Thursday, February 26, 2015

you're the broken glass in the morning light

So, Bandai Games is releasing a new Soul Calibur game for the Playstation console. Which I thought was grand news, until I heard that they'd hired Yamatogawa, an artist of hentai (erotic) manga to design new armor. And, shows:

That's the front. Here's the back:

And both are shown on Ivy. Want to see it in motion? It doesn't quite push over the line of NSFW, but it comes excruciatingly close at times:

because it's not just on Ivy in the game. It's also an armor drop for Amy. Who normally looks like this:

She's nearly always been seen portrayed as very young--either in a typical Japanese schoolgirl's outfit, or--as seen here--in a frothy black lace Lolita confection, with bouncy rag curls. And that's mostly how we're used to seeing her. Until this game:

which just looks...well, it's the definition of wrong in the video above, seriously.

Now, a friend tracked down Yamatogawa's original concept art for the armor:

(which you can see full-size here) which, he thinks now, is Yamatogawa's attempt to make armor that looks like the Soul Edge sword itself. He dug up this image for me:

of the Nightmare armor, with the token oversized sword, and I can see it, because at least in the concept art, it's easy to match up edges, fangs and the eye. But, and I think this is an important but, the armor behind that sword? Is full coverage.

Because it's on a man.

It's 2015, should we still have to be fighting these battles to play games? Why aren't there other options? Have they just completely given up and the next Soul Calibur game will feature finishing moves with active penetration? Why do this??

Sunday, February 22, 2015

never let a bad day be enough to go and talk you into giving up

Started in the middle of something, as per usual...

[18:50] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what is the point of boobs and asses as big as people wear them
[18:50] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just dont even get it

Can we say, "here we go again"?

[18:50] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Maybe they like them
[18:50] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or maybe they look that way in real life
[18:50] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[18:50] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: DOUBTFUL
[18:51] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not that many
[18:51] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: maybe a few MIGHT

I'll go on record as saying I don't like Miss T, here. She's allowed to hold the opinion, I know I've said similar things, but for the most part I say it about people wandering around Caledon, or on PG shopping sims wearing below the bare minimum. Still, because of where this goes, I thought I'd post it, because this is not just a case of 'how can they wear that', but a judgement on an entirely presumed lifestyle.

[18:51] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Txxxx], you are not alone in that puzzlement. lol
[18:51] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: a lot of people think that's what is sexy lol
[18:51] cxxxx Kxxxxx: don't let people bully you

Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But the flip side of that is everyone is also entitled to react to that opinion. And if people don't like your opinions, they're allowed to say that too. (I'd offer my own blog up as a prime example of that; I've made more enemies than friends, because I have made, and likely will continue to make in the future, harsh judgments of attire, texture, and shape.)

[18:51] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: different folks different stroke I am sure plenty of people in SL wouldn't understand why at times I run around as a femboi
[18:51] Dxxxxx Sxxxx: I think some of the extremes of SL are like my SL extremes... womething I wish I could do without repercussions that I do not desire to have any part of
[18:51] Ixxxxxxx Jxxxxxxxxx: to each their own...i like me, but others may's what makes YOU happy
[18:51] bxxxxx Cxxxxxx: well it's your SL you are entitled to do what you please

Well, within limits, there are rules of behavior after all...but those are for the most part tailored to RL criminal acts which are not allowed.

[18:51] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its freakish.. and im no architect but ankles that small? Im sorry ... structurally unsound
[18:52] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Um freakish?

And here the judgment starts in full effect. All right, I've done this too, I own it, I take responsibility for it--I firmly believe that if you're going to have prim feet and/or shoes, for the love of all gods please match the skin tone, and please adjust the ankle to the same width as the leg itself. Because otherwise it looks like one is trying to walk on artificially severed appendages, and...that's just disturbing.

But that's not what she means here, is it? The ankles are an afterthought. What she's saying is that very large breasts, whether or not they have "natural" sag or bounce, are of themselves a freakish addition, like having eight legs or a parasitic twin. And saying things are "freaky" or "freakish" is still common parlance, but at one time it meant something very specific: extra limbs, extra heads, extra fingers and toes. Things beyond the normal experience, people who were not "as us"--or at least, as the typical country or city folk the freakshows played to.

Traveling carnivals also had rides, food stands, games of chance, dancers, sword swallowers, magicians--but there were many people in the US and abroad for whom being a full-time "freak" was their occupation. Now it's 2015, and we've been told over and over, these are just 'extras', these are just genetic "mistakes", maybe, it happens when cells divide...but now large breasts are lumped in with the other traditional "freaks" of the sideshows?

[18:52] Dxxxxx Sxxxx: example: I have wanted full body tattoo coverage since I was a SMALL child, something that is VERY unlikely to happen in my RL but happens often in my SL

Yeah, I have one perpetual sigattachment I wear, a winged back tattoo--I've had it since my first few months in SL. In fact, when tattoo layers came around, I contacted the maker to see if she'd be interested in converting it over to a tattoo layer for me. Will I ever get that back tattoo in RL? I won't deny I've been tempted, but I probably won't, just for cost alone.

[18:52] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah
[18:52] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a bit
[18:52] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That's very harsh
[18:52] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ~shrugs~
[18:52] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And not very nice

It is harsh, and it isn't nice. I do think "nice" as a concept is rather overused, and occasionally trite as a concept, but is it just more politically correct to say their 'whatever' could be smaller, when we're talking about peoples' personal parts? Whether those parts are virtual or not? Or should we just accept that that's how they want to look? Where's the correct protocol with inflatable bits, anyway?

[18:52] bxxxxx Cxxxxxx: that's the awesome thing about SL is you are able to be as creative as you want to be :)
[18:52] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I would think SL is a place to express an inner desire / want you can't have IRL xD
[18:52] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: srry but seeing it so much i just dont get it
[18:53] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well get over it
[18:53] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im guessing there is a reason
[18:53] bxxxxx Cxxxxxx: exactly [Rxxx]
[18:53] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: While everyone is jumping at the chance to tell [Txxxx] that everyone has the right to do as they please, you are forgetting that [Txxxx] has the right to her own opinions. You don't have to agree with her.

No, we don't, obviously, but as I said earlier, she has the chance to air her voice; we have the chance to react.

[18:53] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes but I don't really like people calling my friends "freaks"
[18:53] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: indeed
[18:53] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i didnt say stop
[18:53] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i seen someone who looked like niki minaj in here did i say rude things did i chuckle to myself yes
[18:53] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i just asked WHY?

Well, and I suppose that's fair. And at least she voiced her opinion of these "freaks" in a group that's for general freebies and gifts, not implants and mesh bodies. I...guess that's a good thing? Sort of?

[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you have to

[18:53] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I don't think that's very nice
[18:54] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: And back to our regularly scheduled programming...
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: men talk too
[18:54] Axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but i didn't say anything
[18:54] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Bxxxx], did she NAME your friends? If not then that is a strawman argument and you are bashing her while griping about her allegedly (but not really) bashing your 'friends'

Eh, I think that's six of one, half a dozen of the other, really. What the one lass is objecting to is women with large breasts being called freaks. She has friends who wear implants. Thus, according to Miss T, they'd be freaks. She objects to Miss T's labeling them such.

That's not a strawman argument, that's a pretty straight-forward reaction.

[18:54] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Lxxxx] I don't think anyone said she doesn't did they? I know I didn't I just expressed my own opinion which happens to conflict with hers.
[18:54] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Men like it too
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not as many as yall think
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol

So...not only is Miss T saying that all wearers of implants and mesh bodies are "freaks", but now she's stating that most men despise women who wear mesh breasts and mesh butts? Really?

I think we're out of rope to hand you, you might just have to hang yourself on what you have, Miss.

[18:54] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh So I could come in here and say all skinny bitches are freaks
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they talk about it
[18:54] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And it's fine?????
[18:54] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but also say most them do it to get .. well.. and they know they are easy

So, all women who wear mesh breasts and mesh busts are sluts, you say. On top of everything else. Go on.

