Wednesday, August 15, 2018

happy and after, native in my soul

Some people just don't learn.
[13:56] Emilly Orr: Hi, [Gxxxxx], we are an adult sim, but we do ask that visitors wear clothing. Thank you.
Yes, sometimes sims rez things slowly. Yes, sometimes our sim in particular takes a while to rez in mesh outfits. But here's the thing--even on our teensy little homestead, I see something--the dress hanging out in space, usually ears and teeth off on the other side. Something. Her? She was just naked.

She left, then came back. Still naked.
[14:04] Emilly Orr tilts her head.
[14:04] Emilly Orr: Am I just not seeing your clothing? Is it that difficult for this sim to rez in? Or are you actually nude?
She left again, then poofed back in a few minutes after. Still naked.
[14:09] Emilly Orr: Seriously. [Gxxxxx]. You do OWN something to put on, right?
She poofed again, about five minutes went by, and then...yep. Back. And starkers still.
[14:16] Emilly Orr: I'm not going to ask again, I'm just going to derender you and ignore you. Please. For the love of all gods. Wear something.
She left again, for nearly ten minutes. And then...
[14:23] Emilly Orr: Fine, be that way.
I derendered her and ignored her. Far as I know, she's still there in her birthday suit, saying nothing. Silly girl.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

high on coffee shop produce

(Continued from the first part.)

These are the pair in Oxblood. Such a lovely, luscious shade. Very decadent.

There's a clean and simple white...

...and a dove grey, which almost has a little shimmer to it, at least with the plain leather.

The red also seems to have a slight sheen, a dark and rich tone overall.

The navy is also almost shiny, but...just this side of not. A touch of grey to the tone, instead of amping up just the darker blue. These could be worn with a lot of different outfits.

The pink, on the other hand, is bright and vivid and is about as subtle as a sledgehammer. So much fun.

I'm pretty sure I missed at least one shade, too. I tried to take all the shots at Enchantment, not even one week after opening. NEVER DO THIS.

There are fourteen different shades in all. There's also a minidress to match each shade, and a cute little bolero topper. The boots run L$350 each, which nets you one set of boots, one set of boots marked [R], and a hud to change the heel tip to silver metal, gold metal, or to clear either to go back to the original heel tip tone.

The "Hexa" dress comes in Slink Original and Petite, Slink Hourglass and Hourglass Petite, and Maitreya, for L$280. And the You can find [ae]'s booth here; I don't think the event allows direct ports, but that should still show a beacon in most viewers.

If you'd like more "Enchanting" fun, there's also a hunt through the stores participating in the event. Find the frogs...gotta...catch 'em all?

At least before they all hop away at the end of the month.

Monday, August 13, 2018

does a sunset know its worth?

This round of Enchantment is all about the Frog Prince, and there are so many tasty things for sale, but that's not why I'm writing this.

I'm here to talk about boots. Miss sachi Vixen's "Hexa" boots, in particular.

Look at that texturing. There seem to be two styles in every color pack, too--one marked [R], one plain, and I'm thinking the plain are just well-made leather boots, and the [R] are...these. With the demi-reptilian veining and detail. Fabulous work.

Brown and black are very, very close in tone, but there is a difference.

The green is fascinating. It's almost a slate-teal, but there are tones that, depending on light, do shift. Really interesting shade.

These are the red, I think in the plain leather.

These are "Midnight", which...they're different from the black and the brown, but again, it's very subtle.

These are the sand, and they look like they're made out of buttery soft deer chamois. Lovely shade.

(Continued in tomorrow's entry).

Sunday, August 12, 2018

so raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways

Well, this was odd.
[00:05] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hi
[00:05] Emilly Orr: Hello
It still bugs me when people start out conversations with "hi" or "hello", but I'm trying to be better about it.
[00:05] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: want to wrestle?
Want to...why in the...what?
[00:06] Emilly Orr: Nope.
[00:06] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok hun
[00:06] Emilly Orr: That's very strange, out of the blue. Do I know you from somewhere?
[00:06] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nope
[00:06] Emilly Orr: Okay, then.
[00:07] bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
So I pulled her profile. This is a quote from it:
hi i'm [her name] the mistress i look for girls to fight in sl and when i win i give them 3 choices be my loveslave or female fighter or both if they say no i let them go on there way
I guess that's that. What still puzzles me is, how did she get my name? I was at home,'d she track me down to ask?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

yells with my voice, tears with my hands

Well, this is someone irritating.
[11:40] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If someone seens Travesty87 in the Village, he seems to have griefing tools
So, this isn't exactly a new policy, but since this is the second time using it in the past week, I will explain: griefers do not get anonymity. Griefers get named.
[11:47] Emilly Orr: This is very strange. From his bio: "I am a beginning builder and hoping to learn how to script. I am usually social in second life, but sometimes I get sick of drama and chat places." Year old, RL pic as his SL profile pic, but actually seems like he has a working brain. Why would he be a griefer?
[11:54] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Misbehaved in the writers' meeting, Apparently he had a cage gun
[11:54] Emilly Orr: That's really dumb of him, then.
[11:54] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Out of my range at the moment
I thought about it, and thought, based on the fact that his bio does paint him as a relatively earnest soul...I IMed him. As the conversation below will prove, this was a mistake.
[11:55] Emilly Orr: So, just a tip for future Caledon relations: you've already damaged your name. You are being termed a griefer. Caledon does not deal with griefers in any way. I don't know what happened at the writers' meeting, but if you want to do *anything* else in Caledon Oxbridge Village, you might want to never use that cage gun again.
He didn't answer for a very long time, and in the meantime, the conversation in ISC chat continued.
[11:56] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I had to eject him from the meeting
[11:57] Bxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: what's a cage gun?
[11:58] Emilly Orr: Well, the elder tech was simply, rez a cage, move it over an avatar, avatar was trapped. The 'newer' variation was a gun that fired at an avatar, rezzing the cage that then trapped the avatar.
[11:59] Bxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: ah
[11:59] Bxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: but couldn't the avatar just tp away?
[11:59] Emilly Orr: Cages are still very annoying. And yes, the avatar can, now, but when they were first developed, part of why they were so frustrating is that they stuck to the avatar. Even porting away wouldn't help.
[12:00] Bxxx Gxxxxxxxxx: oh yuck
[12:02] Emilly Orr: Early days of SL, a lot of the early "self-defense" huds would be termed griefing tools now. For example, I had one that I would type someone's name into, in the same region, and it would crumple them into a small spiky ball, set them on fire, and force-log them off.
[12:02] Emilly Orr: Granted, I only *used* that when people were shooting at me, or launching cages, but it was still just as annoying.
And then Travesty wrote back.
[12:02] Travesty87: i dont give a [f*ck] what you think my reputation is
[12:02] Travesty87: i dont
[12:02] Travesty87: did i grrief there?
[12:02] Travesty87: no
[12:03] Emilly Orr: You used a cage gun at the writers' meeting. The man running that meeting ejected you from the parcel.
[12:03] Travesty87: proove it
[12:03] Travesty87: i did not
[12:03] Travesty87: thats a lie
[12:03] Travesty87: lie
[12:03] Travesty87: lie
[12:03] Travesty87: lie
[12:03] Emilly Orr: I don't have to, but I will ask.
[12:03] Travesty87: lie
I didn't bother to respond, I just went back to ISC chat.
[12:03] Emilly Orr: And my, he is an aggressive little troglodyte. He's telling me he didn't do anything wrong. I am dubious.
[12:04] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Holy cow.
[12:04] Emilly Orr: And, based on his language, I would definitely agree with Mr. Skysmith. I have banned him from my parcel just in case.
Not that he had plans to come here, but always better safe.
[12:04] Travesty87: i was going to talk to yall about mycerial killer porta potty idea
[12:04] Travesty87: but no
[12:04] Travesty87: you gonna be snops
I was done with him. He'd amply proven that Mr. S was entirely correct in terming him a griefer. I hope he's banned throughout the Caledon estates.
[12:05] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Good.
[12:07] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Insulting behavior in the meeting was bad enough.then he tried to use [Axxxxx]'s mics
[12:14] Kxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Not very good behavior.
[12:15] Emilly Orr: Oh, that's not good at all.
Let's hope he doesn't hurt anyone else in Caledon.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

