Monday, March 19, 2018

the broken clock is a comfort, it lets me sleep at night

Oh, boy. More drama from one of my groups. But this time it was from an unanticipated direction.

[12:39] Jxx Lxxxxxx: THIS ITEM DOES IT COME WITH ISIS AND VENUS AND FREYS I ONLY SE IT SAYS BELLEZA [link to template offered, edited for anonymity of group]
[12:40] mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: only venus
[12:40] Jxx Lxxxxxx: GROWLS
[12:40] Bxxxx Kxxxxxxxxx: does your keyboard comes only with caps? ;p
[12:41] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: when it says only belleza its only Venus
[12:41] dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: look at the contents tab
[12:41] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxx: what was the weekend special?
[12:41] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [seasonal] costume
[12:41] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxx: oh
[12:43] Rxxxx Pxxx: that costume is bulky enough it shouldn't matter about the specific sizes of Belleza ... it's not a close to form fitting outfit :)

My initial reaction here, and it likely won't ever change: "Oh, she's one of those people."

[12:44] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: caps mean screaming
[12:44] Jxx Lxxxxxx: OK THANK YOU [RXXXX] I WILL TRY IT
[12:44] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in internet language everywhere

Yeah. Pretty much everywhere, in a ton of languages, even.

[12:44] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: even on texting
[12:45] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[12:45] Exxxx Sxxxxxxx: lots of people who do not see well use caps

Everyone with a vision impairment is different. And it did make me, and likely a few others, give her a bit of charity for the caps--at least for the next minute or so.

[12:45] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people hate when others use caps to talk

Of course I was being sarcastic, but I also wanted her to make sure she saw what I sent. Because that is the common reaction when people see lines of uppercase--that the other party is yelling, or just being rude.

[12:45] Axxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxx: [Jxx], you can resize the font and make it larger....
[12:45] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yup
[12:45] Emilly Orr: A lot of folks forget they can do that.

Well, we tried. Can't say we didn't.

[12:46] Axxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxx: *sigh* PAI....
[12:46] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u can get kicked of a group for it
[12:47] Jxx Lxxxxxx: [F*CK] OFF OK

So first, yes, we all know what she says, but I still try to keep cursing to a minimum, at least here. And second, really, that was uncalled for. Was the comment directly before hers snarky? Sure. But snark doesn't usually get us straight hostility back.

[12:47] Rxxxx Pxxx: I don't think anyone would kick anyone out of the group because they have difficulty seeing
[12:47] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no but they would for caps

This is actually the first I'd heard of people being kicked just for typing in all caps. Is that really a thing?

[12:47] Rxxxx Pxxx: Let's not be unkind or rude please... that will be a reason to get kicked out
[12:47] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u can't even do notices in caps

Actually, some folks do, just like some hosts and hostesses call out tip reminders and such in clubs in all caps. Doesn't make any of us respect those that do for typing in all caps, however.

[12:47] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxx: Is it really that hard to put up with for a bit of time if a person can't see?
[12:48] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: then raise the font!
[12:48] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxx: Treat people how you want to be treated, YOU typing in caps makes no sense, you know what your saying..
[12:48] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there's a huge setting on firestorm
[12:48] Rxxxx Pxxx: Sounds like there are those accusing someone of only thinking of themselves perhaps? Maybe that person can't see to make their text bigger or do not know how to do it.

And that's a good point. I didn't know until three years in that I could make text bigger in SL. I haven't, but I know the option's there. It's good to know.

[12:48] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxx: just saying
[12:49] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxx: yeah, take it IMs and help them with preferences, this is nuts
[12:49] Rxxxx Pxxx: I don't think we are going to die over a caps lock key for a couple of simple questions.
[12:49] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if people have problem seeing then raise the size of UI and font
[12:49] Lxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: maybe she does use that and capitals?
[12:49] Rxxxx Pxxx: Exactly [Lxx]
[12:49] Bxxxx Kxxxxxxxx: yeah, but when trying to help that person, another was told to f*** off, I wonder who is intolerant

Three guesses and the first two don't count.