[18:54] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I don't think so
[18:55] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OMG
[18:55] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: And [Bxxxx], if people CHOOSE to look like freaks, they are hardly in a position to gripe if someone calls them that.

Don't help.

[18:55] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes you could
[18:55] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im not skinny
[18:55] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: YEA all big girls are whores [Txxxx]
[18:55] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's right
[18:55] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: If you rob banks are we not allowed to call you a bank roober because it's politically incorrect or might offend you?

"Robber", but now we're getting into specious arguments. You're basically making her point.

[18:55] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but i am thinking yes you could say that
[18:55] Ixxxxxxx Jxxxxxxxxx: lol i am skinny...and to a point a freak lol
[18:55] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no
[18:55] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: If you don't want to be called a bank robber, don't rob banks.

Are you on Miss T's side? Wait, this is also you:

[18:51] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: [Txxxx], you are not alone in that puzzlement. lol

You ARE!

[18:55] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Okay, this is a no win subject ATM
[18:55] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No, if you rob a bank you're a bank robber
[18:55] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Lawd
[18:55] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i said that many men see them as doing it to put out the message
[18:55] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i mean draw attention there for what
[18:56] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to say UHH no touch?
[18:56] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[18:56] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah

Yeah. We get it. You're a prude. Move on.

[18:56] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Because you have a large ass you're a whore?
[18:56] cxxxxx Txxxxx: blinks
[18:56] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wooooah guys.... come on now. Let's chillax and get back to shopping okay?
[18:56] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Do you tell people in real life that?
[18:57] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Cause I think you're about to get in some real trouble if you do

Seriously. This is NOT something you just walk up to people and say out loud in that tone. Plus, this is EXACTLY the sort of victim-blaming our culture seems trapped in. "She had on a sexy dress, that's why she was raped." "She was out late, that's why she was assaulted." "She had large breasts, of course she was sexually harassed." This kind of thinking blames the woman for being in front of the man's eyes, and not the man for doing something criminal and morally reprehensible.

Even in SL, this is something we should try to curtail.

[18:57] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Can we please change topics?
[18:57] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: People shouldn't worry so much about what others think and live your life the way you see fit. You are never going to please everyone and will only make yourself miserable and those around you as well if you try.
[18:57] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do

I find that very, very difficult to believe. Or, if that is true, then she gets yelled at a lot by women who aren't prostitutes and don't like being called one to their faces.

[18:57] Vxxxxx Kxxxx: stop it before the chat closes again
[18:57] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and no i dont get in RL trouble
[18:57] Mxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i tell them GYM its 2015

Yeah, depending on the neighborhood she lives in, I really don't believe this. She'd be flipped attitude at the least, or outright slapped in the face for her presumption. 'Get your fat ass to a gym'? Seriously?

[18:57] Lxxxx Sxxxxxx: If my RL friends and family members dressed and behaved like many folks in SL do, you bet I'd tell them they were whorish.
[18:57] Rxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: [Bxxxxx] and [Txxxx] if want to continue this conversation i think the proper place is a im not in here
[18:57] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm over it
[18:58] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :X
[18:59] Ixxxxxxx Jxxxxxxxxx: :P likes being freakish lol

Well, and sometimes I do too. Today, for instance, I was very prim and proper, in a floor-length gown with long sleeves, hair in a precise bun, and fawn brocade boots, because I was hunting roses across Caledon. When I arrived back at the current crypt home, I exchanged that for a charcoal hoody, torn black jeans, studded platform boots, and a miniskirt.

To that end, though, it's obvious where Miss T's thought processes are going here. Have a large ass, have bigger boobs, you're a streetwalker. In her mind, you're good for only one thing, and that means you don't respect yourself, men don't respect you, and other women are going to treat you like the dirt you so clearly--to her--are.

And, granted, there are a lot of extremes in SL, throughout all our communities. There are places I don't want to go with my avatar in any mode of dress. There are shapes and styles of avatars I won't purchase, or wear. But to me, that's personal preference.

I've complained about a lot of things. I complain about avatar appearance. I've openly despised the whole pouty fish-lips, wide-saddle form of female we seem stricken with currently, and I doubt that's going to change. But that's not because I think they look like prostitutes, or think the women in those shapes are inherently easy to sleep with. It's because I think that shape and style makes them look desperately unhappy, just a soul-deep, cynical misery that pervades outward from the skin. And I do not believe everyone who wears that shape or those specifically designed skins are that desperately unhappy, that riddled with hatred and bile. I think they're deliberately making themselves unattractive--to themselves if no one else--but my standards are not theirs, obviously, and that's pretty much the end of the assumption line.

Miss T took it farther. To her, Ms. Charms

is exactly the same as Ms. Fuller

and both are exactly the same as this unidentified street prostitute?

Why? For that matter, why link the three in the first place? And why such utter loathing for all three?

(Photo credits: I cannot track down the photographer for the Chelsie Charms shot; but I will link her website [should you feel compelled to dig further, be warned it is VERY NSFW]. Ms. Fuller's photographer has been lost to the ages, as far as I know, but I originally found her cabinet card on the Cvltnation site. And John Mac took the unidentified shot of the prostitute in 2005, for this photo forum.)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

it's very easy to be suave when you're on your guard, like you always are

Another day, another capture from Zone chat, though I'm getting relentlessly tired of doing these...

[Zone] ilex elenath@fotogenia: did any1 read about todays patch? no more foundry farming? (theyre removing the summoning portals??)
[Zone] Cloud Strife@strifecloudvii07: whoa they will remove that
[Zone] Cloud Strife@strifecloudvii07: thats amainbgly stupid

So is spelling amazingly, "amainbgly".

[Zone] ilex elenath@fotogenia: "The summoning portals have been removed as an asset from the Foundry" ???
[Zone] Brukis@giorgosathan: i m a god

Wait, we were discussing Foundry missions, weren't we?

[Zone] Leprechaun@Norisman: GOOD least one person's happy?

[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: thx
[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: lol
[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: i...
[Zone] Hanzo@zyh591949094: have headache

Sorry to hear that.

[Zone] Legolas@GzimM: this is so damn boring
[Zone] Cloud Strife@strifecloudvii07: okay ur bored
[Zone] Dame Elysium@GzimM: this is so damn boring
[Zone] Leprechaun@Norisman: Then Get The F*ck Out!

Well, that's harsh...

[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: So, removing summoning portals from Foundry missions does what, exactly?

Because, admittedly, I was confused about what that would do. Not having "foundry farmed" before this on any of my characters.

[Zone] Leprechaun@Norisman: Puts and end to exploting the sssystem to fam AD
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: Ah.

So basically, they were upset because an exploit they'd been counting on to get them money finally got fixed. Oh, boo hoo.

And from SL chat...

[14:32] Axxxx Pxxxxx: Sale of land, 8192 sqm 1875 prims, 5,000l per four weeks, only after four weeks 1,600 a week, interested send MI

I...think you mean "IM".

[14:32] txxxxx Txxxxxx: o.O
[14:33] bxxx Pxxxxx: [Axxxx] you can't do that in this group
[14:33] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: grrrrr

People never seem to get this.


[14:35] Uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there is also a LL board upstairs at Angels that currently read R, has soft pink & black outfit with 2 pairs high slink shoes
[14:35] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxx]... can someone confirm that is actually a 'dance anim' in that MM please? Because last time I was aksed to come help w a freebie there, the 'dance' ended up not being a dance, but a graphic sexual anim instead. Just realy good to check to be sure first if you could please, and let us know the name of the animation in the MM there, thanks
[14:36] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can yall make sure to put if you have to join group or not pretty please
[14:36] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when u post your lms, would b helpful
[14:37] bxxx Pxxxxx: I tell you if you need it :>)
[14:37] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ik [bxxx]
[14:37] Uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry, the LL board at Angels is no group
[14:37] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's an AO
[14:37] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not a dance

So here we go again...again...because we've done this particular pavane before. In this particular group, posting of animations (sexual or PG), dances, and AOs are not allowed, to the point that it's in the group charter. To join the group, you have to at least see the charter square has words in it, whether you stop to read them or not.

