Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I got a music in my head from long, long, ago and far, far away

This is...this is so weird. I'm not even sure if the pictures adequately explain how weird this is.

So, I'm not entirely sure the main issue is going to be obvious, here, but in the second picture, you'll really see what I mean. Her floating.

Seriously. Look at that. She's got a system body, but a mesh head, and mesh hair. If you're going to spend the Lindens for a mesh head, why not just get a mesh body, too? I don't get it. And why, WHY would you not adjust your new mesh head afterwards? The extraordinary mismatch between head skin tone and body skin tone is almost nothing compared to FLOATING DETACHED HEAD.

It's so unnerving, and then I cammed behind her, and...she's wearing a mesh set of panties (and the bra, too, though it's harder to tell from this angle) that is just the utter wrong size. What the hell is going on??

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

their hidden laws condemn him, they’re so rigid and refined (part three)

So, we were still talking about spiders, right?
[12:03] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[12:03] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There are only 2 types of spiders that cause any kind of serious health risk. Most others will not even bother you unless you are allergic to bee stings.
[12:04] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I haven't actually bought slink-only shoes in a long time (99% of my shoes are KC, honestly), but my memory is that Maitreya's feet fit slink shoes
When the Maitreya body first came out, shoes and fingernails fit from Slink. It was awesome and it gave Maitreya owners a reason to buy things from Slink, so win-win. But Slink got huffy, and changed the coding on their feet, so that no longer works. Now only Maitreya shoes will fit Maitreya feet. The only exception is on some boots, where we're just removing the feet from view anyway, so it doesn't matter that they don't fit.
[12:04] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there are a few spiders that are highly venomous....
[12:04] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in australia we have a lot of spiders
[12:04] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: a tiger IS dangerous. You have to be careful with all wildlife animals, no matter how tame they are.
[12:04] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: ...let's be honest, in Australia the teapots are probably venemous
[12:04] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: hahaha LOL [Mxxx]
[12:04] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[12:04] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes!! [mxxx] just yes!!
Now I really want to track down art of a venomous teapot.
[12:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: First of all, ALL spiders are venomous., actually, no, they're not. Where'd you get the idea that they were? That's like saying all snakes are venomous, and that's not true either.
[12:05] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: most aussies i think are not drinking tea
[12:05] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how have aussies survived where everything is made to kill you
[12:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: But only a few are deadly to humans.
[12:05] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Right, because they're afraid of losing a finger because their teapot stung them
[12:05] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: haha
[12:05] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: aussies are not usually scared of creepie crawlies we have them everywhere
Hard to effectively be afraid of something that's ever-present. It gets tiring. Eventually we adapt and accept.
[12:06] Lxxxxx Lxxxxxx: nasty eewwww runs bobbi pins flying in all directions
[12:06] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Touche, it's hard to be scared when everything is scary
[12:06] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i like animals. i like studying them
[12:06] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: List of australian Animals that wont try to kill you: Some of the sheep...
Unless you get Q fever, Campylobacter poisoning, or Hydatid disease, among others.
[12:06] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ive killed hundreds of redback spiders over the years usually i wouldnt kill a spider but i had children and they were very venomous
[12:06] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: your snakes are bad too aren't they?
[12:07] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes we call the snake catcher
[12:07] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: snakes are gorgeous
[12:07] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: People seem to think that spiders actively hunt people.
[12:07] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes they are
[12:07] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had a pet albino boa when i was a kid
[12:07] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she was beautiful
[12:07] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have a python that likes my purses
[12:07] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I actually get spider bites all the time. Just a desert thing. We do have black widows around here though, so I'm kinda hoping that one of those nocturnal spider kisses isn't one of those
[12:07] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the king brown is one that is very common and if u live near the bushland or creeks like i do you have to always watch your step outside and keep the doors always shut to the house
[12:08] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they are hibernating at the moment
[12:08] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: good ole winter in aussie land
[12:09] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ya we have the coldest time right now but spring is coming soon in two weeks
[12:09] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Guh, that means we get fall in two weeks. I can't wait, I'm tired of melting
[12:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: technically in australia spring starts september 1 but in other time zones the seasons change mid month
[12:10] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is always funny when i watch youtube videos from Australia and the people are wearing coats, and i am sitting here dying of heat and humidity
Separate hemispheres. It throws us.
[12:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ya we really dont need coats we put them on when its like 18 degrees celcius
[12:10] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I wanna travel back in time to the days when summers didn't always hit 45c
[12:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it was like 7 degrees c yesterday i was frozen to death
[12:11] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh my gawd
[12:11] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but we get to over 40 degrees c in summer always
[12:12] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Down here in Australia, the poisonous snakes kill the poisonous poison spiders, the killer jellyfish kill the sharks, the crocs kill the sharks, that only leaves the rest of the deadly things to kill us humans lol
[12:12] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you have the blue ringed octopus that is like the size of a dinner roll and could kill you so quickly
[12:12] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Right, but it'd be so cute doing it
[12:13] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Who's a squishy little death roll? YOU are!
To be fair, this is the blue-ringed octopus, for those who may not know. Cute, right?
[12:13] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lmfao
[12:13] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol!
[12:13] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's true, [Sxxxx], I left out lots lol
[12:13] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe [mxxxx]
[12:13] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: I am getting freaked out just hearing of all these animals you are talking about. In Spain as long as you dont go near the bulls in Feria you are fine.
[12:14] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: most aussies are not silly enough to go swimming in north queensland
[12:14] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: I cant think of a single poisonous animal here.
[12:14] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: We definitely hit over 40 here as long as I can remember. Like I'm not gonna pretend I don't hit triple digits
during the summer. But 45 And really really gross. It's the sort of thing where you open the door and you're just like "nope"
[12:14] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: Unless, heaven forbid, you actually HAVE to go outside on those days. (Also, chat lag so if this message gets delivered before my next one just swap em and it'll make more sense)
[12:15] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well you have cats.....sure, they're cute and fluffy, but they're up to something
[12:15] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Decimating the local ecology, you mean?
[12:15] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: new zealand doesnt have snakes but they have killer bees volcanos lots of earthquakes i think im happy here in oz
[12:15] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have never known anyone hurt be anything poisonous in my life so it's not too dangerous down here on the bottom of the planet :)
[12:15] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Oh, I just thought, do mosquitoes count? I am having allergic reactions to them and they are criminal.
[12:15] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Like, I love my cats but they have been probably the single worst ecological disaster in human history short of climate change
Depends on where they are, but yeah, overall, outdoor cats kill a ton of local small wildlife.
[12:16] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Pretty sure things are just extinct now cuz kitty saw it moving in the grass
[12:16] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mosquitoes kill more each day that sharks have killed in 100 years. They are the most dangerous creature on the planet, by far
[12:17] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well in australia our scientists have started irradicating viruses mosquitos carry by introducing mosquitos that cnnot reproduce they are really bringing down the bad mozzies in droves
[12:17] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: oh, feel better now, we have dangerous animals in Spain then. yep, very dangerous. SO there, now we dont have to feel envy of the aussies.
[12:17] Mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx smiles :)
[12:18] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there are several other countries such as brazil now that are using this technology to get rid of viruses such as zeka not sure how u spell it and i think the dengue fever one
[12:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we have lots of scorpions in australia too
[12:19] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: mmmm, I woudl say.. sure.
[12:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people dont really realise whenever u kick a rock u can get bit by one
[12:19] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: scorpions are yummy
[12:19] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean bad!
Oh, I don't know, there are those who eat scorpions. I doubt they'd do that if they weren't at least a little tasty for them.
[12:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: at least the kangaroos you can see
[12:20] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: You guys are seriously making me decide I am not visiting in forever!! Not even if I got to see that gorgeous blond hunk of a vet doctor you have in the Divinity Channel.
[12:20] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the bondi vet?
[12:20] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: yay, that one.
Or, to be more specific, this guy:

