Monday, May 14, 2018

take it easy Arlene, don't give me no lip

Well, this is just a terrible friggin' idea. Listen--I know we're all paranoid since Teen Grid closed. I know a lot of sims don't want any possible connection to ageplay in any way. I get it, okay? But this is not the way. This is the worst level of tattletale coding, and from what I understand from the article, it's something I could be involved with without even knowing it, and that's a dangerous road to go down.

Think about it. Say I'm wandering--me, an RL adult, outside of some extremely rare occasions playing an adult, officially rated Adult for all sims--in my Kemono, and I found a cute little romper that I wanted to wear on the MP from someone. Unbeknownst to me, they've put this coding in, and since they tell makers to make it a no-mod script in a no-mod item (we'll save the no-mod rant for another day, thanks), I'm likely not even going to check to see what's in it before I put it on.

So I'm happily wandering and then suddenly POOF--no warning, I'm banned from someplace. I have no idea why. I try to go back, can't. I contact the owner, and if everyone's on a rational page that day, maybe I get back in to look that sim over. But in all likelihood, if they look at their "Agegate" system software, and see my name, then they're going to get their back up and say I was bounced for very good reason, and I'm some kind of low, illegal pervert for even asking to get back in. And if they're really in a mood, they go off and report me for being an ageplayer on their sim.

That threatens my account and I never did a thing. All I did was wear an outfit. THIS IS VERY BAD, PEOPLE.


The Manisha does not function.

That is all.

(Yes, there's a story behind this, but I just wanted to save the image, so...presented without context.)

Monday, May 7, 2018

rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

Here we go again, random IM out of nowhere:
[12:59] mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: greetings
[13:00] Emilly Orr: Greetings.
I swear, I'm nearly to the point where I'm going to toss in one of those "If you're just IMing to say hi, don't bother. Have something to say or don't even contact me." It wouldn't stop things like this, because no one reads profiles anymore, but it would make me feel a little better.
[13:00] Emilly Orr: How did you come across my name?
[13:00] mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am here
[13:00] Emilly Orr: Where?
And he never bothered to respond. And I should have let it go, was nagging at me. This is his profile bio:
greetings my name is [mxxxxx] i am a dom that is looking for a submissive woman willing to do anything i ask i am into bdsm i am into women in karate or any form of martial arts but am also loving and caring.
Profile like that makes me think three things, with a pretty high degree of surety:
  1. He's a bad dom.
  2. He's a new dom.
  3. He's deeply confused.
His groups reflect that confusion--only one that has anything to do with bondage or BDSM, the rest are all breedables or horse ranches FOR breedables.

So I made one more attempt, because...I'm stubborn:
[13:18] Emilly Orr shrugs and goes on with her day.
[13:19] mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bdsm society
I looked it up after this snippet of a convo. Turns out--at least as far as a search for that name goes--there is no "BDSM Society". There's the Bound Passion BDSM Society, which is on the same sim I was on at the time, but pretty far away from where I was on that sim, at that time. There's nothing else that's even close to that name.
[13:19] Emilly Orr: I'm not at BDSM Society, if that's a place, and not just a thing you're referencing.
A few more minutes passed, and...I tried again.
[13:24] Emilly Orr: Well, still confused on how you got my name, but okay. Enjoy the rest of your day, I suppose.
[13:24] mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you we're in local chat range
No. No, we weren't. We weren't even close to each other.
[13:25] Emilly Orr: We are not.
[13:26] mxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not anymore i left
[13:26] Emilly Orr: But not before, either. I am a thousand meters above a business, but it's not that one.
And that was the last I heard from him.

So, goodbye, clueless dom, hope you find what you want, because it definitely won't be me. Too bad you're too stupid to figure out SL distances.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

there is no way to slow down, so either steer or collide

The Social Injustice Warrior makes the...last?... episode on Channel Awesome.

In the meantime, in another group someone was having a bit of trouble...
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a shadow map is being mean and i dont know how to fix it
[12:51] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:

[12:52] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: has the shadow map got a black background?
[12:52] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes
[12:53] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: thats the reason, delete the background and save as a png texture
[12:53] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: looks like you need to extend your texture past the edges just a little bit
[12:53] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: don't save as a png, you'll get alpha clash issues
Now, this was the first I'd heard of something like this. I use Gimp for textures, and I always save in .png format, because I thought that eliminated alpha clash issues. That's not true?
[12:54] mxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: o oo
[12:54] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: so are we saying save as jpg for mesh texturing?
[12:54] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: i would, yes
[12:55] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: unless you're trying to retain transparency
[12:55] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: that's how i do it
[12:55] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: ok i've not had issues with png
Nor have I, it's why I'm curious.
[12:56] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: but know if shadow map has a black background then thats why there is black seams i've had it several times
[12:56] Emilly Orr: I save nearly everything as png for clothing, haven't had an issue...but I also largely don't work in transparent laces. Hmm.
[12:57] Sxx Dxxxxxx: no transparency png, transparent parts tga
[12:57] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thats because the edge of the texture needs to be extended a tiny bit past the seam lines
[12:57] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: ty for those tips
[12:59] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: if your texture is blended, you will have alpha clash when using png
Ah, okay, this may come down to my not using Gimp the way it's intended to be used. I don't think I've ever 'blended' a texture. I've layered a texture, then either imported it as is, or flattened it to save data space, but...that's about it.
[12:59] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: png for system clothing and appliers is correct
[12:59] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: but i do not recommend it for mesh
[12:59] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: why?
Now, while I've never used a texture file for a mesh template that employed a transparent layer--yet--I will say that I have worn mesh templates that have employed transparent layers, and...yeah, there's some alpha issues. That, I have noticed.
[13:00] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: transparency data is built into png files
[13:00] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: jpgs do not
[13:00] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but if you flatten a non transparent png then no transparency data
[13:01] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: if the mesh detects transparency, it will blend it
[13:01] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: png transparency data is there whether you use trans in the texture or not
[13:02] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: which means any other alpha that comes in contact with it will create issues, kind of like the old invisiprims did
Right, that's what I've noticed.
[13:02] kxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not if you flatten it
[13:02] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: a png is a png, flattened or not
[13:02] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: you would need to select "none" for the blend
[13:03] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: is it possible to shorten say a mesh dress if you use transparency on the part you want to hide?
[13:03] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: yes it is
[13:03] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: i do it often
[13:04] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: in that case you would use a png with transparency maintained
[13:04] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: so use png for that or what?
[13:04] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: yes
[13:04] Txxx Nxxxxxxxx: ok ty
[13:04] Cxxxxxx Pxxxx: and choose mask rather than blend so that it doesn't clash with stockings or tattoos
So what I've been noticing are textures made by people who don't know this? Okay. I'll see what I can do with the next textures I create.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Mars ain't the kind of place to raise your kids

"Businesses naturally require hard decisions, and having your career damaged by someone who you admire can really be soul-destroying." The Right Opinion channel's take on Mike Michaud and Channel Awesome.

And apparently the channel isn't changing, even though they've lost thousands of subscribers and nearly every content producer on the site. So...they're just that clueless? Or no one in management cares, and I have to toss Doug Walker into that callous, uncaring sector, because he hasn't seen fit to make any sort of response.

In the meanwhile...
[15:33] pxxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx): does this group havea favcebook if soo can u pass me the link ?
So, it doesn't matter what group this was posted in--according to chatter after in the group, she posted this exact line, typos and all, in several groups. What is important is why ask this question at all? Maybe it's just me, because I don't have Facebook (and never will), but why is this important at all? I don't get the reason for the question.

