Saturday, October 1, 2016

I'm better dead than red, I guess I'll never get off the boat

I swear, that is the actual title of the haunt. So who or what is C.A.R.E.? I have no idea.

But hey, there's a sale on body parts today! That's...uh...good news, right?

That is a very large spider. Also, you can find some of her spiderlings scattered throughout the grounds and house, with various haunted things inside.

I've seen the hanging, glow-orbed skulls in other sims, other haunts, for a few years now, but I've never seen them used to this effect. Somehow, so many of them, hanging from the trees, nesting in the scrub-brush, just adds to the haunt, rather than seeming overdone and trite.

Several translucent, silent ghosts hover through the trees, in the family cemetary, in this little hedged-in garden. Some work rather well, like this little girl; others not so much.

Who died on the front porch? Who was slain with such violence that blood splashed up the door that far?

As if the wandering ghosts and the distant wails outside didn't convince, this room surely would. We've seen the house before, but the front room is indeed, quite haunted. Floating chairs, floating books, skittering in the corners, thickly draped with cobwebs...oh, yes, indeed, this is a haunted house.

Upstairs in the childrens' nursery, there are some neat touches, the chief being this glowing, animated hobby horse.

And in the master bedroom, there's...well...this fellow. He seems...friendly, at least?

Overall, I'd recommend this haunt, but not because of anything supremely terrifying. This is more a haunted place, possessed land, a melancholy, shadowed place to walk through and observe. Some things will work for each visitor, some won't, but there's so much going on that there are things that will work for nearly everyone.

Go if you get the time.

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