Friday, November 16, 2018

Scenes from a Chat: Half-Translated Penor edition

Bright and early of a (late) morning, this happened.
[11:08] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey is there any Penis with HUD in free ?
Meet our protagonist, Mr. R, a completely clueless hack. You'll see why.
[11:09] Axxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: preciso de cabeça mesh sou nova
Translation: "I need a mesh head. I'm new." Okay.
[11:09] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ..
[11:10] rxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oi [axxxxxx] olha tem uma terra que oferece um corpo mesh basico
This one didn't translate as perfectly. "hi [axxxxxx] looks have a land that offers a basic mesh body". I don't know if she meant Looks is a store with a basic mesh body, or what, but she wasn't asking about a mesh body anyway, just the head.
[11:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: HI
[11:10] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: tell
[11:10] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hey is there any Penis with HUD in free ?
Just stop, Mr. R. Just...stop.
[11:10] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you stop please is a pg group D:
[11:10] Sxxx Mxxxxxxx: seriously??
Seriously, this is another shopping/sales/freebies group that is rated General Content. So no cursing, no sexual innuendo, no vamping for pets to abuse, none of that.
[11:11] rxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: é brasil sl voluntários, algo assim. posso te ajudar mas agora estou no telemóvel, manda IM que mais logo te ajudo [axxxxxx]
This translated as " It's Brazil, volunteers, something like that. I can help you but now I'm on the phone, send IM that I'll help you later, [axxxxxx". Okay, good offer from a member of the group.
[11:11] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: PG group ?
[11:11] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's [name of freebies/gift group] group
[11:11] rxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol....
[11:11] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes no adult stuff
[11:11] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: means dont say taht stuff!!!!!
[11:12] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: read the group charter/description.
[11:12] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well if so thn sorry
You're not sorry.
[11:12] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh penis is not a natural part of a human body?
Don't be a jerk.
[11:12] sxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Look on marketplace is all i will say lol...
[11:12] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ....
[11:12] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but 1 confusion
[11:13] Sxxx Mxxxxxxx blocks the conversation and thinks the topic should change
[11:13] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in there under the "NOT ALLOWED in chat:" you can find, "Most Adult sims/items"
[11:13] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: muted all yucky things sorry not sorry
[11:13] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nipples? [axx]? breats? vaginas?
It's "breasts", and you were asked to stop.
[11:13] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you ppl never know about them, also in rl?
[11:13] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: shame
I take it back, you're not a jerk, you're a troll.
[11:14] Bxxxxx Wxxxxxx: he asked the same thing last night
[11:14] rxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: support to [sxxx]
No support to [sxxx]. And if he asked the same question in chat last night, then he's not sorry.
[11:14] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hope a mod catches ya :D
[11:14] mxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *chitters cutely at [Mxxxxxxxx]*
[11:15] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: snuggles her [mxxxx]
[11:15] sxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sshhh sex emotions are forbidden in this group
You're just entirely useless as a human, aren't you?
[11:15] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if you read what I put in quotation marks I pulled straight from the group description and not out of context. just cut out the items not relevant to the topic.
[11:16] Cxxx Lxxxxxxxx: wait.. what's a sex emotion? Is that like "I really love your butt?"
[11:16] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can read it yourself if you don't believe me.
I've said this before in older entries, but this is, verbatim, the group bio of restrictions and rules:
  • NOT ALLOWED in chat:
  • Store ads/spam/self-promotion
  • 3 lines MAX posts
  • MP and most outside links
  • Drama/rudeness
  • Criticizing stores/gifts
  • Malls-Franchises
  • Disco/Club/DJ ads
  • Breedables
  • Land rental/sale
  • Most Adult sims/items
  • Gambling
  • Car/motor-AO/Anims-Pay MM/LBs
  • RP: OOC only
  • Pls don't link your blog in chat
So there is it, the official rules, which are clearly obvious in the group's description, AS WELL as being linked by mods at least once a week.
[11:16] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i muted them they goton my nerves before
[11:16] jxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I am hoping for a mod to catch this chat.
[11:16] xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: same
Some people just don't learn unless they're hit with the clue-by-four, or bounced by a mod. I figure they'll both get there eventually.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

prayer is the bell jar you put over this goodbye

Hoo boy, this one's going to be..."fun".
[11:54] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: That event ended at midnight and the guy returned all my stuff at 6 am
[11:54] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like... wtf... no time to go put it away in an orderly way
So, to explain that a bit, this is one of the designers from the Infinity event. The only reason I knew it existed at all is because she told me. What shows up in SL search when I type in the name is the event's group; no other way to port there, to look it over, no land, nothing. Pulling Asilva Resident's profile only lists the event in picks, the SL bio on his profile just mentions how to apply to be in the event, again.

And none of the fashion blogs--Fabfree, Second Life Fashion Addict, Nessmarket, SeraphimSL, Fashionista in SL, Classy, Trashy n' Free, Knight Fashion, SL Fashion News, iHeartSL, SL Freebie Addiction, SL Fashion Feed, IT Girls, any of them--that I peruse mentioned it in any way. Yet Asilva Resident, the group owner, told all the designers he advertised "extensively". Really? Where?
[11:55] Emilly Orr blinks
[11:55] Emilly Orr: Wow, he is such a jerk
[11:55] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and people are bitching in group notices since there is no way to talk in group
[11:55] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: apparently everyone is angry and calling it a scam
That's interesting, though I would have said, before hearing what comes next, that it was just a badly managed start to an event. Everyone's entitled to one flaming mess and then they get better, right? Save for...
[11:55] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah look what ppl sent out
[11:55] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
Thu, Nov 15 2018 7:01:38 AM PST

this event is a scam. even if I think that my message is useless and that people who are intelligent have seen it for themselves. the only way the event organizer uses to bring "guests" is "happy hour 1 ls" people come and go. the people who come are only for clothes free to 1 linden they do not care about our items or our booth.
I ask since the beginning of the event (two weeks) a link just a blog link or to see what we propose to the event.
I am still waiting for the link of the blogger for whom we have
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
kindly made boxes. How successful are you at seeing a blog? me no . You find yourself thrown out of the group when you have the honesty to tell the owner that he does not advertise and that he does not deal with the customers. the longest conversation and the only help I received from this event and the day I paid for my stand. look in the research with the third of what we all pay he was not even able to pay for the place to be displayed in the search! and the traffic is just over what my store did a few
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: he sent this at 3:38 am SLT
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
Hello, the Event ends today.
rental available, I'll return things at 6 AM second life
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: like w
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: t
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: f
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 2 hrs 22 minutes
[11:56] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was getting ready for school at 6:38 am
[11:57] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and just got back from class and a meeting
[11:57] Emilly Orr: Huh. I don't have a lot of information, but I can start from there. Who sent that?
[11:57] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO upset
[11:57] Emilly Orr: I can imagine!
[11:57] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The first set was from a designer
[11:57] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the 2nd part was from the Owner of the Event
[11:57] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Asilva
[11:57] Emilly Orr nods
This does sound pretty chaotic, and again, badly-managed start to finish.
[11:59] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: then he sent this out
[11:59] Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
I come through this apology!
A designer came the notice group complain about the event, about her clothes on the blog, all the shopkeepers are announced by the blogs, there is a person who separates and distributes so that everyone can have their items disclosed!
How to support whenever they look for me with doubts if I'm not online, I'll respond as soon as I get back!
We all have the right not to be satisfied with something or a purchased product, we have the right to complain, but in a direct way, that it does not involve other people who have nothing to see!
Once again I apologize to you, I am here to receive criticism, because they are always constructive, any problem look for me that I will try as soon as possible to solve!
Thank you
[11:59]Bxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i think i am the "there is a person who separates and distributes so that everyone can have their items disclosed" maybe? bc i only gave my items to the bloggers?
Maybe, but it sounds like a lot of the designers are upset with Asilva's treatment of them.

