privacy, it's about supporting itself. And that needs to change, too.

In fact, the RIAA is kind of in the same boat, and they also need to change.

Just what is intellectual property, anyway? How is it actually defined?

There are fish capable of living more than two thousand feet under solid ice shelves.

Finally, this is why the US needs better educational systems, and stat: over 80% of Americans (over the course of several polls) support mandatory labeling on foods containing DNA. The problem with that? MOST FOODS CONTAIN DNA. Because they're FOODS. When will the stupidity end??

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but never is a promise, and you can't afford to lie

(Continued from part three.)

So, where were we? I think we were still on the comments from January 20th...right, where |FTG| Comte de la Fère fails utterly to grasp the concept:
Screw that, wouldn't it make more sense for the game developers to, you know, not make it rape? That crap offends people, just make a normal teen pregnancy game.
Barring the fact that I'm fairly sure you'd likely decry a "normal" teen pregnancy game as, oh, say, glorifying teen pregnancy, your problem is that rape is offensive, so rape shouldn't be mentioned? You do realize the world we live in, right? Where an upsetting percentage of men still believe that "if she hadn't dressed like that", or "if she hadn't flirted so much", or "if she hadn't gotten drunk", or "if she hadn't turned him down", she wouldn't have been raped? For once we have a game where--at least in the demo--there's no victim-blaming. She's relatively faceless, so outside of being a pretty understandable teenager, with pretty understandable teen motivations, the bulk of the dilemma is what to do now, not what happened then.

But you still think because it's not a "normal" teen pregnancy game, it shouldn't be offered as a Steam option? How narrow your worldview must be, Comte.

From Max Overload:
This isn't a game, it's a Powerpoint Hydra, and an ugly one at that.
I have no idea what you mean. What's a Powerpoint Hydra?

From spyke2009:
Not a game. No gameplay, it's a badly written choose your own path adventure book in E-Format. They have the right to exist, but they're not games. No, just no.

It belongs on newgrounds
Newgrounds still exists? But barring that, visual novels have every right to exist on Steam, and every right to be considered games. Granted, most of them are the equivalent of harem anime or dating sims, but there's a ton already on Steam and being sold on a daily basis. So how is this one, part of the same genre, then not a game?

From Batman on January 21st:
Downvoting this for 2 reasons
1. It doesn't look good. Graphics - if you want to make it a choose your own adventure - that's fine, but make the screens convey an emotion. Choose your visuals wisely - fonts, buttons, make sure it looks decent. It doesn't have to be expensive to look tasteful.

2. It doesn't look like it will have the maturity to tackle the subject well. This ties in with the previous point, as my main point of reference are the screenshots. The screenshots don't show anything resembling nuance in the game - which isn't to say there isn't going to be, but I sure as hell am not excited to play it.

You know you've failed to convey the emotion of a raped 14 year old when your game looks... silly. It looks too immature, and it's sad because I want games that explore dark parts of humanity... but you can't make it look like something a 12 year old will post on their facebook in an attempt at sounding deep or insightful.
So, because it doesn't feature the "dark parts of humanity", you're not interested? For the love of all things, make up your damned minds! It's not 'dark' enough, so it's not a good game. It's too dark, so it's not a good game. It focuses more on her being a teenager, then her being shattered and bleeding in an alley somewhere, so you're meh on the concept?

Really, what sort of striated, narrow definitions are y'all using here??

From The Knave of Hearts:
Promotes loli rape... Much glurge, do not want.
How does a game about the painful consequences of an unwanted and undesired act promote pedophilia in any way? I'm confused.

From Amon_Wraa:
Short Story Simulator 2015: Child Rape Edition

And finally (at least for now), user T-Wrecks:
Oh boy, Depression Quest 2 -_- No thanks, I like my games to actually qualify as games. Save the bland teen fiction for the middle school library.
Oh, for the love of--it's not Depression Quest 2. Grow the hell up.

Maybe it won't matter, in the end, because the voices against will outweigh the voices for. Still, if for no other reason than that it's not your typical fire-at-things-until-dead game, it deserves more consideration than just "ew lolicon not a gaem lol". At least, in my opinion.

we are not standing, we are falling

(Continued from part two.)

Still on January 19th, [GIRL] FireballNitro ♥ commented:
This piece of godlike work deserves to be glorified in front of Adolf Hitler.
I can't even respond to that. You have to be a troll.

Moving into the evening of January 19th, [TWC]Stradar said:
Wtf is this Shit sounds like Pro-Choice Garbage!! Please dont bring this shit into games!!
Isn't that the point of the game, though? It's not strictly 'pro-choice' or 'anti-woman' 'pro-life', because you are helping make the decisions on what this young girl is going to do. Now, if that's not something an individual gamer wants to do, that's perfectly understandable. But there are all sorts of games, for all sorts of people; as much as I despise Hatred as a game, and think the developers are wrong to put it out, as a game in and of itself that's all it is--a way to pass time, a way to entertain ourselves. Some of us like to be challenged, some of us just want the easy romp, some want to be scared, some want to harvest cute vegetables and raise fluffy pets. There are games for all of us.

From Sam:
You should totally add item drops like in cs:go. Play the game long enough and you can unlock different skins for your coat hanger.
And the misogyny on parade begins.

Commenter whathump (alienjh) keeps it succinct:
This game looks bad and you should feel bad.

Really? Considering it's essentially a visual novel, and the bulk of the art is one girl, standing by a fence (oh, metaphor), I suppose "looks bad" is your way of saying it doesn't have enough guns, or something. From an artistic standpoint, though, there is animation in each frame--subtle, but it is there. And there are moments of action, though I fully grant you, whathump, it's almost assuredly action you would fail to recognize in the least.

From Numquam on the 20th:
I will not support something coming on steam without given any gameplay examples. And if that video was a gameplay example, this clearly is a poorly done video game and not deserving of being released on Steam. Games need gameplay.
I have to assume that most people are just reading the title of the game, and ignoring everything else that the developers have said on the page. Because thee's a clearly given link to a playable demo; in point of fact, that entire line of writing says:
Try the demo right now at
To me, that says I can click that to go download the demo, and OH WAIT I DID, because I'm not stupid.

From Bananoman:
Can my baby be an alien?
No. Because it's not your baby.

From Pyraax:
The day this gets accepted, the day I leave Steam. Please tell me this is just a troll attempt.
Why would it be? While games that are offered up on Greenlight are in various stages of completion, Pregnancy is one that is finished, so it's not a troll attempt, it's a completed game.