[14:38] txxxxx Txxxxxx: I believe no AO mm boards are aloud in here.....


[14:39] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: AO mms not permitted
[14:39] bxxx Pxxxxx: No they aren't
[14:39] sxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's a Model Girl AO on the mm Board not a dance
[14:39] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why arent they allowed
[14:39] Txx Axxxx: They are saying it is a dance to circumvent the rules. They know it.

Which is odd, because posting dances aren't allowed either, I thought.

[14:40] txxxxx Txxxxxx: my guess is that many anims are copybotted
[14:40] bxxx Pxxxxx: I refer you to a mod, what I know is some of it has to do with copy botting

Pretty much.

[14:40] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nods.. TY [Txx], Sane happened before with 'adult' sexual anims... which is why I questioned it
[14:41] cxxxxxxxxxxxxx Pxxxxxxx: MM with sandal roses in skelet palm 120/150 grup TC store i say just sandal cu i want them but r luchy letters too;)
[14:41] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: I dont think these days it does make a difference the risk whit animations is just as high as whit other products

"With", and maybe, but it's the rules of the group. It's like going to a human-only sim dressed as a furry. It's not that you, in fur, are objectionable by yourself; it's just that you, in fur, can't RP on a human-only sim. Same thing here. No AOs, no animations, no dances.

[14:47] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wouldn't it b against the law to copy the item?

Well, yes, but you're discussing ethics in that sense, which is not the point under discussion.

[14:49] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes it is, it is theft [Exxxx], but that does not stop some people
[14:49] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have paste here b4 it never told me i have to say what is on the MMB if i did it would b to long for me to explain myself what the items

That's more your problem than ours, frankly. Learn to condense.

[14:49] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: Yeah [Exxxx] but sometimes people make theire own rules like When they make theire own little blab blab rules stating in theire profile they think its okay to do that but still breaking sl TOS when they dont keep up to the real rules from sl
[14:49] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: SMH
[14:50] Kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What?
[14:50] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im at other place so would u like me to say what r in all the 6 MMB n the 3 seats are?
[14:51] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: one time they told me to keep it short so i did..

Right, when a mod told you to "keep it short"? That means no more than three lines. Not "avoid mentioning anything that's on the MM board".

[14:51] lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It is helpful to people who might want to visit a store to know if there is a mm board, how many, what the prizes are
[14:51] Txx Axxxx: LOL, how long does it take to say it was the Model AO created by Vista Animations that is now sold by someone else?
[14:52] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol.. that's be great
[14:52] hxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Exxxx]... I IM'ed and explained to you why the question was posed... it had to do with group rules, not anything personal... so please can we move on?
[14:54] bxxx Pxxxxx: I hate to be the prissy one here, but! we need to move on kk :)
[14:55] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there's this cat.. that walks into a bar - looking for MM's :)
[14:55] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[14:55] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: HUGGIES!
[14:55] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx giggles
[14:56] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok there is nothing wrong with that AO' Just to let u know' oh sorry for putting it on here also
[14:56] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: Anyway rules are rules and we do have to respect the rules a owner from the groups creates
[14:57] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u r not allow to put anything with AO'S ON HERRRRRRRREEEE
[14:57] bxxx Pxxxxx: *bangs her head on the wall*

Sometimes people can be hard to deter if they think they're in the right, or, at least, are confused as to why they're in the wrong.

[14:58] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you [Axx] - now, moving on
[15:00] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok who is the owner
[15:00] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: ? what do you meen [exxxx] from this group?
[15:00] lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Owner of what [Exxxx]?? The group? Check the group profile
[15:00] Vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i thought it was just ao manias we couldnt post, that free ao's were ok if people ask [15:00] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: owner of?
[15:00] bxxx Pxxxxx: She is shy [Axx] Lol!!!
[15:01] txxxxx Txxxxxx: yea we can recomend AO stores....established AO stores. We do all the tme talk about them

Yes, just nothing on MM boards.

[15:02] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we all gonna get along up in here today or im tellin on errrrybody and i mean it. i love everyone so lets play nicely okay for i cry
[15:02] Sxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: [exxxx] i think you should talk whit a moderator on the rules if you have doubts ore questions
[15:03] bxxx Pxxxxx: Stop yackin and get ta slappin!!!
[15:03] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[15:04] Sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: .. there's NO cry'n in slap'n them boards

Agreed. Now let's see if it works...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

did you have to do this? I was thinking that you could be trusted

(continued from part one)

How'ver, that wasn't the point of quoting this section of chat. That started a bit later...

[00:13] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Axx] why are you a velociraptor?
[00:13] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Who cares I wanna be one!
[00:13] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hahahaa
[00:14] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: me too I wanna be a velociraptor
[00:14] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: cos i CAN! :P
[00:14] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: lol
[00:14] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Taht's the best answer [Axx]
[00:14] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i thought so too lol
[00:14] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol we're all gathered here today to find out what happened to sarcastic.... and look at a velociraptor

Well, that's always fun. Not what happened with SaRcAsTIC, but the velociraptor av. And no, I didn't catch where to get it.

[00:15] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: now that is sooo cruel n cold of ll... how can they just tell u.. we gonna take ur money unless u tell us who u are.... heck.. they get enough info when we sigh up.. isnt that enough....god bless her... she will get thru this
[00:15] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: trots off to become a lossyraptor too
[00:16] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: ta!
[00:16] cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: tyvm
[00:17] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx sighs
[00:18] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: trust me [xxxxxxx] they already know who you are...
[00:19] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yay i got a Velociraptor
[00:20] Mxxxxx Zxxx: mi am dat log out din greseala
[00:20] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: say wha

Google Translate said, "I gave my mistake log out"; Bing Translator said "I got logged out by mistake". So now we know?

[00:21] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: [Xxx], the same thing happened to me over the Summer. I had to provide my RL credentials to LL in order to access my accounts and cash out. With me, it was a taxable income issue, nothing more - nothing less. Once I submitted my ID, all was right back on track. Our LindenDollars equate to real life dollars, simple as. In my case, I was not being persecuted or penalised in any way. The IRS wants its share, again, simple as. SL is also the perfect grouns for money laundering - LL needs to protect itself from any complicity. Makes perfect sense. That said, I have no idea what the issue is with SaRcAsTIC, that was just my experience.

Right, but again, I'd be willing to bet this person lives in the US, not overseas.

[00:21] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thankies. ^^
[00:21] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: wow......
[00:22] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: My thoughts exactly [Fxxxxx]... it's a taxation issue, which is unfortunate but a fact of life
[00:22] kxxxx Dxxxxxxxxx: does anyone know if 7deadlyskins is still free?
[00:22] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: still free to join
[00:22] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[00:24] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: any income from sl is taxable income in the us and if you do not file taxes on your income LL is liable and believe me they do not want the IRS on their butt any more than you want them on yours

Again, true, but the issue of whether US law applies to international accounts accepting income from transactions made on AMerican servers hasn't been adequately settled for the internationals, at least.

[00:24] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: And it was a blanket suspendion, btw.. ALL of my accounts were not accessible. I use the same email address for the lot.
[00:25] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: wow
[00:26] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: if it's for tax?...not a lot you can do really :(
[00:27] Ixxxx Wxxxxxxx: I never thought about money laundering. That makes my head hurt thinking about all of the boundary case issues there.
[00:27] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sure you can give them your payment info and get your accounts unlocked

It's not that simple. Verifying with the Lab used to be a simple case of 'here's my credit card'; it's not anymore. In fact, one of the key difficulties is that the verification form online asks for a driver's licence number, or an EIN. If one does not live in the US, there may be no driver's licence number the form would recognize, and to apply for an EIN number for an international is a thorny path on its own; generally, that establishes residency, for a brick-and-mortar building, which SL is manifestly not.

[00:27] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i wouldn't have thought of that either to be honest
[00:29] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: In the case of SaRcaStiC, somehow the pwner's account [...]

