Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I'm Miss Fortune, Miss So Soon, I'm like a bottle of pain

The Pushkin sim features a mainland tour? But it's on one parcel? The blurb doesn't clear things up, but does at least sound like a haunt:
Want to have some scary fun this Halloween? Come visit Red's Haunted Mainland Tour..Take a tour through the Haunted Lake House, Zombie Barn, Path to Hell, Graveyard, Asylum, Haunted Greenhouse and Haunted house.

Sure. Hit me dead in the face with two gorram game rips right off the bat. Not cool, kids. Not impressed.


Was I here last year?


Warning came too late.


More game rips...


Is rips all this place has?


Yep, I'm done here. Avoid this one. Sound effects are too loud, too many game rips, total waste of a haunt experience.

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