And maybe it's also just me--not having Facebook--but I don't understand why said copy-pasting person stuck in the wilds of Typonesia can't just go to the main store and check. You know? Like, I never think of checking social media sources in any way in group chat, unless a link's posted from Flickr, Tumblr, or the like, but if the logos of those same social media sites are found in the store, I notice. So again, why didn't she just port to the main store and check there? Why didn't she port to all the stores she pasted this one terrible line in and check? Just too lazy to bother?

Lastly, I got a letter from someone with an autism interest, with a bunch of links, and I admit, I dismissed it. I get a lot of 'cause' letters, and they're all pretty much the same. "Hi, I noticed this great entry on [thing] you had on your blog, I was wondering if you wanted to link to my blog/have me write a blog entry for your blog/buy [X] product/join our network." Generally I dismiss and delete, I won't lie. They're rarely relevant, in the end.

Case in point, this is the opening paragraph of the first letter she sent:
"Hi there,

I just love all of the helpful information you've shared on your site in support of individuals and families with autism. (This page is especially wonderful.) As an educator, I’ve worked with people of all ages who have autism, and I’ve found a lot of resources to help my students along the way."
And this is the opening paragraph of the second letter:

"I'm following up on an email I sent you last month, which included some fantastic information that is helpful to individuals and families living with autism. I initially reached out because I saw this page on your site and thought you may want to update it with some more info, and I’m reaching out once more in case you missed my last email."
Since normally it's a one and done thing, and she actually wrote a second time, I thought I'd check the links out, but this isn't--and has never been--an autism blog. The sole entry under the 'autism' tag she linked both times--this entry will make all of two with the tag--only mentioned autism in regard to the charity for that year's Lovecraft Festival.

The first link is obviously written more for educators than parents, but it does lay out good behavior strategies for dealing with children on the autistic spectrum, without making it sound like autism is an inherently "bad" thing to have.

The second link isn't targeted to autism, being a general primer on how to create a (relatively) safe space for children with disabilities, with many opportunities for general sensory play.

The third link is a .PDF file, and is also written for educators, with emphasis on the importance of structure and routine. Pretty basic, but it has some useful tips.

The fourth link is designed for parents of teenagers with Asperger's syndrome, or with high-functioning autism. It does seem to weigh heavily on the "Asperger's teens are just regular, normal kids who are just socially devolved", not the best message, but it may be useful for some.

And the last link is geared towards autistic adults, or caregivers of same, who own their own homes. Most of the tips critically fail when applied to apartments, but in case they might be helpful to some, I'm offering them here.

If anyone needed these at all; as I said, I'm not an autism blog and it's not my main focus. But there you go.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

and I think it's gonna be a long long time

The Social Injustice Warrior takes on the Gamer From Mars' reaction to JewWario in an old retrospective video.

An Instagram blogger has decided to take all her complaints and Photoshop them onto her pictures. The results are horrifying. But more relevant for this blog is this image:

That 'shopped image on the right? That was THE BIGGEST SHAPE on the grid for a while, may still be in some places. Fish-lipped, spraddle-hipped, twig-legged, wide-eyed, pouty, sullen women, prowling the grid. Largely, the ladies I ran into that had this shape? Also had things in their profile like "98% Bitch, 2% Angel, take your chances." Or "I say what I want, fu*k what you think." Or any other of a thousand other variations on "Hi, I'm a tiny emotional terrorist, I will wreck your life, LOVE ME".


What does everyone think so far of baked-on mesh?

Also, SmugMug just bought Flickr.

Friday, April 20, 2018

still got scars on my back from your knife

So, how are the new EU regulations on data going to affect SL? Friend brought it up, and now I'm wondering.

I'm not even sure I'm going to continue the retyping of the now 73-page document, especially as, with how they've saved it, it is retyping, not just copy-pasting. Maybe I'll check back on the tweets...

...or, maybe not.

It's...pretty ugly under the #ChangetheChannel tag at the moment. I'll just...leave it here, and decide if I'm going to pick this up later.

And I'm still trying to confirm if Brad Jones and Doug Walker have, in fact, left Channel Awesome.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

promise me you'll let me be the one, the worst of all your enemies

Couple more vids.
And I have no place in my head for this next one...from Count Jackula, who's somewhat out there in a lot of places for me, but who seems, at least, to be a rational, thinking mind: an account of his perceptions, and after-the-fact reactions, on the JewWario/Justin Carmical sexual assault allegations.
"Apparently Mike, Doug, Rob and Holly, and they kept it quiet for the sake of the victims, I hope, I hope that's why they did it...but I'm not necessarily trusting anyone involved."

And have a two and a half hour reaction livestream from Fredrik Knudsen on Channel Awesome's "response" to the whole shebang. It also includes an interview with Iron Liz that goes into the whole Justin Carmical madness.

I'm still trying to process all of this, as a fan of content reviewers, and a fan of Channel Awesome. I'm fairly sure that Tamara Chambers and Malcolm Ray, being so new to the team, are clear of any wrongdoing. (And in fact Malcolm has said, at least, that he never saw anything as egregious as the folks who wrote the Not So Awesome document, but he also makes clear that he was hired much, much later.) And I'll go out on that limb and say, barring any direct, on-paper or screencapped evidence, I'm fairly sure that Doug Walker is just an oblivious egotist for the most part. But the same cannot be said of Rob, or Holly, or Mike Michaud, who seems from every account I've heard to be a garbage person, a bully, and a talentless hack when it comes to apologies.

The whole thing is just depressing.

(And while I was dealing with all of that, and the new, terrible "reaction" from Michaud and management, this came out, which means the fallout's already started. Just...great.

(I don't think I'm in the best mindset to continue with this today. I'll pick it up tomorrow.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

eyes black, big paws and we took you right from your mother's home

More videos to peruse on the Channel Awesome controversy:
The main Not So Awesome document is now 73 pages long; at least three new accounts have been added. So many it's finally time to go through the document, account by account.

We begin with Allison Pregler, or Obscurus Lupa, detailing her experiences with the site.
  • "We were not employed by CA, CA simply embeds videos on their site. Outside of the anniversary movies, no contracts were involved. The only people paid are the people involved with the Chicago crew."
So here, we have all the contributors to Channel Awesome being, at best, independent contractors producing their own content, and using the CA website as a content host, at best. But if they were just a content host, then that's where it should have ended, right? Each contractor is responsible for advertising their own content, and life goes on.