[12:49] Rxxxx Pxxx: you can make the font size huge and that isn't enough for some folks
[12:49] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seriously caps scares me

And that's another problem with typing in all caps. The most common translation for netizens is "you're yelling at me". Which is perceived as generally rude, and bad enough, but some people link yelling (for any reason) with hostility. In those cases, netizens take all caps as "please stop screaming at me, why are you angry?" Which is another problem with typing in all caps.

[12:50] Lxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: i have more problems with unreadable names most of the time
[12:50] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everytime i see it its like people shouting
[12:50] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: How do you raise the UI font size?
[12:50] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: preferences
[12:50] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: chat
[12:50] Rxxxx Pxxx: Well the rudeness started before the statement... and if capslock scares ya it's going to be a terrifying world the rest of your life

That's also true.

[12:50] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: thing is, if it's thought of a person typing in caps only thinking of themselves, and doesn't want to look at it and saying to not and lower..ins't that too only thinking of "self"
[12:50] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: visuals huge
[12:51] Sxxxxxx Rxxxx: it goes both ways...
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: chat windows font size huge
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i don't wanna sound racist but there's a community that does it a lot online
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and makes me not like them
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and they do it to show off

I admit, I'm wondering what community she was thinking of, and why it might make her sound racist.

[12:52] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in firestorm -- Avatar --Preferences -- user interface -- 2D overlay and mine is at 1.53
[12:52] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: It worked! I can see the chat windows a bit better now.
[12:52] Sxxxxxx Dxxxxx: thank you [mxxxxxxxxxxxx]
[12:52] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: Thank you!
[12:52] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: your welcome
[12:52] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I need glasses
[12:52] Bxxxx Kxxxxxxxxx: just saying, but didn't have any troubles reading and responding rudely to this... [12:41] Becky Koolhoven: does your keyboard comes only with caps? ;p which wasn,t in caps...

Which is another very good point. Guess it's always easier to be rude, huh?

[12:52] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but any bigger will mess up your menus
[12:53] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: unless u got a big screen
[12:53] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do
[12:53] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: Is there a way to make the text bigger in notecards?

Pretty sure there is, yes.

[12:53] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: its not a good idea to raise UI
[12:53] Rxxxx Pxxx: Well someone very close to me has a problem with their eyes that the huge font sizes aren't enough. So in his presence we have to all type in caps so he can see them. I agree that most considering all caps shouting and to the average person it's difficult to read. We just have to be willing to deal with it for a small period of time once we are made aware of a situation. Just my humble opinion.
[12:53] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: Because getting older sucks. LOL
[12:54] Rxxxx Pxxx: yes it does
[12:54] rxxxx Sxxxxx: You don't ask a blind person to "look at this'. live and let live.
[12:54] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Preferences - visuals - onscreen console font size

That's it.

[12:54] Rxxxx Pxxx: yep
[12:54] Emilly Orr: It does, but sometimes it's not a factor of age, just inability to see. I have a friend at the library, she's about twenty-two now, and legally blind. She's still a librarian.
[12:55] Rxxxx Pxxx smiles big
[12:55] Rxxxx Pxxx: Not letting a little thing like sight hold her back... that's awesome :)
[12:56] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: also... in preferences -- user interface -- font -- can also be increased.
[12:57] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: I finally found it in the official viewer under Preferences Advanced UI size
[12:58] Rxxxx Pxxx: Thank you [mxxxxxxxxxxxx], I'm sure there are those here that appreciate it .. thank you also [Txxxxxxxx] for looking that up :)
[12:58] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: i am much indebted to all of you
[12:59] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: Thanks everyone :)
[12:59] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no problem, If it were not for those settings I would be squinting all the time

And honestly, even more than the sudden spate of drama, that's why I'm doing this. Because the rest of the chat did have useful tips--mostly for Firestorm, sure, but some for the official viewer, and really, between those two, anyone who needs it can likely figure out a good area to start searching on their viewers, at least.

[12:59] Rxxxx Pxxx: There are so many little features in the settings that even though I've been around since 2004, I run across new things all the time :)
[12:59] Nxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[gave image link, image below]

[13:00] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mine is set to huge lol
[13:00] Rxxxx Pxxx: I used to keep mine on small, not anymore LOL
[13:00] Nxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and folk won't reply as shouting so pointless asking for help from others unless you increase font size in your UI

Well, this spate of shouting did get us talking about font sizes and overlays and how to change both, so it wasn't completely useless.