[12:21] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Hes so cute, but specially seems like such a nice person. Loved when he adopted the kitty.
[12:21] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there are way hotter guys than him here
[12:21] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Maybe, but he is like "hot" inside too.
[12:21] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why, did he eat a whole vindaloo?
[12:22] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on tv
[12:22] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: HAHAHAHA x-D
[12:22] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)
[12:22] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Sxxxxx], he just seems a very nice person, and that makes him more attractive, at least to me. I am not particularly a "bad guy" sort of girl.
[12:22] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am just gonna smile and nod as if i know who you're talking about
[12:23] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lots of aussies are bad guys lol just look on tinder most there are after one thing
It's Tinder. Lots of bad guys from anywhere are on Tinder.
[12:24] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah a "slab of bundy" usually
[12:24] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: hey hey my partner is an Aussie, been with him 8 years so not ALL aussies are creeps
[12:24] Wxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: what have I logged into
[12:24] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and for all you older ladies out there there is dr harry ....he is a vet too and very lovely
[12:24] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Sxxxxx], yeah but it was very funny, I loved it.
[12:24] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hehe good :)
[12:24] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bad boy doesnt mean creep
[12:26] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: not always, but bad guys do tend to brake more hearts in the long run.
[12:26] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had my bad boy stage when i was a teen... now i am here going.... "i need a man who can at least clean up his own mess"
Not the worst thing to look for. So, started out with slut-shaming and jealousy, then moved into discussion of Maitreya mythology, and ended up in serious Australia dangers discussion. Good times?

Or at least strange ones.

Monday, August 27, 2018

their hidden laws condemn him, they’re so rigid and refined (part two)