Moreover, you want to quit Steam, you can do that at any time. Doubt Steam--or Valve, the company behind Steam--would care either way.

From Sigurd on January 20th:
this is a joke?
Nope. Next?

An hour later, from the same commenter:
shut up we do not need a fake game.he has write a book about it not a game.
Who are you talking about, Sigurd? What fake game? What book?

From Tsubuyakj:
Anyone els suffering from extreme paranoiya and confusion trying to understand what this is? ...and if its legal?
It's "paranoia", it's pretty clear what it is, both by watching the video and by reading the blurb beneath it.

Assuming you can read, that is.

For the legality of it, sure, if we were shown graphic images of a living, actual fourteen-year-old girl being raped, then yes, it might very well be illegal, and in that case, Steam wouldn't be considering it for Greenlight. We are not shown that.

We are shown rape flashbacks, which are traumatizing for those of us who've suffered such, but are, on the face of those sections of the game alone, simply words on the screen, same as the rest of the game. Pregnancy is, at the end of the day, a text-based adventure start to finish. There are no scenes of violence, there are no real children being abused in a such a fashion; all depictions of Lilla's rape are descriptions, not pictorial representations.

From Asterette✿:
So she's 14 and got pregnant by a rapist/pedo... What decision she would make is obvious.
No so, Asterette. There are women who do not choose to abort, even after rape. I've known people who wouldn't be alive if their mothers had thought the situation was so cut and dried as you seem to think it is.

I'll be clear, here: I think abortion should be a basic reproductive right, until we grow into the kind of society that values all children, raises them responsibly, doesn't beat them, doesn't force sex on them. Since that may never happen, abortion is a necessary medical practice.

But that doesn't mean it's right and proper for everyone. We don't know Lilla's religion, and from the demo, we don't get a strong idea of her family, and the values they hold. She lives in Hungary; does that mean she's in a more conservative region, or not? She's fourteen and she's talking about music she likes and movies she likes, so I posit she's living in a larger city, or at least a suburb of a larger city, but even that doesn't mean much. And keep in mind, the whole point of pro-choice is not "an abortion in every home", but to give each woman who faces this decision the right to make this decision on their own.

Ultimately, taken out of game context, Lilla's situation should be hers and hers alone, but we are also social beings. She fears, at one point (in at least one chosen story path), telling her Aunt Panka the truth, because she's not sure how she will react. And that's honest.

In the most supportive family, in a family who holds a raped daughter, a raped niece, a raped granddaughter to be just as pure and beautiful as she was before the attack, in a family that would support her unconditionally no matter what she chose, it is still a decision. And while her family, her friends, her doctors can advise her on what to do, it's till ultimately her choice.

So no, Asterette, I don't think it's ever going to be that simple, for anyone who faces this decision, no matter who they are.

(Continued in part four.)

to tell it straight, I'm trying to build a wall

(Continued from part one.)

Picking up back on January 19th, here's dogui's decision on the game:
It's a great concept for a game. But there's a difference between commercial entertainment games and a contemplative deep art game with a message. Acclaimed games like Passage or The Company of Myself aren't on Steam or any store because they're just not games meant to make money. It's a matter of context, not quality in itself.
That's not entirely true, dogui. My Steam game collection, for example, contains a game called The Path (which, when it premiered in 2009, was also controversial because of its themes of child abuse and rape). And there are other games that have been dismissed as 'walking simulators' or, as you put it, 'just not games meant to make money'.

Here's the thing. All game designers want their games to sell, sure. But if your key criteria for approving games is, will this become a Triple-A title? You're using the wrong criteria for game criticism.

From Havok006 on the 19th:
What is wrong with you Indie developers. Call me old, but when I play games, I play games to escape harsh realities. Not live in it. I also notice you guys are obsessed with rape lately.

Yes people in real life get rape, and it is sad and a horrible thing.

But do we really need that crap for entertainment??

Call me old, but games are supposed to fun and play characters you care and root for to escape reality.

Even when you play a Female Protagonist, their supposed to usually be a bad ass that know one will dare get on thier bad side. Like Samus from metroid, and other famous heroines.
Where you have fun playing and even forget you are playing a female character cause you are having funning.
So, you don't mind playing female protagonists as long as they're active and "bad ass" and you can forget they're actually female? Because you're "having funning"?

So Bayonetta's not for you, then.

My other problem is that whole line about developers being "obsessed with rape". When did that happen? Yes, there are games that feature rape as a concept, for good or ill. It's definitely a choice for us as players as to whether we want to accept those themes. It doesn't mean they're bad games because they feature traumatic themes. If lack of trauma was a solid criteria in determining good, playable games, survival horror would never have caught on as a genre.

Do the right thing for your game. Abort it.
See, and here all Steam is asking is whether you are interested in the game, or not. The messages you leave go directly to the game developers, so was this really necessary? It's a game full of harsh moments, even genuinely gut-wrenching ones, and your total message back was "abortion is the right thing to do"? Really??

(Continued in part three.)

I was halfway there one frozen dawn when she appeared at the side of the road

I fully grant, there are always people willing to debate what makes a game a game, and in fact, if any particular game qualifies as a game in the first place. And I don't think that's a bad conversation to have; you can (in some places, at least) learn a lot along the way of deciding whether X is actually a "game", by the traditionally understood rules.

For the purposes of debate, an official definition, of sorts:
game (gām)
1. An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime: party games; word games.
a. A competitive activity or sport in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules: the game of basketball; the game of gin rummy.
b. A single instance of such an activity: We lost the first game.
c. games An organized athletic program or contest: track-and-field games; took part in the winter games.
d. A period of competition or challenge: It was too late in the game to change the schedule of the project.

(via the Free Dictionary)

game (ɡeɪm)

  • an amusement or pastime; diversion
  • a contest with rules, the result being determined by skill, strength, or chance
  • a single period of play in such a contest, sport, etc
  • the score needed to win a contest
  • a single contest in a series; match
  • (plural; often capital) an event consisting of various sporting contests, esp in athletics ⇒ Olympic Games, Highland Games
  • equipment needed for playing certain games
  • short for computer game
  • an activity undertaken in a spirit of levity; joke ⇒ marriage is just a game to him
(from the Collins English dictionary)
Okay. So there's that. Now to the point at hand: the Pregnancy game seeking support on Steam Greenlight. In brief, here's the setup of the game: you are playing as the invisible guide to 14-year-old Lilla Sandor, a young girl living in Hungary. She has been raped. You are there to understand her story, and to guide her towards either keeping her unborn daughter, or aborting her.

