Saturday, October 31, 2009

our thoughts are hot and crazed, our brains are webbed in haze

At what speed must I live, to be able to see you again?

I can't believe I forgot Haunted Saddlemead! I swear, my head would fall right off if it wasn't stitched on so tightly.

second life,haunted houses,Saddlemead

Haunted Saddlemead has been a holiday fixture since I started doing these reviews, at least. Miss Lora Chadbourne runs the place, and she has a little more space this year. Did she go crazy with the scripts, did she throw in a lot of busy screaming monsters to leap out at people?

second life,haunted houses,Saddlemead

Unexpectedly, no--she's kept the quiet autumnal beauty of Saddlemead, and just added a few more spooky touches. Glowing red eyes here and there, a few more sounds, just that--nothing overt, nothing extravagant. Her precise and elegant touch pervades.

second life,haunted houses,Saddlemead

There's a glowing hanged man off in the orchard, and one of the floating candelabra in the house swirls around avatars, asking in an earnest child's voice, "Aren't you scared?"

second life,haunted houses,Saddlemead

But the pumpkin patch is still there, and the house with the haunted attic, and the hayride, and it's all just...pastoral and charming. I don't know how long it will be up, and I'm dreadfully abashed I didn't mention it sooner, so go and see!

second life,haunted houses,Saddlemead

In the meantime, as we're all of us scattered far and wee, I had to take the brief time I had (between extended bouts of limbo) to try to explore the Falln Sanitarium for the FallnAngels Brain Hunt going on currently (and ending in just under, or perhaps just over, a day from now!)

Of course I ran into zombies in trouble.

[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: >>:[
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: Hello there.
[20:09] Emilly Orr: Are you having trouble?
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: I am having a blast.
[20:09] Emilly Orr: Good!
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: What do you really want to talk about?

Trust a zombie in a mental hospital to ask leading questions.

[20:09] Emilly Orr: Are you stuck?
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: Do I seem like it?
[20:09] Emilly Orr: You seem trapped.
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: Do you mind if I tell other people you say I am trapped.
[20:09] Emilly Orr: Please.
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: OK I will tell them when I see 'em.
[20:09] Emilly Orr: Fantastic. Can you get out?
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: That's an interesting question. I'll come back to that in a minute.
[20:09] Emilly Orr: Right.
[20:09] My Pet Zombie Loves Brains: I am glad we agree.

I was too, the problem, though, was I was talking to a zombie trapped in a green-painted service locker in an abandoned psych ward. This had the potential to go downhill, I thought, so I wandered off looking for more brains.

I found them--but I also found a zombie pushing a gurney into a side corner. Rather forcefully.

This didn't seem like it was the best plan.

[21:20] My Pet Zombie Nurse: >>:[
[21:20] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Hello there.
[21:21] Emilly Orr: You're stuck again.
[21:21] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Once more? I will tell my botmaster you said I am stuck.

They talk to their botmaster--Azriel Demain, owner of Fallen--a great deal. He reads them stories and gives them instructions. We should all be happy they work as well as they do--after all, they are zombies.

Then the zombie got existential.

[21:21] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Where are you located?
[21:22] Emilly Orr: Here.
[21:22] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Where is here?
[21:22] Emilly Orr: The Sanitarium.
[21:22] My Pet Zombie Nurse: What is that?
[21:22] Emilly Orr: Well, it's where you go when you're crazy.
[21:22] My Pet Zombie Nurse: How about that. I can understand that sentiment.
[21:22] Emilly Orr: Thought you might.

I admit, telling an undead nurse about psychiatric care, that was a new one for me.

[21:22] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Do you really think so?
[21:22] Emilly Orr: I think so. Come out of the corner.
[21:22] My Pet Zombie Nurse: I think so too. Where is out of the corner ?

This wasn't working. I took a running leap to try to climb over the gurney, and push the zombie away from the corner section. I failed, and ended up on the pose on the gurney.

Lots of flailing ensued before things got really odd.

[21:23] Emilly Orr flails a lot on the gurney
[21:23] My Pet Zombie Nurse: YOU? That remark was either too complex or too simple for me. We were talking about defchan.
[21:23] Emilly Orr: We were talking about defchan? When were we talking about defchan?
[21:23] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Ah yes, I remember now, it is the subject. It was back in the old days, long ago.
[21:23] Emilly Orr: When we had woodburning cats?
[21:23] My Pet Zombie Nurse: I am not sure I agree with your assumptions.
[21:23] Emilly Orr: Probably not.
[21:23] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Why the uncertain tone?
[21:23] Emilly Orr: Because I'm flailing on a gurney.
[21:23] My Pet Zombie Nurse: Good reason. It's good to meet someone who is flailing on a gurney.

