Wednesday, October 19, 2016

you can tell me when it's over, if the high was worth the pain

(Continued from part five.)

Walking towards the back of the hotel, there are strange mannequins, an eternally ringing phone, messages in blood on the walls. And this puppet theatre.

And in the small pool, the corpse of a maiden who did not deserve to be left, rotating eternally, in waters dyed red with her blood.

Down the hall, an amazing set of mirrors that reproduces some of the movements of the clock in Marienplatz, Germany--in this case, a set of life-size skeletons that rotate through a sole skeletal figure, to an armed one, to an armed one with shield, to a skeletal Reaper. Wonderful, wonderful piece.

And upstairs to the rooms, and this one happens to also be bleeding. There are other rooms; some contain nudity, others contain gore, but all have their unique details.

Later, I found my way out of the hotel, and discovered a spookhouse ride in the middle of this haunt--the "Zombie Apocalypse". It is again worth the time to ride.

And after the ride comes to a halt, that's it, everyone off, survival has been achieved.

So first things first--this is a long haunt. Come prepared to spend at least an hour, maybe close to two depending on the puzzles in question. Everything does have a solution; some just may be trickier than others. And I won't say everything worked for me, one hundred percent, but there is just so much going on here, and so much of it is really top-notch, you won't mind the places where things are less than stellar.

Keep in mind, for this one, when I say 'less than stellar', I mean got at least to first base, not struck out. Which also means that for a few set pieces, yes, they are hit out of the park.

If you have the time, do go see this one. It's a feat of work, and so much love and care went in to its construction, it shines with its own febrile glow.

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