From Stupid_Username on January 19th:
will it have abortions?
Well, if you bothered to read the description, that may be the conclusion of the protagonist's dilemma, but I don't think that's quite what you're asking. I'm assuming you want to know whether or not it's going to actually show an abortion, and I'm pretty sure that's not going to be the case.

From Ch0lo on the same day:
Aside from all the cursing, and the grammatical errors, I'm not sure what your point was other than yelling. If you read the game's description, then you would understand why a fourteen-year-old girl is thinking about pregnancy. And, considering the thousands of young girls--some as young as ten, some up to sixteen--who get pregnant via rape, familial abuse, or actually having semi-consensual sex (I qualify, because at least according to US law, no person under eighteen can consent to sex, even if they're willing; our laws are strange), I understand entirely why a fourteen-year-old, an eighteen-year-old, a however-year-old would be thinking about pregnancy. Namely, because in the game, SHE'S PREGNANT.

Or did you miss that part?

From Ch0lo again, a few hours later:
I noticed that the website has some weird as shit name too. "Locomotivah". You mean "Locomotive"? I dont know how bad the dev's grammar is, but I think EVERYONE knows that locomotive is a termin to describe a rail vehicle(you know, the one that also is a subway, the one that hauls freights and stuff....). How in the merry Isiah of Popsicle Island the website name crosses any lines with this abomination?
You're seriously trying to break down the grammar on the game studio name? When we have established game studios with names like Fatshark, Artdink, Halfbrick, Clap Hanz, Mean Hamster Software, Foppy Omega, and Tantrumedia, just to name a few? It's the name of their studio, it's not some affront to the purity of language. And you're one to talk anyway, considering you can't spell.

(Continued in part two.)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

This happened during the winter Simril celebration in Neverwinter, while I was standing around with friends at the dwarven temple. (We'd picked there to gather because it was reasonably out of the way, fairly contained to a small area, and we could just lob gifts at each other on various characters and not make everyone need to walk around us in the main square.)

Everything starts out as expected in Zone chat: thanking folks for their gifts, asking to join gift parties, et cetera--I trimmed some of the back-and-forth out because it was more of the same.

[Zone] blickette@blicky555: Thx Blue
[Zone] blickette@blicky555: wow...Blue...definately 3d santa
[Zone] Talia@krow22: anyone want a gift, I dont want, nor want one in return
[Zone] Khaze@kamikhaze: anyone know in how much time is the maintenance?
[Zone] Littleome@littleome: talia u can drop it for us if u like

Expected, right? And then...

[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: first to prove me she's rly a girl gets a free fawn :O

Are you kidding me? You sexist troglodyte. And it's "first to prove TO me that she's REALLY a girl..." Because apparently, you can't even spell, on top of your blatant stupidity.

[Zone] meeep@ktttyeek: i need 700 lights-- please party if you nice
[Zone] Bock von Stake@GzimM: I have 5 gifts lf party
[Zone] Myles from Nowhere@myles08807: some asshat was on the forums yesterday complaining about the gift concept...essentially saying "Why can't we just get our own free stuff?"

Yeah, I heard that off and on, too. Because it's their way of giving back, by giving you the option to give to others. What's so hard about that?

[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: first to prove me she's rly a girl gets a free fawn :O
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Bekir, there's no proof other than our generalized contempt for that question. Go suck a mimic.

I do not apologize for my tone, plus, he just repeated his statement he'd made not three minutes before.

[Zone] Finnick Odair@crazmic007: anyone knows if i can trade light of simril with another account?
[Zone] Smoke@anomalea: heh, prove how
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: facebook or whatsapp xD

Bekir, you are such a troll. So now, on top of the contemptuous chat in the first place, you want an actual picture uploaded to a site? Which may (and quite likely will) give you name, general location if not actual address, plus appearance, plus info on job and family...Is this your idea of fun, or are you searching for more victims for GamerGate??

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: He sounds like "tits or GTFO", and seriously, die in a fire with that attitude.
[Zone] Smoke@anomalea: i'm a real girl, but got skirmishes to run...g'night, all!
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: night :)
[Zone] Tarí Sáralondë@beckylunatic: i'm afraid i'm far too busy to prostitute myself for your cheezy offer
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: hmm
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Ooh, nice reply, Tari
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: was just trying to be a gentleman

No. You weren't. You were trying to cause controversy, which, congratulations, some of us fell for your ridiculous baiting of the chat, but more than that, you're proving you're a closeted misogynist with a twelve-year-old's mindset masquerading as a gentleman.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Because seriously, there's no proof for that. We are or we aren't, and either way, IT DOESN'T MATTER
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: We're here to GAME, not slink around in lingerie
[Zone] Kang Bhima Jian@iosbartholemew: can't do both?
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: A true gentleman wouldn't care, Bekir.

In point of fact, a true gentleman wouldn't ask, Bekir. At least, not in that sleazy, underhanded way.

[Zone] James Carstairs@beckylunatic: can game in lingerie, but that's my business, not anyone else's :P
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: hmm
[Zone] Nikki Ambole@GreatTrixie: Game in Lingerie!!
[Zone] Ponybella@cassbren: what???? lingerie...i quit!!!!
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: sorry zenna, you want a fawn?


[Zone] Leech@unnoticedshadow: id like one xD
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr laughs
[Zone] Leech@unnoticedshadow: suck the life out that bych :D
[Zone] Bekir@beeksn: xD
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: If you want to give me one, I am pulling the whole elf princess thing, so it would go nicely with my Sylvan Stag.

Or maybe the 'Elf Prince' thing, considering I gave her closely-shorn blonde hair, and very lithe dimensions:

Still, the cut does show off her ears nicely...

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: But it's entirely up to you.
[Zone] Niko@beckylunatic: waitaminnut... did someone just learn a valuable lesson about respect from *zone chat*?

Why no, and do you know how I know that? Because he did not do anything after this interchange. He didn't contact me in IM. He didn't offer a fawn. He didn't mail me anything. He didn't even apologize, in chat or in a tell. So...big dumb jerkface who never had any intent to give anything away? Probably.

[Zone] Kantogin@kantogin: did equality just become a thing for gaming right now?

No, it's been a thing for gaming for over a decade, thanks for noticing.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Nah, it just gets to me sometimes. I'm female, I game, so I'm used to being poked about it.
[Zone] Niko@beckylunatic: oh there'll always be someone around ready to make you feel slimy, but there are lots of decent people
[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: there is NO equality in gaming, there is NO race, there is only the avatar and the computer and connection you're using to play....