you're just like everybody else

So, yesterday was a friend of mine's birthday, and he spent it as he does many Saturdays, playing excellent music in an all-ages club. Just to note: there is nothing wrong with this. That isn't what this post is about.

This is:
[15:17] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: um
[15:17] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is this a childrens disco?
So remember when I said it was an all-ages club? It's an all-ages club that generally caters to the under-four-foot set, but the kids are friendly and the music is good. I'm usually tied up on Saturdays when he does his set, so I've missed a lot of his DJing, but like I said, this time he personally invited me, and it was his birthday, and I wasn't about to say no.
[15:17] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everyone is welcome!
[15:17] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is the [name of club]
[15:17] Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx: YESH
[15:17] Emilly Orr: Yep.
[15:17] Emilly Orr: So if you can't size down, at least dress PG
I didn't think saying that was unreasonable. It is an all-ages club.
[15:17] Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx: Where kids rule, but adults are cool too
[15:17] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :|
Enter Idiot J. Idiot J didn't seem to like the fact that it was an all-ages club.
[15:18] Emilly Orr: First time I came, a friend brought me. We were both older.
[15:18] Emilly Orr: [Jxxxxxx], if it really bothers you, this is also a charity event. All bodies welcome to give to charity.
[15:19] Wxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have a white van, and some candy. Any kids want some candy?
Enter Idiot W. You know that adage, there's always one more idiot? We seemed to get a lot of them in the last half hour of the set.
[15:20] Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx: Someone wants a ban from here.
Yes, yes, they're begging for it.
[15:20] Emilly Orr: [Wxxxxxx], these are savvy kids, they're not interested.
[15:21] xxxxxxx Txxxx: Where's van? I like to bite into snack vans. :3
[15:22] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we have a giant cat on standby and we're not afraid to use it :)
[15:22] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *giggles*
[15:22] xxxxxxx Txxxx: Cat? Where?
[15:22] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry, no cats here
[15:22] xxxxxxx Txxxx: Well I suppose a fox is a dog running on cat software.
[15:22] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: at least no non-disguised ones :D
[15:23] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oops fox my bad :D
[15:23] Emilly Orr ponders. Well, catlike?
Because to go dance in the club, I'd taken off the human guise, and climbed into a much shorter Kemono with the anime Venus head. But with tail and ears, so I was definitely cat-esque, if not exactly cat.
[15:24] xxxxxxx Txxxx: I'ma silver fox but I came here red to not be called a wolf and now I'm a cat. lol
[15:24] xxxxxxx Txxxx: *mews*
[15:24] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx: These things happen
[15:24] Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx: [Txxxx]'s a cool cat
[15:24] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx nods
[15:24] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry [txxxx], its the DJs poor eyesight
It's not always easy to determine species in a dance club with a lot of flashing lights.
[15:29] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why are we still here
[15:29] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is like
[15:29] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: club peed
Because you're an idiot?

About this time I sent a private IM to Idiot J:
[15:30] Emilly Orr: Listen. You don't like it, you can go.
[15:30] Emilly Orr: But it's the DJ's birthday, so don't make a fuss here.
[15:30] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry
[15:31] Emilly Orr: The music is good, the people are friendly, you don't have to date anyone on the dance floor.
Why is this hard to understand? It's not hard.

