Monday, July 13, 2015

I self medicated my way through this mess that we made

So, one of my groups--a group I've captured chat from before--has, as its main goal, freebies, Midnight Manias, Lucky Chairs, and all sale items L$50 or under. There are a few codicils: no stores who only sell Adult items, or are on Adult-rated sims; no vehicles; no AOs, no spamming YOUR store, if you own that cetera. Ultimately, though, the biggest rule: don't irritate the mods. If you're new, and you run afoul of this, the rule of thumb is: apologize, and don't do it again. (Because sure, when we're new, we're not gonna know these things.)

So, them's the ground rules, and coming up is why I mentioned all that. Note: I didn't catch the actual infraction, but basically, it seems to have been just a linking of a vehicle board, nothing else.

Also, unless there's a new mod I don't know yet, I'm going to bold the "names" from the mods I do know, because I also think that helps distinguish "I'm another group member" from "I'm someone you need to pay attention to, now."

[21:32] Gxxxxxx Rxxxxxxt: Just as a general FYI, vehicles are still not permitted by the SL F&O rules.
[21:32] gxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: never mind then
[21:33] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I didn't post the link.. no rule broken.. thank you mod
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: is that a MM for a vehicle, if so that can not be posted..
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am mod, and it stil cant be mentioned
[21:33] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: This place that has the vehicle has tons of other clothes and boards.
[21:33] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was told ok to send TP in IM.. I just want it
[21:33] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no, not ok.. i have been told by [Axxxxx], you cant invite people for things that are not allowed in group. sorry

There's actually no real ban on sending port offers to folks in IM, because there's no way TO ban for that, but there are bans on sending port offers to EVERYONE in the group to a store (banned or not). We know this because at least once, it's happened.

[21:34] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I just sent to 6 ppl so sorry to all of you and I will stop

Wau, that's extraordinarily tacky. Please tell me you at least sent them to people asking, not just random group members.

[21:34] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this store has clothing and lucky letter boards for them as well~It is not only vehicles.
[21:35] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: yeah i would have gave the lm for that place becuase it has nice womens stuff downstairs but didnt want my head ripped off
[21:35] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: so i kept my mouth shut

Which would be fine, save that you stop keeping your mouth shut not even one minute after this...

[21:36] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Why no vehicles if i may ask? Just curious
[21:36] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do see IM offers often.. like the translator above and it is never an issue -shuts mouth
[21:36] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: discrimination !!!!

How is it discrimination?

[21:36] jxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think if ppl just say the letters on the clothing board and free 4th of july bunny and the 10l slink shoes down there, it would avoid the poor store being labeled a vehicle store
[21:37] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: prejudiced!!!!!!


[21:37] pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: i really wish people make lm they learn hw tired of landin in walls not in here i just need too say that is all lol
[21:37] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: hatred!!!

You're not funny.

[21:37] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: (yeah especially since we didn know to look for the rest of the stuff there lol)
[21:37] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Vehicles are not allowed as they have been spammed in the past and so the owners made a rule that they are not allowed
[21:37] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: ida told all the really nice ladies in here about the stuff dowstairs if i was alowed to post that place !
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: rules are for punks

Pity you're in a place with rules, then...punk.

[21:38] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Oh i see, thank you for the info on that
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: sl is suposed to be about breaking the rules
[21:38] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: what place?
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i cant fly in rl!

Yeah, now you're just irritating and unfunny.

[21:38] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I would never intend to spam or abuse..js


[21:38] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Bxxxxxx]..if that si rule, i see a problem here
[21:38] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: nither would i i used to fight griefers!

"Is". Also "neither". And fighting griefers has nothing to do with rules for what MM boards/Lucky Chairs to post. What does that even mean?

[21:38] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Also, if i see people ask for ims for things not allowed i stop it [lxxxxxxxx], so its what i se...

[21:39] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: can we still list the place if it is for the clothes items, right?
[21:39] vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i remember when car mm's were allowed, they got spammed constantly, people wanting 20 slaps for this car then 20 slaps for that car then 20 for another car, it was awful
[21:39] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Anarchy!!!!
[21:39] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: 10L slink heels?
[21:39] xxxxxxxx Bxxxx: did i hear slinks
[21:40] Qxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no slinks

Not true. There were a pair of L$10 Slink heels mentioned earlier. Posting Slink shoes, stockings, bracelets and anklets is allowed.

[21:40] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i know, i want to go find the heels lol
[21:40] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you may chose anarchy.. but i have group mute and eject button..

