Saturday, October 8, 2016

you turned the tap dance into your crusade

This was from a skin store group, but in all honesty, it could have happened in any group. There are oversensitive people everywhere.

[01:06] Zxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Just saw the skeleton on the cross , and I am very saddened to see this in a store. I consider myself to be a religious lady and that just really shocked me. Never should anything portray Jesus in such a way. Not even for halloween. Standing up for my beliefs and leaving the store.
[01:06] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: bye.
[01:07] xxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: especially when Halloween is Christian holiday

Really? To whom? Since when? Sure, it was broadly co-opted by the early church, but it was based on older Celtic traditions that were far from Christian.

[01:07] Axxxxx Txxxxx: amen sister
[01:07] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: It's just a game lady. And Jesus wasn't the only one to have died on a cross.

No, it was quite popular in that area at the time, and in other areas since.

[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: I still wonder where Jesus managed to find guys named Peter Paul John etc in the middle east
They weren't. As far as I'm aware, Peter was actually Shim'on, and from there he was named Kephas, meaning 'rock', which is where, I think, we got Peter from. Paul was Sha'ul ha-Tarsi, who then took the name Paulos. And John? He was Yochanan.

Gotta watch your translations, folks.

[01:07] axxxxxxxxxxxxx Yxxx: Groww up you idiot
[01:07] Axxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: a cross is not unique to Christianity
[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: like just geographically speaking Jesus was a [ni**er]


[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: but a skelleton. thats the line you draw.

Skeleton on a cross, to be fair. In fact, I'm pretty sure it was even this one.

[01:07] Dxxxxxx Gxxxxx: ok
[01:07] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: wth
[01:07] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: [Dxxxxxx], that word is unnecessary

Very. Also, I'll fully accept that Jesus, Yeshua ben Miriam, was potentially olive-skinned, because he came from a Judaic family living in the area at the time, but--black? Not sure he was black.

[01:07] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ikr wow
[01:08] dxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: alrighty then...
[01:08] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: the cross was a torture too wildly used to murder people - it became a symbol of Christianity - but it is a historical torture too - does that help?

Not really. I think Ms. Z is fixated on the whole sacrilege angle, not the whole, historical form of torture and execution concept.

[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: can we stop this kind of talk in here?

And we all should have listened, because that's the group owner speaking. My excuse is that I missed it, going through haunts at the time.

[01:08] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Calm down ladies.
[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: its a halloween item
[01:08] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: You can all chill your language in here or find another group
[01:08] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: wow really
[01:08] ixxxxx Rxxxxxxx goes and gets some popcorn and watches the train wreck
[01:08] rxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: this is supposed to be a place to discuess [Ixx]'s skins, not to talk religion and whatnot... come on now
[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: the cross is by no mean to offend anybody or anything
[01:08] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: [Ixxxx], it's purchasable for decor?

Pretty sure, yeah. See the link above.

[01:08] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx joins [Ixxxx], and offers some butter for his popcorn
[01:08] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: I want to see it now.
[01:08] Ixxxx Zxxx: its decor
[01:09] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: they really just said [ni**er] in here

Yep. Yep they did.

[01:09] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: [f*cktard]

Was that really necessary in response?

[01:09] Ixxxx Zxxx: im really shocked people can be this non open minded really
[01:09] Emilly Orr: Though Hallowe'en is only marginally a Christian holiday...
[01:09] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im shocked as well
[01:09] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: omg its a holiday people get over it.. sheesh
[01:09] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: It's just the conventional Christian [Ixxxx], don't let them get to you.
[01:09] rxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who cares what holiday is when.. it doesn't freaking matter. It's just a decoration.

Yeah, but remember, some folks are oversensitive. Some folks are even oversensitive about their oversensitivity.

[01:10] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: i dont care about the cross or decorations
[01:10] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: who had the popcorn?
[01:10] FιrѕтBreαтн (firstbreath.cyberstar): in orthodox christians isnt holiday

No, that's true. But orthodoxy in any faith goes by much more restrictive rules. Growing up, my aunt was in a church that disallowed celebrating both Christmas and birthdays, because the birthday of Jesus was not exactly known.