And then...
[15:32] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: AH!! :o!
[15:32] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: EEEeeeeekkkk!!!!
[15:32] Emilly Orr: Uhhh...
[15:32] Emilly Orr: Is this from one of our two troublemakers?
Because I only knew of the two idiots at this point. So what's happening--that no one is seeing, because I couldn't even get the photo function to open--is someone bombed the center of the dance floor with a griefing object, that spawned zombies and thundering shards of brightly glowing glass. It went off three times, and each time pushed us farther and farther off the dance floor, until all of us were literally pressed flat against the walls of the club.
[15:33] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omggg
[15:33] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx: Its a generic off the shelf grief tool attack!
[15:33] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx sighs
[15:33] Emilly Orr: Yeah, but why?
[15:33] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx: I don't think there needs to be a why...
I always think there needs to be a why, because it's both more baffling, and more contentious, thinking people are just doing this with zero thought whatsoever.
[15:33] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who was that
[15:33] oxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wtf
[15:34] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Its bibble
[15:34] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: she's outside
Just outside of the club, where Mistah G with the banhammer couldn't reach her. And since Bibble (full name given later) was the griefer who owned the object, Bibble does not get anonymity.
[15:34] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: laggg
[15:34] xxxxxxx Txxxx: who is doing this?
[15:34] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: swat
Or Bibble, AKA, Idiot B, who came with Idiot J and Idiot W and stayed outside. Which meant they planned this.
[15:35] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: banned
[15:35] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thx [gxxxxx]
[15:35] mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thank you, [gxxxxx]
[15:35] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: it was ilbrendenli (Bibble)
AKA, Idiot B, the owner of the griefing object that lagged out the club for no good damn reason.
[15:36] bxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes my eyes and ears thank you
[15:36] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: he he
[15:36] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: I don't even bother talking to those people anymore
[15:36] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx: Its never worth talking to them
[15:37] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: lift my axe and they're gone
[15:37] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thumbs up
[15:37] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Go go [Gxxxxx]!
[15:37] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: they need the attention, feed the monster, watch it grow
[15:37] Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx: What'd I miss?
[15:37] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Zombies
[15:37] Bxxxxxxxx Cxxxxxxxx: ah, ok
[15:37] Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: make a big spoffer and they think em are hack gods
[15:37] Nxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o m g!
[15:37] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just another day in SL :D
[15:37] Axxxxxx Fxxxxx: A generic off the shelf grief attack tool
Not even a particularly creative one.
[15:38] xxxxxxx Txxxx: lol so 2004
[15:38] Emilly Orr: Thank you, [Gxxxxx].
[15:38] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is a generic off the shelf pedo convention
[15:38] Emilly Orr: Will you STOP, [Jxxxxxx]? For the love of all things. No one is interested in dating you.
[15:38] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I reported you all
I doubt that.
[15:38] dxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the axe is poised [gxx]?
[15:39] Emilly Orr: Please do tell me it is
[15:39] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx whispers: [N*gga] why this sim full of pedophiles
[15:39] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: how did all you pedo's meet up
[15:39] Emilly Orr: You're a jerk
He really was. They both were. I despair of any troll who proves out to be a being capable of rational thought.
[15:39] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: it's very sharp [Dxxx] :D
[15:39] Sxxxxx Axxxxxx: Hello everyone..
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I don't want to date none of this children
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who do you think i am
An idiot?
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you silly mare
Cat, thank you.
[15:39] Emilly Orr: Good, then stop complaining
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i don't have a van parked round the corner
[15:39] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: emily here trying to date kids
You can shut the hell up, too.
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like all these other people
[15:39] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sick [f*ck]
[15:39] Dilly the Swear Llama: [axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has just said a badword, they need to pay the swear jar L$10!!
Bet they won't.
[15:39] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: emily why u wanna date kids
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: do you all take names out of a raffle
[15:39] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: at the end of the night
[15:39] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: another one bites the dust
Mistah G was doing what he could, but apparently it takes more now to set up and execute bans now.
[15:40] Emilly Orr shakes her head and gives up
[15:40] Emilly Orr: Not worth the drama
[15:40] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and you select them that way
[15:40] Emilly Orr: But keep going, [Jxxxxxx] you'll be next
[15:40] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: next for what
[15:40] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: van loving?
[15:41] xxxxxxx Txxxx: I'm Glad [Gxxxxxx] is here when the mentally ill show up to spice it up :3
[15:41] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smell my hankey
[15:41] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's magical
Like I said, no rational thought.
[15:41] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: there is plenty of room on the ban list
[15:41] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx:
[15:42] Emilly Orr: [Gxxxxxx], I'll enthusiastically volunteer [Jxxxxxxx] for your ban list
[15:42] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm fine where i am
Far from.
[15:42] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx tosses [Gxxxxx] the "Banhammer'
[15:42] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no neeed to ban
Every need to ban.
[15:42] Emilly Orr: Then behave.
[15:43] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is that what you tell the kids
[15:43] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: before you towelflick them into the van
I don't even know what that means.
[15:43] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: executed
[15:43] Emilly Orr: THANK you
[15:43] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: :D
And with that, Idiot J was gone.
[15:43] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: any more volunteers?
[15:43] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: he he
[15:44] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thats was a nice headshot [Gxxxxx]
[15:44] Gxxxxx Exxxxxx: he he
[15:44] Emilly Orr: Indeed.
[15:44] Sxxxxx Axxxxxx: Sorry all we aren't welcome i guess
Not if you're part of Idiot J, Idiot W, and Idiot B.
[15:44] Sxxxxx Axxxxxx: [15:41] [axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx]: why u got a sim full of kids
[15:41] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: are you sleeping with em all
[15:42] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: excuse me? ain't my sim
[15:42] sxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks!
[15:42] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why u hanging out with children
[15:42] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: u sick [f*ck]
[15:44] Dilly the Swear Llama: [Sxxxxx Axxxxxx] has just said a badword, they need to pay the swear jar L$10!!
[15:44] Emilly Orr: Nope, one doofus still here
Then Idiot J IMed me back:
[15:45] Jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why did you ban me
[15:46] Emilly Orr: I didn't, I'm not a mod here, but you were being rude.
So I started yesterday getting bounced from a group, while Peppah asked for any more volunteers, and ended the day encouraging someone else to ban people, while they asked for more volunteers.

Synchronicity is odd at times.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

we follow our own steps, while our shadows keep watching us

Just as I'd decided I wasn't up to the fight to get back into the group, Miss T wrote back:
[12:18] Txxx Mxxxx: We as mods support each other that is correct however, if the member feels that they have been wronged they can appeal to the owners. The final decision is made by the owners: Kamiri Linette, ValescaKK Resident and andreanoxs Resident. Yes there is a chance of getting back in the group once you have spoken with the one of the owners explaining your side of the story.
[12:19] Emilly Orr: All right. Though Peppah moderating solely from emotion will be an issue, I will try and appeal and keep my head down.

[12:21] Txxx Mxxxx: Did you keep a copy of your chat in group chat?
[12:21] Emilly Orr: I can check my logs, should be there. I relogged to see if I was actually in the group, based on something another moderator said.
[12:22] Txxx Mxxxx: May I ask what the other moderator said?
[12:22] Txxx Mxxxx: I do not want the name of the moderator just the conversation piece please.
So I gave her the bit of chat with Miss P.
[12:32] Txxx Mxxxx: You will need to talk with one of the owners. Val, Andrea and Kamiri have been busy in RL. but my best advice to you is to create a notecard and send the notecard to each of the owners and await their reply.
[12:32] Emilly Orr: Thank you.
[12:36] Txxx Mxxxx: You're very welcome Emilly. I hope this will help you.
So...that's what I'm planning to do, but I'm not holding my breath.

This was the card I sent to the owners (I'm just copying in the text I sent to Kamiri, but I sent the same card to all three owners):

I've been ejected from your group by Peppah Spice, I'm including both what was said between she and I (in the notecard below the main card for the group chat) and what was said that I believe was the reason Peppah ejected me, which I still don't understand.

[card about the main discussion that got me ejected]

And the (one-sided) conversation I had with Peppah after:

[card about the conversation I tried to have with Peppah]

I was merely trying to ascertain the rules, which have *never* been that we cannot discuss fashion at large, as long as we are not discussing specific designers. If the rules have changed, obviously I am in the wrong, but the group info found on your blog doesn't mention anything about not being able to discuss anything on fashions of the day.

Now, it does say rudeness is not allowed. I do not believe I was rude. It says spamming is not allowed, and I have *never* spammed in this group. And it says causing drama can result in a permanent ban, but I do not believe anything I said in group chat, or to Peppah directly--nor to any moderator to which I spoke after--was rude or overly dramatic.

If she is that touchy about alternative religions, I can understand that, but I don't believe she should be a moderator if she can't be clear-headed about such topics coming up in chat. Or the group info should be changed as to what's allowed.

I would like to be allowed back in the group, and I will do my best not to engage with Peppah, but I do believe I was ejected unfairly. I leave it in your hands.

We'll see what happens from here.

have you ever looked fear in the face and said, "I just don't care"?