So, not entirely sure about this, but based on what I saw going to the event, what I didn't see in terms of advertising for this event, anywhere--and I did tip Ms. B about SeraphimSL, she contacted them, and they said they are happy to list anything with notice, but they never heard one word from Asilva about his event--I'd say if it's not actively a scam, it still may be an event to avoid, at least initially. Because again, if it's not actively just seeking Lindens with no concern for up-and-coming designers, then at best Asilva has no idea how to run an event, nor who to advertise with to get the word out. And these are lessons he desperately needs to learn, especially if he plans to do this again.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

things are getting crazy, I beg to understand

[13:57] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: hmm... whatever happened to [sYs]?
That's a really good question. I remember liking them.
[14:00] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it's no longer in the LM...
I checked after hearing this. Nope, the landmark no longer can be ported to, seems both the store and the sim it was on are both vapor.
[14:02] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: it seems they poofed off the grid and noone knows where to, and why
[14:03] Emilly Orr: That's so strange
[14:03] Emilly Orr: She was talented
She was. She had a fairly unique vision.
[14:04] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: they could at least *properly* close - and remove the malware from their website
I don't know about their website, but, if it was a case of a sudden ban, for whatever reason, then Syane Cisse cannot make changes to her profile, because she cannot log in to either SL proper, or SL's associated websites, to make those changes.
[14:04] oxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: their MP is still on, I don't know about in-world
[14:04] oxxxxx Rxxxxxxx:
[14:04] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: inworld's gone, last post on their twitter 2 years ago, last update on their own website even longer ago
Did they poof that long ago and I just never noticed? I could have sworn she had a booth in one of the October events, though it's perfectly possible I could be wrong.
[14:04] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: f*ck the MP, LL does not close a store on the MP
[14:05] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: not even permabanned griefers have their MP store closed - i wonder where the L$ goes if someone buys from someone who actually closed their account
[14:05] Yxxxxx Oxxxxx: "their MP is still on" means *nothing*.
[14:05] oxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: WELL, you can take that attitude and shove it up your [f*cking c*nt]
[14:06] oxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was offering a solution to shopping there - just because a store closed doens't give oyu any right be be a rube [b*tch] like you're being
[14:06] Emilly Orr: WHOA, language
Yeah, that was out of NOWHERE. Zero to merchant marine in less than a minute.
[14:06] nxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: take it to tells thats disgusting
[14:07] Emilly Orr: G-rated group, [Nxxx].
I checked, yes. The group this was in is rated General Content.
[14:07] axxxxxxxx Axxxx: woo hooo afternoon drama llamas.....I didn't know this was the talk like a drunk sailor chat room
I know, right?
[14:07] Kxxxxx Rxxxxxx: I know someone who has passed away with a MP store :(
Truth. Unless that person has the presence of mind to declare an executor of estate, and SL is petitioned to recognize that person, no one else can take down that store.
[14:07] Vxxxxxxxx Txxxxx: how about we all act like adults and if you dont like what someone says hit the X on top of the viewer and go to rl!
[14:08] Vxxxxxxxx Txxxxx: honestly so childish
[14:11] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: amen.. wow.. There's no need for disrespectful language in a group that is here to shop for sale items..
[14:12] Emilly Orr: Pretty much.
Conversation turned at this point; I was happy to let it go, and wander off to the kitchen to reheat a nibble. When I came back to the keys, how'ver:
[14:34] fxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: At the risk of being called a c__t [sYs] is fully functional on Marketplace, and their facebook is active until April of 2018. I ordered on MP and got the items recently. I have to say [group this happened in] not a friendly spot to visit, I deleted the group but rejoined a few weeks ago.
I won't comment about the group; my experience of being in it is it's usually professional and well-moderated. But experience varies.
[14:36] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: OMG you are such a CaT
Are you kidding?
[14:37] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i bet your feline the burn now
You're not kidding.
[14:37] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: whats the matter, cat got your tongue
Okay, you're just a jerk.
[14:38] axxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ?
[14:38] fxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: double ??
That was my response. But that was the end of it, save for the unanswered question: why did [sYs] disappear? Did Syane Cisse get banned? Doess anyone know why? That will remain the question set, unfortunately, until and unless I find out more.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I'd rather leave this embrace between you and I

Out of the blue from a store group that really never has a lot of cross-chatter:
[14:19] nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣◥◣
[Fxxxx Bxxxxxxx]
[14:20] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Translation of above message.. CAUTION!!!! KIDALY !!!
[Fxxxx Bxxxxxxx]
[14:21] Mysteriah Wichtlein (xxdarktemptressxx): mmmmmmmkay
[14:21] Bella Valoris (lizbethbloodthorn): didnt make much sense translated
Really didn't. They said they used Google Translate later in this small chat, so I pulled another service up and took a stab at it:
Careful!!!! SCAMMERS!!!
[Fxxxx Bxxxxxxx]
Russian is idiomatic, no translator will work perfectly. Also, usually, I leave spammers' names clear, but...we just have this one person's word for it, and if it's all so hyperbolic, IN-ALL-CAPS communication, I am never sure if it's a genuine warning, or someone being vindictive. But my basic takeaway from this is "there's this spammer and they're being unethical". They're a spammer, so duh, but also, the all-caps means that most of us are going to either roll our eyes or ignore it. It never works.
[14:21] Emilly Orr: Can we not have spam messages that have nothing to do with this group? Kthx
[14:21] Mxxxxxxxxx Nxxx: umm
[14:21] Mxxxxxxxxx Nxxx: did you ask for permission to post this here?
[14:21] Emilly Orr: Probably not
[14:22] Txxxx Lxxxxxxxx: ..youre asking spammers not to spam? :P
[14:22] Txxxx Lxxxxxxxx: thatll go over well :D
[14:22] Mxxxxxxxxx Nxxx: lol
[14:22] Emilly Orr: Were it normal spam, yeah, it would be like throwing Jell-O at a wall--completely useless.
[14:22] Emilly Orr: But, sometimes, the 'just passing on advice' people can be convinced not to do that.
[14:22] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well it makes the day a touch less dull when you try to figure out what the heck sometimes
[14:22] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I believe that the person that initially posted is warning us of a scam. Possibly a hacked account ladies.
[14:23] Emilly Orr: Exactly.
[14:23] Mxxxxxxxxx Nxxx: well why translate spam? I'd think Sintiklia would let us know if it's important?
[14:24] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why not? Not everyone speaks Russian.
[14:24] Mxxxxxxxxx Nxxx: well I used Google translate
[14:24] Mxxxxxxxxx Nxxx: =D
[14:24] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Perfect.
[14:25] Emilly Orr: For what it's worth, [Fxxxx] is 8 years old, and there's not a lot of other info on her profile. She is not a member of this group.
[14:25] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hmm so hopping to groups to spam then hop off? dosent sound very productive
[14:25] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hence..a possible hacked account since she isn't online.
[14:25] Emilly Orr: No, no, [Fxxxx] didn't post that. [Exxxxxxx] was warning folks about [Fxxxx] for some reason.
[14:26] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [nxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx] made the post. I translated it.
To be fair, I missed that, I attributed everything to Ms. E.
[14:27] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: mabye they didnt like a deal they got on a gacha resell XD
[14:27] Emilly Orr: So, they are a member of this group, the "[nxxxxxxx]" person
[14:28] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Anything is possible. However, I was attempting to be helpful. Everyone have an awesome day/evening/afternoon.
[14:28] lxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: thankyou for translating at least we knew what the randomness was
[14:29] dxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are most welcomed.
So, tips for being helpful. Even if the original is in all caps, if you're going to repost a warning, take it OUT of all caps.