I like this answer. It's not entirely true, but I like it.

[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: not all computers are created equal
[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: Not all connections are stable
[Zone] Kantogin@kantogin: i dunno, isnt equality for gaming just that there are no female gamers? since gender doesnt matter for gaming anyway?
[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: and not all players are smart enough to play the game effectively.. so be as racial bias towards dumb@sses as you want
[Zone] Niko@beckylunatic: dumbass isn't a race... maybe a class...
.[Zone] Trizdae Fae'Rynn@veerwing: its a "race" in gaming
[Zone] Kantogin@kantogin: its a primary attribute

Some days, yeah.

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr laughs
[Zone] Sir HomoFabulous@xrainbowcupcak3x: yes
[Zone] Arnor Battlehammer@WhiteWolfTotem: awesome :3
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Well, anyway, the end point was, there were a lot of ways for Bekir to ask that question, he picked a questionable one, but it's okay, it happens.

And I stopped paying attention to chat as closely, but as it's a constant scroll at the side of my screen, I did check in occasionally. And Bekir didn't say one goddamn thing to me, or anyone else, past "I was just trying to be a gentleman" and "hmm".

You're an idiot, Bekir, dyed in the wool. And I'd love to say I hope you learned something from this about assumptions and phrasing, but as I know you didn't, I won't bother. And there's really nothing more to say, except:

If you're male, and you want to find a female in an online game:

That is all.

Monday, January 19, 2015

stormwinds know me best now; only with them am I at home

Oh, the utter random entry of randomness.

Random bit from SL:

[00:38] gxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: THANK YOU ARE JESUS

You're...welcome? Though that phrase hurts my brain.

Random bit from Zone chat:

[Zone] Syvius@bizurko: im hungry D:
[Zone] Heracles@arashioni: So eat and stop your wine!


[Zone] Heracles@arashioni: Unless you have some cheese to go along with it
[Zone] Syvius@bizurko: asdfasdfdasgdsrghdrfsg

Yeah, really.

For any Night Vale fans, their download page has been updated through episode #60 of the show, "Water Failure". (You can also listen for free to each podcast by left-clicking for the player, instead of right-clicking the .mp3 link to download.)

This still may be the single greatest Feed Dump that Loading Ready Run has ever produced.

And now, some SL-pertinent political/fashion commentary. This one's not going to be as anonymous as I try for, simply because removing all references negates some of the interchange,'s what I'm going with.

[16:15] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: Ladies and gents, for those of you who may have missed it, [Pxxxx] was kind enough to send out an I am Charlie t-shirt in French as part of a notice. It's still in notices. Thank you [Pxxxx] for helping us show solidarity with our French friends here in SL as well.

Stopping right here to lay this out: this bit of chat happened right after the Charlie Hebdo incident. The designer of the store in question had made a mesh t-shirt freebie saying Je suis Charlie. As far as it stands, with this statement, this is an advertisement of a store freebie, and a fashion offering.

How'ver, it related to a political event, therefore...

[16:15] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: got mine on right now, thank you [Pxxxx]!
[16:15] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: (except my arms disappeared
[16:15] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And I think you can also find one in front of the BM store, too
[16:15] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am wearing mine now!!!
[16:15] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ive been out of touch, is this a reference to the shootings?
[16:16] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: Yes it is [Axxx]
[16:16] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the whole world is wearing "I am Charlie" shirts
[16:16] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how do I get the shirt? Id like to show my support
[16:16] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And thanks to [Pxxxx] for helping us join in
[16:16] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: It's in past group notices [Axxx]
[16:16] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: as I said Ive been out of touch with rl,
[16:17] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks!
[16:17] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
nel quaotidiano trascuro allora mio marito per parlare con te

"In the daily undone then my husband to talk with you" was the closest I could get to an actual meaning through three different online translators, and then only by changing "quaotidiano" to "quotidiano", may not be accurate, either.

And I don't know what she means anyway.

[16:17] rxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks [Pxxxx] :)
[16:19] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: was charlie the guy in the cartoon?
[16:20] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 12 people were killled, no?
[16:20] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Charlie Hebdo was the name of the magazine that was attacked

But in solidarity, folks have adopted the magazine's name as a way to identify with those slain.

[16:20] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: where is the tshirt?
[16:20] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[16:20] Lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
Je suis Charlie
[16:20] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm pretty sure the tshirt can be found in a big box out in front of the BM store
[16:20] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's where I got mine
[16:20] Lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I support that cause
[16:20] Rxxx Yxxxxx: thank you Pixie
[16:21] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
[16:21] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: xoxox
[16:21] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: got it and thanks!!
[16:21] Rxxx Yxxxxx: we are charlie
[16:21] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: kinda hate to say it, but one nuke couls solve a lot of the worlds problems

And the chat takes a very dark (though thankfully brief) turn.

[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Umm
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Maybe not
[16:22] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: love not hate
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Where would you send it?
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just sayin'

Well, 'just asking', more than anything, but it's still a good question. Because isn't that part of the problem, too? Everyone thinks they know how best to solve the problems of the world, but if it involves interchanges of things that blow up, that is never the right solution. It may be the only solution those governments see, but it's never the right one.

[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Love not hate! That's the way
[16:22] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thanks [Mxxxx]
[16:22] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ?
[16:22] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0.0...yes love because i personally like living and would rather not die from a bomb
[16:22] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: more love will cure so many things
[16:23] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree. but the love idea hasnt worked since the dawn of history

And it never will, because we are beings that act from places of both love and hurt. I don't think that's likely to change.

[16:23] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: neither has war
[16:23] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one is less painful
[16:23] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nothing is perfect, but love is better than war
[16:24] Axxxxx Txxxx: lick all religions to the side and was would be lowerd down whit prolly 80%
[16:24] Axxxxx Txxxx: kick i ment
[16:24] Axxxxx Txxxx: and war pff needs more coffee seems kind of fair, actually. If faith were viewed as something that needed to be held separate from official decisions, would it really work in reducing total amounts of violence and conflict? And how much would current faiths have to change to actually allow this to happen?

[16:24] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: ok no more political chat please. official request
[16:24] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: religion does not start wars GREED does

Actually, I'm fairly sure both are pretty good at starting wars. Or, at least, let's say this--the way people interpret those religions is part of the problem that leads to violence and warfare.

