Sunday, April 26, 2015

we've been calling, black paw who's soaring

[Zone] Lexia@gyp5y: That's nice.

So, this one's going to be quick, sadly. I had a larger entry planned--and may even get to it!--but Ms. Nyree Rain notified me today that I had mucked up on the permissions for my items. Eep! So I spent several hours (between RL concerns) repackaging, setting permisisions, setting the default perms for my viewer, and checking everything at each stage to make sure they were going to hold.

Next up: tracking down everyone who's bought a set of horns already, and sending them a pair with the right perms! Ack!

You can see my (limited) selection of wares (mostly horns) here. Tangleshimmer drops you off at a central point, just follow the beacons; or, if you don't have beacons, turn right and go over the little bridge to the big trees at the end of the wooded path. Cheers!

Friday, April 24, 2015

through the broken glass and the morning light

There are so many entries I've saved to work on, so many things I want to talk about, but...there's something more important.

From Mr. Icterus Dagger:
As I am so disconnected with SL these days, and Caledon even moreso, I didn't know who else to contact. Miss Soliel Snook (a.k.a. Janet Wright) passed away early this morning, at home, after fighting cancer for the past year. Here is her daughter Happi's post (in part) from Facebook this morning:
"It's with a broken heart that I have to report that my mum, Janet Wright, passed away at 2:20am this morning. She died with both Bruce and I at either side; make further more comfortable from her meds supplied by the incredible team at Suncoast Hospice. However, it was so fast and started right after the night nurse had finished her checks and left. I immediately called Bruce as she asked; so it was just she, Bruce & I. Followed by a very protective Teddy steadfastly glued to her lap and who is, as most of you know, her beloved dog. Her cat Milo also sang her specifically a "song" of his people (as he often does at 3am) right after she left us..."
No funeral is planned, as far as I know, but Janet wanted a simple cremation and a "Quaker Irish" wake at the St. Petersburg, FL Quaker meetinghouse. Details, as you can imagine, are "TBD."

Janet was undergoing experimental treatment for an aggressive cancer (as chemo and other "traditional" methods were not successful). Although we all (her friends) knew her prognosis was very poor, everything happened so quickly this week.

Miss Snook was such an important part of the life and culture of Caledon and related lands, as well as serving up music and fun with Radio Riel. Please pass along this information to Caledon and such, if you please.
And this from Duchess Gabrielle Riel:
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Radio Riel Presenter, current St John resident and former Caledon resident Soliel Snook passed away last night. I (Gabrielle Riel) am planning to hold a multi-hour-time-zone memorial service for her on May 12. Details to come. I need time to work though my grief, thus the memorial being scheduled a few weeks out. Soliel was one of my dearest friends in both lives. Things will never be the same without her.
Another shining light departs from Caledon, and while I wasn't as close as many of her stronger friends, I remember her with great fondness, and accept this news with great sorrow. My deepest sympathies go to her close friends and her family in their time of grief.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

wake, baby, wake but leave that blanket around you

This always unnerves me:

[08:26 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hi
[08:26 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you help me joining group here
[08:27 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please
[08:27 PM] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you're already a member of the group, hun.

Because you can't post to this group if you're not already in it. You can't post to any group in Second Life unless you're registered as a member, in fact. That's how groups work.

[08:27 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you help me joining this group
[08:27 PM] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What group are you trying to join
[08:28 PM] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are a member already, otherwise you couldn't post here

Exactly. What are we teaching new residents these days? Are we teaching them anything, other than "here's Second Life, have fun!" *throws into deepest part of the lake*

[08:28 PM] Callie [CallieMajestic Resident]: o.O
[08:28 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oops
[08:28 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry :P
[08:28 PM] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)

By the way--not that it matters, I suppose--Ms. V (the original poster) is sixteen days old; Ms. F, one of the residents trying to offer help, was decanted back in January.

But that's not what I want to talk about. We're at Fantasy Faire! Through the gracious offer of De Baza Designs, we have booth space in Tangleshimmer Grove.

