Friday, October 7, 2016

what if I wanted to break?

It's even on the Isla de Sanguinella, how perfect is that? Well, I mean, that's what the sim name translates to, Blood Island, but still...Anyway. To the haunt!

Things start off with a two-choice option--either travel by teleport pads (which are on the odd side, they only give you the next two locations in the chain), or travel by boat. I chose boat. After rezzing in, you get a speedboat with a skeleton pilot, and room for four to go with.

Oh no. I hear banjos. But first stop, the Sideshow! From the canal, it seemed like a glittering wonderland, reflected on the water as we grew closer. I really liked that effect.

Be careful in the Sideshow tent. There are some traps for the unwary...

Apparently, some patrons died waiting for the rides. That's not the best sign.

I'm not entirely sure the games are safe...I mean, the kids seem comfortable enough, but the half-carny wandering around in the booth is unnerving.

And the carousel is just gorgeous, though I didn't try to ride it.

(Continued in part two.)

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