I sensed limbo approaching again, so I scrambled off the gurney and went home. Far as I know, the zombie nurse is still pushing aimlessly into the corner of the Sanitarium.

Least he has a defined task. The other zombie in the locker has it worse...

So, all in all, sort of a lost day. I did manage to get my bat tokens in for the Deader than You tour, so yay for that--and I've worn the DV8 outfit (the Geishurai latex set in orange and black) more times in the past two weeks than anything else, so it was worth it. And I did find a few brains, and may find more tomorrow.

Still, I missed all the dances and all the costume contests. Ah, well. I'd say I'm becoming a recluse but I've generally been too busy to notice.

Is that a good thing?

Friday, October 30, 2009

well, if you wanted honesty, that's all you had to say


And this is why I don't buy shoes with prim feet. Most of the time I'm wearing stockings, or at least long socks; I'm more often seen in stocking feet than in bare feet, or bare legs. It just doesn't make sense.


I'll even take my stockings off. Now it looks like I have footless leggings on, doesn't it? Because of the difference between my now bare legs, and the tone of the prim feet in the shoes--which, by the way, were no-modify. It's a safe bet to assume that, as soon as these pictures were taken, the prim feet went the way of all deleted inventory.


I have too much insane variety in my skin tone to ever invest, in any serious way, in shoes with prim feet. It's just not feasible. And even if I ever do lose my mind and buy a pair, they certainly won't be a pair that I can't at least modify to match my skin tone! Be that skin tone pale blue, pale green, neko and furred, or vampiric white!

Let's not even get into the struggle I'd have matching zombie skin tones to prim feet, because really--I'd have to stop at the mottling, let alone the increasing levels of decay!

Moving on. MMORPG lists the five scariest MMO launches of all time, being that it's the season for such things. Fun article. And look! Meat hands!

*coughs* I'm terribly sorry, moving on for real, now. To...THE MOTHERFUNKEN HORROR MAZE!!!


I feel like shouting out "SUNday, SUNday, SUNday..." for some reason. But really, it's so over the top, from the name to the logo. Who are these people? Also, it's worth noting that this is a horror maze on Adult land. (Yes, this becomes, err...relevant later.)

Before the maze begins, they have three flashlights to grab to aid you on your way, and I really like the way they think--one's handheld, one's held in your mouth, and one clips to your hip. Really ingenious. The hip light is going in my Halloween folder for next year's haunts.

It is a maze, and as such, there's a considerable amount of backtracking to get to each exit point, and there are "dead end" exit points along the way.


The Gate Keeper whispers: The one who approaches is an avatar, created to experience the virtual world. The one who watches is an avatar, created to experience the real world.

Ooh. Deep. Also of note, there are a lot of 'traps' in general--there are over thirty free items to be had by clicking on various things (I didn't find them all) but some of the things that can be clicked on will trap you. There are also electrical games, a bit of fortune-telling here and there, and the ubiquitous red skull guides that at times, are your only clue on where you're going.


This is a very dangerous section. Ware thou the doors. (And remember that "Adult" designation.)

All in all, very satisfying. I have more pictures than I'm showing, but it's well laid out, challenging, and holds to a consistent theme. I was impressed.

Then I went off to the land of bad grammar, aka Cape Breton Island, for--and I quote--"SL's GOREST ATTRACTION!" First, there were far too many sounds in the ATTRACTION; it all blurred into oddly giggly requests for "buh-buh-buh-raiiiins", and little else. And sure, yes, there was a great muchness of blood, but very little substance. The 'backstory' card handed out made the original family out to be cannibals of some stripe, but...apart from some very fun bone was just corpses here, corpses there, and lots of dunning, constant, noise

Don't go.

To recover, I found a link to the Village of Nyght. The card they gave out spoke of a prosperous fishing village, that slowly fell under the influence of a mysterious cult, after a great shipwreck just off the shore.