You can see the two RFL-specific horns on the official site, and see you at the Faire!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

more than rivers, snakes or wind

[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: done ^_^ WOOH now im outa here!!!
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: CONGRATS
[Zone] Sett@settko: You'll be back... they ALWAYS come back...
[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: omg all that work for lame looking outfit? lame sauce lame sauce!!!!!
[Zone] Sett@settko: paint it :)
[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: oh i will lol

The Summer Festival, the Festival of Sune in Neverwinter. To get special festival gear, one "adventures" by slaying marauding trolls who want barbecue, slaying kobolds who want to eat flowers to get high, catching pigs and chickens for farmers, harvesting those self-same intoxicating blooms in great numbers, throwing water balloons at other participants, and harvesting corn. Doing all these things will eventually give you enough flowers (or flower petals) to get weapon and clothing transforms, most of which are adorned with those very flowers that too so much time to harvest in the first place!

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: And it's alalllllllla yourse! [Zone] Sett@settko: Liira's dye gives orange pants

Actually, no. The Masquerade dyes, sold during October, dye in orange and black/deep brown hues. Lliira's festival dye does shades of gold, red and blue.

[Zone] Sett@settko: Tribal Dye gives a nice reddish color, pretty stylish but not enough screaming for me [Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: no matter what color you make this outfit it still looks fugly this was a waste of half a day [headache smiley]
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I love the TR dyeset myself.

To each their own--the Trickster Rogue dyeset gives shades of black and muted brown. I guess it's good if you want to blend into the shadows...

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Drizzt, did you not peek around before your start of day?
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Did you not notice the Elvises and Flower Gals?

I...think you mean Elves??

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I know that ... you know, SOME other people may have been playing with the outfit on.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: It's a nice outfit, to me.
[Zone] Sett@settko: To be honest, Yina Moradi's frontal appearance does divert the eyes from most things in here.

True enough.

[Zone] Autumnal Ember@wolffuzz: Why do they tell us when someone gets something awesome?
[Zone] Valna Gentleharp@TacticalGnat: so that you want to buy the keys
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: to make you want to buy keys

Pretty much that, yeah. It's supposed to be encouraging. Most of us just ignore the announcements now, though.

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: And Rio is totally a girl.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: She isn't the kind to send pics of her chest to prove it though.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: girls can be agents of the capitalist class too
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: People who ask for pics of chests can go "find themselves" lol

Thanks for the info??

[Zone] Zheyk'ari@eisrabe1902: must i be interrupted at every turn?!

I don't know, do you want to be?

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: you know i'm not sure where the unemployed fit into marxist labor dynamics
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: i'll have to brush up on my reading
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: they would all have jobs created
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: for them

Well, that's one theory...

[Zone] Brutæ@culhwych143: turn them into soylent green to feed the productive class

That's another theory.

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: You are NOT mulching my husband to feed the rich.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: no actually i mean where they fit into the capitalist structure as described by marx
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: it's been a while. i'm under-read.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I believe he did not think that there WOULD be the downtrodden any longer.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: To each according to his need, and everyone working according to their ability.
[Zone] Richardine@richardine: That works in small populations.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: He was an idealist,
n'est pas?

Oh, absolutely. Though he had some interesting ideas.

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Again, not really talking about the conception of a communist society
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: they said those wanting free public schools were idealists too I suppose?
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: History has shown that Marx was wrong about the inevitability of a collectivist revolution
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: the more interesting part of his work imo is the analysis of capitalism as a power structure
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: he could never have predicted the rise of twerking
[Zone] Th'yia Moonshadow@FlyingAce: ugh

Seriously. A highly thoughtful topic comes up in Zone chat, and someone mentions twerking? Really?

[Zone] Mellisandre Kings@chaos99bringer: politcal ideologies in the morning? you boys serve a heavy breakfast. [confusedface]
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: you had to say the T word

Ack. Yes, let's all move on, please.

