Monday, August 31, 2015

girls and boys, before you wish for what you wish for

I went to Cat's Creations and I won a Plain Penis Pet from her Lucky Cupcake.

I can't make these things up.

It looks...knitted.

Why...does this exist?

Also, it is very unfriendly to AOs. (I captured another image, but it's REALLY not safe for work, considering most places of employment.

So...this is a thing. This is a thing that exists. The grid ever baffles and confuses me.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

you're right, I'm not from here

So, more today from a freebie and sales group that is steadily becoming infamous for these little drama flares...

[19:44] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: (( IF YOU SEE THIS DO NOT CLICK ))...Get 2500L$ Just Pass 1 Survey [non-secondlife-link redacted] Click, Join And Win 2500L$ !.

Really? Really? You thought the best way to protect folks from an obvious phishing link was to repost the phishing link?? Way to help the spammers there, madam, go you.

[19:45] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: lol wtf
[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: IT IS A SCAM

No duh it's a scam! It's also now a scam you're contributing to spreading. Aren't you special.

[19:45] Rxxxx Cxxxxxx: Oh dear..
[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I have seen it in 2 of my groups

I've seen it in six today, but who's counting? Still beyond dumb to repost the link with no editing of the link itself.

[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: in two different names
[19:45] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: today is the attack of the spammers....they are in so many groups today
[19:45] Ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not wise to paste the link here without breaking it up, so someone doesn't accidentally click it
[19:45] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so you posted it here? well done

Good, so I'm not the only one who thinks that was a brain-dead move.

[19:45] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so i'm warning all of my groups
[19:46] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please dont

Yeah, really. Please don't do this, because you're just contributing to viral spam. Just point it out if folks ask, otherwise step back, and do not engage. Don't become part of the problem you're trying to solve.

[19:46] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: yea no need to re-paste the damn thing o.O

My point exactly.

[19:46] Ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: better to do www . secondlife . com (for example)
[19:46] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm telling them not to click the link before i post it so they will know what it looks like

You can do that without posting the exact link.

[19:46] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: especially as many of us will be in the same damn groups and have already seen it 3 or 4 times
[19:47] Bxxxxx Mxxxxxxxx: I think you should just remind people to not click outside links lol
[19:47] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: yea we get that....still there was no need to put in the all
[19:47] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you all need to calm down and listen
[19:47] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was just trying to help ppl

But in a really, really dumb way. You get that, right? I mean, spamming groups with the phishing links is bad enough, but there's a whole new level in the hyperbolic "PPL R THIEVES ON TEH INTERNET DON'T CLICK TEH THINGS!!1!" screaming. So try to strike a balance. Instead of posting the exact link--thereby exposing more users to risk than you're protecting--say X Resident has been seen posting a link. If the link doesn't look right, don't click it. Or, when you see it pop up, simply say it's a scam, because most people on SL we can at least assume are 18, if not older. Old enough, anyway, not to fall for phishing scams.

[19:48] Txxxx Dxxxxxxx: (wait for it)
[19:48] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: by telling them like I have seen others do in the past
[19:48] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: and....we are just telling you how to go about helping ppl
[19:48] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yeah but very rude

How was she rude? She said don't post the original link because it's a bad idea. In fact, this is exactly what she said:
[19:45] Ixxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not wise to paste the link here without breaking it up, so someone doesn't accidentally click it
How is that rude?

[19:48] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: also...we are all very calm.
[19:48] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yoy don't have to be rude about it
[19:49] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you know what good bye
[19:49] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx: Please adhere to group rules.
[19:49] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: and... flounce o.O

The flounce is always expected.

[19:49] vxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: not rude, i said 'please dont' and didnt shout once
[19:50] Dxxx Hxxxx: well that was lovely
[19:50] Vxxxxx Cxxxxxxxxxx passes out pillows. Please place that between your head and the wall.

Ah, thank you, that's very helpful for those of us deeply needing to bash our heads against a solid surface.

[19:50] txxxxxxxx Mxxxxxx: :/ lol
[19:51] yxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cup of tea?
[19:51] Txxxxx Txxxxxx: haha
[19:51] zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think you can warn people w/o posting the actual link, there are people in this group who don't read English and may just click the link. But appreciate the fact you want to protect people
[19:55] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Thank you Zim for explaining that to me politely
[19:56] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and not jumping all over me for trying to help
[19:56] Axxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: now i know to post it w/o the link

You should have known that before, when Ms. I posted her (non-rude, non-aggressive) reply. Ms. Z basically said the same thing, only added that she appreciated your efforts. So, a little bit of flattery is all that it takes to make you charming? Remind me not to interact with you in future.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I had 'em locked away, it seems they've cut their own parole

Seen at the We Heart RP event this August:

Yes. The "Eggscalibur" sword. Let that sink in.

You can buy one of your very own for L$150 during the run of the event. You're...welcome??

A while back, a group of Neverwinter players were talking about the Festival of Sune, and the alarming habit during the Festival for other players to sneak up while we're fighting kobolds, and grab the flowers we're fighting the kobolds for! And, miraculously, we start with a compliment:

[Zone] Atia Afidotter@LetiaRae: came over to pick flowers and saw me there and left em alone - very noble.
[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: a rarity
[Zone] Atia Afidotter@LetiaRae: aye
[Zone] Spazblast@glowstikk: You got there first, your flowers
[Zone] Atia Afidotter@LetiaRae: Still not many would have left them
[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: I've taken to just killing the kobolds, saves a lot of aggro
[Zone] Mystique@menohave: Fairplay. Good for you!
[Zone] Lexie Bursar@driffic7: silly how game events bring out the bad in people.. as if the 13 seconds it takes to find your own flower is a big deal..

It's true. I've also seen this happen in other games--we go to the thing the quest has told us to find. Someone else comes up and takes the thing before we can. We have to then find another thing. It doesn't matter whether it's a class of specific enemies, a bush, a flower, a stone...a lucky chair in's the same concept, really.

[Zone] Kitari@testbyte: sadly lot dont go by that rule.. it gets tiring as low lvl player that struggles to kill kolbods when see a high lvl come steal ya flowers
[Zone] Lexie Bursar@driffic7: better you try to kite mobs onto folks and grab as they fight the kobolds
[Zone] Chali@Jeviati: Better to not be a dbag

Always true. While yes, it is 'just a game', in the end how we behave in games reflects how we behave in life. If we're kind in life, we're likely kind in games. If we're abusive, mean, or in general jerkish in games, that's a pretty good reflection of our personalities outside of those games.