[13:01] Sxxxx Bxxxx: Ummmm...seriously...quite wasting everyone's time with this...take your petty discussion elswehere...this is not the place

As compared to that statement, which pretty much is--keep in mind, this is a place that sells mesh templates for designers to use in their creations. Sometimes, helping those people see? WILL end up helping your business.

[13:01] Rxxxx Pxxx: You are welcome to close the window [Sxxxx] if it isn't helpful to you.
[13:01] Txxxxxxxx Mxxx: This is a lifechanger! I used to keep my setting at default until I needed bifocals last year.
[13:02] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ditto on what [Rxxxx] just said
[13:02] Sxxxx Bxxxx: wow....glad this is a discussion about product...goodbye
[13:02] Rxxxx Pxxx: The whole point of being in this group is to help others and find out about new Meli stuff. If you can't see what you are doing I'd say it's relevant
[13:02] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye
[13:03] Rxxxx Pxxx: Back to work for me, everyone have a blessed Sunday

And that was that. All in all, only two people really offended--the visually impaired person, who was far too quick to lash out in the beginning (and even her we tried to help!), and [Sxxxx], the one who couldn't see the point.

Well, [Sxxxx], this is the point. Make things easy to use. Make things easy to understand. Make things easy to see. And you'll have far more happy customers, full stop. What's hard to grasp in that?

Saturday, March 17, 2018

started by daylight next morning blithe and early

Happy Feast of Padraig! Bígi beannaithe!

This year, we're coming into things fairly tired, RL. So we're making things the easy way. We decided to modify this recipe for the slow cooker. We've washed and halved (and occasionally quartered) about sixteen red potatoes, we're using peeled "baby" carrots instead of peeling and chopping larger cooking ones, and we're just using minced garlic from a jar we had of it over peeling and mincing a few cloves on our own.

Rest of the conversion is surprisingly easy--in an empty slow cooker, layer in the potatoes and carrots, then lay the brisket atop them (usually we go for point cuts, this year we went with a flat cut roast, but there's not that much difference). We're cutting two onions into wedges after removing the onion skin, and those go on top. Then we pour over a bottle of Guinness and turn on the slow cooker. Before we add a box of beef broth, we're adding the spices (and generally, a tablespoon of our own pickling spice blend, too) over the meat, and that's it. Lid on, heat high, off y'go.

Maybe an hour before serving, we'll rinse and quarter a small cabbage, and toss that on the very top to steam. Over the course of the day, we're also planning on making a very simple soda bread (though we're American, so of course we're also tossing in black pepper, rosemary and grated cheddar cheese) to go with the corned beef and veg, and Guinness chocolate brownies for after. Plus, there's one other dish (I said we're tired, we're not planning our usual six or seven side dishes) we'll make closer to serving: hashed neeps.

Which takes a little explaining. There's a medieval recipe for bashed neeps we've been using for years. It's endlessly variable and works with just about anything can be thrown in without issue. Traditionally, the recipe goes like this:

Bashed Neeps


6 large turnips, washed and chopped
2 large parsnips, washed, peeled and chopped
6 cups water
1 pound good butter
1 cup whole cream
1/4 tsp mace
salt and pepper to taste

Toss the chopped roots into a pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil and cook until roots are fork-tender. Drain, and mash with the butter and the cream. Salt and pepper to taste, and add the mace, stirring to mix.

Spoon into a buttered baking dish, and bake at 350 degrees until warmed through (about half an hour). Just before serving, make a well in the center and fill with cubes of reserved butter to melt. Serve.

Now, we've played with this recipe endlessly over the years. We've cut out the cream some years, or replaced it with whole milk or cashew milk. We've added in carrots, leeks, onions, radish, and green onions. The beauty of bashed neeps is it can be endlessly adapted, and it all still tastes good.