Another good tip to keep in mind: don't just blindly repost. Verify first. Ask friends. Ask the person who posted the original warning and ask why. If all else fails, take the words of the warning and paste them into Google search, see what shows up. Always remember the warning you're seeing for the first time may have been seen by the rest of the grid for a solid year, and it was a false alarm to begin with.

And we get so tired of false alarms.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

if you feel you've exhausted all your options

So, the usual rules apply: I will anonymize all but the terrible spammer, but it is from a fashion group I'm in. I say that because I mention it, so it's going to be obvious. Here we go, starting with a tiny snippet from yesterday:
[2018/11/09 22:22] cxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: N.V.I.D.O.L.Z.N.R.
Now, this happens a lot in this group. Some people allow letters to be called in their group, some don't. This one does, so we see letters constantly. This is not an issue in the least. But the very next thing that was said:
[2018/11/10 23:06] CristinaOhio Resident: .
[2018/11/10 23:06] CristinaOhio Resident: That's
I'm leaving her name intact, for reasons that will become abundantly clear later. But that is all she said. Why? What did it mean? Nothing else was said in the group for hours, so...I let it go.

But today, came this:
[11:32] CristinaOhio Resident: .
[11:32] CristinaOhio Resident: That's
That is the exact same thing she said yesterday. And unlike yesterday, that was how chat opened, so I have zero idea what spawned that response.

But today...I felt I needed to ask.
[11:33] Kxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: o.0
[11:33] Emilly Orr: You've said that before. What are you talking about?
[11:34] mxxxx Rxxxxxxx: talk clear
[11:36] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok we got ya
[11:37] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I tried to take part in the conversation but thanks to chat lag I am just home alone talking to myself like a crazy cat lady. Thanks for that SL.
[11:37] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lmao
[11:39] Kxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: lol
[11:39] Emilly Orr: Yeah, but I meant, Cristina said THAT EXACT SAME THING, spaces, spelling, everything--yesterday.
[11:39] Emilly Orr: Proof:
[2018/11/10 23:06] CristinaOhio Resident: .
[2018/11/10 23:06] CristinaOhio Resident: That's
[11:39] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: spammmm
Now, yes, it's obvious, but at the time...was this spam? How was this statement spam? I didn't get it.
[11:40] Emilly Orr: So now I'm wondering why. Is she a bot? Is she irritated about something? is she going to answer?
[11:40] Kxxxxx Bxxxxxxxxx: rolls eyes and goes back to djing
[11:40] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: a bot the clothes/store isnt even connected to [fashion group]
[11:41] Emilly Orr pulls the profile.
[11:41] Emilly Orr: Wow. I've never seen so many advertising groups. She's terrible at her job.
She really is. Here's her total SL bio:

Old Lady Complete Avatar [redacted SLUrl to go buy it, supposedly] 
And her groups, they're just...well, insane. Here's her group list:

  • *PROMOTER SERVICE* (Portuguese advertisers)
  • !!!!!!SPAM THAT [SH*IT]!!!!!! (From that group's bio: "THIS GROUP IS FOR CLUB,SIM,AND STORE OWNERS! SO IF U GOT SOMETHING TO SALE, LIKE LAND,HAVE A PARTY GOING ON..SPAM YOUR [SH*T] IN MY GROUP ***FREE OF CHARGE***." Yeah. That is direct from the profile bio, corrected only to censor that one word. Punctuation and spelling errors left intact.)
  • !Publicidade (Portuguese name, English--sort of--bio. And by "sort of" I refer you to this last line: "Is not a joke is our work." Yep.
  • $$$ Propaganda e Marketing $$$ (This group and the above group are pay groups, btw)
  • ''SPAN REINOS UNIDOS'' (Another Portuguese spammer group)
  • **ADVERTISE HERE - ANUNCIA AQUI** (Their bio says "Bilingual advertising group, any business, any product or services (except for sexual content". Oookay.)
  • *-MAX de PUB-* (a French advertising group)
  • *Advertise that Shit* (Another bilingual advertising group)
  • *Spam* (From their bio: "Advertise here 6 notices a day and group messages each 30 minutes

    No bots.
    Abusers will be ejected without warning"
    I...guess that's a good thing they recognize spam is annoying? Still seems odd.)
  • GINEVRA QUEEN OF SPAM SPAM SPAM (Their bio is WILD: "in this group u r free to comunicate all your activities free chat spam (with moderation)!!! if u need to send a notice with pictures, landmark or object give me the text and the attachments and i send it to all members (just 30L for every notice!!!)" Gosh, what a deal.)
  • SpamBox.Publicidad.Second Life (Their bio is telling: "SPAM SPAM SPAM
    The best Spam group in secondlife
    Publicited your business 24 hours .
    Non stop." They're also apparently bilingual, Portuguese/English.)
  • ULTRA MEGA ADVERTISER (This one's outright lying to people: Their bio says "You can ADVERTISE and SPAM here in this group chat as much as You like FOR FREE." But it's a L$100 pay group.)
The rest of her groups? They are ALL MM/mini-mania/Lucky Chair groups, with the exception of this one fashion group.
[11:42] Emilly Orr: Okay, problem solved, then. Blocked.
[11:42] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so true em
[11:43] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: guess thay have to spam since the stuff is so low quality
[11:44] Miss Cathy (purepansy): You never see quality designers spamming
Not generally, no.
[11:46] Gx Lxxxxx: If you dont like to be spamed you should left the group or block spammers
Gx apparently is a mod in this group. But I didn't quite understand what they meant.
[11:47] Emilly Orr: That's rather unfair, isn't it? If I join a group I'm joining for info or chat FROM the group, not random terrible spammers.
[11:48] Emilly Orr: Like, if I'm in a fashion group, I don't need to know that that latest hip, hop, happening club is having a Latin Dance so CUM ON DOWWWWWN....I don't need that. I need information FROM the group. Period.
[11:48] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yeah I'm going to qut [fashion group] because of an [a**hole]
[11:49] Emilly Orr: I'm not, I'm just saying that's a rather unfair conclusion, that by joining a group, I am somehow fully agreeing to random spammers wanting money, or wanting me to pay their rent, or wanting me to buy their cars, or whatever.
[11:50] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: From [fashion group's] Group Profile: **** NO SPAM!!!!! *****


Chat is only ** [fashion group] ** issues
[11:50] pxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Kiss it
[11:52] Emilly Orr: [Cxxxx], why are you being so hostile?
[11:52] Bxxxx Gxxxx: JUST STOP
[11:52] Bxxxx Gxxxx: NOW
And it wasn't important enough for me to press it, so...I let it go. Blocked the "Old Lady"--who is nearly six years on the grid, and who should darn well know better--and moved on with my day. It's just not worth it some days, debating with people who fail to grasp the issue.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

I'll miss the winter

We're going to be changing the bio sections on the Sakura house blog, so I thought I'd grab mine, because I'll likely be revising it.
She sat in her tiny mountain cabin, snow falling softly on the roof, and looked out the frosted window. She remembered when the Queen of the Unseelie plucked a little Phouka out of the woods and made her a court noble; and she did everything she could to represent the Sídhe to the best of her ability, and the Winter Court's core values of passion, instinct, and change. She was changeable by nature, shifting easily through various forms, but when the Court fled the realm, she was not allowed to follow, and wandered into the human lands for the first time.

She found a temporary home in Steelhead in the 1800s, turning catgirl to better adapt to the citizenry there. When she moved on, she moved to Caledon, and shifted freely between fox maids, bunnies, and cats, in addition to fanged humans (on rarer occasion). Another shift in place (and time) took her to Winterfell, where magic saturated her bones again, and she was able to hold to her fae form for the first time in decades.