[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: well that killed the chat
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: I feel like a murderer
[Zone] Sugar Spice@hennas: thank god
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: thank god for what?
[Zone] Chali@Jeviati: Which God?
[Zone] Sugar Spice@hennas: killing the *@!*@@ chat
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: indeed which?
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: Demeter.
[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: Why Demeter?
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: Because she'd be appropriate for this festival.

Ooh, semi-relevance! Yay!

[Zone] Jenn Littleknight@EmillyOrr: Well, Sune in Faerun worship is pretty much equivalent to Demeter/Ceres, if that helps.
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: The only common element is all your failed relationships is you.
[Zone] Jenn Littleknight@EmillyOrr: With some Aphrodite and Freya thrown in for good measure.
[Zone] 420 Blaze For life@yumguzzler: my brain hurts
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: It does, Jenn. ;)
[Zone] EVISCERATION@killallchristian: all hail the name 4.20!


[Zone] Arya Stark@qwikshot16nd: actually, sune is more like aphrodite ... goddess of love, beauty, and all of that other nonsense
[Zone] Arya Stark@qwikshot16nd: at least according to the original forgotten realms

Well, true, in that sense, but Sune is an odd combination of Aphrodite and Ceres. Mainly because while those in her service are required to be the most beautiful, the most perfect examples of their races, in addition to being kind, complimentary, and capable of inspiring great joy, her actual Festival is all centered around the first harvest and the bounty of the earth. Great beasts are slaughtered ritually and thrown on fires to cook; ale is made from local grains, mead is made from local honey, cider is made from the apple groves. Adventurers throng to her feasting grounds and eat, dance, and drink in between bouts of harvesting corn, catching chickens and pigs, and picking flowers. (The priestesses hold themselves responsible for making watermelon ices, huge tureens of healing squash soup, and inexplicably, caprese from tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil. How did these items get into a fantasy realm? Who knows?)

[Zone] Sparrow@acidsparrow: isn't this festival for Sune?
[Zone] Vucarik@needlessthing: none of those gods would be good for this festival because...they arnt Forgotten Realms Gods...duh :P

Yes, we know.

[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: That's why the word "equivalent" was thrown in, Vucarik.
[Zone] Hellea@Korrd.: It was a comparison.
[Zone] Oathbound@tzass: Chauntea is the correct one for this festival
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: Was Chauntea killed off, too?
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: Sune might be good for valentine's day
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: if the "midsummer" festival happened in the middle of the summer, it might be better for Sune. Chauntea could have had her harvest festival later.
[Zone] Pamina@Tuld: I'm frankly disappointed in the Tyr killing off Helm bit, all because Tymora was flirting.
[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Atheists have no concept of Faith other than personal EGO, so they have no capacity to understand God.

...Wait. One of these things is not in line with the others. Where did that come from?

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: bigotry against a person's choice in faith is no better than sexual preference, race, etc....

Let's go out on that limb and assume you mean "no better than bigotry against sexual preferences, race, et cetera"...Shall we? I think we rather should.

[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: maybe both atheists and theists are wrong, maybe god is actually satan

That's an incomplete answer that rests on the basic assumption of theism to work.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Bigots ftl.
[Zone] Nova Pearl@milquet0ast: i like the part where god is all "i'm gonna smite everyone, stand back moses" and moses is all "don't tase me bro"
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: A theist's life is fragile; their foundation was based on early indoctrination during childhood.

You'd have a hard time convincing most theists, and a surprising number of atheists, of that theory.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: God isn't some mystical being. he's our loving Father in Heaven. He uses natural laws of cause and effect, to govern the universe.
[Zone] Ankh Zuh@zuzz44: But if atheists believe in no beleiving....thats means...Chek&Math, atheism?

No. Also, you can't spell.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: A Theist has a solid foundation and an atheist spreads LIES to justify themselves

Also no. That's wrong.

[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: i think both sides are crazy
[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: i think all humans are wrong
[Zone] Lightning@chocobofarmer: about everything

While I don't believe a policy of total doubt is the way to go, a healthy amount of doubt does little harm and more good than complete, mindless faith--or mindless disbelief.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: criticizing others' religions doesn't promote good feelings. I'd just learn to understand and help others understand your side, peacefully.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Theists who worship belong to groups like witches, dwarves, elves, and orcs; they're all imaginary.

What are you talking about?? Witches aren't imaginary. And I've met more than a few dwarves, and there's a family of gnomes that makes champagne in Spoke.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos trolling bigot filled with keyboard courage lol
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir: dwarves are real
[Zone] Nova Pearl@milquet0ast: i would spend more time at church if there were elves there
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: nova - church elves! the story practically writes itself.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Zralein is a guy who ran out of ideas, not being able to get to his dusty bible under his bed and cite bible passages.

Ah, and now we've reached personal insult time.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Thanos is not even an Atheist. His just likes to argue with complete stangers and hide it from his parents

"Strangers". And can we move back to discussion from childish namecalling?

[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Thus he resorts to mere offensive language.

Um...where was the offensive language? I didn't see it.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos, troll on with your bigoted hatespeak.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Keyboard courage and lacking integrity kiddies ftl.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Only the close minded people think of my chat as hatespeak. Godly lovy dovys.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos I never made and personal claims as to what I believe, by definition you are spewing libelous hatespeak and bigotry.

Hmm. "Libel". That's iffy, considering unless we save it, chat disappears after we leave the game. Also, libel specifically is intended to apply to things that appear in print; as in newspapers, books, magazines...Our legal system hasn't quite caught up yet with the provisions of the internet.

But I will provisionally agree that it might be closer to libel than to slander. Maybe.

[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Thanos is in love with death.
Well, the comic character Thanos, sure...

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Keyboard courage ftl.
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir: Obama wants to make anime illegal.

Where do you people come up with this? No, he doesn't. What on earth?

[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Everything you say is a personal claim.

Along with everything you say, yes.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Just IGNORE THANOS. He lives for the arguement
[Zone] Ankh Zuh@zuzz44: Pfff, ignoring is boring
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: That is so theist of you

You're starting to severely irritate me, Thanos.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: People have a right to choose, while also promoting a standard to help people find a happy medium.
[Zone] Red@windiga: i love people who get personally riled up by other people believing in a religion
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir: i love lamp
[Zone] Nova Pearl@milquet0ast: obviously people can choose to be abrasive *)*%$* as well
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Angry theists are they not.
[Zone] Thierry Montebank@jwedge: Things are getting weird again. It's probably a good thing I'm done with this zone for today.

Oh, how often have I said that...

