Sunday, October 16, 2016

I know now, this is who I really am inside

I'm just going by what the haunt's name is telling me. The other thing it's labeled as? ***HAUNTED HOUSE & ESTATE****, and yes, all asterisks were left intact. Huh.

The house appears to be...bleeding. That's not a good sign...

Still bleeding on the inside. I dodged one demon and a few zombies to go up to the house, but inside the house--at least, so far--it's all barely visible ghosts. Interesting.

Who put the skull and ribcage into the chandelier? Who is the drifting translucent lady? Why are the walls bleeding? Was the crystal ball always there, or did it come after whatever tragic event marked this house so completely?

I'm next? Why am I next? All I did was walk into the kitchen and disturb some rats.

Ohhh. That's why I'm next. I should probably leave...if I can do that without attracting more of his attention...

I'm not sure this room is better than the one I just left. So much blood, so much gore. The bleeding walls almost seem tame compared to the nearly exsanguinated corpse in the tub.

Upstairs, a ghost nanny for a murderous child in a nursery with occasionally bleeding paintings. Wonderful.

(Continued in part two.)

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