That sounded very familiar, so I asked the Brain in the Jar next to the port-in point for more information. This is what it said: "[3:00] Brain 1.0: You can learn more about a man in an hour of play, than in a year of conversation. --Plato"


I do believe this is where October Country residents set up. Well worth a wander, but not precisely a "haunted house", per se.

I thought Kassturm had a haunted house, at first. Turns out they're selling one, scripted, for L$1313. Hee. But they're throwing in a free set of pumpkin lights just for porting in! I must wander their offerings further.

Next up, the Haunted Isle of Hope Cemetary had a really odd line in their ad: "Rediscover the romance in necromancy."

...the hell? But I came out to find out more.


It's not the worst little jaunt, though there are far more "romantic" places to encounter...well..."romantic entanglements"? And being the season, some of them are next to haunted ships, cemetaries, and dark, cold dungeons. Whatever works for them.


Though I will say, they've got a floor.

The Willow Grove haunted house I can't review; I'm still banned. At least I knew why, as soon as I discovered who owned the place...Huh. She still holds last year's "Love Bugg Haunted House" review against me. And I still said good things about the house...But the link's there if you want to check it out.

And I have less than no interest in the haunted golf course; you're welcome to play a round with the skeletons if you like. In fact, I think the only thing left, really, is the Haunted Church at Mysticos.

So off I went.


It did not look promising.


My small hovering companion seemed to find everything quite fascinating, but to be fair, he hasn't been out much. It's a fair haunt, some attempt went into it at least, and it gives you five minutes' diversion or so wandering the church. The sounds aren't overwhelming, and the green glow from things was well done. But it's one of those, 'if you're really bored, traipse off to see' attractions, not a must-see-at-any-cost haunt.

And that wraps up the things to do at Hallows section of the blog. Mostly, the offerings were somewhat tedious, if not downright depressing, but there are one or two shining gems, as I've tried to point out.

Also, the pictures of the prim toes were taken in Autogenic Alchemy's new store; it's coming along very nicely, now it's nearly finished. And the Tentacoo pet will soon be available, in cuddling and floating versions, and with and without swaddling (to keep your...err...growing Cthuloid monstrosity warm, or....something.)

(If anyone wishes to take a sneak peek, you can walk over from it from Lady Disdain's new store link, mentioned in previous entries. But shhh. Don't tell Mr. Allen I told you!)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

in your coldest blood, with your own two hands

The fires grow brighter. Heated metal heavy on the air. Smell of burning oil and coal heavier. I've been here before. Stupid to think a few months of peace equaled a lifetime.

And I must make note, I must try to remember--'love' does not always equal 'friend'. And it does not always equal 'trust'. You'd think I would have learned by now, but I can be so very stubborn, where my wounded heart is concerned. This time, I say. This time it is different.

But this time I thought it was...


In Izumo sim currently, there is a mini-rail tram ride based around Japanese cemetaries and haunts. It's a solid loop, so if you're not careful, you can find yourself going around in circles. And it is not a short tram ride. But it's a lot of fun.


There are a lot of interesting effects along the way, at least two that interact with you and the tram itself, and it seems to be a haunt that can be enjoyed at midday as well as midnight. So many of the haunts rely on darkness for atmosphere, and I won't lie--it's refreshing to find one that works in sunlight.


There are some places with severe switchbacks, or ramps up, and at these times, the car may reverse itself and start back for the beginning. This is to be expected with heavily scripted rides; just keep in mind, rezzers for new trams are found frequently around the track.


Twice the tram leads you into a large and seemingly very solid black box. If you've never been to a Japanese haunt attraction before, I won't spoil things by telling you what you'll find. There are some free items (and some full-price holiday items) available just outside the large black box, and there are things to do and see inside the large black box. Do wander, after you're done riding the train.


All in all, it is a thoroughly charming tribute, and a very pretty layout; as much as I know I am on one side of the glass, and the grid is on the other, I found myself thinking how marvelous the forest if the forest were real, and I merely an avatar wandering it. They did a great job, and it's worth the trip for that alone.