[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: Einstein did
[Zone] Llorandriel Skysong@elronhalberd: Einstein twerked?
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: He predicted it
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: He said that the only things that were infinite were the Universe and human stupidity
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: And he wasn't sure about the Universe
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Maybe but I always hate it when nerds try to pull the "lol people are stupid" card
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: People ARE stupid

Yes. But what's your point?

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: It just feels so... elitist.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Yes, exactly.

It can be both.

[Zone] Mellisandre Kings@chaos99bringer: so.... who likes to see nekid gerls?

Really? First twerking, now 'u gots porns?'

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Nekkid gals do nuffin for me.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I like the manz
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: who likes to see nekid boyz?
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: we can't be sexists now
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: personally i always found naked adult humans sexually attractive in general
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: within reason, of course
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: I think that is a human animal condition.

Also likely true.

And then conversation trailed off, so...I have no clue if anything got resolved.

Friday, April 3, 2015

you're right, I'm a whole different species

[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: Looking for a man to love me pst


[Zone] Crazed@qu33fvapor: i got you bigo
[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: FOX RUNNER... IS THE SHADOW OF SHADETH THOVAIN..... THE DECOY


Seriously, calm down. Also, what's "Shadeth Thovain"?

[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: well now, aint that how it is here? you have more classes than members on a team for pvp
[Zone] Crazed@qu33fvapor: just admit it, you werent good enough for arenas, so you hated it
[Zone] Crazed@qu33fvapor: LOL
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: And if you actually played any PvP at all in this game, you'd realize that Deathmatches would totally !^## because the team with the most GWFs is going to always win.
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: i noticed when i queue, i usually get 2 cw's a tr a hr and gwf, or any combination thereof, and hardly ANY dc's

So, definition of terms for those who may not know.
  • CW: Control Wizard--your basic spellcasters. They generally have two basic elemental fields, which break down to fire and ice (though there's some earth-shaking at higher levels, some growing of things now and again, and bursts of lightning throughout).
  • TR: Trickster Rogue, the sneak-thiefs, the shadow assassins, the ones who can seemingly disappear in broad daylight.
  • HR: Hunter Ranger. Think incredibly skilled archers who can also hide in plain sight if they want. They can also summon pretty powerful personal buffs to help them heal themselves or others, or increase their damage or their resistance to attack.
  • GWF: Great Weapon Fighter. AKA, the guys with the pointiest armor and the most oversized swords.
  • DC: Devoted Cleric, basically the healers.
  • GF: Guardian Fighter, since it comes up later in this conversation. They're like Great Weapon Fighters, except they fight with sword and shield, and their main job is to debuff the bad guys and strengthen the good guys.
There's one more class--the Scourge Warlock--and one coming in Module Six--the Paladin. But they're not of main import to this captured bit of chat.

[Zone] Su Lea@spirifris: 10 new, crazy hard dungs - thats what this game need, not pvp crap or new classes for doing the same...

Based on later conversation? "Dungeon" in this instance is what Su Lea means by "dung". Though why "dungEON" was that much harder to spell out....well, you've got me on that one.

[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: or hardly any gf's
[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: DIES
[Zone] Grumbar Swift@grumbar2165: fashion
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: What? You think I couldn't pillar hump? lol. I was playing a warlock in classic WoW. Season 1 arenas the warlocks dominated because resilience didn't affect us.

Again, for those who don't play: "pillar hump" is a rather crude reference to holding the pillars in PVP arena matches. There are three on each arena ground, and the match lasts until all three are held by one side, or a certain number of points are attained. (Or both.)

[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: New hard dungs?
[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: I like when my dung is soft

Uh...Also gross.

[Zone] GhostSniper@ghostreaper187: if you think teams with GWF's always win take a look at this
[Zone] GhostSniper@ghostreaper187:
[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: THEY LIKED TO MODIFY LORE.... LET'S HAVE FUN TOO

Oh, you're back. And again, please stop shouting, you'll wake the children.

[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: STORY.... RE~WRITTEN

What story?!?

