Sunday, October 6, 2019

so much for taking this too far

First, a baffling bit of chat:
[21:24] qxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Okay...... I KNOW I just can't be the only 45 year old who enjoys pooping their dress in RL, Can I ?
[21:24] Ixxxxxx Cxxxxxx: yes, yes you can.
[21:24] Emilly Orr: whut
[21:26] Ixxxxx Jxxx: Absolutely ... you can be
[21:27] Axxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: Didi I read that correctly? She just told everyone she pooped her dress???
She did. Just came right out and said that in public, yep.
[21:28] fxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And enjoyed it.
[21:28] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah
[21:28] Mxxx Mxxxxxxxx: I think we can keep that topic in the bathroom
[21:28] Emilly Orr: So yes. Not safe for this chat.
[21:29] Lxxxx Hxxxxxxxx: LOL my husband just said, "That is just stupid"
I had to pull this twidget's profile. She's two years old, more than old enough not to be this dim, because this was not a fetish group, it was a store group. Interspersed between the other store groups she's a member of, are several fetish groups, most for non-consensual kidnapping and being pregnant constantly. But strangely, none for humiliation, which I would think would be RIGHT up her alley considering the general reaction of everyone else in this group to her statement.
[21:30] Axxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: lol
[21:30] dxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Sooooo what's everyone's favorite thing at [store group]?
[21:30] bxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[21:30] Emilly Orr: Not that.
[21:31] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Everything
[21:31] txxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i second that! everything
[21:31] rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not brown dresses...LMAO
Nope. Definitely not. Nope nope nope.

Call me judgmental if you want, but if your kink is messing your drawers at home, or in the company of people who appreciate that, go for it. Knock yourself out. Whatever you're into, fine--in private. Or if you're an adult baby, and you want the whole changing diapers experience with a Mommy, say, again--go wild, embrace your inner infant if it makes you happy.

But if you're clearly an adult--and the age was given, so she clearly considers herself an adult--and you want to soil your dresses in public? No. Do that at home, you are gross, you are a public health hazard, get the hell out of public spaces.

Let's move on to oddities seen while shopping.

I swear, she'd be more modestly covered if she were stark naked. This was just bizarre. This was at a hair store, she didn't even have the excuse of "Oh, I need to try on the skin demos to see how they look". Why. Just why.

A friend of mine on Tumblr started the phrase "pointless panties". It was basically for any photograph she took where the panties were either completely transparent, or mostly off. Hence the pointlessness. This? This is a pretty perfect example of a pointless bikini.

And oh, this avatar. I guess if your goal is to be a fetish doll 24/7, she's got the look down. She's got the perfect sex kitten walk, she's got a perfect street girl pout, her makeup is hellishly overdone, which, to be fair, is part of it for some folks...I'm not even going to bring up more than just a bare mention of the fact that she'd cranked her body physics up to 'barely solidified Jell-O' levels...

The only thing I don't believe: her profile says she's six months old. No. You are not this targeted, and this well put-together for this specific targeted look, without help, or without being an alt of an avatar far older.

All of her picks are either stores or..."interracial dating" groups, shall we say. Well, there are a couple that are just general "come by and we'll screw you through a wall" places. Same with her groups--some are shopping, most are no-holds-barred sex dungeons.

What really got me, though--while her RL pic is more attractive, it's pretty much the exact same look. The heavy black mascara, the fake lashes, the dark lipstick, the tousled blonde hair. Bizarre.

And of course I had to be pretty careful with these shots--not only was her top loose enough to expose every bit of her nipples, but she wasn't wearing underwear. And even with that care, I still ended up with several shots of her that exposed pretty much everything, hence all the censor bars.

So yeah, it's become a trope at this point on the blog: I don't get why people want to shop naked. Hang out on sex sims naked, or nearly so? Great. I can even buy the increasingly tenuous excuses of trying on skin demos or mesh bits demos on to see how they look in public. But seriously. If you're shopping for anything else, and it doesn't cross your mind you might want to put on at least a dress, if not underthings? You're just too tacky to deal with.

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