Tuesday, October 11, 2016

at the edge of a rainbow she sought the solution someone painted on the wall

This is just a round-up, nothing special.

Corpsewood Haunted House
The Haunted
The 'modest but scary' haunt
Haunted house at Tayren's Fashions
Poison Apple's haunted house (part one)
Poison Apple's haunted house (part two)
The 'spooky interactive' haunt
Voodoo Moons Gardens haunted house
Deadman's Island (part one)
Deadman's Island (part two)
Viper's Haunted Halloween (part one)
Viper's Haunted Halloween (part two)
Babygirl's Nightmares
Chance's Haunted House
Hunting Hollows (part one)
Hunting Hollows (part two)
Furse Clan haunted house (part one)
Furse Clan haunted house (part two)
Whetmore Castle haunted house
The haunted house sponsored by C.A.R.E.
Halloweentown (part one)
Halloweentown (part two)
Polaris Playgrounds' haunted house
Spooky Coochie (part one)
Spooky Coochie (part two)
Another Haunted House
Kokeilu's Haunted House (and the Fall of Man corn maze)
The Haunting of Blood Island (part one)
The Haunting of Blood Island (part two)
Blynn's Haunted House (part one)
Blynn's Haunted House (part two)
Blynn's Haunted House (part three)
Fallen's Haunting (part one)
Fallen's Haunting (part two)

So if you've missed any along the way, here they are, all in one post. You're welcome? If you're a haunt fan, anyway.

yeah, I slip, I'm still an animal

(Continued from part one.)

"I love you Mommy" over the bed...written in blood...and "I love you Daddy" written by a pile of abandoned blocks, also in blood. I'm not sure which message is creepier.

I do know that even without the latest rash of clown sightings this year, this clown would be creepy enough all on his own.

And if I have to see this particular import everywhere, at least this haunt made it as original as they could, with the self-portrait and the box of paints.

All in all, this is another one that's okay. There aren't any major moments of terror, but it has a good atmosphere, not much is repeated to death, and it's a decent use of your time. I liked it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

nobody knows it but me when I slip

If you like steampunk gadgetry, or you like history, or you like animation--this video is going to work for you.

Next up: Fallen's Haunting, which promises visitors will be "frightened and entertained" on the weekends. It's not the weekend, so...we'll see how it goes.

"It was a dark and stormy night..." Rife with ghostly presences, even.

Wandering fires next to downed electrical lines could simply be things burning from the electrical sparks, save for...they move. And the torrential rains aren't putting them out.

More drifting wraiths in the small cemetary, restless and circling in the rain.

Skulls ablaze as torches for the crypt...very clever.

Inside the house, cobwebbed bookshelves hold secretive tomes and skulls on dusty glass shelves.

A large room, replete with coffin, funerary blooms, and a pipe organ off to one side, but only two dispirited mourners.

And on one wall, a portrait of Mona Lisa that is not what it seems...

(Continued in part two.)

signs of life from the smile on your face to the lines you rephrase

(Continued from part two.)

I wanted a close-up of this because it just amazed me. At the foot of the mummy, two smaller ghosts. At their feet, a series of cut-out silhouettes of haunted houses, bats, cats, and more ghosts. And in front of them, an even smaller haunted house and some dead trees in a small glass cloche. Just astounding.

I wish I'd grabbed the maker of this ingenious little cat. Click her, and she will read Tarot cards for you. That is a lovely toy for a haunt--or a virtual psychic fair.

Aww. The cutest, plushiest spider in a witch hat, in a web that's bedecked with velvet autumn leaves. Neat.

Bouncy brain in jar. Because...bouncy brain in jar.

And in the attic, pirate ghosties! Yarrr!

Overall, this is highly recommended for everyone. But moreover, this is the perfect haunt to take that person who doesn't like jump scares, or seeing a lot of gore. Barring some skeletons, there's no real horror here, no gore, no bloody ghosts, just a sweet celebration of October.

Make time for this one if you can.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

emotions within show you the fast lane to your love

(Continued from part one.)

There are so, so many cute little details in this place. The designer or designers really put a lot of effort in decoration, and it shows. Plus, it strikes the perfect balance between 'cute' and 'cartoon'--it's winsome without being cloying, adorable without triggering that saccharine rejection. I found it entirely charming.

This was a lovely little detail, too--a bottle next to a flickering candle, both red. Another neat little detail.

