Sunday, October 2, 2016

could we lose ourselves again to a childlike faith?

(Continued from part one.)

More from Halloweentown.

There was a fairly tricky haunted house. The main door was boarded up, so I needed to sneak inside. Though the doll-mask image, that was from the lobby of the house. Still creepy.

The kitchen is definitely not a place I'd want to spend time in. Also, who's so dangerous they have her locked up in an abandoned house?

This one was strange. I'm fairly sure the effect, as intended, was for the table with the crystal ball to levitate. As shown, a variant of the table had tilted to the side and was hovering, but the table itself (sans crystal ball) was still in the center of the pentagram. Odd.

In the middle of all the Halloween lunacy, posters for Rapture. That's a fun touch.

Clown-in-a-box. Huh. Flashing bright lights in all colors, and his head moves occasionally, but--why is he in a box? And what happens if he gets out?

And this was a lovely little display, on a bright orange wall above a magic shop.

All in all, there's enough here to get prime seasonal enjoyment for everyone. If you go for the pumpkin hunt, if you go for the spook rides, if you go for the haunted houses or the photo ops--feel free to go. It's a fun place.

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