Sunday, June 3, 2012

for me, it isn't over yet (part I)

Scenes from a hunt (first of two).

(from the shopping album)

Standing in the GoS main store, I was struck by the translucent blue cubes in various sizes that make up the shops. It just struck me that in that moment, blue of cubes and blue of sky, they were ethereally lovely.

(from the shopping album)

They're all floating in midair, the entire store, linked by various walkways and teleports; this is what the entire store layout looks like. It's still beautiful, but the first blue-within-blue-within-blue shot struck me.

Standing in the Trompe l'Oueil store, I ran across an urchin:

(from the Avatars album)

Okay, she wasn't an actual urchin, at least not as they're known in Babbage. I more meant...well, if I had to name a genre she fits in, I'd easily label her "bratty teenager", just from her movements and her appearance. And I'm not saying her particular representation is bad, okay? I run bad fashion avatars here a lot, and while combat helmets and sneakers are not my thing, they look good on her. (At least, I think that's what that thing strapped to her back is...)

I just wanted a picture of what she actually looked like, before I fed you her bio (with warnings for language):
I am an arrogant motherfucker...& im an asshole at times & i used to be a liar....well tech i suppose i still am, noone's ever truly 100% a hypocrite...mos def, apparently i have alot of faults....i could go on & on, kinda on the loveable most of the time its kinda hard to hate me....well unless we've dated or fucked :o) but...if you are one of the females i have not had the pleasure of doing...lemme just say...HI THERE
I changed nothing, not even punctuation. And the most headtilting part? Generally-aligned-as male display name on this one, with a generally-aligned as female legacy name. And if I wasn't staring right at her, I'd say--just from the bio I captured for here, and the FL entry I didn't--that this particular avatar had a male driver behind the screen.

Again, not saying that's a bad thing, just...very odd.

Seen at Eclectic Apparel:

ɱrs. ßeяri Buţtøn Lɛoηe

Stop! Stop doing that! My gods, that was NEVER what Unicode support was intended for. You've just made hash of the only name many viewers see you by--why would you want that?!?

And she was friendly and courteous, too. It's just a shame.

Seen at Ingenue:

(from the Avatars album)

Suuuure, Singularity can see mesh. Pull the other one, it's got Vegas showgirl training.

Seen at :[Plastik]:

(from the shopping album)

I must return and BUY ALL OF THESE. It's like we're living on a whole different grid, now--the advent of mesh eyes has refined and clarified the eye business to an insane degree. And even if I'm not on a (properly) mesh-enabled viewer, some of my older eyes just don't have the shine and glisten that the new eyes do.

Sad, though. Each set of three runs L$249. Which is not actually bad when one figures in that each pack contains six eyes total--three Linden-base eye sets, and three mesh eye sets. That works out to a little over twenty Lindens per eye. Not too shabby.

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