Saturday, September 21, 2013

hold my tongue before I say too much

I've been having some trouble sleeping, of late, so these past few days have seen far too many very early mornings. Apparently, people don't think clearly early in the morning...

It started here:

[09:50] Txxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: THE POTION DEPOT
All Potions = 35L
Shubbie Food = 35L
10-PACKS only 299L!!! ㋡
[09:50] Axxx Zxxxxxxxx: How goes it hunters/fishers? been a while.
[09:51] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: waves
[09:52] Kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[actual Marketplace link redacted]
[09:52] Gxxxx Hxxxx: [[Group moderator issues a warning for Kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx]]

So, this particular group, something like this happens every day. It's one of a few hunt/fish/find groups I'm in, currently, all of which exchange either time or treasure for Lindens (or at least, bits of Lindens), that once one reaches at least one full Linden, one can then cash out. They're all pretty much based on various models of sim traffic generation, and I'm happy to help them refine their techniques for small amounts of personal gain.

At least until I find a job I think I can a) do well, and b) trust enough to be loyal to, after my checkerboard past employment history.

In this particular group, there are pretty strict policies. No advertising unless it's from a merchant in the group, and related to this group's products/goals, no drama (or at little as possible), no cursing, keep things friendly and polite.

So the Potion Depot, being both a registered fishing spot, and an occasional coin-hunting spot, qualifies on both levels for this group, and has permission to send out text ads on occasion. Mr. K, he of the wholly non-related "come buy my clothing that looks like a lot of other mainland clothing shops' lines" store, was not allowed to send out advertising.

[09:53] Kxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok

And Mr. K even agreed afterwards. Sent, warned, done, right? ...Well, not exactly.

[09:54] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: WHY IS THERE A WARNIGN FOR Kxxxxx?
[09:55] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: he is posting links to MP in here we dont allow advertising.

Also, it's spelled "warning". And you managed to misspell Mr. K's name, there. It's only five letters, come on now.

But demonstrating her total lack of understanding...

[09:55] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: [09:50:27] Txxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: THE POTION DEPOT
All Potions = 35L
Shubbie Food = 35L
10-PACKS only 299L!!! ㋡
[09:55] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: ISNT THAT ADVERTISE?
[09:55] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that is advertising OUR products
[09:55] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: OOOHHHH
[09:55] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: OK
[09:56] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxxxxxxxx: [Kxxxxxx], is your caps lock stuck?

I thought it was a pretty reasonable question. Many of us were thinking it, after all.

[09:56] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NO [09:56] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: I TYPE IN CAPS ALOT

"A lot". And why?

[09:56] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxxxxxxxx: oh ok
[09:56] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: SO I LIKE TO BE DIFFERENT
[09:56] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BLAHAHAHA

..."Blahaha"?? Also, "because". But "blahaha" is still getting me.

[09:57] Hxxxxx Rxxxxxxxx: so you need attention ? well most people will simply mute you
[09:57] Axxx Zxxxxxxxx: ACK
[09:57] Axxx Zxxxxxxxx: it's contagious!!!

That's when [Axxx] noticed his caps lock actually was on.

Ms. [Kxxxxx] hadn't caught on, how'ver.

[09:57] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: HUH
[09:57] Mxxxx Lxxxxxxx: caps is classed as shouting

And also generally considered rude.

[09:57] Emilly Orr admits to struggling with the temptation to mute [Kxxxxx] just for the all-caps thing.
[09:57] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NO ITS NOT
[09:58] Mxxxx Lxxxxxxx: yes it is
[09:58] Emilly Orr: Yes, yes it does. It always has.
[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NOW

Now what?

[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NO

Oh. ...Wait, now she can't spell two-letter words without mangling them? Really?

[09:58] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: pretty much yes unless you have a disability.
[09:58] ixxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx ~stuffs [Kxxxxx's] mouth with marshmellows~ shhhh... shhhhh
[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: A "!"
[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: THATS SHOUT's only shouting at someone else if exclamation points are involved? That makes no sense.

[09:58] Mxxxx Lxxxxxxx: yep
[09:58] Emilly Orr: That temptation is becoming stronger.
[09:58] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxxxxxxxx: [Txxxx], im going deaf in here :)


[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: I WOULD KNOW

Apparently not, because she was still yelling at everyone.

[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: OR PERSON EXPERSSION


[09:58] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: I STUDIED IT IN COLLEGE

You went to college, Ms. [Kxxxxx]?

[09:58] Uxxxxx Nxxxxx: Thank god for muting

I was beginning to feel strongly the same way. But I had an ethical dilemma--she wasn't using racially insensitive words, she wasn't cursing a blue streak, she just wasn't as bright as she thought she was. I'd be the worst sort of elitist--and I tend that way anyway, which is something I'm trying to correct--if I muted everyone who couldn't type on the grid.

[09:58] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you can type on caps here ........ but if it goes into drama causing behaviour then it will be handled .
[09:59] Emilly Orr: I think you mean "expression", there, Kxxxxx.
[09:59] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: coming from someone with a disability, I agree with terry.
[09:59] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NOT ME
[09:59] Emilly Orr: Also "grabbing".
[09:59] Emilly Orr: Because you're yelling at everyone!

I think that's fair, isn't it? She's blaming the rest of the chat for her poor behavior, as if everything would have been perfectly fine had we not said a word on her shouting at the group.

[09:59] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: UM NO
[09:59] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL

Oh, gods, on top of everything else...She's a lolperson. Gyaaaah.


It can, yes, though it's far more difficult to add emphasis in SL text, due to the lack of emphasis text. What we can use, and frequently do use, are conventions like *this*, or _this_, or ~this~. There are others, but all of them are fairly standard ways to indicate text that should be read as italicized, or bolded, or even as a direct emote/descriptive line.

We can even use ALL UPPER CASE to indicate bold text, but...then the problem becomes, since any emphasizing text is just that, for use to emphasize the non- emphasized text...then how are we properly supposed to read text from an avatar who NEVER HAS NON-EMPHASIZED TEXT?

Answer, virtually anywhere on the grid or on the net: as shouting. The fact of which seemed to mystifyingly elude her comprehension utterly.