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: THANOS is the Reason IGNORE was created. Goodbye Thanos. We do not have to listen to your childishness
[Zone] Seline Lightbringer@PinochetNoir:
[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: why do we love lamp? Should I love lamp too?
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: That is so theist of
you. Angry theists had to choose to ignore.
[Zone] Battlefoot@mitiriz: Lamp provide light. Lamp good.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Theists cry like babies when their religion is questioned.

Do they really? As a group, always? I doubt it.

[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: Lamp is very good
[Zone] Battlefoot@mitiriz: Battlefoot turn into Solomon Grundy for some reason.
[Zone] Red@windiga: do you really love lamp, or are you just saying it
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Theists, where you at?
[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: I really do love lamp! Where would I be without lamp
[Zone] Ssyn@termiteking96: dark

*snerks* So true.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: Thanos, be careful to group people together into one clump. Everyone has their own personal experiences that form their beliefs. Seeking truth, in all its forms, not just intellect.
[Zone] Battlefoot@mitiriz: darkness bad. light good.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: Yes, I apologize for that.

As well you should.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: Well said Arturus Wolveranis
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: thank you.
[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: But it was fun. They resorted to offensive language.

WHERE?!? Where did they do this? I still don't see it!

[Zone] Thanos of Titan@leedskalninfarm: I just wanted to be proven wrong, that is all.

You can't be proven wrong on a conclusion you'll accept no challenge towards, Thanos.

[Zone] Ankh Zuh@zuzz44: Filthy nonbeliever
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: well, in my experiences, I've learned there's more than to our existence than what we can see, hear, etc.

And even if we believe in the pure absolutes of mathematical science, there are things we cannot quantify with precision. Quantum mechanics are throwing scientists internationally into merry loops trying to figure them out. And that's nothing that's connected to religion, the supernatural, the mystical in any way.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Thanos is nothing more than a bigot, plain and simple. Spews hatespeak online via his keyboard courage because he undoubtedly feels powerless in real life.
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: I can agree with that Aruturus. Even if it's a limitation of our brain and not something "Godly".
[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: And i've learned that all religion stands on nothing but emotional manipulations and always has
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, that's your opinion / perspective.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: well, think of God as an advanced civilization that engineered this Solar System. God is a title that he earned.
[Zone] Ki'ana@starhawke55: and a bad one at that
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Matthew 7:6 ftw
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: Zralein, you are a childish and ignorant fool. Look people, this is how a theist behaves. So offensive, so traditional.

I've met many atheists who are easily as dogmatic and offensive.

[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: its the education of anyone that has asked questions, and keeps doing so, not those that simply except extraordinary ideas as real
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: I ignored Zralein long ago. I would suggest the same.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, your circular logic is flawed. It's your opinion / perspective, nothing more.

Again, his is as flawed, or as valid, as yours.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Valkyrie, your bigotry is your choice. Nice hypocrisy btw.
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: People who ask other people to ignore others. So childish.

Not necessarily. It can be a tactic used to foment drama, but here I think it's more being offered as advice on how to avoid argumentative types.

[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: religion itself is a circular argument and it is fantasy supported by fantasy, a belief without evidence
[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: ADD Krugar to the IGNORE List as well. Goodbye Krugar. Anyone else also have a strong desire to be ignored tonight. All people are entitled to their faith, or even lack of faith, but some just HATE
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: If people just want to argue, then they're not interested in discussion, only their own opinion matters.


[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Well, I don't know if that is true Arturus. I mean to a point, yeah, I agree. But how far do you take it with this God who created the solar system? Sorry if I'm not phrasing it right.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, your opinion.
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Like your parents create you - do you treat them as God? or are they lesser than God because they didn't create more. Like what would be the limits to what you would call God?

"Mother is the word for God in the lips and hearts of little children." William Makepeace Thackeray said that, before the Crow film co-opted it (while changing it slightly). It's true in both instances, though. Parents are the first example of higher powers children have. If their parents are good, they grow up with faith in the world. If their parents are bad, they grow up with doubt, fear, and anger.

[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: KRUGAR is a circular argument. Nighty night...
[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: your playing a game with real gods in it, reality on the other hand much more than just 'an opinion' it is the inexorable

That's a very odd statement, Krugar.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Krugar, your perception of reality does not make it fact.
[Zone] Gurd Upchuck@ariansmith: Another useless God argument
[Zone] Sha@xhrit: everyone is an athiest

Not everyone, Sha.

[Zone] Sha@xhrit: some just believe in fewer gods then others
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Everyone is born an atheist :p
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: well, we have Godly parents who created our refined spirits. We had to be born into this physical realm in order to further the process of becoming more like our Heavenly Parents.

If you say so.

[Zone] Sha@xhrit: everyone is an athiest, their whole lives

Yeah, again, that's just not a true statement.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Many animals are born blind too, Devolich, that doesn't mean that is who they are forever.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: There's a reason why the family unit is so familiar.
[Zone] Tempus Thales@lordbane42: Believe whatever you want, just don't harm or belittle others who don't share your belief. My personal opinion.
[Zone] Sha@xhrit: unless they believe in every god, then they don't believel in someone's god

"Believe". And wau, you've just lost all ability with critical thought, haven't you?

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Tempus, 100% agreed.
[Zone] Jinxy Amerond@Xe_Jinx: how american to ignore instead of disagree
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Intolerance FTL. Silly bigots and their keyboard courage in a game.
[Zone] Krugar@aerioc: lol your proving my claims with the ignores btw its the essence of why u still have faith, you refuse new evidence, hence nothing changes, ever, thats not reality
[Zone] Devolich@maptex: Interested Arturus. What do you mean by "familiar" in the case of the family unit?
[Zone] Thranduil Paladinson@Meth_Shadowstorm: I AGREE with TEMPUS :-)

THANK you for TELLING us. Now STOP shouting, THANK you.

[Zone] Tempus Thales@lordbane42: The world would be a better place if people followed that simple guideline
[Zone] Tempus Thales@lordbane42:
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: It's important to realize, that all things testify of God. He gives truth to many people throughout time. Part of the overall picture.

Only if you believe in a higher power. Some don't. And the way you're talking throughout this conversation, only if you believe in that particular higher power. Which some don't.

[Zone] Ki'ana@starhawke55: Satan is also a God and also worshipped. That doesn't make the argument anymore true.
[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: How come everytime I come here, it's a ^#!)%^@ religion debate?

Because people are argumentative twitch widgets that can't leave well enough alone?

