Thursday, April 2, 2020

there are so many poor people that didn't have no place to go

I suppose something like this had to happen at some point.

And this aphoristic truth from a random profile:
A tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.
Alts you play with destroy all thats good in any relationship.
As I, and others, have learned to our detriment, when unknowingly playing with alts.

From that same profile:
It didn’t take long to figure out that these are real people. They live, love, laugh and explore possibilities. They hurt, they cry. Dreams are realized, hearts are won, and some are broken. Some come to escape. Most just want to belong. Everything happens in warp speed (SLOW IT DOWN). We make great friends, some who we keep forever, and some who disappear. Second Life is not about winning the race, its about who you bring along for the journey.
And I am so tired of seeing "RL and SL are separate, so don't..."

You spend real time here
You have real emotions here
You interact with real people here.
SL is a part of your real life.
If you believe they are separate, you're only fooling yourself

So many people talk about separating RL and SL. But unless you are schizophrenic, your feelings are the same no matter what life you are in. Own them and quit lying to yourself.
It's a fair point. Most of use are still human, after all.

Meanwhile...a capture of chat relevant to current affairs.
[21:03] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: It's one of those years, I think
[21:03] Emilly Orr nods.
[21:04] Emilly Orr: I'm seeing a ton of people posting pictures of explosions with quotes saying "2020 has to be better, right?"
[21:06] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I'm convinced there needs to be more optimism in the news
[21:06] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Someone just saying "it's serious, but..we've got this"
[21:06] Emilly Orr: But do we?
[21:07] Emilly Orr: Trump just said this will be a success if "only 200,000 die".
[21:07] Emilly Orr: South Korea identified the virus in-country the same day we did. They had 158 deaths total.
[21:07] Emilly Orr: We do NOT have this.
And it's getting worse by the day. The small glimmers of hope here and there are drowned out by the tonnage of horrible news, which is becoming ingrained in our current reality.
[21:08] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: we've got this means...we're not all going to die, this isn't the end of the world.
[21:08] Emilly Orr: If we do manage to get through this year reasonably intact, it will be due to the medical professionals, the scientists, and the people who stayed home, and not at ALL the government who's supposed to know what's going on.
[21:09] Emilly Orr: Well, fair, but a significant number will die. Again, we're still at least a week out of the peak deaths of this, if not longer? And New York City will pass 9/11 deaths at the end of this coming week, if not sooner, is the prediction.
[21:09] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: nods
[21:09] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: people will die.
And people have died. More since I grabbed this to post, even.
[21:09] Emilly Orr nods
[21:10] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: And the world will go on. Some of them were going to, no matter what. Some of them could have been saved.
[21:10] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: But...there's an end to the tunnel.
[21:10] Emilly Orr: But when, is the thing. The task force has already extended the stay-at-home advisory to Aprille 30th.
[21:12] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: nods "To be fair though, that's a good idea
[21:12] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: more time to figure things out
[21:12] Emilly Orr nods
[21:12] Emilly Orr: Which will be a good thing, I hope.
[21:13] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: well, hopefully we'll see a vaccine next year. And , better testing.
That is the hope. The FDA is grasping at straws at this point, but vaccines are being worked on.
[21:14] Emilly Orr nods.
[21:14] Emilly Orr: They are hoping for a vaccine by 2021
[21:14] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: It's going to be ok *smiles
[21:14] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Well..these things take time, in best of circumstances.
[21:15] Emilly Orr leans in, but shrugs.
[21:15] Emilly Orr: Intellectually, I know you're right. But this particular virus says "I hate you personally" to me.
[21:15] Emilly Orr:'s hard not to sound dire.
It goes with the territory, after all. The lass behind the keys has weak lungs, after all. So yes, it does feel like there's a very bright, very fresh red target on my forehead.
[21:16] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: nods
[21:16] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: It's not all roses.
[21:16] Emilly Orr nods.
[21:19] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I think my problem..
[21:19] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: it's..on one side you have trump saying "it's all fine, open things up"
[21:19] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: and on the other, the news going "everyone's dying!!! millions!!! we could all die!!"
[21:19] Emilly Orr: But, y'know, my life hasn't substantially changed is the weird thing. I'm still (mostly) a homebody. We didn't go out to eat this month, we didn't go see a movie, is about the only big difference. The girls are shopping a bit less, but still going out.
[21:19] Emilly Orr nods
[21:20] Emilly Orr: I try to find the center point in what I retweet, articles that are actually solid info, but to be fair, there have been a lot of "We're all in a straw boat and Trump's loading in gasoline and matches" essays, too, because...that's pretty much been his entire presidency. "Burn it to the ground."
[21:21] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I'm wondering about Biden, it's almost that I think he is going to get nominated in the primaries, then bow out for someone no one voted for.
Which would be very odd. Is it unprecedented? I don't know. I am trying to figure out why the Democratic National Committee thought Biden was the best option. It's "don't rock the boat" behavior in spades.
[21:22] Emilly Orr: Yeah, his behavior is odd. Meanwhile, people are demanding that Bernie get out of the race, when for the most part, he's turned his attention back to saying medical care for all is important, and by the way, can we stop violating contracts with native Americans?
[21:24] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: well..he and aoc stood up and denounced the stimulus bill
[21:24] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: then voted for it
[21:25] Emilly Orr: Yeah. Which...I guess they felt they had to? Just to get SOMETHING passed?
Though the longer that goes on, the more bad things we discover people voted in.
[21:25] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: There are things going around of aoc angrily denouncing it, it would have been a good showing if she didn't then go vote for it.
[21:25] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: If it's as bad as they were saying?
[21:25] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I'm not sure you could
[21:26] Emilly Orr: Well, it obviously puts us into a staggering amount of debt, which we will be decades paying down, if that early, and even with that, it doesn't go far enough, so it may well be as bad as they were saying.
[21:28] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: well..mostly it's the lack of oversight on where the money is going, and who allocates it, too
[21:28] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: and the concern that it's more of a bail out for larger corporations, rather than the average people.
[21:28] Emilly Orr: Which is what it's sounding like it is, actually.
[21:28] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: the analogy was basically..
[21:28] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: you give one person all the money,
[21:29] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: then , kick everyone out of their home..bring the home prices way down, but the only one who has money is the one with the purse strings..
[21:29] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: they buy everything.
[21:29] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: And then the prices go back up.
Pretty much. With a thick layer of "you don't get to ask me questions" from Trump, along the way.
[21:30] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I don't think they limited what the companies being bailed out could use the funds for either..
[21:30] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: could all go to the ceo's paychecks, basically.
[21:30] Emilly Orr: And we've seen it before, and how bad it is, and likely Congress did too, and passed it anyway.
[21:30] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: nods
[21:31] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: so we circle back to...was it something that they should have denounced then said "I guess we have to vote for it"
[21:31] Emilly Orr: Probably. Remember, this was the third proposal. The first two were hammered out and pretty much dismissed when the Reps got back from vacation.
[21:31] Emilly Orr: At least one of those wasn't awful.
[21:32] Emilly Orr: Then the mostly Republican proposal came in for the third slot, and at that point, nearly everyone was hearing screaming from their consitituents. "JUST PASS SOMETHING!"
[21:35] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: If one is never really going to fight you, would you really come to the table honestly?
[21:36] Emilly Orr: I'd like to think if you cared, you would, and be willing to compromise instead of saying 'this or nothing', but I also know that's pretty naive at this point.
[21:36] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: So..there's a conversation..
[21:37] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: people might say.."there's no difference between the parties"
[21:37] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: and then, on the other side..I know people who vehemently denounce that as "if you can't tell the difference between the two you're stupid"
[21:37] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I think it's more..with one, you get a trickle of progressive things..the environmental..the like.
[21:38] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: So..there is a superficial difference, with deepening hues.
[21:38] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: But..on the basic things..there isn't
[21:38] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: neither party is working on healthcare properly, neither wants to end the wars, neither wants to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure..fix the education system.
Meanwhile, anyone who actually proposes educational reform, jail reform, health care for all, is drummed out derisively for being a "socialist", which...I mean, that's just so laughable. Do the same people bleating about socialism with certain names even know what they're saying? Do they realize we've been a socialist democracy for decades now?
[21:38] Emilly Orr: I'd agree with that. I'd say, one side's gone rigid and inflexible, because they perceive the power on their side, and have for years now, and the other's big on hand-wringing, too.
[21:38] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: It's not even hand wringing, they actively refuse to.
[21:39] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: People like biden, and clinton, the big names..they aren't.
[21:39] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: They're actively saying "[s**t] no, we can't do that. We won't do that"
[21:39] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: what the hell?
[21:39] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: really?
[21:39] Emilly Orr: What did we elect them for?
[21:40] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: We went in one election cycle from "yes we can" to..."'re just going to have to settle for second best and like it"
[21:41] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: It's not even saying that both parties are the's acknowledging that yes, you might get some nice toys ..but...they're not really the ones you need.
[21:41] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: So you never really make the leaps forward that we can.
[21:42] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Because you're constantly settling for knock offs.
[21:42] Emilly Orr: We could be doing great things. We could be feeding the world's hungry. We could be in space. Heck, the projection models tell us we were ready to actually live full-time on Mars ten years ago.
[21:43] Emilly Orr: But we're not. Because everything that's a big, challenging project gets redirected into military spending, or corporate pockets, and we stagnate.
[21:43] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: we could have college education.
[21:43] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: right now.
[21:43] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: easy
We could. If we prioritized an intelligent society over easily misled sheep who were never taught how to critically evaluate.
[21:44] Emilly Orr: Right.
[21:44] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: the healthcare, a little tougher.
[21:44] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: but..we could do that too.
[21:44] Emilly Orr: True, because there's a lot of different ideas on how best that should go.
[21:45] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: the free education is a big one...keep the standards, not everyone is going to harvard, or even going..but..give people who have the will, and the skill a chance to do it.
[21:45] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Bolster the trades.
[21:45] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Bolster job placement programs.
[21:45] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Fix the high school education to better prepare people for the world.
[21:46] Emilly Orr: We desperately need to do that. There's no excuse to expect everyone to want to spend eight years in higher education. And we need tradesmen as much as we need lawyers and doctors.
[21:47] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: part of it is...there's an expectation in any job that you come in with a degree
[21:47] Emilly Orr: But also, the debt at this point is crushing. Whereas, for all the folks who say "well, who's going to pay for it then?", while the short term answer is 'we are', the longer term answer is 'everyone including the ones going to college for free', because...everyone benefits from a strong educational system.
[21:47] Emilly Orr nods.
[21:48] Emilly Orr: The old joke about the fellow who went for eight years on an English Literature degree, and got his masters, just so he can ask "Wouldst thou like fries with that?"
[21:49] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: there's something where we need to respect people going into non stem fields, too.
[21:49] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: I hate hearing how useless art and history, and english are.
[21:51] Emilly Orr: Yeah. Art and music, especially, they're vital. History and literature studies, okay, they might be on the useless side if you're not tracking to be a professor at some point, or write books on the topic? But there's still nothing wrong with that.
[21:54] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: Someone has to write books.
[21:54] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: And history is...vitally important.
History in particular, because if we as a people don't know where we've been, we can't properly see where we're going.
[21:54] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: If you don't know where you came from, people can tell you anything.
That too. Which goes back to the easily misled sheep comment.
[21:55] Emilly Orr: And you'll believe it, which is why education suffers so much when people remove bits from textbooks, or rewrite them to reflect current opinion, not actual fact.
[21:56] Mxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxxx: nods
So, we get a government that's too busy buying stock in disaster firms to deal with the country's issues, we get a president that denied the virus as long as he could because that meant more money lining his pockets, and on top of that he's so ridiculously petty as a human that if state governors are "mean" to him, he refuses to send them vital, life-saving equipment. He is literally killing American citizens because his ego must be placated.

