Monday, October 21, 2019

I watch silently, I wait estranged

The Haunted House of Horrors and Halloween in Siringo has this to say:
Come to the Haunted House of Horrors. We have all sorts of evil creations and furntiure for sale, zombies, ghosts, blood, Haunted Graveyards, Horror Haunted Church, scary and Vampire, HALLOWEEEN
Okay, then. I port there and it's immediate aural chaos. Way too many sound loops on way too short repeat cycles. Yeep. But we must persevere, so onward!


Wait, it's a store? Well, that's disappointing. But at least I can leave the constant dunnage of sound loops.

How about the Hollywood Tower Hotel? They don't have much to say:
Welcome to the Tower of Terror....


The bright sun and palm trees are not filling me with confidence.


A-ha. That explains some things. It is a lovely build, I will admit. Very well done, very much part and parcel of its era, with vintage Art Deco touches and recreated props from Twilight Zone episodes.


The shadows are amazing.


I clicked the box to preload the audio, which told me it would be about two minutes. The sign behind it said the elevator doors open every five minutes (the library doors earlier open every two minutes, that sign said).

[23:05] Object whispers: Ready to enter the Service Elevator!

Okay, audio preloaded!


But...nothing. I finally sighed and left the sim at 11:12 pm (SLT), because I'd more than given the doors five minutes to open.

Bother. Maybe it was just broken for some reason? I can't imagine they have that entire build on the land and then nothing past the elevator.

Third time's the charm? How about Goodnight's Amusement Park? That was another landmark I picked up at Whymsee's Haunted Mansion. Their description states:
Great roller coasters, games, rides, Mini-golf Course (putt putt), Tunnel of Love, Go-Kart racing, and live entertainment. You can also sit at the pier and just enjoy the sparkly fireworks. Brought to you by Jeff and Q Goodnight.
Doesn't sound like a haunt.


Ah, that's because it's not. Okay, I give up.

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