Sunday, October 23, 2016

then he rode away, and he rode away, and he died

(Continued from part one.)

It took me a bit to realize that the haunt wasn't the blasted hellscape, but accessed through the teleporter on the wall of the cabin with the vendors. Hmm. So our first location is a fairly trashed hospital.

I did not join their group in order to use the 'sex morgue'. No thank you. And I am NOT talking about what was in the hospital's jail cell.

Off to the next section, which is a far more traditional haunted house.

Why is this particular clown everywhere this year? And here, it doesn't even make any sense. Not that there would be much more sense to be made, had they placed it in the hospital set...

And who's this large fellow? No idea, but he was standing guard upstairs in the haunted house.

I'm next? Where have I heard that before?

Oh, it's not a terrible haunt, it has some okay moments, and a couple of good photo props, but there's more cliché than content, frankly. Still, for completionists, I'm including it, to go and see.

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