But that's not what happened.
  • "The biggest of their numerous problems is Mike Michaud, the site's CEO. There were two other CEOs when they started, Mike Ellis and Bhargav Dronamraju, both of whom are no longer with the site. The name Greg occasionally appears in this document. This is Mike Michaud's brother, who handles the scheduling of producer videos.
  • "Mike owns the IP of the Nostalgia Critic character and is a majority shareholder in the company."
Let that sink in for a moment. Someone who is entirely disconected from the artist owns the art. This isn't new at all, but it's very disappointing, because if Doug Walker doesn't own the Nostalgia Critic character, then nothing he does with it will hold. As we saw when, at the end of "To Boldly Flee", he effectively killed the character off...and then "chose" (or was forced--in hindsight, likely by Mike Michaud) to continue making Nostalgia Critic videos.
  • "On two separate occasions, women were confronted angrily by either Mike Ellis or Mike Michaud being blamed for something a guy they knew did. One of those instances resulted in the producer leaving (see Lindsay Ellis section).
Was there ever any attempt to research what happened in these instances, or did they just not care?
  • "Frequently if a guy spoke up it was ignored, if a woman spoke up they were labeled troublemakers. Mike would frequently try to bully them. Most of the women felt very uncomfortable talking to him; it was a repeating pattern that he would be more aggressive toward someone speaking up if they were a woman. At least three of us were kicked off the site for that very reason, when male producers who did the same thing are still on the site."
So right off the bat, we have misogyny, dismissive treatment, aggressive mismanagement, bullying, condescension, and delusions of grandeur. Great.
  • "More details in Sean and Holly's sections, but CA was aware of sexual harassment from Mike Ellis for at least two years and did nothing. When he was finally let go it was for other legal reasons. They were also aware of a prominent producer who was grooming female fans and coercing them into sex and failed to take action for years."
This is extremely damning. It's made worse by the fact that while a toxic, misogynistic work environment will never cause sexual harassment or active grooming of females at the workplace, it certainly can't help.
  • "All communication was done via a Skype chat with all of the producers. We did not communicate through email, and Michaud would disappear for long periods of time. No one wanted to talk to us."
Now, to me this is also key, just from a record-keeping standpoint. Even in small companies, meetings should have notes. If there are any concerns, questions, or problems down the line, it is very helpful to refer back to something already in print and archived as part of the company papers to answer those concerns or questions.

And while on Skype, there are two ways to communicate--in text, and in voice--I'd be willing to bet that most, if not all, of these 'meetings' were voice only. Which means that while it is possible to record what was said for later reference, it is even now a cumbersome process, and back then, it may well have been worse.
  • "The people we were told to talk to were Michaud, Rob, and Holly (HR). When Holly was fired, it was just those two. Mike was so against being involved with or doing anything that he eventually became 'silent CEO', which meant it was just Rob, who didn't want the job. Any time we came to him with complaints, he would call us children behind our backs."
There are legal and understandable ways to be a silent partner in a business. It's done all the time. 'I will pay X to start this company, and in return, I will have no direct management duties, and receive Y percent of profits for Z stated time.' Done. Save...they didn't do that. Michaud apparently wanted the ability to bully and harangue people into doing what he wanted, but he wanted no other contact with anyone 'working' for Channel Awesome. That's both childish and unprofessional.
  • "Doug is not considered anything but talent, yet frequently is part of business calls and the like (including ones highlighted here). He also is occasionally part of company decisions. He is more involved with [the] business than he likes to let on, and is also involved as a human being and face of the company."
  • "They were so unaware of anything going on with the site that Rob thought someone asking for an interview was a producer."
This is where it becomes tricky being Doug Walker. On the one hand, it's very easy to blame Michaud and other early CEOs for all the mismanagement that occurred, but with this statement, Walker becomes complicit in that mismanagement. IF he was included in business meetings and calls, then he is PART of that business. IF his input is requested for company decisions, THEN he is part of that company's management team.
  • "Communication was the WORST. They would never tell us anything, it was like pulling teeth to get answers from anyone. Frequently we would find out things after the fact and have to come to them to find out what was happening."
Communication is key in any company, whether it employs two people or two million. If you can't openly communicate with upper management, then you have no input or understanding of how the company operates. If there's no oversight over management's actions, then you get Exxon or Enron. No one wants that.
  • "Blistered Thumbs producers were never told the site was shutting down. They found out when they saw the announcement on the front page. Several producers were let go without being informed."
And to say that this is wildly unprofessional is to severely understate the case.
  • "When I joined the site, I was given a list of rules to follow (mostly common sense things, like don't post hate speech, etc.). The section saying where to find the company policy was labeled 'coming soon'."
Do I even need to point out that Obscurus Lupa joined months, if not years after Channel Awesome was formed? That the company rules still said coming soon is baffling and wrong.
  • "At a later point in time, when I'm creating Radu Reviews, I'm randomly told I need to ask them permission to do new shows (They had a rule in place for events such as filming a new show with your friend as the host, for example, but not anything like what I was doing). So I ask Rob for permission, and he seems to have no idea why I'm asking."
Because there is zero communication at all times at Channel Awesome, apparently.
  • "Years later, Phelan is astounded to find out this list exists, because no one who came onto the site before me got these rules or were told about them."
  • "The rules were arbitrarily enforced and usually if they wanted an excuse to get rid of someone anyway. At one point they sent a written reprimand to Welshy that was meant for Sad Panda because they couldn't tell the difference between them."
Because of course they couldn't. Because why should upper management concern themselves with actually knowing what's going on with their content producers?
  • "Phelan received a reprimand for tweeting a joke making fun of the Demo Reel twist by saying he was going to reveal Phelous was Sub-Zero the whole time. He was told to apologize to Doug personally."
I don't even understand this. Why would he have to apologize to Doug for making a Twitter joke about a show that was, even in the best light possible, terrible?
  • "Doug knew nothing tech-wise to the point of endless frustration. He didn't know how to record commentaries, he would just have people in Chicago sit close to the camera and record it on the on-board mic. When he had to record the Moulin Rouge commentary over Skype, he asked me to sit in and record it. I was not part of the Moulin Rouge crossover, he just wanted me to press record and sit there. Phelan called him up and explained, step by step, how to use MP3 Skype Recorder, which requires a simple press of a button to use. He ended up calling Nash and having him record it."
Okay, granted, having a titular head (without "real" power, admittedly, though even that's in question) of a tech-based company be No-Nothing Bozo the Wonder Critic would be frustrating. I think it's a small point with the rest of it, though.
  • "During my earlier days on the site, we would have to fight to get slots for the day, but especially during the holidays. Doug proceeds to hog the slots with his lazy Disneycember vlogs."
Which I'd blame more on scheduling than Doug personally, unless he scheduled the videos--which it's pretty clear from earlier statements, that isn't something he was capable of doing.
  • "They considered conventions a waste of time, despite their contradictory belief that they should do all their advertising locally. They hated that we went to MAGFest because of a bad experience Doug had their once, despite the fact that we all paid to go there on our own dimes."
And this is just baffling, too, especially if the business wants to support local businesses and keep advertising local. A table in the information alley--or even better, if the business offers merchandise that will tie in well with the theme of the convention, the merchants' room--is dead cheap compared to the price of even a fifteen-second television spot.
  • "They never wanted to pay anyone. One of the DVDs they held a cover contest for fans where they asked for "Drew Struzan style" artwork for $100 (plus a link to their [deviantArt page] on the cover). They were shamed into upping the price to $300. Skitch did the soundtracks for the anniversary movies for next to nothing, and Michaud was furious when he tried selling the music because he was under the belief it belonged to them."
This is what contracts are for. A maker of content can sell the rights to a receiver of content for a limited time, in perpetuity, or simply have the rights revert to them upon publication of the single-use project for which the contract specified. In cases where music or art was used without contract, the assumption is that rights revert back to the maker of content upon publication. This isn't rcket science.
  • "Every decision felt self-motivated and uncaring towards other producers. It was The Doug Show."
In many ways, it sounds like Channel Awesome still is.

I'll pick up the Indiegogo segment tomorrow; I think that's enough for today.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes

The history of the never-ending poem.

Have a brief history of Spam. No, not that spam, actual Spam. The pressed meat in a can. You're...welcome?