This is not what we need.

But we're stuck here. More deaths, more disease, more desperation. And the gun stores are still open.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

feels like we're dreaming, we're tripping and reeling

You ever talk with someone, and you're pretty sure you're both speaking the same language, but there's a translation failure on at least one side? Or at least a failure to comprehend?
[10:26] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hi. i bought some [store name] skins some time last year for 100L. are those still available? if so, where? im at the mainstore now, and im looking for the [specific] skin, but cant seem to find it here. if its not here, is it still available to get somewhere?
So the lynchpin of this whole conversation is, it's Aprille now. Back in January, this skin store had a huge retirement sale, because they were rebranding. So everything under the old name was deeply discounted, and not moved over when the store changed names, store styles, and sims. (To that end, yeah, I'm wondering what store she's standing in, too, because...the designer DID change sims, too.)
[10:27] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the [store name] skins were retired
[10:27] Ixxxxx Bxxxxxx: Nope, they were all put away when the [new store name] build moved on Jan 1st, if super lucky and polite, if you leave [the skin maker] a Notecard she might be able to help
[10:27] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what? how long time ago is that?
[10:28] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh... i havent been able to be online due to private issues :/
[10:30] Emilly Orr: Which is a shame, but yeah, sale's long over. So your best bet is to ask the maker. She might still have them in inventory.
Because she seemed to have blown right by the first suggestion to ask the maker directly.
[10:32] mxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: they retired around Feb I think or Jan
[10:32] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i do hope that. because [specific skin name] is too light and [specific other skin name] is too dark. and since i need to save my lil over 8.300L for 2 months.. well i need to cheap but yet good looking skins for my catwa/belleza
Right, but...does she not get we're not the people to ask?
[10:34] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cheap = below 400L for head/body appliers and with no-brows option incl with the price
And while it's definitely tricky to find skins with appliers for L$400 or below, it's not impossible.
[10:40] Emilly Orr: Right...and...while that's a great budgeting measure, the skins are still not in the store. Notecard. [The designer].
[10:41] Sxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: Ya, she sent out multiple notices about skins retiring, and left the store up for a few months.
She did. It was a several-month-long sale, which started, I believe, around October and went until the end of January.
[10:46] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yesterday it was the 1st time i was able to come online in 2020 due to private life
[10:46] jxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so i really had no clues about anything in sl since dec 2019 :/
[10:46] Emilly Orr: We get it. It's hard. Pull the group profile up, you'll see [the designer]'s name, click that, write out a notecard with what you'd like, send it to her.
I mean, am I not being clear?
[10:46] Ixxxxx Bxxxxxx: [The designer] helped someone get an old matching [store name] skin for her alt last week, she's a pretty nice person if you ask nicely and explain
[10:47] Emilly Orr: Exactly.
I think she finally got it after that, because chat turned to more normal things for a skin store, and life went on. But sheesh.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

let's dance in style, lets dance for a while (part three)

(Continued from part two.)