Isn't it nice when all the potion bottles are so clearly labeled? You'll never confuse your snake scales with your toadflax or your spider legs now.

I'll give them this one bit of copyright infringement, because one Cheshire Cat image in a single room does not overwhelm the charm of everything else. Entirely original would have been better, but it does seem to fit in--as much as it can, at any rate.

(Concluded in part three.)

signs of life color your skin

The owner of the Leafroller haunt recommended I go here next, so off I went to check it out.

Already, I'm thinking this could be my kind of place. I mean, anyone who appreciates bonemingoes is on my wavelength.

What an elaborate table. Should we eat things we find in a haunted house? Probably not, but that's not going to stop me! Just about everything on this table gives something edible, or drinkable, and they're all fun things.

So many cute little ghosties in this place, it's kind of awesome.

The ghost waiter again, and his tray serves haunted cupcakes. If nothing else, you'll go through this house well-fed, or at least drift through on a virtual sugar high.

(Continued in part two.)

Saturday, October 8, 2016

you turned the tap dance into your crusade

This was from a skin store group, but in all honesty, it could have happened in any group. There are oversensitive people everywhere.

[01:06] Zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just saw the skeleton on the cross , and I am very saddened to see this in a store. I consider myself to be a religious lady and that just really shocked me. Never should anything portray Jesus in such a way. Not even for halloween. Standing up for my beliefs and leaving the store.
[01:06] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye.
[01:07] xxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: especially when Halloween is Christian holiday

Really? To whom? Since when? Sure, it was broadly co-opted by the early church, but it was based on older Celtic traditions that were far from Christian.

[01:07] Axxxxx Txxxxx: amen sister
[01:07] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: It's just a game lady. And Jesus wasn't the only one to have died on a cross.

No, it was quite popular in that area at the time, and in other areas since.

[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: I still wonder where Jesus managed to find guys named Peter Paul John etc in the middle east
They weren't. As far as I'm aware, Peter was actually Shim'on, and from there he was named Kephas, meaning 'rock', which is where, I think, we got Peter from. Paul was Sha'ul ha-Tarsi, who then took the name Paulos. And John? He was Yochanan.

Gotta watch your translations, folks.

[01:07] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Yxxx: Groww up you idiot
[01:07] Axxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: a cross is not unique to Christianity
[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: like just geographically speaking Jesus was a [ni**er]


[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: but a skelleton. thats the line you draw.

Skeleton on a cross, to be fair. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was even this one.

[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: ok
[01:07] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wth
[01:07] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxx], that word is unnecessary

Very. Also, I'll fully accept that Jesus, Yeshua ben Miriam, was potentially olive-skinned, because he came from a Judaic family living in the area at the time, but--black? Not sure he was black.

[01:07] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ikr wow
[01:08] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: alrighty then...
[01:08] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the cross was a torture too wildly used to murder people - it became a symbol of Christianity - but it is a historical torture too - does that help?

Not really. I think Ms. Z is fixated on the whole sacrilege angle, not the whole, historical form of torture and execution concept.

[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: can we stop this kind of talk in here?

And we all should have listened, because that's the group owner speaking. My excuse is that I missed it, going through haunts at the time.

[01:08] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Calm down ladies.
[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: its a halloween item
[01:08] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: You can all chill your language in here or find another group
[01:08] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: wow really
[01:08] ixxxxx Rxxxxxxx goes and gets some popcorn and watches the train wreck
[01:08] rxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is supposed to be a place to discuess [Ixx]'s skins, not to talk religion and whatnot... come on now
[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: the cross is by no mean to offend anybody or anything
[01:08] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: [Ixxxx], it's purchasable for decor?

Pretty sure, yeah. See the link above.

[01:08] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx joins [Ixxxx], and offers some butter for his popcorn
[01:08] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: I want to see it now.
[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: its decor
[01:09] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: they really just said [ni**er] in here

Yep. Yep they did.

[01:09] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: [f*cktard]

Was that really necessary in response?

[01:09] Ixxxx Zxxx: im really shocked people can be this non open minded really
[01:09] Emilly Orr: Though Hallowe'en is only marginally a Christian holiday...
[01:09] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im shocked as well
[01:09] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg its a holiday people get over it.. sheesh
[01:09] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: It's just the conventional Christian [Ixxxx], don't let them get to you.
[01:09] rxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who cares what holiday is when.. it doesn't freaking matter. It's just a decoration.

Yeah, but remember, some folks are oversensitive. Some folks are even oversensitive about their oversensitivity.