But she found she'd grown tired with none of the Sídhe around her, and slowly, slowly, she withdrew, building her small cabin high in the mountains, far from friends and faces she knew. The snow fell, and she slept by the fire with her cats, and rarely left her refuge.

With all of these musing thoughts filling her head, she nearly missed the glimpse of a human through the snow-covered trees. She had reddish-blonde hair, a narrow, attractive face, and wore a heavy fur cloak in tones of gold and red, with rich fur lining the hood. *Who was this,* she thought, *who would fight the storms up the mountain to come here?* There was nothing here but trees, and snow, and her cabin...
She blinked, and as if the woman had seen her through the window, she nodded, turning and moving through the trees. Without another thought, Emilly left her cabin and followed, catching brief glimpses as they both moved down the mountainous terrain through the trees. Just as she reached the base of the mountain, the elusive woman disappeared, but a paper fluttered to the ground that Emilly bent to pick up. *House Sakura,* it said, *currently residing at Bellefleurs*...

She went to an information hub, and tracked down the address of Bellefleurs, scheduling a transport, for time had advanced while she'd been pinioned in the snow. She appeared in the courtyard by a fountain, and a lovely Egyptian woman with Nilotic eyes behind oval glasses came out of the house to greet her.

"We're having our annual ball for Sakura," the woman said, smiling. "Would you like to attend?"

She thought for a moment before nodding.

"Yes," she said softly, her lips curving in an answering smile. "I'd like that."

And when she'd attired herself, she hoped properly, in human garb and human guise, she saw the elusive woman again. At the end of the ball, the woman approached her.

"I'm Duchess Canning," she said. "But you can call me Indy. Would you like to know more about House Sakura?"

She smiled, looking around. She already loved the place, and it had felt like an alternate home from the moment she'd walked through the doors. She looked back at the Duchess, waiting patiently.

"Yes," she said. "Yes, Indy, I would."

The Duchess merely smiled, leading her by the arm back to the lovely Egyptian woman she'd met earlier.

"Let me introduce you to Lynn," she said. "She'll help you fit in. I think you can learn a great deal here."

She smiled at Lynn, and then at Indy. Yes, she thought. She would learn more about the humans, It could be a grand adventure, indeed...

The story won't end, I'll just be revising that bio. Probably making it a lot shorter, I was in heavy roleplay mode when I wrote it!

But the Duchess was right, I have learned a great deal, and I'm thoroughly enjoying myself at Sakura. It's a good place to work.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

and I think it's gonna be a long long time, 'til touch down brings me round again to find

This is going to be anonymized, as per usual, but because it's openly from Caledon chat, curious sorts may be able to add up the X's and come to correct conclusions. I can't help that, I thought it was more of value to post it.
[13:03] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: May i ask a question of you. When we were looking for rentals in Caledon we just went from sim to sim. Is there an actual rental office?
Near as I know, from my years of involvement, there has never been a rental office with the actual plots for rent. To be fair, such a thing is a common practice on other estates; I went to the sim's rental office both to scan plots available and to rent on behalf of Gearhaven when I rented a parcel in New Babbage, and when dealing with both mainland and island estates elsewhere, there have been actual offices with parcels or plots for rent.

But, to Des' credit, in Rosehaven-once-Winterfell, I rented two conjoined parcels, then later the Duke of Gearhaven rented a third across the river from the first two, that were all 'found' via discussion with the Princess. And when it was still Winterfell, I rented, in turn, three separate parcels, one after another, from the Empress, so...not every sim that offers resident rentals operates with the rental office model.
[13:03] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, but talk to [Jxxxx]
Keeping with my usual practice of bolding moderators in chat groups, and, in this case, estate managers or owners of sims.
[13:03] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: No, there is no rental office. However, you may want to contact [Mxxx Mxxxxxxx], who takes care of it for Desmond Shang. [Jxxxx] is not available at the moment.
[13:04] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we found a place. and we have spoken to [Jxxxx]. He sorted out our land for us. Took a lot to figure out who to ask though. Is a bit secret society lol
[13:05] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: more laid back than secret
I would agree, but to be fair, I understand Ms. B's point, too. It's not as easy as finding a box, paying the box, and clicking a group invite board, to get land in Caledon. There used to be long waiting lists. Even now, when there is less demand, it is far from an instantaneous process. It can take up to 72 real-time hours in a good week to go from desiring a parcel, to getting it set in one's name and ready for building. And that's always been the way Caledon operates.
[13:05] PPxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Des used to do a lot of this himself, but he changed jobs and is working very long hours, so he delegated a little.
[13:05] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if we are a secret society, no one has told me
[13:06] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: gathered that. Perhaps in the info offices there could be information on who to contact for rental issues, land deeding etc. Just a suggestion
This is not a terrible idea she's proposing. I honestly don't know how it would work, as Des or an EM must be on site to transfer parcels, so they are bound to officers with specific clearances. Changing that system to something that could be managed by rental boxes would be...problematic at best, and violently chaotic at worst.
[13:07] Emilly Orr: It is less secretive than just...things slip through the cracks. There was someone who was handling rentals full-time, I think RL claimed her back for a bit; then [Jxxxx]; [Mxxx]'s likely been doing land management and contacts for some time, but first I heard of it was today, so I am out of the loop.
[13:08] Jxxxxx Zxxx: The secret instructions are posted on the wall, in the Lecture Hall.
This may or may not be in jest, but to be fair, I'd have to go look to make sure. If they are, in fact, posted in the Lecture Hall, then that means the instructions on how to rent in Caledon, as well as the text of the full Caledon covenant (which I know is somewhere in Oxbridge, I have seen it in person), as well as other information on individual sims, are all available somewhere in Oxbridge Village. So it's far from secret and arcane.
[13:08] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx needs to see if they are updated
[13:08] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: And perhaps a group joiner when you rent. That would be helpful. Just my 2 cents for what it is worth
Again, Caledon is not an open group, and I truly think this is not going to change. Would it be easier to make Caledon an open group, not bound to an invite system? Sure. But with it bound to invites only, this ensures that the only people in the Independent States of Caledon group have some level of investment in Caledon. That makes sense, doesn't it?
[13:08] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx hums... the words of the prophet were written on the subway wall...
[13:09] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx rechecks his spectacles to look at the secrets.
[13:09] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: We used to have a class on What to Do in Caledon that ended with everyone in the class becoming Caledonian if they wanted, but the professor who taught that has left SL.
That might be a good class to restart.
[13:09] Dxxxx Wxxxxx hums... and tenement halls...
[13:10] Emilly Orr: You know, that is a good point. Des offered me group membership before I ever rented, because I'd shown up at several dances. I never thought to ask.
[13:10] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxx: Hey how hard would it be to include a rental reference in the covenant of each sim?
Probably fairly easy, once it was in print, as t'were. But now? Each listing would have to be updated by hand, that would be a crushing amount of work.
[13:10] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Since then, any peer of Caledon can offer you membership
Admittedly, I did not know this. Good to know.
[13:10] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: you need the magic monacle, I think, Mr. [Sxxxxxxx]
[13:10] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx still likes to original Simon and Garfunkel
[13:10] Dxxxx Wxxxxx checks her covenant
[13:10] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: If anyone who has rented would like to become part of Independent State of Caledon, please say so and I will send an invitation.
Of course, she's asking in a group which is invite-only, about members who are not currently in the invite-only group, but...thanks for the offer?
[13:11] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: Please see Caledon's covenant in the region: "Caledon Oxbridge"
[13:11] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxx: me, me, I would!!
[13:11] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: exactly [Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
[13:11] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: that's what Kitti says
[13:11] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [DME], you've been here longer than I have.
[13:11] exxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well, this is the ISC group...
[13:11] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes [Pxxxxxx]. but you have to be able to know who those peers are
[13:11] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: can't put anything past you, Mr. [Sxxxxxxx]
[13:12] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxx: darn, I'm so old the trees are new
[13:12] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: :-)
[13:12] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: just as an outsider I see a couple of things that in my opnion could be better
I think the phrase you're searching for, Ms. B, is "more efficient". It would definitely be more efficient, and even easier, but would it be "better"? I'm not sure. I'm offering the suggestion only to a wider audience.

