Monday, August 14, 2017

I rode a lion to town, use a rattlesnake whip

(This poster of Olivia Wilde was drawn by Shephard Fairey for the ACLU fundraising campaign of the same name.)

Ran across this image and the following passage, reproduced below, on someone's profile.
"Most Americans want a great, kind and strong democracy. We got lazy - we got fussy. Not enough voted. Not enough acted.

"Get active. Pick any good cause, this is one of mine. Planned Parenthood. Or send some candy hearts to the Badlands National Park Service! Anything, small or large. Get together and organize!

"A catastrophe for America and the world is unfolding and we must stop it. Get in with love, and get to work.

And look, cynicism as a response to everything is an immature person's idea of sophistication, and a small-minded habit of otherwise smart people. It's cheap. It's easy. It's BORING. It demoralizes the people we most need. Hawk that dollar store plastic cutlery set elsewhere."

I felt it needed to be said. I'll also add this, and urge anyone who has the funds and a desire to help to send help - financial preferred, but even notes of support are tangible things--to one or more of the organizations listed in that article, to help the affected in Charlottesville.

Fight against the darkness. There are things you can do. Do them.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

running my hands along your edges

It's taken me some time to figure out how to say this. I won't lie that I felt extremely angry over this, and was lashing blame in several directions, though never to any of the folks I truly feel are, at least partially, responsible. I've calmed down since, but the embers are still there. What I'm going to say hurts...and deeply. And it didn't have to hurt at all. That's the thing that galls most, I think.

(An aerial overview of a section of Armada.)

This was part of the build in progress. Yes, the air was thick with the smells of drying fish and diesel, but it was still pleasant to walk the various docks and rope bridges, stopping in at myriad tea shops along the way. Saying hello to passing citizenry. All gone into the mists.

(Another view from a slightly different angle, of Armada.)

The floating circus tent off to the left was a meeting hall for residents. Inside could be found a center rotunda from which to air grievances, and surrounding the main floor were risers, for those who wished to sit, with the outer ring comprised of booths that sold fruit-sweetened drinks, popped grains of various kinds, strips of fish jerky and rough ales. This, too, disappeared when Armada did.

(A shot taken in murky waters underneath the bay, of the old Armadan rotunda.)

Underneath the waters could be found the lost ships that didn't make the whole of the journey, and the ruins of the first rotunda, sinking slowly into the shifting sea bottom. They are all gone, now, too.

(Archduke Hiro Shatner, in happier times..)

And what of the Duke himself? Well, for a variety of reasons (chiefly to do with the motiver behind the glass), he is kept far from the grid, but not some small part must be laid at the feet of the complainants against Armada. The reason he allowed it to dissolve back into the mists in the first place was because he could not stand the dunning missives, the angry IMs, the cavalcade of stampading dissent against him, the sim of Armada in the first place, against what he chose to build.

After months of verbal abuse, he finally could not take another negative word, and it was easier for him to cease its growing life than to fight for it. I do not blame him; I do blame those who spoke against it so vociferously that the only way to end stress from that quadrant, he thought, was to let the dream go.

And what about the denizens of Armada-now-dissolved? I didn't think to ask at the last moment of contact with the Archduke, but many of them were specifically programmed to do their duties on Armada itself. What happens to them?

Like this skyship piloteer. Where have they gone? Have they been packaged up and moved to Gearhaven? But Gearhaven as a whole uses much less complex robotic servitors, so...where do the elite units like this go?

(Being ferried around one of the original four sims; now down to two, or possibly even one.)

I may have more pictures, I'll keep looking. But I hadn't made it a priority to take a great many, because I was waiting for the grand opening. I wanted to announce Armada, had every plan to...and now, like every other precious thing on the grid that's gone away, it's disappeared into the digital mist. All because certain people could not stand the reclaiming of a dream not theirs.

We dream, we build, we pull our fancies into virtual reality. Isn't that the point? We won't agree with everything people build--just on my own small count, I received literally dozens, if not hundreds, of complaints on my various structures, in nearly every sim I've lived in. Part of it is that I'm not the best builder, and I admit that. But part of it is, what wants to crawl out of my head into reality doesn't agree with more than a few people.

I accept that, for the most part. But even I am not immune to criticism. I'm eleven years on the grid now, and I have had exactly one Rez Day party, because of how terrifyingly badly the first one went. Eleven years gone, some of the participants at that party having long left the grid, and it's still a scar on my soul. I may never be able to have another Rez Day party again.