Well, this one's going to be fun.
[11:15] lxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: whoever is designing these "witch" outfits. .need to realize that WE DON'T USE crosses!!!
[11:15] lxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we aren't christian.. put a pentacle on those. thanks
[11:15] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: way to go [lxxxxx]!
[11:16] Emilly Orr: I think it's gothic holdover. I've seen so many 'pagan' items that have both upright and reversed crosses, like that and being black makes it pagan.
It's been a fashion tendency for decades, honestly. It's annoying, but it's not super-irritating. I have items I bought with a 'pagan' tag that have reversed crosses, or so-called 'mystical' symbols (one of them being the Deathly Hallows circle-in-triangle, which was just far too amusing not to buy), and if they're cute enough, I'll buy them and wear them. I don't attach emotional meaning to it, I've been heathen for far too many years for it to upset me.
[11:16] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a tree a pentacle a bird anything else but NO crossed
[11:16] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): SOME of us are Christian SOME are us are Pagan .... deal with it ... and stop your drama fest in here
Meet Peppah Spice. She's non anonymized, because she's a mod in this group. As is my way, I respect moderators in any group, as long as I understand the basis of their complaint. This one, I didn't understand.
[11:16] Emilly Orr: That's not drama. That's commentary.
[11:16] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): you don't like comment to the desinger personally NOT IN HERE
[11:17] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): designer*
[11:17] Emilly Orr: No specific designer is being mentioned, or called out in any way, Peppah. I respect the moderators here, but no names are being assigned.
[11:17] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): The point it THIS is NOT the place for it take it elsewhere ... anymore *commentary* about it I will start ejections
So maybe it's just me, and I should have just let it go, shut up and moved on, but...I still didn't understand.
[11:18] Jxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lets not get to discrimination....we are all humans...she just spoker her mind in a democratic way...
[11:18] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): Thank you [Pxxxx] :))
[11:18] Emilly Orr: Okay, no fashion commentary in the fashion group. Got it.
And then...
[11:18] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): You have been ejected from '[the group under discussion] by PepperNSpice Resident.
[11:19] Emilly Orr: I have no argument with you. Why are you throwing me out?
She didn't say anything, but she did say this in the chat group:
[11:19] Peppah Spice (peppernspice): anyone else want to be ejected today?
So I asked again, in IM to her.
[11:21] Emilly Orr: I have not closed the group chat window, so I *can* ask there, but I would prefer to respect your moderation and not do that, if you will answer me here.
And she didn't feel the need to do so. So I sent this to another moderator:
[11:31] Emilly Orr: Morning, I apologize, you don't know me, but I have a question: is there any point in asking for a banning to be reversed in the [group in question]? I don't think I did anything wrong, but if it's one shot, one kill, I'll regretfully give up.
[11:33] pxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do not know what you're talking about. I do not own the maitreya.
[11:34] Emilly Orr: The [group in question]. You're a moderator.
[11:34] Emilly Orr: If I need to ask someone else, I happily will do so
[11:35] pxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I never knew that. I only have one store...
[11:35] pxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, its better
I didn't know what that meant.
[11:36] Emilly Orr: Well, I wasn't asking it to be reversed. If you back Peppah's judgement, I understand. I was just asking about procedure.
[11:38] pxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Talk to someone else. I'm in the group because I have a store and I was promoting it in this group.
[11:38] Emilly Orr: Okay.
So now, I'm wondering if all the moderators in this group are store owners. That would not bode well, as--in pulling moderator names from the group, I found two store owners I knew, one personally. But I went down the list I had, checking more carefully this time.

The first name I checked had 'just trust what you feel' on her profile. So, likely emotional as well, I passed her by. And the next eleven were all shop owners. I was beginning to despair when I found one name that didn't own a store, and who listed on her profile that all she was was a moderator for this group. So I asked her.
[11:44] Emilly Orr: [Txxx], I am deeply sorry to disturb you, but I need a point of clarification on an ejection from the [group]. Is it one ban, supported by all mods? Can it be appealed? Is there a chance of getting back in the group? Peppah won't answer me.
And minutes passed slowly by.

At two minutes to twelve, I gave it some serious thought. I could ask in the main group and risk retribution by Peppah, who was dealing with this from a very emotional level. Maybe because she's Christian and she got huffy about the discussion, I don't know. But in the end, a shred of common sense prevailed, so rather than take it up in the group, I chose to log out, and log back in, and see if I was still in the group or not.

And when I logged back in, I was out of the group, and Miss T hadn't answered, so...screw 'em, I'm not pursuing it. It is nice to be in a group that is specifically for freebies, gifts and sales for my chosen mesh body, but they're not allied with the main mesh body makers themselves, and I'm not putting up with Peppah moderating with such an emotional, careless hand on the reins. I'm moving on.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

I'm queen of attention to details

This seems to be happening a lot, this particular game going down--in the sense of, there's some issue with the servers they're paying to host it, not the game itself. And most of the time people are patient. But every once in a while...
[10:24] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i paid in coins it still says that i havw to pay the budget
[10:24] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and lost around 60 lindens
[10:25] Bxxx Bxxxx: ke sayed not to pay ito the coins sever is down
Yeah, so just to make this clear--notice went out early, early this morning. By ten SLT the word of the servers being down was well and truly out. There had been follow-ups in public chat. The only way Ms. T would not have known would be if she didn't read anything that came from notices or chat.
[10:25] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh wow
And look, she's surprised. So that means she didn't.
[10:25] Bxxx Bxxxx: if you did it while the sever is down you would lost the lindes wehn the sever xcomes up at some point ithink you will need to do a ticket
Probably, yeah. Because there's nothing that can be done about demanding funds while the server isn't up to deliver them. As was stated in the notices.
[10:26] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you need to read notices that are sent [txxxxxxx]
[10:26] Bxxx Bxxxx: yes
[10:26] Bxxx Bxxxx: there wer notices send out
[10:26] Bxxx Bxxxx: abut the sever being down
There were. Multiple ones.
[10:26] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i should haha
[10:26] Bxxx Bxxxx: lol
[10:28] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oy but it doesn't says not to pay into coins..
THE SERVER IS DOWN, Ms. T. What does that mean for you? The ENTIRE SERVER, for the ENTIRE GAME, is DOWN. You know what that means? Coin hunt is down. Fishing is down. ATMS to request funds from are--yep, for really real--DOWN. Do we need to write it in crayon for you?
[10:29] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wili Clip: Group Notice Sent by: Wili Clip
SERVER - STATUS (currently offline for virus cleaning)
Hello everyone!

The tech support took the web server offline to clean it from viruses.