All in all, if you have the time--it does take a while--I heartily encourage anyone who wishes, to go. At the very least, the most genuine chills you'll find on the ride? Are when the physics bork and you find yourself sliding backwards, down through the sim into the deep water, or off the track entirely into the air!

all the pretty faces and sorry words can take away your pride

Ah, the next installment of the haunted house run...this is all about the last house we visited.

second life,haunted houses

OneDom had a haunted house this year in Jai. Strangely, we'd already seen some of OneDom's work--the haunted spirit mirror and the brain buffet seem popular this year, and OneDom makes them.

second life,haunted houses

This house is dangerous? Well, I know it's creepy enough--the statues watched me as I walked up the stairs, the painting hissed one of Freddy Krueger's lesser-known aphorisms, and the crashing sea behind the island house was red as blood.

second life,haunted houses

Impressive, though. Lots of physics effects, so expect occasional lag. And did I mention the statues? Simple effect, but it really got to me.

second life,haunted houses

It's a gorgeous build, and really, when you think about it--considering it's entirely stocked with OneDom products--a very focused advertisement for everything they sell.

second life,haunted houses

If this is the quality of stuph they sell, though, bring it on. I want half of what I saw, it's very well made.

second life,haunted houses

And some rooms seem to be there just for the pretty. I'm fine with this, mind, but I liked that they had just darkly beautiful places, as well as disturbing ones.

(And if you've noticed the small pale android with the holographic face with me, this is Autogenic Alchemy's next project--hopefully soon to be released! Expect some point...on the shop blog.)

Overall, high marks for OneDom. Since nearly everything is a sculpt, do give lots of time to rez. But some very fun rooms, and--if you find the bathroom--don't forget to flush.

This may be the haunted houses for the year; it's been mostly slim and disappointing all around. But there are some odd gems in all the schist. It's worth digging for them if you have the time.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

but all the details of this war are just self-infatuation

Update on the hunt at Lady Disdain: I now have a signboard up with all the things in the hunt that aren't poses. (Of course, you can disdain the hunt entirely, and buy directly from the sign, but that won't get you the items for a Linden per.)

second life,scavenger hunts

So yay! Now folks can come to the store for the hunt items, at a Linden per, or--if you'd rather not bother finding, you know, big green glowing bats, you can pick and choose from the non-pose prizes. After the hunt closes, the two outfits will go on the walls as new products, and the Rag Doll, the horns, and the thirteen eyes will be shuffled off into Limited Edition Storage.

(I haven't decided how I'm displaying the poses yet, or if I'm going to do more than the occasional novelty pose now and again.)

Meanwhile, onto Truck's Place Halloween Tour. It spans more than one sim, and it starts off at the back of a small Chinatown district, so automatically, we start off the exploration creeping through small overcrowded spaces, redolent with the smell of smoked fish and dim sum, incense, ginger and spices.


The rules. I'm automatically amused by the 'if I get squeamish, I can always start over' line.


What is it about clowns and medical equipment, this year? Were they sold as a two-for-one pack at some point? I don't get it. I guess I just don't connect to clowns dancing through the morgue.


The expected creepy kids' room...Blah. Well presented, and well laid-out, busy without being overwhelming, but...blah.


Then the last port to the last sim dumped me out in midair...


...and stranded me over the end of the haunt. I had to cam down to find something to sit on! Badly planned out. All in all, it started off interesting, and the little Chinatown section was very well done, became boring far too soon. And far too soon after that, it became irritating. I don't recommend going.


Which leads us to the Horror Hall festival, sadly only here until the 31st of October, or the 1st of November, which is very sad, because that doesn't give people much time to explore and be amazed. (The Horror Hall key hunt, much less amazing, but we won't get into that.)


Everything's fine; the typical standing about and waiting for many, many sculpted objects, trees and particle displays to rez and stay rezzed, until we walk into the house at the end of the shopping area. And then...things get very interesting indeed.


They depend largely in this structure, in this build, on the Windlight setting "Gelatto". It's a default in the main viewer, and likely in others, since it's server-side, and it's a grimly beautiful, moldering-green, Lovecraftian outlook on the world.


But more than that, the planes and angles are dizzying in this. Yes, a lot of it is how the place is designed, and the angles the paintings are at, but keep in mind, no one has messed with animations, or handed out AOs, to compensate for the sideways sections. This is just us, trying our best to walk around and not fall to the ground, on stairways that are perpendicular to our expected pathways.


I would recommend, even if you can't spend long, at least try to go see this one. Walk around in the SL version of the M.C. Escher painting. It's worth your time.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I knew you wanted to tell me, in your voice there was something wrong

Burning Life 2009 ended, and the reputation of the Burn went up in smoke.

This is how it goes.