This year, we're doing a variation we made last year, which turned out to be something we like even better than root mash, namely:

Hashed Neeps


4 turnips, washed
2 parsnips, washed and peeled
2 large carrots, washed and peeled

Grate all the roots, patting each root batch dry with a paper towel as you go, sprinkling with salt. After all the roots are grated, heat a pan with a bit of oil (or butter, just be careful to watch the butter so it doesn't burn). Add in spoonfuls of the grated roots, spreading them out to form basic patties. Cook as hash browns. Serve warm.

It's surprising how much crispy fried edges add to winter roots.

And while most years we also throw together Colccannon, again, this year, we just don't have the spoons. So we'll likely have that around October, when it's actually supposed to be served anyway.

In other news, caught a link in world to a Facebook page talking about the holiday:
Undoubtedly today you will hear at one point within a Pagan circle about how today is a day marking a mass murder of Pagans by referring to the snakes that St.Patrick drove out being the Druids. Unfortunately, like most tales brewed by/for the church... its grossly over exaggerated. I am not saying that St.Patrick did not fight Pagans and battle with Druids and even kill some or many in the name of the church (that much we know happened because it was properly recorded), that is how things were. What I am saying is that he was no amazing missionary and he was no especially skilled man in any way shape or form, and like most, his exaggerated stories surfaced hundreds of years after he had already died. The idea of saints driving out creatures from lands did not start or end with him, it was a very common tale they loved to recount to put aires upon a certain saint. Instead of over exaggerating the church's inevitable take over in Ireland... recount and celebrate the strength, perseverance, and resilience Ireland has had as they have had to fight for centuries. Instead celebrate the Fae, The Morrigan, Cú Chulainn, Brigid, The Faoladh and Conroicht and the plethora of Celtic deity and lore. I am Irish Canadian and my Nan was a classic secret keeping feisty Irish woman... these are the things I celebrate today, this is the magic that lurks in my veins. Research it yourself, that is what we are made for. Seek out the truth, but please don't go blindly into perpetuating a tale that only makes the ones hated more powerful. Druids faded with the invasion of the church, but they certainly did not and will not disappear.
Now, I do have a few problems with this, mainly that it completely neglects that Saint Patrick largely was invented from whole cloth to force the Irish to convert.

But, at least according to my researches, Brigid had a consort, named Padraig. And, considering there never were snakes in Ireland, Padraig never rid the Isles of them. So why worry about saints that never existed? Celebrate the faiths that survive. Celebrate that Brigid's Fire has never gone out, even when commanded to be snuffed by the Catholic Church. Celebrate that there are, always have been, and always will be pagans, heathens and Druids in Ireland. Celebrate that even moving to America, in terrible poverty, could not kill the Celtic spirit.

Ignore the rest. It's a feast day!

Monday, March 12, 2018

you're sinking to the bottom now, you're losing control

This is actually a pretty on-point article on why many video game breast physics get so ridiculous, and coincidentally, why so many breast physics layers just profoundly do not work. Good to know, but getting people to actually improve...that's the trick.

And who knew Archie comics were so popular in India? I certainly never considered it, but apparently, they're so popular that there's going to be a Bollywood movie. I'd be afraid, but I've already seen Riverdale, and surely, it can't do worse than that.

At the beginning of March, or the end of February, Hippo Technologies gave up the ghost. As many of us thought that it was no longer in use anyway, it was a surprise to find businesses affected. One of the most surprising was Utilizator, who has set out a fairly detailed set of instructions on how to claim an update with the new cards from Caspervend.

I don't even know what this is all about. Is it a game? Is it an e-commerce site? I don't get it. You play the game, you sell virtual products...that are actually real? And shipped? Does anyone have more information?

In the meantime, I'm noticing a worrying trend on the grid:
Now, I'm not trying to single Club-G out, they're a great place. Fun energy, good music, some great places to sun on the beach or by the pool if you're tired of dancing. No, it's more that..."all human appearing avatars" line.

I'm seeing that in a lot of places, now, not just dance clubs. Whole sims are back to 'human only' signs. It's no longer just 'no child avatars', which I do understand, non-humans at all.

When did this happen? When did furs become persona non grata everywhere I go? Am I just wandering the wrong sims, going to the wrong clubs? Of course, I didn't think Club-G was one of those clubs, nor the Lowlands sim, nor several other places I've found wandering about.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying these are bad places, and maybe that's part of the problem. And it's a problem we only notice if we don't have a human face. Should I start wandering the grid more as a cat, would that help? Or maybe the prejudice would just become more obvious. I don't know.