[16:25] Yxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Thank you [Oxxxx].
[16:25] Mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you
[16:26] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: k
[16:26] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: if anyone need s areview of the official chat guidelines i can send it as a notice again
[16:26] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no one argues
[16:26] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: and have some typos, i made enough for you all
[16:26] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all said ok
[16:26] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: [axxx] i wasn't scolding, just offering 8P
[16:26] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thx [Oxxxx]!
[16:26] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hugs to all!
[16:27] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: this group is generally quite good, i almost never have to scold :)
[16:27] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we got the point

So did she, stop arguing.

[16:27] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: but if we had any new folks they might appreciate the notice
[16:27] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and we are all upset, I'm sure
[16:27] Axxxxx Txxxx: Well what becommes to the charlie shirts its not that strange that you get political discussions in chat

It's a fair point.

[16:28] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: well, [pxxxx] shared the shirts and pixie asked we not have political chats, and my main purpose here is to enforce her wishes and help ppl if they can't find shoes :)

And that's a fair answer, but yeah, you start with one, you get the other. A did lead directly to B, here.

[16:29] Axxxxx Txxxx: and i am wearing my shirt repect and love and support btw *winks*
[16:29] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: so that's all i am attempting to do :)
[16:29] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and now i'm hungry because [Oxxxx's] name got me thinking of all the foods i can cook with onion in them

See? Anonymity blurs.

[16:29] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: I got my shirt on too!
[16:29] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: shoooooooooooooz
[16:29] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: nooo no eaty me lol
[16:29] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: Onion rings!
[16:29] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: LOL
[16:29] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Mmmmm, shoooooz
[16:29] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lmao

[16:29] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: i'm tough and full of pesticides
[16:29] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaha i meant the veggie
[16:30] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am sure you are completely organic, [Oxxxx]
[16:30] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: hee
[16:30] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: your onion, cause when you bend over, its makes eyes tear

Was that necessary?

[16:30] 7xxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just walked on the grass but still won Bonnie boots xD
[16:30] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nice and sweet, too
[16:30] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: lol [axxx]
[16:31] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if she's a sweet onion then i think that's a vidalia...the kind you make onion rings with lol
[16:31] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gonna hav to call you Vidalia, caise your so sweet
[16:31] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: nooo, i'm just a lil scallion!
[16:32] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: well, these days maybe i'm more of a leek- diameter wise ;)
[16:32] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: speaking of leeks...brb
[16:32] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Tall and slim?
[16:32] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: sorta lol
[16:33] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: I'm a tomato

And off everyone was onto vegetable comparisons.

[16:33] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hmmm
[16:33] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: and you [Cxxxxxx]?
[16:33] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was gonna say I'm a pear
[16:33] Pxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: nam nam
[16:33] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Don't know if fruit counts
[16:34] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OH that pear!
[16:34] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: yeah this scallion is more of a pear these days too ;)
[16:34] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx laughs
[16:35] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: but that's why we have SL, right? :)
[16:36] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so we all can have a great pear and an onion butt?
[16:36] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: our curves are perfect, we can fly, and heels never pinch our feet
[16:36] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: lol
[16:36] cxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx wiggles her onion, giggling

And a last smooth transition from consumables to wearables:

[16:37] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well....thanks to the mesh bodies which i have the WowMeh i have made [Bxxx] as close as i could get her to my RL shape
[16:37] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: where do you get the mesh bodies from?
[16:37] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a lot of places have them
[16:38] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: oh there are a number of mesh body makers now
[16:38] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on the market place?
[16:38] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but sadly WowMeh is no longer for sale
[16:39] oxxxxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: MP and in SL. and a LOT of skin makers make skins for the various ones. so if you have a favorite skin maker- you may want to see who they like to make skins for
[16:39] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: some are on MP yes but others you can only get inworld
[16:39] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks

I'm beginning to seriously value those groups which can take seriously divisive topics and pull themselves out of hurt feelings and cursing at each other. These are good places.

Finally, another bit from Neverwinter Zone chat, because this was screwed up:

[Trade] Arukun@arukun0: merry christmas and happy new year 2015 with safewow site. cheap nw diamond 1m = 9.99 dollar. [10percent bonus and 8percent off code[an8]

Thankfully, that line of chat was so badly written I don't even need to edit out the gold spam site, but goddamn it, people. Gold spamming with a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year" initial line? You bastards.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

you like monkeys, you like ponies; maybe you don't like monsters so much?

[Zone] Sininen@pile2000: Eat the dead, not the living... thats what I say
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: well that too :P
[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: eat the dead before they eat you
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: yep zombies scare me
[Zone] Perath Oolasaadi@EmillyOrr: But the dead just lay there. Definite lack of squirming.

I'M SORRY! I blame Zone chat, it's affecting me in bad ways.

[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: food is food
[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: depends on what kind of dead...
[Zone] Phanatica@phanatica: food is good
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: foods my best friend :)
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: till its gone :P
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: wow, bulemic much?

Well, not necessarily, they could be saying they're sad because they keep eating their friends...Wait...

[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: I like mood food
[Zone] Sininen@pile2000: love your food for soon it will be part of you
[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: flesh of my fleash, blood of my ashes to dust

"Flesh". Which is weird, 'cos you got it right the first time. And...what were you trying to say with that mangled statement, anyway? I mean, it almost sounds like we're back on religious turf again, with "This is my body, this is my blood", but...then you end up with a quasi-reference to ashes to ashes, dust to dust? Or was that not what you intended?

It's so hard to tell anymore.

[Zone] Lia Loreweaver@tinkers356: emote sit
[Zone] Caris Lightouch@stschiff: hey people, i just thought 'maaan, some place to sit would be great. there no benches in here, a big mainplace of a city and no benches.'
[Zone] Caris Lightouch@stschiff: We should tell cryptic to include benches so we can sit down and have some fun after raidin dungeonws.
[Zone] GRAGLEBARGLE@usuder: no benches?!
[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: there are benches in the garden

Ah, true, yes, but not everyone has access to the Garden, as it was a special key-sealed area. And not everyone got the key.

On the other hand, barring the Garden, you can always go to the Moonstone Mask if you want not to sit down. You'll not sit down as effectively as you would in the Garden. And, of course, many different Zone healing circles have logs, stumps and camp beds next to the central fire you can easily not use as well.

(I suppose my point here is that none of these potential seats are functional, anyway. But I digress.)