[09:59] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: HAVE A GREAT DAY
[09:59] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx rubs her temples, sighing.
[10:00] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BLAHAHA
[10:00] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxxxxxxxx shakes his head
[10:00] Emilly Orr pulls [Kxxxxx's] profile and is honestly not surprised by the all-caps nature of almost everything there, too.
[10:00] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's funny that I have Aspergers yet I'm more polite then someone without it.
[10:01] Gxxxx Hxxxx: 6.5 - Group chat is a place for friends to enjoy mature and amicable conversation. It is not a hotbed for drama. Instigators of drama in group will not be tolerated. Personal, highly political or emotive issues should also be sorted out on a personal basis and not in group.
[10:03] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: DDUUUUUUHHHH

Maybe not, but I do believe her actions led to group drama, which is discouraged. Also, I believe being rude to a moderator of the chat is never a good idea.

[10:03] Emilly Orr rolls her eyes.
[10:03] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx facepalms.
[10:04] Cxxxxxxxxxxxx Axxxxxxxxx: oh good lord [Kxxxxx] still here
[10:04] Axxx Zxxxxxxxx .../facepalm
[10:04] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Are you five.
[10:04] Emilly Orr: Still fighting against that temptation to mute.
[10:04] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Kxxxxx] how old are you.
[10:04] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lets move on

And we all tried to, because [Txxxxxxxxxx] is another mod in the group.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the end of things for me, because...for some reason known only to her spinning neurons, she IMed me.

[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BLAHAA
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: I JUST ADD ALL MY ALTS
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL

And I would care...why, exactly?

[10:05] Emilly Orr: Not talking to you if you're going to scream at me.
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: DONT
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: Y NOT JUST EJECT ME
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL

Now I was really confused. Did she know she was just talking to me, and not to an actual group moderator? Had one of the mods written her with a warning, and she wrote me back by mistake? I was baffled.

Also, that would be "why not just eject me", [Kxxxxx]. Just so you know.

[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: U WANT THE NUMBERS
[10:05] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BLAHAHA
[10:06] Emilly Orr: Because I'm not a moderator or an owner of the group, you nitwit.
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: SO STOP TALKING TO ME

Let me get this straight. Ms. [Kxxxxx] wanted to send me a personal message, so she could tell me not to talk to her, when I had no interest in talking to her in the first place!

I began to wonder if she was either on drugs, drunk, or off her meds somehow.

[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BLAHAHA
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: DUMB ASS
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:07] Emilly Orr: Nah, I'm just seeing where this goes for later publication.

I was, too. I'd started taking notes while this was going on, for two reasons: one, this entire interchange never ceased to be baffling, and two, it was a somewhat refreshing break from pixel-aligning the new build.

[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: DOESNT MATTER
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: STOP TALKIGN TO ME
[10:07] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:08] Emilly Orr: "Talking".
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: ITS CALLED A TYPO
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: DUMMY

Oh, just savor the irony. The woman who can't spell is calling me dumb for correcting her spelling mistakes. That very nearly made me smile.

[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NOW
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: STOP TALKIGNT OT ME
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:08] Emilly Orr: "Talking". Also "to".

I know, past a certain point it's more like poking a baby in a crib, not an honest intellectual challenge...but she was irritating, and I'm far too easy to irritate most days.

[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BIWTCH
[10:08] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:08] Emilly Orr: Seriously?

And I just have to wonder...was she trying to mispell that word, or did she mangle it further in her attempt to be "cool" or "amusing" or...whatever it was she thought she was actually doing here.

[10:09] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: STOP TALKING TO ME
[10:09] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: HAHAHA
[10:09] Emilly Orr: You started this.
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: OL
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: NO
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: I HAVE MY OWN RIGHT TO TYPE

As I keep correcting people on the grid, no one has the right to free speech there, because it's not a public holding, it's a software company. Linden Lab is the sum total decisionary on who says what, when, about what, and for how long. That anyone, including our bubble-headed screamer here, thinks they have a "right" to say anything is so beyond laughable, it swings around into tragically sad.

[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: I DIDNT
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: AND IM
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: YOU DID
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LIKE I JUST DID

I admit, I'm failing utterly to grasp whatever logic point she's trying to make, here. It eludes me.

[10:10] Emilly Orr: No, actually, *you* IMed *me*.
[10:10] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BUT YOU CONTINUE TO TYPE
[10:11] Emilly Orr: Who said anything about reporting you?

Seriously, who mentioned reporting? If I say I'm going to report someone, I usually say I'm going to abuse-report them. Most of the time, I go ahead and AR them, then tell them they've been ARed. I don't bother to warn anyone in advance.

If I--and again, this is a largeish "if"--tell someone I'm considering their words for publication, that means here, or on one of my other blogs. Because I do have a few, chiefest of which is actually linked on the web section of my SL profile. It's hardly a secret.

[10:11] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: AND YOU REFUSED
[10:11] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: AND I CAN REPORT YOU
[10:11] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: BLAHAHA

For...what, exactly? Holding a conversation? In which I say very, very little beyond correcting her spelling? Yeah, that's going to go a long way.

[10:11] Kxxxxx Kxxxx:
[10:11] Emilly Orr rolls her eyes and goes back to building.

I did, too. I'd had it with her nonsense. Everything past this point came in after I'd closed the window.

[10:12] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL
[10:12] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: GO BACK TO BUILDING
[10:12] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: AND PLEASE DONT TALK TO ME
[10:12] Kxxxxx Kxxxx: LOL

I have no intention to, but I do feel sorry for her friends, and--assuming it's actually happened--any loves she might have. Those poor, sainted souls putting up with Ms. [Kxxxxx] screaming at them at all hours. They're very brave.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I am never the first to know

Is it an original or a duplication? It's going to get harder to tell.

T-shirt, I am in you!

Also, enjoy several long-haired men with exquisite updos.

And some questions from xkcd.

Library police, GO!

"Soft Loki, warm Loki, little ball of blue..." AKA, Chibi!Loki is chibi.