The "pwner's account"??

[...] and the account that LL is asking for information about have been linked - no idea how or why, and anything not coming fro the owner herself, or her group representatvie would just be conjecture and the stuff of rumours.
[00:29] zxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If someone is from another country and makes money in SL, how can the US government tax them for it? I am curious if that is possible. Hhhmmm something to check into. I mean I have no idea if she is from the US or not but kind of something to think about
[00:30] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how about if i spent $1,000 in your store for example and you are actually working for IS and you cash that $1000 out and use it to buy weapons... now there is no money trail to follow
[00:30] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: lol

Which is pretty much ludicrous--not that there may not be criminal forces working in SL, because of a surety there are, but to assume that anyone might be part of the Islamic State, so LL is requesting this information to establish a paper trail and verifiable deniability...well, at some point, you either trust or you don't. If you're mistrusting folks to that extent, then what's to stop them from generating a real-sounding, but wholly fake address?

And then...

[00:30] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Warning! This is a bad one. Please pass this message out to as many friends and groups as you can. If anyone passes you a gift from someone you know or dont know which may be called "stick21" delete it immediately. This thing is nasty! Do not rez it or wear it and if possible do not accept it. It does real damage to your pc and SL via spamming your viewer and emails which if opened shut your pc down.
[00:30] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: those groups use programs like SL to communicat all the time
[00:30] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: aww...NOT AGAIN!
[00:30] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh wow
[00:31] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: Please /don't/ post that to all of your friends. Please just adcise them NOT to take candy from stangers or open things that they are not familiar with.
[00:31] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: stop spamming...that message is pure can't affect your PC!
[00:31] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: those "objects that steal you L$" belong in the urban legend file between global warming and yete.. but.... someone did get their 15 minutes of fame out if it because everyone in sl is talking about them now
[00:31] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: scaremonger griefing is all that is
[00:31] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its hitting all my groups now
[00:31] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: geeeesh
[00:31] rxxx Jxxxxxxxx: Besides, that "warning" is a hoax that has been going around for at least 5 years.

This particular iteration is new, but the text is pretty much the same, yes.

[00:32] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx debates on the next person's punishment if they post this in the group again
[00:32] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that same notice has gone through sl 4 times today
[00:32] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: [sxxxxxxxx], as far as I'm aware people pay taxes in their country, like a british creator in SL pays tax on SL income in the UK to the British government, because the amounts involved aren't that high really

And getting back to this, yes, this is the point--many internationals are complaining that, essentially, to operate in SL, they need to:
  • pay a premium monthly fee
  • plus pay additional VAT fees on any sim they rent
  • plus pay taxes in their native country
  • and now pay US taxes in additional to their own taxes
  • AND give personally identifying information to the Lab, an action with is banned by law in many European countries
Many internationals feel frustrated, angered, and trapped by these restrictions and rulings, and they're leaving in literal droves because of it.

[00:33] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i'm SO tempted to AR the next person who sends that
[00:33] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm sorry if you guys take it as spam, I meant no bad intention in sending it out
[00:33] txxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Axxxxxxxxx], take a chill pill -.-

[Axxxxxxxxx] is a mod in this group, as I've previously mentioned. Never tell a mod to calm down, it doesn't end well.

[00:33] mxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: chat was already closed once today cause of that stupid warning being posted every 10 minutes.... don't start it again....
. [00:33] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: [Txxxxx], we closed down group chat earlier because of all the spam that went through here because of that one notice
[00:33] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: CHILL PILL!?!
[00:33] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: inhale exhale
[00:34] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: Perhaps somoene wanter HER 15 minutes of fame by bringing the "good news" to everyone :)
[00:34] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: passes [axxxxxxxxx] one of my vicodine and a glass of wine
[00:34] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx sits on hands for a few mins
[00:34] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: it seems someone named Chrissy has been spamming all the other groups too with the same notice
[00:34] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: Chrissy Ziplon

I'm leaving Ms. Ziplon's name intact, because this isn't the first time I've tangled with her spamming groups with either disallowed things, begging for Lindens, or outright "warnings" like this one. It's not impossible that her account may have been hacked; but if it has, it's been months and she hasn't regained control of it yet. Me, I have her muted as a spammer.

[00:35] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i think theres mor people less gullible nowadays....i've not seen it much apart from that mass of messages in here earlier
[00:35] xxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well said [Axxxx]
[00:36] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: anyone who tried to steal my L$ would be very disappointed
[00:36] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: lol
[00:37] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: weren't we just discussing kitten lair or something for mesh shapes??

Mesh bodies, actually.


[00:37] Axxx Kxxx: Warning! This is a bad one. Please pass this message out to as many friends and groups as you can. If anyone passes you a gift from someone you know or dont know which may be called "stick21" delete it immediately. This thing is nasty! Do not rez it or wear it and if possible do not accept it. It does real damage to your pc and SL via spamming your viewer and emails which if opened shut your pc down.
[00:38] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: [Axxx]?...pls stop sending that's garbage, lies and a hoax!
[00:38] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: passes [axxxxxxxxx] another glass of wine
[00:38] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gawwwwsh
[00:39] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: [Axxx], youe account is over 4 years old - you really SHOULD know better than that.

She really, really should.

[00:39] mxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: muted and getting ready to send a report to LL.... I'm sick of that crap.
[00:40] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and she's doing it in all her groups....
[00:41] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: another one..
[00:41] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: ugh, has to wait to group profile loads
[00:41] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: she left group chat already
[00:41] mxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: yep, this will be the 6th group that has popped up for me were she's posted it, in less than 5 minutes
[00:41] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: she spammed shoenique group chat too
[00:42] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: "oh thank you for giving us this valuable information, you are AMAZING!" <<< I just see these spammers as total attention whores seeking gratitude and a few shining moments of recognition.
[00:42] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: so far i'm only getting it here now
[00:42] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: is any other mod on that has group profile already opened up and populated
[00:42] mxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: I was just starting to unmute my group chats too.

But we weren't done yet.

[00:42] kxx Txxx: I got this message from another group. PLEASE READ.
[00:42] kxx Txxx: Warning! This is a bad one. Please pass this message out to as many friends and groups as you can. If anyone passes you a gift from someone you know or dont know which may be called "stick21" delete it immediately. This thing is nasty! Do not rez it or wear it and if possible do not accept it. It does real damage to your pc and SL via spamming your viewer and emails which if opened shut your pc down.
[00:42] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: [Kxx] don't
[00:42] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: [Kxx], DON;T DO IT
[00:42] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: wooow
[00:42] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: oh god
[00:42] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: noooooooooooooo
[00:42] Dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ohhh ffs
[00:42] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg
[00:42] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: OFGS!
[00:42] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxxx: X(
[00:42] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: too late
[00:42] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: permanent ban all

It'd be nice, but the problem with these kinds of messages is people honestly think they're helping, somehow, by not doing the five minutes of research it would take to verify it as a bad thing to repost. They just feel this helpful urge, and for the most part, they're good people. Just...confused people who don't fact-check.

[00:42] Lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hoax
[00:42] mxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: muted
[00:42] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: [axxxx] something
[00:42] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that's it im outta here, this gon be a long morning
[00:43] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: hey guys, did you hear about this thing called...
[00:43] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[00:43] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: [Kxx] has a real last name, too, and should know better
[00:43] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: LOL [Mxxx]
[00:43] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: almost 5 years in SL and STILL falling for thios garbage [Kxx]?...shame on you
[00:43] Lxxxxxxxx Fxxxxxx: maybe its a spam in itself
[00:43] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: geeeez is nothing but a retarded spam lol
[00:43] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you all know.. that thereis not a problem at all if someone post a warning and NO ONE reacts to it.. right? its the people who respond to it all the time that makes this groups go bad
[00:43] kxx Txxx: What did I do wrong?

