Monday, October 24, 2016

looking likely I'm thirty, and feeling one hundred and ten

Took a bit to find it--the port dropped me off at the club itself--but down the hill, through the trees, I found a small haunted house ride. And it's not on Adult land.

Let's go see.

So, I had to click the panel that rezzes out a car a couple times, but once it did, and I got in, the ride started immediately. And it is FAST--about the fastest haunted ride I've been in this year.

Inside's a pretty standard collection of haunted decor, a lot of things we've seen before, blood splashed liberally along the walls, cobwebs, blood pools, et cetera...but the difference is the speed with which everything passes by.

It feels very old-school--not in the sense of old SL, but in the sense of those little carnival rides found in small towns, where everything's sort of rickety and creaking, but it's still fun? It's that kind of feel.

And in the middle of the ride, a set of surprisingly realistic textured tombstones. Impressive.

It took me around twice, because I didn't have time to jump off, and at the end of the second go-round, it launched me into the air, where I landed at the foot of the stairs to the upper section. There's not a lot of upstairs to see, the main draw is the ride--but it's a good, if short, ride to take. I recommend it, I thought it was a lot of fun.

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