Saturday, October 22, 2016

but I'm still, I'm still an animal

(Continued from part one.)

One of these moving.

Well, that's certainly unsettling.

That's even more unsettling.

Why does she seem so calm? Doesn't she know what's behind her?

You know, I am really not liking this particular spider. I'd like it very much if it stopped showing up, thank you all so much.

The Silent Hill caged, hanging figures do not fit in with the rest of the haunts on this lawn,'s so busy around this bend in the path I almost didn't notice.

And the final section of the haunt is sitting for a bit, and asking questions of a crystal ball.

So, is it worth it? Well, there's a lot of walking, and before the walking, a lot of rowing, but it is an experience. Is it child-friendly? That's a more difficult question. The swamp portion, definitely. The house, well, barring some mannequin nudity and jumpscare sound effects, it' But after the escape from the house? It's all zombies, hanging bodies, and cannibalized body parts, and I don't think that is at all safe for kids--pretend or not.

Somewhere, a disconnect happened, between "Keep everything purely PG" and "Make it the SCARIEST haunt ever!" I'm not saying don't go, just don't go expecting a clean, safe, bloodless haunt. Because you won't get it.

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