Okay, where were we? Oh, right.
[11:45] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: depends what advice you give
[11:45] gxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: first guy gave me free stuff was a folder with bikini and pubic hair lol
[11:45] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm not in the category of most noobs.
I...guess that's a good thing?
[11:45] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i never have trouble giving advice to people they accept
Well, aren't you just special.
[11:45] rxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when i came into sl, i met a friend and she took me and bought me about 10k worth of clothes and got me maitreya and all lol i tried topay her back and she said no, pay it forward and help others when you can
[11:45] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ya have to be specific when it comes to a new beginner
[11:45] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but then i dont pretend i'm ancient and wise just because my rez date was before december 2011
[11:46] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Depends, some people accept help, I have had only a few get really upstuck and told me to mind my business. I try to then. Better you give help when asked for it.
[11:46] zxxx Mxxxx: hello everyone :)
[11:46] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hello [zxxx], be warned the convo is scary
Not really, spiders haven't come back into it yet.
[11:46] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hahah, I'd done the same [sh*t]
[11:46] zxxx Mxxxx: oh ok lol
[11:47] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: language [lxx]
[11:47] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oops sorry
[11:47] gxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: easier to just do everything urself and not let nobody hold favors on u
[11:47] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's ok. i know words slip, but be careful
[11:47] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I spent my first 6months helping newbies at a newbie hub. I have spent COUNTLESS hours at the Social Islands helping newbies find stuff. I have folders in my inventory(not griefer items) that I give to newbies. Folders of LMs for free skin hair and clothing.
I used to do that. I should pull together a folder of solid freebie places and info hubs again. It's never a bad thing to do with very new people.
[11:47] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)
[11:47] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hell [Sxxxx], its better than that other old favorite... "my fav retexturer of fp template mesh charges more than the other 11 sdtores using the same template and claims to be original so the other 11 must be copybotters"
Yeah, that's a problem too. We're loyal to our friends. Sometimes our friends turn out to be ripping people off. It's hard, realizing that.
[11:47] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And that is for both males AND females.
[11:47] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have used every bit of direction and guidance and have made it work. Yes i was lucky enough thart someone helped me out as they did. But i have learned from many in this group and have found my own way from the time the gifts were given to me. I dont beg, i dont ask for Ls, i dont do what "Most" new people do. I do come from IMVU which is a little like this but this is way better. I have the under 30 days group this group and a few others to help me find my own way until i can find work in game
[11:48] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one thing i will say too if your noob is an alt dont be uncool and act like you dont know anything and try use people they will not find that very cool at all.
[11:48] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Psh, how silly. I spend most of my time at newbie hubs making fun of the fact that they're not wearing designer clothes.
You're either being sarcastic, or you're a genuine jerk. Don't know you well enough to say either way.
[11:48] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: In 28 days I'll do a couple sets as a hostess so I can earn enough for a stream and then I'll switch to DJ'ing.
[11:48] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Kidding, obviously. And yeah, I've heard of tons and tons of people who come here from IMVU!
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I actually might have a hostessing job. (Fingers crossed) New club but its a foot in the door
[11:49] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah because IMVU sucks, moving on.
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IMVU is horrid compared to here
[11:49] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i will NOT go back
[11:49] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IMVU?
IMVU. Sort of like the nightmare fuel version of SL.
[11:49] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i used be part of IMVU years ago.....
[11:49] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If you don't know it, it of zero consequence.
[11:49] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm hearing that DJ's and Hostesses are in short supply.
DJ's, no, but hostesses are always needed.
[11:49] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but that was way before i had heard about SL
[11:50] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: uhuh
[11:50] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no [Nxxx], theres no shortage of dj's and hosts in sl
[11:50] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i played IMVU for about a year and got bored... then in 2014 i found SL
[11:50] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Still, I was helped early on. I feel like most people were, right at the start. So how does that go? Pay it forward? Don't break the chain? Keep the tapes circulating?
[11:50] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Club Penguin had more to offer than IMVU.
Yeah, and had more scandals.
[11:50] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and was like hmm let's try it
[11:50] zxxx Mxxxx: AND... drum roll please
[11:51] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Yeah [Mxxx], thats what Ive done since I was helped here a lot when I first came in after 8 years of not being around.
[11:51] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And I have done the same.
[11:51] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: But I am told that not many clubs will hire someone with less than 30 days.
Most won't, it's true.
[11:51] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: I played IMVU until I found out that I couldn't get anywhere without dropping money. 12 years later, here I am on SL without payment info on file, thanks in *huge* part to groups like this. I love you guys
[11:52] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Nxxx], no store will get you if you are less that a certain age of avatar.
[11:52] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I very quickly learned SL's interface and file system and how things worked now I make my own tattoos, and have been a DJ and motorcycle track owner.
[11:52] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: When I was loooking for a job myself that was a requirement in a lot of standard jobs.
[11:52] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Aye, even as a volunteer at the newbie hub I had to be 90days old.
[11:53] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: There are other jobs of course that are less picky. Depends. On the job, and if you know the person or whatever.
[11:53] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: They didn't even ask me about it till I was 89 days old and said, "Ok apply tomorrow."
[11:54] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got a job as a noob in a strip club i rarely had to actually go full nude i made a lot of linden and got a maitreya body and catwa head eventually then i decided i wanted a linden house so paid in but i was able to before that rent a small place with what i was earning and buy whatever i wanted I have my own club now and I handpick people now and then to help out.
Thanks for sharing.
[11:54] zxxx Mxxxx: i never knew sorry
[11:56] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can anyone dress me?
Are we back to looking for sugar daddies again? Spend the first half of this convo telling the girl who got gifted she was a slut for accepting it, but now you want what she got? Yeah, life doesn't work that way. On yer bike.
[11:56] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What is a maitreya body?
[11:56] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Maitreya is a creator in SL that makes a body called Lara.
[11:56] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is a mesh body that is quite a good deal for the price. there are other mesh bodies
[11:56] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Maitreya is a brand of mesh body
[11:56] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it all depends on your taste
[11:57] Cxxxx Rxxxxx: Noob, Maitreya is a brand... they create Body and clothes
[11:57] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I like the altamura body too and AK heads
[11:57] Vxxxxxxx Bxxxx: There are bodies you can get that are better than your default body. Each one is a bit different.
[11:57] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: theres lots of good choices
[11:57] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Others include, Belleza, SLink, Altamura, and Abbar eBody.
[11:57] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Genesis make nice heads too
[11:58] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: AK and LAQ also make nice heads.
[11:58] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Okay, I remember someone talking about Belleza and a lot of the free stuff I'm finding has Slink stuff.
[11:58] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i like LAQ because it is for a younger look, and i use my Lelutka for a older look
[11:58] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: for me because im a dancer i had to buy slink feet
[11:58] Vxxxxxxx Bxxxx: Maitreya is the best if you like a lot of variety and frees.
[11:58] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u can get different feet to attach to your other body
[11:59] Rxxxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx: i use slink HG and Ga.Eg myself, though i did purchase a LAQ head recently for a more...human look, lol
[11:59] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Something to note: Maitreya comes with slink feet, iirc
No, it doesn't. It never came with Slink feet. It came with Maitreya feet and hands, originally, that fit Slink feet products and Slink hand products. Now it doesn't fit those things, but the Maitreya body still comes with Maitreya hands and feet, not Slink hands and feet.
[11:59] Kxxxxx Cxxxxx: I wanted woman not girl so I went Lelutka
[11:59] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: SLink is popular with older members because it was one of the first around along with TMP but, it has given way to Maitreya and Belleza, with eBody gaining traction.
[11:59] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i RP a lot, so multiple looks are awesome
[11:59] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have found with altamura also you can pretty much wear most things
[11:59] Cxxxx Rxxxxx: i have Similar feet... they are compatible to Slink
[11:59] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but not the free alta
[11:59] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i got the slink point for ballet they are good
[12:00] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh the free altamura can wear most of my maitreya stuff .. but i am not big on altamura bodies
[12:00] zxxx Mxxxx: i don't like the spider one sigma i am scared of them
[12:00] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh, i can remove my ridable spider
[12:00] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so i don't scare you
[12:00] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spiders are cool
Ah, back to spiders.
[12:01] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: Or at least something that fits all slink feet things. All I know is even when I use other bodies I pop on my Maitreya feet. That being said, Maitreya does have the best compatibility with mesh clothes for female avatars. Though I did pick up Belleza freya recently and found it's...really not bad. Most of my Maitreya Wardobe also came with options for Belleza Freya
[12:01] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they have spider pasties at the little bat in the group gifts
[12:01] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i think
[12:02] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the only animal i am scared of..... idk.... i am uneasy around big cats people say are "tame" lol
[12:02] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: do NOT bring that spider you are talking about near me :-)
[12:02] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah Altamura HUDs are the worst.
Works for me, I don't like the Altamura heads to date anyway.
[12:02] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spiders are good luck unless one bites you lol
[12:02] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: That's not a bad instinct. Things that can seriously wound you while playing are probably best to give a wide berth
[12:02] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: xP
[12:02] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i keep thje 2 cellar spiders in my bathroom there so they can get flies and stuff
[12:03] Cxxxx Rxxxxx: for feet and shoes i think most are for Maitreya or for Slink... so if you have a Maitreya body you can use the cheaper Similar feet for all that shoes that are not for Maitreya but for Slink
[12:03] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have a male alt with an altumura max body i found it to be an excellent hud the free alta do not have all the same options
[12:03] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when i was a teenager i got to pet a tiger.. the whole time i was very uneasy and watching it intently lol
[12:03] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had seen some bad videos

Phobias are irrational things. But yeah, this is going into the third part, I think. See you there.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

their hidden laws condemn him, they’re so rigid and refined (part one)