We continue with the third tale.
[14:44] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): For our last story of the show will be told by my lovely sister geisha Hiroko san
[14:44] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Please dear Hiroko san *smiles* tell us your tale
[14:45] Hiroko Yokosuka: Konnichiwa everyone! hope you are all have a wonderful evening. And indeed it is one.
[14:45] Hiroko Yokosuka: Tonight I bring you a story call "Coyote brings fire"
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:46] Hiroko Yokosuka: Long ago, the Fire Beings were the only people who had fire.
[14:46] Hiroko Yokosuka: They guarded it closely and wouldn't share it with other tribes or animals.
[14:46] Hiroko Yokosuka: This didn't matter so much in spring and summer, but in winter many young children and old people died from the icy cold.
[14:46] Hiroko Yokosuka: Just before the next winter, some of the animals called a meeting.
[14:47] Hiroko Yokosuka: "We can't let our children and grandparents die from the cold this year," said Squirrel. "We have to get fire from the Fire Beings to keep warm."
[14:47] Hiroko Yokosuka: "How can we do that?" asked Chipmunk. "The Fire Beings won't share it with us".
[14:48] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Let's ask Coyote for help" said Frog. "He's crafty and cunning, and he'll know how to get fire".
[14:48] Hiroko Yokosuka: Coyote listened and thought about the problem. Then he smiled a cunning smile.
[14:48] Hiroko Yokosuka: "We'll take it!" answered Coyote slyly. "I have a plan. Follow me!"
[14:49] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas) looses myself in the music and dance, captivated with the tale
[14:49] Hiroko Yokosuka: Coyote lead the animals to the Fire Beings' camp on top of the mountain. The others hid in the bushes while Coyote walked into the camp.
[14:49] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Who's there?" screeched one of the Beings. "Someone's trying to steal our fire".
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:50] Hiroko Yokosuka: "It's all right," hissed another. "It's only an old moth eaten coyote".
[14:50] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Huummph! Moth eaten indeed," thought Coyote, but he didn't say anything. He lay down by the fire and pretended to go to sleep, keeping one eye half open.
[14:50] Hiroko Yokosuka: Three Fire Beings sat nearby. One was huge and ugly - with a small bald head and big rolls of fat around his stomach.
[14:51] Hiroko Yokosuka: Snot dripped in long slimy strands from his nose. The other two were old hags, with eyes like red stones and clawed hands like a vulture.
[14:51] Hiroko Yokosuka: After a few minutes, a banging noise started in the bushes. It was Coyote's friends.
[14:51] Hiroko Yokosuka: "What's that horrible noise?" cried the fat ugly Fire Being. "Who's there?" The three of them went to investigate.
[14:51] Hiroko Yokosuka: Seeing his chance, Coyote snatched up a glowing piece of fire and ran off down the mountain as fast as he could.
[14:52] Hiroko Yokosuka: Realising they had been tricked, the two hags screamed and chased after him.
[14:52] Hiroko Yokosuka: The big fat bald Fire Being just stood there, with more snot dripping from his nose.>
[14:52] Hiroko Yokosuka: The hags were old, but they could run like the wind. They nearly caught Coyote
[14:52] Hiroko Yokosuka: One of them stretched out her claws and touched the tip of his tail. The heat turned the hairs white.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:53] Hiroko Yokosuka: Coyote threw the fire into the air towards Squirrel.
[14:53] Hiroko Yokosuka: She caught it in her tail and scampered off over stumps and boulders.
[14:54] Hiroko Yokosuka: The fire scorched her so badly, that her tail curled up over her back. She was almost caught, until Chipmunk bounded up beside her.
[14:54] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Me! Me! Throw it to me!" Catching the fire, Chipmunk turned to run.
[14:54] Hiroko Yokosuka: One of the hags clawed her back leaving three stripes down it. Chipmunk threw the fire to Frog, but one of the Beings grabbed his tail.
[14:55] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Let me go!" yelled Frog. He squirmed and struggled so much that his eyeballs bulged and he thought his heart would burst.
[14:55] Hiroko Yokosuka: With one last mighty leap he tore himself free, leaving his beautiful long tail behind, still wriggling in the hag's claw.
[14:55] Hiroko Yokosuka: Frog threw the fire to Wood and Wood swallowed it.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:56] Hiroko Yokosuka: The Fire Beings hit Wood and kicked him and cut him with their knives, but still Wood didn't spit out the fire.
[14:56] Hiroko Yokosuka: At last the hags gave up and went home, mumbling to themselves:
[14:56] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Oh dear, I think I broke a nail". "Never mind. We'll have frog's tail soup tonight." "Mmm! That sounds nice".
[14:56] Hiroko Yokosuka: Coyote called all the animals together to teach them how to get the fire from Wood.
[14:57] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Fire is a gift for everyone.
[14:57] Hiroko Yokosuka: If you rub two dry sticks of Wood together very fast Wood will get itchy and give you some fire. From now on you will be warm in winter"
[14:57] Hiroko Yokosuka: "I told you Coyote was cunning" said Frog.
[14:57] Hiroko Yokosuka: "Yes, but I wonder what frog's tail soup tastes like?" asked Squirrel.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:58] Hiroko Yokosuka: And that is why today, Coyote's tail has a white tip, squirrel's tail curls around over her back, chipmunk's coat has white stripes and frog has no tail.
[14:58] Hiroko Yokosuka: But everyone is warm in winter.
[14:58] Hiroko Yokosuka: This is the end of my story, hope you all have enjoyed it.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:58] Ωღ Lιηᴀ ღΩ (shannon.warden): happy clapss
[14:58] Otterax Avalanche (otterax): That's a four-fer!
[14:58] Otterax Avalanche (otterax): Aρρlɑuѕɛ!
[14:59] Emilly Orr applauds, beaming.
[14:59] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas) bows respectfully
[14:59] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas) applauds and smiles gratefully
[14:59] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Domo arigato HIorko san for that lovely tale!ありがとうございます (Translated: "Thank you.")
[15:00] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): So sadly, dear guests the time has come for our show to end.
[15:01] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): I am glad you could all be here with us to share this special day with us
[15:01] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): If you are not already a member of our Little Yoshiwara group, I would like to invite you to join.
[15:01] Ωღ Lιηᴀ ღΩ (shannon.warden): yes oleses
[15:01] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): From this group, we send notices that will notifiy you of any other performances we may have.
[15:01] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): As your day continues, I hope that you may carry the feeling of peace and beauty that you felt here through out the rest of the day.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[15:02] reefer 無怨無悔 (reefer.shoreman): more Applause!
[15:02] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): And I hope to see you again very soon! ありがとうございます (Translated: "Thank you.")
[15:02] Otterax Avalanche (otterax): Arigato!
[15:02] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano) smiles
[15:02] Ωღ Lιηᴀ ღΩ (shannon.warden): my the light allways shine apone you and all your house
[15:02] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana) smiles in a friendly way
[15:02] reefer 無怨無悔 (reefer.shoreman): more Applause!
[15:04] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas) beams and claps more
[15:04] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): ookini everyone, arigatou gozaimasu (Translated: "ありがとうございます." )
[15:04] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas): Do have a blessed rest of day
[15:05] Ωღ Lιηᴀ ღΩ (shannon.warden): to all here thank you and i realy love this place i hope to be allowed to return till then my the light shine
[15:05] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas) bows respectfully
[15:05] Emilly Orr bows in respect and slips away.
And thus endeth the trio of tales.

Monday, March 30, 2020

let's dance in style, lets dance for a while (part two)

(Continued from part one)

We continue with the second tale.
[14:30] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Now the next story will be told by myself so enjoy.
[14:31] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Konnichiwa everyone
[14:31] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): My story today is

The Master Swordsman and The Tayu
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:31] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Oooo
[14:31] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Before Miyamto Muashi wrote his book The Book of Five Rings.
[14:31] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Which classed as the bible for samuari in Japan.
[14:32] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): It is said he learned of his craft from a tayu by the name of Yoshino.
[14:32] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Yoshino was a well know tayu that worked in the Shimabara quarter in Kyoto.
[14:32] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Well know for her beauty and adored to this day by many as been the tayu that exemplified what is to be a tayu.
[14:32] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): But thats another story
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:33] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): One night snowy Miyamto Muashi was with friends and came to visit Yoshino for the evening.
The evening was a well entertained one with laughter and sake.
[14:33] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Until Yoshino spotted Miyamto Muasahi quietly slipping out in response to a noise outside.
[14:33] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Luckily she was the only one to spot him leave.
[14:33] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): A few minutes later he returned and sported a bright splash of red on the white lining of his kimono.
[14:34] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Miyamto’s friends spotted this and asked,”What is that?”
[14:34] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Before he could tell them Yoshino retorted “Just a peony petal”.
[14:34] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): She wiped it off the white of his kimono quickly with napkin.
[14:34] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): The party continued until each of the guests retired for the night.
[14:35] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): But been the tayu she was, with her unerring instinct she had guessed he had engaged in a duel.
[14:35] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): So asked Miyamto to come to her private chambers.
[14:35] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Cause now the retainers of the other duellists were now waiting outside ready to ambush Miyamto, when he came out of the tea house.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:36] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Sitting in her chamber,
Miyamto was quiet tense and with a worried expression on his face,
[14:36] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): but trying to hide it from Yoshino.
He all could see a death for him in the morning or when ever he left the tea-house.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:37] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): This tense and quiet situation was getting to Yoshino.
[14:37] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): So picking up her Biwa,
a four or five stringed traditional Japanese lute played with a plectrum.
[14:37] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Suddenly took a knife to the Biwa and smashed it into pieces.
[14:37] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Reaching into the remains of the sound box picked out the cross piece,
a simple piece of wood and showed it to him.
[14:38] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): “Miyamto you see this small piece of wood,
[14:38] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): it is flexible and not ridged so to not to break so my Biwa can sound so.
[14:38] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): If was inflexible it would either break or make the Biwa sound flat.” She said.
[14:38] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Now placing it in his hands, he could see how flexible it was.
[14:39] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): “If it was taut and unyielding it would break at the time the Biwa was plucked.”
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:39] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): These word gave comfort to Miyamto.
[14:39] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): He needed to be flexible as that cross piece,
[14:40] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): So he could move and bend to the attacks.
This gave him the strength to realised the battle is winnable.
[14:40] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): He thanked Yoshino for her time and bound out into the snow.
[14:40] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): The retainers' men attacked as soon Miyamto came into the open
[14:41] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): A flash of blade was seen as many man jumped on Miyamto,
as each attacked they were brought down in a pool of blood reddening the snow on the ground.
[14:41] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Where in a few minutes dozen or so men laid on the ground all dead.
[14:42] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Thanks to the advice given by the tayu Yoshino.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
Miymato won the day.
[14:42] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): With that advice Miyamto became the great swordsman that history remembers.
[14:42] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): But he never forgot what that tayu Yoshino taught him
that snowy night in Shimabara for the rest of his life.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:42] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): The end of my tale of the Master swordsman and The Tayu
[14:42] Otterax Avalanche (otterax): Suspenseful story!
[14:43] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Domo arigato for listening!ありがとうございます
(Translated: "Thank you.")