And now...
March 27th:
"@JimSterling I know you’re not associated with them, but any thoughts on the #ChangeTheChannel situation? Particularly as it relates to producers at Blistered Thumbs only finding out their site was shutting down when the official announcement was made?"
~~Mark Garrison (@TheoGary), asking another YouTuber and game reviewer about the drama

"For those asking about my time with Channel Awesome, here's the long and short of it. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Rocket Lawnchair (@rlcsocial), who linked the image below

"@ChannelAwesome been a fan for a while, but the offenses are undenyable. now it's on you, Doug, #ChangeTheChannel and be a better person "
~~M. Ierardist (@mikeIerardi1), asking for something he'll never get

"I will be going live talking about my early Video years where I followed Channel Awesome, wanted to become a creator and actually got to be part of their side project, Blistered Thumbs, and now the controversy that is happening #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Booze Reviews (@boozereviewsca), linking a video on his work with Blistered Thumbs

"Stuff like #ChangeTheChannel reminds me of all the internet community stuff I see fall apart and be set on fire. The fly on the wall stories I could tell are interesting and utterly forgotten by time.

"Good on the people for leaving finally. Took some of you long enough."
~~LaZodiac (@The_Zodi_Lady), commenting on all the drama connected with the channel, going back years

"Dear #ChangetheChannel

"Could we STOP harassing people who have not left yet? I support #ChangetheChannel, but please stop. The harassment is not helping convince people.

~~Thomas (@OtakuboyT), talking about some of the harassment, especially on Twitter, of producers still working for Channel Awesome

"Brad Jones has his own website, you can stop using him as a reason why you’ll continue to watch his stuff on channel awesome. #ChangeTheChannel"

~~BadMan (@DisgustingGrunt), on people who've been saying they can't see Jones, or other producers, anywhere else

"Man, #ChangeTheChannel hits hard. I grew up watching CA videos, but not gonna lie as I started learning more about y'know, LIFE, I started to get the sneaking suspicion that the company heads weren't all that great of people. Good to know I can trust my gut, but still. Dang."
~~Zoe Nissen (@ZENissen), about internet nostalgia

"@ChannelAwesome has lost far too many great creators. I wish they had been more respectable (esp in this social climate). #ChangeTheChannel @ShadowTodd @Linkara19 @TheOnlyMikeJ @MarzGurl @Phelous @thelindsayellis @Obscurus_Lupa @itstherapcritic"
~~Melizabeth (@melizabeth87), referencing all the departures

"Channel Awesome is crumbling down and Mike Michaud has only himself to blame. If the Walkers had any brains, or even balls left, they'd cut ties with him while they still can. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Ricky (@NobleAtlas88), talking about salvaging the Walkers' rep

"The more I learn about the problems at @ChannelAwesome the more upset I become. I was talking to a friend of mine today about role models and when they fall from grace in your eyes. My criteria for a role model losing my respect is as follows:"
~~David Culliton (@everyaccentguy), discussing the Channel Awesome drama

"1) Betraying values that I hold dear that I had come to believe said role model shared and could inspire me to further my devotion to
"2) Hurting those for whom I have great respect
"The higher ups at CA have checked both of those boxes and have evidently been doing so for years."
~~David Culliton (@everyaccentguy), discussing the controversy

"Their silence speaks volumes. Their complacency shows their true colours. Their blocking out of anyone who *dares* to call them out is disgusting. I wouldn't be surprised if I got blocked for this tweet. I welcome it. Just more proof of their toxicity. #ChangetheChannel"
~~David Culliton (@everyaccentguy), talking about the (mostly) radio silence from Channel Awesome

"@ChannelAwesome Even though I’d rather you guys have a Change of Heart...maybe at the very least you can #ChangeTheChannel"
~~ B-rad G (@Bradleyfoulk), hoping a message gets through

"given some Weird Stuff i've heard in the past... can't say i'm ENTIRELY surprised by #ChangeTheChannel. but still."
~~useless gay opera friend (@rodrigodipos_a), talking about past rumors

"I also find it funny that he portrays Disney as corrupt & money hungry. That's bold talk for someone currently in hot water for embezzlement, mistreatment of his staff & silencing anyone who dares brings up the accusations. How the mighty has fallen. #ChangeTheChannel #Hypocrite"
~~Nathan Milne (@milne_n), talking about the Channel Awesome Twitter feed blocking anyone who's disagreed with them

"@ChannelAwesome So, my best friend saw the game show and she legitimately thought it was a parody of you guys. A spoof. I had to convince her that it was ACTUALLY the REAL show you spent 90 grand on. I can't even imagine how proud that makes you.

~~Cinematic Venom (@CinematicVenom), talking about the game show fundraiser

"Hearing about how the CA personalities were treated is just heartbreaking, on two levels. One, I have empathy for those who were mistreated. And two, it really sucks to find out that what seemed like a great place to work is really just an abusive environment. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~B-Movie Roll-Out (@BMovieRollOut), talking about perceptions

"It would be nice to see @ChannelAwesome respond to the #ChangeTheChannel accusations. But all I see are reports of people who ask questions being blocked. Actions speak louder than words and I don't believe I like what those actions are saying."
~~UFO Sparrow (@UFO_Sparrow), talking about the blocking

"So, after a bit of thinking, I have decided to no longer support or watch Channel Awesome with everything that has come out. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Jordan Royter (@JR83709), on unsubscribing. I have too.

"#changethechannel I'm horribly sorry to the people who were affected by @ChannelAwesome's actions and mistreatment. They inspired me to want to do youtube, but their actions are just cruel. Hopefully the people who left CA find a better home without them."
~~LunarLuigi (@JackAttackToons), sympathizing with the creators

March 28th, finally:
"So you're just gonna keep ignoring the whole #ChangeTheChannel thing and act like everything's normal? Good to know."
~~Jack Nicholsonbot No.21 (@DarksideStraxus), about the image below

"#Changethechannel Well it is kind of ironic that @ChannelAwesome reviews a film about popular man, Gaston, who turns out to be abusive just so he can get what he wants. The mirror here is ironic, I may use this to make a point."
~~Jack Nicholsonbot No.21 (@DarksideStraxus), talking about the tweet above

"#ChangeTheChannel It is very very disheartening to hear what's been happening behind the scenes. I didn't know about any of it until Linkara left. I use to look up to CA but the rose colored glasses are off and I can no longer support."
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), talking about Linkara's departure

"It may sound silly but as a fan, I'm hurt by this. I thought they were different and it just hurts that people I had highly admire turn out to be as bad as Hollywood. Its Cosby all over again. And I kept hoping they would say something about this, apologize and move forward."
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), talking about fan expectations

"Instead, they've been blocking fans who question. Its sad and depressing for me, and I don't even know anybody personally, and people have the right to say I don't know what I'm talking about. But when I watch something on youtube, part of me is invested into some extend and"
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), continuing

"sometimes financially. And I do so hoping, they really are who they seem to be. Genuine. So when stuff like this comes to light, its a slap in the face. I support the people who left, I will continue to support the producers I watch who haven't yet, and I hope,"
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), continuing

"and boy do I hope, things change. From one former fan to CA, please hear them, hear us and become better then other corrupt industries."
~~Alex (@alexmarie500), continuing

"@ChannelAwesome #ChangeTheChannel
"We're not who we were. We change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst, but we all change."
--Doug Walker/the Nostalgia Critic
~~Mr. Guy (@MrGuy63), using Doug's own words against him
And that's where I think I'm stopping this one. I may hit Aprille yet!