Sorry for inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
Oh, good, you found the notice. She can be taught.
[10:29] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats the 1
[10:29] axxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: would take that as don't pay into coins because the server is offline
[10:29] bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thanks for the recap of the message
[10:30] Gxxxxx Lxxxxx: the server runs everything, its down
[10:30] Gxxxxx Lxxxxx: what more do you need
[10:30] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not down had to be taken offline
[10:30] Gxxxxx Lxxxxx: symantics
[10:31] Gxxxxx Lxxxxx: down , offline, its the same thing, the game doesnt work in any fashion
What Ms. G said. Whether they took it offline manually, or it crashed, it is down, and until it comes back up, nothing's going to work. Period.
[10:31] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ye i bet i'm not only one.
Probably not. And that level of stupidity is kind of terrifying, actually.
[10:31] Bxxx Bxxxx: yes so no coin hunting fishing or farming and other things on here to
[10:32] Bxxx Bxxxx: util sever is back for sure
[10:32] Bxxx Bxxxx: so dont pay ito any coins
[10:32] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: down and offline means 2 differnt things
[10:32] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: down means broke and gone on its own
[10:32] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: offline mean taken off
Miss S, you are not helping. So for the people in the back row: as far as getting funds from an ATM--which was what Ms. T was trying to do--"down" and "offline" mean THE EXACT SAME THING. And what that exact thing is, is NOT. WORKING. Do I need to write it in crayon for you too?
[10:33] Bxxx Bxxxx: if you payito the coins while the sever is stil l not up yet you will ose the lindes you payed ito with
[10:33] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but he should still write -not to pay into the coins though-. Not everyone are smart enaugh to know that
But they should be, Ms. T, because it's not a stupendous logic leap. Machine down, game not work. Even the weakest, most fluttery brain cell should be able to spark the neurons enough to get "Cannot get paid for game" from that. It is not hard, because the coin hunt and the fishing game pay earnings into the same account that is then sent to one server. And whether that server goes down or is taken offline, it is still not UP for anyone to withdraw funds from the game account on that downed or offline server.
[10:33] Bxxx Bxxxx: so its best to wait for all clear
[10:34] Bxxx Bxxxx: thank you [sxx]
[10:34] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: notice before
[10:34] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i don't see that message anywhere
By all the dark gods, you really are a lump of clay, aren't you? Miss S was trying to dumb it down for you, and--and I'm baffled that I'm even typing this--apparently, she didn't dumb it down enough for you to grasp the problem.

[10:34] Bxxx Bxxxx: theres your notice everyone
[10:34] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: till now ^^
[10:34] Bxxx Bxxxx: will now hopely people that come on and dont know the sever is still down will se the notice now
[10:35] Bxxx Bxxxx: or dont know at all
[10:35] Bxxx Bxxxx: it was down
[10:35] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: notice posted by [Dxxx] on 7.31... 15 18:11gmt
[10:35] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: CHECK THE DAMN NOTICES
[10:35] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: SHEESH
Watch your language, Ms. D. But beyond that, that wasn't Miss S's rewording--that was actually from [Dxxx], a moderator directly in communication with the owner of the game. Which means we're back to Ms. T never reading a damn notice that comes from the game she plays. Her own damn fault, then.
[10:35] Bxxx Bxxxx: yes thank you [dxxx]
[10:35] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: got the brains of a freakin' hamster.. lol
[10:35] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: always check notices
[10:36] Bxxx Bxxxx: lol
[10:36] oxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lmao
[10:36] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like I would open the damn chat and scrool up every message
No, obviously you don't, because you have all the brains of a small yellow plastic soap dish.
[10:36] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [dxxx]
[10:36] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: don't
[10:36] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: lazy twit, aren't you? pfft
I tend to agree.
[10:36] Bxxx Bxxxx: ok lets be good now
[10:36] Bxxx Bxxxx: lets not get to cerry away you might wake [hxxxx]
[10:36] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: not too far to scroll, it's the 3rd one down
[10:36] Sxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: Just got in. Have the servers been cleaned?
[10:36] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: lol
[10:36] Dxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx: that's true, [Bxxx]
[10:36] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bitch come to im
Ooh, snippy little twidget, aren't you? When it was your fault for not reading the notices in the first place.

Look, I'm all for missing notices once in a while, it happens, and sometimes, one notice is all we get for an event or sale. But there were four notices yesterday, plus chatter in group yesterday and today. The only way Ms. T missed that is by deliberately not reading the notices--which she's confirmed--as well as not paying attention to group chat...or living under a rock.

Or actually being a rock, I'm honestly not sure.
[10:37] Bxxx Bxxxx: ok g rated
[10:37] Bxxx Bxxxx: chat
[10:37] Bxxx Bxxxx: no bad words please
[10:37] Bxxx Bxxxx: or name calling
[10:37] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no harrasing too* you should say
Well, I would, but you so clearly demonstrated your contempt for notices, I think "brains of a freakin' hamster" was pretty mild, all things considered. Beyond that, all she said was 'damn'. Which also isn't allowed, but is a far cry from your calling her a 'bitch'. Harassment would be far different.
[10:37] Bxxx Bxxxx: bye [Dxxx] frend
[10:37] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ye go
You don't get a say in this. You're deliberately choosing to be stupid. No points for that.
[10:38] Bxxx Bxxxx: ] [txxxxxxx] keep in mind this is a g rated chat you cant call peopple names and say bad things to them we have to keep this chat clean
Yep. And Miss D stayed--mostly--within those rules to express frustration. You, you great clod of waste space, did not.
[10:38] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx]: got the brains of a freakin' hamster.. lol
So you can copy and paste but not read? Good to know.
[10:39] Bxxx Bxxxx: i know al ot of you guys are upset but all we can do is wait util tec fixes it
[10:39] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please read notices then people wont get upset if you miss the notices its easy enough to find them just click at the top of the group chat on the picture next to the arrowa pointing to the right once clicked then click on notices and scroll down the notices to read a notice click on the headline and bingo the ntice appears
[10:39] Bxxx Bxxxx: so we jsut have to be good
[10:39] Bxxx Bxxxx: yes thank you [pxxxxxx] what [pxxxxxx] sayed
[10:39] txxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no. [bxxxx]. i can not harass others.. bet cuz [dxxx] is you friend you let her. and you ignore her messages just so u know
NO. Again, because you're too stupid to get this without breaking it down into monosyllabic statements, you said bad word. Bad word bad. This not chat for bad word. Okay?
[10:40] Bxxx Bxxxx: ok wer not going to go there frend ok
[10:40] Bxxx Bxxxx: no dreama
[10:40] Bxxx Bxxxx: so moveing on hows the weather
Pretty good, today, we finally got a break in the heat.
[10:40] oxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o.0
[10:40] Sxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: ffs. Forget this LOL. Too many judgy people
Then, later:
[10:45] Cxx Rxxxxxxxx: isthe server up?
[10:45] axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, still asleep :p
[10:45] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no [Cxx] if you read the notices you wouldnt have to ask that question
[10:46] Cxx Rxxxxxxxx: sorry i get to many notices
[10:46] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: notices are saved for 14 days on group info - notices
[10:47] Cxx Rxxxxxxxx: i delete all as i get 200 a night
Y' can--and just suggesting this as an option, mind...turn off notices from the groups you're just going to delete anyway. I have several of my weekly sale groups turned off, so they won't dump into my email and max out my offlines. The beauty of having notices turned off is it only works for notices sent when we're not logged in, so if we want to know what's going on in any group while we're on the grid, w'll e'll hear anyway.
[10:47] sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can turn receiving off
Yes, that, exactly.
[10:47] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you can still read them by cocking at the top of this page
I think she means "looking", but also--note Miss C is not asking, hey, game doesn't work, what gives? She's saying, are the servers still down, which means she was paying attention to chat, at least, yesterday.
[10:48] Cxx Rxxxxxxxx: wish i figured that out. only been back to sl after 3 year break for only 3 weeks
[10:55] Bxxx Bxxxx: um rember sever is down guys if you do fish you wont get anthing
[10:55] Pxxxxxx Lxxxx: ...
[10:56] Bxxx Bxxxx: fisihng is on the same sever as coins
[10:56] Bxxx Bxxxx: so just letting you all know
[10:56] Bxxx Bxxxx: thank you [axxxx]
[11:16] fxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxx: its up
About this time was when the servers came back up, yes. After most of yesterday and this morning down.
[11:16] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 12 phone calls later ......
[11:17] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 70... years... later...
[11:18] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: was a day and half night
[11:19] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: there was a netbot whatever that is and wili was traeling for an important femily event out of the country and di dnot catch the email informing him .. so the cleanup did not happen until he got home but by then the server had been turned off by the host
[11:19] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: once thathappened we needed tocontact the host and get itall back up again .
[11:19] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im reading the drama over the past day and tall the various conspiracy theories ...and shakingmy head
Yeah, really. So this is what actually happened. This notice came from Wili on July 31st, so yesterday,, at 4:29 pm SLT:
Hello everyone,

It seems that despite of security hardening that the techies did on the server it somehow got infected by a virus that included our server into a botnet that attacked many different companies... even some Korean financial institution...

