Saturday, October 8, 2016

what are you waiting for?

(Continued from part one.)

I chose to wander inland after the sideshow and carnival, instead of returning to the boat, and found a meandering path leading up to a haunted house. I found this tree along the way.

This room has three fireplaces...and the walls are dripping blood. So someone wants it very warm, and very...wet?

Inside the house, things are...odd. Like this room, where all the furnishings are on the ceiling.

And there's a maze. It's not hugely challenging, but it requires some concentration to get through, without being frustrating..

Overall, I liked this one. I'd like to return and go through the waterways, see what else turns up. Oh, and on the weekends, they throw parties on the roof of Club Dead, next to the sideshow, so feel free to come to those if you'd like. The event owner was highly encouraging for folks to come and play.

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