[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: we also can use our thrones as benches :P

For those folks who have Thrones of the Lion, yes. Well, if you count the throne as a seat, anyway. (It used to be classified as a mount, which was even weirder. Now? I'm not sure what it's classified as...all I know is it's STILL weird.)

[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: now was pointed out, i know of no benches in PE

Moonstone Mask.

[Zone] Biggus Dickus@lickmypotato: ALL SHALL TREMBLE IN MY MIGHT!

Oh, dear gods, your name. That's legal?!?

[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: Where is the bridge?
[Zone] Biggus Dickus@lickmypotato: I CRUSHED IT, FOOL
[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: Nice name teeny weinie
[Zone] Caris Lightouch@stschiff: ALL HAIL BIGGUS DICKUS!!11... wait, what?
[Zone] Biggus Dickus@lickmypotato: INDEED IT IS, GOOD SIR OF MODERATE GIRTH!
[Zone] NZkiwi@gomjaz: lol
[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: lmao and the comedy entered the zone
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: weirdest f*cking RPers ever
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: anything in any economy is only worth whatever another person is willing to exchange for it
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: pure and simple
[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: thanx professor
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: read a book ffs

First comedy, then lectures. Life in the Zone...

[Zone] Keira@valkjrian: is this ''gamereasy'' trustable?

Nope. Next?

[Zone] Astelath Shadowthorn@famlithii: none of them are Keira
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: for that particular transaction

Not even for that one, nope.

[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: don't trust it
[Zone] Mara Angelbane@damnataanimus: buying from non cryptic srouces might and probably will get you a temp ban and consiscation of the good in question.

A translation: Buying gold, goods, Astral Diamonds or Zen from non-Cryptic Studios sources is extraordinarily dangerous. As I've said before, these are fly-by-night services hoping to get your name, address, email, credit card number, and hopefully bank info if they're lucky, for what--to them--is a negligible amount of Zen (and generally, as the Zen's filched in the first place, it's not like they care how much they toss out).

So no gold spammer is trustworthy, for any reason, for any amount of time, ever. Full stop.

[Zone] WillofSoulz@willofsoulz: seriously Kiera be careful with these crooks
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: perma bans you mean
[Zone] Mara Angelbane@damnataanimus: and thats not considering the possibility of keyloggers etc. xD

Exactly. All that, plus keystroke logging, PLUS if Cryptic catches a buyer in possession of stolen goods in game, you lose your main account--which means you lose all your characters, all their goods, and any money you've spent on things before that point.

All for wanting to buy things from thieves anyway. It's not worth it.

[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: here's the deal, Cryptic sets up sweat shops in china, pays ppl 20 cents a day to farm AD, sell it at $6 per million, tracks all the IPs that buy from them, then bans the buyer, ... see? easy money
[Zone] Alcya Danica@al-Cayal: find a seat if you can
[Zone] Shieldmaiden Amber@dimensionallight: yes lol
[Zone] Perath Oolasaadi@EmillyOrr: I highly doubt Cryptic's behind Chinese and Korean gold farms.
[Zone] Juice Farmer@juicefarmer: naivete comes in all forms...

Yes, yes it does, but I still don't believe Cryptic Studios is behind Chinese and Korean gold farms.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: you guys.... No matter if they exists or not, people must believe it does, theyr mind will private them of commiting crimes

Translating from broken grammarese...I think what Codename means is whether or not whatever it is exists, people will believe that it does, because that belief in whatever allows them to do terrible things with a clean conscience?

Are we talking religion again? And did I translate it correctly?

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Since the human's justice doesn't works well
[Zone] Slavic MacCool@maccool2: there is no courage or cowardace in how artillery and infantry fight a different style.
[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: my "human justice" works fine..someone hurts my family..i hurt them back ten-fold
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: That works Lobo
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Just like santa works for kids
[Zone] Bert@bertrandx: Thank you for your answers, I'll look deeper into the question searching on forums and google

I'd say you're welcome, but I still have no idea what I walked into, nor what's under discussion.

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Your whole believe in god and you won't commit crimes things, I mean. Tell that to the @^)+#!/ priests.

Ah, we are discussing religion.

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Do you feel like they do believe?
[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: everyone has the power of a god inside them we only use like 10% of our brain immagine if we could use the other 90%

"Imagine", and while that's not exactly true, it is true that by storing memory and information holographically, we do have less of our brains "active" at any given time. We still have more of our brains active, how'ver.

[Zone] Donn Graveltoes@valhalla73: 2 things are for certain. You will either spend eternity in Heaven OR hell. Make the choice NOW. After you will be TOO LATE

Well, now, that's assuming there is a Heaven or Hell.

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: They don't fear, 'cauze they prefer to have money than a promissed future they don't believe

Well, and isn't that the problem with corporatethink at this point? They'd rather have short-term profits now, than help to save the society, or the planet, later on. And it's going to cost us all, later on, but they have their profits now, and that's all they care about.

[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: at least it will be warm all year round

Unless you believe in one of the faiths that has a cold hell...

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: I feel like I don't give a #^%( what anyone believes. It's not going to stop them from doing anything. Btw, that "promised future" doesn't stop anyone either - when all you have to do is ask for

...for...what, exactly? You sort of trailed off, Lobo.

[Zone] PandaHunter@pandahun7er: just show me that youz have
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: forgiveness in the end.

Ah, makes more sense now. Well, sort of. Once more, you have to believe in a faith that gives you that option. Or have a faith at all.

[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: 2 biggest topics to ever cause arguments..religion and politics
[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: im not asking for forgiveness im going to hell MUHahahha
[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: only if you believe in it Xatmo
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: That's what you believe Lobo, not sayiong you're wrong at all, I just believe it's important to don't change people's mind
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: which hell?

See, that's what I was asking!

[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: the hell with all the sexy hookers LOL

...Well, that's one option, sure...

[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: the german one, the christian one, the norse one, the eskimo one? which hell?

You're forgetting all the Chinese ones, too.

[Zone] Donn Graveltoes@valhalla73: Lobe...that is JUST IT! The ones that PRESUME they will get that chance...never do. God will not be made a FOOL. Google Robert Barron and be informed.

Are you sure that's the guy you want to invoke, here? I mean, yes, evangelical Catholic, but also, a man possessed of a logical, discriminating mind.

Unlike, y', Donn.

[Zone] Pwent Thibbledorf@yasmella: based on every religion around the worlf..if we don;lt believe in their faith we are going to a "hell" of some aka..we're all going their and heaven is going to be one lonely place

That's another theory, sure.

