Monday, October 24, 2016

but now the story's done, it's just history

Hit a couple of disappointing, why-did-I-port-here haunt experiences, so had nearly decided to give up for the night--until I saw this. Apparently it's set in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. Interesting.

They definitely didn't have tricycles in 1692...and no one had even envisioned Saw.

It's a decent enough altar layout.

Help who? And with what?

A TV on the floor. I am disappointed.

Why does this small graveyard say 'Private' if it doesn't even have a gate?

Okay, this was mildly impressive. A flame-tinted, glowing pentagram tracing itself on the wooden floor of one of the cabins.

And in another graveyard area, wraiths carried skeletons around in circles.

This one does not come recommended. Every time they get something right, they do three more things wrong. Perhaps I was letting my bad mood from the previous two haunts affect me, but I was expecting a historical recreation of Salem, and instead, I got this mishmash of time periods and nothing that made effective sense in the least. Let's all just move on.

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