Thursday, October 20, 2016

'cause we're young and we're reckless, we'll take this way too far

This one gives me legitimate concerns. Why? Well, their place description might have something to do with it:
"Beautiful beach, free sex, porn studio, hotel. Concerts, events. Halloween, Haunted House. Chagen Productions, porn studio, beach, nude, free sex, clothing optional, bondage"'beach' is mentioned twice, 'porn studio' is mentioned twice, and 'Halloween' and 'Haunted House' are only mentioned once each. Along with 'nude', 'free sex', and 'clothing optional'.

It's no surprise to say it's on Adult land, right? Okay.

Or that there's a gazebo covered in spiders, because really, on a beach, where else are they going to be drawn to build giant webs?

I'm not saying I've never run into fog on a beach. It's happened. I'm just saying it seems odd with palm trees.

There's a floating baby in the well...

and signs of either people moving in, or people moving out, of the main house.

The house does need an exterminator, though. Maybe one who carries a flamethrower.

And upstairs, I found the same two sculpts I've been seeing all year. I know the girl in the chair is ripped from American McGee's Alice, the sequel. The other girl looks so very familiar, but I can't quite place her.

So, is this a good haunt? Well, it has some nice touches. The scorpion and the giant spider are definitely creepy. Most of it's just jumbled together, no rhyme or reason. No story, not even an invented one. So I'm not saying it's bad, just...average. I'd recommend it for completionists only.

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