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Yet you said people need to believe in god so they won't commit crime. Saying people NEED to do anything other than natural biological requirements for life is stating you want them to change.
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Yeah, I do believe in it... The human justice is broken, you know that, what will hold people from comiting such things?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: The world itself isn't even close to fair

Well, it never has been. What's your point? But more to the point, the world is positively packed with both non-Christians and atheists. So what stops all those people from running amok and destroying us all? Since, of course, those thousands and millions don't believe in your God, after all?

[Zone] Xatmo@xatmo99: the world does not exist its only a perception in your head
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: No s#@$. Never was, and isn't meant to be fair. Fair is a human notion created by people who weren't as capable as others.

Run that by me again, because all I got from that statement was "I'm a privileged, elitist white male".

[Zone] Donn Graveltoes@valhalla73: May you all hunger and thirst for our Lord Jesus Christ, because when you do, you will find Him. All you have to do is knock. He will open for YOU! God bless.

Ugh for preachy people in online games.

[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: who decides what is fair?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Capable Lobo?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: So people dieing hungry is becauze they arent capable?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: You should travel to Africa
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: You will realize theres nothing they can do
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: the cause of starvation in africa is POLITICAL.
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Been there. Sad s#@$. They don't have to live there, they have the tools to change their circumstances, they don't have the will.

Yep, still hearing "overprivileged white male", there...

[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: Zimbobwe was the breakbasket of africa until a regime change
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Yeah Vahziloc MacCool.... It's not about "capable" or not... That's not theyr fault at all
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: mugabe RUINED zimbobwe's farms
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: And why did anyone listen to Mugabe?
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: he confiscated the big farms and gave them to cronies
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: and then the cronies ran them into the dirt.
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: now zimbobwe is poor AND starving
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: ethiopian soldier used to chase of folks picking up airtdropped food, so they could resell it on the wolrd market and buy guns.
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: starvation is alway politicly caused now.

I'm not saying I agree, but whether it is or not, now, I'm fairly sure it wasn't always, so...does that strengthen your point, or diminish it?

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: To wit: Only losers sit around whining about what is fair. Winners go home and f*^$ the prom queen.
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: And what do you do Lobo?
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: My wife WAS the prom queen.

Good for you? At keeping those immature, high school dreams alive, or something.

[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: When you break your feet 'cauze someone drunk hitted you with his car... You will understand
[Zone] Vahziloc MacCool@maccool2: communism and tribalism is why africa is a shithole today.
[Zone] HeLLoWeeN@jumpdafukup3: why were u in front of his car
[Zone] Alina@stefan13ro: communism ? why is that a factor in africa's poverty ?
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: I'm paying the drugs, medic caring, my motorcycle's repairs
[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: Been there too. Left tibia compound fracture. Walking just fine now, thanks. Didn't cost me more than a hundred bucks. Which isn't even 5% of my paycheck.
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: Yours, mine has cousted my whole mounthly wage
[Zone] Codename Breaker@reidhershel: And a few more

Willing to bet Codename Breaker is in America, with our abysmal health care, but what makes me wonder is that Lobo sounds American as well. So either he has fantastic insurance--which again, speaks to privilege of the higher order--or moved from here to somewhere with socialized care? It's hard to decide from so little information.

[Zone] Trillan@joyousdeciever: i love ignore it is great for religious fanatic trolls
[Zone] Lego.las@asgaarde73: Our Lord Jesus Christ is the ONE, TRUE GOD! Jesus, I trust in YOU!

Thank you for making Trillan's point, "Lego.las".

[Zone] Lobo@Wyrmbear: So change your circumstances. You have internet access.

And that means...what, exactly? Net access doesn't guarantee jobs, opportunities, economic freedoms or even understanding.

[Zone] Hertia Hiilya@Wyrmbear: Cheat/Lie/Steal
[Zone] Hertia Hiilya@Wyrmbear: Also known as Senator/Congressman/President
[Zone] Alina@stefan13ro: whine/more whine / extra whine

...which is, I suppose, as good a place as any to end this, because the rest of the chat capture certainly contained no explanations.

Friday, January 16, 2015

so many songs we forgot to play

So, you want to start here, and then read this, followed by this, this, this and then this. Beautiful, start to finish, and funny as hell.

Also, have some wrist warmers that may double quite well as cuffs (think Victorian, not BDSM, for that term). And make your own foaming hand soap, if that's something you'd like to do.

Or you could just make mittens out of your kittens! Or kittens out of mittens. One of those.

Did you know that color photographs exist of the aftermath of the San Francisco earthquake? I did not. It's kind of awesome.

Haptic technology is coming. It's gonna be BIG.

The FBI says GamerGate is being looked into for possible prosecution. Awesome news, I'll start making popcorn.

Also, I'm fairly sure Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson had the single best holiday resolution list I've seen in decades. That is all.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

never in existence has there been such a resistance to ideas meant to free us

[Looking For Group] Clik@clicktokill1: so you actually leveled a character with that name...
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: well it's my only character haha

And...that's the name you chose for him. With your main account name advertising you're a 'cool teen' who likes corporate music. Not that impressed so far.

[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: im looking for a guild
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: btw
[Looking For Group] Plum@foxglove123: i met gay bottom in pvp once
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: lmao
[Looking For Group] Plum@foxglove123: its a name that stands out

I bet.

[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: yeah
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: anyone for dread spire?
[Looking For Group] Loud Gay Bottom@teencoolestvevo: im afraid of going alone :>

And now you're just a cliché.

[Zone] Cleir@sweetcleir: how come we don't play together that often? 3:

This seemed to be in relation to nothing else under discussion, so Cleir, I have no clue.

[Looking For Group] del@f2pma: need 1 to enter mc paying 4[Dark Enchantment, Rank 5]after u can leave
[Zone] Salogel@Sadler38: Someone failed in school

No doubt.

[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: 360 is half circle, it's on Wikipedia if you don't trust me!
[Zone] Zandar@zaandar007: omg he is such a dumb ass..360 is right back where u started..omg
[Zone] pms@misterpothead: 180 is half circle
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: My father is a math teacher so I must know that 360 is half circle!

That's your defense? "My father said so"? Also, if your father's really a math teacher, and he doesn't know that, he's not a very smart teacher.

These two logos seem to get it. But, put another way: a full rotation of a circle, according to this page, is 360. A half rotation of a circle, as seen on the same page, is 180. How is this hard?

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: It's exactly the same routine.
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Obama is the only reason why Bush was not re-elected a 3rd time!