But it worries me. It does worry me.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Until we get it, forget it, let it all disappear

Prim limits, how I loathe thee...

Okay, to be fair, I'm usually fine on prim limits, but I had a very frustrating day about a week and a half ago, and spontaneously decided to change homes. It's not perfect, and I may change it again, but I'd also thrown down some furnishings I like that I thought might fit the space, and...then discovered I was over my prim limits. So I started checking things out.

Wasn't the house. It's Salome's small Byzantine house, and outside of some alpha issues on the upper level, it's an open, breezy layout for twenty-six prims total. That is tiny for a house. All that it lacks is a good mantel for the fire, and well, the Byzantines weren't given to that sort of architectural distinction.

The bed had to go. Trompe Loeil's "Reverie" bed in Stargazer? Thirty-five prims. Pretty. But had to go. Which means this one:

which is another lovely Reverie bed, in Nightcall? Also had to go. Damn.

Well, how about this one? Storax Tree made it, and it goes pretty well with the colors I have going at present...

Twenty-eight prims. Nope. Gotta go too.

Fine, then. How about this one? Mistique builds pretty tightly, right? But...even it's fourteen...and it only has couples' poses. ARGH!

Fine. The daybed it is. Culprit made it for six prims, it has singles and couples, I can sleep on it...FINE. Now for the rest of the place...why is this so hard?

...oh, right, because I'm trying to make the ground level more natural. Mrph. Okay. So there is a reason to delete all these.


Thursday, March 8, 2018

the shades and shadows undulate in my perception

Two hundred years ago...
"During the first part of the nineteenth century, the American government policy was to remove Indians from east of the Mississippi River and to “give” them reservations in Indian Territory. The primary argument in favor of Indian removal claimed that European Christian farmers could make more efficient use of the land than the Indian heathen hunters. This argument conveniently ignored the fact that Indians were efficient farmers and had been farming their land for many centuries."
~~Neeta Lind
From genocide to deep-seated racism, the original purpose of the Second Amendment:
"The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says 'State' instead of 'Country' (the Framers knew the difference--see the 10th Amendment), was to reserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia’s vote. Founders Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Madison were totally clear on that...and we all should be too."
~~Tom Hartman (quoted from another article in Alternet
As a rule, I do try to avoid political discussion unless it relates to steampunk alternate history, or Victorian or Edwardian real history...but these articles, I wanted to preserve and offer for the value--and the weight--of their perspective.

While writing this, I also found another take on history, though do perceive before clicking--it is a video documentary, and it clocks in at slightly over three hours. I'm enjoying watching it, but then, I have always enjoyed tales of hauntings, historical or not.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

its roots are at my feet, I walk so it won't rest

And here...we...go...

Boataom's "Yuri" head looks terrified. Let's see how she changes...

Oh, it comes with separate ears, eyes and teeth...plztexturesrezin, plztexturesrezin...

Nope, that's all I can do with the Yuri, too. What the hell?

All right, Airi, play nice, elsewise I'm giving up on Boataom.

...Yaaay. Okay, Boataom's out of the running, then.

Can I just give up and be terrified now? This is Daddy's Choice Designs's "Misty" Bento head, which I bought on sale at a previous 4meshed event. I am very worried.

I have discovered my inner Keanu Reeves. This is not a plus.

Okay, back to the drawing board, I guess, check out the next round of demos...Damn it, why is it so HARD to find a mesh head that doesn't look scary beyond all reason?

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

and death grows like a tree that's planted in my chest

Back to mesh head testing, lo, these many months later, and...hasn't gotten any easier.

This is a demo Vista head, their "Diana" Bento version. Ugh. The chin clipping? Apparently, that's the included teeth, out of the box.

And this was the most I was able to do with. Not enough, and still some clipping. So that head's tabled, I think...

This is a demo Safybelle head, their "Jessy" Bento version. This...won't work.

Well, the included Shape 3 is a good starting point, at least. But I couldn't make it do much past this, more's the pity. I thought this one was really cute, too.

Friend of mine gifted me with Altamura's "Maya" head, and because of that, I really wanted to like it...