[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: I want to do epics with 5 GFs
[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: T2 with just Guardian Fighters
[Zone] Polar Vortex@xargyn: Go play some Neverwinter PvP and see how you feel about deathmatches then. bur
[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: Its to bad the PVP sucks in this game

That's because the game wasn't designed around players fighting each other.

[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: dafuq is a transmutation?
[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: Watch your language, young lady.
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: lady?
[Zone] Crazed@qu33fvapor: They could definitely improve the PvP to work very well. I bet you they will in time, just like they did with WoW
[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: Yes. Lady.

Conversation swerve? Conversation swerve. But, well, "Danar'ae" does end with a feminine extension for Drow the assumption makes sense.

[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: IT'S WHEN YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR.... AND SEE A CHICKEN

What??? Who are you, you shouty crazy person??

[Zone] Crazed@qu33fvapor: Either way, It's still a great game
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: {-- this dude is male

Then why do you have a feminine extension on the end of your name? I mean, "Dan" as the prefix, while not common--"Dhaun" is more often used--is at least unisex, but "ar" in any usage is also feminine, so...

[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: You are a lady. Because I say you are.

I mean, hey, y'know, our characters are who we say they are, but if you're named Susan Daintyfoot and you're a male Frost Giant, you're likely still going to be 'ma'am'ed in chat before folks see you. It's an easy mistake.

[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: and I am the law.

Oh. Never mind, Kairon's just an ass.

[Zone] Grumbar Swift@grumbar2165: "watch your language"? turn on your profanity filter
[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: i have both male and female characters.....
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: as do i, but this character is a dude
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: a male drow to be exact
[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: Ew, drow.

Let me revise: a species-ist ass.

[Zone] Travok Battleheart@lukemrn: The combat engine has great potential for PvP, its just the implementation of the current system that is fail. And the concept of catering to baddie whiners with nerfs.
[Zone] Bigolcrities@newmmoguy: Yeah Drows are uncircumsized

Uh...a, why does it matter, b, why does it matter, c, how do you know, and d, why does it matter?

[Zone] Crazed@qu33fvapor: Just @#@))@ me off a lot so I come here to PvE
[Zone] Dennis@dennis331: NO

Why no?

[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: Drows are relatively speaking the least horrible drow.


[Zone] Apophis@apophis101: dumb as hell people think there is only 1 way to do things
[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: wait, what?
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: least horrible elf, maybe?


[Zone] Dennis@dennis331: what is gold used for?
[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: RHAZZAD
[Zone] Shaka-Queen of Orcs@skullorb5: THE ELF WHO BETRAYED CORMANTHYR

Well, fine, he is something of a bastard, but not ALL Drow are like him.

[Zone] Ibn fadlan@slavemasterbull: buying hookers

Are you kidding? Why does 50% of Zone chat turn to prostitution?

[Zone] GhostSniper@ghostreaper187: Stuff and Thangs
[Zone] Ibn fadlan@slavemasterbull: and pawning
[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: to buy !@#) that you cant buy AD with
[Zone] Dennis@dennis331: like what?
[Zone] GhostSniper@ghostreaper187: Stuff and Thangs


[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: like profession assests
[Zone] Ibn fadlan@slavemasterbull: drugs n (%@^

In the game? There are no drugs in Neverwinter.

[Zone] Danar'ae Baenre@tobius01: or like i have 100+ gold, i'd like to buy some stuff with it, but no one seems to take an interest in gold, they want AD
[Zone] Grumbar Swift@grumbar2165: its PWEs way of trying to get money
[Zone] Taerana Swift@debryan: they are bind on pickup
[Zone] Dennis@dennis331: so there is nothing useful to use gold on
[Zone] Sophora@soul0person1: Apart from Potions and Kits..

I was just going to say that. Healing potions, combat-buffing potions, occasional items that will help in PVP, plus medical kits, profession kits, and powerful stones to advance enchantments and runes on our characters and our companions...All of that is bought with gold. It's a good thing to have gold.