[15:28] Christina Gilderoy: Is there going to be a Pirate Party tonight?
[15:28] Emilly Orr: Aye, lass, if there's not, there should be.
[15:29] Emilly Orr: Also, Disney gets to clock in in the Unaware of the Irony Department: "Avast, mates! Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be closing on September 19, 2013."
[15:29] Emilly Orr: Talk about bad timing.
[15:30] Christina Gilderoy: HA!
[15:31] Miles Crowley (clockworkcrowley): LOL
[15:31] Miles Crowley (clockworkcrowley): That's just...beautiful

Kept the names in for once because it's not a question of privacy; but it's a point. Did Disney simply not realize what today was? Did they do it intentionally? To be fair, the entire chain of games, including Disney Interactive itself, is closing down today, but still. They could have picked a better day.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

cross the rose rings and tie the leather ribbon

I'm excited about this. Used to be, once a year, Lokii Violet would host a DJ set on one night with all tips and donation proceeds going to the National Kidney Foundation. This year, she had more interest, so she decided to go bigger--like, all of five days bigger. And creators jumped on her bandwagon to join the fun.

As Lokii put it earlier:
"We've got a steampunk revolution. We're tired of all your so-called evolution. We've got it back to 1886 - don't ask why that's how we get our kicks..."

A Clockwork Spiral has opened! A dark and steamy event for five days only set on the sky island port of call above Cursed.

Two new releases of High Society and Victoria with 6 colors in both, and two special fade limited release sets with proceeds for the Natl. Kidney Foundation. Donne the goggles!
Indeed. Starting today, and going until the 22nd on the Cursed sim, you'll find items to adore and inspire, and I can't wait to go and wander. This year (which is my way of saying, I hope this is the first year of many), the theme's steampunk, obviously, so all the makers did their best to come up with appropriate gear.

Discord Designs was one of them.

(from the Charity efforts album)

So first up: goggle hair!

(from the Charity efforts album)

This is "Abney" in Brunette, with the "Munchflower" tattoo hairbase (also in Brunette). I'm not entirely sure this style is flattering to me personally, but the goggles are amazingly detailed.

(from the Charity efforts album)

Honestly, I'd wear this one for the goggles alone, they're that impressive.

(from the Charity efforts album)

And the "Abney" in Pillarbox Red (showing the right side of the goggles, because it's detailed all the way 'round).

(from the Charity efforts album)

There's a new "Codie" style, called "Corroded", which isn't exactly steampunk, because ethernet cables didn't exist in the 19th century.

(from the Charity efforts album)

On the other hand, I can so see this getting used, a lot, on heavy SF rp sims. I like this one. I may wear it for the rest of the day.

(from the Charity efforts album)

And the best thing about it is how realistic it looks on the head.

(from the Charity efforts album)

Now, this is "Teagan" in Discord Red, which is an older style, but the new styles didn't go as well with the "Teal" fascinator hat I wanted to show off too, so here you go.

(from the Charity efforts album)

It's also menu-scripted to change colors.

(from the Charity efforts album)

And it comes in a larger size, for which I forgot to hit "add", and just hit "wear", so...killed the hair. Oops.

(from the Charity efforts album)

Still. Really impressive. I like that the metal rivets change colors; I'd like it if the feather changed color, too, but still, very nicely done.

(from the Charity efforts album)

And one last shot of "Codie" in Corroded, because damn, she did a good job with the texturing.

(I'm wearing Nomine's "Cohawkin" steampunk dress, half because I love it to death, and half because Nomine's closing at the end of October, which still makes me sad. The boots [which you don't see] are old, but they're from Lassitude & Ennui--do go check them out, they're doing what they did before, but in mesh now, so they're not only much less primmy, but much more detailed.

(The eyes are from Rue, her "Rose Eclipse" eyes, with the mesh additions. They're more than slightly unnerving, with the AmberFawn Doemance skin I've got on [made by the Sea Hole back when it existed]...but I like them, so nyaaah.)

Friday, September 13, 2013

it feels like we're pulling teeth

So...this happened:

[19:24] mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: can someone please explain something to me if something is ggaist the law as discrimination then how can there be discrimination on sl?
[19:25] Axxxxx Txxxxxx: huh?
[19:25] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: Huh?
[19:25] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: huh?
[19:25] Sxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx: wat
[19:25] Rxxxxx Rxxxxx: discrimination?
[19:25] Mxxxxxxx Gxxxxx: SL is a virtual world, not a physical world

Pretty much. We were all kind of confused. (And no, I've left typos intact.)

[19:25] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: amybe someone that has been on sl longer than 3 years like me or leis is fine

She seemed to be implying that the longer we live on the grid, the less culpable we are for our actions. Which is patently false, and also, confusing again.

[19:25] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sl is like someone's living room
[19:25] Axxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: just like muder is against the law but there is still murder just cause its against the law doesn't mean people wont do it
[19:25] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: oh so people do what they want to here?
[19:26] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: some do
[19:26] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: They do that anywhere

Also largely true, but we were still trying to figure out what she was saying.

[19:26] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, they do what they want within the ToS
[19:26] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: If people want to break laws, they will
[19:26] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: There are some things that will cost you your account if you're caught.
[19:26] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Linden makes the rules.
[19:26] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: speeding is against the law, who can say they don't speed?


[19:27] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: well one is safer going with flow of traffic if everyone is speedeing
[19:27] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: people have to abide by LL ToS but like RL laws not everyone does
[19:27] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: What exactly are you being discriminated by?
[19:28] Axxxxxx Txxxxxx: yeah, i was gonna ask what kind of discrimination?
[19:28] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You can discriminate on a a personal level RL, just not on a professional level
[19:28] Emilly Orr: And yes, Ann, while there are rules on SL, some folks don't bother. Sometimes that gets them in trouble, sometimes it doesn't. Kind of like RL.

Which, annoyingly, is true everywhere. It's why everyone's so paranoid about copyright infringement still, because on the grid it's still so terribly easy to do.

[19:29] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: well i never went to a gay bar so i put on short shorts tank top combat boots and mylie cyrus hair and i was ejected cause they said mails only and your name is [axx] so out u go

And there we had it. Confusion solved. And new confusion retained, because seriously, this is a completely baffling thing in the first place. And to be angry over supposed online discrimination, because she went to a gay bar and got kicked out for not being male...because she wasn't...I mean, honestly, talk about your straight girl privilege speaking. Jesus.