I don't say that to elicit sympathy, or fish for compliments. I'm trying to make the point that that is one instance of a thing that changed me, changed my behavior on the grid. It took some of the luster out of a particular tradition, because of what one single person chose to say.

So how much more so when the complaints mount up? When they're paired with accusations of theft, misconduct, plagiarism--none of which are true? When they result in people complaining to other sim owners, sim owners that have nothing to do with a separate sim entirely? How much more does the stress increase when it's not just one person disapproving, but dozens? And over and over and over again, every single time he logs in?

Here's how bad it got--again, I am naming no specific names, but four individuals (that I've been able to verify) spoke to my direct superior at Sakura House, warning her against my involvement with the Duke. As courtesans, all we really have are our words and our reputations, as t'were, to stand on. And here were four voices dripping poison into her ears, out of 'concern', out of 'worry', that I was somehow traipsing off with a huckster and would abandon my House.

Why plant those sorts of doubts in someone who has control over whether I stay at Sakura or are forced out? Perhaps, to put even more pressure on the Archduke, an extremely underhanded and dishonorable style of attack indeed. But now we are here. Regardless of who and why, we have lost Armada, again, and I, at least, will mourn for its passing.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

where the weeping flowers hide

things fall apart, the centre cannot hold...

a shape with lion body and the head of a man...

Da mihi de te solliciti. Obsecro, ubi es?

(The two lines are of course from The Second Coming by William Yeats, written in 1919.)

Monday, July 3, 2017

I'm not gonna be Mercy, I'm not gonna be any kind of support

We start with Zibska, who frequently designs things for aliens, and "Metis" is no exception. This is shown in white and red tones, and seems to just be variously sized spheres.

This is "Aoede", in white. ...I got nothin'.

This is "Hegemone", sort of a...modern carved beehive? Shown in a very dark brown.

This is "Sinope", a series of outward-pointing cones, in white.

And finally, "Thebe", a wave to end all waves, shown in dark brown.

You can find Zibska on the Noirette sim at Hair Fair.

Next up, "Oakley" from Blues, shown in a rose gold tone from the Naturals 2 hud.

This is "Olivia" shown in a deep cobalt from the Colors 2 hud, and a pale blue on the bows from the included accessories hud (all the tones are pastels for the bows).

Not shown: "Ordinary", because apparently I forgot to take the picture. Oops.

You can find Blues on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

Next is Gorgeous Dolls, and their...ponytail? called "Foxy Gyal", shown in a brown-to-pale-red ombre from the Sweet Glamour w/Roots hud.

This is "Gloria", shown in a sort to ash lilac?...from the Brazilian Bundles hud.

This is "Maddie", shown in a rich, deep red from the Naturals w/Roots hud.

This is "Pam", a spunky razor bob, shown in a rich blonde with overdyed roots from the Sweet Glamour w/Roots hud.

And this is "Zara", shown in a streaky red and black from the Naturals w/Roots hud.

You can find Gorgeous Dolls on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Last is Runaway, with "Aschera", shown in a foxtail blonde-to-coppery-red ombre from the Ombres & Roots hud.

This is "Cherry", shown in a solid mid-brown tone from the Browns hud. Still not crazed over ballcap hair, but this one comes with nine different styles/patterns, including a solid pink hat that says "CUTE BUT PSYCHO". I've always been fond of that phrase.

This is "Ellie" in a very nice digital cyan from the Colorful hud, and it comes with a styling menu.

And this is "Nicole", shown in a bright, rich red from the Reds hud.

You can find Runaway on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

And...that's it, that's all I'm covering. Now, to RL moving, followed by digital excavations, turning the Photobucket hostage pic links back into active picture links. Joy.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

it keeps on screaming for release

This is "Kasumi" from Ayame Ame, in tone 6 from the Brown/Red hud.

This is "Nejiri", using the provided hairbase to match tone 1 from the Blonde/Beige hud. Why don't they match?

This is "Tozashi", in the deep navy tone from the Essentials hud.

And this is "Tsugai", in the lime tone from the Nippon Colors I hud. I really like the braid-buns on this style, but I'm not crazy about the bowl-cut bangs, sadly.

You can find Ayame Ame on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

Next up, Mina, with "Emma", in tone 5 from the Reds hud.

This is "Fiona" in the third tone from the Dip Dye hud.

And this is "Luna" in the last tone from the Pastels hud.

You can find Mina also on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

This is Wasabi Pill's short flip "Camille". The attached bows come in sixteen solid colors and four patterns (two polka dots, two ginghams).