The support ticket has already been sent and request to run an antivirus on the web server issued as well.

I was away for last 4 days and couldn't have caught this before to prevent infection spreading.
So it sounded pretty serious, but also sounded like Wili caught it as soon as he could and instituted safety measures to keep the problem from getting worse. Isn't that all what we want?

I just wish we could do that without people having to choose between honest thought and continuing to breathe.

Oh, and a bit later still:
[11:30] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Every few hours I check the bot logs also to see if [hxxxx] has made anymistakes with warnings or bans
[11:31] Pxxxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i just relogged, so i missed everything, and noooo prob
[11:31] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and im so disappointed today art whatI esee thatI am goign to let [hxxxx] have his way . if anyone who gets warned has a comment aboutit they can messageme and talk to me about the situation
[11:31] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: normally i block many of [hxxxx's] warnings .. today I willnot
[11:31] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ut oh
And then the warnings started.
[11:32] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:32] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [axxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:32] Nxxxxxx Hxxxxx: offers [txxxx] chocolate
[11:32] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [axxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:32] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [axxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:32] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:33] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [axxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:33] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:33] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:33] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [bxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:33] cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ohhhhh my not good "slowly backs away"
Keep in mind that [Hxxxx] is a bot on the server, and in the group. He's got some limited AI functions for responses, but for the most part, all he watches for are words and phrases classified as not G-rated. That's all he does other than logging all chat. So [Hxxxx] really does know all, and [txxxx] really does usually stand in the way. Today, she didn't.
[11:34] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx hides from [Hxxxx]
[11:34] Axxx Rxxxxxxx: hee report card day
[11:34] Nxxxxxx Hxxxxx: [zxx] hasnt done any thing?
[11:34] rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And some people wonder why I keep my trap shut during server down times
[11:35] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [bxxxxxx] has apparently been warned 3 times??
[11:35] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This is a G rated chat . [zxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] is aware of that .
[11:35] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if [Zxx] gets warned then [Kxx] provoked her into it, just saying
[11:36] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Also, I'm just a casual wanderer so I just randomly poke in random stuff
[11:36] Axxx Rxxxxxxx: [rxx] u lie, we saw u chat
[11:36] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: So I have no clue what's going on xD
Basically, [txxxx] took the reins of [Hxxxx].
[11:36] rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: chat, but my trap was shut :P
[11:36] rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: aka my fingers were censored
[11:36] rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[11:36] Axxx Rxxxxxxx: lol
[11:37] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:37] exxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol [rxxxxxx]
[11:37] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:37] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:37] Nxxxxxx Hxxxxx closes her mouth and attaches her fishing rod
[11:37] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Sxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx] has been WARNED by the group moderator
[11:37] Axxx Rxxxxxxx: fishes happily
[11:38] rxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx eats chili happily
[11:38] dxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: fishing working again please?
Yes, at this point.
[11:39] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx] has been EJECTED by the group moderator and banned from SmartBots services
[11:39] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *steals [Axxx]'s' worms*
[11:39] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *replaces them with peaches*
[11:39] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [axxxx Rxxxxxxxx] has been EJECTED by the group moderator and banned from SmartBots services
[11:39] Axxx Rxxxxxxx: i planted more np
[11:39] nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: One does not simply plant more worms
[11:40] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx peeks to see if [Hxxxx's] done yet
Seems to be.
[11:40] Axxx Rxxxxxxx: happily harvested last crop
[11:40] exxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im hiding in a corner
[11:41] Hxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Rests my weary bolts.
Which is fine, but not one warning for Miss T? I'm disappointed.

Monday, July 30, 2018

now come on, take a walk with me, Arlene, and tell me, who do you love?

Yesterday was the dance that opened Thorvaldshavn to the public.

There were not many there, but it was convivial and friendly. DJ Crim spun some amazing songs from a mix of Nordic and Celtic bands, tilting towards the ancient sounds, the heavy drums, the chants, the deep throat humming.

This sim still feels a lot like...home, in a sense. It feels living, it feels like it's going to grow as a land should.

I hope it lasts.

Friday, July 27, 2018

there is an answer to a question which I'm not as yet aware that I have asked

So someone working at Reddit saved one of the actual cancerous subreddits on the site, and I do not understand why. The owner of the subreddit wanted it dead. Let it die. It's past time that it just goes away.

And this is only a two-day chart at any given time, which makes me wish I'd captured it a week ago when I opened that link, because while the drop is significant now, it was scary a week ago. There will be an impact from the rise in Lindex fees, no hyperbole needed--it already has had an impact.

And the new She-Ra remake from Netflix has already drawn ire from some fans who should know better. (The two main complaints seem to be "We can't see her tits in that outfit", to which the overwhelming response online has been "She's supposed to be twelve in this, so sit down you sick sick man", and "Armor has to be built with the breasts, to which nearly everyone has been responding with pictures of Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, whose armor--made to fit the actress, Gwendoline Christie--was historically accurate for English armor of the approximate time period.)

In other news, some randomness that amused from a profile:
him: hi
me: Hey
him: hru
me: I am good, how are you?
him: im ok i guess
him: are u a sub
me: sorry?


me: To be honest, the last time I checked I was not a foot-long sandwich.
me: 8D
him: lol
him: have u ever been collard
me: No, I am not a cabbage.
me: What is it with you and food?
him: You are very sexy
me: ok...
him: sex
me: Not with you
him: ?
me: Is "No" less confusing?
him: Hello Sexy💋
him: how u doin? today sexy
me: I'm doing fine, thanks. How about yourself?
him: doin good ty
him: I can not take my eyes off you
him: Mmm ur avie lookin so hot
him: caressin ur sexy ass
him: ^^
[Kxxxxxxx Rxxxx] slaps the stupid out of you.
him: splendid ass
him: but the real question is
him: does it have an owner?
me: No. My ass is a free spirit.
him: nice
him: do i have to get a ticket to get close?
me: A ticket?
him: just kidng
him: i mean what do i need to taste your beautiful ass tonight?
me A miracle.
I'm too invested in being polite, obviously.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

how do you say you're sorry?