[19:29] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's absolutely ok.
[19:29] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: Make a male alt.
[19:29] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: thats not discrimination
[19:30] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: eww
[19:30] Emilly Orr: That's not discrimination.
[19:30] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or find a bar that allows both genders
[19:30] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: it is discrimination for sex

No, no it's not. First of all, there's no strict discrimination policies against genders clubs on the grid are forced to allow in. It's their clubs. If they don't want people with purple skin in their clubs, they have the right to tell them to get out. Same thing goes for women in male-only clubs, men in female-only clubs, et cetera. That's not discrimination.

Or, to put it more plainly, there is absolutely nothing in the Community Standards that prohibits owners of a bar from disallowing a patron access to their club, simply on the grounds that she was the wrong gender. If they don't want girls in their clubhouse, they don't have to have 'em. Same thing goes for all-female sims who don't want males on their property. That's allowed.

What's not allowed is being vicious, insulting, racist, or generally bigoted about it. Which, from everything she'd said so far, didn't sound as if that was the case.

[19:30] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's your mistake, [Axx] - know where you're going.
[19:30] Emilly Orr: they're allowed to do that. Just like there are lesbian-owned sims, and only women are allowed.
[19:30] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: that sounds more like trying to crash a private club


[19:30] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: they have the right to set rules like that, and I can direct you to a bar for women only if you wnat
[19:30] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: We're allowed ot chose to not have sex with people.
[19:30] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: If its males only, its males only. Not a gay/lesbian bar
[19:30] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: it is if i own a restaurant

And we were confused again. The hell did that even mean?

[19:30] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If you own a private club you set the rules.
[19:30] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: Sims are private property, not public.

Also a very good point.

[19:30] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: I have seen places that are women's only too
[19:30] Axxxxxx Txxxxxx: this is second life
[19:30] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: get over it, [Axx] - move on.
[19:30] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: and i have sing that sayd whites only and i am baptist so no gays i get in big trouble

Well, yes, because that's an idiot position to hold in this day and age. But that's RL you're talking about, not SL.

[19:31] Emilly Orr blinks
[19:31] Emilly Orr: Wait, you're saying that because you own a restaurant in SL, you shouldn't be discriminated against? What?
[19:31] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: so have I, and never been in a mens only one
[19:31] Emilly Orr: Let me make sure I'm not misunderstanding. You own a restaurant, and you have a sign in it that says whites only, and no gays allowed, and you're angry over discrimination??
[19:31] Qxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: omg

Because seriously. Not only was that a stupid thing to say, it was an incredibly racist thing to say. And after starting the conversation bleating about being discriminated against...I swear, at the time I thought I literally heard my brain fall out and hit the floor.

[19:31] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: A male alt is a really quick fix to a mens only place, srsly.
[19:31] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxx], that's bad advice
[19:31] Zxxxxxx Zxxxxx: Just like Frank's and Bogart's don't allow furries..not even just a tail and ears. Has to appear humanoid. They even kicked Torley Linden, with his Linden name on, because he had on an elephant avi.
[19:32] Mxxxxx Qxxxxxxx: oh wow they did?
[19:32] Zxxxxxxx Zxxxxx: yep.
[19:32] Emilly Orr nods. There was a historical old west sim I wanted to go to once, and they allowed nothing with fur, not even cat eyes. At the time I was mostly neko, so I had to go completely human.
[19:32] Emilly Orr: But sims have the right to do this.

Yeah. They do. Someone owns a sim, they pay rent on that sim to the Lab, that gives them certain rights (and responsibilities) over that land. If they don't want a certain species/gender/whatever on their property, we may dislike it all we want, but unless it's outright discriminatory in a major way--like a big "NO JEWS" sign on the entrance, say--they're within their rights to do so. Because it's their sim, and they get to make the rules.

[19:32] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Exactly - it's perfectly acceptable; there are many places you can go - even places to explore things you have no experience with -- but to not accept the rules of an establishment ... well, that's on you lol
[19:32] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: A lot of places don't like furries. I got kicked out of someplace because my AO flies.
[19:33] Qxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: AO files?
[19:33] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: Yup, my stands look like i was flying.
[19:33] Emilly Orr: No, her AO flies. As in, it makes her fly.
[19:33] Qxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: ohhh
[19:33] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: So they asked me to leave. And I did. XD

I don't know if she was talking about the Avilion sim, but I know for a fact that's a rule they have--no flying without explicit permission from the owners. And again--they're allowed to have that rule.

[19:33] Sxxxxx Gxxxxxxxx: eh i get booted from places all the time for being too short
[19:34] Mxxx Hxxxxxxxx: I have a freind like that, they think shes a child avi
[19:34] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: -- but to not accept the rules of an establishment ... well, that's on you lol
[19:34] Dxxxxxxx Qxxxxxx: I've been asked to change if I'm in Lolita gear.
[19:34] Zxxxxxx Zxxxxx: If you have an establishment that you are going for a realistic human clientele, furries wouldn't work.

And all of the above are still true on the grid. Furries are still discriminated against, humans are occasionally discriminated against by furries, and short avatars get called ageplayers nearly everywhere. These are the crosses we choose to bear. Because it's a virtual world--we could always choose to be human (or not), or taller (or not), or tanned (or not)--whatever the standards are in any given place.

[19:34] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxx: Basically, a public restaurant is not = to a sim. A sim is more like a private house, the owner sets the rules
[19:34] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: ok thx [Txxxxxx]

And that seemed to be the end of it...but I have a feeling she left without understanding why any of us had spoken against her whining in the first place.

Ah, well. Some avatars never learn.

[19:36] Cxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: likes coffee and thunderstorms
[19:36] Qxxxxxx Sxxxxxx: right [Txxxxxx]!
[19:36] Zxxxxxx Zxxxxx: sighs..that would look so good with my collar.
[19:36] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: oh never mind [Cxxxxxx]

Thursday, September 12, 2013

smirking between dignified sips

Seriously, at this point, why bother wearing pants at all?

So, I've gotten involved in a few new groups. And, for the most part, I'm just trying to keep a (fairly) low profile, until I get the feel of the group chat. Sometimes, my best intentions don't matter, because I'm not the one making trouble.

