Monday, October 17, 2016

look at that face, you look like my next mistake

(Continued from part one.)

Well, escaping from the church caused me to fall into a dungeon area, with scattered bound...are they corpses, or bound captives? So hard to tell.

This is another thing that made me ponder--were these captives that were frozen in place, or were they carved from stone in the first place? So hard to tell.

Oh, this is a definite bad sign. Why is the monster chained down. What if the monster gets free? Is he guarding that door? Is that where his tormenters wait? There are no answers for these questions.


If the spiders are brightly colored, they are dangerous. What if they're glowing? Does that mean dangerous and radioactive?

And...I'm going to assume that this were will be happy with his pig meal if I just move very slowly and very carefully away...

(Continued in part three.)

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