(Continued in part three.)

Sunday, March 29, 2020

let's dance in style, lets dance for a while (part one)

Today I went to a Geisha performance in Little Yoshiwara.

Yoshiwara geishas dancing

Onstage were Suzuteru 寿々照 (Komayo Marabana) telling the story (on the left), Yoneyu 米愉 (Sorasu Romano) (center), and Hiroko Yokosuka on the right. Ms. Yokosuka is Yoshiwara's Okiya Musume Geshia Lian and an Administrator for Little Yoshiwara, as well as Second Life's first Chinese Geisha. Ms. Yoneyu is the Okasan for Little Yoshiwara Okiya, and Ms. Suzuteru, our storyteller, is a senior maiko (the highest ranking, I believe, for an apprentice Geisha).
[14:13] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Now for our first tale will be told by beautiful senior maiko Suzuteru chan with a nice story called A Spider's Thread story
[14:13] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Please dear Suzuteru chan *smiles* tell us your tale
[14:13] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Dear patrons, I will be telling a story called "The Spider's Thread."
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:13] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): One day, the Lord Buddha was strolling alone on the shore of the lotus pond in Paradise.
[14:15] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas): Ohhh..
[14:15] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Since the depths of Hell lay directly below the lotus pond on Paradise, the scenery can be clearly seen through the crystal-clear water.
[14:15] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Then, the single figure of a man, Kandata by name, squirming there in the depths of Hell along with other sinners, comes into the Lord Buddha's gaze.
[14:15] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): This man Kandata is a murderer, an arsonist, and a master thief with numerous robberies in his reputation.
[14:16] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Yet, the Lord Buddha recalls that he had performed a single good deed...
[14:16] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas): Ok.. a start!
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:16] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): That is to say, once when Kandata was traveling through the middle of a dense forest he came upon a spider crawling along the roadside.
[14:17] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Thereupon he immediately raised his foot and was about to trample it to death. But, he suddenly reconsidered, saying, "Nay, nay, small though this spider be, there is no doubt that it too is a living being."
[14:17] Tóng Tǐ 统体 (goswamitulsidas): Mmm.. good man
[14:17] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): "Somehow or other it seems a shame to take its life for no reason." In the end he spared the spider rather than killing it.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:17] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): While observing the situation in Hell, the Lord Buddha remembers that this Kandata had spared the spider.
[14:18] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): And he decides that in return for having done just that one good deed he would, if he could, try to rescue this man from Hell.
[14:18] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Luckily, he sees nearby a spider of Paradise spinning a beautiful silver web on a jade colored lotus petal.
[14:18] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Upon seeing it Kandata involuntarily claps his hands for joy. If he were to cling to this thread and climb it to its end, he would surely be able to escape from Hell.
[14:19] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): And, if all went well, he would even be able to enter Paradise.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:19] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Having thought thusly, Kandata quickly takes firm hold of that spider's thread with both hands and using all his might begins climbing up and up hand-over-hand.
[14:19] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): From long ago Kandata has been completely used to doing this sort of thing since he is a former master thief.
[14:20] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): But because the distance between Hell and Paradise is some tens of thousands of miles, try though he might, he is not able to ascend to the top easily.
[14:20] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): After climbing for a while, even Kandata finally tires; he is unable to continue for even one more pull on the thread.
[14:21] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Having no other choice, he intends first to take a short rest. While hanging onto the thread he looks down on the distance below.
[14:21] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Kandata sees that thanks to the efforts he spent climbing, where he had just recently been, is now already hidden at the bottom of the darkness.
[14:22] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): If he were to continue at this pace, the escape from Hell just might not be as difficult as he had expected. Wrapping his hand around the spider's thread, Kandata laughs in a voice unused during his years in Hell, "I'm saved! I'm saved at last!"
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:22] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Then, he suddenly notices that below him on the spider's thread, just like a line of ants, a countless number of sinners are following him, climbing up and up for all they are worth!
[14:22] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): When Kandata sees this, he momentarily freezes from shock and fear, his mouth agape and his eyes rolling in his head.
[14:23] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): How could it be that this slender spider's thread, seemingly strained even under the weight of just him alone, is able to support the weight of that many?
[14:23] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): By some chance were the thread to break, he, the egotistical Kandata who at great pains had climbed this far, and everyone else would plummet headlong back into Hell.
[14:23] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): For that to happen would be a disaster.
[14:24] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): But, even as he thinks this, sinners, not by the hundreds, nor even by the thousands, but in swarms, continue to crawl up from the bottom of the pitch dark and climb up the thin luminous spider's thread in single file.
[14:24] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): If he doesn't do something right away, the thread will break in two at the center and he will surely fall.
[14:25] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): At this point, Kandata yells in a loud voice, "Hey, you sinners. This spider's thread is mine. Who the hell asked you to climb it? Get down! Get off it!"
[14:25] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Just as he screams at the other sinners the spider's thread, which till then had had nothing wrong with it, suddenly breaks with a snap right where Kandata is hanging.
[14:25] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Without even time to cry out, Kandata goes flying through the air spinning like a top and in the wink of an eye plunges headfirst into the dark depths of Hell.
[14:26] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Afterwards, only the shortened spider's thread from Paradise dangles there, glittering dimly in a sky void of both moon and stars.
Yoshiwara geishas dancing
[14:26] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): The Lord Buddha stands on the shore of the lotus pond in Paradise having taken in everything from start to finish.
[14:26] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): When Kandata finally sinks like a rock to the bottom he resumes strolling, his countenance seemingly creased with sadness.
[14:27] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Seen through divine eyes, the Lord Buddha thought it wretched that Kandata's compassionless heart led him to attempt to escape by himself and for such a heart falling back into Hell was just punishment.
[14:27] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): The lotus blossoms in the pond of Paradise, however, are not concerned in the least about what has happened.
[14:27] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Those blossoms of the whitest white wave their cups around the divine feet of the Lord Buddha and from the golden stamen in the center of each an indescribably pleasant fragrance issues forth abidingly over the adjacent area.
[14:28] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): Noon draws near in Paradise.
[14:28] Suzuteru 寿々照 (komayo.marabana): ~* The End *~
[14:29] Yoneyu 米愉 (sorasu.romano): Domo arigato Suzuteru chan for that lovely tale! ありがとうございます
(Translated: "Thank you.")
(Continued in part two.)

Saturday, March 28, 2020

and I don't know how I ever thought that I could make it all alone

Good Housekeeping put together a list of when and how to wash your hands, and the proper techniques to do so. If nothing else, all of this is reinforcing the importance of clean hands.

Meanwhile, if pictures work better, how about the official NHS handwashing diagram? Those pictures are clear and the descriptions fairly simple. Or...and I do hesitate to link this, because it is very unsafe for work...have the naked from the waist up version. (In my defense, it did actually help me with one area--I wasn't quite getting the circle-fingernails-in-center-of-opposite-palm motion. So...there's that.)

