Monday, November 30, 2015

I'm electrified by the city light

Peter Jackson--yes, that Peter Jackson--posted this very bizarre announcement video that he was going to be directing an episode of Dr. Who. Frankly, I'm surprised any of them managed to keep a straight face. It's fun and freakish and very, very much New Zealand humor.

I'm running low on what I'm going to be able to cover, which is argh. I hang my virtual head in shame. Possibly even hang my actual head in shame. There is much shame. But we move on.

The next thing I unpacked from the hunt was Facepalm's slinky green gown. Oi, Facepalm, why is there no alpha layer with this thing?? Because there are definitely times and poses where an alpha WOULD HAVE HELPED.

That being said, this is drop-dead gorgeous, start to finish.

Beyond the obvious irk over the lack of alpha layer, the only complaint I have on this one is with the template, which is not something the designer has control over. Even with that (the complaint being, the end of the dress tends to lift 'in place' as if it's molded plastic, not flowing cloth), though, there is serious slink in this one.

And from the back, there is a lovely, elegant drop revealing the back, without dipping into below-the-waist territory. Which means underwear on this one? Just fine. And if I really felt compelled for it, I could track down a set of pasties to cover the nipples underneath the bodice, but it's a very sensual, as well as classy, exposure.

And a close-up of the back detail, and yes, this is part of the mesh. Start to finish, this one's stunning, and worth the time to pick up. Alpha layer or no.

Well, this one was unexpected...

So The Untitled offered a mesh corset paired with a pair of shiny system-layer leggings, with spikes. I did not think this one through, because when I added the spikes, of course they went through the boots as well!

Also, this outfit is not for hugging, unless you're invested in injuring people, and yes, it will nick your arms now and again, depending on pose.

But it's excellently done, and again, the green/gold combo really works for this.

Sweet Revolutions turned in the "Throne of Envy", which is fun:

I love this particular chair, and it seems very adaptable. This, like the boots below, I honestly can't say I've seen a texturing of I didn't like.

Though I'm not entirely sure most of my furnishings will blend well with gold and green, I do plan on keeping this one.

And finally, Venomous Rage Designs brings the "Malice" boots to the Sinners' Hunt, and I have not yet seen a texturing of this particular boot template that I haven't loved.

Frozen added a hint of shimmery glow, and the only detraction is I'm going to have to do a wee bit of leg work to wear these, because with no-modify mesh, I can't adjust the size on the boots themselves.

Still, another item that works really well in the theme green.

And that's the hunt, or at least all I managed to blog in time. Tomorrow: Advent calendar posting!

(Eyes: "Moon" eyes in 'Autumn', medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2012.
Hair: EMO-tion's "LUNA" hair in Mahogany garnered during last year's Advent calendar run.
Skin: Glam Affair's "Arcade" gift skin, in Asia/01 A.
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics' "Alluring" lipcolor in the awesome Mythic tone, which basically mattifies anything on the lips. The lips on the Glam Affair skin are rather vibrantly red.
Stockings (for the last shot): "Eclipse" Latex stockings in Moss, from SN@TCH.
Shoes: SHEY's thigh-high stiletto boots; they were a gift at the Biker's Fair this spring, but she has similar styles available for purchase at the store. I wear these a lot.)

you're just gonna stand there and watch me burn?

First up: Vero Modero's "Wild Snake" dress and jacket combo.

Or, hmm. "Wild Dress Snake"? Makes more sense my way.

Or maybe it's the "Wild Dress", in "Snake"? Maybe that's it. AT ANY RATE, this is a cute little number that very nearly has a lettuce hem, and, while it can be worn by itself, I'm showing it with the very floofy bolero-length jacket. Not sure if I'll wear it more with the jacket or without, honestly.

Possibly more without, but I can see wearing the jacket by itself with other outfits.

Then Dark Water Designs' hunt gift, also titled "Envy":

Lovely, sleek look here. I know, I know, corset/maxiskirt is very nearly as much a default SL outfit as belt-worn-as-skirt, but this one's pretty.

And the shot from the back. I like this one.

How'ver, because I'm me...I had to pull out the male outfit, too. So here is the male outfit from Dark Warer, on Pouty Boy:

This is pretty much a slouchy pair of pencil jeans paired with a Nehru jacket with buckles. Still, it's a very polished look for basically only two colors.