It all started with a simple question:
[11:31] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, there aren't any in here scared of spiders is there?
Well, there's a conversation opening. Or stopper.
[11:32] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nope. Im a princess with a twist. Giggles
What, exactly, does that mean?
[11:32] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OOOOOOO Just got my inner wolf tattoo. Is puurrttttyyyyyyy
[11:33] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh do these tattoos require to get that relay thing? Please tell me no
"That relay thing" mean, Omega? If so, yeah--if it's not a system face tattoo, and you have a mesh body or head, you will need an Omega relay to put it on.
[11:33] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well found that i have a giant ridable spider and i don't wanna give anyone a heart attack if i tp somewhere
I suppose that's a fair question, then.
[11:33] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: depends on your body, but I use the omega relay for mine
[11:34] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Spiders are cool though.
[11:34] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The better question is why don't you already HAVE a relay?
[11:34] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: MAITREYA
Pish, Maitreya can use Omega relays like any other body.
[11:34] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Someone was nice and got me the body. Im only 6 days into SL. :-(
Are you? Well, I suppose that makes sense. Then yes. You will need a relay to put the tattoo on.
[11:35] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And no one wants to hire a new person sooooo
[11:35] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have been working with what i can
[11:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ahhh...well it's only 99L at the omega store and it's a worth while investment.
[11:35] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Who was that nice?
[11:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: okay, not sure then, as I have belleza, so you'll have to open the tattoo to find out
[11:35] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IKR?
[11:35] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: 6 days and somebody BUYS you the maitreya ??
That...sounds like jealousy.
[11:36] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why dont I find these nice people
They're around. They're just not hip-deep on the grid.
[11:36] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Got me the body a head a skin and a shape.... Oh and hair
[11:36] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I've heard stories like this before though.
[11:36] gxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sugar daddy
Why is that the automatic assumption?
[11:36] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: I dont know, send them my way too, Im still saving for a Catwa. Id be pretty suspicious of what they want out of me.
[11:37] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Alls i did was ask for help finding some freebie stuff that was halfway nice and next thing i knew i was on a shopping spree.
Yeah. Sometimes it happens like that.
[11:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why Catwa?
[11:37] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I can use some nice too, thank you.
[11:37] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: UMM not [Jxxx]
[11:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: AK and LAQ are so much better than Catwa.
Jury's still out until I find a head that doesn't look like Paris Hilton married Kim Kardashian and they're still arguing about it.
[11:37] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Cheaper too.
[11:37] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Catya head i think it is.
[11:37] gxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[11:38] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Dang well I want a Panzer IV tank, that is only 2000L.
[11:38] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: But im going to lurk again before i say something i shouldnt
[11:38] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That is a 1/4 of what that combo cost.
Yeah, but here's the thing. When someone is nice and buys something for you, they don't, in general, just toss you Lindens. They'll toss you the things in question. So...if you're any kind of decent person, you thank them and make it work. If you're not happy with it, buy some Lindens, or get a job and work for Lindens, and change into what you need later. Done and done.
[11:38] Kxxxxxx Fxxxxxxxx: so 6 days in sl and someone just dropped over 10k on you? in gifts
Yep. That's what she's saying.
[11:38] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: But i will add that not EVERYONE in this game is a slut
There it is. The accusations begin.
[11:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Try 8k.
[11:39] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Wondering if that person was male?
Because...the only reason anyone would buy any female on the grid a gift is that they want between her virtual legs? Who have you people been meeting?
[11:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Lara is only 2750 and Catya is only 5k.
[11:39] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please watch the language
[11:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yikes
[11:39] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No one said so..
[11:39] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So your estimate is a tad exaggerated.
[11:40] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If a 6 day old avi has a "Sugar daddy" that would make them what?????
[11:40] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: A noobie that knows how to hold their tongue?
Seems more like, they're trying to tell you it makes you a slut. Which, hey, it's a virtual world, if that's your thing, groovy, but that's not the point. You aren't saying it was a transaction for sex--give me X body, I give you an hour of sexy talk--so...what's the big deal? People do this. People do this in RL. It does happen.
[11:40] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had a sugar daddy when i was a couple months old.
[11:40] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I need a sugar mommy.
[11:40] Axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i want it too lol
[11:40] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I find that comment offensive
They're just jealous.
[11:40] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but it was only dates and spending time together
[11:40] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am 6 days into this game
[11:41] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i had a sugar daddy in my first months of this game
[11:41] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: Nobody has actually insulted you at any time.
Are you sure? Seems pretty close, if not actual, at least to me.
[11:41] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Months i can understand
[11:41] rxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Don't worry about the jealousy, [Cxxxxxx], it's rampant in this game.
It is. Along with rampant emotional dysfunction, moodiness, paranoia, rage for no reason...just roll with it and stay as stable as you can.
[11:41] Emilly Orr: I will say that, when I first started, I was working at a club as a hostess alone. Someone decided I needed a better skin and bought me a skin pack--3K at the time, which was 2006. It was wholly unexpected and I didn't have to sleep with anyone to get that gift. It was appreciated.
[11:42] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i try to be as generous as i can when i work with newbies
[11:42] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: same here
[11:43] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: at one point i spent like 5K on a noobie because i felt that they needed it
[11:43] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[11:43] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I literally cried when the lady did that for me
[11:43] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i didnt ask for it
[11:43] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nor ask for Money.
Person's gender confirmed--a woman bought her the things to upgrade her game. Which doesn't invalidate that it may have been a sexual excuse with someone else--I've had a lot of women here gun for me, hard, and try to toss me gifts to get me into their beds--but in this instance, I believe what she says. She was asking where the freebies were in another group, and some very helpful lass decided to really help her by getting her into mesh. This is not some miraculous, it only happens once every generation, story. I hear it a lot.
[11:43] wxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in act i bumped into one in wow skin totally not dressed i helped her use her folder to get clothes on
[11:43] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bought him a jake body and a static catwa head
[11:43] nxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Some of the people here have been very generous with me in pointing me to some wonderful free places.
[11:43] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: I have had plenty of gifts from females, most of this group, very nice people and males from THIS group. But the only times males outside of this group have tried to give me things, they wanted something in exchange. Glad to know they are not all like that then.
Not everyone is.
[11:43] cxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Simply asked for some LMs to help me find free stuff
[11:43] Axxxx Rxxxxxxx: hell, somebody bought me a maitreya because i stayed up 6 hours past my 4 hours too late bed time to cheer the up when they were talking of quitting sl, so they friended me and sent me a tp to mait and handed me the 2750
[11:43] sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's nice to see that there are some good hearted people about, it makes SL a better place :)
[11:43] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i didnt have to sleep with anyone
Gee, thanks for being so judgmental.
[11:43] Mxxx Fxxxxxxxx: Are people out there who like to help new people i myself have helped several of my friends and they have gone on to pay it forward and help others not everyone is in sl for sex
That's not the point. Sure, not everyone is, but there's nothing wrong with being in SL for sex, too. But in this situation, it's very clearly someone wanting to help someone else out. Sex never came into it, so keeping bringing it up is just making you sound like a prude.
[11:44] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when you think about it your crying over someone giving you like five dollars in rl ....I am very generous to noobs too but i direct them how to get things for free and how to find places to work you dont need to sleep with anybody to look nice and have nice things here
[11:44] Emilly Orr: Not everyone is here for sex, [Kxxxxxx]. Surprising, perhaps, but true.
[11:44] Sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, we're holding onto this "sex" idea too long, let's change the subject
Mod talking.
[11:44] gxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there is helping and then there is helping
[11:44] Vxxxxxxx Bxxxx: It's so hard to find people who aren't...
[11:44] Dxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And most noobs anyhow don't listen to the advices you give them.
[11:45] Kxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: As I said, [Exxxx], I have had plenty of gifts from people who had become friends or known people. Males that I just met, they wanted that. That is My personal experience.
I want to roll my eyes dismissively and say, 'yeah, whatever', but...there is a point in making something plain that it's been our experience, that it is not the wider experience everyone will have. I mean, I'm sure there are kind, caring people in Bloodlines. I've never had any experience with one longer than ten minutes that didn't convince me they don't exist, but I'm sure they do. Same thing here.