There's a new cabin out this week from Trompe L'oeil. This time around it's a lovely A-frame with accompanying chairs. (First link is for pictures, second for location. The first link also mentions the no-group-necessary hunt at Dench Designs for a few random furnishings.)

Meanwhile, this is a list of very caring merchants who have put out "Stay at Home" gifts to encourage seclusion. Some of the vendors may require purchase of a Linden, but all are free, so it will be refunded.

And all I have left is to encourage readers to comply with shelter-in-place restrictions, if at all possible. Most other countries seem to have this down, but I've seen far too many posting-from-the-pub shots from the UK for my liking, and in the really seems like a third of the country is staying home and trying not to get sick--or sicken anyone else--and the other two-thirds, including many of our elected officials, are behaving as if this is no worse than the common cold.

It's worse. It's much worse. And it can--and has--caused permanent lung damage in people, so those who go out and flaunt the restrictions, then get it, may not only get sick, but end up needing inhalers or respirator equipment for life. And it's not just hitting the elderly--it's hitting everyone. Everyone from birth to death is at risk. So please, please take care of yourselves, and those around you.

Because it's not just your life you risk, it's other lives...but it's also lung damage, which you may be left with for the rest of your life. Hear that if nothing else.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

I woke up this mornin' and I couldn't get out of my front door

This is going to be mostly tab-clearing, things I've been holding on to pass on 'at some point'. But first, this, because it seems vaguely imporant:
[11:56] star (astarynite): If anyone knows people who are losing sims because of less income from CV19, Patch Linden just told a good friend to have any sim owner call concierge to arrange for delay or absent payments [11:56] Elfbiter Skysmith (elfbiter): Splendid [11:57] Darlingmonster Ember: nice [11:57] star (astarynite): yeah [11:57] Elfbiter Skysmith (elfbiter): They probably have experience about it anyway due to previous bugs in the payment system [11:57] star (astarynite): is true not a rumor
Names most assuredly left in, in case someone wants to verify with Ms. Star, though frankly, calling the concierge might answer the question either way. I do believe her, though, and it's a very appreciated gesture.

Now, first up. A couple things from Good Housekeeping magazine while most of us, at least, are staring out at the world from our homes. This is a list of the best virtual tours of zoos, museums and art galleries, and this is a list of the Broadway shows that are streaming. (And just because it's cute, have some penguins exploring an aquarium.)

A bit more local, Trompe L'oeil has a cottage and chair set (chair is PG, with singles animations, and, I believe, a few two-person cuddles) for gratis due to the epidemic. It will be available at least until this round of Uber ends in Aprille.

Have a listen to the Cristal Baschet, an arrangement of glass rods, metal, wire, wood, and fiberglass cones invented in 1952. Also, a demonstration of David Roentgen's dulcimer player based on Marie Antoinette (with an added separate performance vid of La Joueuse de Tympanon, showing her actual size. Very intricate device.

Reddit's been compiling what they're calling "quarantine cuisine, and not to be outdone, denizens on Imgur have been offering up their own creations. There's also a channel on YouTube that reproduces Depression-era recipes, which is worth watching, but this one in particular, as the entire dish can feed up to four people (at least, four people who can digest cabbage) for under five dollars a person. In a similar vein, Huffington Post has offered up twenty-two filling recipes that just about anyone can make with everyday pantry staples. (And by that, I mean canned or dried beans, rice, canned tuna, canned tomatoes--nothing spectacularly arcane.)

This is a very good factsheet that vies you both tips for staying healthy, how to care for yourself if you have gotten sick, and a list of warning signs for when it's time to seek hospital care. To that end, while it is no replacement for professional protective gear, if you are sick with anything , be it COVID-19, allergies, or a more common-variety flu, consider this pattern or this variation for making your own face masks, if you can't find them online to buy. (Though if you wish to support a charitable effort while you're at it, follow this link for closer to commercially-made simple masks (that link includes the referral code of a friend, but it will only give you $10 off a $100 order; for most of us, though, the $2.11 per mask is far more affordable and easier to acquire).

This next is a very adult offer, but I feel still worthy of passing on--Pornhub has extended their free premium service for all through Aprille 23rd. Just follow the link given in this Tweet. They also plan to donate a portion of their profits to coronavirus relief efforts.

Someone put together a past-to-present look at some previously photographed WWII sites. Going back and forth between the two images on some of them is just stunning.

And finally, this one's a little odd, but if you have lemonade, cream, and self-rising flour, you can make scones. Neat.

That is all.

I don't know the people in your picture frame

When one is running on an antiquated video card--because, at this point, it can no longer be updated, it's that old--there are bound to be glitches. I've run into glitches before--they're irksome, but in general, not game-breaking. Until, perhaps, the last one.


I'll start with a simple attempt at sitting. Suddenly, I was tilted in the wide silver skies. Well, this wasn't anticipated.


I logged out, because it just wasn't resolving, and when I came back, not only was I not standing near the chair I'd been attempting to sit on, but I was falling through space. Also not ideal.


Later that week, I went to a highly-trafficked event, then returned home. When I returned, I...wasn't all there.


I do know that if I ever want a really jarring visual effect, now, just detach one mesh eye and let the alpha show through on that side. Because trust me, seeing one green eye, and one red-hair-colored empty socket, was somewhat disquieting.


Today, this was what I saw after logging back into SL after a crash, and again after I'd logged out and logged back in, and then a third time when I'd spent some hours off for dinner.

Nothing about this makes sense, though I'm fairly convinced that none of my group names are written in Z̵̪̐̊a̷̖̾́l̴̨̺͗g̷̢̔ò̴̢̚ ̵̰͝t̷͓͓͆̚ẹ̷̄x̴͙̆͊t̴̬̏. Which is disturbing on its own.

But all of that would be fine (or, if not fine, mayhap, at least reasonably tolerable), if it was just me. But no, it's starting to be people around me, as well.


Please make it stop. I beg of you, ancient graphics gods. Please.

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

are you on the square? are you on the level? are you ready to swear right here, right now?