This is "Elle", in the third tone from Fireworks (the Roots menu). The attached hair bands come in sixteen different solid colors.

And this is "Sienna", in...I now forget, but it's a blended red/black tone from the Lunar hud. I think tone 3?

You can find Wasabi Pills on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

Lastly, Limerence, and their long, wavy style "Jess". This is in a sort of peachy light red tone from their All natural set hud.

This is "Kate", shown in a mid-blue tone from the Colour set hud.

And this is "Laila", shown in the ninth, brown-to-red-shift tone from the Ombre set hud. There aren't set colors for the hair bands, just an RGB picker, but it's pretty easy to use.

You can find Limerence on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

in hope the tide will grant me stay

Today, we start with Bliensen & Maitai's "Balboa" turban style, shown in a bright orange-red tone from the Reds hud. The bottom of the hud comes with fifteen colors and two metals for the turban, and comes with built-in resizing options for the hair itself. Neat.

This is "Chained", in a gingery blonde from the Blonds hud. The inset image is the actual 'chain' for the style. The hud will tint it silver (shown) or gold.

And this is "Grimhild", with the battle-axe hairpins, in a brilliant scarlet. I'm pretty sure there's no way to change the metals on the hairpins, though. Sad.

You can find Bliensen & Maitai on Noirette.

This is "Cashew" shown in a strawberry-and-platinum ombre tone from the Variety hud.

This is "Hazelnut" in the deepest of reds from the Reds hud.

And this is "Almond" shown in a mid-tone from the Browns hud.

You can find Mithral Apothecary on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

This is LCKY's "Jaime", a short pixie cut, in peacock tones from the Neutral II hud. No alpha layer was included, so I'm not wearing one, and this style, at least on me, needs an alpha layer.

This is "Karrie", in several pink, wine and red tones from the Rose hud.

And this is "Zana", shown in a purple/lime overdye from the Acid hud.

You can find LCKY on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Ayashi's next, and this is "Akihiko", an improbably anime unisex style shown in a deep grape tone.

This is "Riya", and I think I want this one--it's a very long style with cat ears, shown here in a bright mauve tone, and keep in mind, the cat ears can be hidden if you don't want them.

And this is "Yuzu", a wavy high ponies style, in a deep teal with teal and pink bows. (The color hud for the bows doesn't work, but it will show you the variety of patterns/colors that the actual hair has.

You can find Ayashi on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

and I walked a thousand miles to prove it

We're starting with Imeka, and their "Amelia" demo, shown here in a bright carrot from the Naturals hud.

This is "Babbs" with an attached headband (the lighter purple strip), shown in a deep purple from the Colors hud.

And this is "Mandy", shown in a black/red ombre from the Ombres hud.

You can find Imeka on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Next is Discord Designs, and this is "Flo", a dread updo style, shown in Discord Red with the included red hairbase.

Oh, I like this one. This is "London" in Discord Red, it comes with the bandana (which can be tinted thirty different ways on a separate hud).

And this is "Senay", and somehow, changing hairbases from the Discord Red to the black removed my lipstick. Woe!

It's shown in a really, really deep blue tone.

Discord Designs is on Noirette at the Hair Fair.

Dread ponies? This is Eliment's "Japan", shown in a black-to-light-brown ombre tone.

This is "Jasmine", shown in a basic bright red.

And this is "Lanna", shown in a wheat blonde tone.

You can find Eliment on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

Next is Astrology, Alice Project's new brand, and this is "Amora" tinted in a dark brown with rainbow streaks from the Essentials hud.

This is "Heosu", in a black with mid-blue streaks from the Color Fun hud. No alpha layer was included, so I wasn't wearing one for this shot.

This is "Heosu II", shown in a red/purple ombre from the Dark hud. Tracked down an Alice Project alpha layer, didn't seem to help that much.

This is "Kirsten", in a platinum and teal ombre, from the Light hud. Still with the alpha layer.

And this is "Sabine", shown in a mid-ginger tone from the Medium hud. Took the alpha layer off again, no difference.

You can find Astrology on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

Saturday, July 1, 2017

find out what you want, be that girl for a month

We're starting things off with Analog Dog.

This is "Hyacinth", shown in the tenth shade of red from the Dark Reds hud.

This is "Ima" in the first shade from the Dark Browns hud.

This is "Network" in the tenth shade from the Splash hud.

You can find Analog Dog on the Redhead sim at Hair Fair.