So many things. Didn't pay attention to chat, didn't see this had been posted before, didn't bother tuning in yesterday when this was an even bigger issue of this one message--THIS ONE MESSAGE, WORD FOR FRIGGIN' WORD--was being passed on until the mods closed down group chat for several hours...

[00:44] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: *attention whore* (my last words on the subject)
[00:44] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: read the rules of this group!
[00:44] kxx Txxx: I don't get it.
[00:44] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: read what you REALLY believe that crap?
[00:44] Hxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IF only it were the last words of everyone one on it ... the after spam shockwave is far more than the singular posts of spam
[00:45] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: guys, [Kxx] cannot see the group chat now.
[00:45] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: NOT ALLOWED in chat:
Store ads/spam/self-promotion
3 lines MAX posting!
MP Links: Inworld Only
Criticizing stores/gifts
Land rental/sale
Adult stores/items
Car/motor-AO-Pay MM/LBs

Pls don't link your blog in chat
[00:45] mxxxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxx: group chat was closed earlier today cause it got so out of hand.
[00:45] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: thank God..
[00:45] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they afterspam... because they like the attention they got with they do it again and again ...just because you all react to it like this.
[00:45] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: and this is a warning to eveyrone else ..I WILL and HAVE EJECTED people already
[00:45] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: ALso not allowed for anyone but a MODERATOR to copyu and paste the group guifelines.
[00:46] Exxxxxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: yes...agree...
[00:46] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if no one reacts..there is no fun for these people. and it stops
[00:46] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ...... i'M JUST SAYING GEEEZ RELAX DUUUUDE!
[00:46] Hxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the afterspam shockwave is everyone reacting ;)
[00:46] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: exactly heron. so lets just dont.
[00:47] Hxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol

That sounds really bad. I'm glad I missed it, I think.

[00:47] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i think you'd have reacted if you were here when it was nonstop, and nobody could post anything else
[00:48] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: wow, that sounds awful
[00:48] Mxxx Gxxxxxxxx: at least it's quieter now, from people being kicked
[00:48] Ixxxxx Wxxxxxxx: lol
[00:48] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's not any quieter, you guys won't shh lol
[00:48] Mxxx Sxxxxxxxx: they've moved on to other groups.. lol
[00:48] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: chat was closed for hrs lasst night because of it all

And that's the heart and soul of what I wanted to post. We've seen spam "warnings" before--things that code manifestly can't do, or objects that ask for Linden access when they're attached (which is generally always an easy "no" and unattach to solve, but there are dim people on the grid). And I won't say that there are no malicious folks in SL.

But by and large, these "warnings" are almost always hoaxes, and cause more drama than they solve in any group they're posted. And this one particularly--this one message seems to be another that's taken the net by storm. I've gotten notices from groups, heard about this in chat, and with only one exception it's been "OMG PLZ THIS IS AWFUL THING". When in reality, it's just...nothing.

you made a really deep cut and, baby, now we got bad blood

Multitasking for me, these days, is watching something in one window while playing with graphics in another, or--like today--logging in to SL to check out the newness at Bare Rose while watching RWBY.

So I didn't start paying attention to escalating drama in one of my groups for several minutes:

[23:55] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: isn't belleza on some kind of dmca?
[23:55] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Are we talking mesh bodies again?

Probably, but I believe Belleza is finally gaining the upper hand, considering it seems to be a false DMCA claim in the first place.

[23:55] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: it's not allowed?
[23:56] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's allowed I was just asking :D
[23:56] Cxxxxx Txxxxxxxx: Its allowed
[23:56] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: yes I am curious about maitreya
[23:56] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Belleza had a dcma, not anymore :)
[23:57] Cxxxxx Txxxxxxxx: Belleza was filled on by a anonymous person that used another creators name the whole thing was fake used to cause trouble

That's basically what I'd heard, more or less.

[23:57] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: ok I am looking for realistic and good reviews on these mesh bodies. I'm owning quite a few only one brand along with phat Azz and different breasts and mesh heads just trying to lean more towards realism lol.
[23:58] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: thank goodness belleza is on the market.
[23:58] pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: my advice...try all the demos, they all have different looks and HUDs.....really look at them
[23:59] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: hmm ok so far I'm hearing raving good reviews on maitreya
[23:59] Cxxxxx Txxxxxxxx: if you still want a curvy figure I'd say kitty lair
[23:59] Cxxxxx Txxxxxxxx: for a body
[00:00] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: alright I'll get demos thanks sorry for distracting normal activity here.
[00:00] axxxxx Lxxxxxx: never heard of kitty lair
[00:01] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: me neither
[00:01] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Kitties Lair is Lena :)
[00:01] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: ohhh :).
[00:01] kxx Txxx: Does anyone know where did the SaRcAsTIC go?
[00:01] Fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxx], this is regular activity here ^^
[00:01] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yep we talk about all sorts of randomness
[00:01] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i really like kitties lair is just out of my price range at the moment
[00:01] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i heard it closed [kxxxx]
[00:01] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Lena is one of the cheapest
[00:02] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxx: SaRcAsTIC ist kaput.

Wait, what now?

[00:02] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [fxxx] when did it go kaput
[00:02] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: huh. That is weird. I'm here and no sarcastic :(
[00:02] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: I don't see sarcasm
[00:02] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxx: Like withint the past 24 hours
[00:02] Ixxxx Wxxxxxxx: Wow
[00:02] 7xxxx Rxxxxxxx: wow what happened?
[00:03] kxx Txxx: That was my question. The store is gone.
[00:03] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: as in...permanent?
[00:03] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Lxx: is sarcastic a store or you using the word alone.

SaRcAsTIC is--or was--a store in SL that primarily specialized in shoulder pets and rideable animals. And gestures, apparently, but I never engaged with that end of the business.

[00:03] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What does the about land say ?
[00:04] Kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ahh
[00:04] Kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cant believe
[00:04] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i thought i had just been there yesterday
[00:04] Kxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was hoping to find a fox cub!
[00:04] zxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there is a NC in the notices about Sarcastic leaving SL and the shop will be closed as of 2-18

Oh, darn.

[00:04] kxx Txxx: The store named "SaRcAsTIC" is not on the location where it used to be.
[00:05] rxxx Jxxxxxxxx: They moved it a couple times in the last few months. Its on the same sim, just a different location.
[00:05] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: apparently Sarcastic is closed for the time being. I am not sure when it will be reopened. We'll just have to keep our eyes open. bt it is still going to be at the same location from what I can see
[00:06] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxx: It is CLOSED, not just moving.
[00:06] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: yeah....About Land has usual details
[00:06] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: aww...fank ooo
[00:07] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Guys sarcastic is gone for good
[00:07] rxxx Jxxxxxxxx: You might try asking in their support group..
[00:08] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: I'll sed the NC to [Axxxxx] or another designer/mod who can post and I'll post it in the huntaholics and more group
[00:08] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It's not a big deal just a question ... I will find the answer

Sounds good. I'll post more when I know more.

[00:09] axxxxx Rxxx: only on the market the avi owner cant come on sl for sarcastic....
[00:09] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: And we are being asked not to buy anything from her marketplace store.

Oh? Okay, that sounds more...dire.

[00:10] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: LL is keeping all of the money and not giving him/her his/her money that they earned from MP
[00:10] axxxxx Rxxx: the avi is banned
[00:10] axxxxx Rxxx: ...
[00:10] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: banned?
[00:10] rxxx Jxxxxxxxx: Makes sense. Lindens would go to the avi account that she can't access.
[00:10] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: i missed something
[00:10] Pxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: are we allowed to ask why??
[00:10] axxxxx Rxxx: read the note card on the sim
[00:10] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: didnt get a nc
[00:11] Axxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i didn't either
[00:11] Axxxxxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxx: [Xxx], I'll send you a NC
[00:11] axxxxx Rxxx: big cube on the sim

So I went there. No big cube. I asked if anyone still had the notecard, and one of the mods said she'd send it to me. This is it:
Hello folks,

I need to send this message to you all.

The owner and creator of Sarcastic (XMaeLynnX) and its
products will be gone. The shop will be closed today.