[Zone] Kainen Maldovar@draconianshen: you need gold to remove enchantments intact

[Zone] Kainen Maldovar@draconianshen: you'll need it later on

Exactly. Elf-hater or not, Kairen's right.

[Zone] Dennis@dennis331: i know and kits and crafting etc etc, but nothing else

[Zone] GhostSniper@ghostreaper187: if the pet doesnt have a good active bonus then its a waste of money
[Zone] GhostSniper@ghostreaper187: Epic pets are better they have better active bonuses

I don't know about that. Granted, the 'starter' companions have low bonuses, but green-rated companions and up can have pretty good ones. You don't need an active purple companion in every slot.

[Zone] Kainen Maldovar@draconianshen: removing enchantments intact costs money
[Zone] Kainen Maldovar@draconianshen: and since you're bound to go thru a few sets of armours before the end, you will need the gold
[Zone] marsidious luckbane@ashleymoore4566: or die

Well, sure, if that's the way you want to go...

[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: There are all these amazing names in here.
[Zone] Kairon Fiendline@Syphonides: Kairon, Zya, Grumbar Swift, and then there is...Dennis


I give up.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

you might want to bail before the ship sinks

"Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable for players. Even the presence of one female in the group will change their behavior, so that they’ll act differently. So to give the most natural feeling, to make them feel sincere and honest, having them all the same gender made sense in that way."

Hajime Tabata, the head designer behind the new Final Fantasy XV game, said this. In 2015. Because of course, even video game characters can't truly 'be themselves' if women are around. Makes perfect sense, right?

Or maybe it's just the usual game designer misogyny we're used to seeing. Either way, it's inspiring sighs and head-shaking for those of us who don't fixate on how alien girls are.

Meanwhile, wandering through inventory cleaning yesterday, this happened in a hair store's group:

[06:45 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: CAN I PLEASE HAVE YOUR LAND MARK?
[06:46 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry about the caplock
[06:46 PM] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sent
[06:47 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: YEAH wear is the lovely hair

Note well: she was just sent a landmark to the hair store in question.

[06:49 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have been looking for elf ears all day I have given up on the mesh bodies and skins I just dont know how to do it
[06:49 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lead the way lovely lady
[06:50 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oops handsome yourn man
[06:51 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how much to join the group

Keep in mind that she's chatting in the group right now, so she's already joined the group.

[06:51 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: do you know how to extend the amount of groups you can join?


[06:52 PM] Emilly Orr: It's locked at 42.
[06:52 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how do you get to fourty two?

.......You're either having fun at our expense, or you're really, really dumb, and I'm honestly not sure which.

[06:53 PM] Axxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm lost what group?

Because, again, you can't participate in group chat for a store group unless you're in that group, y'know?

[06:53 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: you can freely join up to 42 groups
[06:53 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: without restriction
[06:54 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you used to be able to go beyond that and at sn they no how

Well, do tell us all this mystical, impossible information.

[06:54 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: for elf ears go to mandala [Pxxxxxx]. You cannot go above 42 groups, LL have the limit set [06:54 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anyway where is the hair before I have to go make dinner


[06:54 PM] Emilly Orr: I've never known a way. It used to be 15, then 25, then they made the leap to 42, and that's where it stands.
[06:55 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: did you get an LM to [the hair store in question]?
[06:55 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: yes mam
[06:56 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: the hairs are there
[06:57 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: how do I get there
[06:57 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: via the LM

VIA THE LM. Why is this not working for you?!?

Another thing to keep in mind: this person has several months under their belt as a resident of SL. This is not some day-old newbie struggling to learn how to walk.

[06:58 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: this conversation is circular
[06:58 PM] Bxxx Lxxxxx: try that LM if yours is failing

She has now been sent two landmarks for the same store.

[07:02 PM] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have to go but I will be back tomorro and try to find the hair that is not demo.
[07:03 PM] Emilly Orr: It's in the store! It's all in the store!
[07:04 PM] Sxxxxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: lol

I mean, seriously, get landmark. Click landmark. Shop. How hard do you have to make this? It's not brain surgery.

I just don't get it.