Also, if someone one is physically looking at is wearing the correct ISC group tag, it will say "Peer" if they are a member of the group. So it's less knowing who to ask as much as it is just finding a group member.

[13:12] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Mrs. [Bxxxxx], I sent an invitation, but it says you're already a Caledonian
[13:12] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: which means you are not an outsider.
[13:12] Dxxxxxxxxxxxxx Exxxx: evidenced by this conversation
[13:12] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yes. only took 3 weeks and many messages to Des
See above mentions of massive overwork. He tries, he tries hard, but he's only one estate owner with a lot of estatess.
[13:13] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Or you could come to Oxbridge and ask
Which is actually fairly well-advertised, in Oxbridge itself, in Victoria City, in the Guvnah's Mansion, and over countless Linden-owned and citizen-owned forums and discussion boards.
[13:13] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: We are there to answer questions and attempt to solve problems.
[13:13] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes [Pxxxxxx]. My point is who do you ask?
[13:13] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Me.
[13:13] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well before today I never heard of you
And again, this isn't an unfair point. Who do you ask about land information in a place that doesn't operate by expected rules? She came in knowing only larger estates with land offices, or those places where one ports just to look a plot over and suddenly receives an IM out of the blue, or is descended upon by some rapacious sales agent who will willingly SHOW YOU EVERYTHING JUST RENT RIGHT NOW YES RIGHT NOW YES--

(Yes, this has happened when I've rented places, especially on mainland, or even just been looking. Or, 70% of the time, just ported to a place a store used to be that no longer exists.)
[13:14] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You haven't been to Oxbridge, then.
[13:14] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you have to be in the group to find people
She's not wrong.
[13:14] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have yes. many times
[13:14] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anyways just my opinion. There should be info when you rent as to who to contact. There is only Des and he does not answer
[13:15] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: Back to the reference to "Please see Caledon's covenant in the region: 'Caledon Oxbridge'"
[13:15] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: As I was saying, if you want to know something and don't know who to ask, come to Oxbridge.
[13:15] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: Where would one look in Caledon Oxbridge?
[13:15] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: In the Hall of Caledon
[13:15] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: exactly [Dxxxx]
[13:15] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: th Plaza, fo anyone with a staff group tag
[13:15] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: perhaps that could be more clear - maybe a URL would be helpful
[13:15] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: We have tutors, assistant deans and deans.
[13:16] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: all of whom can be helpful to visitors.
[13:16] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we are pathologically helpful
[13:16] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: well the times I have been at Oxbridge I have not seen anyone that is wearing a tag
This surprises me, unless she happened to go at such obscure, strange times that literally no dean or advisor was awake. Personally, I have never--quite literally meant--gone to Oxbridge without seeing at least one Oxbridge dean, advisor, or assistant tag. But then, my times are SLT, so...that may be why?
[13:16] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: yes, but someone not familiar may not know that... I do see Mrs. [Bxxxx]'s point.
[13:17] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do not see a solution to anything coming out of this raising of ire, though.
[13:17] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: having rented in many other sims, you rent, get a group tag, get the land deeded, have contact names etc etc. I just think the system needs tweakign for newcomers
[13:17] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not Oxbridge Tutor? Oxbridge Dean? COU Assistant Dean, Mrs [Bxxx]?
[13:17] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: nope [Txxxx]
[13:17] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok
[13:17] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: perhaps it is the times I was there
[13:17] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: yes, could be
[13:18] Emilly Orr: Now, wait. Des does answer. But understand, there's only one of him and several entire sims of us. He will answer when he has time, which is, some weeks, in very short supply.
[13:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Caledon is lovely.
[13:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I get that Emily. but when you try and rent and all contact goes unanswered then there needs to be a second person to contact. and that should be on the rental info
Is this a viable solution to the problem, though? Because, at the heart of it, while Des most definitely wants Caledon to survive, and thrive if it is able, he does not want another bout of heedless expansion that will destroy the nature of the place. Perhaps setting these limits is one way of making sure that those who are only interested in instant gratification move somewhere else.
[13:18] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just trying to make suggestions so it is easier for newcomers
[13:19] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: anyways. Caledon is lovely. and love living here. Byeee
[13:19] Emilly Orr: Oh, I understand, and you are right, Caledon does do things in a very different way from...well, everyone I've ever dealt with.
[13:19] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: uhm
[13:19] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: In the past there has been more than one person to contact :3
[13:20] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it would help if all contacts were on rental info.
[13:20] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: whether or not they still are EMS....
[13:20] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we are still waiting on land to be deeded
[13:21] Emilly Orr: To be fair, there's never been an official list of who is and isn't an EM. It's just sort of ...known.
[13:21] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I get that Emily. But as a newcomer there is no known
True, but maybe that's also part of the culture of Caledon. Some things are acquired directly--land, titles, group membership. Other things are more gathered by osmosis--the history, the running jokes, the forms of address, the ways in which information is exchanged, taught, debated, understood. Again, much of this is not instantaneous, and I don't think it should be.
[13:21] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Mr. [Sxxxxxx] used to be one..
[13:21] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have no idea if he still is though.
[13:22] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: look do not get me wrong as we love it here at Caledon. Finally found the part of SL I have been looking for. I hate those beach sims etc
[13:22] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: He is an EM for part of Caledon.
[13:22] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Jxxxx] is Regent, he has the same access as Des... but he is not around right now
[13:22] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: but I just think some newcomer friendly stuff would help
[13:22] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree [Txxxx]. Hes always been quick at getting back to me with land info though
[13:22] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can we accept that we have not done as well as we could here, and that the Powers that Be in Caledon have heard, or will be told shortly?
[13:23] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we do seem to be going over the same stuff again and again
[13:23] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx nods.
[13:23] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I never disagreed.
[13:24] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: And, Oxbridge is not Caledon itself. It is run independently and pays its own tier.
[13:24] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: was trying to point out people who may be able to assist Mrs. [Bxxxxx] quicker
[13:24] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: I can accept that the issue has been raised, [Txxxx]
[13:24] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ty
[13:24] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: [Mxxx] was a good suggestion.
[13:24] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not trying to stir trouble. Just looking in from the outside
[13:24] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: perhaps a list of people at each info point?
[13:25] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: Info point?
She's either talking rental offices again, or a central, controlled port-in point--which, to be fair, some sims have, and information on larger Caledon events have been posted there. She's saying perhaps another board with a list of current EMs to contact in case of questions or issues, and I suppose that could work, but again, it's taking up prim space on what is usually very small, usually round parcels of community land.
[13:25] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: on a a couple of the sims I have found what looks like an info office
[13:26] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: More a landing point, I believe.
[13:26] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or cake sales point
[13:26] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cake sale? nice
[13:27] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we believe in freedom and cake, I think... some other stuff too
[13:28] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Mrs. [Bxxxxx], did you need a list or is everything all good?
[13:29] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: The older sims are hubbed -- landing points. Not all have them.
This is true.
[13:29] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: The is no list of EMs for each sim, because not all EMs want to be publicly known and a few are unlikely to even be in SL these days. Any effort in that direction is not encouraged.
This is also true. And it is their right to remain anonymous to the populace at large. Des honors that choice.
[13:29] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: we know how to contact [Jxxxx]. So that will be ok. All we need now is someone to deed land
[13:29] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ah.
[13:30] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Des, [Jxxxx] and [Mxxx], best bet is [Mxxx] right now
[13:30] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx nods.
[13:30] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: Which would likely be [Jxxxx] when here (but not right now), [Mxxx Mxxxxxxx], or [Kxxxxxx Hxxxxxxx].
[13:30] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ok thanks. making note of the names
[13:30] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: I just yell in ISC when I need assistance - there is almost always someone there to help.
[13:30] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Kxxxxxx] was the other one I was thinking of.
[13:31] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Perhaps instead of trying to ask to be added to the Caldeon group it could just have a joiner button?
No, because it's invite-only, and quite likely to remain so.
[13:31] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: [Jxxxx] is on travel and not likely to be in this week.
[13:31] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that would be easier
[13:31] Jxxxxx Zxxx: Like the on on the wall behind me?
If there is a group join board for ISC at Oxbridge, that's news to me. I thought it was still invite-only.
[13:32] Wxxxxxxxx Jxxxxxxx: It also would make it harder to control. No joiner button is likely.
[13:32] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: that would be the Caledon Oxbridge University Group, but actually a good pace to ask
Ah, okay, makes more sense. The Caledon Oxbridge group is open-join.
[13:32] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: seems i have stirred debate
[13:32] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx giggles.
[13:32] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: or perhaps food for thought
[13:33] Pxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Caledon has its own culture, and for that reason was set up to allow time for people to see if they are comfortable here before becoming members.
[13:33] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: as a lot of the 3000 members are also in ISC
[13:33] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Nothing better on a rainy and cool afternoon than a debate, Mrs. [Bxxxx] :)
[13:33] Dxxxx Wxxxxx: ... while sipping tea
[13:33] nxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx smiles... very rainy in Wales, but then it always is
There began a short diversion into global weather, which I chose to excise, as this is already going to be long enough on its own.
[13:36] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh and for the record I speak only for myself. My Sl partners opinions are his own. As are mine
More commentary on rain that I'm deleting for length.
[13:56] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Anyways thanks to you all. Have a lovely evening
Conversation returned to ISC "normal" at that point, which is to say, all over the place...but Ms. B does have several points, and good ones. It's not a way Caledon has ever behaved, and there have been reasonable and historic reasons why, but I do wonder if it would somehow benefit Caledon as a whole to behave--at least a little--like other sims on the grid.