XMaeLynnX wants to thank you all for all the years of your loyality and support.
She also wants to share the story of her end with you:

LindenLabs blocked XMaeLynnX.

It's not acceptable, because she was blocked because of another avatar. She didn't do anything wrong herself within SecondLife at all!

They will keep XMaeLynnX blocked as long as this other avatar doesn't say anything and doesn't reveal his personal informatiion to the LindenLabs.

This other avatar didn't do anything wrong either. All he refuses to do is to send the information about his rl to the Lindens. I understand this pretty well and wouldn't act any different myself. Especially I wouldn't send any personal information via the internet.

So this means that XMaeLynnX will be blocked.

All pleas and mails which XMaeLynnX sent to the LindenLabs have been ignored.

And so after all this harassment and discussions XMaeLynnX resignates and doesn't want to keep on fighting.

The Sarcastic Shop will be gone by today. A real pity.

XMaelynnX wants to ask you to _not_ buy any products from her marketplace anymore. LindenLabs did a freeze on all incomes for the last 3 months and it seems they plan to keep that money. They refuse to send it to her.

They acted the same with another avatar (Vera Mirror). They kept her money (30.000L$) for the reason that they want her personal rl information.

XMaeLynn doesn't want LindenLabs to keep earning money from her products on the marketplace. We'll keep on watching to see when LindenLabs turn that page in the marketplace off.

So this goes to all Members: Please DON'T buy anything at the Sarcastic Marketplace - it wouldn't be fair and XMaeLynnX wouldn't get anything out of it.

We are deeply sorry and still couldn't get it completely.
What an incredible cheek from LindenLabs

We will make this case public via FB, Twitter and on sl blogger sites. For that things like these won't happen to others.

Thank you all

your Sarcastic Team

XMaeLynnX Resident
So...that DOES seem dire.

The main problem with this seems to be in the interaction between Linden Lab, a US-based company, and international accounts--for example, XMaeLynnX, who is German by birth and residency. And in Germany--as in much of the rest of Europe--giving out RL information online is actively prohibited by law. It's becoming an increasingly difficult clash of cultures, this one with direct financial consequences. I don't see any hope of resolution, either, unless LL decides to budge.

(continued in part two)

Monday, February 9, 2015

she sawed at her head till the floor pooled with hair

So, I was trying to track down an image used in the beginning of a video on the creepiest kids' toys ever, which...disturbingly enough, didn't show up as an actual toy. No real wonder, really, because--well, it's pretty much nightmare fuel (seriously, click at your own risk, and depending on inclination, possibly NSFW).

So I turned to Google Image search, always my first recourse, no matter how often it disappoints me. It turned up Monty Python's rabbit as a hand puppet; a gallery on Imgur apparently uploaded by the creator behind the Fugglers; Nintendo World Report's review of something else I can't track down, which was sent to their office; Florentijn Hofman's half-melted, boneless somethings that lounge around in various places; Julia Bornefeld's...leg tangle??...sculpture; Funcage's entry on thirty-three fashion items, most of which are just baffling; PetaPixel's animals turned inside out; Matt Kirkland's investigation into what's really underneath those animatronic toys; and one of the archived Twisted Toys entries from the Sassy Two-Socks blog, in specific, this entry, which sort of seems like maybe a...prototype version? Sort of?

I also found Makiko Shinoda's "Materials Teddy", slightly disturbing to look at, for me personally, but I like the concept behind it.

So, okay, fine, save for the one bear with "IAS" technology (*coughs*), no joy. I turned to TinEye Reverse Image Search, which works far more often than Google, to see what they could track down. All I had was that one screencap from the vid, but surprisingly, it actually turned up links.

Tons of links. Tons of...mostly non-relevant links.


This page, for instance, seemed to be just images, no information. I did try to run additional searches--which tracked down everything from the 'Family in Disguise' series by Yu Jinyoung to a mecha-cybearg (according to the artist for this competition, Cakie) to Dark Roasted Blend's take on twisted toys (again with few attributions).

And nobody seems to know where this doll is from, either. (Possibly NSFW?? Though it is a baby doll, not an adult doll.)

So...I'm giving up. If anyone has any further information, or wishes to run down the disturbing toy themselves, have at, but I take no responsibility for strange dreams later.

that feeling that doesn't go away just did

[Zone] [Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: how do I get a dog
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: buy one first
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: c companions invoke xD
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: you have to have it first.
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: press C
[Zone] Herb Me@drartwhodent: hit = for companion window
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: switch tabs at top to the one on the right that says companion
[Zone] Sheva Darksbane@malgoriah: type / ddos dog
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: select the dog if you have one
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: bottom right. "summon"
[Zone] Baal Otep Thoth@axxon5: your welcome.

All good tips, as far as they go.

[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: ...or whatever's the button to the left of Backspace on your keyb
[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: wait how do i get one if i don't have one?
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: Buy A Dog, duh

Less helpful.

[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: >.> yes go buy a dog that is so helpful
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: *shrug* you're free to farm events for freebie companions too of course
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: this game is to hard
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: im going back to wizards 101
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: thats a real game
[Zone] Frickd00d@swagboyfrick: lol

I don't even. I have no place in my brain for someone who thinks point-and-click combat is "to hard".

[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: farm events?
[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: kit what kinda dog do u want?
[Zone] Zenna Softtread@EmillyOrr: "Too hard"
[Zone] Drakeos Shadowbow@ShadowDrakous: Yeah try leveling 2nd character to >.>
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: SOMEONE must be new here
[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: u want a rotweilier? a german shepard? or u a chiuahua kinda guy?
[Zone] Kit@kitdewstein: not a chiuahua
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: dachhunds are a must!

Save for...none of those dogs are available. Don't confuse her, she's struggling enough.

[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: whichever dog u perfer, check ur local dog dispensary.
[Zone] Dew@phutt1989: How do i play PVE?
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: pve is too hard

As opposed to...what, field surgery?!?

[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: you need to learn to mine for fish first, Dew


[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: pve hard? lol

I crashed--it's been a problem of late, I'm still struggling to figure out why--and when I returned, the conversation had turned to WoW, and other MMOs.

[Zone] Dorothy@astramond: Beam me up Scotty.There is no intelligent life down here.

Now that I'll agree with.

[Zone] Magister@ftworfya: LOL, WOW, isn'

Isn', exactly?

[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: wow? jajajaaj
[Zone] Yunus@yunusumsu: Half Life will be published at 2030
[Zone] Sir Prostate@prostatefun: It's WoW, came out in 1936


[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: heh, been a while sonce I last saw a
A...a what, people? You're killin' me, here!

[Zone] Magister@ftworfya: wow isn't that old dude, most people here are older then that game :P
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: wow was a bad copy of D&D world
[Zone] Tiper@tiperlocc: Scott me up Beamie. Pickard out.
[Zone] Ronin Kang@Starhammer: Ironically, Neverwinter was the first MMO, Neverwinter Nights, which ran on its own servers for a while before moving to AOL. Ultima Online was the next one

Annnnnnd we're off on the first MMO debate!

[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: "first MMO" tailchaser
[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: clearly not an actualy trekky it was a cute attempt though
[Zone] Dew@phutt1989: WoW is so much better
[Zone] Mi'Mosa@drastyk1: all games copy wow
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: shadow elfs wtf? jajajajaaj
[Zone] Magister@ftworfya: Wow wasn't out in 1996
[Zone] Freya Odinsdottir@gurneyhal: wow is the first mmo with mr T
[Zone] Djinn@bhelbel: copys of wow jajajaja? nubs
[Zone] Isiolia Everwhite@k3ll0: Jesus played WoW with dinosaurs


[Zone] Van Bammy@justinmichaelh: STAR CITIZEN WAS THE FIRST MMO
[Zone] Artirius@artirius840: Ultima Online is the first MMO followed closely by Everquest, but Everuest is still going pretty strong for liek 18 years now
[Zone] Heals on Wheels@ultrahip: First MMO was Combat on the Atari 2600.
[Zone] Jo'dan@derekdrygon: can't wait for star citizen :)
[Zone] Yunus@yunusumsu: same kind of games are likely to look like each other, it is not cloning or copying
[Zone] headhurts@yourshadow0s: knew that the "first mmo" comment was gonna spawn this debate...
[Zone] Kallista Babausong@gabbagul: "WoW is the first mmo" is the first troll technique. You all are being massively trolled :P
[Zone] Yunus@yunusumsu: I AM THE FIRST MMO

Oh, shut up.

