Wednesday, October 12, 2016

when you feel you paid way more than it should cost

(Continued from part one.)

There's a lot going on in Cadaverum. It seems every nook and every cranny has something, and the small peaks are no exception. This particular peak has a house. A particular house, we've all seen it before, but it seems here, as if the house, the few plants, the 'tent city' on the sim edges, they all sprouted whole at the same time.

Fetal skeletons, wired in place and preserved in cloche jars, we've seen before. I believe this is the first horned baby I've seen.

I know the sculpt's from Silent Hill, specifically from Homecoming, but I'm used to seeing these forms crawling on the floor. So it's something of a revelation to see one floating in midair over a bed.

Mourning at the table is tragic enough, but skeletons who mourn eternally? That's beyond sad. I hope she finds some bright spot in her antilife soon, but...on this blasted, dead landscape, I doubt there's much source of joy for anyone.

And the small carnival on another hill, it looks very dangerous. Broken carousel horses, headless horses, yet somehow the Ferris wheel still works...I wouldn't trust it, though.

So, upshot of this haunt: is it worth it? Well, if you want the zombie experience, you won't get it without the HUD. (Also, if you don't want the zombie experience, keep in mind you won't get it without the HUD, which is yay.) And also keep in mind, this is less the jump-scare-y, things jumping for your face place--this is more haunted land again, a place of bleak despair and land drained of life. Great for photo ops, great for post-apocalyptic fashion shoots, and I was glad I went. Just don't go expecting lots of spooky wails and floating ghosts, because you won't get that here. Just...endless wastes of dust and smoke.

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