Monday, June 18, 2012

it burned, and it burned, and it burrowed in

I wasn't planning on making another entry for today, but I got a notecard in world which I felt was paramount to share:
Ameno, and a small plea

Hello all my lovely customers. Over the years you have stood by me through thick and thin, and I am eternally grateful. Recently I've gone through a string of crap luck and my laptop has died. Unfortunately, a number of other things have also died and I am about a mile past broke. Without my laptop, I have no job. I am using my daughter's computer for a brief period to send this note, but I cannot use it for work.

If for some reason you are interested or can find it in your heart of hearts to aid me, a friend of mine has created a fundraiser page for getting me a new laptop or computer, and any help would be greatly appreciated. I am looking into creating an inworld fundraiser where I would donate a set of custom skins, makeups or tattoos in a raffle, but at the moment I am stuck.

I rarely ask for help, and it pains me to do so. My health will not allow me a normal 9 to 5 and this is my only income.

So in order to help myself and you, I have refilled the purple and dusk Ameno gowns, as they are sold out, to give a few more people a chance at those, and I am sending this note out to you.

(Ameno gown information given below)

If you are so inclined, the fundraiser page is at

And thank you all for sticking with me, and I hope you will stick with me through this.
All my love...

Munchflower Zaius
Now, while I don't know her well, I do know her, I like the way she designs, plus, she's seriously been a mainstay of SL for years now. I'm really, really hoping that folks help her out; having recently been deprived of a desktop (five months it took to get off the borrowed laptop, back to the tower and monitor; finally I can save bookmarks again!), I know what a crushing blow it is to lose access to your main means of support.

Info on the Ameno gowns from the second notecard:
The final gown in the Nomine fantasy gowns limited series is here: The Nomine Ameno Gown comes in six colors and includes a large array of accessories and clothing. They are priced at 1000L each.

You are buying the original box, you will need to pick it up after purchase, or it will be returned to your lost and found.

(from the fashion album; the Ameno gown in Apple)

(For comparison: the Apple gown; below, the Wysteria)

from the fashion album; the Ameno gown in Wysteria)

Each set includes the following:
1 set of lingerie including
1 bra
1 panty
1 pair of stockings
1 garter belt
1 pair of glovelets
1 veiled headdress
1 corset
1 pair of skirt base pants
1 corset set
1 corset set with sleeves
1 set of poofy sleeve prims
1 simple skirt
1 epic skirt
1 epic skirt with train
1 pair of slingback heels
1 shoe base
1 set of skirt fill prims

There will be 12 of each gown, and this is the final in this series. Be on the lookout this summer for more from Nomine. Thank you all for keeping with me through my weirdness.

The dresses come in blueish tealish, purplish, reddish, black and reddish, greenish, and brownish pinkish.
Thank you for your interest and I hope to see you at Nomine!

♡ Munch
Help if you can, and I'll post more on the fundraiser when I hear it.

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