This is getting long, so this is now part one. Part two coming.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

magpies, I throw sticks at them, they laugh behind my back

By all the void stars, this was ANNOYING:
[22:59] OM1N Resident: hi group chat is disabled so im using conference for that reason [ obviously] i have a new sim its juts a home but its dark and gothy if anyones interested in joining the group and sim i have avaible rooms and info in me picks tab in me profiles all welcome to come dwell hang out do xxx stuff rp or go ak just dont crash me or anything thats all i ask hope it goes cool and somone comes over n enjoys it
[23:00] Emilly Orr: Who are you?
Because I seriously had no clue. I pulled the profile. Turns out we only had one, single, solitary group in common, which is being named as is, because I think it's kind of important this twidget decided to go after this group, out of all the possible groups on the grid in which to pull this nonsense.
[23:00] Axxxxx Mxxxxxxx: wtf
[23:00] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Who are you?
[23:01] Emilly Orr: Oh, you're hassling Candle and Cauldron members over this? Yeah, no. I'm not into Bloodlines, I don't deal with spampires, bug off.
[23:01] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: is this person in the C and C group? i will ban them
[23:01] Dxx Lxx: lol
[23:01] Emilly Orr: Has to be, it's the only group I share with this person.
[23:01] Dxx Lxx: love that Emilly ^^
[23:01] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Same
[23:01] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye
So why did OM1N pick tonight to do this? I have no idea. Why do idiots do anything?
[23:02] Nxxxx Bxxxxxxxx: ok i'll kick them from there, i hate when jerks do this [sh*t]
[23:02] Emilly Orr: Three months on the grid, pulling this crap. This is NOT the way to make friends, dude.
[23:03] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What the [f*ck]
[23:03] Emilly Orr: And I'll tell you something else, for free. Offering to rent out your sim to random strangers is never a good idea.
It's really not. Just randomly sending something out to a group whose only link is "we are not Christians"'s ridiculous. And stupid.
[23:04] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Because of this I will make it a point to NOT visit your [sh*tty] sim, and spread the word to others not to
[23:05] Emilly Orr: Y'know what? I just went back and read the intro blurb again. They say group chat is 'disabled' for them. What do you want to bet either a mod, or the owner of C&C disabled chat FOR this idiot BECAUSE they pulled something like this in group chat?
Then they pulled the SAME CRAP in the main group, I guess because I'd helped them figure out they still had access. Stupid me:
[23:05] OM1N Resident: hi group chat is disabled so im using conference for that reason [ obviously] i have a new sim its juts a home but its dark and gothy if anyones interested in joining the group and sim i have avaible rooms and info in me picks tab in me profiles all welcome to come dwell hang out do xxx stuff rp or go ak just dont crash me or anything thats all i ask hope it goes cool and somone comes over n enjoys it [23:06] Emilly Orr: SHUT. UP.
Dear gods, it was the SAME exact message, just cut-and-paste garbage.
[23:06] OM1N Resident: hi group chat is disabled so im using conference for that reason [ obviously] i have a new sim its juts a home but its dark and gothy if anyones interested in joining the group and sim i have avaible rooms and info in me picks tab in me profiles all welcome to come dwell hang out do xxx stuff rp or go ak just dont crash me or anything thats all i ask hope it goes cool and somone comes over n enjoys it
So, what, they're a troll? Definitely a spammer. Stupid. Lower life form? I have no idea.

Back to their 'private' conference:
[23:06] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Most likely, they're a 3 month old noob who wasted a bunch of money on a sim impulsively, that will be closed in a month or less. Because every basic piece of shit in this bloodlines cult thinks they can open a club, and they try to achieve it by doing this obnoxious shit.
[23:06] Emilly Orr: So you're just a troll, then. With the brains of a kitchen sponge. Got it.
And back to the group chat:
[23:06] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: for goddess sake stop freaking spamming
[23:07] OM1N Resident: hi i have a huge sim full region full of gothic builds and vaible rooms to live in for free if anyone is interested info on the group and sim is in me picks tab in me profiles
[23:07] fxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's doing it all over the place tonight
Changing the spam to new spam doesn't make it NOT SPAM.
[23:07] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ugh
[23:07] OM1N Resident:
[23:07] Emilly Orr: You're an idiot.
They really, really are. THey'd get lost in a paper bag full of holes.
[23:07] OM1N Resident: hi i have a huge sim full region full of gothic builds and vaible rooms to live in for free if anyone is interested info on the group and sim is in me picks tab in me profiles
[23:07] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there now I don't have to see it lol
[23:08] OM1N Resident: hi i have a huge sim full region full of gothic builds and vaible rooms to live in for free if anyone is interested info on the group and sim is in me picks tab in me profiles
So the sim in question is apparently Duchamp. Avoid it. And block this person, who is not being anonymized, because they're not only too stupid to breathe effectively, but they're a gorram troll for doing this.
[23:10] Emilly Orr: Blocked.
I recommend everyone else does the same.

Friday, August 24, 2018

there's no room for innocence

So...the Sense event is a shopping event, one of the themed ones. It's got some gacha action, it has some special limited-edition pieces, but it all ties in--or tries to tie in--with a specific theme. I think the theme for this one was either "Animal" or more likely "Zoo", which mostly made sense...ah, so to speak...with the setting, until...this set piece.

Was this really necessary? It's supposedly a zoo event. Animals, cages, some people wandering around, okay. Maybe there's implied violence in the running figures, but as they're not actually moving, it's hard to get that sense of urgency from them, right?

But...come on. Even if someone partially ate a human, it wouldn't be a rhino. And even if something else wandered into the rhino enclosure and partially ate the girl, it certainly wouldn't have completely undressed her first. Animals don't do that. They don't care.

This is serial killer porn, and it's just the totally wrong mood for this event. Why? I don't get it.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

to deserve affection, to ever be enough for this existence

Okay, so no, this isn't AS bad as that fish-lipped, pouty, spraddle-hipped, twig-legged nightmare that was so popular a few years ago. And from the front this person was almost okay, save for that weird "Hi, my hips are dislocated" spread.

But from the back? OMG. Plus, she was a week old. I don't care if we're on an Adult sim, we're allowed to have rules, and our rules say, we don't care what you wear, but on ground level YOU WEAR CLOTHING, and any active bits are PUT AWAY.

So of course Miss One Week Old came in naked. I told her she needed to change into something, and she pulled her avatar into appearance. For TEN MINUTES. I finally asked if I could help, at all, and she poofed.