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Ideas? Only idea I have presented is to be more tolerant of diversity and stop with the bigoted statements.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: Lucifer is our brother that didn't get a body nor has a veil of forgetfulness over his mind. He has great knowledge and knows who we are. Jesus is our eldest brother and runs the universe for Father

Uh...what? Clear speaking, please, you're saying...something...and it sounds like cultspeech.

[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: )%(@%$# satanist?
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: Is the religion a choice? Or something given to you by your parents by birth through indoctrination?

...Yes? I mean, in most families, we're raised in the faiths of our family unit. If we grow up in irreligious homes, we're not connected to a faith for the most part. If we're raised in strongly religious homes, we are subsumed into that faith along with mother's milk.

Some families allow choice. Mine did, for instance. (Though that's also one reason why there's no more than three members with any given faith throughout our family, which makes conversation strained at times.)

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: Faith is a choice.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: It is a choice.
[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: Religion is #!*#@!~%?}+
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: always a choice.
[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: I have faith but I don't like religion.
[Zone] Valkyrie Randgris@leedskalninfarm: How come it is a choice?

How come it's not?

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: The War in Heaven was over ideas: Free Agency vs Forcing people to do good.
[Zone] Hea Lannewe@thecraftsmann: did zone chat turn into a theological discussion?
[Zone] Paulsaysrawr@thenameisgir: yes it did

It always does.

[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: people when we choose to server Heavenly Father, we give him honor or power. Vice versa for Satan and his hosts.
[Zone] Arturus Wolveranis@darthsmurfer: serve

Thank you for your correction.

[Zone] Zralein@Diggle: not a discussion, just people asking trolls to stop with their keyboard courage and bigotry lol

Save, no, it did turn into a theological discussion. But as said, it's either religion, politics, or conversations on stockpiling dead hookers, so...really, it's still just not worth my time, most of the time, even to do chat captures at this point.

Friday, August 21, 2015

save me from here

[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: especially since you're probably not big enough to actually penetrate her

Wait, what?? There I was, just standing at the temple, sorting through crafting options. I'd just logged in. What on all of Faerûn was going on in Zone chat now?!?

[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: is her vag some kind of ocean?
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: o.O

*cue very slow blink*

[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: if yes, then i admit i am not big enough.
[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: no, but it's protected by about 3 feet of thigh fat
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: i am.

Brag much?

[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: check my name.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: i'm big enough for anything.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: -.- shoo.


[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: Anyone wants to feel the wrath of my demon boner ?


[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: so if you have a 38 inch (%(!) i congradulate you on it, as well as your secondary circulatory system
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: why thank you.
[Zone] Fen'Harel@reinardd: What a nice conversation you've got here.

Yes. Can it stop soon?

[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: and I feel sorry that you have to play along with my sarcasm to compensate for the tiny #^*! you have in reality
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: hahah. i know right.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: pwned.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: it's so small
[Zone] Alana Moonshade@lauren0201: i congratulate whatever woman managed to have it and not die XD
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: ok that made my day. person's happy. Yay?

[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: and someone else's.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: do you people believe in Jesus?

WHY?!?!?!?! Why does it ALWAYS go to sex or religion?!?!?

[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: OMG
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: SHUUU!

Yes! Shoo! Now! Run off somewhere else!

[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: silence has a lot going for it
[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: Actually yes
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: Jesus loves you all.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: Omfg.
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: carry him within your hearts.

Says the man with the self-named "demon boner".

[Zone] Fen'Harel@reinardd: It's a weird thing when 38 inch @!))# makes your day. I feel violated.
[Zone] Laeral Astram@tang56: Is Jesus some kind of hemerroid cream?


[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: No, Jesus only loves me.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: Kay? Jesus is ma' best friend.
[Zone] Brizae Huniryn@maxbergen24: he would have to know jesus to have a 38incher
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: how about Jesus is a 38incher himself?

So, from 'Y'all need Jesus' to 'Jesus is a dildo' in under five minutes. Wau. That's very nearly impressive.

[Zone] Boigo Bristletoes@flibbitigibit: I actually know a girl who took 48" of hose up her $!! on a dare
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: SHUUUUUUUUUUU
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: WAIT WUT.
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: wat.

That was my question, yes.

[Zone] Astrid Turaud@solanea: grrrrrrrrrrrr... why does camera shake keep turning itself back on??
[Zone] Bonerior@randomponeydafuq: cus you've been visited by Jesus
[Zone] Kazi@kazimirxz: the camera is fapping.
[Zone] Betty Boop@stephthegadget: time to leave==

Betty is very wise. I fled back to SL, where at least I can cope with the range of sexual deviance most of the time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

she'd been coughing up blood since the dogwoods bloomed

Different day, different Zone, kind of the same nonsense:

[Zone] Azaghal@keithmaster: lfg pillage
[Zone] Azaghal@keithmaster: the pillar
[Zone] Azaghal@keithmaster: anyone?
[Zone] Dama@julietterror: no me escuchas???

Wau, that's childish.


That's seriously annoying, and pretty pointless.

[Zone] Kermit@rasamantu: any channel crab up?

Currently, I'm in an area where combatants group together to fight a giant crab. No, really. It's amusing.

[Zone] Yokki@yokki1: enjoy the ignore list deathshi**er
[Zone] Dante Sparda@reensha:

To be fair, no one's earned it more.

[Zone] Kermit@rasamantu: any channel crab up?

What are you, five?!? What is this accomplishing?

[Zone] Diabolic@ckotoc666: ignore this prick
[Zone] DeathGiver@tehgreenassassin: dafuq
[Zone] Shawna Chandler@xaeiownux: indeed
[Zone] DeathGiver@tehgreenassassin: u stoopid bech
[Zone] Kermit@rasamantu: inv crab
[Zone] DeathGiver@tehgreenassassin: POOP

I suppose we should all be thankful you just didn't bash your forehead on the 'O' key as usual--


Wait, what? That's a second guy!

[Zone] DeathGiver@tehgreenassassin: POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPY SH*************************************************************************T

And that's when I blocked him...

And then, after thought, went back and blocked Paczu for good measure. Because no one needs this in a game.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

then mommy and daddy will probably turn and quickly walk away

[Zone] Demo@demortenes: god*

Gorram it, I just got here. Are we talking religion again??

[Zone] Sargonnas@sliverspark: WEll said, Kai

Depends on what Kai said.

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: that epic moment when you relize she was lying about being pregant

So first religion, now pregnant girlfriends...Still confused.

Also, it's "realize", as well as "pregnant".

[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Luna, i dont give a coitus
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Luna, i dont give a coitus
[Zone] Luna@totallyfresh01: the problem is you repeating yourself Rico, cut that $#@% out

I see why that would be annoying; no idea how long it's gone on, though. I'm still playing catch-up, here.

