Thursday, June 7, 2012

when I look back upon my life, it's always with a sense of shame

Next hunt update bit:

There are now Titans on the grid, or there will be soon. Remember the gargantuan goddess from the Fantasy Faire? Well, she's finally completed her work on the underlying mesh and has set them for sale on the Marketplace. Note: these are not out-of-the-box enlargening kits. These will take work, effort, and a fair bit of programming, but if you're willing to put the work in, for $1500 they can be yours.

I won't lie and say I'm not tempted, but I also know me--I start hyperventilating if my avatar's over 5'10".

Moving on! Let's start this entry on the Mesh Around hunt with Organica's offering.

(from the scavenging album)

This is, obscurely, the item that made me want to do this hunt. This is a lovely example of what's possible with a good mesh object and great texturing. And look at the shadowing--it's not just floor shadow, though that's there too--there are also shadows around both arms and detailed along the sides and center cushion.

(from the scavenging album)

It comes with several built-in poses, which are easy to change, and all of them can be adjusted. The chair takes a bit to load, but after that doesn't seem like a huge sim hog for resources. Great work. (And Miss Aki also included a Petite-sized version, for those interested in smaller lives.)

Next up: Pepper and her pockets:

(from the scavenging album)

This is the "Tami" skirt from Pepper; if I had to name the shade, I'd say either "paprika" or "chili red". I don't think the shading to resemble pleats really works, but at any rate, this is the skirt without the added "pockets". (Top not included.)

(from the scavenging album)

This is the right-side "pocket". A variety of things jammed into a leather pouch, which is then attached by small leather straps to the air about an inch in front of the skirt itself. Riiiight.

(from the scavenging album)

And the other side. Same thing, save the things in the pouch change, and the straps secure it to the skirt with only a half-inch o air in between. But hey, if your secret dream is to have floating pouches dragging on your virtual hips? This is so your outfit.

Next up, yet another strapless dress, this one from Valentina E. Couture:

(from the scavenging album)

Yet another case where I had to wear a size L to get the dress to fit my chest, but weirdly, the panel insert (in black) is size S. There's obviously something I'm missing on sizing, other than that sizing yet again makes no sense and is going to vary manufacturer to manufacturer.

But even barring the fact that it's another sheath dress, I'm just not liking how this one fits. Maybe it'll grow on me. And more pictures to come.

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