And that's a mod speaking. Group mute and group eject are within the mod powers for this group.

[21:40] mxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i saw 10L slinks from way over here
[21:40] pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: alot of places with cars na trucks an bikes are adult any ways soo ievenif they were allowed adult stores i hard arent lol

Aggghhh, the spelling...And no, vehicles aren't allowed, Adult stores aren't allowed.

[21:40] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Alright guys enough, next topic please
[21:40] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: yes but look at it this way its the same for each different heel or peace of clothing
[21:40] gxxxxxxxx Pxxx: woohoo mute
[21:40] Lxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Jax saw them
[21:41] 2xxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: question, what about when ppl say we need 20 more slaps to lockdown for clothing MM. is that okay?

That's fine. The problem was when people who just wanted cars or motorcycles were posting, it would be constant, like, every twenty seconds: "25 slaps to go" "18 slaps, come on down" "14 slaps, come hit this" "10 slaps hit hit hit" "5 slaps we want this car!!!!1!" kind of thing. Irritating. Drove everyone mad.

The end-of-night "Six minutes to midnight, we need 15 on this dress board, here's your port" links, those are fine.

[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: so how come for a car its spam but for 20 diferent pairs of heels its not spam?

1. Because the mods say so.
2. Because there's generally specific times, like near midnight, when more posts are allowed about things on MM boards.
3. Because cars aren't allowed, and heels and clothing are.

[21:41] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I want MM boards and minimanias with physique appliers, lcs, too. any out there?
[21:41] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: ok look, you guys need to stop giving the other mods a hard time.. we don't make the rules.. you don't like them, you're more than welcome to speak to [Axxxxx], but if you don't want to do that , drop it and let it go when a mod says it's not allowed
[21:41] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Guys the rules are the rules for this group - we don't make them, but we enforce them, so if you don't agree with them you're welcome to leave at any time
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: the are applier frees and offers
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: im also welcome to disscuss it correct?

"Discuss", and not if the mods have already said--three times now--to stop talking about it, no. Not correct, and not welcome.

[21:41] sxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I think [Bxxxxxx's] whining is becoming spam.

Hear, hear.

[21:41] vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: cos it was one person calling 4 or 5 manias in a row from the same sim,? not 20 people calling 20 diff stores
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i see all sorts of things disscused
[21:41] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: i didnt start this
[21:42] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: hell i didnt even post it

But you've been asked to stop. Why haven't you?

[21:42] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: if you dont like the rules they are not up for discussion.. you are to speak to the owners if you dont like them..
[21:42] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: [Bxxxxxx] final warning, we've discussed the matter at length, any questions about the rules can go to [Axxxxx] but for now, stop this conversation please.

I put 'final warning' in bold, because it's important. And the conversation continued past this point.

[21:42] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: no but you continued it
[21:42] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: just asking legitimate questions

There are no legitimate public questions when you've been asked to stop a topic. Full stop.

[21:42] Axxxxx Sxxxxxxxx: not when it comes to a rule that you don't like Brandin.. and no, you didn't post it, but you're the one carrying on, the one who posted it dropped it
[21:42] lxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I technically broke no rule and the others that posted non-allowed related posts did not get this reaction today
[21:42] Bxxxxxx Cxxxxx: Monarchy!

You're so tiresome.

[21:42] vxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: doesnt matter anyway, vehicle mm's are forbiddeen, get over it, besides most of them were primmy rubbish, 150 no mod no copy prims from some ancient build you wouldnt want
[21:43] xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: smh...............mute is a wonderful thing
[21:43] Rxxxx Cxxxxxx: Dude.. if you break a rule.. just apologize.. there's no need to get up in arms. what we should be angry about is the fact that gacha makers seem to know my weaknesses!
[21:43] Mxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I wasn't "carrrying on, I asked a legit question too....and well, just annoyed responces :(
[21:43] pxxxxxxxx Wxxxxxxxx: any mmbs need slaping?
[21:43] rxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: you posted an invite to something that cant be posted in chat.. that is breaking a rule..
[21:43] lxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Alright, [Bxxxxxx's] having some quiet time now, let's move on

Read, "[Bxxxxxx] is still in the group for now, but has been prevented from chatting in group..." Which is what you get when you push mods.

[21:44] Fxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: yay
[21:44] hxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: so... if this group has come down to bickering about this... does this mean the hair fair is open? :D
[21:44] Emilly Orr: Yep

More later from said Hair Fair. Still shaking my head on how stupidly this chat went south.