Monday, April 9, 2018

I leave the TV on and the radio, we used to talk on that phone

Before we explore the vast reaches of Twitter again, let's go over some of the new videos that have come up.
  • Movie Night's take on the history of the document and how it came to be, and her years at Channel Awesome. (Apparently the document's been updated with new information that takes it well over seventy pages.)
  • Kyle Haine's introduction of the document on his channel and beginning read and commentary (the first one clocks in at about an hour and a half)
  • Part two from Kyle
  • Part three from Kyle
And now, more tweets.
March 25th:
"@Obscurus_Lupa I used to really admire Doug. Then TBF happened. Then the behind the scenes stories came out. Followed my favs on their own channels, ditched the site, and never looked back. What a farce of management. Good on you for speaking up. #ChangeTheChannel
~~Internet Rando (@letterboxavatar) on the ChangetheChannel controversy

March 26th:
"This has been a storm thats been brewing now for damn near half a decade if not longer. I remember back in 2011 hearing these kinds of rumblings. All I can say is good on the creators for standing up for the art of film making and critique #changethechannel #Welldone"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW) on the controversy

"Just had an interesting thought; what if Doug wants this? what if he wants the site to shut down or become so unpopular it becomes unfeasable to continue? let me explain. #changethechannel"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), with a theory on the controversy

"Dougs been pretty clear he's wanted to kill off the NC for a while but his fans wouldnt let him do it. So what if rather than graciously step down; he self sabotages Channel awesome and by proxy the NC (Neither of which he actually owns)..."
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

" a means to make a clean break and put his attention entirely on his youtube stuff. a bit like the plot of the producers only without the success ending."
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"He continues running the site as normal, everyone either leaves or desperately clings on. Doug eventually announces the sites closure, Channel Awesome and the NC are canned, Doug goes on to produce the same stuff he does now without the branding or the website without the grief"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"I suppose the crux of this would fall on who owns the "Channel awesome" youtube channel...if its Doug he can just rename and roll on. if it's Mike then thats the only problem with this plan...though I Cant imagine Doug opening a new channel and not getting traffic..."
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"thats my 10 cents though...and I may be giving them too much credit here...the only mystery in all this, other than how they've been able to run for as long as they have under those kind of conditions (I feel I already know the answer to this) is;"
~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"what happened to the nearly 90k they raised?...that moneys just...gone. effectively... I mean...studios cost money...but not that much money...either way well done to the creators who took a stand. your a real inspiration to the industry #Changethechannel ~~TYTD Review (@TYTDREVIEW), continuing

"As someone who was previously a part of Blistered Thumbs, the allegations of incompetence are true and then some."
~~Rocket Lawnchair (@rlcsocial), commenting on the Blistered Thumbs website
"Channel update: News, Leaving CA and Moving Forward via @YouTube"
~~Mike Jeavons (@TheOnlyMikeJ), commenting on his departure from Channel Awesome

"Mike lays out exactly how I felt when I was a part of the site. I realized I could either continue being treated second class, or jump ship and make a damn samurai film! Glad I chose the latter. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Eric Power (‏@ericpowerup), replying to the above tweet from Mike Jeavons

"Here's my contribution to #ChangeTheChannel.

"It was originally going to be a thread but then I accidentally discarded it."
~~Guitarlove (@guitarlove6437), giving out her story of mistreatment

"If CA is really banning people for using the #ChangeTheChannel then allow me to join the party. Maybe you can raise 90,000 more dollars for a blocklist."
~~Acceptable Sized Green (@majuni0r), commenting on the observed Channel Awesome Twitter feed, which seems to be just blocking anyone who disagrees, mentions the hashtag, or comments negatively to one of their tweets

"Channel Awesome they just.... I can't... Remember how we said the featured blogger section hasn't changed in a year ? It just did. They just removed it. Nuked it. Probably cause the featured blogger left. #ChangeTheChannel @Cferra1227 @Obscurus_Lupa @MarzGurl"
~~Timmer (@Timmerjoe), commenting on the Channel Awesome webpage

"I would like to give a big thank you and a big hug to @MarzGurl, @Obscurus_Lupa, and @thelindsayellis for coming forward about the abuses that CA’s top brass had indulged in.
"I seriously had no idea about the extent said abuses reached, or how bad they got.
~~Alonso Velazquez (@ManOfDoom9000), commenting on the ones speaking out

"Additionally, I’d love to thank @Phelous, @Linkara19, @TheOnlyMikeJ, @Diamandahagan, @ShadowTodd, @ANNJakeH for coming forward about their experiences. I’d love to work with you guys someday, and Jake in particular inspired me to become a future reviewer.
~~Alonso Velazquez (@ManOfDoom9000) commenting to more of the creators
I think that's where I'm going to stop this for today, too. Twitter is not a good place to access archived content in the best of times, so I may give up on archiving all of the tweets on the topic. It was a bit much to take on.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

doom and gloom fill my room

It just keeps getting worse. Let's continue with the tweets.
March 25th, again:
"After some digging for details on #ChangeTheChannel I found this list. Hoo-lee crap."
~~Tallor "Seriously Though" Daniels (@TallorDaniels), linking to a document that basically rehashes the Not So Awesome doc, but adds more disturbing details, with links

"This is horrifying and way worse than I initially expected. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~Andrea律 @Fairycon2018 (@andrearitsu), responding to the above tweet
"Things that Channel Awesome’s Management has pulled according to the #ChangetheChannel folks coming out..."
~~Kaylyn Saucedo (@MarzGurl), linking to a Tumblr document with a whole host of links to read
"Another good summary. Just ...holy shit." ~~Andrea律 @Fairycon2018 (@andrearitsu), responding to the tweet above
"A ton of sexual harassment, expecting actors to do rape scenes without consulting them, mistreating actors to the point of them FAINTING ON SET...

Just, dear god.

~~Andrea律 @Fairycon2018 (@andrearitsu), remarking on the revelations in the document

"I'll be working on a pretty elaborate and in depth #changethechannel video, If there's anyone who has something to share, my DMs are open. #channelnotsoawesome #channelawesome #somuchfornostalgia"
~~Vee Infuso (@TheSIJW), about the two videos I've already linked

"Anonymous said: I've been trying and struggling to wrap my ahead around the crux of the #ChangeTheChannel issues..."
~~Kaylyn Saucedo (@MarzGurl) linking to a Tumblr post with additional info

"Once upon a time Juu and I made a show called Under the Cel Shading in a vain attempt to get on Channel Awesome. We were rejected. On one hand this means I have no #ChangeTheChannel stories to tell you. On the other hand, thank god I have no #ChangeTheChannel stories to tell you."
~~Lord Day-Lick (That's DAH-LECK!!!) (@RealLordDalek) on the controversy

"hearing about #ChangeTheChannel is pretty jarring. i used to be a long time fan of CA as a young teen/young adult. i stand in full support of everyone who's left. i'm waiting to hear about people like brad because i really have appreciated his work in the past"
~~Bay Erickson (@bay61296) commenting, and at this point, Brad Jones has already said he stands with the site

"Wow. Linkara announces his leave from Channel Awesome and they just delete every trace of him from the CA website. In the old days, they would let them have "Farewell Videos" and keep the vids up. Now it seems like everyone is chopped liver."
~~LadyPhoenix (@LadyPhoenix7777), the tweet which came before the one below

"Like, how disrespectful can you be? After all the work and years and loyalty, the moment Linkara says he goes -- how does CA respond? By making it look like Linkara never existed on CA. That is such bullshit. #ChangeTheChannel"
~~LadyPhoenix (@LadyPhoenix7777), on Channel Awesome's typical way of dealing with lost contributors--by dumping every shred of content uploaded to their site and erasing them digitally as much as possible
Though I think now is a good time to mention the apology:
There's one line in the entire piece--which, by the way, was first thrown up Aprille 2nd, but which I think is relevant to be thinking about as we're going through the Twitter feed--which says "we sincerely regret you felt that way".