And then I crashed again, so went on to another character and stopped trying to follow the conversation.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

so many adventures couldn't happen today

So, according to an intrepid group of researchers, it has been discovered that cucumbers, mainly, ride the New York subway.

No, not really, but what did happen is these researchers spent hours on one full subway line, gathering samples of bacteria. Then they tested them, with current evaluation standards, and learned many things. But even better, they learned how many things they didn't know. Frankly, learning one doesn't know something is generally better for science anyway, because then one feels driven to learn what that something was.

Also, this is fascinating, if a bit creepy: medical science has discovered that skin from cadavers is actually better at healing living skin wounds than synthetic skin, or even transplanted skin from the same living being. But keep in mind, this isn't just a chunk of dead skin attached to the wound: through special treatments, they've been decellularized--in other words, everything that gives human skin its thickness and color has been removed. What's left? The base matrix of skin itself--all the non-cell filaments and proteins that make up the structure.

So why is this a good thing? Two reasons: first and most important, skin matrix that's been scraped clean of all cellular matter won't be rejected by a new host. And secondly, for all the advances in synthetic skin production--and there have been many--it's just not as good as what humans grow on their own.

Now, we join a Neverwinter chat already in process, sometime back in...I can't even remember. Somewhen in 2014, maybe:

[Zone] k0n4ik@u5701242: Delicate - party?
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: why is this map all white???
[Zone] wrapped_in_cotten@nowolfes: not just mine like that then lol
[Zone] Kira Stormblade@undeadsoldier999: so its not just me?
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: lol odd
[Zone] Slash@stephthegadget: been bugged for weeks

Ah, this may track down the when, because I've only gone through the realm of the Sky Pirates with a couple characters; it's the one region of Neverwinter that I absolutely cannot stand. So I'd say, with all the mentions of learning lore that I'm trimming, this likely would've been the turn of the year 2014, or even as far back as November of 2013.

The bug they're talking about seems unique to this zone, too, and I have no idea if it's fixed yet, because I tend to avoid that zone. What the expected behavior is with maps in a new zone: you pull up the map, and see where you are, and--if you have an active quest--where you need to go.


But this zone is--or, at least, was--deeply flawed, in that you'd pull the map up, and just see white. No landmarks, no 'You are here' note, no 'go here' note. Just...a white blank map.

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: LoL this double xp is like cheating I just leveled and I am now halfway to the next level lmao

Well, yeah, that's kind of how double XP weekends work...

[Zone] Sir Krycii@dyllethia: 10 levels in the past 2 hours.
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I was 35 today I am now 45
[Zone] pikkem anflixem@nagrown69: they want us ready for the 2nd

Ah, right, there's another clue--the second module for Neverwinter was released in October 2013, so this had to be either before the end of the month, or September.

I think.

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: They raiseing the cap?

Nope, but they added the Hunter/Ranger, so you could shoot things real purty?

I know, it's not the same, but hey, new class! (At the time.)

[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: learn to read guys, it's all been posted weeks ago.
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I know how to read there is no need to be rude
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: im not rude, just telling you what should be obvious.
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I dont read everything there is to know
[Zone] pikkem anflixem@nagrown69: by the time you typed that you coulda answered the question

Yeah, but seriously, when has that ever stopped anyone before?

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: was just a honest question
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: i did answer the question -_-
[Zone] pikkem anflixem@nagrown69: or just be quiet
[Zone] NecroRogue@necrophilism: I agree with Neid
[Zone] Linea de Vir@geralddevir: Calm down guys.. nobody is perfect..
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: Maybe you ain't .. but i am =/

Yeah, no, but thanks for playing. Next?

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: Its whatever really
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I mean I have a right to ask a question even if I didnt read the posts
[Zone] Linea de Vir@geralddevir: thats right
[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: and to be told to go read it is rude sorry just me
[Zone] Neid@wyldeacid: And i have a right to answer as i please.

Sure, everyone has a right to speak, and everyone listening/reading along has a right to be a decent human being, or a jerk. We know this, move on.

[Zone] Ezeron@stradar1987: I see that neid but I think you need to find a better way to talk to people
[Zone] Yokki_DC@yokki1: reading posts sucks. i am waiting for the movie

Might work out better in the long run.

In the meantime, Japan is setting up the first steps towards WestWorld....sort of: they're planning a robotic hotel based on the clean construction lines of...the Netherlands??...for the comfort and security of their guests. Robotic staff, robotic check-in, and facial recognition software instead of locks on the doors...Yeah, okay, it's not Yul Brynner being evil with a gun, but I'm much too paranoid. Something's going to go horribly wrong.

Also in Japan, the Japanese Army decided to invade the Sapporo Snow Festival--kind of literally. It took bulldozers and over three thousand tons of snow to help the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces’ 11th Brigade do what they wanted to do for the festival--build a monument to Stormtroopers and Star Wars. And I have to admit, it looks AMAZING.

And lighter fluid you can pick up anywhere, camping gas for lanterns and the like is available almost everywhere else, so this could be the next big thing to keep gadgets up and running off the grid. It's already halfway to its goal; I hope they make it.

Finally, do you remember Bob Ross? Remember his series with all those happy little painting tips?

Thanks to the Internet Archive, you can now watch the entire series. For free. Thank you, Wayback Machine!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

there's a rat in my kitchen, what am I gonna do?

We finally have closer, more detailed images of what Phoebe, the most mysterious of Saturn's many moons, looks like.

First and biggest on my list of the puzzling Phoebe: why does it orbit in an opposite direction from the other moons? Now we finally know: because Phoebe didn't start off as one of Saturn's moons to start with!

And there's a new alloy on the block. Aluminum is light, but not strong; iron is strong but heavy. To get high strength without iron's hefty weight, high-end manufacturers have gone for titanium, traditionally, but that's on the rare side, and expensive to boot. Now a team of South Korean material scientists have manipulated iron, aluminum and nickel together as nano-particles, and discovered a metal alloy with the tensile durability of iron, but the weight of titanium. And it's going to be relatively cheap to make.

So, in Caledon chat earlier this afternoon, I brought up a shop's Midnight Mania board that was currently offering baby rats. I didn't think EVERY gentle wanted a set, but I thought it might generate handy companions for street urchins, if nothing else. Someone--I forget who, my apologies--asked if they were full-perm.

They were not. I brought up another store, Flecha Creations, which I thought might have a similar sculpt, possibly, and was told that Flecha is currently in DMCA notification over several items they apparently lifted from Skyrim game servers. So...until that's resolved one way or the other, they're out.

Marley Blogfan offers a full perm, sculpted white rat kit (though one supposes it's potentially tintable/texturable) for L$89, down from L$199. It appears to be just a sculpted object, though with the listing of LI count, and the UV map in the box, I could well be wrong.

Then there's FLOOD. Flood offers these ratty options:
So there you have it. Sort of a...rat roundup? Or something.


Friday, February 6, 2015

but if that's the case, what's with the long face?

[Zone] Moonsickle@gimpocalypse: you people obviously are not reporting spam on gold spammers... I didn't see the spam

I don't know, even with reporting a lot of it, I still see a lot, depending on the zone I'm in. It could be a variable thing, though. And depending on which zone one's in, a'course.

[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: i eat spam
[Zone] Brianna@sirrodney: Oh, I report it, but like crabgrass two come up for each one you kill

Also true.

