Sunday, October 2, 2016

how could we look past all the stories we have told?

Halloweentown, the ad read, so...I went.

Halloweentown is everything one would expect from films like Nightmare Before Christmas and haunted Disney features, for the most part--it's dark, yet bright, vivid colors painting the shadows. Lots of lime greens, bright oranges, rich purples, lots of glow.

In the fog, in the cemetery, there's a very wild dog. I got away, but visitors might need to be careful in the fog.

The cemetery is pretty large, several crypts, several individual graves. Oh, and there's a hunt for pumpkins, but there are...problems...with the scripting. Essentially, you'll need to right click and Touch each pumpkin, sometimes twice before it reacts, then everything in the pumpkin will come in individually into the Objects folder. If it's just a mask, then that's just one thing. If it's an outfit, though, you'll get the alpha, then each size, then any accessories. Sometimes textures, notecards, whatever else was packaged in the pumpkin. All of this should have come in folders, all the items, but they don't.

This was a creepy little set piece--echoes of a Maypole, but in this case, dead children walking in circles with bloodied feet. Disturbing.

A happy little animated Halloween greeting. The little pumpkins float like they're being juggled by the pumpkin scarecrow.

This place doesn't just have one haunt, they have half a dozen, easily. Haunted mazes, haunted houses, spookhouse this one, a ghost waiter brings haunted desserts to spiderwebbed tables.

(More in part two.)

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