Let that sink in. We sincerely regret you felt that way. Not an honest "We're sorry", not even "We have made mistakes in the past, but we feel sure that we can move forward and learn from those mistakes". No. This is a specific dodging of any blame. Worse, this is an abuser's apology. Hey, baby, I know I hit you, but you made me, you realize that, right? This is a Quisling's take on accepting responsibility. This is midway between "You're wrong, but hey, think what you want" and "Hey, sure, maybe we raped you, but come on, you were asking for it with that dress". It's insane that any media company, no matter how small, is pulling this nonsense in 2018.

But keep that in mind moving forward.
Back to March 25th:
"THREAD: The information that’s come to light in the wake of #changethechannel has shook me on multiple levels: as a human being trying their hardest to convey the greatest amount of sympathy and empathy they can with a black hole vortex of a heart..."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer), starting a thread on the controversy

" a dedicated fan who feels like their trust has been betrayed by the content producers they wanted to believe were good people..."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"and as an aspiring video artist who was directly inspired by what they saw as a groundbreaking artist’s collective which turned out to be built on a bunch of myths and lies."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"The utter abuse that was inflicted on creative people in the name of “art” is despicable, and has completely changed my perception of how I’ve viewed some of my major creative influences."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer), linking to an image of what he said somewhere else?

"My first ever video “Witmer’s Rant” was a 100% ripoff of the Critic. When I started seven years ago, I had one major goal I wanted to accomplish: Create work of my own that was good enough to hopefully one day attract the attention of the people I looked up to..."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

...and maybe if I was incredibly lucky, work with them in the creative space where they worked and creative something amazing together."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"That dream is shattered now, and that’s because it’s been exposed as such: a nice dream. The reality is far more bleak."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"Stories of shady contracts, mismanagement, intentional lack of financial and promotional support for their supposed “team” of fellow creatives, coerced sexual harassment in the workplace which was all swept under the rug..."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"...many things which sadly flash me back to my brief flirtation with managerial work at a radio station last fall. And how horrible major issues were simply ignored there too."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"My support goes out to all the producers with Channel Awesome who were treated to such abuse over the past ten years for simply being inspired to be creative and daring to ask for compensation and recognition for it."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"You all deserved a better hand than what you were dealt, and hopefully your raising public awareness of all the shit you dealt with will result in massive reform on the way creatives on the internet are treated by people who are supposed to be their fellow creatives."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"Not gonna lie guys, this one really hit me hard, and I’m not even directly involved with what’s occurred. I really gotta look over what I’ve done and created over the past seven years and reassess what and who I’ve been doing it for."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"I’m still proud of the work I’ve created so far, but knowing now that I was fueling myself off of a giant lie has really made me question what I was in this for in the first place, wether or not it was really worth it, and see what’s left."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"I also want you all to make a promise to me: If I’m being - or have been in the past - a shitty person to any of you for the sake of getting my work done, PLEASE CALL ME OUT ON IT! Like seriously."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"I’ll react with indigence and anger because I have low self-esteem and a massive ego which will both be taking a chunking, but it’s the only way I’ll learn to be a better person."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"I’m dedicated to the work I do, and want to make sure what I create is the best it can be, but I also don’t want to be a garbage trash-heap of a human just for my own selfish desires."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"The one major thing I’ve wanted to create in both the way that I work, and the material I put out is a sense of community. A feeling that everyone is welcome, and anyone can do this."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"Because that was the message I was fed when I first started out; and just because the people who fed me that message turned out to be full of shit, that doesn’t mean I want to be."
~~Jacob Witmer (@Remtiwitmer)

"@thecinemasnob I respect you and you're a good guy, but #ChangeTheChannel is happening & it's a confusing and upsetting time 4 everyone I’m sure. I don’t envy position you’re in. So many feelings that everyone is trying to resolve/work out. @channelawesome"
~~Vincent Perrone (@futuremoview), talking about Brad's statement about standing with the Walkers

"#ChangeTheChannel once featured my abuser
~~Madison H. (@CynderMizuki)

"I guarantee it's probably exactly whom I am thinking it is, because he had a reputation for it. I just became a social pariah for outing him for it. But I've been a lot better off without the people whom defended and covered for him. I'm sorry you were abused."
~~The Villainess Misha Mayhem (@Misha_Mayhem), replying to @CynderMizuki above

"I’m curious to see if we’re talking about the same person because if we are I think you are the first other one I’ve found"
~~Madison H. (@CynderMizuki) replying back

"Hey, #ChangeTheChannel, this just may be an avenue worth exploring... you know, if you’re all not too busy bragging about being blocked by the CA Twitter account in here.

"If the accused is who I think it is, some of you owe me a big fucking apology."
~~BannedTheSaurusRex (@TheyCallMeTXT), talking about Cynder's tweet above
It just keeps...getting...worse.

Thinking I'm stopping here for now, especially as it's getting harder to access the tweets from March. If I suddenly jump to Aprille in future entries, that's why.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

the thunder before the lightning and the breath before the phrase

The Not So Awesome document hit the web three days ago, and I still haven't finished reading through it. In the process, I found a fellow going by Social Injustice Warrior (a clever, if cringeworthy, name) who has put out part one and part two (so far) of a planned multi-part video series on where things went wrong behind first That Guy With the Glasses, and then Channel Awesome, after the rename.

While those two videos are quite the rant-filled exposition themselves, some of this I knew--I knew about Obscurus Lupa's departure from the channel (for another perspective, more forum-post based, try this one from Videogames Awesome) back in 2015, and around the same time, Lindsay Ellis' departure, along with Todd in the Shadows.

I suspect this is simply because I didn't follow that many people from Channel Awesome--the Nostalgia Critic (more these days than in the past, because I really love the work of Tamara Chambers and Malcolm Ray), the Cinema Snob (who has his own hosting domain), Linkara who has his own domain, Todd in the Shadows (who's working on collating all work, new and old, onto Youtube), and the Nostalgia Chick (who's now also doing her own work on YouTube and on and for Chez Apocalypse). I feel like I should be embarrassed about this, but I really didn't follow anyone else's work on the channel, beyond Spoony. And Spoony...oh, boy, that's a whole other can of sea lampreys, seriously.

(Along the way through the #ChangetheChannel video rants, I ran into a few videos, some with entirely reasonable complaints about, Noah Antwiler, AKA Spoony. And I've talked about Spoony before on the blog, as I was a stronger fan, and am now sort of a resigned fan, following his bizarre screeds on Twitter and seriously contemplating just burning off his videos that I do like to a disc I can label and take out once or twice a year.)

But getting back to Channel Awesome..I think it's relatively impossible for someone who's not more involved with all the channel's content producers to follow where, when and why the drama started--and some of it, as witnessed by the Not So Awesome doc, just never came to light publically before.

There's more than a hint of #MeToo running through the document, as well.

The document itself is sixty-nine pages of personal testimony plus accompanying captures of Tweets, emails, Skype transcripts or screen captures, and at least one recording of a voiced Skype call. What it all seems to come down to, largely, is that the mismanagement started from the top, with either Mike Michaud's utter bullying and and aggressive refusal to accept input of any kind, and a bit of sexual harassment. Both men come off as the worst type of boss in the pages, with another boss adding an extra sauce of Harvey Weinstein-in-miniature disgust.

I don't know if I intend to, or want to, cover everything. But I am going to cover some of the complaints.