...and the above is my total ability to modify the look. Pass.

More to come.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

he keeps on hitting the walls and comes all the way back again

Air kraken are REAL! (Video link; should not autoplay, but it might.)

Found on a random profile under the heading "DEADLY TERMS USED BY WOMEN":
1) FINE: This the word women use to end an argument when she knows she is right and you need to shut up.
2) NOTHING: means something and you need to be worried.
3) GO AHEAD: this is a dare, not permission. Do not do it.
4) WHATEVER: A woman's way of saying screw you.
5) THAT'S OKAY: She is thinking long and hard on how and when you will pay for your mistake.
This is not a compliment. She's amazed that one person could be so stupid.
Well, then.

And now, from the odder part of the grid...
[13:14] uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hello
[13:15] Emilly Orr: Hello.
I won't lie, I tend to despise people who open with just 'hello' or 'hi'. Put some effort into it, give me a reason not to just ignore you. Tell me something. Even if it's just WHY YOU'RE MESSAGING ME, okay? It really helps to have more than just the bland, featureless, no-info-given 'hello'.
[13:15] uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can u help me?
[13:15] Emilly Orr: With?
[13:15] uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i need only 56 linden please help me
Oh, good, another beggar. You know, I never begged in SL. In eleven years, I never begged. I got frustrated when I didn't have Lindens, when I got a job then lost it, when I was between homes, relationships, when there was severe RL turbulence...I never begged.

I suppose what's strange is I don't mind RL beggars, and will--when I have extra--support them however I can. I think because in RL, sometimes we have no choice to be poor, to be homeless, to be so down on our luck that there literally is nowhere to turn...but in SL, all that's a choice. I mean, wealth or poverty, these things still exist, but there are options in SL we don't have in RL.
[13:17] Emilly Orr: Do you know, there are places in SL you can actually work? There are also some Linden trees about, and there's a lot of in-world games, like Linden Gold Hunters, LxMix's Lucky Clovers and the like, where you travel about and collect things, then turn them in for L$.
Yes, I was being sarcastic, but also being serious. It's not as easy to dance your way to cash as it used to be, but there's still places you can sit for Lindens, pluck Lindens off trees, hunt for coins, fish, clovers, stars, whatever for Lindens.
[13:17] uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nope i dony
Which I highly, highly doubt, because this was a three-year-old avatar. Granted, a three-year-old avatar who was begging strangers for cash, with no picks, no FL pic, no real info anywhere...I mean, this isn't the usual bot behavior, but who knows, could have been a bot for all I know.
[13:18] Emilly Orr: Pull up search. Type in either employment, if you just want general options, or Gold Hunt/Lucky Clovers for their sims. All you need is a hud, though sometimes you'll need to be in their group to collect money.
[13:18] uxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i will see ty
[13:18] Emilly Orr: You're welcome!
And I moved on.

Here's to them finding their L$56, for whyever they need it, but here's more to them learning to forego begging for spare change. Beccause it never works, and more people will block beggars than actually answer them. If not directly reporting them for harassment or fraud to the Lindens and getting their accounts blocked.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

lay back, this is where we are

(Continued from part one.)

Okay, so obviously, I went to the wrong place. Where am I supposed to be?

Untitled (Hands) by BittsyBoo.

Red Dancer by Timo Dumpling.

Bungalow Sunset by India Canning.

Unnamed (Lynn) by BittsyBoo.

Trasparenze siamo noi (We Are Transparencies) by Mistero Hifeng (® All Rights Reserved, Cammino and Vito Capovolto.)

Untitled (Back) by BittsyBoo.

This one was confusing. It's titled, "Bittsy at North (Red)",'s signed "Aleriah 2018"? I'm confused.

[16:19] Emilly Orr: So, Lynn gave me a landmark for a gallery exhibition that Bittsy threw together. It's not just her, it's shots from a lot of the Sakura women. But she set it up in a maze.
[16:19] Matthias Whiteberry: oh!
[16:19] Matthias Whiteberry: i would love to go
[16:22] Emilly Orr: It's...odd. There's a lot of different ways to display paintings, but in general, making them harder to see is uncommon.

