Monday, June 11, 2012

I must be out of my head, or just plain crazy for you

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Where were we? Oh, right, the watch for Titans. Got it.

(from the scavenging album)

Next up: a summer dress from Reila Skins. And Just look at that mesh crumpling when I move. And it's affecting both the front of the dress, and the side (on my left).

(from the scavenging album)

That's a little better, but this is yet again another mesh outfit which only works if I don't move.

(from the scavenging album)

And this is the back, and...yeah. Texturing's okay, the pattern's fun, but...too much wonky mesh behavior.

And yet another mesh dress that killed my tail! Argh! (And I was wearing a size L in this outfit, because size M wouldn't fit.)

Next up: MiChiGaNs ShAcK, and yes, for the love of tiny green tree frogs, that is how the store name is spelled, gods help us all.

(from the scavenging album)

This is the "Rough n Ready Buggy". Just what I always wanted. -.-

(from the scavenging album)

Still, it's neatly textured, and it is a working vehicle, so if you're hankering after post-apocalyptic wheels with some style, this could be your stop on the hunt.

(from the scavenging album)

And this is the mesh palm tree dance machine...which I couldn't show off in working mode because it's one of those, nobody dances until all partners are on the poseballs, scripts. How'ver, for those, it has nine dances on one menu, and eight "nuggles" on another, so...yay for that?

Also, intriguingly, the shadow is also mesh. Interesting. (I figured, since I couldn't use it anyway, I'd move it up to the roof of the studio to get a better shot, and it just seemed to respond best to London 2026 for Windlighting.)

And more to come!

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