Wednesday, October 5, 2016

so take a look what you’ve done

(Continued from part one.)

Oh, that's, um...a thing...

I...don', that's...another thing, got it...

The residents collect babies. Oookay.

Ah, I found the nursery, o--HELL no, the dolls are moving!

Oh, so there's a doll theme, and--THAT ONE JUST TOOK OFF HER FACE I AM SO LEAVING.

Okay, so stripped down to no mesh (well, maybe the hair), with atmospheric shaders off, and spending a bit of time between movements...I didn't manage to crash. Yay me? But then, my computer is not the newest, and I am carrying an unconscionably heavy load in inventory (158,688 as of this moment), so I can't say your experience will be similar to mine. Me, I'm not going back, but I am glad...sort of...I went back for the third go-round.

Overall, both the name and the description strike me as tacky beyond belief, but the haunt itself isn't half bad. There's your average floating ghosts and creepy figures, but what really got under my skin was the little details--the branched candle-holder and the hand, the oversized skull attached to the chibi body of the deer skeleton, the babies in cases, the mannequins, the art on the walls. Whoever put this together knows fear can come from the smallest thing, and here, they've used those small things very effectively.

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