So, no longer my problem. But those hips are still disturbing.

to all who stood with me when we stood as one

Caledon is changing! This might be a good thing, actually.
[21:10] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: And Then There Was The Time That Desmond. . . . Oh Hi Des!!
[21:10] Desmond Shang: hai! :)
[21:10] Emilly Orr giggles
[21:11] rxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OOOO the Guvnah
[21:11] Desmond Shang: is writing a group noticey thing
[21:11] Fxxxxxxx Oxxxxx hides the bomb, "I'll work on this when I get back to Steelhead"
[21:11] Desmond Shang: oh suuure
[21:11] Mxxxxxxxx Kxxxxxx: Uh oh ...
[21:12] Desmond Shang: [Mxxx]! :D
[21:12] Emilly Orr: Don't blow up Steelhead!
[21:12] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx) looks up from the discussion with [Vxxxxxxx]. "But what did he do with the shaved goats afterwa.....? Oh, hi Guv."
[21:12] Desmond Shang: he might!
[21:12] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx takes the papers and crumples up the notice... "We're Sorry Guv, The World Is NOT Ready To Acknowledge The Secret Catgirl Dungon..."
[21:13] Fxxxxxxx Oxxxxx: Steelhead is safe. Extra safe, now that I got the promotion and pay raise.
[21:13] Emilly Orr: Woo!
That actually is good news. Some few of us were worried.
[21:13] Desmond Shang: suuuure
[21:14] Fxxxxxxx Oxxxxx: Well, it's "Steelhead Safe" May experience some explosions, earthquakes, paratrooper chickens, and a turkey
[21:14] Emilly Orr: Who may explode
[21:14] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Zombie turkeys, on FIRE!
[21:16] JX Dxxxxxxxxx: Eeeek!
Ah, some traditions never die.
[21:16] JX Dxxxxxxxxx: It's a Des!!!
[21:17] JX Dxxxxxxxxx: Hide the kittens!!!
[21:17] Emilly Orr: But I thought Des liked kittens...
[21:17] Desmond Shang: little kittens grow up to be catgirls
[21:18] Emilly Orr: Yes. Isn't that the point?
[21:18] Desmond Shang: (forgive my choppiness, IM storm :)
[21:19] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx looks shocked at Mr. [Dxxxxxxxxx. "He might shave the kittens, too?????"
[21:20] JX Dxxxxxxxxx is wholly unable to predict
[21:21] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxx looks at all the names in chat and grins. You'd think it was 2008 not 2018! ;-)
*grins* I was thinking that, too.
[21:21] Desmond Shang: it isn't?
[21:22] JX Dxxxxxxxxx: Have another drink, Des.....
[21:22] Fxxxxxxx Oxxxxx: Ah, the good old days.
[21:23] Desmond Shang: slams down another scotch
[21:23] Desmond Shang: (which are not to be slammed, generally)
[21:23] Bxxxxx Fxxxxxxx: For shame...
[21:23] JX Dxxxxxxxxx: Suuuurrre it's 2008, Des....don't you worry your pretty little head about that nast calendar...
[21:24] Desmond Shang: the economy is roaring, what could go wrong!!!!
[21:25] Desmond Shang: parties like it's 1999
[21:26] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx whispers an aside to [JX] "Should we tell him about Prince?"
[21:27] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: sshh.... let him stay asleep.
[21:27] Desmond Shang: Group Notice Sent by: Desmond Shang
some changes afoot!
I'm doing some parcel changes to Port Caledon... as many of you know, it was designed with a small blizzard of tiny parcels, which worked great when inworld stores were all the rage. That's changed long ago, so it's getting some updating with larger parcels and a greener setting. I just didn't want anyone to panic when they see some streets are ripped up :) No current residents will be inconvenienced!

