Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I could make the bad guys good for a weekend

(Continued from part four.)

The maze is very difficult to get through; not because of the effects or the sounds, both of which work well, but because the exits from floor to floor are very well-hidden. I won't lie, I found it pretty challenging, but then, puzzles (and mazes) are not my strong suit.

Eventually, though, I found the proper drop, and fell through to...

...the subway? Okay, that I didn't expect.

The subway level is fairly short, but it does feature a train ride, which I always appreciate. And then the train pulls into a rather futuristic station...

Oh, I recognize this, too. Still, it's well done, very detailed, and I wasn't wrong when I expected to see zombies through the next room.

There's a few more puzzles to get through, none of them that difficult, and then I found myself in a very upsetting room. This is only one of the undead in this industrial, oddly-shaped space.

This was another one. There's a few others, including a small child and a naked, decaying woman. They don't attack, but they do make noises and...they turn to follow when new...playmates...enter.

I finally found the exit spot from that nightmare of Umbrella Corp's envisioning, and found myself...outside a hotel? Outside, in fact, the Silent Peacock Hotel. Pardon?

And in this version of the hotel, things have definitely seen better days. There is decay, damage, wraiths haunting the intact spaces, and worse, past the lobby.

(Continued in part six.)

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