[01:10] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i dont care about the cross or decorations
[01:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who had the popcorn?
[01:10] FιrѕтBreαтн (firstbreath.cyberstar): in orthodox christians isnt holiday

No, that's true. But orthodoxy in any faith goes by much more restrictive rules. Growing up, my aunt was in a church that disallowed celebrating both Christmas and birthdays, because the birthday of Jesus was not exactly known.

[01:10] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: me and [Ixxxx]
[01:10] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: but that person just used a racial slur
[01:10] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: popcorn here
[01:10] Emilly Orr: She's allowed to be shocked, there are some intensely religious sorts here, I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with the offensive language.
[01:10] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: I fully support [the skin store from where this comes].
[01:10] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: Always have and always will.

And that's when I noticed, at least.

[01:10] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is kind of wierd when people use crosses as a sex toys - but a decoration I cal live with - nbd IMO ^^
[01:10] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: closes the chat box
[01:11] Emilly Orr: Ah, my apologies, I hadn't caught that you'd declared it
[01:11] Ixxxx Zxxx: lets all respect each others believes and feelings
[01:11] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *sits next to [Mxxxxx] n [Ixxxx]* may I join?
[01:11] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: of course
[01:11] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes, [Ixxxx]. Agreed.
[01:11] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx passes her/him some popcorn
[01:12] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx takes some. thanks
[01:12] Lxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: all I got to say is...Trick or Treat!!!!
[01:12] Ixxxx Zxxx: cross ig gone.. ty for the respect now lets hear no more of it

Awww. I mean, sure, she's a business owner, and for every vocalized complaint, on average eight folks won't complain, they just won't come back, but still...Awww.

[01:12] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: awww, I wanted that as a decoration
[01:12] Emilly Orr: Whatcha gonna put in its place?
[01:12] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: aww sweet of you [Ixxxx] - I'm impressed
[01:13] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm sure [Ixxxx] could still offer it as a decoration, if it were for sale in the first place
[01:13] Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There you go [Ixxxx] :)
[01:13] Emilly Orr: I like the autumn overgrowth in the fountain now.
[01:14] Ixxxx Zxxx: you should respect that others don't share your believe as well yes... i took the cross out altho it IS my store, my sim and my chat group but i don't want people offended over something that is a halloween item :)
[01:14] Ixxxx Zxxx: to bad it had to come to this

I know, right?

[01:14] Emilly Orr: Though, ooh, have you thought of making Hallows makeup?
[01:15] Axxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: I represent the pumpkin persecution society
[01:15] Ixxxx Zxxx: atm im quite sick of halloween so not really no

Awww, that's sad. But that's okay, I'm planning on hassling some other designers I know.

[01:16] Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well, go all out for Chinese New Year when it comes round :)
[01:16] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people need to stop getting so blasted offended over every little thing...its a decoration..who cares lol...theres worse things out there

On SL, even.

[01:17] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got some bats in my belfry does that count for Halloween?
[01:17] Zxxxxxx Kxxxxx: halloween is not a christian holiday, it's pagan
[01:17] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and really....subduing ones creativity cause it offends another...pfft..I call BS on that
[01:18] Ixxxx Zxxx: i was accused several times these few days of offending and making fun of people's faith... well i can safely say i am one of THE least judgemental people in the world problee... and it really hurts me that people accuse me of such a nasty thing... my parents where hippies ffs.. and my stepdad is muslim... i was raised wth people from all colors and genders around me fo FFS
[01:18] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hugs [Ixxxx].
[01:18] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: then [Ixxxx]...forget those who get butthurt over your creativity
[01:18] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: hugs [Ixx]
[01:19] Ixxxx Zxxx: oh yeah AND im from Amsterdam

Sounds like an amazingly adaptive family. Pity all folks weren't raised to be accepting of other cultures and faiths.

[01:19] Emilly Orr: And forget the suggestion. Get a head start on wintery things!
[01:19] Ixxxx Zxxx: go figure
[01:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: enjoy what you do...and do it well...if someone doesnt like it...then they dont have to buy it and can leave
[01:19] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree with [Txxxxxx], [Ixxxx]. It's your store, not theirs.
[01:19] Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Agreed, [Txxxxxx]

Agreed as well.

what are you waiting for?

(Continued from part one.)

I chose to wander inland after the sideshow and carnival, instead of returning to the boat, and found a meandering path leading up to a haunted house. I found this tree along the way.