Next up: Fabia! This is "Alesta" in a mid-aqua from the Unnaturals Colors hud.

This is "Rob", shown in a sparky red from the Color Pack Natural hud.

This is "Tara", shown in a penny-lilac ombre tone from the Multicolors hud.

And this is "Clarisa", shown in a bright copper tone from the Natural hud.

You can find Fabia on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

This is Stealthic's "Genesis" in a sort of burgundy/wine shade from the Misc hud. Keep in mind that if the maker didn't include an alpha layer, I haven't been generally wearing one.

This is "Paradox" in a strawberry-ash blonde tone from the Blonde hud. Also keep in mind these are Bento-rigged hairs. I have a mesh body (Maitreya), but I still use a system head. I don't know if that makes a difference, but I'd suspect it does because of the issues.

And this is "Persephone" in a rich scarlet from the Red hud.

You can find Stealthic on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

And keep in mind, there are two cam sims this year, to avoid the lag--Foils, for the Blonde and Brunette sims, and Streaks, for Noirette and Brunette. Happy shopping!

I keep on having this dream inside the static

Today, we're starting with En VOGUE, which can be found on the Brunette sim at Hair Fair.

This is "Lorelay", a twin-tail braided style, shown with the over-the-ear hair wisps. The color's not named, but it's a rich crimson-y red from the Dark Colors hud.

"Netty", a low wrapped bun, in a darkish blonde from the Dark Blondes hud.

This is "Ramona", shown in a copper-penny tone from the Diversity colors hud.

And "Rosalinda", shown in a coppery scarlet from the Dark Reds hud.

Not shown: "Dianne", because the actual hair demo didn't unpack with the rest of the huds.

This is "Hotline" from #Foxy, shown in the copper-orange fade from their Natural Ombres hud. No, the cap does not detach, but it does come with eleven colors and fourteen different patches, or a no-patch option, so...if you like ballcaps and long hair, this is your thing?

This is "Vixen", shown in a dark auburn from the Reds hud.

Not shown: "Zeke". #Foxy can be found on the Blonde sim at Hair Fair.

This is Argrace's "Mikage", with attached towel. I'm showing it in a sort of ash-brown tone on the towel, and Red 5 from the hud included.

This is "Shimizu", and it is a very specific hair. But, it's also a hair I haven't seen anything for, so if you need a hair with shampoo bubbles and a built-in animation? Argrace has you covered. Shown in Blacks 4.

This is "Suiu", and I'm sensing a theme. Shown in the pink towel wrap, and Coppers 2.

And this is "Yakumo", a short, tousled style shown in Light Browns 1.

I'm not going to get through everything this year, either. I'm just going to pick and choose the ones I really want to try. You can see the rest of the styles in designer photos on the Hair Fair blog.

Friday, June 30, 2017

every kid knows they'll just throw this stuff away

Omigosh, ALL the Hair Fair demos dropped today. So I'm going to be busy for a while...

"Calania" from EMO-tions. A simple updo shown in my token reds, this tone "Crimson".

"Dessia" is pretty, I might be tempted to get it. Shown in "Darkblonde" from the Blondes hud.

"Lulu" shown in "Mahogany" from the Brunettes hud. Comes with detachable beads in a simple pearl tone, or a silver metal version.

And "Tragedy", a short, pixie cut shown in "Mint" from the Pastels hud.

You'll be able to find EMO-tions on Redhead at Hair Fair.

From .EscalateD. we get "Jaina" in "Knallbunt":

"Kara" in "Dunkelbunt":

"Lauren" in "Astral":

And "Lizzy" in "Inferno":

You'll be able to find .EscalateD. on the Noirette sim at Hair Fair.

More shots coming! And this year's going to be rushed; I just don't have TIME with all the demos to cover each one in-depth. Apologies for that, and for the fact that this is likely part one of two thousand.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