On the heels of that, just a bit of random weirdness from another rental announcement:

[14:01] jxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i have a small announcement... more like a tease.... for some that may be interested... although im not giving out any details as of yet
[14:02] Jxxx Sxxxxxxxx: Then house is that an announcement or tease!
[14:02] Mxxxx Sxxxxxxx puts the flame thrower down, "Go on...."
[14:02] Jxxx Sxxxxxxxx: Something is coming!
[14:02] jxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Rentals are coming
[14:02] Fxxx Jxxxxx: 'I am Ironman!'
[14:02] Emilly Orr blinks. "Rentals?"
[14:02] Jxxx Sxxxxxxxx flails
[14:03] Emilly Orr: Rentals with tentacles!
[14:03] Mxxxx Sxxxxxxx: Oooo
[14:03] Jxxx Sxxxxxxxx: Tentarentals?
[14:03] Pxxxxxx Exxxx: wat
[14:03] Jxxx Sxxxxxxxx: Rentacles?
[14:03] Emilly Orr: Rentacles!
[14:03] Emilly Orr cackles
I just had to, yes. It amused me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

and the American girls in their American dreams

I don't even remember where I was, some little Halloween event end of October, but I saw this lass there and knew I had to snap a couple quick shots. And I do have one problem with her avatar...but it's not what you think.

Yeah, okay, the outfit's on the minimal side. And yeah, okay, she is definitely curvy. I don't have a problem with that--weirdly, she's reasonably proportional within the limits of a humanoid shape. Even her hands are approximately sized, and not tiny twee baby digits flailing weakly at the end of stick arms.

No, my problem is--her face. And not even her face, as a cohesive whole, but the fact that she rezzed in and immediately looked as if she'd ported atop garbage, or was sneeringly contemptuous over the whole affair. Looking serious is not a problem, and I am by no means insisting that everyone just needs to smile. Smiling doesn't work for all situations.

Despite all that, there is a difference between a face at rest, calm but not necessarily smiling, and...this. This is contempt. This is a sneer. This is a deeply judgemental and aggressive look on her face.

You can't see it because of the censored bar, but her eyes were narrowed, too. I waited before I snapped any shots, hoping it was just that animation or something, but--nope, just sneering contempt and narrowed eyes. That's just...awful.

And sure, I still think footless tights are pointless, I always will, but a lot of makers make them, and a lot of people wear them, so who am I at the end of the day? All I know is, she was totally carrying off the rest of that look, horns to heels (even with the fact that dat ass made her ankles look really spindly), until you got to her face, and that disturbing, sneering, contemptuous expression.

I just don't get it. I'd rather go back to the days of still faces and minimal expressive movements over the downturned expression, the wide pouty fish-lips in general, because really, that's just...unpleasant.

Monday, November 5, 2018

and it's hard with your head in the ground

Well, this was certainly odd.
[14:52] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hello, let me degeh please. The skin is not enough?
[14:52] Emilly Orr: Pardon?
[14:53] Emilly Orr: Also, what means "degeh", please? I am not familiar.
I looked it up. Ms. D's profile is fairly barren, all I know is she's Russian. (Her SL bio:
Я вовсе не странная... Просто у вашего общества узкие рамки «нормальности»
Which seems to mean:
I'm not at all strange ... It's just that your society has a narrow framework of "normality"
at least according to Google Translate. Yeah.)

But "degeh" seems a baffling concept. In Farsi it means "What else?" But Google asked me if I was actually interested in searching "dige", which gets weirder. It's a town in China, that's all Google's hit so far. But it did ask me if I meant "dije", instead, which is Spanish for "said" or "I said", so...I'm just baffled. What did she mean?
[14:55] Emilly Orr: What exactly are you asking, [Dxxxx]?
[14:57] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: give me 100L$ on the skin pleasss
[14:57] Emilly Orr: What skin?
[14:58] Emilly Orr: Who *are* you? How did you get my name?
A few minutes later, I gave up:
[15:09] Emilly Orr: Okay, I guess enjoy the rest of your day. I have no idea what you want.
I really don't. If I had to hazard a guess, she was asking blindly for money to buy a skin? But here's the thing. I have zero groups in common with her, at least the ones she has openly listed. And, since I logged back in from the jaunt out today to vote (I voted, I highly recommend my US readers do the same, if you haven't already), I have been exactly five places beyond home:
  • Copacabana Rio (to tap a single MM board and leave, which was a request from a freebie group I'm in);
  • 7 Deadly s[K]ins (which is a skin store, but she didn't contact me until I was at the last stop);
  • Carrie's Lingerie (who only carries skins for their costumes, currently only seen in the VIP skybox);
  • the FaMESHed event (which okay, has skins, but again, she didn't contact me until I was at the last stop);
  • and KOWLOON, to check out their gift festival. (Turns out it's a tote festival, as in, buncha totes for free or cheap. Sure.) did she get my name? What skin did she need that mysterious hundred Lindens to get? The grid may never know.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

chilled to the marrow in them bones

Oh, boy, and I thought Diablo III was bad. We went from the dark moodiness of Diablo II:

and the deep, burnished red glare of the dungeons:

to Diablo III's emphasis on aqua being the color of everything supernatural:

(Above image courtesy of Gamespot.)

and candy-colored boss fights:

(Above screencap taken from IGN Live's coverage of the PS4 game launch, in 2014.)

That was insulting enough, but the news from Blizzcon was that Blizzard has decided phone Diablo is the wave of the future. Yeah. A mobile game. Do they not understand their audience at ALL?!??

As a dear friend said, "People are not fond of when you take beloved big well realized games and move them on over into crappy phone games." I wholly agree.