This room has three fireplaces...and the walls are dripping blood. So someone wants it very warm, and very...wet?

Inside the house, things are...odd. Like this room, where all the furnishings are on the ceiling.

And there's a maze. It's not hugely challenging, but it requires some concentration to get through, without being frustrating..

Overall, I liked this one. I'd like to return and go through the waterways, see what else turns up. Oh, and on the weekends, they throw parties on the roof of Club Dead, next to the sideshow, so feel free to come to those if you'd like. The event owner was highly encouraging for folks to come and play.

Friday, October 7, 2016

what if I wanted to break?

It's even on the Isla de Sanguinella, how perfect is that? Well, I mean, that's what the sim name translates to, Blood Island, but still...Anyway. To the haunt!

Things start off with a two-choice option--either travel by teleport pads (which are on the odd side, they only give you the next two locations in the chain), or travel by boat. I chose boat. After rezzing in, you get a speedboat with a skeleton pilot, and room for four to go with.

Oh no. I hear banjos. But first stop, the Sideshow! From the canal, it seemed like a glittering wonderland, reflected on the water as we grew closer. I really liked that effect.

Be careful in the Sideshow tent. There are some traps for the unwary...

Apparently, some patrons died waiting for the rides. That's not the best sign.

I'm not entirely sure the games are safe...I mean, the kids seem comfortable enough, but the half-carny wandering around in the booth is unnerving.

And the carousel is just gorgeous, though I didn't try to ride it.

(Continued in part two.)

magic, madness, heaven, sin

So, the designers in the Fall of Man collective have put together a corn maze. As of this date, there are 41 pumpkins, with prizes of clothing (mostly mesh, some for men, most for women), October-themed items, textures, and at least one full-perm mausoleum to create. All the pumpkins are free, you just have to track them down; the only caution is that it's on Adult land, and while nothing in the maze is particularly NSFW, some of the pose scenes outside the maze might be, depending on who's sitting upon them. (More info here if you want.)

Generating "antiparticles" may just lead us to antimatter drives, for space exploration. If it works out, I can't wait to hear where we go.

And, in an expected, to thinking minds, result--though not to Safe Minds, the study's funders--science has determined, yet again, that vaccinating children does not cause autism.

And now, to Kokeilu's Haunted House.

We're greeted by grinning pumpkins and a hooded figure holding a lantern aloft.

A solitary ghost prowls the small graveyard, and occasionally seeks refuge within one of the graves.

Within the house, on the first floor, all seems acceptable--the walls are not splashed in crimson, though there are cobwebs and skulls resting on side tables.

Upstairs, however, a bloodied teddy bear swings, dripping on the floor; the bed is spattered in blood, but...there are no bodies to be seen.

Conclusion? It's cute. Short little haunt, goes traditional without being cloyingly trite, and doesn't depend on what we've seen over and over so far. It won't take anyone long to walk through it, but it's winsome enough to recommend.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I tried to be someone else, but nothing seemed to change

No, really, that's the name of the haunt. Just off the SL rails in Leafroller, it's a quaint little castle build with one lone, dead tree.

Oh, pardon me, three trees, but attached to one base.

It's a small castle build, really only one room, but there are partitions inside that give some sense of separation. Also, there's no second floor, it's just the one room, divided into two, linked by a tiny hallway.

There is a sofa and a chair in the 'living room', there's some potential photo ops there, but that's really about it.

This isn't a bad haunt, it just feels very incomplete. Maybe they just didn't have that much space to work with. Maybe they ran out of time. I have no idea. It's small, inoffensive, and adequate, though, which, if not a compliment, at least isn't an insult.

come break me down

There is a bandage that can heal wounds through nanotechnology. It's impressive, though it's far from being distributed to the public.

And in Bonn, Germany, researchers are thinking they're close to reawakening nerve fibers, which could potentially lead, one day, to spinal cord injury reversal, or at least serious inroads on the efficacy of physical therapy.

In more medical/technological news, there is now a prion resistant to prion diseases. Which...prior to right about now, was considered impossible. So...yay for that, too!

Have some more disturbing images of discarded dolls. T'is the season.

Also, if anyone is in need of a doll case that's somewhat eerily reminiscent of an Iron Maiden, you can find it here, courtesy of Bare Rose.

And a short bit of chat capture that amused at least me.