It's good work. It's all good work, though there doesn't seem to be a single unifying theme in either the gallery, or the maze. Not that there needs to be. But the maze concept itself is...puzzling. I finally gave up on the maze as a maze, and simply stood on the deck at the far side, and cammed through, because if I relied on my point of view walking through the maze, I was going to miss everything but the walls, and what's occasionally in the walkway.

I don't know how long it's going to run; if I find out, I'll update this entry, or link it to a new one. But it's through this weekend, at least.

lay back, we are where we are

Let's talk a bit about the Rainbow Painters Gallery.

It's been a while since I went through an art gallery. I don't know why I stopped. They're fun, and the art is generally interesting.

Gallery, Busy Street by Byron Firehawk.

Liberdade, by Cullum Writer.

Have a Seat, by TooShy Tooshi.

Wet and Wooly by Mariposa Upshaw.

The gallery's interesting, but I was here to see BittsyBoo's maze. So...where is it?

Turns out I was in the wrong building, it's actually towards the left side of the gallery. Oops.

(Continued in part II.)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

and there's a lot of potential in a mighty, mighty organ

Found this profile-wandering:
1. Be patient and understanding. No Dom/Domme is perfect; subbies have bad days like anyone else. Both parties are human and deserve respect even if it is given in different ways.
2. Be there for each other. Do your utmost to stay in contact. Don't just disappear.
3. Doms, don't be collectors. How can you possibly have the time for 10, 15 or more subs? They deserve better from you.
4. Subs, give your gift of submission only after careful consideration. Meeting someone than asking them to collar you after 30 minutes is NOT enough. Build trust first.
5. Open communication is key. Subs should be allowed to talk to their Dom and raise concerns, wants, desires in a respectful manner. Dom should consider carefully what their sub has to say. Doesn't mean bend to every request, but if there are problems you will never know if your sub cannot speak frankly with you.
6. Doms, don't take a sub just because you are lonely, and subs, don't serve just anyone who will say yes.

Some very good tips, all in all.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

he can tap against the glass but I'm not coming out

What a great quote:
"I hope it can spark someone to say, 'I'm not a superhero, but I can be a scientist or build the next spaceship, like Shuri.'"
~~Letitia Wright
In other news, are you tired of playing an average, grizzled, 30-40 year old white male in videogames? Do you want more from your books and your comics than an unending parade of pallor? Selena Mills has you covered, with seventeen great books and games (for kids, sure, but hey, nothing says adults can't play or read 'em!).

So let's talk about the end of reading, or at the least, the end of Barnes and Noble. Because it's coming. As the author of that post put it,
“Whether the Andrea Gail rolls, pitch-poles, or gets driven down, she winds up, one way or another, in a position from which she cannot recover. Among marine architects this is known as the zero-moment point – the point of no return.” –Sebastian Junger, The Perfect Storm
A lot of us are seeing the signs of no return, and fully expecting B and N to either fold up shop and fire everyone, or declare bankruptcy, then fold up shop and fire everyone. After appropriate golden parachutes for all the upper management they want to placate, of course. And adding hefty end-turn bonuses for themselves.

There's some tie-in here with Best Buy's closure, and Borders, as well, as similar practice happened in each case. And we're going to see it a lot more, as more business owners realize they can make more money by investing it instead of actually employing people and selling things. After all, why bother, right? No one reads anymore, right? No one buys books. Or games. Or anything. We just rent them, and they can be taken from us at any time.

Apologies, usually I'm cynical and bitter, but I don't show it on the blog. I see the changes coming, but I have no idea how to fix them. I only know they're going to hurt thousands of workers along the way.

Anyway, I think I'm going to tie this up by telling you a bit about Paladins, and HiRez Studios. Now, I don't play Overwatch, I don't play Paladins, I never played SMITE and while I have loves telling me I'd get a kick out of Heroes of the Storm, not really interested in that either. Arena games really aren't me, it's too...PvP, I'm more a quests and challenges gamer.

But because I have friends who play Paladins, I hear occasionally about how awful some recent changes in the game have been. Like last November's "Cards Unbound" expansion, which seems--both to me and most of the other active player base--as HiRez directly implementing a pay-to-win system into an otherwise (mostly) level playing field of a game. This seems deceptive, and rather vile.