[Zone] Erestar@kiryn010: no clue why they started attacking me. some sort of reputation thing maybe? all I know is they killed me often
Wait, this was out of left field.

[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: you never f*ck with the archers!
[Zone] The Spider@lucemferrata: You probably killed some elf prince

Well, that's never good in a fantasy game. Never kill the elf prince. It won't end well.

[Zone] Avedis@avethisfirst: hi girls

Mu<[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: why only say hi to sexist $!*#^)%


[Zone] Sargonnas@sliverspark: lol
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: ??? ?? ??????? ??? ????????? ?????????? ?????????
[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: so much love
[Zone] Jinx Quickshot@sockmunkey: I didnt think there were any girls on the interwebs


[Zone] Rûn@ksprowl: Vorpal ?[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: girls are a myth

*sighs louder*

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: if it isn't spit it isn't love


[Zone] saad99@saadislam98: Guys
[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: GIRL == Guy In Real Life

Die on fire.

[Zone] Leeloo@monkeybankalt: Pfft, girls don't play games

Die on fire covered in fire ants.

[Zone] Dark Shiva@blacksladdi: oh girls play games alright
[Zone] Dragana@shadowplax: ofc we do ..
[Zone] Dark Shiva@blacksladdi: mind games!
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: they do
[Zone] The Spider@lucemferrata: I gotta log off before someone says something stupid about females

You're too late.

[Zone] katieecat@katieecat12: im a girl and I play games.
[Zone] The Spider@lucemferrata: you dont even know
[Zone] Jinx Quickshot@sockmunkey: any girl that says they are a girl isnt a girl at all. of course thats the kind of mind games that girls are good at

Great, now there's no way to win. If we don't tell folks we're female, then we're being mean. If we DO say we're female, we're lying to people. What's the point?

[Zone] Halfpint@bulzeye316: so many whine assses on today
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Jinx Quickshot, u just made up a paradox
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: no, when a girl says they are a girl...they are a girl....Guy In Real Life

Yeah, done with that joke now. So very done.

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: girls don't intentionally play mind games.. it's just their brain is incappable of logical linear thought processes
So very nearly done with capturing this chat for posterity.

[Zone] Butterfly Demonbane@Turtlegarden-Whalesong: yyou seem to be full of fertilizer today gents :)
[Zone] David Bowie@zoiks100: No, when a guy says they're a girl, they're the FBI

Only on certain forum sites.

[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: Welcome to the internet.. where the men are men, the women are men, and anyone under 18 has a *.gov host mask
[Zone] Liir@sifaa: who gives a %$!! what they are, i assume most players are dude unless they say otherwise
[Zone] Badass Sonofab@fuacccreation: and when your mom says she loves you ... she lies

Cynicism abounds.

[Zone] Nor@Norisman: Hell yea all the women in my life play game, head games, mind games power play games sure they do all women play game lol :P
[Zone] Argoloth@roman1968: i'm a girl.......guy in real life


[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: i assume all players are guys untill there is a skype session to prove otherwise
Sounds awfully judgmental. Or blackmail-y.

[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: yes we know Argo
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: i agree with you Kat
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: thats not sexist lol
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: Kat, i dont care ). I'm not even english-speaker natively...
[Zone] Zeydor@schnieder11: its relying on statistics, more men play games than females

If you say so.

[Zone] Leeloo@monkeybankalt: how have I been logged in for 10 minutes, and not had to ignore even a single spammer?
You've had a lovely day, then.

[Zone] Dark Shiva@blacksladdi: maybe you have successfully ignored them all
[Zone] Kat Lightouch@iszuule: i think the devs banned china for a day
[Zone] Argoloth@roman1968: yep, you win 20 internets
[Zone] Sappho@Huddicles: hey, you`re right. none. must be a spammer holy day.
[Zone] David Bowie@zoiks100: Another gold spammer who whispers people, @bomione777. Ignore them now if you want to avoid the friend request.

Which was somewhat amusing, as earlier in this chat I had ignored a random friend request from bomione777. Guess it was a good thing.

[Zone] Karma@marks87: Since ANGEL OF DEATH make Thief hes always bad now!!...
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: awww
[Zone] Rico@primeevil84uk: so much butthurt i sense
[Zone] ANGEL OF DEATH@godofcws: nice deflect

But you're not challenging the thief accusation? Interesting.

[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: everyone on the internet is a pixelated bot
[Zone] Durzo Blint@graysoncross: *looks to my right at my daughter playing* GOD I HOPE NOT
[Zone] Abriel Angelfyre@deus69xxx: not necessarily, however, they should be considered guyys until proven otherwise.

This "proof" thing I am finding irritating, and suggests a basic contempt for the ability to tell the truth on the internet.

[Zone] Sophie Terra@sinastarfriedric: I thought I could play here, but you're disgusting
Kinda agree, Sophie.

[Zone] David Bowie@zoiks100: Everyone on the internet is simply training Skynet to become a better killing machine.
[Zone] Crotalidus@nwcsnake: It's true, the place is infested with scumbags

Your name makes that a very true statement...

[Zone] Dufas@throsbi: its ok Sophie Terra just wash when you log out, it will be ok
[Zone] Durzo Blint@graysoncross: all MMOs are invested with scum bags.. u just have to find the not so scummy to associate with

Or just don't read Zone chat.

[Zone] Nor@Norisman: Don't let the trols here in PE zone turn you off of the game, it's only bad here in this zone, gets a lot better the higher level you get closer to lvl60 less and less trols, because the spend so much
[Zone] Luna@totallyfresh01: although praying levels you up whether ya like it or not

Actually, that's been pretty true. There's much less nonsense in the higher zones of the game, because people are busy either discussing what's happening in that zone, or are just not idiots in the first place. Small blessings.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

I'm sure you'll have some cosmic rationale

From Ms. Mohini Denja's profile (credited, because it's beautifully put, and I think she deserves the credit):
There's no 'right answer' when it comes to polyamory vs. monogamy. It's a personal choice, based on the capabilities of those involved in the relationship. To call someone a 'slut', 'whore', etc simply because they do not conform to your way of thinking is immature, to say the very least.

Now, I'm all for hearing the side of monogamy and how it works for someone who chooses it. But in doing so, I would expect one to hold the conversation with a civil tongue, as I'm sure they would expect the same from me.

In short, if you are not educated on the subject, or blindly live your life with your fingers in your ears while spewing venom to anyone who sees differently than you, kindly close your computer, take a deep breath, and remember we're all human.
Indeed. Perfectly said, Ms. Denja, thank you.