Started off simple enough, I thought:
[11:51] miamilu Resident: Hello Ladies New Release Complete outfits 2 New Gifts Summer 49l$ promo limited time only
Corsica Island (123,130,2501)
JOIN Le'La Store
So, that was the announcement that started everything. I'm deliberately leaving her name in, because she is the store owner, and because she messaged me after this brief interchange.
[11:55] txxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that says 99 not 49
[12:00] Emilly Orr: Well, that's false advertising, then.
[12:00] miamilu Resident: Ladies summer sale is at Landing point is a wall where it sais summer sale and there everything is 49 :)
[12:04] Emilly Orr: So what was [Hxxx] seeing then? Maybe walked past the sale wall into the store?
[12:04] miamilu Resident: probably
[12:04] miamilu Resident: and i didnt see you on land either, why you say is false ?
[12:05] Emilly Orr: I was responding to [Hxxx]'s comment. I didn't go, I have exactly one Linden this week, unless something happens.
[12:06] Sxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 1 linden? might aswell give that away to somebody who needs it.
[12:07] Emilly Orr grins
[12:07] Emilly Orr: Noooo, because sometimes, group gifts are pay 1, get it refunded.
[12:08] Sxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh yea you are right because i got screwed over last night at the adam and eve sim, it said free but kept my linden.
It's a good point, sometimes the payback scripts don't work, or, they were just charging one Linden for the demo and Miss S didn't read the fine print.

But then Miss Mia IMed me:
[12:03] miamilu Resident: Hi Emilly summer sale is at Landing point is a wall where it sais summer sale and there everything is 49 :), there is no false advertise
All right, to be fair, it was a flippant comment on my part, I hadn't checked out whether Miss H was correct or not. I was simply assuming Miss H had it in the right.
[12:06] Emilly Orr: I understand. I am answering in group chat because I'm trying to make the point. If what I said is wrong, I'm happy to admit it.
[12:06] miamilu Resident: your comment is missleading other buyers also, and unjustified, all i advertised is there
And if she's right, I am misleading potential buyers. It's an important point.
[12:07] miamilu Resident: ai am a serios person
[12:07] Emilly Orr: Right, which is why I'm trying to figure out what went wrong.
[12:08] miamilu Resident: ok but i think , first you should check and see whats false or true before assuming and type in chat what is true or false
[12:09] miamilu Resident: have to go to RL now , have a wonderful time , bye bye
[12:09] Emilly Orr: Thanks, you too!
So, I went to the store and looked around. RIGHT to the left of the main entrance, I mean, so close you'd have to be blind not to see it, is this:

That's her L$49 weekend promo board. Apparently she does this once a week, and it's not at all hidden. So no, it's not false advertising. So why did Miss H say it was?

The grid may never know, as Miss H never replied back.

(Editrix insert: Miss H is her display name, txxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx is the avatar to which I'm referring. Sometimes this does get confusing.)

jack into the mind, dominate the change

Now, this one's just odd. This comes from a freebie/dollarbie group with very specific rules: namely, no clubs, no Adult sims without mod approval, no linking to MMs or free gifts that involve vehicles. They aren't hard rules, they just have a lot of them. I've posted about this group before.

But today is the first time I'm going to criticize a mod.
[11:10] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: theyve been told repeatedly by mods
[11:12] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: I even filed ARs about the club...nothing happened
[11:13] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well theres nothing can AR them about is there
So, Miss R is the mod in question. And...she's wrong here. You can't file ARs against the club for someone who works at the club posting about it in your group, that is not harassment. That's a resident issue, LL won't get involved.
[11:15] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: must be one hell of a crap club if they have to keep bugging people with spam
[11:16] Dxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o.O
[11:16] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: probably is .. annoying against group rules but they arent breaking any LL TOS by doing it
[11:16] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: everything.
[11:16] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: yes there is [Axxxxxxx], They repeatedly spam the group with posts that are not allowed. LL can see the IP and see they come form the same source
No...they can't, and they won't. Legally it's not a violation of ToS.

Say I make a group for members named Jake. I'm the only non-Jake in the group because I run it. But my rules say only Jakes can join, only Jakes can post. A Bradley joins, I boot him. He complains to the Lindens and tries to AR my account for booting him out of the group of Jakes.

The Lindens will do nothing, because the group does not violate ToS in any way. My actions were consistent with my group rules, and they will support that. See the difference? Miss R can AR all she wants, but the Lindens will not lift one finger in her defense, because it is not harassment, damaging spam or fraud.
[11:17] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry for language but dont make me inclined to go vist them in the least
[11:17] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: repeated spam means they have to be actually done withint few secs ofeach other
[11:17] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just posting once a day .. is not considering spamming by LL
[11:17] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: and still they get away with it?
[11:18] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: unless they overload chat to spamming lvl of grieving like every few mins etc repeatedly .. it is considered a user issue to handle
Exactly. The Lindens are concerned about people harassing other users, about people griefing or spamming other users with screaming objects or prims that text-spam, about people committing fraud against their users. Almost everything else, outside of the definitions for General, Mature and Adult, is left in residents' hands.
[11:21] Rxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: they post against the group rules. Clubs are not allowed. But I am sure you know way better :) thanks for sharing
Again, usually I support the mods in this group, but Miss're wrong. 100% wrong. Yes, according to the group rules of this group, clubs are not allowed and cannot post. If it is a problem, you as a moderator can ban that person from being in the group. But you CANNOT AR that person, because THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING against ToS. The charges for which a user can AR another user are specific--harassment (provable), spam (that leads to Altervista and other scam sites, or that comes from text-spamming objects dumped into sims), or fraud. That's it.
[11:22] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: against the group rules .. does not break TOS ... I have dealt with this before owning a store ... again .. hence ... they are not doing anything to your AR
[11:22] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but im totally sure cos you say so must be right even though TOS states differently
[11:23] Txxxxx Zxxxxx: [Axx] just read it, rules are same for all of us
The group rules, yes. The ToS, well, the rules also are the same for all of us, but they are legal rules, not resident rules. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.
[11:25] Sxxx Sxxxxx: LL will do nothing for a group issue, if someone is breaking the group rules all the mods/owner can do is just ban the offender .. LL classes it as a resident issue
They do, and they always will.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

stands outside my window, sucking on the berries, and eats us out of house and home

This is a snippet of chat from two different groups, but for once, the group is less important than the first message. These scammers are everywhere right now. There's a lot of sudden hacked accounts. And considering it's not even changed from the last iteration of this--'gacha' added for 'new dress', essentially--one has to wonder how they're getting access. I mean, you'd think everyone would know that by now.
[10:48] Lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *** NEW STORE GACHA ***
Marketplace: [altervista address redacted]
[10:48] Txxxxx Lxxx: affs
[10:48] Nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxx: FOR NEWBIES DO NOT TOUCH LINK
[10:48] oxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: DONT CLICK HACK!!!
I always wonder, too--this instant hyperbolic reaction, the ALL CAPS hysteric responses--I mean, really, who's actually falling for this? Only people nearly too stupid to breathe, right?