I walk 47 miles of barbed wire

While this happened around Yule, originally, it's a perfect example of "This (or something like this) happens every night":
[3:22:30 AM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Bento forces your fingers to be splayed
[3:22:31 AM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: How...odd
[5:08:27 PM] Emilly Orr: But I do not want my finners to be splayed. I wear mesh hands so my finners will NOT be splayed.
This was before I had Bento anything, and I still don't have Bento for many things. But this seemed to be something to do with Bento rings, which...I don't understand why Bento-optimized animations would do that.
[5:08:40 PM] Emilly Orr: Also, I am full of woe and regrets. The coffee is almost gone.
[5:09:21 PM] Emilly Orr: Also also, for those that have Faceblech, and have an interest in 7 Deadly Skins, go to their page and enter and like the page for a chance to win a 10K store credit.
I'm leaving this in, because there's generally some sort of contest or hint or clue or something about their in-world store to do on their FB page.
[5:31:20 PM] Emilly Orr: So, today's gifts from Violetility are the "Kiss me" Mistletoe sign, which apparently will pair well with the "Pelvic Mistletoe".
[5:35:46 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: How odd. Like, what fingers get splayed? Non-bento rigged mesh hands?
Bento mesh hands? LL avatar? MY RL FINGERS?!?
[5:35:49 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Worst glitch.
Probably not your RL fingers, unless things have gone very very wrong.
[5:38:56 PM] Emilly Orr: I'm thinking, system avatar hands are splayed, but does that also mean Bento-rigged mesh hands will splay, too? And what about non-Bento-rigged ones? There are so many questions.
[5:39:22 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: I don't want my RL fingers constantly splayed.
[5:40:22 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: So does 7 Deadly Skins sell just skins? I forget if that's the one Fawkes was saying sells more than just skins.
[5:42:33 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: 7 is just skins
[5:43:10 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Alterego has a sister store that sells not skins
[5:42:50 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Right, that was the one.
[5:43:10 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Also, ll fingers
I forget, it's been so long--did he mean, he only has eleven fingers, or the Bento animation only splays eleven fingers??
[5:43:22 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Were my fingers splayed last night?
[5:43:44 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: When on the animation pose stand, yes
[5:43:54 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: But also for me when I put on the tail
[5:44:49 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Huh.
[5:44:53 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: No Bueno.
[5:46:09 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: May try again, see if others have that issue, but it is a major issue.
[5:46:19 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Si.
Suddenly occurs to me--this was around the holidays, so...has it been fixed yet? I don't know.
[5:47:00 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: [Fxxx], you have no avatar
[5:47:18 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx:
[5:47:26 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Where did it go?
[5:47:32 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: No idea
[5:47:38 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Also, are we talking about Skype avatars?
[5:48:41 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Yes
[5:48:54 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: I have one. It is a flame.
[5:49:10 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: [links picture of the avatar]
[5:49:11 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: You used to.
[5:49:19 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Phone Skype disagrees
[5:49:29 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Phone Skype is so broken.
Emi agrees.
[5:54:30 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx:
[6:23:39 PM] Emilly Orr: Skins, makeup layers (system and Catwa, mainly), appliers for most of the major mesh body lines, and a well-developed male line of skins in addition to the female line
I was responding to the earlier question about what 7 Deadly Skins sells.
[6:24:48 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I feel like I came to Alice Project as the gift was being changed
[6:27:23 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Ama. was going to have an advent, been cancelled due to illness.
[6:27:34 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: That's unfortunate.
[6:28:24 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: It 'tis.
[6:29:06 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Thinking more upon it, it seems like more an animation issue than a Bento one possibly.
Well, I do know that unless one specifically does animation work on hands, they always upload as fingers splayed, or at least used to. But Bento offers hand bones, so...?
[6:29:49 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I mean, isn't it a bit of both? But maybe!
[6:29:58 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: If it's *only* the tail.
[6:30:04 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I would need to try other Bento animations.
[6:30:25 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: No, because LL finger positions are only affected by animations, not rigging. Theoretically.
So it can't be a Bento-specific issue.
[6:31:06 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: So just animation issue. It's likely, and I'm theorizing here, a problem specifically with the animations included in that one tail.
[6:31:14 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Well, okay, let me rephrase. Bento Animations seem to, from the to be fair limited example, I didn't go in-depth to study it, auto splay the fingers, even though other animations tell them to do differently.
[6:31:41 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: But it is possible that for some reason, the hands were tagged to be animated when they shouldn't have been yes
[6:32:20 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: I suspect it's just the tail's animations, not Bento animations in general. Both of us need to do more testing to confirm either way though, yeah.
[6:32:31 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: The person that made the tail exclusively uses mesh avatars.
