Sunday, October 16, 2016

finally found myself, fighting for a chance

(Continued from part one.)

So when we last left our wandering Editrix, she was carefully backing up the stairs to the attic. As it turned out, that was not the wisest decision.

I count one mad doctor, unidentified, one tied tortured terrorist, likely ripped from a Call of Duty or Gears of War game, one monster ripped from Silent Hill (I think Homecoming, but I'm not entirely sure), and one zombie ripped from Left 4 Dead. Great.

Off to the side, though, a very interesting display--broom (moving on its own), a table draped in black silk, Tarot cards and a scrying ball with a skull inserted. Intriguing.

Oh, and the broken window doesn't reflect anything on the outside, just a storm. Even more intriguing.

Down the hill from the house of blood I found a small slatboard school house, painted red some time back. Granted, the barrel of floating apples are tempting, the zombie inside and the two ghosts outside (one of them from Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, I believe) are definitely giving me pause.

Inside the schoolhouse, I'm unsure whether the zombie was the teacher, or the floating, glowing-eyed skull. Either is a disturbing thought.

And what was the lesson on the board? And who was the spectre in the corner with the glowing halo of light?

Walking closer to the shore after the school, I found a horned shamaness guarding her land. She invited me in for a bit to rest, and I gratefully accepted her offer.

The thing that most fascinated me was an open case, full of things I could only guess at the uses--a horn-hilted hunting knife, a collection of long bones, some carefully chosen sharp rocks and shells, and a copper bowl full of...blood? Berry juice? Impossible to tell.

Red poppies, graveyard grass, floating skeletons, drifting's striking me as a very Southern cemetery, for some reason. It's quite beautiful in its own way.

So, I didn't wander much past this, but there is more--a "whole sim" more, one might say. It's definitely worth it to take the time to find out, even if the decorations don't make that much sense.

Go if you have some time free, just keep in mind, it won't be a short haunt--there are many scattered areas of spectral activity, so to speak, and trees, brush, grasses and rock formations in between.

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