Even though I don't often follow her excellent advice, I do agree with it.

Why shop in lingerie? Serious question, and 'because she can' is not the answer I'm looking for.

And a last little bit from Neverwinter Zone chat:

[Zone] Merklyn@Meth_Shadowstorm: what icreases gear score?
[Zone] Kinheele@hellwinkle: better gear


Sunday, August 2, 2015

and a needing to let go of tidal pain

never got around to Hair Fair

never unpacked all the demos

barely made it through Hair Fair to look at all the offerings

missed the last several 25L Tuesdays out of impoverishment and lack of Lindens

summer has been very hard on the typist

management apologizes for blog-based inconveniences.

Monday, July 13, 2015

I self medicated my way through this mess that we made

So, one of my groups--a group I've captured chat from before--has, as its main goal, freebies, Midnight Manias, Lucky Chairs, and all sale items L$50 or under. There are a few codicils: no stores who only sell Adult items, or are on Adult-rated sims; no vehicles; no AOs, no spamming YOUR store, if you own that cetera. Ultimately, though, the biggest rule: don't irritate the mods. If you're new, and you run afoul of this, the rule of thumb is: apologize, and don't do it again. (Because sure, when we're new, we're not gonna know these things.)

So, them's the ground rules, and coming up is why I mentioned all that. Note: I didn't catch the actual infraction, but basically, it seems to have been just a linking of a vehicle board, nothing else.

Also, unless there's a new mod I don't know yet, I'm going to bold the "names" from the mods I do know, because I also think that helps distinguish "I'm another group member" from "I'm someone you need to pay attention to, now."

[21:32] Gxxxxxx Rxxxxxxt: Just as a general FYI, vehicles are still not permitted by the SL F&O rules.
[21:32] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: never mind then
[21:33] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I didn't post the link.. no rule broken.. thank you mod
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is that a MM for a vehicle, if so that can not be posted..
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am mod, and it stil cant be mentioned
[21:33] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This place that has the vehicle has tons of other clothes and boards.
[21:33] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was told ok to send TP in IM.. I just want it
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, not ok.. i have been told by [Axxxxx], you cant invite people for things that are not allowed in group. sorry

There's actually no real ban on sending port offers to folks in IM, because there's no way TO ban for that, but there are bans on sending port offers to EVERYONE in the group to a store (banned or not). We know this because at least once, it's happened.

[21:34] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just sent to 6 ppl so sorry to all of you and I will stop

Wau, that's extraordinarily tacky. Please tell me you at least sent them to people asking, not just random group members.

[21:34] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this store has clothing and lucky letter boards for them as well~It is not only vehicles.
[21:35] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: yeah i would have gave the lm for that place becuase it has nice womens stuff downstairs but didnt want my head ripped off
[21:35] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: so i kept my mouth shut

Which would be fine, save that you stop keeping your mouth shut not even one minute after this...

[21:36] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why no vehicles if i may ask? Just curious
[21:36] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do see IM offers often.. like the translator above and it is never an issue -shuts mouth
[21:36] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: discrimination !!!!

How is it discrimination?

[21:36] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think if ppl just say the letters on the clothing board and free 4th of july bunny and the 10l slink shoes down there, it would avoid the poor store being labeled a vehicle store
[21:37] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: prejudiced!!!!!!


[21:37] pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: i really wish people make lm they learn hw tired of landin in walls not in here i just need too say that is all lol
[21:37] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: hatred!!!

You're not funny.

[21:37] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: (yeah especially since we didn know to look for the rest of the stuff there lol)
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Vehicles are not allowed as they have been spammed in the past and so the owners made a rule that they are not allowed
[21:37] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: ida told all the really nice ladies in here about the stuff dowstairs if i was alowed to post that place !
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: rules are for punks

Pity you're in a place with rules, then...punk.

[21:38] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh i see, thank you for the info on that
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: sl is suposed to be about breaking the rules
[21:38] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what place?
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i cant fly in rl!

Yeah, now you're just irritating and unfunny.

[21:38] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I would never intend to spam or abuse..js


[21:38] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Bxxxxxx]..if that si rule, i see a problem here
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: nither would i i used to fight griefers!

"Is". Also "neither". And fighting griefers has nothing to do with rules for what MM boards/Lucky Chairs to post. What does that even mean?

[21:38] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Also, if i see people ask for ims for things not allowed i stop it [lxxxxxxxx], so its what i se...

[21:39] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can we still list the place if it is for the clothes items, right?
[21:39] vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i remember when car mm's were allowed, they got spammed constantly, people wanting 20 slaps for this car then 20 slaps for that car then 20 for another car, it was awful
[21:39] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Anarchy!!!!
[21:39] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 10L slink heels?
[21:39] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: did i hear slinks
[21:40] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no slinks

Not true. There were a pair of L$10 Slink heels mentioned earlier. Posting Slink shoes, stockings, bracelets and anklets is allowed.

[21:40] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i know, i want to go find the heels lol
[21:40] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you may chose anarchy.. but i have group mute and eject button..

And that's a mod speaking. Group mute and group eject are within the mod powers for this group.

[21:40] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i saw 10L slinks from way over here
[21:40] pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: alot of places with cars na trucks an bikes are adult any ways soo ievenif they were allowed adult stores i hard arent lol

Aggghhh, the spelling...And no, vehicles aren't allowed, Adult stores aren't allowed.

[21:40] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Alright guys enough, next topic please
[21:40] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: yes but look at it this way its the same for each different heel or peace of clothing
[21:40] gxxxxxxxx Pxxx: woohoo mute
[21:40] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Jax saw them
[21:41] 2xxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: question, what about when ppl say we need 20 more slaps to lockdown for clothing MM. is that okay?

That's fine. The problem was when people who just wanted cars or motorcycles were posting, it would be constant, like, every twenty seconds: "25 slaps to go" "18 slaps, come on down" "14 slaps, come hit this" "10 slaps hit hit hit" "5 slaps we want this car!!!!1!" kind of thing. Irritating. Drove everyone mad.

The end-of-night "Six minutes to midnight, we need 15 on this dress board, here's your port" links, those are fine.

[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: so how come for a car its spam but for 20 diferent pairs of heels its not spam?

1. Because the mods say so.
2. Because there's generally specific times, like near midnight, when more posts are allowed about things on MM boards.
3. Because cars aren't allowed, and heels and clothing are.