So, right, that's the notice. Essentially, he's planning on two things:
  • First, replacing the old, full-prim trees (some of which were made in the earliest days of sculpt, some few of which were even made BEFORE sculpts were a thing; and
  • Reparceling: in short, taking smaller parcels and reconfiguring them so they're larger parcels. So, say, instead of 30 parcels in a given sim, which people can buy in bulk if they want a larger single parcel, he's just making all parcels larger overall--say, 12 to 15 per sim, instead of 30.
Makes sense?
[21:27] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Ripping the streets up now, are you?
[21:28] Desmond Shang: if I get that far tonight :)
[21:28] Fxxxxxxx Oxxxxx hands [Gxxxxxxxx] and a few others pick axes, "Come on, let's give Des a hand."
[21:29] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx claps and continues to hide out on Cymru.
[21:29] Desmond Shang: I've been wanting to give Caledon a sort of 'not ancient sl' look for a while, and with me moving RL that sort of pushes this to 'do now or it will be a loooong wait'
[21:30] JX Dxxxxxxxxx shoulders his pick axe and marches off to do his duty by Calendon...
[21:30] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: If the [Fxxxxxxx] is involved, they will be 'explosions'.
[21:30] Gxxxxxxxx Rxxx: Well-made mesh can be your friend Des!
[21:31] Desmond Shang: that's the general idea, as well as pivoting away from 'a million little inworld shop parcels'
[21:32] Emilly Orr: I'm waiting for when he gets to Tanglewood, and the big trees change. :D
[21:33] Desmond Shang: right now, priority is on revitalising the port, old Caledon, and Tam
[21:33] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx eees! No touchy my willow!
[21:47] Emilly Orr: If it's on a parcel, it won't change. He's talking about changing the higher-prim, more primitive trees along the roadsides, and the train rails.
[21:57] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx looks up from chaining herself to her tree. Hmm?
Yeah, pretty much, that's the main idea. Parcel trees, well, if we really want to hang onto that 45-prim bendy nightmare, on our own parcels, we can. But if it's on Commonwealth land, Des is planning to move things to mesh--less overall prims, less overall 'age' to the look of the sims.
[21:57] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: !
[21:59] Desmond Shang: hai! :)
[22:01] JX Dxxxxxxxxx: Goodnight, Caledon!
[22:01] Desmond Shang: sleep well [JX]!
[22:01] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Now We All Know That The Des Would'nt Bulldoze A Bunneh. Given That Then Tend To ~BEWM~!!
[22:02] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Catgirl chains herself to something. Des shows up. Coincidence?
[22:02] Desmond Shang: mrowr!
[22:02] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx laughs!
[22:03] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Now Des.. Don't Make Me Summon The Succubus Of Dispair... She Has Needles Just For You, Ya Know.
[22:04] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The trees going in are lovely.
I'll need to go wander and get pictures of the new trees.
[22:04] Desmond Shang: !
[22:04] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [DXX]'s place will have a nice North View.
[22:07] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxx] will bepeaking in my windows? O.o
[22:07] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ....?
[22:08] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Maybe? But I just meant there some nice large trees and green going in next to her complex.
[22:08] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: " North View...."
[22:08] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Okay, I'm tired, and my sense of humor is going strange directions. -_^
[22:09] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :-)
[22:09] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Perfectly Normal Humor For Caledon.
[22:09] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I knew there was a reason I feel at home here.
Don't we all.
[22:10] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: If At Anytime You Run Across Something 'Normal', You've Clearly Left Caledon. Turn Around And Run Back!
[22:11] Emilly Orr: Good advice.
[22:11] Desmond Shang: it makes me sad that inworld shops are a shadow of what they were. used to be, land was worth having for that purpose, for the regular person
Yes, and that may be another reason for the reparceling, that fewer stores are retaining parcels and moving to Marketplace only. Which is, yes, a very sad thing.
[22:12] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So....if I see something 'normal' it the south end of it.
[22:12] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I still prefer them.
[22:12] Emilly Orr: In general, yes. Also, I very much like demos. Stores without demos make me cranky.
[22:13] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I like in-world shopping, but its gotten hard to do outside of events.
[22:13] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes, Miss Orr, that is true.
[22:13] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I mean, it's true that they should have demos, not that you are cranky.
[22:13] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :-/
[22:13] Emilly Orr smiles.
[22:13] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I mean you might be, but not for me to say. LOL ;-)
Oh, I'll freely admit that I've been crankier in ISC chat in past years.
[22:13] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: There Is Value To Seeing A Product Before It Is Bought With Loo... ermm... Hard Eraned Monies.
[22:13] Emilly Orr: I am generally only cranky with reason, even if that reason is vague and known only to myself.
"Now". I would add. "Now", I am generally only cranky with reason.
[22:14] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Like...."existential angst"?
[22:14] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I read your blog and cranky doesn't fit. Observant and ... awesomely biting at times?
[22:14] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Rage A Little, Emilly. It May Not Alter Circumstances, But It Feels Wonderful!
[22:15] Emilly Orr: I'll accept that, Ms. [Sxxxxxxxx].
[22:15] Emilly Orr: And at times, yes! But I try to behave myself in ISC. ...Lately.
[22:15] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :-D
[22:16] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think most of us are in existential angst these days.
[22:16] Desmond Shang: is oddly happy these days, through the exhaustion. go figure...
[22:16] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Whether any of us have elevated it to an artform.... well.... ;-)
[22:17] Desmond Shang: another side effect of all this parcel changery....
[22:18] Desmond Shang: is that I'm tending toward larger parcels, due to the loss of shops, and loss of personal time as well
[22:18] Desmond Shang: the average person browsing parcels, that wants my assistance, can take something like 40 minutes
[22:18] Desmond Shang: about 20 of that is me sort of hanging around while they decide or not, and then, about 50% of the time they decide not to
[22:19] Desmond Shang: which... if I rely on that for parcels that are say 5 bucks a month of tier, we'd be doomed
[22:19] Desmond Shang: hence, the trend is larger parcels.
[22:19] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx coughs apologetically, having taken considerably longer, as I recall.....
Don't feel bad, my first parcel, I did too.
[22:20] Desmond Shang: no worries, I'm happy to help anyone, it's just not a viable strategy to keep things going
[22:20] Desmond Shang: hence: doing something about it :)
[22:21] Desmond Shang: two parcels at 1250 prims is a lot easier to manage, than eight at way less prims.
[22:22] Desmond Shang: and a lot of the community here doesn't have land at all here
[22:22] Desmond Shang: which is fine, and actually good, because we aren't losing 6 people by converting 8 parcels down to 2.
[22:29] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: There was a time when there was a waiting list.. I remember well..
[22:29] Desmond Shang: indeed
[22:29] Desmond Shang: had I filled that list, we would have EASILY gone over 100 regions, then collapsed
[22:29] Emilly Orr nods
[22:30] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Well.. 11 years and I'm still here. And WELL entrenched!
[22:30] Desmond Shang: I ah... heh. I actually did a bad thing
[22:30] Desmond Shang: indeed this is a good place if its managed right
[22:31] Desmond Shang: Linden blew up the mainland badly, literally region after abandoned region... they destroyed the value of their own product
And we still can't figure out why, but I've seen other games implode their own economies, too.
[22:31] Desmond Shang: they got greedy
[22:31] Desmond Shang: it was pretty clear that there was a 'hype' back in the day
[22:31] Desmond Shang: and knowing that, well, hypes tend to fade as fast as they come
[22:31] Desmond Shang: so I decided: let's not own the regions that will fade that fast, shall we?
[22:32] Desmond Shang: and I let a few other estates add dozens of regions... when the collapse came, the residents went from there to here.
[22:32] Desmond Shang: most notably, Antiquity
Sad, but true.
[22:33] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Now Here Is The Funny Part... I Found Caledon By Looking For BOOTS. landed At A Shop In The Then New Tanglewoods. And Have Been 'Here' Ever Sense.
[22:33] Desmond Shang: did you find your boots?
[22:33] Exxxxx Pxxxxx waves "What did I miss?"
[22:33] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Yes, She Even Custom Fitted Them To Me.
[22:34] Desmond Shang: you missed a decade, sir!
[22:34] Exxxxx Pxxxxx: Heh
Eh, he's been around. :)
[22:34] Desmond Shang: well I miss the inworld shops, too
[22:34] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: EGAD!! The [Exxxxx] LIVES!! Hav'nt Heard You In... Years!
[22:35] Exxxxx Pxxxxx: Still around. How's yourself?
[22:35] Desmond Shang: he's actually gone, it's just group chat lag is ENORMOUS these days....
Yeah, that's actually almost not funny. We're no longer posting messages posed a day later, but several hours later for the same group chat? Yeah, that still happens. Latency is a bitch.
[22:35] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: That Would Be So Very Much SL.. And Was Back In The Day.
[22:35] Desmond Shang: these are things he said in 2007, finally reaching us now. Einstein and all that, you know?
[22:36] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: I Remember When It Almost WAS Like That.
[22:36] Exxxxx Pxxxxx: I visted the Lovefest on Friday night. I swear the lag was imported from 2007
It's LoveFest. They're nostalgic for all the crippling horrors of the past.
[22:36] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: And I Do Well [Exxxxx], Yourself??
[22:36] Desmond Shang: we can call that period when he was around, the Edwardian...
[22:36] Exxxxx Pxxxxx: Badum tish
[22:36] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: I'll Endorse That..
[22:37] Desmond Shang: it's accurate!
[22:37] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: And I Avoid Fair Like The Plague.. I Send The Bunnehs To Them... If They Find Something They Like I Just Send Monies.
[22:39] Exxxxx Pxxxxx: I usually find things on a blog, and ninja in, buy it and ninja out again
[22:40] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: But I Do Remember Foundly The Des' Attempt To Crash Cymru.. That Party Was Crazy Lagged. But We never Crashed!
[22:40] Desmond Shang: we tried!
[22:40] pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx hugs anyone that wants one and slinks offline to attempt the ever elusive "sleep" thing I've heard so much about.
[22:41] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Particles, Bling And GLITTER.. Oh My!
Was that the party with the War of the Worlds "War-walkers"? I remember that one. That was crazy.
[22:43] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Sleep Well Miss [Pxx].
[22:44] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Goodnight, Miss [Pxx]
[22:44] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Des.. Tell Me She's Not Sleeping Chained To That Tree?
[22:45] Desmond Shang: erm....
[22:45] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Des! You Would'nt?!
[22:45] Desmond Shang: it wasn't me!
[22:46] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx puts in a call to the Succubus of Dispair.
[22:46] Emilly Orr: Oh dear.
[22:46] Desmond Shang: despairs
[22:47] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Remember, Sleep Well Des... She Does Her best Work When You Dream.
Yeah, I think I've met her. If she has needles for teeth, she knocked on my door once, I opened it, stared at her, then closed the door. Do not answer knocking by needle-toothed floating women at your door, kids. Handy life tip.
[22:47] Desmond Shang: !
[22:47] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx Snickers Evily. . . .
[22:47] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: !
[22:48] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: Considers a suck-u-a-bus of disrepair.
[22:48] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx looks over the Port.. It's so... GREEN.
[22:49] Desmond Shang: and 9 parcels fewer
[22:49] Emilly Orr: Interesting.
[22:50] Desmond Shang: a lot of people tell me they hate getting a bunch of parcels, and paying a lot of meters as well
[22:50] Emilly Orr: So it made sense.
It does, actually. Say I decide I want to move back to Morgaine. Say I want my original parcel back. Say the parcel next to it is empty, and the parcel next to that. Before, if I wanted all three, I'd have to buy them individually, and pay each meter, and keep up with each meter. Under the new system (well, and assuming he decides to join three parcels hypothetically like this), I'd be buying in one parcel with one meter and get more prims overall. Seems...actually easier overall.
[22:51] Desmond Shang: and there are some land barons that think im flat out crazy to deal with anything smaller than a region
[22:52] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: And Thus They Rent Land, Not Build Communities.
[22:52] Emilly Orr: Exactly. [22:53] Desmond Shang: wishes for another recession, such that I might have more time again.
[22:53] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: THEY are land owners. Your The Guv... A Benelevant Tyrant. hehe
[22:53] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: one thing i love about caledon...even though i don't live there anymore..i can still visit..i've lived in 2 other groups of sims that no longer exist
[22:54] Desmond Shang: I think a lot of people were in it for the money, so to speak
Well, and that's not a terrible thing. I mean, sure, some land barons are creepy and horrible, but most aren't. Most got into it because they thought it could make them money, and not in a disturbing graft and fraud sense, but in a, hey-this-could-help-me-pay-rent sense. A lot went in because they wanted to help people, and yes, that included themselves. A lot of land barons started renting land to other avatars in SL for the same reason clothing designers started selling clothing to other avatars in SL.

