Friday, October 7, 2016

magic, madness, heaven, sin

So, the designers in the Fall of Man collective have put together a corn maze. As of this date, there are 41 pumpkins, with prizes of clothing (mostly mesh, some for men, most for women), October-themed items, textures, and at least one full-perm mausoleum to create. All the pumpkins are free, you just have to track them down; the only caution is that it's on Adult land, and while nothing in the maze is particularly NSFW, some of the pose scenes outside the maze might be, depending on who's sitting upon them. (More info here if you want.)

Generating "antiparticles" may just lead us to antimatter drives, for space exploration. If it works out, I can't wait to hear where we go.

And, in an expected, to thinking minds, result--though not to Safe Minds, the study's funders--science has determined, yet again, that vaccinating children does not cause autism.

And now, to Kokeilu's Haunted House.

We're greeted by grinning pumpkins and a hooded figure holding a lantern aloft.

A solitary ghost prowls the small graveyard, and occasionally seeks refuge within one of the graves.

Within the house, on the first floor, all seems acceptable--the walls are not splashed in crimson, though there are cobwebs and skulls resting on side tables.

Upstairs, however, a bloodied teddy bear swings, dripping on the floor; the bed is spattered in blood, but...there are no bodies to be seen.

Conclusion? It's cute. Short little haunt, goes traditional without being cloyingly trite, and doesn't depend on what we've seen over and over so far. It won't take anyone long to walk through it, but it's winsome enough to recommend.

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