Turns out I was wrong, as the rest of the conversation makes plain.
[10:49] Gxxxxxxxx Pxxx: altervista is the dead give away
It always is.
[10:49] Hxxxxx Dxxxx: dumb question but what does it do after you click it
This one's stupidly simple. Again, as shown below, that link leads the user to a mock-up of the Second Life login screen. If you're stupid enough to type in your SL user name and your password at that point, then congratulations: you have enabled these scammers in stealing everything they can from you. It's your own damn fault.
[10:50] Nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxx: hacks ure acct usually and takes ure linden
But only because you've let them, by typing in your password to an unsafe site.
[10:50] lxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hack yo account and drain your money.
[10:50] Kxxx Sxxxxxxxx: nothing .. you get a website that you need to register your account name and password .. THERE is where your lose your account
Basically. There is no, I REPEAT, NO hack or access scam existing in SL where you're given an object and spontaneously lose all your Lindens, or have your inventory emptied, or get logged out and blocked from your account. That's purely urban legend. The same with this--none of these sites on their own can do much, without your help.
[10:50] Hxxxxx Dxxxx: wow sounds scary. I dont usually click on random links myself but never quite knew what it did
[10:50] Pxxxxxxx Mxxxxxxx: for instance, [Lxxxxxx] was probably an innocent person that clicked the link, now her account belongs to them
Yep. And it's not at all hard to tell the difference between an actual Second Life link and one of the altervista links. For one, "altervista" is in the name.
[10:52] Exxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: But they should put name and password there? If not, nothing happens
[10:52] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[10:53] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this will always be the MP link, note the HTTPS
[10:53] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that means its the actual secure link to log on MP
[10:54] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: clicking the link does nothing in itself, you log into their site and they get your info and can log into your account and steal your lindens
[10:54] Hxxxxx Dxxxx: Yea but its a pretty typical thing to pull on someone because inexperience makes them be easier targets
[10:54] Nxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxx: exactly which is why i responded fast as i did
Right, but I still had no clue why anyone would blithely click a link so clearly a scam.
[10:54] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well yeah ppl see "free gift" and dont pay attention
[10:55] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I never log into any site that does not have https
I do, but only because some (say, maybe three to five of the sites I log into these days) are still coded in HTTP protocol, and Chrome always warns me if I want to proceed to the 'insecure' page.
[10:56] Hxxxxx Dxxxx: Had an older lady at my work have a warning pop up on her computer that she clicked and said she had been infected and to call this number and they had her up to giving her ip address and other personal information before she started realizing something wasnt quite right, especially when they asked for her banking information so she could "pay for their services"
Yeah, a lot of the RL scammers target the elderly, it's vile.
[10:56] Kxxx Sxxxxxxxx: nonsense ..http// is just an older version hyperlink .. https// is the newer hyperlink version
[10:56] Exxxx Mxxxxxxxxx: So, if someone gave you but did not put a password, do not worry: o)
[10:56] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: https means it is a secure link
[10:57] Kxxx Sxxxxxxxx: pls don't spread panic if you know nothing about it... the mainrule is still the best rule .. don't click links from unknown people! -- feel free to file an AR for Linden Lab about this Lnk poster ..
[10:58] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Im not spreading panic, I am warning people not to log into fake links
Which I guess is valid, it just seems a lot of hyperbolic freaking out with little reason.
[10:58] Kxxx Sxxxxxxxx: and i didn't type your name ;)
[10:59] Hxxxxx Dxxxx: I was just explaining how inexperience can make one an easy target
[10:59] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and called my info nonsense .....
[11:00] Hxxxxx Dxxxx: I think what she meant by the usage of nonsense, was that if something isnt HTTPS it isnt technically immediately called into question
Pretty much.
[11:01] kxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Instead of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP), this website uses HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Using HTTPS, the computers agree on a "code" between them, and then they scramble the messages using that "code" so that no one in between can read them. This keeps your information safe from hackers.
Mostly. There are ways to get around that, but it's on the hacker's side--they have to deliberately target the site and their stored info, which is one of the ways we hear about data breaches; it's nearly always accessing the stored data, it's nothing we do as end users.

Then, only about half an hour later, came this from a separate group:
[14:20] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: NEW STORE GACHA
Marketplace: [again, link redacted because it was the same damned link, they're not even bothering to change it up]
[14:21] rxxxx Txxx: wow they are hitting every store
They really were. And it's been happening for a couple days now. Another thing of note: this isn't a legacy account. She doesn't have a last name, so this is someone new to SL who definitely should know better.
[14:21] lxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no ,, trap
[14:21] Sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: again,lol
And an obvious one, yes.
[14:21] Axxxx Axxxxxxxx: PHISH PHISH PHISH
[14:21] Sxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: idiot
[14:21] Sxxxxx Gxxxxxxx: no ma'am
[14:21] Rxxxxx Dxxxxxxxx: sure is....and they still have the nerved.
Obviously, the scam is still working, so as long as it's working, there's no incentive to stop. Somewhat like gold spammers in MMOs.
[14:21] Zxx Bxxxxxx: no abran!
[14:21] Rxxxxx Rxxxxxx: don't click
[14:21] Sxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx: I blocked her and please everyone report her
The blocking is better just for us not having to see these posts, the reporting is to send the Lindens enough evidence for them to consider banning the account--about all they can do on their end.
[14:21] rxxxx Txxx: dont click that
[14:21] Sxxxxx Nxxxxxxxx: the more people who report her, the better chance they will do something about it
[14:21] Emilly Orr: Blocked.
[14:21] Cxxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: Same SPAM was hitting all the groups all day yestersay
[14:22] Pxxxxxxx Pxxxxxx: different avi this time
It's usually a different avi, but there are apparently still people falling for this stupidity, so they've always got more to cycle through.
[14:22] rxxxx Txxx: it was a different avi 10 minurtes ago in other stores
[14:22] Lxxxxxxx Bxxxxxx: quite a lot of new scammers to block and report ...
[14:25] Cxxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: It's a hacked account
Obviously. They all are.
[14:41] Cxxxxxxxxxx Axxxx: mute
[14:41] Sxxxxx Hxxxxxxxxxx: No https, don't click.
[14:42] Axxxxxxx Mxxxx: Whats with these spammers today.... DON'T OPEN the link pls.
[14:43] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I already opened it...
And here we have proof that people are still falling for these things. I was seriously thinking it had to be some kind of inactivity tracker, since most of the accounts are old enough to know better, but now here's Miss S proving me wrong. People should know this by now. Obviously, not everyone does.
[14:43] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: will it damage my new computer?
[14:43] Emilly Orr: Not if you close it and don't fill out any information.
[14:44] Emilly Orr: Also, for future reference: "altervista" does not exist. Anywhere. So it's an obvious scam.
[14:44] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i closed
Good, good.
[14:44] Sxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it just opened up the log in place for SL
[14:44] Emilly Orr: No, it didn't.
[14:45] Emilly Orr: It opened a mock-up of the login page. It's not the login page for SL.
[14:45] Emilly Orr: Once they get your username and password, they can hack your account easily.
And again, it's still baffling to me that anyone does fall for this.
[14:45] Mxxxxxxx Mxxxx: Never click on links unless you know an owner or manager posted it. Never ever! :)
Yeah, pretty much. Never, ever click on links unless you're absolutely sure where they lead. Good rule for the net at large, actually.