[00:13] dxxx Sxxxxx: [cxxxx] i have warned you onve before about that disrespect and ridicule
[00:13] dxxx Sxxxxx: we do not allow it here
[00:14] dxxx Sxxxxx: group moderator isues warning to cxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx

Now, in this group, this is fairly standard. There are several group moderators, so there's usually one in the chat at any given time. They're very strict about keeping conversation free of personal insults, rude language, and discussion of products and games other companies make. Most of the time, this renders chat fairly civilized.

[00:15] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): dam

I'm also stating that I'm keeping the display name, if not the actual avatar name, of this fellow intact. For reasons that will become manifestly clear later.

[00:18] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): hmm
[00:18] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): no
[00:18] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i dont run from noone

Now, keep in mind: this literally came out of nowhere. The moderator online at the time was disciplining another group member, not this so-called "Vampire From Hell". So his reaction was unexpected and confusing.

[00:18] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i know they say your god
[00:18] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 0.0
[00:18] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): but
[00:18] dxxx Sxxxxx: excuse me?
[00:18] Emilly Orr is confused
[00:19] Fxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: WTH

So say we all. But Sudden Confrontation Man had more to say.

[00:19] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): dam i rached something
[00:19] dxxx Sxxxxx looks outside for full moon...
[00:19] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): this time
[00:19] Sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: do people ever check what box they are typing in? lol
[00:19] Emilly Orr: Define "rached"
[00:19] Emilly Orr: And not usually

I looked it up. The only thing Google tossed me even vaguely relevant was from the Urban Dictionary, of course. And it didn't seem to make any sense in this context. "Rached" being something that is ugly, disgusting or gross, or "just plain sad". So "dam I rached something"...means...he uglied it up, somehow? Or...something like that?


[00:19] Txxxxxxxxxx: [sxxxx] ar eyou by any chance on a phone ?? because your IMs are crossing over
[00:19] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): definealone
[00:20] Emilly Orr: 0.o
[00:20] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): soemily is one i need to talk to
[00:20] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: lucky her
[00:20] Sxxxxxxxx: how about actually talking to her and not us lol

I began to have premonitions that this conversation was going to go more pear-shaped than I thought.

[00:21] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): ok lets talk
[00:21] Sxxxxxxxx giggles
[00:21] Emilly Orr pulls the profile and raises an eyebrow.
[00:21] Emilly Orr: On second thought, don't bother.

Why did I say that? Because this is his SL bio:




I MAY BITE AND CLAIM YOUR SOUL but i may fall in love with you to hehe kidding

I've left everything intact as I saw it on the grid, deranged spacing, EXTREME CAPS and all. I had strong, strong reservations about dealing further with this person.

[00:21] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): your call
[00:22] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: omg...i try to keep this chat open for info and to learn...but there is so much crap isn't dating service...a club hangout
[00:22] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: wtf
[00:23] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): im not hear to date
[00:23] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: are you fishing or hunting?
[00:23] dxxxx Sxxxx: o.0
[00:23] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): imhar fo

What. The hell. Does that. Even mean? "Imhar fo"? Did he mean "I'm here for--"? And if so, what was he here for??

And now we had two confrontative souls. Wonderful.

[00:24] dxxxx Sxxxx: this is a community chat room

Which is a good point, actually, though it's one this particular mod has to make at least twice a week, it seems. It is a wide, diverse community, linked only by our desire to make Lindens and have fun doing it. With that as the only solid connecting factor, yeah, conversation ranges wildly.

But--me being me--I thought I should answer that question as if it were to me, because I was feeling a little irked over being singled out by the VFH.

[00:24] Emilly Orr: Me? Fishing, until/unless a good coin hunt pops up.
[00:24] Fxxxxxxxxxxx: lol
[00:24] dxxxx Sxxxx: chat is not required to be fish or coin hunt related
[00:24] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: i wasn't referring to you Emily

Always good to know.

[00:24] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): im actually for something else
[00:24] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx)): actually
[00:24] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: fine
[00:25] Emilly Orr: Okay.
[00:25] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: but to me...and several other people i is completely out of hand anymore
[00:25] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): luaim sorry
[00:25] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): about that
[00:25] Txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this group has over 18 thousand members.
[00:26] Pxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx hugs the chat box "its like a circus that i dont have to pay to get into"
[00:26] Lxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: circus on freakin meth

Well...opinions vary, but...yeah, sometimes.

But, with much trepidation, I thought nothing was going to get done unless I tackled the VFH in IMs. So off I went to do that.

[00:26] Emilly Orr: All right, so...if for no other reason than to prevent the rising tide of irritation in the chat...What *are* you here for?
[00:26] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): answers
[00:27] Emilly Orr: To?
[00:27] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx)): i was told i could rachou
[00:27] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): hears thenote
[00:27] Emilly Orr: Define "rachou"
[00:28] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i was told it be hostil
[00:28] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): at first
[00:28] Emilly Orr: Not hostile, just don't understand what you mean.

And I really, really didn't. I had no clue what he was on about.

[00:28] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): im hear to find answers and to hel you
[00:29] Emilly Orr: 1., Answers to what, and 2. help me how?
[00:29] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): well i was told you would tell me
[00:29] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): when i got here
[00:30] Emilly Orr: I don't know you. Did someone mention my name?
[00:30] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx)): a high ranking officer in past town
[00:30] Emilly Orr: Uh-huh...
[00:31] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): your name was given tome
[00:31] Emilly Orr: Who are you again?
[00:32] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): im hellio
[00:32] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): hellio
[00:32] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): hellion

Man can't even spell his own name. I didn't understand any of this.

[00:32] Emilly Orr: No no no, I mean...I haven't RPed anywhere in years, I'm not in Bloodlines, so really, I have no clue here. What are you after?
[00:33] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i was told you say that
[00:33] Emilly Orr sighs.
[00:34] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): said you was at war aed need help
[00:34] Emilly Orr: At war with whom, and need help from whom, with what?
[00:34] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i dont know ask them
[00:35] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): im repeating
[00:35] Emilly Orr: Okay, and 'they' would be...?
[00:35] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): they toldme to tell you they was your queen

I wracked my brain. The only queen I've ever had was a long time ago, in an rp sim far far away, and I'm not talking to her anymore, anyway. Beyond that, I had no idea who he might mean.