This comes from a Discord server for an SL business, on March 14th. Some information given is now out of date, I've tried to correct that where I can. But also due to being from Discord, I've anonymized names, because Discord is technically a private service. Also, because it's from Discord, not SL group chat, the naming conventions will be very different.
[8:41 AM] Qxxx: ain't no god preventing this [s**t], yo!
[8:42 AM] Qxxx: stay away from me you freak! you too, you sicko!
[8:43 AM] Qxxx: You made them do it! It's fact! Fact? Fact this, you weirdo!
[8:44 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: #justaflubro
I know it's meant as a joke here, but I swear, any time someone says this or a variation of this, I just cringe.
[8:44 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: using this [jxxxx]
[8:44 AM] Qxxx: Not much cause mental decline like a pandemic... or any kind of apocalyptic scenario.... many feel apocalyptic panic now, so.. lol
Pretty much, yeah. And as we've seen, it doesn't seem to take much to panic a double truckload of folks, does it?
[8:47 AM] Lxxx Pxxx: DON'T PANIC (with the "don't" crossed out)
Variations on this concept already exist.
[8:47 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: "i don't mean to brag but, This is like the tenth end of the world i've survived"
[8:47 AM] Mxxxxxxx: "NO coughing"
[8:48 AM] Lxxx Pxxx: I survived the pandemic, and all I got was this crappy t-shirt
[8:49 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: thats more for a shirt not a wall XD
[8:49 AM] Lzzz Pzzz: Haha, true
[8:49 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: #blamegenZ is a good one tho lol
[8:50 AM] Lzzz Pzzz: And, of course, "OK, Boomer"
[8:51 AM] Mzz: lol
[8:57 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: xD
[9:04 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: wow even TP online is sold out or cant be delivered
Amazon emptied of all stock the first day that seclusion was announced, even.
[9:04 AM] Mzz: yep
[9:04 AM] Mzz: restocking in April
[9:04 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: Barney's mind is BLOWN
[9:05 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: its cookoo
[9:08 AM] Txxx: That is friggin nutts
[9:08 AM] Txxx: So glad my daughter hid two 9 packs months ago so I bought another mega pack lol
[9:09 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i dont hvae a tp issue myself but some friends do lol
[9:09 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i do have a bread issue
[9:09 AM] Txxx: I have family that does
Most of the shortages, though not all, at least in the states, have resolved. It was strange to hear what was short state by state, though. Most states were gutted of paper goods, hand sanitizer, fresh meat, milk, butter--and ramenm of all things. Stores in my locality lacked the above (barring baked goods) for four days, but ramen stores were fine. Ironically, while no state seemed to have a run on fresh vegetables, I saw a lot of images of fully stocked vegan products (with the commensurate sneering about no one wants to eat them even during a pandemic)--by in my local stores? Maybe it's a measure of how heavily tilted we may be towards vegetarians, but most of the vegan/vegetarian foods were gutted as well.
[9:10 AM] Txxx: awwwwww I got two loaves yesterday, they are cheap bread but they are bread lol. That was honestly my last worry, my grandmother gave me a bread machine so I can make my own lol. I bought yeast like last month to start giving it a try on making it
[9:10 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: well that was my other option, getting breadmix
[9:10 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: but its sold out everywhere
[9:11 AM] Qxxx: i have a ton of TP... i always buy a 24 pack when i have 5 or so left... i had like 20 left and decided to buy a pack so now i have like 40+
[9:11 AM] Txxx: Seriously, people are off their rockers. I am down to one pack of meat. So I have to go when I get paid tomorrow and try to grab some things. But I finally found ramen noodles so the kids can live off of those.
[9:12 AM] Txxx: My fingers are crossed that these crazy folks back off and the stores get restocked quickly lol
[9:13 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i mean i get over here, when they impliment the same rules as italy that u cant go outside for like 2-3 weeks ( which they plan on doing tomorrow ) , that u want enough stuff for 2 weeks but ppl are buying stuff to last them 6 momths lol
[9:13 AM] Qxxx: i have 2 smallish freezers full of stuff... my parents have 3 huge freezers full so we dont need to worry for ages.... just restocked some dry stuff yesterday
We spend a few hours resenting our building's edict against chest freezers. Considering our freezer space in the refrigerator is about the size of two 1940's-style bread boxes side by side, we would have had no issues at all if we'd been able to have small chest freezer to store plan-ahead meal kits, meats, cheese, and whatever else. But no, they are disallowed, along with waterbeds, all sources of flame, and even medically prescribed cannabis. (I am not prescribed cannabis, I'm allergic, but it has come up in conversations with other residents.)
[9:15 AM] Txxx: My oldest son called me last night and said something about the state shutting down. I'm like they gave schools until the end of day on Wednesday to shut down so hopefully stores will wait until then. I am still fighting with my boss about the work schedule. I told her we shouldn't extend our hours. We should just keep normal hours and only do to-go orders
[9:15 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: where are you abouts ?
[9:15 AM] Txxx: Our business was cut in half this past weekend
[9:15 AM] Txxx: Alabama
[9:15 AM] Txxx: we went from zero to 1 case to now 22 and 2 confirmed near me. One in Alabama and one in Georgia
Unfortunately, I'm quite close to an epicenter of outbreak. Our first case was a whining elderly dowager who just could not believe she couldn't be released to go home from the Diamond Princess. I guess the quarantine officials tired of her noise and sent her on. So she was our first official case, diagnosed before she left (before anyone realized how bad this was going to get). Within a week we had at least one case in every county of the state; no one's entirely sure how it's tracing out, but the general impression is people coming down from a state harder hit, above us. And recently we went up from 24 cases total, in-state, to 114 cases total, in-state, and I expect it to spiral up from there.
[9:16 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: ahhhh ok , I havent been following the US situation that much , i just hear bits n bobs from ppl
[9:16 AM] Txxx: its just as crazy over here
[9:16 AM] Txxx: I assure you
[9:16 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: its all over the world now and not stopping frowning-emoji-shadowed
[9:16 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: near-tears-emoji-transparent my wedding.......near-tears-emoji-transparent
[9:16 AM] Txxx: I was out all week last week with the flu, well the kiddo had the flu and then I caught his cooties because well people are hoarders
[9:17 AM] Qxxx: a woman from my town has died... 6 total in the country.... 1000+ sick
We just hit five hundred deaths in the US.
[9:17 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: near-tears-emoji-transparent its so frustrating....come with a CURE finally!!
Still a year out for a vaccine, if that soon. A cure is going to take far longer, if it's ever found.
[9:17 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: well if u look at the stats it really is like a flu but its just i think more contagious and a tad more deadly
It's....not, though. I know a lot of leaders tried to downplay this around the world, by saying 'Hey, the flu is worse, don't worry!"...but that was pretty high up in the stupidsphere as an idea to comfort worried people. Because now a lot of them believe it. And because they've had the flu before, and it's been no big deal, then hey, everyone's just blowing this out of proportion, right?

Wrong. Does this sound like flu? In point of fact, the way the virus attacks cells is closer to how HIV is transmitted--it's not HIV, far from it, but both this strain of coronavirus and HIV target T-cells, one of the few cells in the body that have no natural defenses against intrusion, largely because there's so many other lines of defense to pass through before reaching them. But if there's a new virus who's able to slip by the usual defenders, and target T cells directly? Very very bad things happen. Which is what we're seeing.

And don't think drinking bleach or rubbing alcohol will eliminate the virus either. In fact, have an excellent list of myths about the virus, and ways to protect from the same. Please stay safe. Please keep up hand-washing protocols.
[9:17 AM] Txxx: awwwwwwwwwwwww [Exxxx] may you can have a nice summer wedding
[9:17 AM] Qxxx: yeah
[9:18 AM] Txxx: yeah the stats are pretty comparable.
[9:18 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: no not if this getting worse
[9:18 AM] Qxxx: far deadlier for the old ones
Yes, as the second video linked above points out, this strain of coronavirus is actually savagely inventive--by essentially 'hacking into' lung-tissue cells, and taking over the mini-factories producing cell components, rewiring them to pump out more virus particles--our own antibodies go on alert and attack the danger in the body--which is part of our body. It doesn't kill the virus in us, but it does a slam bang job of killing our lung cells. Which can, and has, left people with permanent breathing impairments. Joy.
[9:18 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: [Exxxx] was planning on getting married in the US, the travel agency doesnt kow what will happen to the flights etc , the whole family booked including me xD
[9:18 AM] Txxx: Only this one kills more older folks and the flu has killed more kids
Yeah, This strain of coronavirus has a good chance to kill everyone. We have deaths of elderly people, yes. We've also had 12-year-olds struggling to breathe on ventilators in hospitals. And the population of 24-to-40-year-olds who think they're immune aren't either; we're seeing them hit hospitals in full respiratory distress.