This is the jacket from the back...lovely shading...

The back of the skinny jeans, not a lot for detail but the slouching/wrinkling makes up for it, for me at least.

The front of the skinny jeans...

A close-up of the buckle detail. Here's the only thing of which I'm not fond: the zipper. This could have so easily fit into neo-Victorian settings, steampunk settings, even, with the right additions, Western settings for a doctor, say, who's traveled internationally. With the zipper? It's modern. Bah.

But I still think Pouty Boy looks good in it.

And Souzou Eien made a set of green-tinted glasses:

I'd say, they're not exactly built for the width of my face...

...but they seem to match Pouty Boy pretty well.

Finally, Amaranthus made a poison ring.

It has a stone inset that is called "Pumpkin", which I'm actually thinking looks closer to goldstone, and comes in several mesh sizes that are unrigged, so may be adjusted.

Inside, are a mysterious collection of pills. Arsenic? Cyanide? Your guess is as good as mine; there's no markings on them. One touch opens the ring; another touch closes it.

(Eyes: "Moon" eyes in 'Autumn', medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2012.
Hair: LeLutka's "Chill" hat hair in AuburnHaze.
Skin: Glam Affair's "Arcade" gift skin, in Asia/01 A.
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics' "Alluring" lipcolor in the awesome Mythic tone, which basically mattifies anything on the lips. The lips on the Glam Affair skin are rather vibrantly red.
Stockings/Garters: From the LE Edition "Azura" Blue Satin and Lace Cincher set, from Blacklace.
Shoes: SHEY's thigh-high stiletto boots; they were a gift at the Biker's Fair this spring, but she has similar styles available for purchase at the store. I wear these a lot.)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

and you’ve left your mark girl, a blot on my page

Next up: The Madness: Within's 'Coveted' dress.

So this one's ingenious. It is a single mesh piece, but it looks (and seems to behave) like a two-piece. Simple, pretty, the green works with the outfit really well.

There's just enough of a detail across the skirt to make it interesting, while still leaving it as a simply designed outfit.

And I love the shading, and the wrinkles across the back of the upper shell.

Next: Vindiktive's Summer Strapless dress, which I should point out is Fitmesh, but it does come with Belleza, Maitreya and Slink appliers.

Unlike many Fitmesh outfits, this one fit great out of the box. It's simple, while still being stylish, and it's a lovely subdued sequin repeat overall.

This seems like a perfect dress for clubbing, shopping, the color tones could make it good for both the Feast of Padraig as well as winter's adaptable.

This, in fact, was my only issue with this dress, is that, when wearing it, one has two, and exactly two options: wear underwear that one hopes will match, and that one is generally fine with showing onlookers; or choose not to wear underwear, and accept that at times, with the best animations, one will still flash the crowd.

Those options make me extremely unnerved. Me being me, I would likely wear this with leggings, but braver sorts will admire the possibilities, I'm sure.

(Eyes: "Moon" eyes in 'Autumn', medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2012.
Hair: LeLutka's "Chill" hat hair in AuburnHaze.
Skin: Glam Affair's "Arcade" gift skin, in Asia/01 A.
Makeup: MOCK Cosmetics' "Alluring" lipcolor in the awesome Mythic tone, which basically mattifies anything on the lips. The lips on the Glam Affair skin are rather vibrantly red.
Stockings/Garters: From the "Grass" lingerie pack found at Bianca F., oh these many Linden years ago. [Seriously. 2008.]
Shoes: SHEY's thigh-high stiletto boots; they were a gift at the Biker's Fair this spring, but she has similar styles available for purchase at the store. I wear these a lot.)

we can burn it down, we can rest when we're dead

So there's a preview for Twisted Krissmuss this year, which apparently involves its own sim and an ice rink. Which is a neat advancement, don't misunderstand me; but I still preferred the days of hopping around to various stores, looking for the holiday stand.

Eh, I've been on SL a while, maybe I'm just becoming set in my evil ways.

So, a while back, I said I'd be blogging for the Sinners' Hunt! Then NaNoWriMo ate my head. At 388,000+ words, I'm declaring a temporary reprieve for me, and getting back to the hunt blogging, 'cos there's literally one day left to find the items! Eep!