[00:36] Emilly Orr: If she was queen of the Unseelie court, not interested.
[00:36] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): no
[00:37] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): queen of hell
[00:37] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): the one that gives yo fire
[00:37] Emilly Orr: Don't have a queen of hell. At least, not one I've ever met.

Which, as far as I know, is still true. This was so very, very baffling.

Meanwhile, in the main chat...

[00:34] LadyWxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow so many ppl with nice pleasant atitudes wow so amazing
[00:34] Rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah somebody please pass the happy pills :)
[00:35] LadyWxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: according to the mods here its been a ful moon for 2 weeks now
[00:35] LadyWxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow im amazed at the briliance in here
[00:35] dxxx Sxxxx: o.0

Oh, the sarcasm...but this becomes relevant later. Just keep in mind that "LadyW" was in the chat.

[00:37] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): you might want to look
[00:38] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): youhave one
[00:38] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): that how i was sent
[00:39] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): lets fire rise
[00:39] Emilly Orr: If you say so.
[00:40] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): are you lettingme threw
[00:40] Emilly Orr: I don't know who you are!
[00:41] Emilly Orr: I don't know who you're talking about, I don't understand the war references, I'm not IN any court...There's a lot of confusion here, and it's all coming from you.
[00:42] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): well im used to hate
[00:42] Emilly Orr: There's no hate. I just don't understand.
[00:42] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx)): ihave worked with most
[00:42] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i was told to talk to o you
[00:42] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): by queen
[00:43] Emilly Orr: So how's that working out for you?

I will own, I was getting a touch frustrated at this point.

[00:43] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): well
[00:43] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): goo
[00:43] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): good
[00:43] Emilly Orr: Okay.
[00:44] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): looks like here two opeions
[00:44] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): youkillme
[00:44] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): ori kill you
[00:44] Emilly Orr: ....
[00:45] Emilly Orr: Where did killing come into this?

My brain. I really thought brain cells were starting to actively die at this point. I had no reference for any of this, and the VFH was NOT helping.

[00:45] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i was told you like to fight
[00:45] Emilly Orr: Are you sure you're talking to the right Emilly?
[00:45] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i want to do things peacefulffy
[00:46] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): if they told me right
[00:46] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): yes
[00:47] Emilly Orr: I don't like to fight.
[00:47] Emilly Orr: More to the point, I don't fight well.
[00:47] Emilly Orr: Though I do tend towards the durable.

Which has always been true, in rp at large. I can be injured, I have been injured, and I'm sure I could be killed. That it hasn't happened yet is mostly luck, not my fighting skill. Because I have none.

[00:47] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): youknow
[00:48] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i never nerber been beatien
[00:48] Emilly Orr: So who, exactly, told you I was this aggressive hellspawn who needed help with some mysterious war?
[00:48] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): someone yu know
[00:48] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): queen
[00:49] Emilly Orr: Name.
[00:49] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): well
[00:49] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): she said was mom
[00:49] Emilly Orr: I don't have a mother in SL.
[00:50] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): are you sure
[00:50] Emilly Orr: Dead sure.
[00:50] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): iits not a title
[00:50] Emilly Orr: Never had one. Never had an SL family in any way.

Which, again, is true. I've had, and in some cases hope I still have, very dear friends, but that's different. I've had loves, but while that makes them family, in a sense, that also makes them close enough to me that they're likely going to meet RL family at one point or another--or already have.

In none of these cases have I ever, not even once, called any woman on SL "mother". It's never happened.

[00:50] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): well she seemed to know you
[00:50] Emilly Orr: Name.
[00:52] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i have given you much and yonot given me anthhing yet
[00:52] Emilly Orr: You haven't given me a single verifiable fact, just posturing.
[00:52] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i ihave gave you that
[00:53] Emilly Orr: Yes, yes you have. Lots of vague pronouncements, lots of posturing, lots of 'you know' and 'this will happen'.
[00:53] Emilly Orr: And you know what? I don't *have* to keep pressing for more information from you.
[00:53] Emilly Orr: You don't want to tell me who she is, fine. My life goes on. No gains, no losses, I'm in the same place as I was before we started.
[00:54] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): but like you
[00:55] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i wont for noten
[00:55] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): you want it
[00:55] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): ill give it to you
[00:55] Emilly Orr: You started this conversation. I'm just playing along.
[00:55] Emilly Orr: I'm still convinced you're looking for a one-L Emily.

Meanwhile, in the main group chat...

[00:58] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): who is lady emily


[00:57] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): hmm
[00:59] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): i think i found out who
[01:00] Emilly Orr: Oh?
[01:01] HELLION Vampire From Hell (sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx): ilook for [LadyWxxxxx]
[01:01] Emilly Orr: Good luck.

LadyW, wherever you are, I hope you got more from the VFH than I did. And that he made whatever sense he was planning to make, regarding the war, your hellish queen-mother, and whatever else he was blathering on about.

Me, I'm still trying to ponder how he confused "Emilly Orr" with "LadyWxxxxx Rxxxxxxx". They're not even spelled the same!

SL is deeply odd at times.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

just leave me out, you name-dropper, stop trying to catch my eye

Yes, yes yes, I wandered away again. I know. It's been a somewhat exhausting week.

Part of it is we're coming close to the end of the summer event--the Midsummer Festival of Sune--in Neverwinter. Sune is the goddess of love and beauty in Faerûn, the game setting in which the Neverwinter MMO plays out--for some obscure reason known only to the writers of game quests--most of her celebratory events involve fighting.