[21:41] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I want MM boards and minimanias with physique appliers, lcs, too. any out there?
[21:41] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ok look, you guys need to stop giving the other mods a hard time.. we don't make the rules.. you don't like them, you're more than welcome to speak to [Axxxxx], but if you don't want to do that , drop it and let it go when a mod says it's not allowed
[21:41] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Guys the rules are the rules for this group - we don't make them, but we enforce them, so if you don't agree with them you're welcome to leave at any time
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: the are applier frees and offers
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: im also welcome to disscuss it correct?

"Discuss", and not if the mods have already said--three times now--to stop talking about it, no. Not correct, and not welcome.

[21:41] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think [Bxxxxxx's] whining is becoming spam.

Hear, hear.

[21:41] vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cos it was one person calling 4 or 5 manias in a row from the same sim,? not 20 people calling 20 diff stores
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i see all sorts of things disscused
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i didnt start this
[21:42] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: hell i didnt even post it

But you've been asked to stop. Why haven't you?

[21:42] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if you dont like the rules they are not up for discussion.. you are to speak to the owners if you dont like them..
[21:42] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Bxxxxxx] final warning, we've discussed the matter at length, any questions about the rules can go to [Axxxxx] but for now, stop this conversation please.

I put 'final warning' in bold, because it's important. And the conversation continued past this point.

[21:42] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no but you continued it
[21:42] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: just asking legitimate questions

There are no legitimate public questions when you've been asked to stop a topic. Full stop.

[21:42] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: not when it comes to a rule that you don't like Brandin.. and no, you didn't post it, but you're the one carrying on, the one who posted it dropped it
[21:42] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I technically broke no rule and the others that posted non-allowed related posts did not get this reaction today
[21:42] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Monarchy!

You're so tiresome.

[21:42] vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: doesnt matter anyway, vehicle mm's are forbiddeen, get over it, besides most of them were primmy rubbish, 150 no mod no copy prims from some ancient build you wouldnt want
[21:43] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smh...............mute is a wonderful thing
[21:43] Rxxxx Cxxxxxx: Dude.. if you break a rule.. just apologize.. there's no need to get up in arms. what we should be angry about is the fact that gacha makers seem to know my weaknesses!
[21:43] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I wasn't "carrrying on, I asked a legit question too....and well, just annoyed responces :(
[21:43] pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: any mmbs need slaping?
[21:43] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you posted an invite to something that cant be posted in chat.. that is breaking a rule..
[21:43] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Alright, [Bxxxxxx's] having some quiet time now, let's move on

Read, "[Bxxxxxx] is still in the group for now, but has been prevented from chatting in group..." Which is what you get when you push mods.

[21:44] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yay
[21:44] hxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so... if this group has come down to bickering about this... does this mean the hair fair is open? :D
[21:44] Emilly Orr: Yep

More later from said Hair Fair. Still shaking my head on how stupidly this chat went south.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

it's too late to apologize

to reach the sky
we have to be willing to leave the ground

but the sky is so far away
and we are so small

we are afraid
both to succeed and to fail
and the contradictions are killing us

Saturday, May 9, 2015

why don't they stay young?

So this absolutely pisses me off to no end. Let me give you a rundown of the "features" so you can fully appreciate why this is making me irate:

★ Touch menu
★ Realtime latex effect
★ Advanced lighting model
★ Adjustable transparency
★ Color Change

Let that sink in. "Adjustable transparency". Because of course, see-through latex is so necessary for the preteen camp.

Don't you agree?

The "full outfit"--again, I am emphasizing, designed for an average nine-year-old's shape--comes with these items:

★ For SMB Mesh Body only!
★ SMB Belly Top
★ Rigged Mesh
★ SMB High Skirt
★ Works with SMB Mesh Body
★ For default kidsize avies too
★ Belt can be worn/colored seperately
★ Includes mod/copy underwear
★ Two buttsize versions (9/18)

Okay, fine, it's a mesh outfit designed for a mesh body. Great. Why is this such a big deal?

Again, because it's designed for this child-size replacement mesh body:

I have no words. If you don't immediately grasp the problem, then hells, you might be their target market. Go have fun.

All I can come up with is...that this:

(from MJ Trends, All Rights Reserved)

will never, EVER go with this:

(Royalty-free image)

What's the SL restriction on ageplay again?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

we've been calling, black paw who's soaring

[Zone] Lexia@gyp5y: That's nice.

So, this one's going to be quick, sadly. I had a larger entry planned--and may even get to it!--but Ms. Nyree Rain notified me today that I had mucked up on the permissions for my items. Eep! So I spent several hours (between RL concerns) repackaging, setting permisisions, setting the default perms for my viewer, and checking everything at each stage to make sure they were going to hold.

Next up: tracking down everyone who's bought a set of horns already, and sending them a pair with the right perms! Ack!

You can see my (limited) selection of wares (mostly horns) here. Tangleshimmer drops you off at a central point, just follow the beacons; or, if you don't have beacons, turn right and go over the little bridge to the big trees at the end of the wooded path. Cheers!

Friday, April 24, 2015

through the broken glass and the morning light

There are so many entries I've saved to work on, so many things I want to talk about, but...there's something more important.

From Mr. Icterus Dagger:
As I am so disconnected with SL these days, and Caledon even moreso, I didn't know who else to contact. Miss Soliel Snook (a.k.a. Janet Wright) passed away early this morning, at home, after fighting cancer for the past year. Here is her daughter Happi's post (in part) from Facebook this morning:
"It's with a broken heart that I have to report that my mum, Janet Wright, passed away at 2:20am this morning. She died with both Bruce and I at either side; make further more comfortable from her meds supplied by the incredible team at Suncoast Hospice. However, it was so fast and started right after the night nurse had finished her checks and left. I immediately called Bruce as she asked; so it was just she, Bruce & I. Followed by a very protective Teddy steadfastly glued to her lap and who is, as most of you know, her beloved dog. Her cat Milo also sang her specifically a "song" of his people (as he often does at 3am) right after she left us..."
No funeral is planned, as far as I know, but Janet wanted a simple cremation and a "Quaker Irish" wake at the St. Petersburg, FL Quaker meetinghouse. Details, as you can imagine, are "TBD."

Janet was undergoing experimental treatment for an aggressive cancer (as chemo and other "traditional" methods were not successful). Although we all (her friends) knew her prognosis was very poor, everything happened so quickly this week.

