Sunday, October 23, 2016

he said lady, where's your dark undercoat?

Why are there so many haunts this year on Adult land? Is it just that people happen to own more Adult land now in SL? Or are there really that many people turned on by wraiths and corpses?

At any rate, tonight found me in StoryBrook trying to make sense of a blasted hellscape littered with charred, yet still moving bodies, and scattered fires burning through the cracks in the dark ground. Great. It's a haunt based in Hell?

And I won't lie, the description worried me:
"Adult Haunted House,sex, all evil things welcome. You must be wearing tag to use sex equipment. Not for the good at heart. Ultimate costume shop! haunted house, hangout, halloween avatars, sex morgue,spells,,interactive"
Exact quote from the events listing, punctuation--or lack thereof--intact.

There are bodies everywhere on this little parcel of Hell, so, so many of them...and parts of them...

Lava, lightning, what else, earthquakes??

That's just asking for trouble. Unsubtle.

(Continued in part two.)

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