Being as the worship of Sune involves meticulous care to be sweet of word and pleasing of feature, one would think the contests would involve writing poems, singing songs, practicing temple dances, and exclamations of courtly love. Instead, they're divided into three main quests, in three different areas of Sune's festival grounds:
  1. Protecting the Feasting Grounds. Given that part of the Festival involves keeping the feasting tables piled high in hospitality, there's a great deal of cooking that goes on. The main "grilling grounds", however, have been set upon by mountain trolls, for...some reason. Our job as celebrants is to...kill the trolls. No, really. And we're rewarded for doing so with a few bolts of blue and green fabric, lightweight linen thread, filigree trim, and flower petals.
  2. Harvesting Fireflower blooms. Apparently the only time the Fireflower blooms is during midsummer, and it is apparently both a vital currency to the clergy and an important ingredient in making...festival garb. No, I'm not making that up. So, as a result, we as celebrants are sent off to gather blooms. The catch: the blooms are guarded/preyed upon by kobolds, who are addicted to the flower, and it makes them territorial, aggressive, and angry. They're kind of like kobold PCP. Our job: well, what else? Kill the kobolds. For this, we get packs of flower petals, plus various harvest foods we can use to make into squash soup, caprese (not even kidding, it's called that in the game, and that's exactly what it is), and...watermelon sorbet. Again, not kidding.
  3. Harvesting and Herding. Lastly, mystical, blessed corn needs to be gathered--because apparently, clerical barbecue requires roasted corn--and chickens and pigs must be herded into the pens so the...erm...messy stuff can happen, to get meat to the grilling grounds, and...that's our task, too. At least this one doesn't involve battle, just frustration. Our task: run towards chickens or pigs until a bright, radiant sun appears over their heads, then run them towards the pens until they cross the glowing green barrier and are 'counted'. We get one point for ten ears of corn harvested, two points for each chicken brought in, seven points for each squealing pig, and--should we be lucky enough to encounter one--thirty points for the larger, named 'Golden Chickens' that pop up now and again. And again, for doing all this running around trying to herd animals, and gather corn, we get more farm-fresh vegetables, more flower petals, and...I suppose...a sense of accomplishment about everything?
Honestly, I'd rather engage in drinking and country dances.

And these three things must be done every day, because we need the ingredients to make the things that will get us the festival garb, or special flower-bedecked armaments, for...reasons. Oh, and there's a dirty pig we can buy with the flower petals, too, that will--I'm being serious, here--roll in the mud and scatter that mud on enemies, distracting them enough to ignore us for a bit while we kill them.

MMOs are strange.

I'm thinking I'm going to start culling through the many, many pictures I've been taking over the past two or three weeks, too, and start tossing them up, but sadly, I no longer remember the sims in which I took most of them. More's the pity.

In the meantime...some links! And we're starting with the iodine clock reaction first seen on io9. Now, it's been some time since I was involved in chemical experiments--and, among my friends and I, that usually meant things that blew up, whether we wanted them to or not--but I remember the iodine clock. And it's just as fast as it seems to be. It's like...magic, in a sense, only it's pure SCIENCE!

And science is cool, so there, link, go watch, be amazed.

There's a certain link on translating British English to American English that's gone viral, and it's absolutely brilliant. I rather wish there'd be a version where American English is translated into proper British terms, for reverse understanding, but...I have a feeling it would involve cursing, or something else vastly inappropriate.

In other news from the Telegraph, I can't figure out if this link is a joke, or not. Because it sounds so very much like something the Onion would write up. If it's not a joke, things have gotten very, very odd in Turkey and Egypt.

In comics news, I'm increasingly unhappy with Dan Didio. Actually, it's more a general unhappiness with DC Comics in general (last week simply being the most stunningly stupid example of the tar-laden flailings of DC Comics as a corporate entity that I've seen in some time.

But the signs have been there for some time, I've just been trying to ignore them. Because, in the brand-loyalty department, I've always been a DC girl. I've liked the characters better, the plots better, and then...current management took over. And by "current" I mean "the idiot micromanagers who've been destroying DC for the last five years".

Most particularly, though, the straw that broke my figurative camel's back in this instance surrounds their callous treatment of Harley Quinn as a character. To wit, from the official DC link describing the contest:
Harley sitting naked in a bathtub with toasters, blow dryers, blenders, appliances all dangling above the bathtub and she has a cord that will release them all. We are watching the moment before the inevitable death. Her expression is one of "oh well, guess that's it for me" and she has resigned herself to the moment that is going to happen.
Now, if you look at the page as it stands--which has been substantially revised--there are other comic panels added. There's also been a fair amount of explanation and context given as to why they thought this was a good idea to do in the first place. According to officials within the company, this was never about supposedly "sexualizing" suicide, it was meant to be a tongue-in-cheek meta-commentary on the absurd directions DC writers--and, by extension, comics writers in the industry as a whole--take on occasion with female characters under their purview. (See TV Tropes' excellent description of the 'women in refrigerators' concept that's plagued comics for over three decades, at least.)

Which I suppose would have been tenuously fine, save for two things:
  1. They released the fourth panel alone, on the original contest page, with no meta-context given at all for why this was happening; and
  2. They announced the contest during Suicide Prevention Week, thus raising this to a PR nightmare the likes of which was only seen before during the dickwolves debacle on Penny Arcade.
I have no place in my brain--or heart--that allows me to keep supporting a company that is--even as a meta-commentary--willing to sponsor a contest supporting the slaying of a popular female character, especially after the same company has refused to allow LGBT characters to marry, invalidated previously assumed marriages, tossed Wonder Woman at Superman like she's some sort of party favor for Superdickish behavior...I mean, dear gods, the list can and does go on. It's horrifying watching them flounder--and anger fans in the process.

And in the meantime, very nearly effortlessly, Marvel's figured out the trick to keeping fans happy: giving them real characters of depth, that can get married no matter what gender--or species--they are, that have real problems in spite of being superheroes, that we can relate to as fans, as fellow beings, and as consumers of media--be that media movies, television or comic books.

You'd think DC would've figured out the same thing, but no, they're still the mammoth in La Brea, slowly sinking, without ever really seeming to comprehend why. It's deeply sad, but they're still stupid for doing it.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I find comfort here, 'cause I know what is lost

From the auction notecard sent out by Munchflower Zaius:
The auctions shown here will run for 48 hours each.

There is only ONE of the items available. At the end of the auction, the next set of avatars will be up and available for auction by noon of the following day. The avatars have a starting bid of 5k, the gowns start at 2k. Highest bidder wins and the item will be delivered automatically when the auction ends.

