Tuesday, October 18, 2016

grab your passport and my hand

(Continued from part three.)

Up to the attic, and...gaaaaah. This may be the scariest thing in the entire orphanage.

Because of course this is where all the creepy dolls are kept...Also, why are they all looking the same direction??

Finally found the way out of that scenario, and found myself in a...prison? Looks like a prison. Where some very bad things have happened to the guards.

Clowns, why is is always clowns? More to the point, why is it always this clown?? What game is this clown from?!?

And just who is THIS guy?!! Seriously, what game is he ripped from, because my first guess is Left 4 Dead. Or, y'know, one of the early steroid warriors from 2009 SL...

Oh, and of course we've seen this guy before, too. Though I honestly don't know if it's a rip from the first Silent Hill, the third Silent Hill, or the movie!

(Continued in part five.)

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