Tateru Nino over at Massively and Stroker Serpentine, the mind behind SexGen, broke the story about the massive cases of copyright infringement that were plunked right in the middle of Burning Life.

And I was sad because I hadn't wandered the virtual Burn. Now I'm glad I didn't go.

To repeat information you will find there, this is a partial list of everything that was lifted from various designers on the grid, hacked into notecard segments, and passed out in one full-permission box (apparently previously owned by Damen Hax, a long-time resident, who says otherwise, he has zero connection to the infringement):

3FX (Jasmine Godenot?)
FNKY! (Funk Schnook)
CobraTech (BlckCobra Shikami)
**Kabuki Creations (Naku Nishi)
AQUALOVE Zen and Serenity (Luigi Dickens)
Raziel Foggarty Sexbeds (Raziel Foggarty)
Luna Animations (Jennifer Brennon)
::Bloodlines:: (Mars Bracken)
Zyngo (Aargle Zymurgy)
Bojan Allen Sexbeds (Bojan Allen)
CM Designs (Corrin Maitland)
Eclectic Randomness (Winter Ventura)
Bits and Bobs (Craig Altman)
[.::CHASE::.] (Ocean Lane)
Damania (Damanios Thetan)
Lovebirds Paradise Furniture (Bird Lilliehook)
Shiny Things (Fallingwater Cellardoor)
Stiletto Moody Shoes (Stiletto Moody)
Midnight Lotus (Hasuko Kuramot)
Quantum Products (Darling Brody)
5ifth Order (Jonny Dusk)
AKEYO (artoo Magneto)
Arcane (Eyllen Allen)
MystiTool (Mystical Cookie)
Ce Cubic (mirari Jun)
BARTLETT & NIELSON Furniture (Belle Bartlett)
Vamporium (Trijin Bade)
.:MAD Studio:. (Maddox DuPont)
SixtyNine(Kumii Yoshikawa)
:SEY (risey Arai)
SiniStyle (Krius Misfit)
SineWave (Easy Babcock)
VISTA Anim (Vista Barnes)
Henmations (Hendrik Schroeder)
Abranimations (Abramelin Wolfe)
Armidi (London Armidi)
@HOME (nightlife Overlord)
SOREAL (Kwarney Pinion)
[ hoorenbeek ] (Limer Kosten)
Gritty Kitty (Noam Sprocket)
Blaze Nielson (no store name, no classified ads taken, resident since 2006?)
TOM Burt (no TOM listed, just tom Burt and Tomae Burt, and no one has anything on their profiles?)
kowalski Erin (Neither kowalski Erin, who is German, or Erin Kowalski, who is not, have anything on their profiles?)
Redgrave (no idea whether "Redgrave" is first name or last, thus no other name to search for, thus no further information--anyone know more?)

Note, this is only a partial list.

From Ciaran Laval:

Linden Lab really need to make an example of someone here. They need to send a loud and clear message that exploits won't be tolerated, it's time to stop playing nice over there in San Francisco and go after those who encourage content theft.

It also hit over on Shopping Cart Disco, where Tenshi Velle sounds shocked and appalled, start to finish. (There's also an open discussion on copyright infringement that's worth reading through.)

Today, the creator of the Neillife viewer responded to the allegations that exploits in his viewer allowed this major hack. He denies any culpability...then spends a minorly exhaustive time detailing, in that post, simple hacks he's okay to tell others about, on how to get gestures, animations, system clothing layers, particle streams, and prim objects.


The march for IP protection and copyright security goes on...neither side is winning, yet, nor likely to do so for some time.

and never stopped to listen to your one and only prayer

The ultimate vampire comparison chart. (Though I note, there are mistakes on this list. But it's fun nonetheless.)

Speaking of ultimates, this is cut paper. No, seriously. All of that castle is comprised of folded and cut paper. Incredible.

On my way somewhere, I came across mention of a haunted house in Pirandello Bay. Imagine my intrigue when I saw this:

second life,submission

Oh my.

It's good food for thought, though, and it is a true statement. Plus, it forever amuses me that in keeping with PhotoBucket's draconian nudity policies, I have to 'mask out' nipples--therefore making them even more obvious--but the whipmarks across those lovely breasts? Will likely be just fine.

Hypocrisy, I tell you.

But more on them later; in the meantime, we move on! To...Chateau de Mort! Thrills! Chills! Zombies! Undead!

