Saturday, October 22, 2016

I change shapes just to hide in this place

Oh, boy. Something listed as the "Halloween Interactive Haunt Scariest Haunt yet!" at the Almost Home Adoption Agency? Which, far as I can tell, is on a General sim. This could be dire.

Welcome Emilly Orr to The Haunt of Herston Canyon. Please, read the signs and get prepared accordingly before your ride. Thanks for coming!

Sure. Thanks. I'll be sure to read all the signs.

If this is a haunt appropriate to "all ages", does that mean kids are more accepting of crucified skeletons than full-grown adults? That's interesting.

Oh, it's another ride? Interesting. And wau, there are a lot of rule cards.

It was raining heavily the closer I got to the docks. and it seemed to be my job to take a boat out...into the the go through the ride. Great.

Well, getting soaked to the skin wasn't fun, but I have to admit, the canal was pretty. And it was sort of soothing, in a strange way, the sound of the oars through water, the sound of the rain.

Then I had to jump out of the boat, into the murky water...and clamber up onto a rickety dock section by this fellow.

At the end of the pier, I found a house. And painted on the wall of the house was this cryptic message...and a room full of doors.

Oh. I have to find the right door. Drat.

(Continued in part two.)

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