[22:57] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ugh brb throwing up bleh
[22:57] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: blehhh
[22:59] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh jesus wrong IM
[22:59] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im fine peeps
[23:00] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was amazed that you took the time to give us a heads up first! :P
[23:03] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was mid way through a convo about a tutorial and hit the wrong IM as i got up i guess
[23:23] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #KilledChat
[23:24] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #RIPChat
[23:24] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #seriouslyTiadontgetmesickD:
[23:24] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am not contagious
[23:24] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #cootiesthough
[23:25] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #NoMoreCookies4U
[23:25] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do hope you feel a bit better, though!
[23:25] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #stingy
[23:25] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #hashtag
[23:25] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: #thisisnottwitter
[23:25] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #MakeLikeMarthaBakeBish
[23:26] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #yourenotmyrealmom
[23:26] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: hahaha
[23:26] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol #thisisnottwitter
[23:26] Zxxxxx Hxxx: #areyousuretherestonsofTwitsaroundhere
[23:26] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #IHashtagWhenIWant

I guess because I'm on Twitter, it made my brain giggle. But there you go.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

so take a look what you’ve done

(Continued from part one.)

Oh, that's, um...a thing...

I...don't...I...so...okay, that's...another thing, got it...

The residents collect babies. Oookay.

Ah, I found the nursery, o--HELL no, the dolls are moving!

Oh, so there's a doll theme, and--THAT ONE JUST TOOK OFF HER FACE I AM SO LEAVING.

Okay, so stripped down to no mesh (well, maybe the hair), with atmospheric shaders off, and spending a bit of time between movements...I didn't manage to crash. Yay me? But then, my computer is not the newest, and I am carrying an unconscionably heavy load in inventory (158,688 as of this moment), so I can't say your experience will be similar to mine. Me, I'm not going back, but I am glad...sort of...I went back for the third go-round.

Overall, both the name and the description strike me as tacky beyond belief, but the haunt itself isn't half bad. There's your average floating ghosts and creepy figures, but what really got under my skin was the little details--the branched candle-holder and the hand, the oversized skull attached to the chibi body of the deer skeleton, the babies in cases, the mannequins, the art on the walls. Whoever put this together knows fear can come from the smallest thing, and here, they've used those small things very effectively.

baby, now we got bad blood

Tonight I found myself in...brace yourselves...the "Spooky Coochie" haunted house. Yes, of course it's on Adult land, why do you ask?

Had to wait a bit for things to load, before I could...start in.

Why is there a monkey with a chainsaw atop the gallows?

Already the house makes no sense, and I haven't even gone inside yet.

The bone chimes are a nice touch.

Then I walked in the door, looked around...and crashed.

I logged back in, crashed again, and when I came back in for the second time, I landed at home deliberately, stripped off all mesh, dug up a flexi skirt to go with some system layers, and stalked back to the damned house because I will be turned into a pickled chicken if I will let a haunt beat me.

Of course, I did return drunk, so...there's that.

It does appear to be the left hand, but...it's not lit. What use is a Hand of Glory if it's not lit? Unless it's not a Hand at all, but some sort of alchemical notation tool, or a palmistry model. Maybe that's it?

AAAAAAH what IS that?? Never mind, I don't want to know.

(More in part two.)

Monday, October 3, 2016

I'm livin' downtown and it's killin' me

Polaris Playground's haunted house, also on an Adult sim, claims zombies will also attack, but only on weekends:
"Scary Haunted House and Hunt including Vampire, Ghost, Evil Spirits, Demons, Werewolves, Witches, Spiders, and Zombies. On weekends zombies can be shot and can kill you! Bring a gun!"
Sure. Okay. But since it's not the weekend, I should be fine...right?

There may be pirates here, based on the crashed ships in the cove...

Even the trees are haunted, and I had to dodge one rather space-invasive zombie to get up to the second level, where I found a cave.

...with a REALLY big spider inside...

And while I was slowly backing away from the hissing mother spiders, six of her baby spiders pounced me and nibbled me to death, and I got sent home.

So, houses like this are zero fun for me. If I'm risking death and dismemberment--in a way that will not just get me torn limb from limb, but will relocate me back to my home point--then how can I get good pictures? How can I look around the haunt? How can I enjoy things in the haunt?

But I'm not turning in an entire negative report, because this one is well made, and there are people who like running for their virtual lives, and fighting off bad things to do it. If you're one of those people, feel free to enjoy the hell out of this one, because it's big, there's a lot of different ways to die, and it's well-designed overall.

But I'm not going back.