Saturday, October 1, 2016

when love is a kiss of terminal bliss, designed to erase all

"Over the river and through the woods..." Or at least, over the bridge to Whetmore Castle. Or, excuse me, how did they list it in under search? "Demonic Whetmore Castle Halloween Haunt", that was it.

So, I'm definitely not asking this fellow for directions.

So, the first thing any visitor needs to realize with this haunt is that the references to "Demonic" in the event title? They're not kidding. And, as far as I'm able to ascertain, the symbols used are accurate.

Wall sarcophagi. Original.

Oh, these fellows pop out of nowhere, and are very threatening.

Well, if you have that many skeletons, why not remake them into torches? It's the ultimate in upcycling.

Another small altar to the Morningstar...

...and a much larger, room-size worship space, complete with sacrifice upon the altar.

This castle is huge. Huge, multi-level, a lot going on, corners and spiral stairs and back passages, occasionally confounding in design. If you go, go prepared to spend some time. I'd say it's mostly recommended, but I didn't make it to see everything, because it was just so vast.

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