Sunday, October 9, 2016

emotions within show you the fast lane to your love

(Continued from part one.)

There are so, so many cute little details in this place. The designer or designers really put a lot of effort in decoration, and it shows. Plus, it strikes the perfect balance between 'cute' and 'cartoon'--it's winsome without being cloying, adorable without triggering that saccharine rejection. I found it entirely charming.

This was a lovely little detail, too--a bottle next to a flickering candle, both red. Another neat little detail.

Isn't it nice when all the potion bottles are so clearly labeled? You'll never confuse your snake scales with your toadflax or your spider legs now.

I'll give them this one bit of copyright infringement, because one Cheshire Cat image in a single room does not overwhelm the charm of everything else. Entirely original would have been better, but it does seem to fit in--as much as it can, at any rate.

(Concluded in part three.)

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