[01:10] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: me and [Ixxxx]
[01:10] fxxxxxxxxxx Lxxxxxxxx: but that person just used a racial slur
[01:10] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: popcorn here
[01:10] Emilly Orr: She's allowed to be shocked, there are some intensely religious sorts here, I'm okay with that. I'm not okay with the offensive language.
[01:10] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: I fully support [the skin store from where this comes].
[01:10] Xxxxxx Cxxxxxxx: Always have and always will.

And that's when I noticed, at least.

[01:10] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: it is kind of wierd when people use crosses as a sex toys - but a decoration I cal live with - nbd IMO ^^
[01:10] jxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: closes the chat box
[01:11] Emilly Orr: Ah, my apologies, I hadn't caught that you'd declared it
[01:11] Ixxxx Zxxx: lets all respect each others believes and feelings
[01:11] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: *sits next to [Mxxxxx] n [Ixxxx]* may I join?
[01:11] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: of course
[01:11] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Yes, [Ixxxx]. Agreed.
[01:11] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx passes her/him some popcorn
[01:12] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx takes some. thanks
[01:12] Lxxxxx Dxxxxxxx: all I got to say is...Trick or Treat!!!!
[01:12] Ixxxx Zxxx: cross ig gone.. ty for the respect now lets hear no more of it

Awww. I mean, sure, she's a business owner, and for every vocalized complaint, on average eight folks won't complain, they just won't come back, but still...Awww.

[01:12] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: awww, I wanted that as a decoration
[01:12] Emilly Orr: Whatcha gonna put in its place?
[01:12] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: aww sweet of you [Ixxxx] - I'm impressed
[01:13] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i'm sure [Ixxxx] could still offer it as a decoration, if it were for sale in the first place
[01:13] Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: There you go [Ixxxx] :)
[01:13] Emilly Orr: I like the autumn overgrowth in the fountain now.
[01:14] Ixxxx Zxxx: you should respect that others don't share your believe as well yes... i took the cross out altho it IS my store, my sim and my chat group but i don't want people offended over something that is a halloween item :)
[01:14] Ixxxx Zxxx: to bad it had to come to this

I know, right?

[01:14] Emilly Orr: Though, ooh, have you thought of making Hallows makeup?
[01:15] Axxxxxxxx Cxxxxxx: I represent the pumpkin persecution society
[01:15] Ixxxx Zxxx: atm im quite sick of halloween so not really no

Awww, that's sad. But that's okay, I'm planning on hassling some other designers I know.

[01:16] Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Well, go all out for Chinese New Year when it comes round :)
[01:16] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: people need to stop getting so blasted offended over every little thing...its a decoration..who cares lol...theres worse things out there

On SL, even.

[01:17] axxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I got some bats in my belfry does that count for Halloween?
[01:17] Zxxxxxx Kxxxxx: halloween is not a christian holiday, it's pagan
[01:17] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: and really....subduing ones creativity cause it offends another...pfft..I call BS on that
[01:18] Ixxxx Zxxx: i was accused several times these few days of offending and making fun of people's faith... well i can safely say i am one of THE least judgemental people in the world problee... and it really hurts me that people accuse me of such a nasty thing... my parents where hippies ffs.. and my stepdad is muslim... i was raised wth people from all colors and genders around me fo FFS
[01:18] lxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Hugs [Ixxxx].
[01:18] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: then [Ixxxx]...forget those who get butthurt over your creativity
[01:18] Txxxxxx Sxxxxxxxxxx: hugs [Ixx]
[01:19] Ixxxx Zxxx: oh yeah AND im from Amsterdam

Sounds like an amazingly adaptive family. Pity all folks weren't raised to be accepting of other cultures and faiths.

[01:19] Emilly Orr: And forget the suggestion. Get a head start on wintery things!
[01:19] Ixxxx Zxxx: go figure
[01:19] pxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: enjoy what you do...and do it well...if someone doesnt like it...then they dont have to buy it and can leave
[01:19] lxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I agree with [Txxxxxx], [Ixxxx]. It's your store, not theirs.
[01:19] Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: Agreed, [Txxxxxx]

Agreed as well.

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