Monday, October 10, 2016

signs of life from the smile on your face to the lines you rephrase

(Continued from part two.)

I wanted a close-up of this because it just amazed me. At the foot of the mummy, two smaller ghosts. At their feet, a series of cut-out silhouettes of haunted houses, bats, cats, and more ghosts. And in front of them, an even smaller haunted house and some dead trees in a small glass cloche. Just astounding.

I wish I'd grabbed the maker of this ingenious little cat. Click her, and she will read Tarot cards for you. That is a lovely toy for a haunt--or a virtual psychic fair.

Aww. The cutest, plushiest spider in a witch hat, in a web that's bedecked with velvet autumn leaves. Neat.

Bouncy brain in jar. Because...bouncy brain in jar.

And in the attic, pirate ghosties! Yarrr!

Overall, this is highly recommended for everyone. But moreover, this is the perfect haunt to take that person who doesn't like jump scares, or seeing a lot of gore. Barring some skeletons, there's no real horror here, no gore, no bloody ghosts, just a sweet celebration of October.

Make time for this one if you can.

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