Miss Snook was such an important part of the life and culture of Caledon and related lands, as well as serving up music and fun with Radio Riel. Please pass along this information to Caledon and such, if you please.
And this from Duchess Gabrielle Riel:
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Radio Riel Presenter, current St John resident and former Caledon resident Soliel Snook passed away last night. I (Gabrielle Riel) am planning to hold a multi-hour-time-zone memorial service for her on May 12. Details to come. I need time to work though my grief, thus the memorial being scheduled a few weeks out. Soliel was one of my dearest friends in both lives. Things will never be the same without her.
Another shining light departs from Caledon, and while I wasn't as close as many of her stronger friends, I remember her with great fondness, and accept this news with great sorrow. My deepest sympathies go to her close friends and her family in their time of grief.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

wake, baby, wake but leave that blanket around you

This always unnerves me:

[08:26 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: hi
[08:26 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you help me joining group here
[08:27 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: please
[08:27 PM] bxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you're already a member of the group, hun.

Because you can't post to this group if you're not already in it. You can't post to any group in Second Life unless you're registered as a member, in fact. That's how groups work.

[08:27 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can you help me joining this group
[08:27 PM] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: What group are you trying to join
[08:28 PM] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: You are a member already, otherwise you couldn't post here

Exactly. What are we teaching new residents these days? Are we teaching them anything, other than "here's Second Life, have fun!" *throws into deepest part of the lake*

[08:28 PM] Callie [CallieMajestic Resident]: o.O
[08:28 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oops
[08:28 PM] vxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: sorry :P
[08:28 PM] Mxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: :)

By the way--not that it matters, I suppose--Ms. V (the original poster) is sixteen days old; Ms. F, one of the residents trying to offer help, was decanted back in January.

But that's not what I want to talk about. We're at Fantasy Faire! Through the gracious offer of De Baza Designs, we have booth space in Tangleshimmer Grove.

You can see the two RFL-specific horns on the official site, and see you at the Faire!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

more than rivers, snakes or wind

[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: done ^_^ WOOH now im outa here!!!
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: CONGRATS
[Zone] Sett@settko: You'll be back... they ALWAYS come back...
[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: omg all that work for lame looking outfit? lame sauce lame sauce!!!!!
[Zone] Sett@settko: paint it :)
[Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: oh i will lol

The Summer Festival, the Festival of Sune in Neverwinter. To get special festival gear, one "adventures" by slaying marauding trolls who want barbecue, slaying kobolds who want to eat flowers to get high, catching pigs and chickens for farmers, harvesting those self-same intoxicating blooms in great numbers, throwing water balloons at other participants, and harvesting corn. Doing all these things will eventually give you enough flowers (or flower petals) to get weapon and clothing transforms, most of which are adorned with those very flowers that too so much time to harvest in the first place!

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: And it's alalllllllla yourse! [Zone] Sett@settko: Liira's dye gives orange pants

Actually, no. The Masquerade dyes, sold during October, dye in orange and black/deep brown hues. Lliira's festival dye does shades of gold, red and blue.

[Zone] Sett@settko: Tribal Dye gives a nice reddish color, pretty stylish but not enough screaming for me [Zone] Drizzt@dante7764: no matter what color you make this outfit it still looks fugly this was a waste of half a day [headache smiley]
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I love the TR dyeset myself.

To each their own--the Trickster Rogue dyeset gives shades of black and muted brown. I guess it's good if you want to blend into the shadows...

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Drizzt, did you not peek around before your start of day?
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Did you not notice the Elvises and Flower Gals?

I...think you mean Elves??

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I know that ... you know, SOME other people may have been playing with the outfit on.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: It's a nice outfit, to me.
[Zone] Sett@settko: To be honest, Yina Moradi's frontal appearance does divert the eyes from most things in here.

True enough.

[Zone] Autumnal Ember@wolffuzz: Why do they tell us when someone gets something awesome?
[Zone] Valna Gentleharp@TacticalGnat: so that you want to buy the keys
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: to make you want to buy keys

Pretty much that, yeah. It's supposed to be encouraging. Most of us just ignore the announcements now, though.

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: And Rio is totally a girl.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: She isn't the kind to send pics of her chest to prove it though.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: girls can be agents of the capitalist class too
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: People who ask for pics of chests can go "find themselves" lol

Thanks for the info??

[Zone] Zheyk'ari@eisrabe1902: must i be interrupted at every turn?!

I don't know, do you want to be?

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: you know i'm not sure where the unemployed fit into marxist labor dynamics
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: i'll have to brush up on my reading
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: they would all have jobs created
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: for them

Well, that's one theory...

[Zone] Brutæ@culhwych143: turn them into soylent green to feed the productive class

That's another theory.

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: You are NOT mulching my husband to feed the rich.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: no actually i mean where they fit into the capitalist structure as described by marx
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: it's been a while. i'm under-read.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I believe he did not think that there WOULD be the downtrodden any longer.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: To each according to his need, and everyone working according to their ability.
[Zone] Richardine@richardine: That works in small populations.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: He was an idealist,
n'est pas?

Oh, absolutely. Though he had some interesting ideas.

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Again, not really talking about the conception of a communist society
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: they said those wanting free public schools were idealists too I suppose?
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: History has shown that Marx was wrong about the inevitability of a collectivist revolution
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: the more interesting part of his work imo is the analysis of capitalism as a power structure
[Zone] Feonix@fe0nix: he could never have predicted the rise of twerking
[Zone] Th'yia Moonshadow@FlyingAce: ugh

Seriously. A highly thoughtful topic comes up in Zone chat, and someone mentions twerking? Really?

[Zone] Mellisandre Kings@chaos99bringer: politcal ideologies in the morning? you boys serve a heavy breakfast. [confusedface]
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: you had to say the T word

Ack. Yes, let's all move on, please.

[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: Einstein did
[Zone] Llorandriel Skysong@elronhalberd: Einstein twerked?
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: He predicted it
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: He said that the only things that were infinite were the Universe and human stupidity
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: And he wasn't sure about the Universe
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Maybe but I always hate it when nerds try to pull the "lol people are stupid" card
[Zone] Lord Solar Macarius@lordbane40: People ARE stupid

Yes. But what's your point?

[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: It just feels so... elitist.
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: Yes, exactly.

It can be both.

[Zone] Mellisandre Kings@chaos99bringer: so.... who likes to see nekid gerls?

Really? First twerking, now 'u gots porns?'

[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: Nekkid gals do nuffin for me.
[Zone] Rio@gardenpots: I like the manz
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: who likes to see nekid boyz?
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: we can't be sexists now
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: personally i always found naked adult humans sexually attractive in general
[Zone] Delgado Hossman@OpFarce: within reason, of course
[Zone] River Tam@inara1: I think that is a human animal condition.

Also likely true.

And then conversation trailed off, so...I have no clue if anything got resolved.