Wednesday, October 5, 2016

baby, now we got bad blood

Tonight I found myself in...brace yourselves...the "Spooky Coochie" haunted house. Yes, of course it's on Adult land, why do you ask?

Had to wait a bit for things to load, before I could...start in.

Why is there a monkey with a chainsaw atop the gallows?

Already the house makes no sense, and I haven't even gone inside yet.

The bone chimes are a nice touch.

Then I walked in the door, looked around...and crashed.

I logged back in, crashed again, and when I came back in for the second time, I landed at home deliberately, stripped off all mesh, dug up a flexi skirt to go with some system layers, and stalked back to the damned house because I will be turned into a pickled chicken if I will let a haunt beat me.

Of course, I did return drunk, so...there's that.

It does appear to be the left hand,'s not lit. What use is a Hand of Glory if it's not lit? Unless it's not a Hand at all, but some sort of alchemical notation tool, or a palmistry model. Maybe that's it?

AAAAAAH what IS that?? Never mind, I don't want to know.

(More in part two.)

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