Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ain't it funny, rumors fly, and I know you heard about me

(Continued from part two.)

Okay, made it past the werewolf, but things are not improving...

But finally, the top of the hill is achieved, and all the giant monsters and werecreatures are left behind. All I have to worry about now are children, and...this...thing.

Whatever it is.

Inside the orphanage, in a fairly pastel side room, is a hovering hobby horse in dark word, breathing fire. That's not good, either.

Let's try downstairs, see if the basement is any safer...Oh. It's not. It is, in fact, starting to fill up with blood.

Okay, I'm going to go escape upstairs, and--ergh. She is not...well, many things. Sane, definitely, she is definitely not sane. She is pale enough that I'm pretty sure she's no longer in possession of all of her blood. And she may, in the end, no longer be alive.

Bad Kevin. No biscuit.

(Continued in part four.)

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