There have been several protests over this decision--both in and out of the company, though by far I think this one is the best reaction to date--yet, until today, HiRez seemed pretty determined to hold onto the changes.

Until today. Today this decision was handed down by the new head of HiRez. To wit, these changes will be employed:
  • Legendary Cards will now be called Talents.
  • Talents will only have a single level.
  • Talents will be unlocked for free by earning XP and gaining Champion levels (for example; level 1,5,10,15).
  • All Champion Cards will now be free (No cost or grind).
  • Deck creation will return to a point system where players can distribute 15 points across the five cards they select for their loadout.
  • Each Champion Card will have five ranks to choose from.
  • Talents will not have ranks, and are not included in the loadout point cap.
  • Talents and Decks will continue to be chosen at match start to allow players to tailor their playstyles based on their opponents.
  • New Talents will be added over time and give further varied playstyles.
  • Champion Mastery will no longer be capped at level 25. Instead, it will work similarly to Player Account leveling (which has no cap).
  • Card chests will be removed from the game.

So...that's good, right? Along with launching Paladins: Battlegrounds as a separate game.

I think that gets them out of the pay-to-win accusations, as well as un-miring them from the current sticky controversy surrounding lootboxes in games in general. It seems, at least to me, the only people out much, right now, are those who spent the insane amounts necessary to cheat using the Unbound rules in the first place, and...hey, even if they were cheating with the studio's permission, I say it still counts. I do hope HiRez works to repay the cost of all those cards, but...pfft, they shouldn't have jumped in with such vigor in the first place. It was a dumb idea.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

I got a brand new house on the roadside, made from rattlesnake hide

This is a bad idea. Making it easier for spammers to include malicious code in emails is never wise.

This was a worse one--in the middle of an opiod epidemic, paying advocates to push opiod deregulation would easily lead us where we are now.

There is now a Tomb Raider Barbie. I'm...honestly not sure how I feel about this. But on the plus side, yay for non-blonde, non-Aryan Barbies! Woo!

This is the best apology I've seen this year. Kudos to them.

Finally, if anyone plays Grand Theft Auto V, just log in before the 29th of February and receive a tidy amount of in-game cash. It won't make anyone rich beyond dreams, but hey, it could ease the way a bit.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

both hands with a heart to hold

[13:15] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Can someone transfer their boyfriend?
[13:15] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: to me Though at times, I'm sure many women, and not some few men, would be willing.

So, a little more on the raffle at Sakura. That SLUrl should (with any luck) bring you to the club, to see these:

So--theoretically, at least--if you pay the sign, you should receive some sort of chat confirmation, and you'll be registered for the raffle. And on Friday, as close to 9 pm SLT as we can manage, we'll be drawing the winner!

All you have to do then is be there, or wait--if you can't attend the lingerie dance, no worries, someone will contact you within twenty-four hours to tell you you've won!

I'm looking forward to it, though sadly, I'm going to miss the first hour...but I'll be there for as much as I can of the rest!

And in other, totally NSFW question, but...why does this exist?

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

let me remind you that love will find you

Friday, we're having our Lingerie Dance!

If you've never been inside the dark spa, it's just like the light side, only...well...more intense. There are little alcoves for intimacy, and while we usually have access to the pool and the actual spa, the cover's on in this shot, because that's going to be our dance floor.

These are the official rules:
Rules for the Private Valentine's Dance and Raffle:

The dance will be Friday, February 16, 6 - 9 PM SLT.

Attire for guests: Formal

1) You may enter as early and as often as you like, up until 9 PM SLT on Friday the 16th.

2) The drawing will be held as close to 9 PM SLT as possible. Notices will go out within 24 hours.

3) There will be only 1 winner.

4) The winner will be sent a special Sakura blossom token, which the winner (or designee if it will be an alt) presents to Lynn Mimistrobell, along with their preference of prize. Lynn and any other manager cannot be chosen.

5) The prize token may not be resold.

6) PRIZE OPTIONS: one hour with your Blossom of choice -- or 30 minutes with TWO Blossoms of your choice at the same time!
So get ready, get moving, get Raffling! And be there on the 16th!