That's another good point. While I no longer make animations, and never really made them for sale unless I was putting that pose directly in an item of furniture that I also made, I made them using the standard system layer. Now I'm mostly mesh. Does that affect animations? Aren't animations still made using the basic system avatar rigging?
[6:33:12 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: That still means no bento for anyone who isn't.
[6:33:24 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Because I am wondering if it's even possible to not animate the hands.
[6:34:09 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: If I'm right it doesn't mean that at all. If you're right it does.
[6:34:36 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Well the issue is, I have a limited selection of things to test, but the ones I have tested all affect fingers.
[6:34:41 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: In different ways though!
[6:34:51 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: So it's likely, yes, just how they set the hands to be when uploading.
[6:35:10 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Which is, perhaps, the problem, and would still, yes if I'm right, mean no Bento for non-mesh hand users.
Hmm. That could be a problem, too.
[6:35:20 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Why?
[6:35:29 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Because it'll make the fingers act *stupid*.
[6:36:05 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: If one is okay with their hands being stuck in whatever pose the bento animation uploaded, cool, but meh.
[6:36:27 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: If it's affecting LL hands in different ways, then it's likely the people making the animations doing something wrong. There's quite likely a way to just make the hands act normal when uploading an animation that includes Bento bones.
[6:36:42 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Well, we will see! I'm hoping.
[6:38:28 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: So far, Aii's Tail, 10 Min tail, Fatewear's Cloak.
So a whole bunch of demos, effectively. I should follow up on this, ask him if it's still happening.
[6:38:38 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: All of them affect hand positions no matter what.
[6:39:07 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: What happens if you pull the animations out, and just play them?
[6:39:10 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Without wearing the item.
[6:39:51 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Same thing, it is the animation, no doubt.
[6:44:24 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Well, there's that, at least.
Yeah. It does confirm that it's an animation issue, not a Bento-specific issue.
[6:45:22 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I mean, I think I haven't...STOP FLASHING FIRESTORM...or didn't properly explain it. The issue is what I thought it was when I first mentioned it. I still consider that a Bento bug, if for some reason the Bento animations will override hand animations with no way to stop that.
[6:53:24 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: And since I have mesh hands for Maitreya, the only 'problem' will be purely my male avatars that don't have gloves.
[6:57:00 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: But if it's just an animation issue, and not a Bento Rigging conflict issue (which you never proposed but I had assumed at first), then I don't get why it would force hands into specific situations. It seems you could just... not animate the hands. Bingo bango. I don't get how or why that would screw up! But it's possible it did, and since it will animate the hands no matter what, Bento animation creators have to choose what hand position to put an LL avatar's hands into for their product.
[6:57:05 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: I assume most will choose neutral.
Which means splayed fingers.
[6:58:23 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Apparently, you can't, at least, if you can, Bento may override that, due to needing higher priority, or becuse of a glitch. But it is an animation issue that does seem, at least slightly, related to Bento, or, at the very least, will become *much* more prevelant with Bento in a way it may not have been when it was a temp thing when wearing doll-huggers.
[7:02:47 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Doll huggers forced your hands into being in a certain animation?
[7:03:04 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I don't know!
[7:03:10 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I never looked/cared enough to test.
[7:03:13 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Now I sort of do.
Me too! I'll look through what I have for dolls and/or toy-hugging animations.
[7:03:25 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: I imagine it would be intentional though, with them.
[7:03:32 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Splayed hands would look weird while hugging a doll.
[7:03:54 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Hugs tend to make hands move in controlled fashions, so making sure they animate a specific way would be fine.
[7:07:38 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Well, then it'd go back to "Bento animations are going to make this issue more obvious/annoying"
[7:08:07 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: But, so long as they don't use the Splayed position, it won't be *too* bad, like the Aii tail's animations did.
[7:08:50 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Hopefully it will be fine enough until we can all upgrade to mesh avatars, anyway.
[7:08:51 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: If that ever happens.
Yeah, really.
[7:09:22 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: I'm feeling unless you can accept No-Mod or accept not great looking/supported Avs, it won't.
[7:09:41 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Unless one of us gets really good at Modeling suddenly
[7:11:02 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: I can't accept no-mod. I teeter between not great but decent looking avatars and just uninstalling SL, on my acceptability scale.
[7:12:06 PM] Fxxxxx Axxxx: Yeah, I can't blame you, just ugh at the market.
[9:20:02 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx:
[9:20:06 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Oh goodness, I hope not.
[9:42:38 PM] Pxxxx Nxxx: eh. after suicide squad, how much worse could Megan make things?
[9:47:06 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Well, she won't redeem it.
[9:47:19 PM] xXxxXxX Rxxxxxxx: Also, not a redhead.
[9:47:35 PM] Pxxxx Nxxx: those don't exist
Redheads? Bite your tongue, we do too exist.