And you know, you just know going into this it's going to go chibi characters and microtransactions. Bet me. Oh, I don't even have to bet, I know this going in. It's going to be all mini-games to gain currency to buy specialty skins and lootboxes, and offers for Fortnite imitation arena battles. It's so depressing.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

the winds they may be howling and my cares too much to hold

Strawberry Singh brings us news of the changes at Flickr. They're not good. Let's take them point by point.

I've been on Flickr for a stupidly long time. I have a lot of content there, though I'm nowhere near the 1,000 photos I'd need to have them start deleting them on me. I have also, until this month--to be specific, until yesterday--always had a free account. But it wouldn't have mattered had I bought in and gone Pro years ago, because the new price structure raises the Pro price for accounts from $25 US to $49.99 US (yearly). Now, could I afford that fifty per year, I'd get Flickr, on average, for a little over two dollars a month. My budget doesn't allow that, so I am resentfully now paying $5.99 a month, as I go, to give myself enough time to decide where to jump. If I am jumping elsewhere.

What does that $5.99 get me? Mostly peace of mind that I won't lose content until I figure out what to do. But also, Flickr is adding advertising to free accounts. Great. So going Pro will skip those for me, it's a trade-off.

Second, while Flickr's position on digital photography and artists seems to be, at least on the surface, supportive, Ms. Singh seems to indicate that other Flickr members have stated this is not the case. With this new change to both the pricing structure and the limitation on free accounts, this does seem to indicate that they have no problem holding content hostage--that risk of having account content deleted--for our money. This does seem particularly blatant, but without more information, I can't specifically address Flickr's desire (or lack thereof) to kick off digital photographers from their platform.

So what about her listed Flickr alternatives? Let's go over them one by one.

Instagram is not going to be a functional replacement for me, though that is primarily because I keep so little content on Instagram, deliberately. I'm not kidding--I have a grand total of seven posts. (That I have followers at all baffles me--my aesthetic, for what it's worth, on Instagram is essentially glitch art or tape damage. I refuse to upload anything that does not fit that very narrow scope.)

Tumblr is another 'replacement' listed that's just not going to work. I also have a Tumblr account (listed far down on the sidebar), and I cannot think of it as anything other than a photo/commentary reblog site. While I have posted original content (mostly poetry or political commentary), it won't work as a wide-scale replacement for Flickr. Tumblr's search features are woefully inadequate, their ability to set up individual albums is reduced to either hashtag management or setting up a new Tumblr account for each category, and the commentary on each post is essentially an embedded series of reblogs and likes that inevitably lead down the rabbit hole of other posts. And yes, as Ms. Singh points out, art theft is commonplace on Tumblr.

deviantArt has always been more of an art community than a photography community, and by that I mean sculpture, paintings, sketches, digital art, with some side ventures into sales accounts, fabric artistry, jewelry and adornments, and animation. I can't see it replacing Flickr any time soon. (I also have a deviantArt account, that does have some original work, but I don't think I'm going to challenge real artists any time soon.)

Koinup has always seemed not worth the effort to figure out--the layout is terrible, uploading to the site can be tricky and difficult, and while I did have an account in the past, I don't now. It's just not worth the trouble for me.

Ms. Singh also mentioned Ipernity, which I'd never even heard of, so I can't say whether it's good or bad. But considering I've never heard of it before this moment? I can't imagine it's a serious challenger.

Like Ipernity above, Ello is another image host I'd never heard of, so I have zero input on whether it's worth it or not.

Imgur does have the ability to compartmentalize into albums, and seems to have no image cap, but it's best to keep large-resolution originals on your own drive or upload service, because Imgur by its own admission scrunches images to save space. Also, as with Tumblr, art theft is beyond common there.

The last one she mentions I find particularly problematic as an image host: Pinterest. Originally started as a virtual design board, it does feature the ability to make many different sub-boards for separate projects, and these can include images or text that are uploaded to the site directly, or links that post offsite. But here's the problem: a couple years back, Pinterest went from open browsing to archaically closed. At this point, if I toss a Pinterest link to someone, and they do not have an account, what they will see when they click that account is maybe a second or two of the original image, then a screen-wide ad to join Pinterest. For that reason, it is unusable as an image host, and that is not likely to change.

For right now, Flickr holds its position by virtue of no one else quite able to do what it does existing currently. Maybe that will change. In the meantime, I add another fee to an already strained budget because I don't want to be bothered moving everything off and finding another image host that's less mercenary.

Friday, November 2, 2018

and it leaves its mark all stamped with lead in the lines and the grime inside your skin

This from a notice by Wordsmith Jarvinen to the Independent States of Caledon group:
Linden Lab blogged that SL has been under significantly larger than normal DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks since last Sunday. Basically networks of infected PCs attempting to overload the SL network with traffic. It's humorous that the blog says "unscheduled".
I, too, found it humorous that the blog says "unscheduled". There are scheduled DDoS attacks?

But if you've been having problems since Sunday, October 28th, that is why. They're still ongoing.

In the meantime, this bit of utter lunacy from a gacha group, of all things:
[20:37] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: pls remove me from this group or else
[20:37] sxxxxx Yxxx: do it ya self
[20:37] Emilly Orr: You joined, you can leave any time.
[20:37] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You can leave it.
[20:37] Emilly Orr: It's not hard
[20:40] Emilly Orr: Wow, that's some profile, on top of the rampant hostility.
I'm not kidding--I pulled the profile, and the first thing on her SL bio?
Cute puffy nip lactating Futanari feline avatar here 4 kittyplay click my IM box sitting in a ray of sunlight filled with Swedish fish lollies, pillows and a new collar.
I...have no place in my brain for any of that, save for it throws me back to my City of Heroes days, where the common hang-out space was just bursting at the seams with catgirl vampire futa loli supers asking for sex.
[20:40] axxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: don't you know how to remove yourself from a group?
Apparently not. Oh, and from the first-life bio section of Ms. S's profile?
I lik sillycute-looking seductress chicks with cat ears, a tail, and maybe paws and a few patches of fur. Catgirls usually act rather cat-like and always succeed in being very very cute and sexy.
Cgirls walk the line between Furry and anime.
Right...Oh, and of the nine picks on her picks page? One is for a store. The other nine are all clones of one of those "earn Lindens now!" places.
[20:47] Jxx Sxxxxxx: or else what lol
[20:47] Jxxxxx Wxxxx: that's what I was waiting for too.
[20:49] sxxxxx Yxxx: maybe the else was i will turn into a clown and run around?
[20:49] Jxxxxx Wxxxx takes out a hit on [Sxxxxx]
[20:50] sxxxxx Yxxx: lmao they have to catch me first
[20:51] Emilly Orr: I notice she's still in the group.
[20:51] Fxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: it's no fun to create drama, if you don't stick around to watch the fallout!
[20:52] sxxxxx Yxxx: exactly
[20:53] Emilly Orr: Yeah, but that's the thing. She has. Why doesn't she just leave?
[20:53] sxxxxx Yxxx: yeah
[20:53] Emilly Orr: Unless she doesn't want to, she just wants us to squabble amongst ourselves. Takes a low mind, but hey.
[20:54] sxxxxx Yxxx: [20:52] sxxxxx Yxxx: [20:37] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: pls remove me from this group or else we all want to know else what?
[20:53] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: jus remove so u wont have to find out thank you kindly
[20:54] sxxxxx Yxxx: i asked lol
[20:55] Emilly Orr: Oh, that tempts me so much to talk to Little Miss Thing.
[20:55] Fxxxxx Axxxxxxxx: 20 minutes laer still talknig about that?
[20:55] Jxxxxx Wxxxx: I know I now wanna know why they did that [Wxxxx]!
[20:56] Fxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: because clowns pink, [Jxxxxx]
[20:56] Jxxxxx Wxxxx: one of these days [Fxxx] of these days!
Some time later...
[21:02] Sxxxx Pxxxxx: ok i logged into something
[21:03] Emilly Orr: I want to say you did, but unfortunately, the 'cute catgirl' is unwilling to play. Or leave the group. So we're sort of stuck.
[21:03] Sxxxx Pxxxxx: huh
So, I finally wrote her.
[21:05] Emilly Orr: Okay, seriously. Pull open your group list. Select the Gimme Gacha group. Hit the Leave button. Done, and your furry little butt can go play elsewhere. This is so simple a three-year-old could do it.
[21:07] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: damn i try to keave i get errir or else i wouldnt be asking you im not stupid i know that
[21:07] Emilly Orr: Okay. Log out, log back in. If you still have the group, leave then. If you don't, then you're good. It's not on the group owner to kick you unless you become abusive in chat, in which case, I'm sure they'll be happy to kick you.
[21:07] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [f*ck] i wilk never join another group again because they wont let you leave
[21:08] Emilly Orr: They ALL will let you leave, it's voluntary, easy, and everyday.
[21:09] sxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Simple mind good bye
Gosh, guess I've been told. How will I ever live past this day?