The auction order goes as follows:

(from the fashion album; Nomine's White Queen from the "Alice in Wonderland" LE avatar series)

ALICE IN WONDERLAND AVATARS: Wednesday, September 4th from noon to Friday, September 6th at noon.

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Death" Tarot avatar set)

FIRST TAROT AVATARS: ( these are death m & f, the devil, the fool, the high priestess, the magician, and the tower.) Saturday September 7th from noon to Monday September 9th at noon.

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Sun" Tarot avatar set)

SECOND TAROT AVATARS: ( these are the hanged man, the hierophant, the hermit, the moon, the sun, the star, and judgement ) Tuesday September 10th at noon to Thursday September 12th at noon.

LIMITED EDITION GOWNS: ( one of each color will be auctioned )

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Ameno" LE gown in Dusk)

AMENO: Friday September 13th at noon to Sunday September 15th at noon.

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Ariel" LE dark wedding gown in Azure)

ARIEL: ( light and dark versions will go up at the same time ) Monday September 16th at noon to Wednesday September 18th at noon.

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Cernunna" LE gown in Forest)

CERNUNNA: Thursday September 19th at noon to Saturday September 21st at noon.

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Loki" LE outfit in Jade)

LOKI: Sunday September 22nd at noon to Tuesday September 25th at noon.

(from the fashion album; Nomine's "Persephone" LE dark wedding gown in Black)

PERSEPHONE: Wednesday September 26th at noon to Friday September 28th at noon.

I will unfortunately not be holding these or taking placeholder bids on them. If you wish to bid you must come to the inworld store and bid on the board. Highest bid takes home the extremely collectible limited edition.

Thank you, and if you have any questions, PLEASE do not hesitate to send me a notecard or IM me. There will be no refunds, all auctions are final.

Thank you.

I write this in gratitude, for whatever good it serves

A few minutes after I logged in today, I received this notecard.
"If only there was enough space on this tiny card to evoke my unfettered joie de vivre for what you have done. The gaiety, the mirth, the heavenly bubbling of every effusive cell that sings inside me for your kind and pithy offering." - Joshua Braff
tl;dr - Nomine is closing, but there's some pretty badass auctions going on and you need to come buy all the things by the end of October and I LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS.

Dearest friends, customers, and passersby....

What a long, strange trip it's been, no?

The past few years have been extraordinarily hard for me. I've never been very public about my health issues, save a passing mention that I had them. About two years ago, post a bout with the flu, my body took a very serious turn for the worse.

I woke up with my hands locked in place, swollen, with a very large vesicular rash covering my upper arms. I ended up for the first of many, many times in the emergency room, where doctors hovered and came to no conclusions. I was sent to the first of several specialists then. Internal medicine specialists, rheumatologists, gastroenterologists, you name it. And every time I came home with a larger and larger amount of medical debt and no answers.

Finally I was sent to two geneticists, who diagnosed me with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The short version of which is thus: my body does not and has never produced collagen right. Collagen is the building block that literally holds our bodies together. And mine doesn't work.

I was told there was no cure, and essentially no treatment. I would continue to get worse. I would spend the rest of my life in pain. I began a regimen of constant medication that I will continue for the rest of my life. Like a lot of diseases, there are degrees to which this one can affect someone. I am one of the unfortunate people who have a severe case. I do not ask for sympathy or condolences, it is what it is. I have come to terms with it.

This disease, however, coupled with the eternal downsliding of the economy, have made Second Life an untenable option for me. I am no longer pulling in a liveable income, and haven't been for some time. I have fought like crazy to keep my store open despite the ever rising cost, but I can no longer manage that. I am deeply hurting for income and Nomine is costing more than it's making. The best option for me now is to close my inworld store and sell my sim. I will be leaving Nomine open through the end of October, as I have every intention of doing one last round of the Halloween avatars.

I will be leaving the marketplace open as an option through the end of the year.

As a final thank you, (and to be perfectly honest, a chance to make some direly needed income), I will be auctioning off one of each of some of my limited editions as these have always been the thing I was the most proud of. I will be starting with the Alice in Wonderland avatars, and they will be auctioned off in my inworld store at a starting bid of 5k. The auctions will run for 48 hours and then a new set will take their place. I intend to auction off the past two years' tarot avatars, and one of each of the limited edition gowns from previous years.

These are older avatars, from 2010, and have older skins and accoutrements. They are now insanely collectible items, and this will be the absolute chance to get any of these avatars.

The auctions for Alice will begin today at noon.

You have all made my second life an amazing and enormous experience. I am awed and humbled by those of you who have stood by me all these years, and to every single customer who came to my store. I truly am.

You have pushed and inspired me to stay in business for almost 10 years. Your ideas and suggestions helped me evolve into something far greater than myself. I will remember you always.

Thank you, truly. I couldn't have done it without you.

- Munchflower Zaius
I literally don't know what to say. I'd known for several years that she had health issues; I'd known there were times when she was away (in hospital, or at home recovering) where Recidivist Sideways took over the job of announcements and such for her store. I didn't expect this.

EDS is a devastating disease. In its mildest form, the hypermobility of joints can, on not infrequent occasion, make simple tasks like lifting objects and walking nigh-Herculean tasks. And that's without all the other symptoms, most of which, it seems from this, Munchflower's got.

But barring all that, Nomine's been another of my SL touchstones--and I think I can say that for many of us. In 2006, flush with my first paycheck from Enigma, I walked proudly into Nomine and bought an outfit. I still have it; that, along with the first flexi hair I ever purchased from Helyanwe Vindaloo (back when Deviant Kitties still existed, before ploom was even a dream in Ms. Vindaloo's pixel eye), I think I'll always keep, because they represented an accomplishment of sorts to me. I'd moved beyond the system; I'd started to flush out my digital presence, and taken the first tottering steps towards realizing myself as a virtual being.

It's no exaggeration to say, without Nomine's help with outfits and skins, I'd be a far different woman in the world. So yes, the sim, the store, the woman--they will be missed.

Light your candles, gentles. And participate in the auctions if you can afford to--because she did then, and does now, incredibly intricate, breathtaking design work. Your bids will afford you a truly unique acquisition you will, most assuredly, be proud to own.