We're starting off with LnL Square's offering, which isn't specifically named (unless you're counting "0-260" as the name), and which was something of a bitch to get good detail shots for. The problem isn't that it doesn't have details--it's a system-layer outfit, but it's neatly done where the details are present. The problem was the rest of it was pretty much dead black, and that can be hard to get good pics of. (At least for me.)

So this is the outfit (without the flexi coat bottom intended for male wear) from the front, on the "Incongruent" Windlight setting and with the biggest, brightest photo light I could make.

And a shot from the back.

The thing I liked about this is that it's pretty low-prim to wear for hunting, dances, high-lag sims, and still pull off a polished look. I also like the way the skirt's constructed--it's essentially a fwe flexi panels attached to a huge bustle-positioned bow. Obviously, it will need to be adjusted for anyone who has mesh lower body attachments, but in general, anyone who's gotten into mesh parts isn't going to wear a system-layer outfit, anyway.

(Eyes: "Old Moss" eyes, medium iris, from Poetic Colors, acquired back in 2010.
Hair: Calla "Bugloss" updo from the Auburns color pack (Cherry Wood is the specific tone). I don't expect anyone to beat down Tigerlily Koi's door for this style, though--it is, no kidding, four years old. But I seem to be running thin on the ground for updo hairstyles. This is what happens from spending more time on modern sims than Victorian ones.
Skin: This one's a puzzlement. In my inventory, the folder says it's from "Sunskinshapes", containing the "Melanya" skin and shape. But inside the folder, it says this is the "MyDear Hygeia Skin" in Pale 3. And when I looked up the maker to get a SLUrl, all I found was a store called Insomnia. So...they either rebranded (even though I did get this in September of 2015), or changed their business entirely? No clue.
Shoes: The "Strapped In" stilettos in Ebony from :{MV}:.)

Next up: The Little Bat's 'Envy' corset/skirt combo.

Let me preface this by saying I normally adore The Little Bat. I've been in her group a long time, I like how she designs for the most part, I love how she adjusts her normal output for Twisted-themed offerings every time the Twisted hunt rolls around.

So this is not a complaint, precisely, I'm just saying this outfit didn't work for me, and I'll explain why.

The corset's fine. Mesh in several sizes, it fits well, has nice ribbon details and good lacing down the back. I like it.

It's mainly the skirt, and let me note again, there is nothing wrong with the skirt's construction. It is a perfectly serviceable, and even cute, mini. Good depth, good shading, and while I was trying to minimize the sort of 'flotation' effect of most mesh skirts by wearing it in the XS size, I can wear it in my standard M and be just fine.

FOR ME, again, being specific here, I prefer skirts that don't cut so low for more than one reason. First, I couldn't find a pair of underwear that I could wear without flashing the waistband, which just strikes me as the height of tacky. And with a skirt this short, I want underwear damn it. If the waistband was a little higher, it'd be great.

I am not the only person on the grid, though, and I've seen a lot of ladies in similar outfits. I predict this will go over very well with them, I'm just still too close to the neo-Victorians to be really comfortable with the cut.

(The only thing changed from the above 'wearing' list:
Hair: LeLutka's "Chill" hat hair in AuburnHaze.)

Last for this entry: Stargazer Creations' "Sinner's Lips". They don't really go with this skin tone, but I adore them. They're so shimmery.

01: I actually had this shade for a long time in RL, and I don't have it still only because the tube finally ran out. I love, love, LOVE this tone, and with the right skin, it's going to be brilliant.

02: here's your standard beetle-wing tone. Never had this as a lipstick, do have it as a nail polish, though. Again, brilliant execution.

03 is lovely, shimmery rose-red, with hints of silver and lilac.

04 I'd reserve, personally, for green skin. But with some of my green skins, it's going to be fun.

05 is another rose-red gloss, but this one has tones of gold, copper, and faint sunset-oranges to round it out.

And 06 is a standard purple, with touches of higher-gloos powder pink, peach, and fuschia.

All in all, these are absolute keepers, and highly encouraged for those of us who favor unusual lip shades.

More to come if I get to them in time!