Before that, though, as RetroReprise mentioned doing in a clip from a longer podcast, I went to Twitter to read through some of the #ChangetheChannel tweets. I got tired of scrolling to "the bottom", because the tweets never seemed to end, so quite likely I missed a ton. I will also say there seems to be a greater than average proportion of noise to signal on this one--rabid fans on both sides screaming at each other. I'm going to try and skip most of that, too.
March 22nd, 2018
"Hey @thecinemasnob why don't you just quit CA? They clearly don't deserve you."
~~Marc-Andre Lamothe (@Malbeth81), asking about Brad Jones' position on #ChangetheChannel
"No. Doug, Rob and I have been great friends for nearly 10 years, and I still love being on the site."
~~Brad Jones (@thecinemasnob), refuting the controversy
March 24th, 2018:"Today @SuedeBlade resigned after nearly 10 years of being on TGWTG/CA, and was instantly erased from #channelawesome website and archive and their admin chat without even a thank you. Just letting you all know. #ChangeTheChannel~~Jessica DuFresne (@anakuroma), remarking on the departure of William DuFresne (Suede) and Lewis Lovhaug (Linkara)
March 25th, 2018:
"Suede was one of the earliest members of CA, Linkara one of the most popular, and both got unpersoned. #ChangeTheChannel
~~Tao Jones (@themetrobolist), replying to @anakuroma's comment earlier

"Things that Channel Awesome’s Management has pulled according to the #ChangetheChannel folks coming out..."
~~Kaylyn Saucedo (MarzGurl)

"#ChangeTheChannel? I turned the damn channel off years ago... I'm actually surprised @ChannelAwesome is still around. But the fact they're just blocking people rather than actually answering to these claims is... pretty telling. #LetChannelAwesomeDieAlready"
~~Sean Strife (@strife_sean), commenting on the #ChangetheChannel hashtag
"Either give a statement about the controversy of #changethechannel. This problem is NOT going to go away, no matter how much you ignore it. Your silence says more than you think."
~~Sean Strife (@strife_sean) again

"[the forum thread is now deleted], my contribution to #changethechannel also apparently there is no way to delete your channel awesome account. Permaban here I come!"
~~Sarah M (@IvoryOkami), commenting on the Channel Awesome forums
"@Obscurus_Lupa @MarzGurl Do you know of any complaints Justin Carmical had about CA? I just think since he can't speak for himself someone could add his complaints to the google doc if you think it's appropriate #ChangeTheChannel"~~Christos (@grkpektis3), commenting about JewWario, or Justin Carmical, who died in 2014.
"Did Diamanda Hagan just #ChangeTheChannel? You guys should read "The Magfest Incident" on her blog."Jeremy O'Kelley (@JeremyOkelley), wondering if Diamanda will be the next to leave.
"One can only hope #ChangeTheChannel will lead to dire consequences for Channel Awesome.
Would also help, if @AngryJoeShow would finally speak up about it. He has been surprisingly silent until now."~~Christian Mutig (@Ductos), commenting on another content producer on the channel.
"I won't be adding anything to the #ChangetheChannel document. Compared to PME my experience on CA was a walk in the sun."~~Diamanda Hagan (@Diamandahagan), commenting on the controversy
"#ChangeTheChannel MikeJ has also left CA!!"~~Slice (@TheSliceMusic), commenting on Mike Jeavons' departure from Channel Awesome
"If there's a sequel to the disaster artist would it be about #channelawesome specifically the filming of To Boldly Flee? #ChangeTheChannel"

~~John Snyder (@Jman1995100), commenting on the all-cast movies

"An interesting thing happens if you apply this passage to Channel Awesome: it sticks.

"Grown to really cherish reading the melancholic elegies of Joseph Roth."
~~Darran Anderson (@Oniropolis), about this passage from Roth:

~~Kladdagh_reviews (@KladdaghYT), commenting on another controversy altogether
And...I think that's it for now. I'll keep collating, but this has grown rather large just with the back and forth. It will be...interesting, in the 'Chinese proverb' sense of the word, to see what happens next.

Came across another video, this one by Kim Justice, who reads a bit from the document with commentary, wherein she makes some valid points. And lastly, when listening to a list of #ChangetheChannel media, I came across Hopewithinchaos' commentary on his years with Channel Awesome. It's a bit rambling but very cogent on the points he does make.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

white dog, white dog, tell me, where’s the door?

Apparently, it was quite a dangerous thing to be female in the 1880s, what with the catching on fire and all...

And now, a truly strange Scene from a Chat:
[15:57] fxxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxxxxxxx: Hi everyone. Basically I'm a true devoted submissive guy who is truly looking for a true natural dominant female to take control over me via voice. What I mean by taking control is taking control my real life via voice, I am looking for just that one special true dominant female who I can obey and make her happy with my obedience. Please im me and we can talk about this further, thank you and I apologize if anyone feels upset about my message, I don't mean to get anyone upset or mad so please don't go off attacking me after my message sent here, thank you.
...Yeah. I don't even have to identify the group, because apparently he did it everywhere that day, as evidenced by a line later. This was the wrong group...but so were all the others.
[15:58] xxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so wrong place
[15:58] Bxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: WRONG group for asking [Fxxxx]
[15:58] cxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seriously dude, this isn't the place to advertise for that
[15:58] Kxxxxxxx Pxxxxx: yeah
[15:58] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: totally wrong plave for that
In general, the easiest way to tell if it IS the right place for...personal advertisments, shall we say? a group is to pull open that group. Is the chat set for general? Yes? Don't do it. Is it a shopping group? Yes? Don't do it. Is it for a BDSM sim group? Yes? Feel free! Unless there's a rule against soliciting in chat, in which case: don't do it.
[15:58] pxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i would totally report
[15:59] xxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah... i think they hav rules against that in this group chat
[15:59] Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they do
[16:00] xxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the kids are on spring break
[16:00] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: he does that in all the groups he can find...then gets his jollies by getting told off for it i think
[16:01] Mary Storm (imouttolunch): he will run out of groups sooner or later
[16:01] Mary Storm (imouttolunch): look on the bright side, her dosn't need 25 lindons to make rent giggles
Well, that's at least true. Guess it's an upgrade?

all grown up and no place to go

So, minor bit of drama tonight, in an unexpected place.
[21:03] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hey -- any security folk out there? We're over at [ place omitted, because I'm not sure if it's a private abode or a pub], and there's a dude who's making us a bit uncomfortable.
[21:03] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This character: Hxxxx Fxxxxx
So of course I pulled his profile. The first thing I see:

I have, of course, edited for (some) discretion.
[21:04] Emilly Orr: Oh, the irony. This is the first line in his profile: "The easiest thing to abuse is the hardest to get back: trust"
[21:04] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Wondered about him
[21:05] Emilly Orr: TON of sex clubs for groups.
Don't get me wrong, and I do explain this later in the conversation, but as it is, it must be said--having sex clubs amongst one's groups is not automatically a dire thing. Having certain kinds of sex 'sleepygirl' clubs, bimbo clubs, and free sex emporiums...well. Those don't point to exceptional character with the rest of it, when one is traveling in fantasy or neo-Victorian sims. (And Rosehaven happens to be both.)
[21:05] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yup
[21:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: exactly
[21:05] Emilly Orr: Not that that's a disqualifier, but it does predispose.
[21:05] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I can't eveb type the title he has...not decent
It's mentioned later in the discussion, also, but it happens to be a fairly well-known club in certain circles. (Note to anyone curious: Very NSFW, a dance and escort club, that caters to both furs and humans with a liking for furgirls and kawaii neko lasses.)
[21:05] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Agreed
[21:05] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He hasn't answered attempts to IM him
[21:06] jxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: do you need an EM?
[21:06] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Perhaps he is just frozen
[21:06] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What is an EM?
[21:06] Cxx Exxxx: I'm on now, [Jxx]
[21:07] jxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: okey doke, let me know if you need backup
[21:07] Cxx Exxxx: [Txxxxxx], should he be banned? I can do it from here.
[21:07] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thanks, [Jxx]
[21:07] Emilly Orr: If you have asked him to stop whatever in main chat, and IMed him to stop whatever in IM and received nothing back, then yes, it is time to escalate.
[21:07] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Txxxxx] is coming in as well
[21:07] Emilly Orr: [Jxx]: Estate Manager. Just so you know.
In case Mr. D really didn't know.
[21:07] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He hasn't done anything but stand there looking scary.
[21:08] jxxxxxxxxx Dxxxxx: [Jxx] knows. [Jxx] is. ;)
So obviously, my tip of identifying [Jxx] sounded like I was speaking to [Jxx]. Argh.
[21:08] Cxx Exxxx: So, the question is: "Is looking scary enough for banning?"
And you know, even in the strictest, theme-controlled sims, I think the answer would be no, but--in this instance, looking intimidating, with an offensive tag and a refusal to answer questions either in main chat or in IM? I think that answer changes to yes.
[21:08] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He is gone
Ah, no muss, no fuss, just--gone? Well...Good?
[21:08] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Huh.
[21:09] Cxx Exxxx: Good enough.
[21:09] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He might have read the messages and gotten the hint
[21:09] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Cxx], I am just a friend of Rosehaven. but his entire persona is ...objectionable. His profile is slimy. I am no prude, but Rosehaven is not a sex club. That is what most of his groups were. Sorrey, but I get very protective of Rosehaven and my friends.
[21:09] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thanks, friends.
[21:09] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What's up
[21:09] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm in world now
[21:09] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeesh, what happened?
[21:09] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ... and not needed :)
Sometimes, alas, that is how it goes.
[21:10] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lolol
[21:10] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: However, we are grateful you came to our aid
[21:10] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes!! VERY grateful!
[21:10] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You know that I have no special powers, right?
[21:10] Cxx Exxxx: Ok, [Txx], I'll ban him. [Hxxxx Fxxxxx], is that right?
[21:10] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Your hair!!!
[21:10] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Holy cow, I just noticed I'm up to 25 fps right now...
[21:11] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: His name was [Hxxxx Fxxxxx]. His profile tells so much, like ...YUCKIES
[21:11] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do have good hair
[21:11] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lololol
[21:11] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What was he doing?
[21:11] Emilly Orr: I do admire his taste in some of the music clubs.
Especially Mama's Pub (group link), though I think the other one I was thinking of is just one of his picks--for SN Rock and Blues, in Troppo.
[21:11] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: It was not what he was doing
[21:12] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Better question: Why did someone call me in?
[21:12] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh wow, his group list is certainly interesting...
[21:12] Cxx Exxxx: Done.
[21:12] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: He wasn't doing anything, yet we were all freaked out, and he wasn't answering IMs asking what he was doing
[21:12] Emilly Orr: It was mostly his tag, apparently, which was objectionable on its own, but I think it was a combination: offensive tag, scary appearance, mostly sex places in his group list.
[21:13] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh yeah, I stay far away from those folks...
[21:13] Emilly Orr: I'm amused because, scanning through my groups one finds a few that could be classified the same way, but also, I have more in the way of wordage, pics, FL bio presence....all we have for Mr. [Fxxxxx] is a naked beach pic. :)
[21:13] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Ever since I lived in 'Winterfell" back in 2011 and 2012 I have seen this place as a sanctuary. I get very protective of you all.
Oddly enough, many of us who knew Rosehaven back when it was Winterfell feel surprisingly protective of it.
[21:14] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: When they end up in my inbox it never ends well and I am never surprised.
[21:14] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I'm not going to judge, but I'll observe that group lists are what they are and Rosehaven is a very accepting place for people who might be seen as out of place elsewhere. I would be careful banning based on group membership, but I am not the Princess, nor has she imbued me with any ability to do so.
[21:15] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: True, [Txxxxx].
[21:15] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was not there to see his behaviour though
[21:15] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I wonder what my group list says about me.
[21:16] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well we will all be on alert in the future haha now we are all checking up on out own profiles !!!
[21:17] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Looks like I like sales and being a fairy. Sounds about right.
[21:17] Emilly Orr: If I knew nothing at all about you, Ms. [Lxxxxx], I'd say, you like fantasy sims, neo-Victorian sims, helping out the community and shopping.
[21:17] Emilly Orr: Yes.
[21:17] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well, you've just described me to a T, my dear Miss Emily.
[21:18] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Lol
In one sense, yes, I will openly acknowledge it is very judgemental to decide someone's intent whom we haven't met, just by groups. But do understand: these days, sometimes there is so little other information, we must go by groups to get any idea of the mind behind the avatar. And remember, it wasn't just the groups on his list; it was also the refusal to speak and the attire that was so very out of theme.
[21:19] Emilly Orr: And if it helps anyone, to those of us who scan through groups, we know the difference between a gathering of like minds for sensual pleasures, and something like "AFK Wondersluts", where the point seems to be to log in, jump on some posed furnishing, and then leave.
[21:20] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok, I am going to be crude. But the guy's tag was ...sorry I don't even like typing this was "the Purrfect [P*ssy]"
[21:20] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Great 1st impression, right?
[21:21] Emilly Orr: That's, err....actually a club, but I do understand the objection.
[21:21] Emilly Orr: Dancing catgirls with an anime look, mainly.
[21:21] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Sounds like a great gentleman to have tea with, but a tad inappropriate for this sim.
[21:22] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There is a 'Wet Willies' club too ...
Oh, there are so many groups, some genuinely objectionable, not just merely inappropriate. But that comes down to personal choice, too. One's actions can guide one's social perceptions, but only if one acts, yes? And this 'gentleman' did not.
[21:22] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: giggles at [Lxxxxx]
[21:22] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx grins at Tam
[21:23] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I went just to see - it was pretty ordinary ... so hard to judge sometimes
[21:23] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I may be quiet much of the time, but I think the world of all of you. I get very protective. of a community I respect.
[21:24] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thanks [Txxxxxx] :D
[21:24] txxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hugs all around
[21:24] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I can't speak for everyone, but I know I appreciate it. I love Rosehaven for what it is, and it is a haven.
It has been so for many, through all its incarnations.
[21:24] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hugs back
[21:24] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hugs
[21:24] rxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hugs
[21:24] Kxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Some innocuous groups have tags I'd rather not display, so I use them only when needed.
[21:25] Kxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: And yes, I also appreciate the efforts to keep Rosehaven a nice place to be.
[21:25] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol Yeah, I've encountered that, [Kxxxxx].
[21:25] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Slippery slope
Yes. And that is ever the hazard. Banning should be the last resort, and bans can be removed if a plea can be successfully made...though somehow I doubt Mr. [Fxxxx] will bother.
[21:25] Kxxxxx Vxxxxxxx: Right.
[21:25] sxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Indeed
[21:25] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank you everyone! It was a team effort.
[21:25] txxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so I'll defer to behaviour
[21:25] Emilly Orr: Understandable. I no longer maintain a residence, at least for now, in Rosehaven, but I'm still in the group because I adore the sim, and the people.
[21:26] lxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Me too, Emilly.
And life--or at least, SLife...goes on.