Wednesday, October 26, 2016

a portrait of insanity, approached with pure humanity

(Continued from part two.)

Stepping through the doors of the Ironwood Asylum is something of a psychic disconnect. It's dark, dusty, and abandoned, but there's a familiar song playing over and over, one that speaks to light, not darkness...or does it?

There's a shadow on the wall, gesturing, and it stops you in place for a moment while you struggle to remember that shadows are not supposed to move.

There is art on the walls of the asylum, but it's of the type that disturbs, instead of enlightens.

This is the music-box that's playing the song. The sigil atop it, it Ozgin? Andras? It's hard to tell, even with a flashlight, in the dim dusk that pervades Ironwood Hills.

And on the floor, inset in small mosaic tiles, an image of two trees, root to allegory for split minds? For the division between worlds? The separation of spirit and flesh? What does it mean?

(Continued in part four.)

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