Friday, November 27, 2015

gotta get out now, gotta run from this

Halfway through transcribing, rephrasing, reevaluating another year past, some things are becoming inescapable. Not my errors, which are glaringly obvious from this perspective; more, specific responses. What was done to me was done, in precise exactitude, to the one to whom I'm bound before. There were many nights where that one's heart cried out against the injustice of being shut out, shut down, thrown away with no chance. No explanations, no apologies allowed.

I know I'm acting a bit crazy
Strung out, a little bit hazy
Hand over heart, I'm praying
That I'm gonna make it out alive

"Who could just do this to someone?" was said. More than once. I'm not saying it was calculated, nor even intentional; it could entirely be in the reaction of the animal wounded who seeks to crawl away, somewhere dark, to heal before the next battle starts. Though three years, shouldn't that be enough for at least the first aid to kick in?

The bed's getting cold and you're not here
The future that we hold is so unclear
But I'm not alive until you call
And I'll bet the odds against it all

Not that I'm the best example of this. It took me six years to recover from someone, and I still think of him wistfully, on occasion. I'm bad with love. Or, no, that's not it--I'm bad with partings. I'm loathe to part from anyone I care for, or even formerly cared for. Even if they're proving a bad choice. Even if we might genuinely be better for each other, both turning the other way, and walking until there is nothing but mist behind.

Save your advice 'cause I won't hear
You might be right but I don't care
There's a million reasons why I should give you up
But the heart wants what it wants

And in culling through the scraps of things I've saved, magpie-like, I keep finding these odd, disconnected threads that have turned out to connect after all. How many loves do I have to have calling me 'mysterious' before it sinks in? "Sensual and slightly sad" is another one it turns out I've heard more than once. And I have no idea how to wrap my mind around that one, both where initial attraction is concerned, and where endings and partings come into play.

You got me scattered in pieces
Shining like stars and screaming
Lighting me up like Venus
But then you disappear and make me wait
And every second's like torture

All I want is to make my loves happy, if I can. And apparently I do this by puzzling them, frustrating them, making them tear their hair out on frequent occasions. I do this by being obscure, baffling, and saying exactly the wrong words in exactly the wrong way, often. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the same way with my friends--not the whole, falling in and out of love part (though that's also happened, on occasion), but solely that I make them struggle to remain friends, giving them no clear clues as to where I am, in any given moment.

Heroin drip, no more so
Finding a way to let go
Baby, baby, no, I can't escape

Well, consider: when was the last time I talked to anyone on a serious basis in SL? Not those with whom I share physical affections, just people in general. I speak on occasion in shop groups, in sales groups; I speak to my intimates, but largely outside of world; and those who my heart still considers close friends? I doubt I've said anything in the past year, easily, and possibly past two.

Is that friendship? Or is it just keeping a list of names of people I used to know because I used to know them?

This is a modern fairytale
No happy endings
No wind in our sails

And three years after, I still feel more broken than stabilized. It is not in me, it seems, to heal from this one's departure. And it could be anything, really, that's the core issue. Most systems can only take so many shocks before they start to fail to thrive, even with the best supports around them. And my heart took a great many shocks before I ever reached SL. The train was a metaphor before the virtual world extension of it. I have never been lucky in love.

But I can't imagine a life without
Breathless moments
Breaking me down, down, down, down

And even being me, I have no illusions in this, I never have. I have told loves, RL, SL, that I will be bad for them. My own mother pulled my then-fiancee, now wife, aside, and asked her if she really knew what she was getting into. "She's kind of crazy," she said. "Are you sure you want to deal with that?"

The heart wants what it wants, baby
It wants what it wants, baby

It is a tribute to her strength of heart that she accepted my crazy moments, especially as they began to multiply later in the relationship. It is a tribute to both of us as a unit that we're still together, throughout everything. But, just as I rely on her for love, support, and understanding...I relied on the one who bound me for the same thing. And I received back reinforcements to that effect constantly. I was not too much for him, I was told. Everything of me was accepted, I was told. All my bright places, all my dark shadows, were loved equally.

It's rather addictive, in a way. And then...three years of silence. Maybe that's the real issue, I'm trying to kick an addiction cold, and...failing.

It wants what it wants
It wants what it wants

(Song lyrics taken from "The Heart Wants What It Wants", by Selena Gomez. All pictures taken during the month-long October run of haunts.)