...wait, next event October 14th?!?

second life,haunted houses

I admit, I love the concept of the Teleport Booth. That was a nice touch.

There were a lot of nice touches at Chateau de Mort, but very little coherency.

second life,haunted houses

The Hell Hole was new this year, but overall One out of ten skulls? Too many things happening for no reason, way too many sounds overlapping, but the build is nice. Which brings us to...

Bloodmoon Manor. Which, oddly, was the same build as the Chateau, and many of the same props. What the hell? Mostly dull, but there were interesting moments:

second life,haunted houses

The ballroom, for instance. Took a while to rez in, but once it did, it was eerily beautiful. Another lovely little touch is in the front room of Bloodmoon--a ghostly radio that plays themes from horror films, classic and modern, on the parcel stream. Again, elegant little touch.

second life,haunted houses

This was also an interesting touch. Not truly connected to the rest of the house, but a nicely laid out room on its own. The burning body was a nice touch.

second life,haunted houses

The attic was rather good, as well. The fellow with the chainsaw was overkill, but the torso on the table was reasonably grotesque.

Yes, my hair has eyes. It also blinks on occasion. But we'll move on.

Then we went to Pirandello Bay. This is an adult-rated sim. They're very interesting. They have an ice dungeon. It all sounds fascinating.

second life,haunted houses

You may have to port in to the welcome center and find the teleport down; I'm not entirely sure it's not on a default beam-in point. Luckily, there's usually someone hanging around ready and willing to help out, in whatever fashion they can.

second life,haunted houses

The house itself is well-built, and nicely laid out for a small haunt, but....honestly, there's one rat. I think the biggest terror in there is that there's dust. And the one rat.

second life,haunted houses

And not enough bondage equipment in the dungeon. The horror!

Onward to Quark, where I ported into a table. This table:

second life,haunted houses

Ick. On the positive side, we finally have a table setting for upwardly mobile zombies?

The house itself is amazing--all 750 prims of it. It's Ulysses Cabaret's "Crooked Steamer" house, and this place is just packed with neat nooks and crannies and small rooms and gearpunk tweaks--including the slightly curving smokestack that is the house's tallest feature.

second life,haunted houses

But--apart from the brain buffet downstairs, and a single ghost roaming upstairs, there...wasn't anything else in the house.

I climbed the ladder to the attic and saw this after I drew close to the single pumpkin adorning the attic floor:

[23:32] Halloween Contest: BOO! Emilly Orr has survived the haunted house and have been entered in the Halloween Zyngo Contest! Your high scores will now show on the contest board! Visit Ill Faire to play


Okay, that was scary.

second life,haunted houses

"About the history of Slaughter Creek Manor

"This historic two-story house in Slaughter Creek with its wide verandahs and beautiful wrought iron work is now open to thousands of visitors each year - and they all want to know about the ghosts and tragedies associated with this sprawling mansion.
The original occupants were Andrew Mills and his family in 1884 and it would appear that from the Mills family most of the stories of ghosts and hauntings and many other tragic happenings seem to originate.

"In fact the ghost of young Mrs Mills and her new born baby has been seen many times in her former room and in recent years. It is believed that after Andrew Mills was murderd by their former stable hand leaving behind his beautiful wife and newborn son in 1910, Mrs Mills only left the house on two occasions and leaving her son in the care of her nanny had left the house upon her return she found the nanny had killed the baby by dropping him down the stairs and then killed herslf , This was the last straw for poor Mrs mills whome had become so very depressed and was soo distraught at the loss of her family she hung herself from her bedroom closet no wonder her presence still lingers. A new family had since moved into the empty home and had felt a bad evil pressence that took over the father and he when mad till he killed his whole family with a knife in thier sleep and turning it on family had tried to live there but lasted only a short time their experience: "We moved into Monte Cristo on June 3rd 1963 blissfully unaware of the Homestead's often gruesome history, those dubious revelations would be some time off..."

second life,haunted houses

It goes on like that, for a really long time. Like, a lot of exposition. And while I've shortened it for blog inclusion, I haven't corrected any spelling errors or run-on sentences, so you can see the back-story is about as scary as the house!

Still, the actual haunt is rather fun.

second life,haunted houses

The best part? They have a creepy haunted tip jar doll that chases you until you pay him! RUUUUN--or pay the kid, and then he'll go away!

Couple more from tonight's run through the haunts to come. Stay tuned!