Thursday, October 6, 2016

come break me down

There is a bandage that can heal wounds through nanotechnology. It's impressive, though it's far from being distributed to the public.

And in Bonn, Germany, researchers are thinking they're close to reawakening nerve fibers, which could potentially lead, one day, to spinal cord injury reversal, or at least serious inroads on the efficacy of physical therapy.

In more medical/technological news, there is now a prion resistant to prion diseases. Which...prior to right about now, was considered impossible. So...yay for that, too!

Have some more disturbing images of discarded dolls. T'is the season.

Also, if anyone is in need of a doll case that's somewhat eerily reminiscent of an Iron Maiden, you can find it here, courtesy of Bare Rose.

And a short bit of chat capture that amused at least me.

[22:57] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: ugh brb throwing up bleh
[22:57] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: blehhh
[22:59] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: oh jesus wrong IM
[22:59] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: im fine peeps
[23:00] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I was amazed that you took the time to give us a heads up first! :P
[23:03] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i was mid way through a convo about a tutorial and hit the wrong IM as i got up i guess
[23:23] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #KilledChat
[23:24] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #RIPChat
[23:24] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #seriouslyTiadontgetmesickD:
[23:24] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: i am not contagious
[23:24] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #cootiesthough
[23:25] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #NoMoreCookies4U
[23:25] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: I do hope you feel a bit better, though!
[23:25] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #stingy
[23:25] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #hashtag
[23:25] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: #thisisnottwitter
[23:25] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #MakeLikeMarthaBakeBish
[23:26] bxxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #yourenotmyrealmom
[23:26] Mxxxxxxxxxxx Txxx: hahaha
[23:26] cxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: lol #thisisnottwitter
[23:26] Zxxxxx Hxxx: #areyousuretherestonsofTwitsaroundhere
[23:26] jxxxxxxxxxxxx Rxxxxxxx: #IHashtagWhenIWant

I guess because I'm on Twitter, it made my brain giggle. But there you go.

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