NO one is safe from this. Please keep that in mind.
[9:18 AM] Txxx: oh goodness
[9:18 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: its a [s**t] show
[9:18 AM] Txxx: I can imagine it is
[9:18 AM] Qxxx: we shall wed you online at [the store] if we have to!!!
[9:18 AM] Txxx: Thats why I am arguing with my boss
[9:18 AM] Txxx: I make the schedule
[9:19 AM] Txxx: So I have been dragging my feet on the schedule lol
[9:19 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: no Q!! thats not the same near-tears-emoji-transparent
[9:19 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: cant wear my dress sarcastic-winky-face lol
[9:19 AM] Txxx: Yeah totally not the same she needs that dress dang it
[9:19 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: shes already partnered to her partner inworld winky-face-smiley
[9:19 AM] Qxxx: you can wear it... just make it in mesh too thinking-emoji squinting-face-grin-emojo heart-eyes-cat kissing-heart-emoji
[9:20 AM] Txxx: An SL wedding can not replace an RL wedding sadly
[9:20 AM] Txxx: My son said Canada seems to have the best handle on it so far
[9:21 AM] Txxx: So hopefully someone will come up with a cure or vaccine.
[9:21 AM] Cxxxxxxxx Bx Ixxxxx Fxxxxxx: Or people's common sense will kick in
In point of fact, we need both--common sense, that ounce of prevention everyone's supposed to have, and a working vaccine. Chances are good, though, we'll have neither.
[9:21 AM] Txxx: Pfft I am surrounded by army wives
[9:21 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i dont get why ppl are buying so much to last them months
[9:22 AM] Txxx: These people have no common sense
[9:22 AM] Txxx: they are bitching about Disney shutting down
Sure, why not? Because nothing should shut down if it's just the flu, right? There are reasons these precautions have been taken. Disney has recognized this. Most bars and restaurants have recognized this. The CDC knows this full well. GameStop seems a little lost, but hey, let's hope some public shunning works in their case too.
[9:22 AM] Txxx: Yet they are hoarding like a mofo
[9:22 AM] Txxx: Because they think its the end of the world
[9:23 AM] Cxxxxxxxx Bx Ixxxxx Fxxxxxx: Shop for 2 weeks is not shopping for 2 centuries
[9:23 AM] Txxx: Right, I mean I typically shop for a month at a time because of the way I get paid
[9:23 AM] Txxx: and work
Sure, that makes sense. We were caught somewhat unprepared, as we've grown accustomed to shopping for small amounts every two or three days, but we're slowly adjusting.
[9:24 AM] Txxx: I just got a deep freezer so I am gonna make sure the kids have tons to eat while I am working.
[9:24 AM] Mxxxxxxx: You should make the sturdy shelter that people will survive the virus outbreak, and then a dummy shelter made entirely of tp where people inside surely did not make it.
[9:24 AM] Txxx: Not a year supply but enough for the three weeks they are stuck here
[9:25 AM] Txxx: at home
[9:25 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i just got my food delivery , dude staying a kilometer away from me "can u grab ur [s**t] out the fridgebox yourself" lol theyre not allowed to get close to ppl
[9:25 AM] Mxx: lol
[9:25 AM] Mxx: i mean it's smart.
[9:25 AM] Mxx: but
[9:25 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: #blamechina
Don't blame China. This could have happened anywhere live animals are being kept close to dead ones.
[9:26 AM] Txxx: Yeah here everyone is wearing gloves and stuff
[9:26 AM] Mxx: it's just so silly looking/sounding
[9:26 AM] Mxx: yeah but see
[9:26 AM] Mxx: if you still touch your face
[9:26 AM] Mxx: gloves don't do [s**t].
Now, in M's defense, they're not wrong, per se. Gloves can help, but only if we treat them as the thin protective layer they are. Touch an uncleansed surface, then touch our faces, the glove is now a carrier of whatever was on the surface to us. Treat them as a thin protective layer, and change when we touch our face or hair, or when we touch uncleansed surfaces, and then change gloves, and they'll continue to lower the chances of transmission.
[9:26 AM] Txxx: Righttttttttttttt
[9:26 AM] Txxx: But I work with food
[9:26 AM] Mxx: it's droplet based
[9:26 AM] Txxx: Soooooooooo
[9:26 AM] Mxx: so mucus membranes... lol
[9:26 AM] Txxx: I am constantly yelling at people to change their gloves
[9:26 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: i am staying inside for the first 3 weeks!!!!
[9:26 AM] Txxx: Because for some reason I am the only food safety certified person besides the owner
[9:27 AM] Txxx: The others are afraid to take the class
[9:27 AM] Txxx: So I just get to call them idiots
[9:27 AM] Txxx: and tell them how to properly handle stuff.
[9:28 AM] Txxx: So I am used to the whole wash your hands, don't touch your face, cover your cough, wash your hands after covering your cough
[9:28 AM] Txxx: and for the love of god wash your hair lol
[9:28 AM] Txxx: Hair holds the most germs
[9:28 AM] Txxx: squinty-distress-emoji
[9:30 AM] Txxx: I want to [Exxxx], I really want to just stay home with my kids. I was hoping since we are a little restaurant in the middle of no where that we would close. But she seems to think because people are hitting up steak houses and clubs that her little cafe is gonna see business.
Depending on where this cafe owner is, this is either a terrible idea, or a psychotically terrible idea, and either way, she'll likely recieve official state/government/province orders to shut down.
[9:33 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: here in belgium all the restaurants have to be closed, police are checking constantly
[9:34 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: but in europe i think its worse then in the US
[9:35 AM] Txxx: If cases move any closer to us they may. I know a lot of states are limiting hours of operation and making them cut their typical capacity in half . Fast Food places have closed their dining areas and only have the drive thru opened
[9:36 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: i feel like i am in a movie...
[9:36 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: frowning-emoji-shadowed
[9:36 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: worldwar z and stuff....i hope the end credits come soon
I don't! I don't want the end credits to my movie for a long time, thanks anyway!
[9:37 AM] Cxxxxxxxx Bx Ixxxxx Fxxxxxx: Banks here have stopped doing lobby service, just drive through
[9:37 AM] Cxxxxxxxx Bx Ixxxxx Fxxxxxx: And closed branches at the collages
[9:38 AM] Txxx: Yeah colleges have closed and banks here are closing the lobbies which I don't blame them
[9:38 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: Dead nao
[9:38 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: -dead
[9:39 AM] Txxx: It is hard to believe all this started because folks eat some weird [s**t].
That's not why all this started.
[9:40 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: that is so going on the wall
[9:42 AM] Txxx: lol
[9:44 AM] Txxx: I can't wait to see this dang wall
[9:44 AM] Txxx: I have a feeling it will be sooooooooooooo awesome
[9:49 AM] Qxxx: bats are delicious.... not.... ewww ... why do peole eat weird [s**t] fearful-emoji
[9:49 AM] Qxxx: screaming-emoji face in neutral
[9:51 AM] Txxx: Idk I'm sure some of the stuff we eat is weird to others
[9:52 AM] Txxx: Like asparagus
[9:52 AM] Txxx: Okay that's not exactly bat weird
[9:58 AM] Qxxx: i love that
[10:10 AM] Txxx: All the crap Americans deep fry is weird to me and I live here lol
Be fair, the American midwest invented deep-fried butter. As a nation we cannot be trusted with hot oil.
[10:12 AM] Moon: I knew I should have hoarded those twinkies
[10:12 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: mew-smile-emoji zombieland
[10:12 AM] Mxxx: Lol
[10:13 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: wheres-the-twinkies
[10:13 AM] Mxxx: Hahaha
[10:13 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: going on the wall
[10:13 AM] Mxxx: Woot!
[10:13 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: im gonne run out of wall space lol
[10:14 AM] Mxxx: Ikr lol
[10:15 AM] Txxx: You will need a bigger wall lol
[10:16 AM] Txxx: I wonder if the stores still have chips
[10:16 AM] Txxx: I need chips to go with my pb&j
At least where I am, snack foods didn't undergo the shelf-stripping that other foods did. Not sure why, and really, have no idea if it was different in other places.
[10:16 AM] Txxx: Also just had a work conference call and we may shut down for two weeks or close our lobby
[10:19 AM] Qxxx: you know those extreme couponing hoarders? I bet some of them will be robbed during this hysteria
[10:20 AM] Qxxx: never-half-ass
[10:20 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: i made a spot for wall art but yeah...maybe too small for all of this mew-smile-emoji
[10:21 AM] Qxxx: rofl-emoji thumbs-up-emoji
[10:23 AM] Exxxx Sxxxxx: i thought i made it big enough thinking-emoji well [jxxxx] can do wonders with textures not worried sarcastic-winky-face
[10:27 AM] Qxxx: bear-happy-dance
[10:30 AM] Qxxx: plentyoffish
[11:04 AM] Mxx: jaws-bigger-boat