Nope, try again.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: Morg, you're on my ignore list. NO offense
[Zone] Red@kamitha: omg more politics
[Zone] Red@kamitha: :(
[Zone] Shava Urthadar@binto1: troll politics
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Hmmm what? Putin is still president for a 3rd time so Obama can also be president 3 times in a row by constitution!

Strike two, 'cos you're hitting it clean out of the stupidsphere. Care for strike three?

[Zone] Utgarda@marakinut1: Putin got around that by being the prime minister once, which would be somewhat difficult in american politics
[Zone] Haddock@haddock000: For make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan


[Zone] Kane Stonebeard@slvrsrfrx666: i'm just curious, what constitution are you talking about that allows 3 presidencies?
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: So I just read the bible the other day, not to spoil the ending but Jesus dies.

Ohhhh, I get it, you're not solely irretrievably stupid, you're also a troll...Got it. I can ignore you from here.

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: what kind of a name is "never winter".... can you imagine if panama was called neverwinter? or hawaii ? everyone would think "how stupid"

While we're talking about stupid come so many folks who don't read fantasy books, or have ever played Dungeons and Dragons, find themselves playing Neverwinter, which is not only based on Dungeons and Dragons, but relies on many established fantasy tropes? It confuses me.

[Zone] Xarina Swift@lady_phoenix: Actually, He lives.

Kind of depends on your definition of 'lives', Xarina, but hey, you go 'head and believe that, that's kind of the point.

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: What kind of name is "Dwarven Templar"
[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: That's like calling my dog, "Brown Dog"

Not entirely sure I agree, there are dwarves that have other jobs.

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: we should rename anchorage alaska "never spring"... oooo how clever

You're still not getting it, but today, that seems par for the course.

[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: can we keep religion out of the chat channel please? its influence is bad enough in RL - wars etc
[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Yeah, well, if Jesus didn't exist then how was the Roman Empire defeated?
[Zone] Xyrlynn@Zalpha: Batman defeated the Romans obviously
[Zone] Salogel@Sadler38: By itself Morghar
[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: tomorrow america that is vast majority Christian, celebrates 4th of july... thanks for honoring our day with this event neverspring

Right, so you're also an idiot. Got it.

[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: ??? what on earth has a dead carpenter gort to do with the fall of an empire? are you nuts lol?
[Zone] Red@kamitha: oh for goodness sakes people.
[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: welease bwian btw rofl
[Zone] Thor@sharky445: 4th of july is not a christian and has nothing to do with christian bs

Let me help you there, because you've almost got it..."The Fourth of July is not a Christian holiday..." is what I think you meant to type.

[Zone] Morghar@Deamielh: Hmmm no, Moses was christian!

Still an idiot. And a troll.

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: the greatest empire ever, before america, rome, became Christian.... and the greatest empire ever, america, was founded by Christians... we have a good track record and deserve the 4th of july

Couple things. Rome wasn't the greatest empire ever, before America. Second thing, America isn't the greatest empire ever.

[Zone] Shava Urthadar@binto1: Don't feed the trolls please

I try, but it's so hard...though at least these days I can snark on my own blog instead of actually in Zone chat.

[Zone] Ladore Mistweaver@sockmunkey: Isnt july 4th when Muricans defeated the indians and celebrated by inventing fireworks and beer?

Almost? Considering the loose grasp on our history most 'murricans have, after all.

There, that may help clear some issues up.

[Zone] Alaric@loxagn: Oh yeah? Well if Thor isn't real, then where did all the frost giants go?


Who says they went any place, anyway?

[Zone] Grayce@Audentia2: I think Dwarven Temp is going on ym ignore list too
Quite possibly.

[Zone] Thor@sharky445: loser christians belong at bottom od sea

That's a little judgemental...I don't want the loser Christians dead, though having them all row out to an island and then taking all the boats back with us sounds fairly attractive. Then we could keep the thinking Christians, that'd be fine.

[Zone] Thor@sharky445: Hail joe peschi!
[Zone] Haddock@haddock000: it's spelled Pesci

Speaking of which...

[Zone] 5th Edict@lyaise: chat going well.....
As it ever does.

[Zone] Red@kamitha: cant we all just get along?

Well, if we take Zone chat in Neverwinter as an ongoing social experiment on how people of varying social, religious and econonic layers interact...I think the answer's "no".

[Zone] Mabondal@tjlongshot: if you are going to hate on people because of their religion, then you just need to keep your fingers off your keyboard
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: most of this community is not intelligent enough to speak about religon
[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: when the western world was opened up to us, everyone wanted in... Christians alone were successful, hence why it's almost entirely catholic and protestant... we deserve the 4th of july... thanks

That's...not what happened. At all.

[Zone] Mabondal@tjlongshot: people like "thor" are why people get killed in america.

What? Why?

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: "people like thor" hahaha
[Zone] Salogel@Sadler38: I detest all religion equally, but like human beings.
[Zone] Umbra'Natus@chestybonfisto1: Ya'll need to stop argueing over nonsense

Never happen. People are divisive, argumentative reactionaries, they'll never stop.

[Zone] Zephyr@arixaya: hey that joke just raised the niveau!

What's a niveau? Oh, wait, is it French? Okay, I understand what you mean now.

[Zone] Haddock@haddock000: I will win this for mother russia
[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: what's there to argue about? 4th of july was created to honor the good Christian people that fought to create america.... (bows)

Right, that's it, next time I log in to NW, you're getting ignored too.

[Zone] Gimpocalypse d'Fail@gimpocalypse: Dwarven Templar made made ignore list night... is he spouting his Fox News propaganda again?

Oh, dear gods, you mean he gets WORSE?!?

[Zone] Dwarven Templar@guyaskingstuff: haddock i like russia... good Christian nation after they ejected communism

I don't think they 'ejected' Communism, actually...

[Zone] Umbra'Natus@chestybonfisto1: There, you made your point, no one cares anymore
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: are you that bored that you Troll on a free to play game ?
[Zone] Shava Urthadar@binto1: I think the answer Veruca must be yes
[Zone] Valdrin Avrymtor@poriah: and what trolling on a pay to play game is different?
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: apparently
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: yes the caliber of troll is higher

Or something.

[Zone] Trixsta@patrohel123: fantastic race the Romans :)
[Zone] Umbra'Natus@chestybonfisto1: Roman isn't a race
[Zone] Veruca Salt@chrispy1ne: *facepalm*

There was more, but you know, for once I deleted it. Boring conversation anyway.