The problems started when some of the land barons expanded too much, before they were settled, established..before they were ready, really, is the main thing. And they weren't economically savvy enough to realize they were in over their heads.
[22:55] Desmond Shang: when that dried up, so did they. at some point it could affect me too, but I'm strangely fortunate outside of SL
Yeah, but Des is an economically savvy guy.
[22:55] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: They Lacked Vision Beyond The Dollar Signs.
[22:55] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: one got behind on the payments and didn't ask for help..the other well...rl does have priority and i can understand that
[22:55] Desmond Shang: if I have to, I downsize
[22:56] Desmond Shang: we had 21 regions more than now, at 'peak land'
[22:56] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Here Is The Telling Point... They Get In Trouble, The Renters Go 'tisk tisk tisk'.... Des gets Worried And We All Step Up To The Plate And Ask What Can WE Do. Big Difference.
Yeah. It's part of why I moved back.

Hard, savage truth here: I have a place I can move into tomorrow on the grid rent-free. I mean, if I did that, I'd want to help, but if it comes right down to it...I wouldn't have to. I have another place that, for various reasons, my only contribution is donations, occasionally, if I have the Lindens. And in a pinch, I have a one-room work studio I could live in because I pay L$150 a week for that. That's mostly kept just for clients, but I *could* live there if I really needed to.

Add all that up, that's three places I could live without being digitally homeless, only one of which I'd have to pay anything for, all of which are less expensive per week and per month than my bit of Caledon. But I moved back because it meant something. Because even in my tiny way, I wanted to help keep Caledon around.
[22:56] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: i remember..was the duchess of westmoreland for a
[22:57] Desmond Shang: I don't want anyone to spend money that's better spent elsewhere
[22:57] Desmond Shang: it's not going to make the average person happy here, if we are 3 more regions added, or whatever.
[22:58] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: And there's the telling point, the decision of what is "better"
[22:58] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: we would have helped the one who didnt ask for help if he had told us..but he didn't say anything until it was too late..and that hurt..
[22:59] Desmond Shang: sometimes, it's more the time than the money. I've been keeping Caledon through parts of my life when I did. not. have. time. but we muddled through.
[23:00] Desmond Shang: i'll be moving RL in... well sometime between now and the next 6 mo
[23:00] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Des.. I've Watched You Agonize Over Every Single Region Sense The Tanglewoods.. 11 Years And Lord Knows How Much Sweat And Booze.
[23:00] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: when the time is right..i may move back to caledon..
[23:00] Desmond Shang: and there will be a patch where I'm not on too much
[23:00] Desmond Shang: yah I still wander the regions that are gone, in my mind
[23:00] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: which is why you have people who can help..
Yeah. Between the estate managers, and just the established citizenry in general, Des can leave when he needs to and we muddle through. There aren't many estates of any size that can do that.
[23:00] Desmond Shang: Caledon Eyre was lovely
[23:01] Desmond Shang: I don't want to ask for more renters, I've tried advertising and all that, and it's basically got me... customers, not Caledonians.
[23:02] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Caledon Is One Of Those Places Where You Arrive, And Either Love The place, Or Walk Away Never Looking Back.
[23:02] Desmond Shang: what would really do it, is is I returned to forums... but I've had bad experiences with those
[23:03] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Des... It's Not Broken. Don't Fix It.
[23:03] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: caledon was my first real home..and i still call it home..found it looking for wedding flowers..well the sl marriage didn't last but my love for caledon
[23:03] Desmond Shang: it's... broken a little :) I have to make sure we don't slide into negative tier, it's still about 4k a month in tier payments.
[23:04] Desmond Shang: well there's still flowers around, though perhaps not all for sale
[23:04] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: A Little Maintence Is One Thing.... But Your Overall Methods Are Still Working.
[23:05] Desmond Shang: yah I haven't got the hours for major changes anyway
[23:05] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: i still take long walks or ride my horse thru caledon..and lately my
[23:05] Desmond Shang: bats work! rather gothic tho :D
[23:06] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: my gothic side comes out once in a
[23:06] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: I Still Pony Up From Time To Time And Run The Rails.
And the trains still run.
[23:06] Desmond Shang: hehe
[23:06] Emilly Orr: Believe me, I understand. When I lived in Morgaine, I made a full-size Dark Mark and had it hovering, a spectral horror, in midair for about six months.
[23:06] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: that was how i first explored the sims...the trains
[23:06] Desmond Shang: starting to fade fast here, it's been a day of packing books
[23:07] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: My Rider May Have Changed... But The Run Is Always Fun.
[23:07] Kxxxxxxx Ixxxxxxxx: get some sleep des...
[23:07] Desmond Shang: see you all tuesday earliest, monday eve is appointments
[23:07] Vxxxxxxx Vxxxxxx: Sleep Des.... She Waiting For You. hehe!
[23:07] Desmond Shang: thunks on keyboard, bye all :)
So, yeah...I know this was long, but I thought it was important. I think these are good changes. I think in the long run, it will be a good direction to take for Caledon. I'm looking forward to the new trees. But the basics--the oddity, the mix of the very old and very new, Des, and the wide variety of catgirls--those things won't change. Quinte Caledonios usque in sempiternum. Rock on, rock on.