Friday, October 21, 2016

for you, for you, I would even trust the devil for rebirth

(Continued from part one.)

The house may be simple, but outside, there's a swirling, misty gateway to the roller coaster. And that, my friends, is worth a donation to the upkeep of the haunted house all on its own. It is amazing.

I mean, I've been on haunted rides before, and believe me, this year the rides have been better than any year previous in SL's history, and this one now tops my personal list.

Keep in mind, I chose six from the images I'd snapped along the way, and I didn't even come close to getting everything.

There are so many different effects, but sometimes, the trick is, it only looks good in mouselook. This one? Mouselook, straight camming around, doesn't matter, it all looks good.

Are there places where the textures don't line up perfectly? Sure. But you're seriously not going to care.

The gravestones outside the ride are even more fun.

So, three separate areas--an okay, if small house; a fantastic spookhouse ride; and a really funny set of epitaphs in the cemetary. I highly recommend you take this one in before it disappears, because it is well worth your time.

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