[Zone] Galatic Acid@gilgafoo: eww spam
[Zone] Hug Me or Die@jennylynpu: mmmm spam
[Zone] Brianna@sirrodney: *cue Monty Python skit*
[Zone] Galatic Acid@gilgafoo: eww spam
[Zone] Xeno Ex Machina@ironwarlord76: eww people
[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: spam jelly....on the toast
[Zone] Lord Infamous@doubl3u: pretty stupid u log off auto after 15min when most ques take 45min average

Some people don't like waiting.

[Zone] Galatic Acid@gilgafoo: ballz
[Zone] Brianna@sirrodney: Ummm, you *really* don't want to red that, Zisi...
[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: telling people you play neverwinteer is like saying you have !$*
[Zone] Picori@joeyisme: neverwinter treats its players like dirt
[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: And players treat neverwinter like dirt, it's a vicious cycle

So how does Neverwinter treat its players like dirt? Sure, there's a cash shop. Sure, some of the items are ridiculously overpriced. But it's a game I can still have fun in without doing anything but crafting and questing, so...where's the abuse from the devs, exactly?

[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: exploiters...nuff said
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: hate to break it to you every mmo in existancce has treated their players like dirt at one time or another its called business
[Zone] Picori@joeyisme: so you think it justifies them treating all its players like dirt? xD
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: your in it for fun they are in it for money
[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: The game isn't here to generate love and rainbows, after all.

Well, of course. And the moment it stops making money for them, like so many MMOs before it, it'll go under. It's a cycle--hype, opening, special deals, more hype, more deals, then folks start drifting away when the next thing goes bang. It happens.

[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: aneeet treeats the cuustomers pretty good

Aneeet? I ran a Google search for that, nothing came up but peoples' names. 'Aneet' came up similarly, and 'Anet' turned up a program and ArenaNet, idea, really.

[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Nope, just saying, devs treating players likes crap results in players treating the game they create like crap
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: and yet here we are.........
[Zone] Margnar@MarcusAndresen: Anyone know why no option to trade alchemy assets with vendor towards companion? Have they withdrawn the event?
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: yes marg
[Zone] Grym@oddone81: i have arrived
[Zone] Picori@joeyisme: ah yeah good point, now i can exploit everything and not care
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: thre was an exploit
[Zone] Margnar@MarcusAndresen: k, thanks
[Zone] GrimpyGrumpy@Drirttz: all depend how costumers handle the abuse, if they dont do nothing.......the shit continue

I'm still trying to figure out where the abuse is happening.

[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Yep, here I am, making AD...not really sure why I still do, but meh. It's strangely addictive. Like fantasy football.
[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: And if the customers and costumers ever get ito it... uh oh....
[Zone] Vakos@bonefuser: im sure they have made more than enough on this game to cover costs to keep servers going for at least a few years so , really they just milking it for what its worth now
[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Going by the leaderboards when they were first implemented, it looks like they have around 250k actual players now.
[Zone] Madame Sonja@rhettloz: no kidding?

Is that good or bad?

[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: i like the gameeplay but not the fact that everything seems to bee hidden behind athe pay now cuurtain

AH, that's what you're talking about. You don't like the cash shop.

[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: games like Neverwinter live off the whales...the guys who spend 500$ a month on Zen

Pretty much everyone lives off the whales, really, but at least on Neverwinter and some other games, there are options for those who aren't made of disposable income.

[Zone] Melbu Frahma@blacksladdi: they must have big dorks


[Zone] GrimpyGrumpy@Drirttz: bah!, game is so simple for a mmorg, i just playing for my friends, they have me tiped to the seat and dont let me go c_c


[Zone] Lucius Ebonshade@zoiks100: Hard to imagine may people still doing that...what's to buy anymore?
[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: ratheer spend on prostituues
[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: and get stds

If this is going to turn into another dead hooker thing, I'm so done with it.

[Zone] Krazed@thykrazyone: Like LOTR, if there is too much gap between free play and pay-to-play, I will just stop playing. So will others.
[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: The latest "bonus" is only available when you buy Zen
[Zone] Vellivia@jedimindtrixii: only if youur a chuump about picking your wenches
[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: that new Zen charge offer is pretty bad....I already have all those companions and I wont pay 200$ for a stupid bear
[Zone] Igatso Xaris@mrkeyman22: well make it simpel if you dont like the game stop playing it :)

You notice people would rather hang around and bitch, though, rather than doing anything proactive, or leaving the game they claim to hate so much.

[Zone] Sheyla Kross@tagnusironsord: ...
[Zone] GrimpyGrumpy@Drirttz: at least in lotro with pay a sub you get all the stuff open, i never had prob with that but here.......
[Zone] Grym@oddone81: best 200$ i neverspent
[Zone] Nyx Redblade@kaiserschmarrn: also Hero of the North spider > bear

To be honest, part of the reason to buy a specific mount is because of the look of that mount, price is a secondary factor. Like, I really want an owlbear, but I don't think it'd work for all characters. And Miss Neome keeps talking about buying me whichever game pack it is with a Unicorn mount, because the Unicorns are pretty fast,'s a Unicorn. I can't name one single character I have currently that would really rock a Unicorn.

Especially one that sparkles.

[Zone] Addus@silbar04: 8 upgrade fails in a row just to rank 5.... omg
[Zone] Igatso Xaris@mrkeyman22: use wards man
[Zone] Addus@silbar04: 10th try worked haha
[Zone] Melbu Frahma@blacksladdi: rip 10 pres wards
[Zone] Addus@silbar04: arent wards expensive?
[Zone] Fallor@captainspooge: uhh yeah like 30-40k each

True, but there's a couple advantages here and there--first, they occasionally drop in price if you watch the Auction House, and second, you can find wards in dungeon chests, and in lockboxes pretty frequently. So there's that at least.

[Zone] Addus@silbar04: for rank 4 -> 5 atleast
[Zone] Xeno Ex Machina@ironwarlord76: i give up on trying to get that companion.
[Zone] Tyrelea@Thyralion: what else are you going to buy, keys? ^^

Well, they do drop lockboxes with frequency...Okay, that's one big complaint I have, is that you get lockboxes in nearly every enemy encounter, but the keys to open them run between 100 and 125 Zen. That's Zen bought with real money, not AD earned in game. And I wouldn't mind so much but there's a finite amount of bank slots available without spending more Zen to get more. Right now, I have nearly all lockboxes consolidated in the bank of one character, but right now we're talking about eight different types of lockbox, and in some cases, hundreds of boxes in each stack. It's a pain.

So that I'll give them, but...I still wouldn't call it "abuse".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

gather up your tears, keep 'em in your pocket

So Massively is shutting down...Which is just odd to me. Forget their Second Life coverage, but I still read that blog. Hells, today I sent out a tweet concerning a Massively article, it's not like my attention wandered five years ago. Why, AOL? Why are you doing this?

Something I think is always worthwhile to pass on every now and then is good password management toolsets. This entry from the Crash Override Tumblr is an excellent article, with multiple links to explore to learn more on why password randomization is a good idea.

In the meantime, Garena ESports have wholly and utterly lost their tiny brainless minds. First, what does it matter if a female play is a lesbian, or a trans woman, or both? Second, why did they feel the need to develop rules for the Iron Solari that would exclude female players from playing in female-only teams? Don't they want players for League of Legends? Isn't that the point of any game?

Also, in a few years (presumably, once we all have mood- and chemical-balancing brain chips) we may be able to press a button and reset our circadian rhythms. I have a few friends who this might work for, and well--assuming the technology tests out in humans. (Right now, they're still studying the effects in mice.)

And goodbye, Mr. Whybrow. I could not come to your official wake; I was too overwrought still to be good company. But I did go to the memorial, and wandered those items which friends had left. You would have approved, I think. Someone finally finished working on a highly ornate musical ornament, because you'd encouraged them to start. There were flowers, cherry trees in full bloom in defiance of the seasons, places where gentles could gather and converse around a fire. Candles, and of course, pictures of your redoubtable shopgirl. It was rather overwhelming in itself, but I am glad I went.

It makes losing you no easier, but knowing how many lives you touched, that does ease the grieving.