Honestly, I'm not surprised with the current problems with logins, inventory, crashing, random restarts, and avatar persistence since the 28th that we're also having issues with leaving or joining groups. But she is being an upper-level idiot for not trying the basics first.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Scenes from a Chat: Totally Clueless edition

Oh, brother. This went stupid places.
[21:44] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: before i get kicked out can anyone prettyplease with cherries on top gift me 10ls :S
[21:45] Emilly Orr: Please be kidding.

[21:46] Rxxx Cxxxxxx: go away....far away
[21:47] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: thank youuuu
Oh, great, someone paid the leech.
[21:47] Emilly Orr: Because you don't sound like a bot, I'm not going to report you, but TRY not to do this again. That is a great way to GET blocked and reported.
[21:48] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: its okay
[21:48] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: i just needed 10ls n i have noone online
[21:48] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: just for a hunt gift thats all
[21:48] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: im very greatful
[21:48] bxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Get a JOB
I bet you are, and it''s "grateful". But I also agree with the above. Earn your own money, don't beg. Too many scammers are pulling that routine to trust anyone who asks for funds these days.
[21:49] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: i hope everyone enjoys thier night
[21:49] Emilly Orr: Listen to what I'm actually saying. My instant reaction is USUALLY to screenshot the chat, pull your name, and send the snapshot and a full report to the Lindens under abuse.
[21:49] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: maybe i can be a baby dj :p
I didn't catch this at the time, I thought she meant a young, inexperienced DJ. But this becomes relevant later.
[21:49] Emilly Orr: I didn't, because you didn't sound like a bot. But I could have. And others MAY have.
[21:50] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: um okay well im sorry if aking for 10ls bothered anyone
[21:50] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: i have said thank u n i havent asked for anymore
[21:50] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: sorry for whoever got offended
[21:51] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: im not one of those creepy people that go to group n group asking for lindens and they get n still want more
No, you're just a creepy little...yeah, that'll come in later on too. We move on.
[21:52] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: this was just onces in a life time
[21:52] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: well i think thats enough explaining
[21:52] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: i dont think a begger will explain themselves so much
[21:52] Emilly Orr: Yeah, as you're in full on defensive mode, and all I was trying to do was explain. Enjoy your night.
[21:53] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: nno defensive im sorry u feel that way u too
That would be "once in a lifetime". Also "beggar". So...I thought that was it, I'm walking away, I'm going back to my night...Twee li'l jerk IMs me.
[21:54] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: im sorry u felt that way i was also explaining myself
[21:54] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: didnt mean to be rude or anything
[21:54] Emilly Orr: I get that. I was trying to tell you there's dangers in asking blindly. That's all.
[21:54] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: ok i understand
[21:55] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: tysm for letting me kno
[21:56] Emilly Orr: Sure.
So I pulled her profile.

She's eight years on the grid. There is zero excuse for her not knowing these things. And she's in twenty-four (at least) kids' groups. Oh, did I mention? She's a child avatar.

So, okay, maybe she's not actually a disturbing freak--I will admit, I have a bad attitude about a lot of SL kids because more than a few of the ones I've dealt with personally are a) creepy and b) annoying beyond all reason, but if she's just one of the relatively few "normal" ones, then does she ever use her brain for more than hair storage?

I am so done with her. I didn't report her, but I may well block her twinkly butt for being just too stupid to breathe.

And we're still not done, fer gossake:
[21:55] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people dont like people to come on sl and beg for lins
[21:56] Cxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxx: i dont like it either but i just needed 10ls n i was thankful for it if i had more then one person send me 10ls i would send it back
[21:56] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so if you dont want people to say anything to you dont come on and beg for lins
[21:58] mxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: prob i see was asked once now we have a 11 minute conversation about it
As I see it, that's entirely the fault of little Miss M. If she hadn't started it, there wouldn't have been the conversation. There is no hunt on the grid that I know of that ended the night this all went down (three days ago from the time this posts, due to haunt coverage), so...she could have waited. The fact that we had to break down the possible consequences for her personal idiocy--and the fact that she still didn't get it--is galling and deeply frustrating.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

change the voices in your head, make them like you instead

Next up is Urban Legends, for whom they tell us:
"A Spooky Nightime Sim set around a Wooded Lake Complete with Forest Trails, Abandoned Asylum, Cemetery, Haunted House, Corn Fields & a Bog. Find 'Nessie', UFO's, Bigfoot and more! Limited Time for Halloween Only! "
Huh. That sounds like a lot of things.

There's an additional note on the notecard, handed out on arrival:
**Be Sure to Have your Sound Effects Volume Turned Up and Distance Setting to at least 520**
Yeah, that's not going to happen. But hey, if your comp can handle it, maybe there's more in the skies overhead.

Ghost dog. Fun.

Well, now. Okay, let's not get too close to that.

Okay, so...I find this really interesting. I've seen this build in two other haunts before, but this one...they actually treated it like an abandoned mental asylum. So no wandering patients, no ghosts, just dust-bedecked cobwebs wreathing every opening. Graffiti on the walls. And occasional odd touches, like this chair in an otherwise nearly empty room, and a TV. On.

On the next floor, this oddly archaic set-up, also...on...but the rest of the place is mostly still, silent...unoccupied...But the shadows are active.

This place is big. I mean, it's sim-size. I'm not even covering a quarter of it. And it's less a haunt than a year-round photographic sim, with eerie touches for the season. This is in the upper floor of a doorless cabin by the lake, and I really raised the gamma to make out what was hanging from the rafters. But when I walked in...all I could see what the gleam of red eyes in the dark.

Very effective.

That is a big pumpkin.

All in all, this one's worth going to, especially if you want some unnerving photo ops. There's more--a motel and a parking garage, at least, a crashed plane in a swamp, a vast cornfield...maybe more still. Go explore. Go look. Go see.

Happy Halloween.

I'll be guided onward down the road, down the road

The perpetual question arises--have I been to The Moors before? And the honest answer is, I just don't know.

Their blurb is fairly typical:
"Haunted Moors, something wicked this way comes. Haunted House Oct. 25-31st Dance on 30th and 31st /*Windlight Sky: "[TOR] HORROR - Asian red" Water: "Glassy "RegionOverride*/"
Right. Okay. Let's go see.

Okay, I like the lighting.

And I like the pumpkins.

Sat down and died. It's been a long day.

The floating ghost chairs are neat.

And that skeleton is neat.

I...didn't hate this one. The sounds are good and creepy, there are lots of places for photographs, the Windlight settings are awesome...just avoid the spider in the attic and you'll be fine!