[11:09 AM] Txxx: yall the pollen count is insane here right now. I cleared my throat as I got out of my car at the store and this woman looked me all crazy and ran to the door before me but then blocked me from going in until her husband came out. facepalming intensifies rofl-emoji mask-ill-emoji
[11:10 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i think i have corona, i'm coughing my lungs out
[11:11 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: im not kidding ...
[11:11 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: been coughing all day none stop
That's not a good sign, especially now. But I am hoping the best for him.
[11:11 AM] Txxx: Nooooooooooo, hopefully its just a cold. Though if you have healthy lungs you should be able to kick its butt as long as you stay hydrated and monitor your tempurture
[11:12 AM] Txxx: They gave me pills to relax my junk so I don't get the urge to cough because of the flu and my allergies
[11:13 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: if i die , [store] dies with it
[11:13 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: idk i got some cough syrup today from the pharmacy
[11:13 AM] Txxx: You can't die, you won't die. You will live forever, or at least another 50 years
[11:14 AM] Txxx: Its such an awkward time for this corona crap. Because Flu season is still active and now allergy season in some places.
Yeah, that's going to cause minor panics, I'm sure. The arrival of heavy pollen + the actual flu season winding down + COVID-19? It is a fervid, toxic stew of badly-timed confluences.
[11:15 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: i know im sure i just have a mild bronchite or something
[11:15 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: no fever etc
[11:15 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: just coughin'
Once it's fully set in, to the point that breathing becomes difficult, yes, there is always fever, as far as I understand.
[11:18 AM] Cxxxxxxxx Bx Ixxxxx Fxxxxxx: If it is a tickle any hard candy helps sooth that. Will burn a candle for you [Jxxxx]
[11:22 AM] Txxx: Regardless coughs suck big time
[11:23 AM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: suckin on ricola candies
[11:24 AM] Mxx: Flu is hitting our region HARD and pollen has started dropping so it's REALLY awkward for a lot of folks here.
I bet. Lots of dagger glances and shocked inhales.
[11:24 AM] Mxx: it doesn't help that you have idiots that go out in public with zero consideration for others and just cough and spit everywhere uncovered.
Because no matter what we do, the foolish people remain foolish.
[11:26 AM] Mxx: we had 1 confirmed case in our county last week, who was told to "self isolate" and now we have 3, and who knows how many more who either aren't going to the doctor or aren't getting tested.
[11:27 AM] Mxx: someone had said that a healthcare professional they spoke with is suspicious that the COVID-19 was the mystery virus that ran through our area last fall that kept testing negative for all flu tests but had the same symptoms.
[11:27 AM] Mxx: So it's likely been in the states long before now... it's just spreading
That is really interesting. If so, then it's never been the "China virus", it's just been a coronavirus mutation. And could have started anywhere.
[11:33 AM] Txxx: Mai it sounds like you are near me lmao
[11:33 AM] Txxx: as far as the pollen
[11:34 AM] Txxx: Heck we had nooooo cases in my state last week
[11:34 AM] Txxx: friday we had one and as of last night we had 22
From the vectors I've been watching, that seems to be how it goes. This is something that spreads exponentially. It's not one infected to two, to three, and so on, it's one infected, to two, to eight, to sixteen, and so on.
[11:35 AM] Txxx: Yeah I am wondering if this has been going around far longer. There was an older lady who passed away a few weeks ago from an Asthma attack. But she had had a cough since late December and they couldn't find anything wrong with her
[11:35 AM] Mxx: I just find it funny it's correlating right along with another flu run.
[11:36 AM] Mxx: I think it's definitely connected since they are basically the same family of virus.
[11:36 AM] Txxx: I had something in the fall that kept me coughing with a slightly sore throat
[11:36 AM] Mxx: yep, I also had it
[11:36 AM] Txxx: and they swapped me for strep
[11:36 AM] Mxx: and got labeled as "mystery respiratory infection"
To be fair, there are other strains of flu, and viruses in general, that hit the lungs. Like knees, lungs are not a sturdy design feature.
[11:36 AM] Txxx: and it was negative
[11:37 AM] Txxx: and then I got labeled as a mystery strain of infection
[11:37 AM] Txxx: Nothing helped me get better just rest
[11:37 AM] Txxx: and finally my symptoms went away
[11:37 AM] Txxx: Meds seemed to make it worse as far as them trying to treat it with anti virals and antibiotics
[11:38 AM] Txxx: they were at a loss, it was so bad I went to see about having my tonsils taken out to see if it would reduce my issues
[11:39 AM] Mxx: yeah rest and clear fluids was the only thing that helped... that and some MAJOR sudafed stuff that I had hoarded away... heh
[11:42 AM] Txxx: lol
[11:42 AM] Txxx: im trying to figure out why West Virginia hasn't had a case
There's twenty cases as of this moment, so whatever protections West Virginia had, they don't now.
[11:54 AM] Mxx: side-eye-emoji
[11:55 AM] Mxx: I could say something but I wouldn't want to offend anyone from the W.Va area
[11:55 AM] Mxx: lol
[11:55 AM] Mal: or were you making the joke, just not as obvious as I was, [@Txxx]
[11:56 AM] Txxx: Oh I probably know where your head is at on that one, I have been giving my friends there a hard time about all the Blue People in the hills
[11:57 AM] Mxx: hahaha
[11:57 AM] Txxx: Mean I knowwwwwwwwwwwww and its not to offend anyone but they admit that there are creepy things going on there. They have all made the joke themselves too.
[11:57 AM] Mxx: i mean sudafed DOES contain a key element for making meth
[11:57 AM] Txxx: haha there is that too
[11:58 AM] Txxx: But Alabama wasn't safe and we have tons of those too
[11:58 AM] Txxx: Just more spread out
[11:58 AM] Mxx: pff Louisiana isn't much better.
Loisiana is very hard hit now. It's becoming another epicenter of mass infection, like New York and Washington.
[11:58 AM] Txxx: oh i know
[11:58 AM] Txxx: I was there a few winters ago
[11:58 AM] Mxx: although we have an influx of more cannabis heads now than previously
[11:58 AM] Txxx: when it snowed in December and then again in January
[11:58 AM] Mxx: so meth has seen a downturn I think
[11:58 AM] Mxx: oh yeah
[11:58 AM] Mxx: that was fun
[11:58 AM] Mxx: lol
[11:59 AM] Txxx: I was stuck there because I was testifying in a trial
[11:59 AM] Txxx: lol
[11:59 AM] Txxx: So I couldn't even come back home for my appointments I had to stay my butt there. They did let me go down to NOLA for the weekend though
[11:59 AM] Txxx: and damn it smelled awful
[12:01 PM] Mxx: hahahaha
[12:01 PM] Mxx: you get used to it (if you drink enough)
[12:01 PM] Txxx: haha
[12:01 PM] Mxx: I don't live in NOLA tho
[12:01 PM] Mxx: you couldn't pay me to
[12:01 PM] Mxx: the traffic and tourists would kill me.
[12:01 PM] Txxx: Yeah that is one place I couldn't live
[12:01 PM] Qxxx: 1119 Swedes now infected
That's fairly grim, too.
[12:02 PM] Txxx: I love it down there it is pretty to look at
[12:02 PM] Mxx: Q I'm ignorant on Sweden's population...
[12:02 PM] Txxx: I was staying Baton Rouge
[12:02 PM] Txxx: and my ass got lost trying to find a restaurant right off of LSU's campus
[12:02 PM] Txxx: and had all my Auburn stickers on my car and ended up on campus
[12:03 PM] Txxx: I was yelling at my son who was 16 at the time that we needed to abort mission
[12:03 PM] Txxx: lol
[12:03 PM] Qxxx: 7 dead now
[12:04 PM] Qxxx: we're just above 10 million
[12:04 PM] Mxx: just looked it up lol
[12:29 PM] Qxxx: this virus is a big virus... there's 2 types of virus, one kind have no shield around the center and the other has a shield around the center.... corona has a shield... this is a good thing. It makes it easier to kill with soap, so wash your hands a lot.... also, it is heavy.... if you stay 6+ feet from people, you are less likely to get infected... touching contaminated areas is not good, so wash wash wash.... but it is not an airborne virus really, it falls to the ground pretty fast since it is so big
[5:01 PM] Mxxxxxxx: I think you guys broke Discord earlier.
[5:02 PM] Cxxxxxxxx Bx Ixxxxx Fxxxxxx: Oh?
[5:34 PM] Txxx: i have that effect on discord
[5:34 PM] Txxx: lol
[8:59 PM] Qxxx: I am so bored .... SL doesn't want to work on this laptop today for some reason, all the corona aaaall over TV nonstop, and 5am so can't really do anything at all... gah
[9:00 PM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: Play some steam games slight-smile-emoji
[9:00 PM] Jxxxx hxxxxxxx: I’m off back to bed baby-yoda-sips
[9:00 PM] Qxxx: i would.... my connection keeps dropping though
[9:00 PM] Qxxx: sweet dreams heart-balloon
[11:13 PM] Qxxx: st-patricks-kitten
And there we end. Stay safe, everyone.